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25 Artists • 25 Prints • 25” x 25”

Debora Ando Born in São Paulo, Debora Ando is a Brazilian-Irish artist and researcher based in Dublin, where she currently works and lectures in the Print Department in NCAD. She graduated in Fine Art B.A. Honours from Universidade de São Paulo and M.A. in Visual Arts Practice from I.A.D.T. Her research is a practice that involves thinking, testing, feeling, talking, and teaching. She has been selected for residencies and exhibitions in Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States.

Debora Ando’s works concern itself with explorations on degradation and entropy in the urban realm. A considered and expanded print practice, the work presented in the ‘25’ exhibition demonstrates her interest in discussing and analysing the transformation of the materiality of indexes of decay found and rooted on daily life. She creates works that encourage invested reflection on the duality between the nature of things and their progressive alteration and inevitable destabilization. In manipulating and rearranging the physicality of these materials, she discusses new orders of perception and relations that emerge as ephemeral moments in her installations and digital prints. These elements function in the domain of liminality, between existence and remoteness, deconstructed and reconstructed, the inexorable and the yielding.

On the Investigation of Ontological Relations Within Destructive Processes, part II Digital Print, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Johnny Bugler Johnny Bugler studied art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork and received a Masters in fine-art printmaking from Camberwell College of Art, London. He has exhibited internationally and is the recipient of Arts Council awards. Most recently he was selected for the UNFOLD Cork County Council Arts Office Professional Development Project and exhibition at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre. In 2015, in association with Cork Printmakers, Johnny was selected for the Cork City Council Arts Office Public Art Commission that resulted in the artwork Singers Corner.

This body of artwork explores connections to place and the landscape. The images are gathered from film, photography and printed ephemera and represented in a manner that is meant to evoke the nostalgia for foreign travel and the exotic.

Taxi Photopolymer Etching, 1/8 â‚Ź245 framed / â‚Ź175 unframed

Eva Byrne Eva Byrne is an award winning graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design, where she received a B.A. Hons. Degree in Printmaking in 2014. For the work displayed at her final year show at L.S.A.D., she was awarded a 6 month Emerging Artist Bursary Award at Cork Printmakers. She is currently living in Limerick City and is a member at both Cork Printmakers and Limerick Printmakers. Her work has been exhibited in many group shows both nationally and internationally and last year she held first solo exhibition, Of Words and Creatures at Cork Printmakers Print Showroom. In 2015 Eva Byrne was awarded the Eli Lilly Purchase Prize for her screen-print, I brought you the moon, which she exhibited at the Cork Printmakers’ group exhibition – all things considered.

My work explores the relationship between our exterior projections and inner thoughts and feelings. I juxtapose playful colours with text to encourage a reflective response from the viewer. I am interested in how combining text and image can suggest a story or a character, but just enough to allow each viewer to imagine the rest of the story themselves, relating it to their own experience and thus the piece becomes personal to each person that sees it.

We thought that they were wolves, but they were just like us Screen-print, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Helen Devitt Originally from Co. Clare, Helen Devitt is a practicing conservation architect and artist. Having graduating from the School of Architecture, University College Dublin, in 1998, she gained post-graduate work experience in Manhattan, N.Y.C. before moving to Cork in 2001, to continue her career as an architect. In 2014 she graduated from the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design having completed a B.A. in Fine Arts (Hons). Her combined art and architectural practice inhabits the practical fundamentals of forming and building new spaces, while also seeking out the poetics such spaces create.

The art practice is grounded in the study of topography, landscape and architectural form. It examines how we inhabit land, dwell and carve out places. Place exists as traces and layers, and a sense of place is re-imagined in the work through surface and material in which a resonance of a culture is embedded. The process of layering and repetition play an important role in the work and there is a constant re-imagining of landscape which is realized through the language of print, painting, sculpture and installation.

Embedded Etching & Collograph,1/12 â‚Ź245 framed / â‚Ź175 unframed

Dominic Fee Dominic Fee completed a B.A .in Fine Art in Limerick School of Art & Design in 1996. In 2013 he received first class honours in the M.A. in Art and Process at the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. He is currently completing an M.A. in Digital Arts & Humanities in University College Cork. Dominic has worked as a technician at Cork Printmakers’ Print Workshop and collaborated with many artists to produce print-based work in all major techniques. His work has been exhibited widely both in Ireland and abroad. In January 2016, he exhibited at Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, as part of UNFOLD, a six person collaborative show for which he was selected. His work also featured in Over the Sun, in the Vitebsk Centre for Contemporary Art, Belarus, in June 2015. This three person show was a response to the legacy and work of Kazimir Malevich, and was partly held in the building where Malevich lived and taught in the 1920s. Most recently his work was exhibited in You Make Mine, I Make Yours, a collaborative project between artists based in Ireland and Finland, which will be exhibited in Finland, in September 2016.

This current body of work continues an investigation into the possibilities of lithography, with a particular interest in combining it with the techniques of papermaking and paper casting. Highly detailed castings are taken from 2D and 3D found objects and environments in paper pulp, which when dried are flattened, inked up and transferred to the lithography stone. I’m especially interested in the distinctive translation and transformation of information from source object to the final image which this process affords. To mark the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of Cork Printmakers, I have chosen the workshop’s Rochat etching press to be the subject of this technique. As one of Cork Printmakers’ earliest acquisitions and probably its most used etching press, it seems to be an appropriate choice. Harry Lithograph, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Sean Hanrahan Séan Hanrahan graduated with a Degree in Fine Art Printmaking from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2005. Since then he has been a Full Member of Cork Printmakers. He lives and works in Cork City. Recent Projects / exhibitions include; Over the Sun (Kazimir Malevich his Legacy and influence on Western Artists), VCCA Vitebsk, Belarus 2015, selected and organized by Séan Hanrahan, participating artists; Séan Hanrahan Ire. Dominic Fee Ire. & Josh Dannin U.S.A; Night Frightens the Day, Museum of Modern Fine Art, Minsk, Belarus, 2015; a Solo exhibition at The Centre for Contemporary and Modern Art, Vitebsk Belarus, (2014), Anthology of Artists: Bottega Del Tintoretto, Venice, Italy, 2015; A Natural Selection, Graphic Studios Dublin Exhibition and Galleri Astley Uttersberg, Sweden; FTLO NY, Bottleneck Gallery, Brooklyn New York City U.S.A. (2013); Di Carta/Paper made. Prima Biennale Internazionale di Operes Carta, Schio Vincenza Italy; Ireland: Alphabet Series, A Cork Printmakers Touring Exhibition, National Print Museum, Dublin, (2011) and Irish Arts Center, New York, U.S.A. (2011). Recent projects include; TR5 International Residency with Cork Printmakers, which was part of the 2013 Cork Midsummer Festival. In 2009 he was Commissioned Artist for the 55th Cork International Choral Festival.

‘Oscillation VI’ is continuation from ‘Oscillate’, a small series of variable screen-prints. The emphasis of the work is based on experimenting with the halftone pixelated process. As with the ‘Oscillate’ series, I choose not to use representational imagery, instead I have designed and inverted a halftone matrix pattern. With this matrix pattern, I’m layering colour offsets of the matrix to explore the possibility of the sustained and infinite continuity of its function, towards the purpose of design.

Oscillation VI Screen-print, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Catherine Hehir Catherine Hehir is an Irish artist based in Cork. She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Ulster, Belfast (2004). She is a lecturer in Fine Art at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and a Full Member of Cork Printmakers, where she served on the Board of Directors for six years. Recent exhibitions include; PRESENT, Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Connecticut, U.S.A, (2016); ESCAPE/SHIFT, a collaborative exhibition at The Atrium, Cork City Hall, (2016); collaborative work at IMPACT 9 Printmaking Conference & Exhibition, Hangzhou, China, Lismore Castle Arts, Waterford and Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick (2015/16). Recent exhibitions include; Statements exhibition held at the Kloster in Bentlage, part of SNAP 3, International Printmaking Symposium in Rheine, Germany; IMPACT 8 Printmaking Conference & Exhibition, Dundee, Scotland; Impressions, GMIT Centre for the Creative Arts + Media, Galway; Deception & Sacrifice, Southern Graphics International Conference, San Francisco, U.S.A; Limerick / Quimper Cross Cultural Art Exhibition, Prieure de Locmaria, Quimper, France and An Eire of the Senses, Contemporary Irish Art at the Ireland World Expo Pavilion, Shanghai, China. Collections include; the Office of Public Works, Dáil Eireann and University College Cork. Awards include; AHRB Research Bursary, CP Residency Award, Cork City Twinning Grant, Arts Council Grants and Culture Ireland Bursary. She has participated in residences in Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier, The Purple Bamboo Studios, Hangzhou, China, Cill Rialiag, Co. Kerry, Tyrone Gutherie Centre, Co. Monaghan and LARQ Western Tasmania.

Exploration of Materiality My rationale is concerned with examining how one can use and reuse print, conceptually and as a component when discussing Art and Materiality. Collage, montage, appropriation and the archive are the cut-and-paste history of print production these older technologies have new capacities utilizing both traditional printmaking and the digital image when used with newer technologies the potential expands. Using an analogue camera the work ‘Dislocation’ is created by merging an image of the lrish landscape with a digital image of the sky, taken in Australia in 2014, creating a new transitional space within the print. Dislocation Photo Etching, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Ray Henshaw Ray Henshaw is an artist, curator and a lecturer in printmaking at NCAD on the Degree and M.A. courses. He recently set up and managed the Strule Print Workshop, in Omagh, dedicated to screen-printing and digital imagery. It is the first new print studio in the last thirty years in Northern Ireland. Amongst notable recent projects is Watershed – a curated exhibition featuring five artists from Ireland and Hong Kong. This exhibition was part of the Hong Kong Graphics Fiesta 2010/2011, and it was exhibited simultaneously in Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre and the Millennium Court Arts Centre, Northern Ireland. His artwork has been exhibited throughout Ireland, Europe, Africa, China and U.S.A. including; Fenderesky Gallery, Old Museum, Queens University, Belfast, Project Arts Centre, Original Print Gallery, Dublin; Ithaca, New York State; In Bag Factory Johannesburg; University of Cape Town and Free State University Bloemfontein, South Africa; In Cite Des Arte, Paris; Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre; Barcelona and Berlin and other locations across Europe. As well as creating his own works, he has recently editioned works for Vittorio Santoro - works for Art Basel and also for Jesse Jones, whose work will represent Ireland at the Venice Biennale. www.raymondhenshaw.com

The technique of screen-printing is easily learned and its attributes are clearly defined within its own spatial contributions. I’m using its tendencies at the moment to build an image through multiple, fine linear layers of ink. I’m interested in the social anthropological, looking for the displacement of signifiers and print as a social fabric. In this case the images now are ‘x-rays’. It’s familiar, but it’s a faked reality, we are making the unreadable, a readable image. The traveller’s case is uncovered, with all its placid and nefarious items. I create over-lapping colour to get the image moving and then respond to what’s being generated. I’m looking for a level where the printing moves, transcends the ‘moment’. The viewer can respond to the printed image, in concept, abstraction and reference. A new reality moving freely towards the ‘external’. Untitled Digital Print, 1/10 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Marianne Keating Marianne graduated from London’s Royal College of Art (M.A. Fine Art) in 2013. That year she was awarded London’s Embassy Tea Gallery’s Solo Exhibition Graduate Award and The Beach House Residency Award in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Exhibitions include: 2016, Unstable Monuments, Cornwall, UK; 2014, In Search of Trevor Owen, Galway Art Centre; 2013, Prelude Speaker: Contempory Castletown, Co Kildare; 2012, Subplots, Sirus Arts Centre, Cork, and 2011, We Are a Strange Loop, Hockney Gallery, London; 2010 Tears, Trash and Decay, Yarra Sculpture Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. Awards: 2013, Royal Academy, London, Fellowship 2012 RCA, Residency Award, 2011, South Tipperary, Bursary Award, Culture Ireland Award (& 2010), Arts Council Travel & Mobility (& 2007), Cork City Council, Bursary Award.

My professional practice as a visual artist has been situated within the historiographic turn in contemporary art discourse and in relation to the archive, particularly through the examination of unrecorded, private and disregarded histories. My multi-disciplinary approach to the research, the archival record and the archival image questions the legitimacy of the archive and falsification within the recorded image and text. My research engages postcolonial and archival theory to focus on the Irish diaspora in Jamaica. It seeks to destabilize the blanket cultural and political histories of Caribbean whiteness, whilst concurrently inserting representation of Irish Caribbeanness into existing histories of the dominated colonial “Other”. My work involves the gathering of oral histories relating to Jamaica’s colonial past through interviews, film footage, research, documentation and redocumentation. By recovering photographic and written traces, which had been consigned to disappear within the archive, I question what photography remembers and what it forgets; for whom and for what purpose. By investigating the collective social (individual) memory through a series of video interviews, I accumulate personal memories of a specific time, considering how they have been affected by the passage of time. The bias of individual comment, lends the work in this sense to be anti-monumental, standing against the monumental history of the state.

31 Cane Cutters J.V. Digital Print, 1/8 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Fiona Kelly Fiona Kelly is a Cork based artist who completed her M.A. in Art & Process, receiving first class honours, from the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 2015. She holds a B.A. in Sculpture, G.M.I.T, 2005, and a B.A. (Honours) in Fine Art, Printmaking, received from the CIT Crawford College of Art, Cork, 2008. Recent exhibitions include; You Make Mine/I Make Yours, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork City, 2016; What Happens When Nothing Else Does, MA:AP 2015, CIT Crawford College of Art, Cork City; Silver, Uilinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co. Cork, curated by Ann Davoren, 2015; HEXAGON, Mermaid Arts Centre, Bray, Co. Wicklow, 2014 / 15; Missing Something Which No Longer Exists (Solo), 126, Galway; the awarded European Pépinières pour Jeunes Artistes Residency exhibition There are Thousands of Taps Dripping (Solo), Ratamo, Jyväskylä, Finland. She has received numerous awards for her Artistic practice including the Impressions Biennial 2015 Purchase Prize; The Individual Artist Bursary Award form Cork City Arts Council in 2015 & 2014 and the Individual Artist Bursary Award from the Arts Council of Ireland, 2014. Her work can be seen in the public collections of The Jyväskylä Museum of Art, Finland, CCAD, Eli Lilly and C.I.T, Ireland.

Fiona Kelly’s practice encompasses printmaking, drawing and mixed media sculptural installations to explore ideas of disposability, the interim and regeneration. Relief printmaking is the fulcrum of her practice, a populist medium created by the need to visually express and disseminate ideas and information. The premise of the fable, a short story, often with inanimate objects as central characters, are used to narrate a moral is central to Kelly’s work. Her makeshift characters establish anecdotes of stagnation, alteration and the Anthropocene.

Undecided Form / Undesignated Abode Linocut, 1/9 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Marine Ky Born in Cambodia, Marine Ky was educated in Paris. She completed a Masters in Printmaking, University of Tasmania, Australia. Recent exhibitions include; The Epidermis of the Earth II (Mekong), the Esplanade, Singapore; Each Moment the World is Being (Re)created, Institut Français, Phnom Penh; Receptacle, I Light Festival, Singapore and Happy Art Home, in Parallel Realities, Fukuoka Triennial of Asian Contemporary Art. She has been a Visiting Artist at Cork Printmakers, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan, Chiangmai University Art Museum, Thailand, Faculty of Art & Design, Monash University, Australia and Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Japan.

I’m the world, no me, no mine, no self As a child born in Phnom Penh, I am setting off at the age of four for Macao and again at the age of ten for Paris. Voyage is not merely an experience. It is in the blood, a vantage point of interference between the known and unknown and the actual imagining of being elsewhere. I’m the European birds and flowers on the beaded tablecloth. I’m the Irish carpet. I’m also the Middle Ages embroidery leading to the Tasmanian lace. I’m at the intersection of what makes us common. Part of a bigger project, “Setting Off a)” recontexturised our interwoven maps, across time. This journey is expressed through a hybridisation and combinations of patterns, Japanese with Irish across medium, from stitchery to softground etching and from intaglio printing back to textile installation. “Setting off” can symbolise a compact mind-made journey, one that does not see divisions nor separateness through believing in differences. When the mind simply is quiet and fully present to the world, it experiences through our bodily sensations the transience of life.

Mise Éire - Je suis la côte d’Ivoire Etching, 1/20 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Aoife Layton Having graduated with an honours Degree in Fine Art from Galway Mayo Institute of Technology in 2005, Aoife Layton went on to complete an M.A. in Fine Art and Art History at University of Wales, Aberystwyth, in 2008. She currently lives and works in Cork City. She has exhibited widely both in Ireland and internationally, at venues including: International Mezzotint Festival, Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Art, Russia; annual exhibitions of the Royal Irish and Royal Ulster Academies, Ireland; German International Exhibition of Graphic Art, Frechen, Germany and the International Print Triennial, Krakow, Poland. She is an Irish artist known for her continuing engagement with the process of mezzotint engraving. Human-animal interaction lies at the centre of her artistic practice: her prints consider the mutability of human-animal relationships and the inconsistencies in our perceptions of, and engagement with, the non-human animal. Her artworks represent observations, both playful and enquiring, on the intersection of culture and nature.

My practice is centered on the exploration, through drawing and printmaking, of current theories and personal observations of the relationships between human and animal worlds. I am interested in the points of contact between culture and the animal kingdom, in the nuances of human perceptions of the natural world. My own interest in the complexities of our perceptions of and interactions with the natural environment has been strengthened and informed by the recent development of the multi-disciplinary critical field of HumanAnimal Studies. Observational drawing lies at the centre of my practice and sketches from life provide me with the raw material for my prints. Although I work mainly with mezzotint engraving, I enjoy experimenting with both traditional and alternative printmaking processes: ‘Rhino’ is a large and loose development of preliminary sketches of the sleeping animal. Rhino Silk aquatint / silk collograph, 1/5 €245 framed / €175 unframed

David Lilburn David Lilburn studied history at Trinity College, Dublin, 1969-73, lithography at Scuole Istituto Statale d’Arte, Urbino, 1973 and art and design at Limerick School of Art & Design, 1980-83. Group Exhibitions in 2016 include; Voyage Boxed, A Box Set, travelling to Quebec, Toronto, Montreal and purchased by Yale Museum of British Art, in U.S.A and The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh; Cork Printmakers at the Lavit Gallery, Cork; RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin, Hope, Glór, Ennis; 1916 in Contemporary Art, Toradh Gallery, Co. Meath, Crawford Gallery, Cork and travelling. Group Exhibitions in 2015 include; International Print Triennial – Krakow, Poland; XII International Graphic Art Biennial Dry Point, Uzice, Serbia; Impressions Biennial, Galway; Plan A and Plan B, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Carlow, IMPACT 9, Hangzhou, China; RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin; KALEID 2015, London, Oslo; Limerick Printmakers at the Hunt Museum, Limerick; Galway Print Studio, Galway; A Natural Selection, Skull, Co Cork, and travelling; Senza Cornice, RiflessiDiVersi X, La Torre dei Lambardi, Maggione, Italy. Together with artist and writer Jim Savage, he runs Occasional Press which publishes art-based books. He lives in Limerick. www.davidlilburn.ie

David Lilburn is an Irish artist, printmaker and occasional publisher with a background in history. His work, including many public commissions, often uses the concept of mapping to explore ideas of memory and identity in works rich in narrative and topographic detail, with references to personal, social, art, and political history.

Wild Thing. Kinsale Drypoint, watercolour & chine colle, 1/10 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Deirdre McKenna Deirdre McKenna is a native of Dingle town in West Kerry. She graduated from the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 1999. She has exhibited in New York, Chicago, London, Belfast and various galleries in Kerry, Cork, Galway and Dublin. She was selected for; Cork Printmakers at the Lavit Gallery, Cork, 2015; Impressions Biennial, Galway, 2015; The Gathering, 2013 and Oireachtas Exhibition, 2008. Her work is the collections of The Community Hospital, Dingle, Co. Kerry, The Skellig Hotel, Dingle, Co. Kerry and private collections in Ireland, UK, Switerland and U.S.A. She has taken part in residencies at Cill Rialaig, artists’ retreat in Ballinskelligs and at Cló Ceardlann na gCnoc in Donegal. She was awarded the Madghie Hughie Eoin Scholarship in 2013, bursaries and commissions from Ealaín na Gaeltachta and Kerry County Council. She has recently been selected to exhibit her work both locally and as part of the PRESENT exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Connecticut, U.S.A.

Much of my art practice deals with the culture and traditions I have grown up with. My work often deals with maritime crafts and traditional vessels. When I see sails passing on the distant horizon I find myself imagining what it would be like to be on board, where are they headed for? How long have they been at sea? Whose turn is it to make the tea in their ever moving world? When we were asked, for this exhibition, to consider the future and all its potential I immediately thought of a vessel on the open ocean choosing which point of the compass to follow, each direction leading to great things and adventures along the way. The piece I made for this show is made of two copper plates etched with aquatint. The title ‘Cóir Gaoithe’ means fair winds, a blessing you might give a sailor setting out to sea wishing them favourable conditions for the journey ahead.

Cóir Gaoithe Etching & Aquatint, 1/10 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Peter McMorris Peter completed his B.A. at the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 2005 and currently works as a practicing artist and Technician at Cork Printmakers. He works in various artistic mediums enjoying the flexibility of exploring new techniques. Peter has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has completed a number of public art commissions. His work is held in a number of public and private art collections including the Tyndall Institute, H.S.E. and O.P.W. State Art Collections and University College Cork.

My work explores man’s position in this technological age – how we are reshaping and restricting patterns of social interaction and moving toward a technological extension of consciousness. It considers how our constant access to vast amounts of information can overwhelm our ability to process and reflect and examines how we interact with our landscape in this digital age. I reference the processes employed in the creation of the works - the digital interface becomes part of the print, the pattern in the screen mesh becomes visible - and work with the imperfections that can occur in the printing process. I am not interested in creating the perfect print but instead emphasise the imperfections, thereby highlighting the combination of the hand and the digital.

Digital Isolation III Screen-print, 1/5 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Niall Naessans Niall Naessens was born in Dublin in 1961. He studied Visual Communications at the National College of Art & Design, graduating in 1983. He then learned to make etchings, mentored by James Mc Creary, at the Graphic Studio Dublin. Niall has been involved with all aspects of print-studio life working with artists, teaching and printing editions. He was elected a Director of Graphic Studio, Dublin in 2001.He now lives in Brandon in Co. Kerry. He completed an M.F.A. in fine art printmaking at the National College of Art & Design in 2013. Recent shows include; L12121 Picture Panoply at the Graphic Studio Gallery, Dublin (2015) and A Neighbour in the Printroom at Cork Printmakers’ Print Showroom (2015) and Songlines a two person show with Daniel Lipstein, at Custom House Gallery, Westport and the Hamilton Gallery, Sligo both in 2016.

‘A Cretaceous Garden’ This etching was produced using a sugar lift aquatint (black), an aquatinted stylus drawing on hard ground (blue) and a pink roll up on a third plate. The printed image is punctuated with some hand painting in gouache (light blue). The image is constructed of layers of images drawn in different idioms and scales creating the illusion of parallax and a peculiar perspective. The rainy garden and the wind blown debris, are devices I have been using lately, the event of gust driven leaves part obscuring the garden drawing. A further screen of blue dots, maybe representing drops on glass, sits in front. The title refers to the fact that this garden has existed for millions of years and there is, hard to believe, a Tyrannosaurus Rex there.

Cretaceous Garden Etching, 1/24 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Shane O’ Driscoll Shane O’ Driscoll expertly employs silkscreen printing to record his travels and paint a unique contemporary picture of the world today. His hand-pulled graphic prints serve as a compelling and personal memento of his adventures, and combine colour printing with black & white to create limited edition screen-prints. As well as featuring at various exhibitions throughout Ireland, Shane O’ Driscoll’s artwork has been exhibited internationally, in New York, Australia and further afield. He has a number of works in the Irish Office of Public works.

In the creation of my prints, I enjoy reducing the subject matter to a minimal state, then introduce bright complimentary colour-ways, to give additional weight to the composition.

Highsummer Screen-print, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Killian O’ Dwyer Killian O’ Dwyer is a visual artist originally from Arkansas U.S.A., living and working in Cork. He is a graduate of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design with a B.A. First Class Honours in Fine Art. For his Degree show - We Do Not Leave Pyramids in 2015, he received the CIT Venice Biennale President Award for an Emerging Artist; a Graduate Residency Award with the Backwater Artists Group; and the Undergraduate Academic Thesis Award for his treatise on the credibility of several key components in psychoanalytic theory, aesthetics and subjectivity by means of empirical research; such as hybrid gaze; become-in-difference; gyn-andro-a-voir; and queer geographies of the sub- and superterranean. He is currently a member of Cork Printmakers, a member and PrinTex coordinator at Sample Studios and a residency graduate at Backwater Artists Group. Killian is also a co-collaborator of Switchboard with artist Cillian Moynihan; a creative partnership involved in project-based interactions to encourage visual awareness and exhibition-making in Cork City and elsewhere. He also works as an arts administrator and education facilitator in the Lewis Glucksman gallery Cork.

The starting point for all output of the practice is in some way preoccupied with notions surrounding gender performativity and fields of subjective vision found in common language, states of mind and the contemporary experience. In order to see social structures and ideologies in their engrained state, the practice attempts to subvert, pervert and extrovert the viewers subjective gaze. Such output via the process is primarily research or project-based, which describes the interchangeable nature of the practice. Painting and screen-printing, installation and found object, sound and smell; there are no preliminary limitations to the avenues of visual inquiry.

Bye Bugs, Bye Screen-print, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Kate O’ Shea Kate O’ Shea is a visual artist currently based in Sample Studios in Cork City. She graduated with a B.A. in Printmaking & Contemporary Practice from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2015 and received a 12-month Emerging Artist Bursary Award for Cork Printmakers. Originally from Kenmare in Co. Kerry, she started her own business NomNom Café and Gallery in her hometown at the age of 19. Community events quickly became the main focus of the café and her passion for community involvement led to establishing a community-driven festival in 2014 called NomShtock. The success of this festival and her continuing academic research in printmaking as a vehicle for social change led to the development of the arts, politics and community free-sheet Rumpus and her involvement in The Limerick Spring Festival of politics and ideas.

Using traditional printmaking processes to explore physical and mental landscapes, Kate O’ Shea creates layered images with fleeting glimpses of the urban environment. Her work stems from a concern for contemporary social structures and the fractures within them. She believes that we need to question present structures whether they are physical or mental, and if they no longer function we need to dismantle them and start again, from the bottom up. Her current work takes inspiration from the constant construction and deconstruction in our physical landscapes. She uses these visual references to engage with ideas surrounding mindfulness and our mental environment. Recently Kate O’ Shea’s approach has grown to encompass community-driven publication Rumpus which acts as a platform for collaboration, active participation and public engagement. The project also involves organising and facilitating public events. This duality is vital as it demonstrates the importance of putting theory into practice. Her research into printmaking as a tool for social change and community involvement informs her practice.

Evolve Monoprint & Photopolymer printmaking, 1/4 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Ben Reilly Ben Reilly graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, in 1987. He went on to receive a Degree in Archaeology from University College Cork in 1995 and an M.A. in Fine Art Sculpture from Winchester School of Art in 1999. His work is in many collections throughout Ireland. He is currently a lecturer at the Waterford Institute of Technology. He has been a visiting lecturer at the CIT Crawford College, Limerick School of Art & Design, Michigan State University and elsewhere. Recent exhibitions include; Silver part I and II, Backwater Artists Group exhibition at Garter Lane, Waterford City and Uillinn: West Cork Art Centre, Skibereen, Co. Cork; Royal Ulster Academy Annual Group Exhibition, Belfast (2014); Deception & Sacrifice; the Lion, Bear and the Fox, 42nd Southern Graphic Council Conference, San Francisco, U.S.A. and CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork (2014); Ordinary things, Backwater Artists Group exhibition, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, (2013) and Sin Corner, solo exhibition, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork (2013). In 2011, he was an artist-in-residence at Kloster Bentlage Cultural Centre & Museum, Munster, Germany and had a solo exhibition at the StadMuseum, Borken, Munster. He has been selected for a numerous other group exhibitions and received funding awards from the Arts Council and Culture Ireland.

A lot of my print ideas come from converting sculptural pieces into print. Translating these wax, wood, rubber or metal sculpture pieces into monochrome image can add new ambiguities and highlight aspect, not apparent in the original sculpture. Sometimes these images are taken at a particular stage as the sculpture is being developed; the end sculpture piece may have moved far away from this image. The image used for this print came from a part of a supper eight film still; https://vimeo.com/136505004

Bug Photo Etching, 1/5 â‚Ź245 framed / â‚Ź175 unframed

Gráinne Ruane Gráinne Ruane was born in 1989 and is a native of Co. Mayo. She graduated from GMIT in 2013, with a B.A. first class honours Degree in Fine Art, specializing in Printmaking, specifically in etching and traditional hard ground etching. She received a 12 month Emerging Artist Bursary Award from Cork Printmakers. She is currently living and working in Cork City and has been a member of Cork Printmakers for nearly two years. Group Exhibitions include: Works on paper exhibition, R.K. Burt, Gallery, London, (2013), Niche, CCAM Degree Show (2013), Impressions, Quadrangle NUIG (2012), GMIT Student showcase, Volvo Ocean Race Galway (2012) and aboard in Melbourne Australia, Bulgaria, and London. The main themes of her work are city and rural views. She loves exploring and developing different types of mark making and tonal variation. From the moment I was introduced to etching I was fascinated by it. My work depends on a five hundred year old etching technique, which makes my theme more authentic. My etching portrays an obsession with detail, precision and tone. In my work I try to show a more attractive view of urban and rural areas. I try to show this in my work by using a wide range of different mark-making.

Shandon Bells Etching, 1/8 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Jim Sheehy Jim Sheehy was born in Macroom, Co. Cork in 1945. He lived in the United States from 1964 to 1978 and studied at the Cornell University; SUNY College at Buffalo (B.A. 1969); Pratt Institute (M.F.A. 1973) and The Art Student League of New York. During the 1970’s he printed for many of the leading American artists at Hollander’s Workshop in New York and at the New York Printmaking Workshop. He has had solo exhibitions in New York, Dublin, Limerick and Cork and has exhibited in most of the major group exhibitions in Ireland. In 2005 the Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick held an exhibition of his prints along with work he printed for artists in New York, as part of its survey of contemporary Irish Printmaking. He has won two Irish Printmaking Awards, has received Arts Council travel grants and has had articles published in the magazine – Printmaking Today. His work is in public and private collections in Ireland and U.S.A. including ; New York Public Library, Art Museum of Miami; The National Self Portrait Collection of Ireland; Irish Contemporary Drawing Collection, Limerick City Gallery of Art and the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork. He lives in Cork and served on the Board of Directors of Cork Printmakers for ten years. He taught printmaking at the Limerick School of Art & Design from 1978 – 2010.

I enjoy the technical side of printmaking – the way each print medium has its own unique process and procedure and look. It’s what got me interested many years ago and I still find it of interest. There is something truly beautiful about the look of a well printed work on good quality handmade paper. There’s also a whole world of study and scholarship around printmaking not associated with other areas of art. And I like the fact that prints exist in multiple so many people can own the same work.

Nude Woodcut, 1/14 €245 framed / €175 unframed

The Project Twins The Project Twins are James and Michael Fitzgerald, a Cork based art and design duo. Born 1982, they both received a B.A. (Hons) in Visual Communication from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 2005. They work across a broad range of disciplines including illustration, design, print-making, painting and threedimensional work. They have exhibited in the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA), Dublin; The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork; VISUAL, Carlow; Academy of Art University, San Francisco; Hillyer Art Space, Washington D.C. and TULCA 2014, Galway. Their graphic work has garnered international attention from an array of clients with commissions from Facebook, Jameson, Aer Lingus, Bulmers, Penguin Group, The Guardian, Wired, Adweek, Variety and Nature Journal. The Project Twins are represented by Synergy Art in the UK and US, and by The Illustration Room in Australia. They are members of the Illustrator’s Guild of Ireland and Cork Printmakers. They work from Sample-Studios in Cork City.

Humour, irony and wit pervade their work while bold and playful graphics explore ideas of absurdity, identity and the mundane. Their use of minimal forms and bold shapes, rooted in the visual language of graphic design and semiotics, result in work that appears to directly communicate while also retaining a sense of ambiguity. The Project Twins work together through a process of dialogue and sketching, continually reducing forms to their most basic elements. Their work presents various dualities between the serious and the ridiculous, the melancholic and the joyful.

Success Screen-print, 1/10 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Laura Wade Laura Wade studied printmaking in GMIT’s Centre for Creative Arts + Media and graduated with first class honours in 2014. She also received the Cork Printmakers’ Emerging Artist 12 Month Bursary Award. Since graduating she has participated in exhibitions such as Personal Space, Hive Gallery, Waterford; Impressions 15, Galway and the Lavit Gallery Summer Show 2015, Cork. Most recently her work was selected for Cork Printmakers’ exhibition at the Lavit Gallery.

How we pass through and perceive our structured surroundings has begun to influence my work. As we navigate our immediate environment, negative and positive spaces shift and move, this interaction of planes is a catalyst for my creative process. I absorb my surrounding and attempt to gain balance in an increasingly chaotic visual environment. My method of making is slow constant give and take, allowing expression through erased and empty spaces.

A Façade Screen-print, 1/4, V/P €245 framed / €175 unframed

Susan Walsh Susan Walsh studied Fine Art Printmaking and Multi-Media at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. Since graduating in 1999 she has become very involved in Community Arts practice and went on to complete a Certificate in Principles & Theory in Art Therapy and a Certificate in Arts Group Facilitation. She has been working as an artist-in-a-community-setting since 2000, facilitating workshops in locations as diverse as Fort Mitchell Prison, Spike Island, Youthreach, Knocknaheeny and Cork Educate Together National School, Grattan Street, Cork. She has been an ETB Art Tutor with Foróige Youth Services for sixteen years, where she runs five weekly art groups throughout Cork City. She is a member of Cork Printmakers and maintains her own art practice, while teaching.

In my practice I produce ‘other-worldly’ vistas using a combination of photography, projection, digital media and traditional print-making techniques. I create tiny landscapes using inks and plastics which I photograph on a light box and then magnify. I am interested in the transparency of materials in natural and manmade environments. I like to superimpose elements of the natural landscape onto my constructed realities and meld the two together in my work. I try to imagine landscapes in which we feel above us not sky, but outer space.

Peninsula Photopolymer Etching, 1/5 €245 framed / €175 unframed

Opening Remarks Cork Printmakers 25th anniversary programme consolidates the studio’s importance within the cultural fabric of Cork City and County, the Southern region of Ireland and beyond. In 1991, CIT Crawford College of Art and Design graduates, Patricia Mortell and Sinéad Ni Chionaola founded Cork Printmakers specifically to address the lack of professional print studio facilities for artists in the south of Ireland. Since then the studio has evolved, from its first home in McCurtain Street to its current residence in Wandesford Quay, into a leading national, and international, print institution. The studio is a professional, dynamic work space, one that is occupied by some of the most innovative and relevant artists working in Ireland today and is a standard-bearer in terms of best practice in printmaking. It enables its members to express themselves in a range of print media, from the ‘traditional’ to the most innovative of digital means. Echoing successful print workshop practice across the world, Cork Printmakers’ members, and its visiting artists, have benefited greatly – technically, creatively and professionally – from the opportunities offered by its supportive, communal environment. The works created by members of, and visiting artists to, the Cork Printmakers studio are among the most accomplished and innovative prints being produced in Ireland today. And as technologies continue to develop and as artists’ approach to printmaking become increasingly diverse, Cork printmakers are to the fore in terms of how the printed image is conceived, produced, presented and engaged with. An important aspect of Cork Printmakers’ artistic programme is its collaboration with local, and wider, communities of art practice in Ireland. In visual cultural history there exists a long tradition of printmakers and printers working with artists from non-print backgrounds. In recent years, partnerships with the Cork County Arts Office Professional Development and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, and, the Wicklow County Arts Office, demonstrates successfully how Cork Printmakers continues to lead and sustain vibrant communities of creative practice across Ireland. Throughout the studio’s history it has recognised the importance of encouraging public participation in the visual arts and as part of its outreach and educational programme it has worked with art students, the primary and post-primary school sector and with community groups, creating a meaningful contribution to cultural life in the region.

Cork Printmakers not only locates itself centrally within a national agenda but it is firmly placed within international printmaking networks. For the most part, contemporary artists see themselves within wider, global art practice and the work of Cork Printmakers is among the most dynamic and least insular in the country. Cork Printmakers members’ informed awareness of international practices and developments in contemporary printmaking is augmented by the studio’s successful international residency and exhibition programme. Recent international collaborative projects included those with the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Connecticut, USA and the studio’s presence over the years at IMPACT, the leading international forum for printmaking. Cork Printmakers is not an insular organisation, it is ambitious, it is expansive and it seeks to continually engage with numerous audiences. It has facilitated its members in creating and sustaining dialogues, both nationally and abroad, within the printmaking community and the wider public. And, most admirably, they have continued to do so during considerably challenging times for the arts community in this country. They have remained positive and forward thinking. They are grateful for - and more than deserving of - the state support they receive both locally and nationally, and no one can doubt that they make effective use of any resources that they receive. As Cork Printmakers begins a new phase in its history, is evident that its members will continue to experiment, to create and to develop new visual discourses in the medium of print, in all its forms. Let us celebrate with them.

- Dr. Angela Griffith, Print Historian, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Trinity College, Dublin

Cork City Council We are particularly delighted to have this exhibition in this civic space at this special time for Cork printmakers, as we feel by hosting the work here, it signifies in some way the significant impact Cork Printmakers has made on the cultural life of this city and the artists that live here. Established as a tangible and practical support for artists to develop their practice, over the last twenty five years, Cork printmakers has successfully imprinted on the city, the artists and public in many other ways, through their huge appetite to seek connections and to collaborate with others. They have established relationships with national and international print festivals and galleries and therefore created further opportunities for artists and their work to travel, while also bringing international artists here to Cork. Places they have reached include as far as China, U.S.A, Australia, Finland and the UK to name a few. They have developed educational programmes for both schools and community groups while simultaneously connecting with other cultural resources such as Blackrock Castle Observatory, FOTA Wildlife Park and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, again demonstrating their desire to connect with the public and continue to advocate for print as an art form. All of this work has simply meant that Cork Printmakers has had a very real impact on the professional and practice development of the artists who live and work in this city, so a very big thank you to them for that. We congratulate Cork printmakers on what they have achieved over the last twenty five years and wish them every success in the many years to come.

- Maeve Dineen, Arts office, Cork City Council

Cork Printmakers As we celebrate the twenty fifth anniversary of the founding of Cork Printmakers we look both to the past and into the future. We acknowledge and thank all the former staff and Board members who have worked for the organisation, in particular the two founding members Pat Mortell and Sinead Ni Choinaile. We know that without the energy and commitment from each and every person involved over the years we would not be in a position to celebrate this significant anniversary. As we reach twenty five we also have our eyes very firmly on the future, the 25 Exhibition is one event in a year long programme celebrating this year. This includes showing our members work in the following exhibitions – UNFOLD in partnership with Cork County Arts Office and Uillinn: West Cork Arts Centre, Hope, Glór, Ennis; I make yours / you make mine CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery and Ratamo Centre of Contemporary Printmaking Finland; 16 shown in Cork, Belfast, Dublin, Limerick and Liverpool and Present, Center of Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, Connecticut USA. We are also celebrating turning twenty five with a range of exciting new developments for the Studio including a new website; a rebrand of the organisation by The Project Twins; a new large format digital printer and a mobile POP-UP Shop & Press. The 25 exhibition is a wonderful reflection of the high calibre work currently being made in the Studio. The twenty five artists were selected by Miranda Driscoll, Director, Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork. I would like to thank Dr. Angela Griffith, Department of History of Art & Architecture, Trinity College, Dublin for her continued support and her wonderful uplifting and inspiring words at the opening of the exhibition. Thanks also to Jean Brennan and Maeve Dineen, Cork City Arts Office for their ongoing support and for the Atrium space to host the exhibition. Our thanks also go to our Board: Kath Gorman, Willie Carey, Tony McClure, Conall Cary, Leigh Gillen and Simon Cogan, The Cork Midsummer Festival, The Project Twins, We are Liberty Design, Peter McMorris, Summer in the Park, Mary Collins and Eli Lilly. Very special thanks to the Cork Printmakers staff – Frances O’Connor, Peter McMorris and Johnny Bugler and our intern Lucas Méjanès. Last but by no means least – thank you to all the artists who have engaged with the Studio over the past 25 years. We are looking forward to what the next 25 years may bring...

- Valerie Byrne, Director, Cork Printmakers

The Atrium, Cork City Hall, Cork 17th – 30th June 2016

Wandesford Quay, Clarke’s Bridge, Cork +353 021 432 2422 info@corkprintmakers.ie www.corkprintmakers.ie