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Volume 2, Issue 2

From Mic to Mommy This past month I had the awesome opportunity to get to know Jana from XL106.7. It took a moment to adjust to the idea of being face-to-face with the familiar voice from my radio. And there I was – chillin’ in her office, talking about which music she’s been playing for baby AJ. Ph o t o b y Ce c e G l o v e r rapturephotoar t

Before long, the interview (with our writer Jennifer Hatcher) took us through the ins and outs of Jana’s pregnancy and all that’s still to come. It’s amazing how all women can relate to each other when it comes to having babies. Pregnancy and babies level the playing field, for sure. As a doula, I naturally go to the “here’s what to expect” conversation. So I had to keep reining in my doula side and just enjoy the interview, which was full of laughs. While the interview was a definite pleasure, the photoshoot later in the week was FANTASTIC! I mean, one look at the shoes Jana wore and you’ll agree, we had died and gone to heaven! An amazing team made the photoshoot a success – the staff at A Pea in the Pod (especially Natassia), our stylist Marianne, hair and makeup expert Deborah Holland, and our photographer Elisabeth Nixon. Even Jana’s husband Andy was there. (He liked the shoes too!) BABYOURSELF’s first local celebrity interview and photoshoot has been a pleasure. Thank you, Jana, for allowing BABYOURSELF to share your pregnancy with our readers and your ever-growing number of fans!

February/March 2011 321-696-3962

EDITOR IN CHIEF kristi corley

CREATIVE DIRECTOR elisabeth nixon

EDITOR jennifer hatcher

WRITERS jennifer hatcher kimberly kimmig april merritt - md elisabeth myrick

FOOD AND DINING tracy guenther vickie myers


PHOTOGRAPHY elisabeth nixon photography

WEB AND DESIGN andy corley

Kristi Corley

editor in chief

THIS AMAZING MAGAZINE WAS PRINTED BY digital propaganda, winter park, fl

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2 • February | March 2011

babyourself february | march 2011


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Contact: 407.761.8143 Your Nutrition Partners provides individual nutritional assessments for weight loss, nutrient deficiencies, food intolerances and more. Don’t Wait Another Bite! TM Healthy Counseling to the Core • February | March 2011


babyourself ASK THE DOC

Dr. Merritt answers husbands’

sex during pregnancy and post partum sex. questions about

Dr. April Merritt Delaney OB/GYN


during pregnancy You’re OK! This is common *Bleeding (might be bright red spots and turn to pink or brown over a few days.) This is ok. The cervix is friable, meaning you touch it and it bleeds. That’s normal.

past the cervix and enter the uterus. The average length of the vagina is about 7.5-9 cm. The average length of the cervix is about 4-5 cm. So to get to the baby, we are talking 11.5-14 cm. HOWEVER, the cervix is closed and keeps the baby nice and protected.

This answer is usually satisfactory to most dads and moms until the third trimester. Around 35-36 weeks your doctor will start checking for cervical dilation. You may start to dilate around this time, and the baby’s head does move down. Still, sex does not hurt the baby.

*Discharge might get heavier. You already had some and then the vagina produced more. You may even lose a mucous plug. That’s ok. Your body will make another one if it needs to.

But sex is definitely different during pregnancy. Positions that were comfortable in the first trimester are no longer comfortable in the third. The blood flow and pressure in the vagina increases as pregnancy progresses. You have to become more creative, more romantic and maybe move a little more slowly. This can be frustrating if you let it be. Or the creativity can be fun.

*Kicking baby. Sometimes they are hungry after sex. But then again, you probably are too.

“Why is she not interested in me as Q much as before the pregnancy?”

*Cramping or contractions. You’re ok; this is normal. Take some Tylenol and rest and drink water.

Call your doctor *Bleeding is heavy like a period. *Contractions that get stronger, wake you up or cause you to do labor-breathing


“Will I hit the baby if we have wife is breastfeeding. If we have Q sex?” Q My sex, will I get squirted in the eye with milk? I get this question a lot. And the A answer is no. In order to get to the This is my favorite question I have A ever baby, you have to go down the vagina, been asked. My answer -“You • February | March 2011

is hard on a body. A Pregnancy Everything changes. You get curvy in places that used to be flat. You

get stretch marks everywhere. You feel fat. Your breasts look great but might hurt. You have discharge and gas. You have nausea. You don’t sleep well, so you’re tired. Men, it’s not you; it’s all the changes in her body. Don’t take it personally.

might get squirted. Is that bad?” Sometimes nursing breasts do leak milk. Some guys get nervous. It is ok. If you want to avoid outright squirting, have sex after breast-feeding or pump before sex. Breast milk is sterile. It will not hurt you.

She’s not pregnant any more, so Q why is she not interested in me now?

is the most common question I A getThisasked after the baby is born.

Men, you have a baby. He or she is eating every 3 hours. Pooping. Crying. Burping. Peeing. Pooping. Crying. Burping. Peeing. You see the cycle? New moms are tired. And hormones do not help. In order to breastfeed, estrogen is low so milk production is high. Estrogen plays a vital role in sex drive, vaginal lubrication, desire and orgasm. This doesn’t mean it won’t occur; it means it takes more effort. Also, a baby just came out of the same place you are thinking about something going in. It is a scary thought for some women. So for physical and emotional reasons, foreplay is essential. This could come in a number of different ways -- dinner with candles, a glass of wine (not a bottle), a back rub, music, etc. Using a lubricant is also important (remember breastfeeding makes the vaginal tissue dry). Sex can be wonderful after a baby but it might take more effort or planning in the first few months. But it won’t always be this way. Her sex drive, desire and lubrication will return after the breastfeeding is over.



Communication is hard. Especially when it comes to love and sex. I think I can speak for many women when I say that when the topic of sex comes up, we often want to run for the hills. Especially when we are pregnant, and even more when we are nursing or exhausted from taking care of our baby. But I also bet that, inside, we all know our husbands need love and affection. So how do we do give our husbands the love and affection they need when it doesn’t feel natural anymore? Answer: The love note and the sex candle.

the sex candle & the love note

Guys are wired in such a way that they instinctively know how to provide and protect. Therefore, if you really want to speak his language, you can write a little note including words like, “Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family,” or “Babe, you strength amazes me, I always feel so safe because of you.” It may sound awkward and completely unnatural, but I bet it will make your husband feel loved and appreciated! Now, the sex candle! This idea was created to help make sex less of a “chore” and more fun. Doesn’t it seem like our first response is always “no” if he brings up sex? It’s kind of a knee-jerk response. But if we were given a few minutes to think about it, maybe that answer would actually be “yes”. The sex candle is a perfect way for EITHER of you to let the other know that you’re in the mood. There’s always the choice to let it burn for awhile, and the freedom to blow it out - no hard feelings. But imagine the look on his face if YOU were the one to light the candle; or, if after he lights it, you show up a few minutes later with a smile. Give the love note and the candle a try! • February | March 2011


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The Dr. P. Phillips Baby Place

Follow our first blogger, Jana from XL 106.7, as she shares her pregnancy feelings and funny insights. Pregnancy is an amazing journey. A 40-week adventure with highs, lows, cravings and crib shopping. And no matter what you need, nothing compares to the real thing, the story told by a real mommy-to-be.

Featuring Jana from XL 106.7

That’s why we’ve launched a brand new blog called 40 Weeks With Me – a daily journal of one woman’s exhilarating trek from baby bump to bringing baby home.




babyourself Q & A

Orlando’s favorite

Jana unplugged from XL106.7fm



by Jennifer Hatcher

As midday DJ and Assistant Program Director for XL106.7, Jana Sutter is used to juggling many tasks each day.

She schedules programming, plans special events, coordinates and DJs remote appearances, and maintains her daily on-air radio show. She is efficient and professional, and her office is tidy and well-organized. Framed, autographed photos of Janet Jackson, Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, and Katy Perry line the walls. CDs from record labels are stacked neatly on shelves and in the windowsill. In a pink maternity top and black skinny jeans, Jana looks comfortable and put-together. As she talks with us about her pregnancy and the upcoming arrival of her daughter,

Jana is quick to laugh about how all her planning and preparing and professionalism cannot truly make her ready for this baby. “I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’m just along for the ride.”

10 • February | March 2011


Jana from XL106.7


babyourself: You have said the baby’s name is a secret, but can you tell us how you came up with the name? Jana: It’s an old family name, actually.

babyourself: Did you and Andy agree right away on the name? Jana: We had the names before we even got pregnant! We had the names before we even got married! We had it all figured out. It’s a cool name too! The coolest name ever!

babyourself: What maternity item could you not live without? Jana: My sweatpants! Are you kidding me? They are the most wonderful things in the world! The maternity jeans and pants and shirts – it’s all great. It’s nice to have some room to move. But by the end of the day, I feel every stitch of these clothes, and I cannot wait to get home to be in a jog bra, my Old Navy sweatpants with the super ridiculously large waistband, and an old t-shirt. As fast as I can! Preferably with fuzzy slippers. Heaven on earth! • February | March 2011


babyourself Q & A

Jana: The last couple of weeks definitely the belly has come into play. I dealt well with the boobs and the morning sickness and the nausea and the head rush and the heart racing. All of that I took in stride pretty well. But when this belly popped out, everything changed. Your center of balance changes, your clothing changes, the way people treat you and the way they look at you changes. All of a sudden you’re very pronouncedly pregnant. It’s game on! One hundred percent now. I feel it with every move that I make. And the kicks! Oh, the kicks are AWESOME! They went from being really weird to just being awesome.

babyourself: Earlier, you mentioned morning sickness. You had morning sickness? Jana: I had the best kind of morning sickness ever. I always felt like I was going to get sick, but I never did. I never ever actually got sick.

babyourself: How was it working like that, feeling sick all the time? Jana: Now it’s better. It really was that magical 3-month mark where it just drifted away. (shrugs) What do you do? You can’t really change it. You can’t make yourself feel better. It just became a part of our routine.


babyourself: What change in your body has made you go, “Whoa! What the heck is that?”

Jana from XL106.7

babyourself: Was there ever a moment on-air when you thought you’d have to cut to a commercial? Jana: YES! I can actually go back and listen to the tape. I know the normal rhythm of my voice and where I breathe and where I don’t breathe. And there are a couple of breaks when you can actually hear it. My whole train of thought went away. Or else I would turn off the microphone and go to the trashcan, and nothing would happen.

babyourself: Do you have anyone in your studio with you? Jana: Just me. So I can have all the gas I want to. (laughing) It’s awesome.

babyourself: So nobody has ever witnessed your almost-throwing-up-moments? Jana: No. I don’t think so. I think Jayde (one of the morning show DJ’s, on-air immediately prior to Jana) almost caught me one morning when I moved from one side of the studio all the way to the other in one movement to get to the trashcan. But nothing happened and she kind of looked at me weird.

babyourself: Had you told everyone you were pregnant yet? Jana: Oh yeah! The gang knew. They always knew. Well, Jayde always knew right away. The third time – because I have had two miscarriages in the last year— the third time I didn’t tell the guys right away. So when we hit that third-month mark, I went into their office (not on-air) and I was like, “Three months!” And they all knew what I was talking about. So they were like, “Yay.” So the next day, Johnny (the other morning show DJ) proceeded to mention it on-air and tell everybody. And I was like, “I guess it’s public!” So I called Andy (her husband) and said, “Word is out. Just so you know.” I wasn’t mad. We have this thing around here called “sacred.” If you’re telling something that you don’t want mentioned on-air, you call sacred. And I didn’t call sacred on it. So it was my own fault.

babyourself: How did Johnny tell your news? Jana: We do a cross-over at the end of his show every day. And he said, “What do you have coming up on the show today, Jana?” And I told him, “Just the same ole’, same ole’.” And he asked, “Do we get to say congratulations?” And I said, “I guess you just did!” I was totally taken aback. (laughing) But it was fine. • February | March 2011


babyourself Q & A

babyourself: You mentioned that now your belly has popped out, strangers treat you differently. I know people can feel comfortable saying and doing some weird things to pregnant ladies. Have you had any experiences of that? Jana: I have found it very odd how passionate some people feel about breastfeeding. People will walk right up to you and tell you – “Do you plan on breastfeeding? I think you should!” or “I couldn’t. No, my baby wouldn’t latch on. So don’t feel bad.” And I always am like plugging my ears and going “la la la la la! Who are you? And why are you telling me these things?” Perfect strangers will walk up to you at Starbucks or at the mall and ask, “Planning to breastfeed?” So that has been very surprising. For the record, I plan on trying. But it is amazing what people will talk to you about. People have talked to me about their deliveries and given me all their gory details. Details I don’t need to know. I get that it is a very bonding thing, and with the blog I do (, people feel very free to talk to me about stuff. And that’s great. And I love it. But the random public situations where these conversations come up surprise me.

babyourself: Your blog says you are a planner. How have you been planning? Jana: I have planned what I can. I know there is a lot coming that I have no idea about. No matter how many books I read and classes I take and friends I talk to, there is so much coming my way that I don’t know about. I am trying to get myself into a happy place with the unexpected. I can handle a 3 o’clock in the morning phone call about a radio emergency. What is going to happen at 3 o’clock in the morning when there is more fluid in the crib than baby? (shrugs) We’ll see.

14 • February | March 2011

babyourself: Have you found any books or resources that have been particularly helpful? Jana: Ask me in a year when I actually put it to the test. The most useful resources have been my mother and my mother-inlaw and my girlfriends who are moms. You know, it all comes down to experience, which they have and I don’t. So I ask a lot of questions. And I have some of them on speed-dial. I tell my husband all the time there are people who do not have all these resources – all the books, the web. There are people off in a jungle somewhere raising children. We can do it.

babyourself: Is there anything you definitely don’t want as part of a birth plan? Jana: This may sound totally crazy, but I don’t want it to be too traumatic for Andy. He has had to see some really ugly things in the past year with our two miscarriages that he never thought he was going to have to deal with. Men are so strong and so protective. They are awesome in the way they just want to take care of us. And when things are completely out of Andy’s control, it breaks his heart. So I would love for that not to be the case. I’d love for it to be a great experience for him.

babyourself: You have mentioned a couple of times your struggle to get pregnant and stay pregnant. Jana: Yeah! I am super vocal about it. I talk about it to anybody and everybody. Because I don’t think enough people do! You feel so alone. You feel like you’re the only person in the world who has ever had a miscarriage. And when you, God forbid, do go through that, it is amazing how many of your girlfriends come up afterwards and say, “Me too. I had one.” Or “I had two.” Or “It happened to so-and-so.” I respect people who don’t want to talk about it. It’s gutwrenching, and it’s awful, and it’s hard. But it happens. A lot. A lot more than people know. So I wish people didn’t have to feel alone. I know I felt alone, and it’s awful. It’s a huge loss. Not only are you dealing with the loss of a child, but you feel like you’ve let your husband down. You feel like you’ve let your family down. You feel like you’ve let everybody down. But in actuality, you haven’t. And most likely you haven’t done anything wrong. And most likely the friend who is on the other side of the phone has gone through it too and just never told you. I wish people would talk about it more. So I do it for them. I talk about it all the time.

Jana from XL106.7


babyourself: How has pregnancy changed your relationship with your husband? Jana: You know, it sounds like a cliché, but it obviously has brought us closer together. He already was my partner, but now he is really my partner. He’s half the DNA. So it’s been --- hmmm, I don’t want to use the word “sweet” because that seems trivializing, but it has been a very sweet time for us.

babyourself: Do you think you will be overprotective? Jana: Yeah, I don’t think there is any way around that except a Xanax smoothie, perhaps! It’s going to be bad. I know how I am with my purse! I can’t imagine how I’ll be with my child! I want to plant a chip behind her ear. I want to know where she is at all moments. I want a GPS lojack in her tennis shoes. I am absolutely freaked out about that. I mean, when we grew up, you could run the neighborhood until dark. You never thought twice about it. Now, if she steps one blade of grass out of the front yard, I will be like, “Aaaaah! Where is the child?” I am not looking forward to that feeling. I am interested to see who I am going to be a year from now. When word first got out that I was expecting, it felt like already people were treating me differently. Maybe kid-gloving a bit, and that made me crazy. But now I kind of like it. So I’m wondering what the progression is going to be. I view moms as super-women, so I’m hoping I can step up to the plate, as so many others have done. If not, I’ll be crying in the corner. With my baby. Bonding. • February | March 2011


babyourself GIVEAWAY

A special thanks to the following businesses who contributed to the babyourself baby shower to Jana! Most of the items are also available to a babyourself reader. Visit our Facebook and blog page to find out how you can receive these gifts too!

Whole Foods Gift Basket European Facial Spa Manicure & Spa Pedicure Highlight, color, haircut, & Style Shear Bliss Sugar Scrub

petty skirty with matching rosette onesie machine-washable, non itchy Zebra stripe crib shoes feathered head band 16 • February | March 2011

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Personalized Baby Book Gift Certificate • February | March 2011


babyourself FASHION

Who said heels are off limits? With tunes jammin’ overhead, and the flash of the camera popping, XL106.7 DJ Jana fearlessly rocked out in her nude patent “Novato” slingback pumps. Shyness was left at the door and Orlando’s favorite morning DJ got her groove on, showing off her baby bump.

Died and gone to heaven.... shoes from Nordstrom, Florida Mall

clockwise from top left: Red one shoulder dress by Aqua, $168, Bloomingdales Millenia Mall. Nude patent ‘Novato’ slingback pump, $99.95, Nordstrom Florida Mall. Jewelry stylist’s own. Mushroom color sleeveless maternity shirt dress, $195, A Pea In A Pod Millenia Mall. Badgley Mischka ‘Dusk’ sheer mesh pump in pink, $200. Nordstrom Florida Mall. Jewelry stylist’s own. Dark wash 7 For All Mankind Secret Fit Belly™ Signature Pocket Maternity skinny Jeans, $185. Navy and white stripe Sleeveless Scoop Neck Maternity Tank Top with flower applique, $115. Navy maternity boyfriend jacket , $119. Both by A Pea in Pod Collection. Red patent platform ‘Flipp’ pumps by Joan and David, $200. Nordstrom Florida Mall. Gold ‘Love’ hoops, gold bangles and gold ‘Muse’ necklace, stylist’s own. Red coral bracelet and red coral necklace, please contact Stylissima Fashion Consulting.

Hair & makeup by Deborah Holland

ON THE COVER: Red one shoulder dress by Aqua - gifted to Jana from Bloomingdales, Millenia Mall. Nude patent ”Novato” slingback pump, Nordstrom, Florida Mall. Jewelry stylist’s own.

18 • February | March 2011

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Natassia and Maritza from A Pea in the Pod, Millenia Mall. Stylist Marianne Ilunga,

Khaki green cargo maternity shirt dress, $119, A Pea in A pod Millenia Mall. Badgley Mischka ‘Dusk’ sheer mesh pump in pink, $200, Nordstrom Florida Mall. Jewelry stylist’s own. Navy and coral tile print Sleeveless Racerback Maternity Maxi Dress, $195, A Pea In A Pod Millenia Mall. Jewelry stylist’s own.


Jana XL106.7 fm • February | March 2011


babyourself FASHION

A few of our favorite things... Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

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I love love LOVE this eye make-up remover! Let's face it, we barely have time to brush our teeth, let alone do our usual facial cleansing routine. At the end of the day, we may have shed tears of joy or tears of exhaustion, and the mascara that we put on yesterday has clumped up. With this make-up remover, in seconds your raccoon eyes will disappear. This stuff even takes off waterproof mascara! It's only $15 and it lasts forever! -Kristi Corley p.s. My Mary Kay rep is Samantha Hudson! LOVE HER!! 407-562-7478

Olay Total Effect Citrus facial scrub I have been happily using Olay products for a few years. And I am really liking this new citrus facial scrub. With a refreshing citrus scent and quality antiaging ingredients, it takes care of blemishes quickly and cleans really well. My skin feels so fresh, clean and smooth! -Tracy Guenther

20 • February | March 2011


Fashion & Beauty Buzz

a real mom with real kids & a really messy home

fter my oldest daughter was born, my standards of personA al hygiene plummeted. Not because I suddenly decided dried

vomit should become the latest perfume craze or because I was testing my deodorant’s claim to keep me smelling fresh for 24 hours, but because bathing and brushing my teeth suddenly became a luxury, and my screaming, projectile-vomiting baby seemed to have a personal vendetta against clean clothes. Actually, my daughter had gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Which means she spit up. A lot. So much that I sort of became immune to the smell of sour milk. At first,

by Jennifer Hatcher

illustrated by Jared Thomas

I changed my shirt every time she puked on it. But going through eight or 10 shirts a day quickly got old, as did the endless laundry. So I started changing just before my husband arrived home from work, so I could smell less sour for him. Finally, I developed immunity to the vomit scent and stopped changing at all. Either my husband did as well, or he is a very wise man for never mentioning it. In addition to the incessant shirt-changing, I also had a difficult time figuring out how to take a shower. I mean, I obviously knew how to shower. I’d been bathing just fine for 25 years. But suddenly, I had to make sure this tiny baby was safe and not crying herself sick. And how could I do that if I was alone in the shower and she was alone in her crib? In a whole different room! Sure, I could have showered before my husband left for work, but that required getting out of bed early ,and as a sleepdeprived momma who spent most of the night nursing my daughter, I much preferred lounging in bed at that ridiculously early hour. Some days I could wait to shower when my husband came home for lunch. Those were the best days, when I could enjoy a lengthy hot shower, shaving whatever needed to be shaved and letting the hair conditioner seep into my hair for its fully intended time. But on most days, when I wanted to leave the house and go somewhere, I needed to shower while I was home alone with the baby. And as a first-time mom, I tended to be so overprotective and paranoid that it was impossible for me to leave her alone in her crib – despite mastering the super-fast shower (you know, when the shampoo rolling down your body somehow counts as actual bathing). To ease my frazzled mind, I would strap my tiny daughter into her cute little Noah’s Ark infant car seat and squeeze it between the toilet and the sink in the bathroom.

22 • February | March 2011




I finally came clean to a girlfriend how low my personal hygiene standards had sunk and discovered I was not alone. And while I felt a little guilty, I was thrilled that my friends were also a bit smelly and had fuzzy teeth too. While I attempted to set a Guinness World Record in speed-showering, I also sang to her and talked to her, even peeking out from behind the shower curtain every few seconds to reassure my baby girl that, though she had not yet learned object permanence, Momma was still right there. And while doing all of that, I never could remember whether I had shaved my right leg or my left leg before peeking out. However, if showering was a challenge, brushing my teeth was my Everest. Really, it doesn’t take all that long. I’m not sure why I had such a hard time fitting this simple, 2-minute (oh, let’s be serious, 30-second) personal hygiene routine into my schedule. And if it was difficult to find the time to brush my teeth after my first baby, then after my third child was born, forget it! It was almost impossible. I actually made it my goal to brush my teeth before my husband came home from work each day. At 5:30. In the evening! I finally came clean to a girlfriend how low my personal hygiene standards had sunk and discovered I was not alone. And while I felt a little guilty, I was thrilled that my friends were also a bit smelly and had fuzzy teeth too. In fact, at this girlfriend’s six-week postpartum check-up, her doctor asked what form of birth control she planned to use now that the six-week hiatus was over. She laughed very loudly and answered, “Doctor, there are days I forget to brush my teeth, much less shower. Trust me, that is enough birth control for now!” So for all of you wondering if the checkout person at Target noticed the spit up on your shoulder (and smelled it too), or if you can squeeze in a shower during naptime (while attempting to pick up the house and possibly grab a bite to eat), I am here to tell you it gets better. Now that my children are older, my standards of personal hygiene have picked back up. I shower daily. I brush my teeth multiple times a day. I even wear a little more make-up than mascara and lip gloss, which is about all I did during those baby-years. So, hang in there. This season of motherhood won’t last forever. But for now, the reality of new motherhood is that personal hygiene isn’t your top priority. And that’s OK.

Jennifer is the mom of 6 kids - 2 girls and 4 boys, ages 5 to 12. When her youngest begins kindergarten next fall, she may spend the entire first day of school grooming herself (to make up for the past 13 years). • February | March 2011


Couples Keeping Fit

Be creative and have fun dating your husband again. Rather than spending a small fortune on dinner and a movie, why not try a fun activity together or explore someplace new?

An active date will help keep you fit, improve communication within your marriage, and help you make memories as a couple. And Central Florida has so many outdoor activity opportunities.

Some ideas to get you started: Indoor rock climbing, laser tag, salsa classes or ballroom dance lessons, or even paddleboarding! Maui B’s Stand-up Paddleboarding

If you have the time and a little extra gas money, there are some fun places just outside of Orlando:

Quaint Mt. Dora is a great town for window shopping and walking. Rent a canoe and head out to the Wekiva River. Hike the trails at the Little Big Econ State Forest in Oviedo or the Wekiva State Park in Apopka. Find a playground and challenge each other to a monkey bars competition. The winner receives a full body massage from the other!

Some things to keep in mind:

1. Have fun—this is about growing healthier together. 2. Bring a camera along because you will want to capture the memories. 3. Trade off planning the dates—you’ll discover more about each other. 12 • January 2011


babyourself FITNESS

with Kimberly Kimmig

move of the month: high five push-up with plank PHOTOS COURTESY EL ISABE TH NIXON PHOTOGR APHY

push up! PUSH UP! Begin on your hands and knees in front of your baby or, if you are doing this exercise with a partner, face to face on hands and knees.

high five!

Push up to your hands and toes (or if you are pregnant, stay on your hands and knees in the modified position shown below). Lower down until you are halfway to the floor. Be sure to keep your hips in line and abs tucked in tight—don’t let your bottom fall.

HIGH FIVE! When you push back up to the starting position, give your partner or your baby a high five.!



Complete five reps of this and then lower down onto your elbows (stay on your toes for a greater challenge) to hold the plank for 30 seconds. Go back to the push up position and complete 5 more high five pushups followed by another 30 second plank. Repeat entirely one more time.

Modified exercises: stay on your hands and knees if you are pregnant or needing a break. Kimberly owns and operates Baby Bootcamp in the Sanford/Lake Mary area. She teaches three classes each week for mommies (both expecting and with their babes in strollers!) which incorporates stretching, cardio, strengthening and a great opportunity to meet other moms and GET OUT and do something fun! • February | March 2011



benefits of strawberries & chocolate • • • • • • • •


A wonderful source of antioxidants -- good for heart health, tooth and gum health, brain health and function, fighting diseases, and eye care. High fiber content to help combat constipation. Folate to help prevent birth defects in unborn babies. Potassium and magnesium to help lower high blood pressure. Acid helps remove tarter and improves gum health. Vitamin C to help fight colds and boost the immune system. Only 45 calories per 1 cup serving. \ Eat them in smoothies, on lettuce or spinach salads, in fruit salads, in desserts, or on yogurt and ice cream. • February | March 2011

• • • • • •

A wonderful source of relaxation and the perfect end to a stress filled day. There’s milk in chocolate, right? Cocoa beans... hey, it’s a vegetable! The calories don’t count when it comes to a square of chocolate! All joking aside, chocolate, specifically dark chocolate is good for your heart. A small bar of it everyday can help keep your heart and cardiovascular system running well. The flavonoids may make you smarter, and they also protect your DNA from the kind of damage that can cause cancer. Dark chocolate can even boost your skin’s defenses.


babyourself Y UM!

s u l p

chocolate by Vickie Myers

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Scones

2 cups flour ¼ cup sugar 1 Tablespoon baking powder ¼ teaspoon salt 1/3 cup cold butter (no substitution) 1 cup + 4 Tablespoons heavy whipping cream 1-2 teaspoons demerara sugar (optional) 3/4 cup mini chocolate chips 1 cup strawberries cut in ¼ - ½ inch pieces

Pre-heat the oven to 375. Mix dry ingredients together. Cut up butter into small pieces and incorporate into the dry ingredients until it resembles fine crumbs. Add the chocolate chips and gently fold in the strawberries. Quickly fold in 1 cup and 2 Tablespoons of the heavy whipping cream. Divide the dough into two. Pat each dough ball into a circle about 9-10 inches in diameter and 1-2 inches thick. Brush the tops with the remaining whipping cream then sprinkle with the demerara sugar. Cut each circle into 8 wedges. Place gently onto a baking sheet. Bake at 375 for 14-16 minutes. • February | March 2011


babyourself DINING OUT

Is it chocolate, cheese, chocolate, filet mignon, chocolate?


The staff of babyourself was craving chocolate and a girls’ night out, so we headed to The Melting Pot. In case you’ve never been, The Melting Pot is a fabulous fondue restaurant. You can indulge in the full four-course meal, or you can cut to the chase and get only the chocolate dessert fondue. For the appetizer course, you choose from several cheese fondues. We chose the mouth-watering Wisconsin Cheese Trio - a bubbly, creamy pot of fontina, butterkase and buttermilk bleu cheeses with white wine, scallions and a hint of sherry. This course includes bowls full of fresh bread cubes, apples, carrots and other veggies. The next courses are the salad and the entrée. I thought the California Salad was divine - fresh mixed greens with Roma tomatoes, chopped walnuts and gorgonzola cheese, topped with perfect raspberry walnut vinaigrette. We skipped the main entrée and got straight to the main reason we came – chocolate!

If you are craving chocolate, this is the place for you! They have the most amazing chocolate fondues anywhere! My table chose the decadent Flaming Turtle Fondue! Smooth, silky and delicious! Dark chocolate, caramel and chopped pecans, flambéed right at the table. A plate full of strawberries, bananas, brownies, marshmallows, cheesecake, rice krispie treats, and pound cake. And when we asked for more brownies and bananas, our server brought us more than we could eat!

Craving for girl-time? Satisfied. Craving for chocolate? Definitely satisfied. The Melting Pot of Longwood - 1200 Douglas Ave, Longwood, Florida - 407-862-8773

28 • February | March 2011


What are you craving?

Are you connected?

Get your issue at home! Subscribe at Like us on • February | March 2011



YOU would do if you were SUDDENLY given a day to

Baby Yourself

submitted by babyourself fans on facebook

I would pray for rain and read a good book all day long. Curled up with my favorite blanket and a great cup of coffee. Dee Paonessa

I would LONG for a day that I could READ!!!! I would hope that the day would be rainy and gloomy and I would sit and cuddle under a blanket and read! - Alice Byerts. I’d go with read while snuggled in a blanket followed by a nap. - Julie Larner. Read, out to breakfast with friends, read, out to lunch with friends, read, out to supper with husband, read, read, read, read, read. : ) - Becky Shultz. (many, MANY BABYOURSELF readers said that they would read - I guess Dr. Seuss isn’t cutting it!)


9:00 AM

11:00 AM 12:00 PM

3:00 PM

6:00 PM

12:00 AM

3:00 AM

3 If I knew the day was coming I would take some Tylenol PM the night before and sleep until I woke up. Then I would get up, eat some comfort food and lay back down to take a nap. This would leave me getting out of bed at about noon. Then ...I would take a long bath and read a novel. Then I would get ready and go out with my favorite peeps to a coffee shop. Then, maybe go to someone's house and play some games and stay up until two or three in the morning. Oh ya and I would make someone else drive to wherever we go...cuz I hate having to drive all the time.

First of all, I probably would stay in bed until about noon, then if I had a good book to read, I might move to the couch and snuggle up with a blanket to read away the afternoon. Meals would be whatever could be eaten without needing to be cooked, preferably straight out of the container or off of a paper plate.

-Anna Kirkland


With my husband, I would go to St Augustine for the day. With friends I would head to the beach and play. By myself, get the house organized, how often do you have time to do that without everyone around?- Jessica Nicholas


I would spend all day at the beach with an iced tea and a book. I'd nap and pee with the door closed and there would be no one standing outside the door asking for a snack, etc. - Caren Sinnott • February | March 2011


6 7

I would grab my best friend, hit the Mall of Millennia and then Olive Garden for an awesome girls day! Oh, and a nice nap after too. -Lori Holland


I know I'd be so excited to have time to myself that I'd probably not get anything done... but tip of the list would be: A good quiet time, crafting, shopping. And finish off with a good movie.


I would go to a coffee shop with a book that has no pictures or intentional rhyme.

-Laura McKinney

- Erna Andersen


Go see a movie or have lunch with my girlfriends is what I say to you NOW, but I know me and I know other mommy friends...we'd probably be more likely to catch up on the cleaning, laundry, scrapbooks.

- Tiffany Johnson

32 • February | March 2011


I'd start with an iced coffee, probably one of those good ones with all the trimmings from Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. Then go hit the trails and find a nice spot to sit and read and hang out with God. Then go down to take a nice leisurely walk around IKEA (hey, no kids!). Continue on to Kolh’ss and mall for some clothes shopping for ME!! After go to the gym, get a good sweat going and enjoy the silence (I'm not getting called back to the kid room - HA). To end this everso-relaxing day jump on the back of a horse and ride off into the sunset. Just me and the horse running free. And then gallop back to the barn and drive home quick! After a whole day it's been nice BUT I sure am missing my kids and hubby. -Karen Haslam

Being 10 months pregnant, I would start by enjoying the breeze and sounds of the beach to relax. Then spend the rest of the day at a spa that caters to pregnant bodies. Enjoying the last minutes of some ME time. - Shirley Chernes

12 Catch up on some long lost shopping time, go for a run and definitely catch a nap.

- Heather Ashler


Being a mother of a one month old, SLEEP ranks pretty high on my list


- Abigail Stike


I would go surfing in the morning with my husband (pray for the perfect day of surf of course), then he can go hang out with his brother. I would stay home, eat tuna (with mustard, and sweet relish) on ritz crackers, and a banana with peanut butter and chocolate chips while curled up on the couch with a good book, or a chick flick (but only a chick flick if I had some of my favorite friends with me to watch!)

- Laurie Kinsella

Go on a date with my husband! Eat a nice dinner out without interruptions and then go to a movie and stay out late!

- Michalene Beckenhauer • February | March 2011




compiled by Elisabeth Myrick

After creating a very girly, matchy space for her daughter, Allyson wanted to go a completely different route with her son Liam’s nautical nursery. She knew she wanted it to be personal, and after finally finding the right bedding and drawing some inspiration from a Pottery Barn Kids catalog, the space came together quickly. Allyson refinished and painted the crib and changing table herself, but her favorite element in the room? The mobile!

Want to see your own nursery featured in babyourself?

Visit our

Facebook page and post a comment on our wall at We can’t wait to hear from you and share your nursery with the rest of our readers!

34 • February | March 2011


iam’s nautical nursery is the perfect space to transition from baby to toddler - Allyson’s main goal in decorating his room.


February | March 2011

1. Allyson refinished and stained the changing station to coordinate with the rest of the room, adding a bright changing table cover from Babies ‘R Us and bold, coordinating storage baskets available from World Market.

posed items. The boat and anchor are from HomeGoods and Allyson repainted them to coordinate with the rest of the space. The glass jar contains decor from Allyson’s baby shower. The artwork is from HomeGoods as well.

2. “Liam” painting was a gift from a friend, purchased from Inspirations by Jordan on and was hand-painted based on the theme of the nursery.

5. Starfish crib decoration was a gift from a friend which Allyson glued to the crib. “Freeport” crib bedding from

3. The wall color and stripe were inspired by a Pottery Barn Kids catalog and custom matched to Liam’s bedding by Sherwin Williams. Sailboat mobile is from

6. Glider was in Liam’s sister’s room and was reupholstered to coordinate with this room. “Freeport” quilt from Pottery Barn Kids. Stroller basket gift from friend.

4. The decor on Liam’s dresser is mixed with new and repur-

7. Nightlight gift from a friend, available from







5 6 • February | March 2011


babyourself DADS TO DADS

ew. It’s a simple three-letter word. When most people hear the word “new” they think of something fresh, recent, or unfamiliar. I would definitely have to agree with them. Then I start to think about all the different contexts in which the word “new” can be used and the different situations it can describe. Suddenly, what I thought was just a simple three-letter word becomes an all too - well - “new” reality. I am speaking of parenthood - more specifically, fatherhood. In recent years, I have experienced many new things. This coming June will mark three wonderful years of marriage with my wife. I’m not sure we are still considered newlyweds, but I definitely will not be leading any marriage conferences in the near future. My qualifications are still a bit lacking. Then last July, “newness” entered my life again. It did not come with an owner’s manual and it definitely did not come with that new car smell. The hospital did not even offer me an extended warranty. They just let us stay there a few days, taught me how to swaddle and sent us on our way. What nerve! On July 19, 2010, my life truly changed. My son had arrived. Reality was no longer knocking at my door; that reality was now lying in my arms - all 7.14 pounds of it. Suddenly, words like “fresh” and “recent” no longer described “new” for me. They were replaced with words like “scared” and “overwhelmed.”

One of the biggest realities for a new parent is knowing someone now fully relies on you for everything. They rely on you to feed them, clothe them and shelter them. And did you know that babies poop? And they do not change themselves. And if you can’t remember all those things, babies will remind you. Sometimes multiple times during the night. You learn many things as a new Dad. For example, you learn how overrated a good night’s sleep really is, and you learn how underrated power naps are. The biggest lesson for me was patience, and I am still far from mastering that virtue. Babies are demanding and sometimes you feel like you’re walking a very fine line between sanity and insanity. I must be a little crazy because I love every minute of it! The word “new” has taken on a whole different meaning in my life recently. The best way I can describe it now is with another word - “love.” A new kind of love I had never experienced before. A love for my child. A stronger love for my wife as I have seen her mother our baby. As my wife and I look forward to this Valentine’s Day, we will never forget what we got each other this year. It didn’t come in a heart shaped box, and it will never wither away. No diamond in the world could compare. This gift is “new” to both of us scary and overwhelming and exhausting. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Jacob & his son at one month of age

36 • February | March 2011



By Jacob Pippin

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BABYOURSELF Magazine - February / March 2011  

BABYOURSELF Magazine is Central Florida's magazine for pregnant and new mommies distributed by several of Orlando's OB/GYN’s in their "new m...

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