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entertainment guide 7 October 2010

The ultimate guide to what's ainm rtme nt ent teain enert hot, what's not ent gu ide and where to go for entertainment in Cork www.corkindependent.c






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Bankruptcy cost jobs? Is our bankruptcy legislation costing

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7 October 2010

for future Cork companies come together development

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decisions without At this stage it is still him making the full magnitude of full information. even undermine the regulator. hiding essential to guarantee the the was going on, meanwhile Once it all goes wrong, the what were screwing ordinary banks but certainly not Anglo Nama? first instinct is to blame the they Irish. It should be wound down trying to claw back politicians, but do people want customers over the next two years. It is deficits. Nama has been Anglo has the potential to politicians running the financial the not of systemic importance severe on the banks and for the regulator? The independence of very to the country, it doesn’t even cause huge problems Look they have taken a far greater hit the regulator is absolute. lend money. No cost-benefit next ten or 15 years. debts imagined. I met Bill the We had to protect Anglo, to than people a year ago and he analysis has been carried out at the discounts on over Going protect the other banks. Anglo Clinton by the Government to show being bought by NAMA. thought Nama was of would not have gone down on personally what the cost of paying the forward, there is upwards great idea, it was something Anglo it’s own, AIB and BOI would a bondholders would be. We €40bn committed to come to what had been done to have been in deep trouble. You similar need to establish what creditors Irish and that is going in the in the United States. have to look after depositors, previously are owed and how much it out of the annual budgets a taxes, spending over higher of them the legal advice is that the pay shape to would cost Dr Tom O’Connor, the Budget needs senior bondholders are in the particular time-period because cuts, which in turn makes and Lecturer in same position as depositors, People have been expecting the €34bn it’s costing at the economy less competitive cant can’t treat one favourably €3bn of savings in the budget, moment is simply going to that represents a signifi Micheál Martin TD you Economics & Public over the other. What people are now we know it could be higher problem in terms of growth. deflate the economy. Minister for Policy, CIT Nama is doing what missing is the €18bn gap in the than that but no definitive public finances per year at the decision has been taken. The it should be doing. Brian Foreign Affairs No transparency moment, Anglo and Nationwide main problem for the budget is Lenihan is saying that it might on year we’re not paying Anglo, will add €1.5bn to this, the the deficit. Our recovery must accounts make €1bn but that is based the have don’t We rst fi [on the loans being so if you take away that and cash impact of this in the be export led, if we target what so we don’t know [if it’s discounts they have been a lot compare the figures, the deficit THE Governor of the Central two years will be relatively low, we are spending to support the cheaper to wind Anglo down bought];than expected. Nama rises by €4bn, almost €5bn. Bank made the point that if the we still have the €18bn to get export economy, that is the best or paying to keep it going]. higher break even but you’re €3bn went to increased social guarantee didn’t happen on day down. We would still be looking way forward. We also need to Brian Lenihan can make all could only transferring the welfare payments because one the result would have been at tough budgets, even if we review the capital programme the glib comments he wants, as really For every 1 per cent of more people were unemployed “catastrophic”. didn’t have the banking crisis and move from the large scale for there is no transparency as to costs. You would have been in an because we spent too much and projects, which are not as labour discount on the loans being and €2bn was accounted what creditors are owed. Brian a the recapitalisation by the decrease in tax receipts. Icelandic situation with untold our tax base is too low. intensive to building schools, Lenihan and the Chairman on transferred, goes up banks The the for consequences for employment intensive. bill are labour are which Anglo Irish, Alan Dukes, No headway and the wider economy. All €750m. Nama taxation system is a lot more the only people saying that. To be honest, I’m not a across Europe, the basic than people think, Anglo should not have The Germans said to that progressive of people don’t pay of Nama but I haven’t principle has been to prevent No headway is being been guaranteed. The blanket fan example to all 40 per cent is too anything else [that could made. The Government needs banks from failing, to honour we are the which seen all, It at tax wrong. income was dealt we approach in how the economy with I don’t see any evidence to reduce the sovereign debt (including member states The budgetary high. The fact we had didn’t give any conditional work]. of the other proposals to stimulate on any the senior bond holders). If you with the crisis. stimulus packages. People say took worked, wages wasn’t a commentary on guarantees. The government that be the solution. hit the bondholders on one side, measures we we will need money for these essentially forced itself into a could we put into the them, it was a commentary we were Budget blues these are the same people who all the money packages but there’s already position whereby it couldn’t lost. The Anglo the budgetary position you will go back to looking for banks isn’t all money there in the form of go back on a sovereign debt and Irish Nationwide money is, in. The knock-on effect of the National Pension Reserve loans. The way forward for this guarantee because the markets but we have already got €1bn this is that the government Fund. Even last year, we paid is three-fold; we would have responded badly to all Appalling back from the banks in terms of Government to get the going to make cutbacks in money into it and now there’s guarantee. The have to continue the Government breaking its is the on levy the public an in the In there. the behaved €3bn. of in order; excess The banks around €22bn promise. are that Nama will public finances too, we’re going to face This time next year it appalling manner, the people estimates a profit of at least a banking system needs to be The issues with Anglo have service problems. People are won’t be much different. We who ran these banks were well still make clearer and those working in only really begun unravelling enormous that there is very little will be paying more money respected people. If you look billion. institutions need to be in the last two years. Before saying to trim there. The Government had to these left next year to Anglo and interest back on who were chairman of working in enterprise the bank guarantee, Brian fat [to protect the banks], attuned to I’ve been studying this rates on government bonds the boards who had a former step in pretend that all these not property; we need to look Lenihan was told that the banks the past two years and will probably have risen and, attorney general, for example. you could going to perform at enterprise, foreign direct were solvent and he acted in a for were Government’s budgetary ultimately, the taxpayer will be growing IrishThe problem is that it is assets hurry and under pressure and the would have been investment and to export and is not actually more stress. accepted that the regulatory but that the failure of the financial strategy the deficit. Last year under people. The one thing owned companies system has to be independent of coding regulation system compounded reducing €4.5bn to Anglo, this with Nama was we put create jobs. paid politics, because the view was we did the bad decision and this lead to we up front. The were that politics would corrupt and everything

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A RIGHT STATE? Looking at the way things are in Ireland following the Anglo bailout


BARING DOWN: Alima Frode De La Foret, Tuan Downes and Ruairi O'Sullivan pictured helping with preparations for the The Dragon of Shandon parade, an annual street celebration of Samhain 2010 by Cork Community Art Link which was launched this week at Shandon, Cork City. Photo: Clare Keogh/Provision



THE REAL IRA has claimed responsibility this week for the murder of two known drug dealers which had long been regarded as gangland executions. In a statement, the paramilitary organisation

said it had executed Kieran O’Flynn in 2001 and Gerard Staunton in January of this year. Both were known drug dealers and the deaths are still under investigation. Speaking to the Cork Independent regarding O’Flynn’s murder, Mayfield Superintendent Tom

Myers said that the Gardaí were aware of the Real IRA announcement this week. “The case is open and ongoing and we are aware of the announcement this week. The matter is under investigation.”

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7 October 2010

ANOTHER CASE OF TB SUSPECTED AT CRAB LANE Fears of new vaccine-resistant strain

Acting Editor: Peter Tobin Email:

VOICING OPINONS In recent weeks I have noticed an escalation in the anger that is being expressed by people, specifically in relation to Anglo Irish bank, a series of words that is now synonymous with all the worst excesses of the Celtic Tiger era. It seems that last week’s announcement of the estimated final bill for “recapitalising” Anglo has pushed people almost as far as they are willing to go. On Monday evening in Blackpool, there was a public meeting on issues surrounding social protection. The meeting was addressed by the Minister for Social Protection, Éamon Ó Cuív TD. It was rather understandable that whatever happened, the Minister was in for a rough ride that evening. To kick off the evening’s entertainment, the Minister was more than half an hour late. He duly apologised and took to the stage with Cork TDs, Noel O’Flynn and Billy Kelleher for company. Neither Minister Kelleher nor Deputy O’Flynn addressed the crowds gathered before them and instead, those present were told that Minister Ó Cuív would make a speech and then answer questions. The whole affair gave the lasting impression that Ó Cuív was the sacrificial lamb and the others present were to bear grim witness to proceedings. There began 40 minutes of interruptions, abuse, arguments, posturing and applause before the Minister gave up trying to make his speech and simply answered questions. The reproach, from those on the stage, to the crowd went along the lines of “did you not come here to hear the Minister speak?” This appears to sum up

the disconnect between some politicians and the people they claim to represent. It is perfectly understandable to think that people attending a public meeting where they will have an opportunity to voice their displeasure directly to the power brokers will not be too concerned about listening. This was a real chance for people to make their voices heard and many of them seized that chance. A pensioner who had spent his life caring for his two parents, who both suffered from brain diseases, broke down and wept in front of the entire room as he made an impassioned plea to the Minister not to cut benefits for carers in the upcoming budget. Others spoke of their families being spread all over the world with sons and daughters thousands of miles away because they were unable to find work in Ireland. If this did not impact upon those upon the stage then there is little hope for any of them. Minister Ó Cuív for his part, did well in what was a very difficult and often hostile environment. He was roundly heckled when he attempted to feed the crowd the usual platitudes about bank guarantees and bailouts but he began making sense when he got down to the key details on social protection and social welfare. At the height of the ruckus, he announced from the stage that regardless of people’s interruptions, he was prepared to stay “here until two in the morning answering questions”. One man who had heard enough and was walking out turned summed up the attitude of those present saying: “yeah, and you’ll be well paid for it too”.

Telephone: 021 4288 566 Facsimile: 021 4288 567 Email: Northpoint House, Northpoint Business Park New Mallow Road, Cork ABC Letter Box Delivery

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Eoin Weldon

IT IS BELEIVED that at least one more case of TB has been discovered at Crab Lane National School. All 220 pupils and their teachers were initially screened in August at St Finbarr’s Hospital for the disease, with 37 confirmed to have TB in its active or latent form. They have all been re-screened as health officials struggle to find a source for the disease, which has been concentrated in one class. One parent told the Cork Independent that there

is a huge amount of concern among parents. “We have been receiving very little information but I have been told that there is at least one more case of active TB and one more case of the latent form. It is very worrying and a big concern for us all.” The parent also said that taking her children out of school was a possibility if the spread of the disease continues. “I would have to consider it but other people have told me that maybe other schools should be tested because it’s an airborne disease. Our children mix with kids from other schools

Plan for tolls ‘fundamenatly flawed’ - Coveney

FINE Gael Transport spokesman Simon Coveney TD has blasted the proposed toll plan that the National Roads Authority has outlined for motorways around the country. The NRA, in its pre budget report to the Government, outlined it’s plans to implement a new toll scheme which would affect the Jack Lynch Tunnel and the South Ring here in Cork. Mr Coveney said this week: “It’s wrong to penalise drivers for using roads which are better, faster and above all safer. But unleashing a swathe of tolls across the country will only push drivers back into towns and housing estates.” If the NRA’s plans get approval, motorists could be faced with annual bills of up to €1,872 for using motorways, something which TD Coveney says will drive people off the motorways to avoid paying the tolls. “Why has the State invested millions in a nationwide motorway network, only for the Government to persuade motorists that the older single carriageways are more cost effective? Hauliers are very reluctant to use tolled roads and are

increasingly avoiding motorways. This has serious safety implications and is also a major nuisance for the towns and villages which thought they had been bypassed,” said Mr Coveney. County Mayor Jim Daly also echoed Mr Coveney’s sentiments, saying: “I believe the NRA’s proposals to further add multiple tolls on city roads would be punitive and a stealth tax too far.” Should the tolls for the Jack Lynch Tunnel and South Ring road come to pass, motorists would be charged €1.80 at both points, morning and evening, adding up to €7.20 per day, meaning a weekly bill of €36 for commuters on these roads.

and they are just as much at risk. They did expect new cases of TB because everyone was re-screened but it was still a shock. “We are just all wondering, where will it end? Is there an end in site at all? We have been told we will be the first to know but the uncertainly is very unsettling,” she said. A spokesperson for the HSE couldn’t confirm whether more cases of the disease have been confirmed but stated that parents will be the first to know of any further updates. Local Fine Gael Cllr

thorough screening method. The question is where do we draw the line with screening? There are ten other schools in the area and there is an argument to test them also.” TB is an infection caused by a germ, which usually affects the lungs, but any part of the body may be affected. It is usually spread when an infected patient coughs and someone else breathes in the coughed up germs. One-third of the world’s population have TB bacteria in their system but in the vast majority of cases it never becomes active.

RECRUITMENT JOBS BOOST CORK is set to get it’s share of 75 new jobs over the coming 18 months after a major recruitment company announced it is to extend its operations here. Irish-owned professional recruitment consultancy, Premier Group, today announced that it is rebranding three of its leading recruitment businesses; Premier, Verkom and Brunel to Morgan McKinley. The event was attended by Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe TD. The three business divisions, with offices in Cork, will now be called Morgan McKinley. Premier Group will create 75 jobs in its Irish operations over the next 18 months and as part of its plans for domestic and international growth will invest €1 million to launch and develop the Morgan McKinley brand in Ireland. The 75 new jobs will be based at Premier Group’s Irish offices in Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford. Recruitment for the new positions has recently started and all positions are expected to be filled in the next 18 months. The jobs will consist of recruitment consultant positions, as well as


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Des Cahill who has nieces and nephews at the school said he was also aware of a new case of the disease. “I am under the impression that one of the children who had a latent form of TB now has the active form, which is worrying. The child also seems to have contracted TB despite receiving the vaccine, which is also worrying. It seems the strain is particularly vigilant but at least it’s not life threatening. “I think the HSE needs to take the advice of Dr Anne Moore of UCC who said there should be a more

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roles in Premier Group’s global support services team which covers innovation development, finance, marketing, IT and HR. Minister O’Keeffe said: “Recent growth in the internationally traded services sector was a key indicator of economic recovery. It is encouraging to see an Irish company developing through global acquisitions, bringing

the best elements of these operations back home and creating jobs for our people. Premier Group’s significant international expansion over recent years shows that our indigenous sector is strong and investor confidence is returning to the economy as we prepare for recovery.”

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7 October 2010




7 October 2010

Government has no interest in Haulbowline site Eoin Weldon

FINE Gael TD, David Stanton, has accused the Government of delaying action on the former Ispat site in Haulbowline until after the next election because it will then be someone else’s problem. It comes as it was claimed this week the Government may face six figure daily fines for not adequately cleaning up the site in Cork harbour. Irish Ispat shut the country’s only steel plant in 2001 with the loss of 400 jobs. It had bought the plant from the Government in 1996 for one punt. So far, €40 million has been spent on cleaning up the site but no progress has been made in two years. An Office of Public Works taskforce has been set up to look at future uses of the site and a report is expected by the end of the year. “I have been calling for

action on this for years,” Deputy Stanton told the Cork Independent. “We have had all kinds of reports on this over the last number of years and in the meantime it is just sitting there. I was told by a Government Minister in 2008 that a lot of progress had been made; early this year we found out that another working group was established to produce a report by the end of the year. It has gone from one department to another but absolutely nothing has been done. They seem to have spent the €40m on the clean-up and just stopped,” he said. In response to a European Commission request for information, the Government confirmed that, during a site cleanup organised by officials from the Department of the Environment, a hazardous sludge pit was discovered at the site. The site in Haulbowline has no waste licence

and the Government are subject to fines from the EU because of a failure to clean up toxic waste there. The toxic substance chromium 6 was found during the clean-up operation in 2008. “We could have this sitting there for another twelve months. Beyond the fact that it is a toxic dump, the site is a terrible eyesore. We have on average one liner coming into the harbour every week and all tourists to Cork see coming in is this horrible sight,” he said. “The Government have put this on the long-finger and they are dragging it out until the next election so someone else can deal with it then. People want this finalized, they will not give up on this,” concluded Deputy Stanton. A Baseline Health Study for the Cork Harbour Area was refused by Minister for Health Mary Harney this year after concerns about high cancer rates in Cobh linked to the site.

Former Ispat site on Haulbowline Island in Cork Harbour.


THE HSE South has recruited 45 additional positions in its Child Protection Services to help cope with the stretched foster care services, it was announced this week. A total of 54 posts have been prioritised for the area, according to Deirdre Clune TD this week, who said that Minister for Chil-

dren, Barry Andrews confirmed to her that 45 posts have been filled. She said the remaining positions were confirmed for the end of the year. The news follows a damning report by the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) which revealed that the HSE was in breach of child protection legislation for foster care in Cork County and City.

She called for the HSE to fulfil the recommendations made in the report and asked the Minister to ensure the remaining posts were filled immediately. “I welcome this news about the new staff however I emphasis that it seems to be children, continuously, who are the victims in these service deficiencies.” Minister Andrews told the Cork TD that “social

workers are exempt from it but in addition HSE south will receive pro rata its relevant number of staff.” She added that there was now a need to address the non-assessment of carers which she called an “unacceptable situation”. “The report explained that although there were 452 carers approved as carers, of these 48 had not been assessed by a link.”

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7 October 2010




7 October 2010

GOVERNMENT PULLS REP FROM DRUGS GROUP Decision impacting on local task forces Christine Allen

THE DEPARTMENT of Education and Skills has withdrawn its representative on the Southern Regional Drugs Task Force, the Department confirmed this week. The news comes as an education and information campaign, Drug Awareness Week, was kicked off in Cork this week. The vacancy exists on the regional board after the Department reallocated staff. A spokesperson for the Department of Education and Skills (DES) told the Cork Independent that: “The Department, having identified significant capacity shortfalls in several key areas, has ceased its Regional Office service and re-allocated staff of the Regional Offices to other priority work in the Department from May 2010.” The spokesperson said that while the Department’s decision had impacted on representation at local and regional drugs task forces,

including the Southern Regional Drugs Task Force, it would not impact at national level, where DES continues to be represented on the National Advisory Committee on Drugs (NACD) and the Oversight Forum on Drugs (OFD). He said it was also represented on the Drugs Advisory Group (DAG) attached to the Office of the Minister for Drugs (OMD) and the Steering Group established in December 2009 to develop proposals for an overall National Substance Misuse Strategy, to include alcohol and drugs. “Two senior members of the Department’s staff work predominantly on issues relating to the implementation of the National Drugs Strategy from an educational perspective,” he added.

Campaign The Southern Regional Drugs Task Force (SRDTF) is this week running its Drug Awareness Week with the Cork Local Drugs Task Force (CLDTF) in Cork until Sunday 17 October. The campaign features a number of educational

talks, seminars and information events throughout the county. The Dial To Stop Drug Dealing hotline number was also officially launched in Youghal on Monday, while at City Hall on Monday 11 October, the Cork Local Drugs Task Force will launch its new website www. According to Fianna Fáil TD and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin, the hotline gives Cork people an opportunity to help the Gardaí weed out drug dealers. “Cork people have civic pride in their local areas and do not want drug dealers on their streets, local parks and in other areas, this line gives them an opportunity to report such activity in a way that will allow them to protect their areas without fear of intimidation”, he said. “The service has provided 2,000 leads for Gardaí to follow up to tackle dealers. The line has been in operation in Cork since 2008 and is a very successful tool for local Gardaí in responding to those who want to peddle

drugs in our communities.”

Addiction awareness Also on Monday 11 October, the Blackpool Community Centre will host an information evening about heroin, while an information coffee morning will take place at the Knocknaheeny Youth Project on Wednesday 13 October. The launch of group animation project focusing on addiction in the family will take place at St Finbarr’s Training Centre in Blackpool on Thursday 14 October as the campaign comes to a close on Sunday 17 with an afternoon of celebration, music and relaxation at the Togher Boys and Girls School. David Lane, coordinator of Drug and Alcohol Services at HSE South said: “What we hope to achieve most with the events is an increased awareness of the services that exist to support individuals and families struggling with the harmful effects of problem drug and alcohol use. There is hope and many of the services we provide are the first sign of

The Department of Education and Skills has pulled its representative from the SRDTF.

this for people. I would encourage anyone with questions on the issue to attend one or more of the events.” The Southern Regional

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Drugs Task Force is due to launch its annual report at a conference in Kerry on Thursday 7 October. The help the Gardaí

investigate drug dealing in Cork, phone the confidential line on 1890-220220 and check out www.dialtostop. ie.

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Dealing in death Through a statement to the Irish News, the dissident republican group said it had targeted drug dealers and criminals. It also claimed it had maimed, crippled and exiled others. O’Flynn (38) and Staunton (42) were two of five deaths in Cork since 1995 that are believed to have been gangland killings. However, the Real IRA said it decided to issue the statement and claim responsibility this week in response to “sensational” media reports that it was involved in extortion. The statement, which named three other victims in Dublin and Down, said that drug dealers had dealt death to communities. It said it was now dealing death to drug dealers. Thirty-five-year-old Michael Crinnion from

Cork was the first gangland killing in Ireland when he was gunned down outside the Clannad bar in Barrack Street in April 8 1995. Kieran O’Flynn, Crinnion’s brother-in-law, was the second victim when he was shot at the front door of his Dublin Hill home in June 2001. Eric Cummins (29) from Greenmount was murdered on August 13 2005 in Ballincollig and David Brett was shot dead close to Ballydesmond in May 2007. The murder of convicted drug dealer, Gerard Staunton, took place at his Wilton home on 20 January. That week, a group claiming to represent the Real IRA said it was responsible for his death. Both O’Flynn and Staunton’s murders are still under investigation.


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7 October 2010





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WAITING FOR PAYMENT 2,098 redundancy applications outstanding in Cork

Christine Allen

A CORK father-offour who lost his job as a carpenter in April and is one of 788 people in Cork waiting for statutory redundancy payment has urged the Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation to clear the backlog. Pat Healy from Macroom was employed as a carpenter for eight years with a construction company in Cork City. According to the Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation, there are 788 lump sum claims by individuals such as Pat outstanding in Cork with a further 1,310 rebate claims by companies. Last Christmas, Mr Healy received a letter from the company informing him that his job was in danger due to the state of the construction industry. “That put the kybosh on Christmas. It wasn’t a great letter to get at that time.” He had no wages in March and said that when he became unemployed,

7 October 2010

he received limited social welfare payment as his wife was in employment. By March, this had lead to a temporary lay off and on 16 April, Pat was informed that he no longer had a job with the company. His former employer claimed he was not in a position to pay redundancy so Mr Healy applied to the Department for direct payment from the Social Insurance Fund. “I filled out an RP50 form in May/June, which my employer filled in and sent off.” Mr Healy said that on contacting the Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation on 5 August to check the status of his application, he was told they had only begun his application process the day before. “They were still processing last November’s applications – there is a seven or eight month wait. It will be at least Christmas before I get any payment. “If it was not for my wife having a full time job, I don’t know what we’d do. This is not fair.”

Backlog This week, Fine Gael TD Michael Creed lashed out at Minister for Enterprise Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe, claiming the Minister lacked the political will to tackle this issue. “Last month I raised this issue and was met with a personal attack by Minister Batt O’Keeffe. In April 2009, some 17 months ago, the Department published a public notice in the national newspapers informing those awaiting redundancy payments, that there was a significant backlog and that efforts were being made to address the situation. “It is typical of this Government’s performance that now in September 2010, the wait for payment has in fact increased.” He suggested using redeploying staff within the civil and public service to help cope with the backlog. “It is unacceptable for those who are in most financial need to have to wait this long. Likewise the value of a swift payment of lump sum payments can be hugely ben-

eficial to the economy as a whole. There are examples throughout the country of entrepreneurs using redundancy payments in order to exploit their skills and expertise to start up new businesses and create employment,” he said. However, a spokesperson for Minister for Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation, Batt O’Keeffe, said the number of statutory redundancy claims had tripled in the past two-and-a-half years as a result of the economic downturn. “The Minister has deployed extra resources to help clear the backlog including some staff from his own constituency office. According to the spokesperson, the number of staff dealing with redundancies has more than doubled in the past 18 months. Between July 2009 and July 2010 redundancy claims dropped by one fifth. The claims backlog dropped by more 2,000 in September from 32,000 at the end of August. A spokesperson for the Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation told the Cork Independent it was now processing claims received in March 2010.

Two-thirds of homeless have mental health issues

Breakaway Theatre Group members James, Frank, Conor, Alan and Gillian performing a scene from the play ‘Passing Through’ during Cork Simon Week. Photo: Mags Dillon

Eoin Weldon

OVER two-thirds of homeless people in Cork suffer from mental health problems. That is according to Cork Simon’s latest report entitled ‘Homelessness Makes You Sick’, which was published this week. Cork Simon this week celebrates ‘Simon Week’, which encompasses seven says of action on homelessness with seminars, showcases and exhibitions. It comes in the same week as the findings of a Health Snapshot Survey on people using their homeless services. ‘Homelessness Makes You Sick’ found that

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people who are homeless in Cork have high rates of mental health conditions, physical health conditions, problem alcohol and drug use, self-harm and attempted suicide. In many cases, people suffered from a combination of two or more of these conditions. Campaigns and Communications Manager with Cork Simon, Paul Sheehan told the Cork Independent that those who are homeless face many varying issues. “You have two dimensions; homelessness can make you sick and being sick can make you homeless. There are a whole lot of issues that homeless people face. There is a huge link between homelessness and conditions like depression, schizophrenia and bipolar. The big difficulty they face is access to services,” he said. The survey was conducted with 188 people using Cork Simon services during the last week in July. It found that 66 per cent suffered from mental ill-health, 59 per cent suffered from physical ill-health, and 20 per cent had a combination of both. Despite one of the worst budgets in history last De-

cember, the country is bracing itself for possibly a worse one this year but the budget money allocated for the homeless needs to be maintained. “We need a Government that is committed and the homeless budget must he held, there is a lot of fear out there that the must vulnerable will lose out in the budget,” he said. The report also found the highest rates of undiagnosed mental health conditions, admittance to A&E and of challenging behaviour were among people who are longterm homeless; defined by government as people staying in emergency accommodation for six months or longer. Cork Simon Director Colette Kelleher said: “During the week of the survey, one third of people staying in our Emergency Shelter were long-term homeless. It’s most likely this group of people will need round-theclock care in high-support housing. The funding announced by Government earlier this year for three extra high-support beds will make a big difference here. We’re making progress in tackling long-term homelessness in Cork. We need to keep up that momentum.”

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7 October 2010



7 October 2010

We did it for Sheila.. ...She did it for Arc

Christine Allen

THE HUSBAND of a Cork woman who lost her battle with cancer last month has thanked his friends and family who ran the mini-marathon in her name and raised over €3,000 for the Cork Arc Cancer Support House. Mother-of-three, Sheila McEvoy from Little Island, passed away on Friday 10 September, after being diagnosed with cervical cancer seven years ago. Her husband, Martin, told the Cork Independent this week that when Sheila was first diagnosed in 2003, at 45 years of age, they were amazed that this could happen to them. “We thought we were just going for an ordinary check up. But afterwards, we sat and talked about how we would stick together through it all. She started treatment and underwent severe chemotherapy and radium therapy. “Her treatment was murder. For ten weeks running, she would have chemo at the Victoria from 8am to 5pm one day a week. She would then have radium, five days a week at CUH.

It was so tough on her. She was so tired.” However, while in remission for four years, Sheila decided to convey her gratitude to Arc by completing the mini-marathon in Cork each year for three years from 2006. Her health deteriorated in 2008 after the couple returned from a holiday to Australia. “She became weaker and never recovered. Last year, she was too ill to run the marathon for Arc.”


her cope with the illness. Martin and his family presented the cheque to Arc this week at a special service in Little Island following her month’s mind mass on Saturday. “Sheila was a brilliant person and was loved by everyone. But in her own words, Sheila said that completing the marathon could never repay the kindness that she had experienced at Arc. “When a couple is going through something like this, they must sit down and discuss it and stick together. They should also get the help of somewhere like Arc. I don’t know what Sheila or I would have done without them,” he said.

Sadly, Sheila passed away last month. Her family and friends gathered at the starting line of the mini-marathon on Sunday 26 September to remember Sheila and continue the tradition in her name, raising €3,070 for Arc. “She had made great friends at Arc. She used to call down The late Sheila McEvoy, there for a chat and some sup- Little Island, who passed port. They were incredible – to away in September. us both.” He added that the hospitals where Sheila had received treatment had supported not just her medical needs, but had helped


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Glaxo workers won’t go until next year Eoin Weldon

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STAFF at GlaxoSmithKline knew since May that redundancies were imminent but most will not take place until the middle of next year. The pharmaceutical giant based at Currabinny near Ringaskiddy is to cut its workforce here by 121, blaming a fall-off in demand for the drugs it manufactures. Of the 121 job losses, 55 operators will go with the remaining 66 to be taken from office staff and young chemists. All the redundancies will be voluntary and those losing jobs are to be offered attractive severance packages. “Nothing is to happen straight away,” said one worker who was involved


in the negotiations. “Those losing their jobs will get six weeks for every year worked, which was in their original contract. It is very sad for fellas to lose their jobs but I think the company had no choice. They brought in a Business Review Group in May to assess where the cuts were to come from.” GlaxoSmithKline currently employs 460 people in manufacturing and research and development, the announcement follows similar recent announcements by Pfizer in Ringaskiddy and Schering Plough in Brinny. There will also be changes on shift patterns to accommodate the losses and secure the remaining jobs. “There will be a lot of change, some of it will involve using third parties to

secure work. We lost a lot of potential drugs over the last few years due to legislation and legal restrictions with the Federal Drugs Administration (FDA) in the USA and the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) here. A lot of clinical trials went bust too, some potential diabetes and heart treatment projects never made it and it cost us.” SIPTU sector organiser Alan O’Leary described the job losses as devastating. “The Lower Harbour area in Cork has been rocked by significant job cuts over the past two years with over 1,000 workers in the pharmaceutical and chemical sector losing their jobs. “This has had a dramatic effect on the wider local community with many of these workers living in this area. The Government must

now introduce an urgent, tangible and real job stimulus initiative in the sector as a matter of priority.” Fine Gael Senator Jerry Buttimer said the losses will be “devastating for the local community, as well as the wider economy”. Labour TD Ciaran Lynch said each lost job costs the exchequer about €20,000 per year. “A prolonged period of unemployment for these workers is in nobody’s interest. Unfortunately, if the Government’s track record is anything to go by, we can’t expect any action with regard to job creation for these workers, any time soon”. Fine Gael TD Deirdre Clune criticised the Government for the lack of any job creation policy. “Just before the Dáil resumed, the CSO announced that

450,000 people were on the Live Register in September. The Government’s response was to hope that 300,000 new jobs may be found to solve the problem, but neither Fianna Fáil nor the Greens have done anything to make this a reality. This Government’s only priority is to keep itself in power and avoid an election, which may result in mass unemployment among Green and Fianna Fáil TDs.” Minister for Foreign Affairs, Micheál Martin said the job losses were very regrettable: “The Government will work with the job creation and training agencies of the State to secure alternative employment for the workers involved and to provide training and education opportunities to improve their job prospects.”


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7 October 2010


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Kathleen Lynch, TD. Photo: Gerard Bonus

Christine Allen

AROUND ten per cent of women who attended last Saturdayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Labour Party â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Women in Politicsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; seminar at the Gresham Metropole Hotel in the city want to become

7 October 2010

public representatives. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s according to Corkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Labour Party TD, Kathleen Lynch, who will run for a seat in the upcoming general election alongside Cllr John Gilroy. She told the Cork In-

dependent this week that around 80 women turned up for the weekend event. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We might be bombarded with cynicism about politics, but the attendance at the weekend has shown that women are still interested in getting involved now. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Women are not powerless. But nobody appears to have power now, though, so there is a level playing field for everyone,â&#x20AC;? she said. According to Deputy Lynch, there was a cross section of ladies interested in taking the Labour line. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Young single women and married women with young children as well as women with children in third level. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There needs to be a woman for every man on the ticket. This critical mass in relation to structure will change things if more women are involved.â&#x20AC;? Deputy Lynch said that recent opinion polls had tracked a trend in La-

bourâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s popularity, which she said could have encouraged the large turnout at the skills seminar. She added the party membership had grown with women now forming 37 per cent of the membership. Meanwhile, TD Joan Burton will tonight (Thursday) chair the Labour Party selection convention at the Rochestown Park Hotel for Cork South Central candidates Cllr Paula Desmond and TD Ciaran Lynch.

Cork company to run presidential bid Peter Tobin

DAVID McCarthy of McCarthy Consulting, a Cork based strategic communications form, has been appointed Regional Director of the David Norris for President Campaign. McCarthy will be tasked with building an organisation on the ground throughout the country. David Mc Carthy is no stranger to this type of roll having previously worked as campaign manager for Kathy Sinnott in her 2002 general election bid and more recently with SĂŠan Kellyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s successful election to the European Parliament. He also spent

time working with Fine Gael in their efforts to rebuild their Dublin organisation as well as Regional Organiser in Munster for their 2007 general election. Speaking on his appointment he said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;This is very exciting for me and for my business, Senator Norris is a man I have admired for many years for the stances he has taken on important issues in the areas of Human Rights and others. This campaign is important for many reasons none more so than the health of our democracy, and we have some work to do to ensure the Senator is allowed the honour of running to re-

place President Mc Alisse. Senator Norris has put a strong team together and we are very serious about the task in hand, that said I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t wait to hit the road and start building the organisation.â&#x20AC;?

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CORKMAN Jonathan Healy will present live from Opera Lane at lunchtimes as part of Newstalk’s new schedule of programming. The Blackrock man who had been with the station for the last four years will present a dedicated news segment between 1 and 1.30pm from Monday to Friday, due to begin in the coming weeks. The reconfiguration of the lunchtime show means former Sunday Business Post editor, Damien Kiberd will present from 12 to 1pm to be followed by Mr Healy. According to Mr Healy, his new show will be fast-paced, equipping people with what they need to know at lunchtime. “We will have a mixture of news, audio clips and interviews with the news makers of the day. What we want to do is be informative, analytical and entertaining. We will also have a series of guests in studio to discuss the issues people are talking about and will be relevant to everybody.” The former pupil of Coláiste Chríost Rí started his radio

career while studying Law at UCC with Cork Campus Radio before moving to 96FM where he spent three years on the news team, he then joined FM104 in Dublin where he worked as news editor before joining Sky News Ireland for the duration of their stint here. “I’m very excited about the new show, it’s a great opportunity for me and the people of Cork. It’s my opinion that the views of the people of Cork are just as valid as people in Dublin and we want to harness that. We have had a considerable rise in our listenership figures in Cork since we opened the studio in Opera Lane and we are very grateful to the people of Cork for tuning in,” said Mr Healy. Married to Colette, Mr Healy the couple are expecting their first child next March in what is a busy time for the station’s southern correspondent. The vacancy arose after former lunchtime presenter, Eamon Keane, quit his post in May Along with the new reconfiguration of the lunchtime show, George Hook who presents the afternoon show, ‘The Right Hook’ from 4.30pm to

7pm, will now present a Saturday show discussing the news of the week, he presents live from the Opera Lane studios every Friday. Also set to join the Newstalk team is TV star Síle Seioge. Newstalk reaches Newstalk’s Jonathan Healy

259,000 people throughout Ireland every day and has been steadily increasing its listenership figures since it launched nationwide in 2006. It is the only commercial radio station in Ireland to operate on an exclusively talk format.

7 October 2010



7 October 2010

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7 October 2010

Medical centre ready for next week’s opening Eoin Weldon



STUDENTS ! Increase your Savings at the Credit Union Pay for those books! Enter the NSCU Essay competition. The North side Credit Union Group have announced a unique Essay competition which is open to all students who are existing members of the four Credit Unions or who will have joined one of the NSCU Credit Unions before the closing date of November 5 th 2010. The object of the competition is to show case the ideas and creativity of young people in the North Side of Cork City.



THE COMPETITION: There are three categories of entrant, Primary, Secondary and Third Level Student. Entrants are required to write an article or essay not exceeding three pages in length on one of the following topics: ‘The future role of credit unions in the social and economic development of the communities of Cork City’s north side.’ OR: ‘How you see the future of your community in ten years time and how you would like to influence its development in a positive way.’ The winners in each category will be announced on November 11th 2010. First prize will be €600 for each category. Second Prize in each category will be €200. Prizes will be lodged in the Credit Union accounts of the winners. The decision of the judges is final. A selection of essays may be published in edited form by the Credit Union. Please submit your essay on or before November 5 th 2010 by email to or submit in a sealed envelope at any of the four North Side Credit Union Group Credit Unions. Please state you name, address, contact telephone number and your school name.

FINAL preparations are underway for next week’s official opening of Cork’s first private hospital in 30 years. The new Cork Medical Centre at City Gate in Mahon will open its doors next Friday 15 October with 75 single in-patient bedrooms to be provided at the hospital. Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr Michael O’Connell said it was a fitting facility for the people of Cork after his visit to the new €90 million hospital this week. The first citizen and Lady Mayoress, Catherine, were given a tour of the 135,000 square foot facility by developer John Cleary of John Cleary Developments and James and Philip Shee-

han of Sheehan Medical, who will operate the facility. “The people of Cork are in for a treat,” said the Lord Mayor. “I am thrilled that Sheehan Medical have chosen Cork as its base and having viewed the facilities on offer this facility will be a huge asset to Cork city and county. It is state of the art, they have equipment here that is not available anywhere else in the country and some of the countries best known surgeons and consultants will be working from here.” The Lord Mayor also paid tribute to developer John Cleary of John Cleary Developments for being able to attract the operators of the hospital, Sheehan Medical, to set-up their latest facility in Cork, ahead of other counties that were vying for the project. “This City Gate

area of the city is thriving and developer John Cleary deserves great credit for this. There will be more than 350 jobs here within 12 months and another 150 or so in spin-off jobs. At this tough time in our economy this is great news for Mahon and Cork as a whole. “These are high-end sustainable jobs. The Cork Medical Centre is a fantastic facility and I have no doubt that it will be a huge success and become part and parcel of Cork life in a short time.” The main focus of the hospital will be surgery and there will be four operating theatres and a same day surgery centre with 20 outpatient beds. The hospital will have a strong focus on orthopaedic, radiology and cardiology. It will also house an intensive care unit and a neuroscience facility.

Announcing that Aviva is the first insurer to cover Cork Medical Centre are Paul Kavanagh, Managing Director of McCarthy Insurance Group, Anne Doran Aviva Health Insurance, Philip Sheehan, Chief Operating Officer Cork Medical Centre, Alan Kavanagh, Executive Manager Aviva Health Insurance Ireland and Rosaleen Mackeown, Group Communications Manager, McCarthy Insurance Group. Photo: Billy macGill

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7 October 2010


Cork house prices down 30% since peak

Remembrance service at UCC

Apartments remain out of favour with potential buyers

Peter Tobin

THE AVERAGE asking price for property in Cork now stands at between €249,000 and €265,000, depending on which survey you read. The latest reports from and are out and, regardless or the individual figures, both show a further decrease in the third quarter of this year from June to September and an overall decrease in property prices in the county on last year’s figures. According to the Daft. ie report, the average asking price in Cork City in the third quarter of 2010 was €249,000 a fall of €131,000 from peak levels in 2007. In the rest of the county, asking prices are €226,000 on average, down €123,000 from the peak.

Ronan Lyons, economist with said: “The key driver of house prices at the moment is the mismatch of supply and demand. Many would-be first-time buyers still lack either the confidence or the finance to enter the sales market. As a result, the total supply on the market still remains very high. The total stock on the market has been close to 60,000 for over two years now. “Nonetheless, there are properties selling,” Lyons continued. “Of the 5,000 properties listed for sale during April, about two in five have now sold. Evidence from the capital suggests that more realistic sellers find it easier to sell. In Dublin, where prices have dropped by significantly more than elsewhere, only about one in three properties listed for sale in April is still on

the market.” According to, the average price of a house in Cork is now €265,000, down 3.6 per cent in the last three months. Cork, it says, has performed reasonably well in comparison to other counties such as Limerick and Galway on a 12-month basis, declining by 11.4 per cent over that time. Overall, prices in Cork are down 30 per cent since the peak. Assessing the breakdown of property types, the report shows that the price of a three-bed semi in Cork is down 4.26 per cent to €225,000 while the price of a four-bed semi has fallen by a similar amount to €296,000. Apartments continue to remain out of favour with buyers with the biggest falls in Cork being recorded in the twobed market. Those apartments are down by over

five per cent to €233,000 while one-bed apartments are down by 2.6 per cent to €212,000. Angela Keegan, Managing Director of MyHome. ie said the survey showed prices were continuing to decline, albeit at a lower rate compared to the same period last year. “It was interesting to note that the price of new homes fell at half the rate of second hand homes and this levelling in prices may be due to sizable price reductions sellers made to new homes earlier this year. The sharp price falls recorded in many of the capital’s commuter counties such as Wicklow, Meath and Kildare are not surprising given the rapid increase in unemployment and its implications for housing demand in these areas,” she said.

GREENER GARMENTS: At the opening of the Kuyichi organic clothes store at Opera Lane, Cork this week were Holly Forde and Miss Cork, Mairead O’Farrell, from Lock Down Model Agency, Cork. Photo: Kieran Clancy.

A SERVICE will be held at Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH) on Friday 15 October for those who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. The special service is being organised for parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby, including miscarriages, stillbirths, neonatal and infant deaths. According to Daniel Nuzum, Hospital Chaplain, the death of a baby, before or after birth, is a deeply painful experience for parents and families. “We hope that our multi-denominational service will be an opportunity for all who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to join with the hospital community to remember their loved one and to find healing and support. During the service of readings, music and reflection there will be an opportunity to light a candle in memory of your baby and to make an inscription in our Book of Remembrance,” he said. The service starts at 7.30pm and is being held in St. Joseph’s Church, (SMA) in Wilton.

Charity table quiz

THERE will be a table quiz in aid of Holy Family Church Restoration Fund at the Ambassador Hotel Wednesday 13 October at 8pm. Admission is €40 for a team of four and the event is sponsored by The Ambassador Hotel. Tickets are available from Barrackton Post Office, Military Road; St. Patrick’s Credit Union, Lower Glanmire Road and Holy Family Church, Military Hill. There will also be a raffle on the night with some great prizes.

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ANYONE considering moving into international modelling can make the first step next Tuesday in Cork. Hotlook Model Management is holding open auditions in Scotts of Caroline Street on Tuesday 12 October at 6pm. Anyone who wants to attend is reminded not to wear baggy clothing and a parent or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18. The auditions are restricted to those aged 15 over.


7 October 2010



7 October 2010

Djembe Drumming at Cois Tine, Cork

Eoin Weldon

COIS Tine will run a series of classes on African or Djembe drumming beginning next week. The group, which runs a range of support services for asylum seekers and refugees will run the classes from Monday 11 October to December 13 at Cois Tine at Popes Quay. The classes will be led by an experienced and accomplished Djembe drummer of African origin Yasir Younis. Yasir has contributed to many diversity programmes throughout Ireland as well as performing at numerous integration events in Cork and recently featured on an RTÉ documentary. To see some clips of Yasir performing go to the Cois Tine website: www. For centuries, drumming has been a central part of many indigenous cultures worldwide. It has been commonplace at wedding ceremonies, births, deaths, harvests and rites of passage. In

recent years there is an ever-increasing body of anecdotal and scientific evidence which points to the drum’s ability to promote well being. At Cois Tine drumming is used to promote a model for wellness and unity as well as celebrate cultural diversity. Hand drum techniques, understanding rhythm, playing multi-part rhythms in a group, improvisation, as well as finding rhythms to play on one’s own are all part of the experience. Drumming can have a profound effect on one’s emotional and spiritual well-being. It has numerous associated benefits including empowerment, better communication, increased confidence, community and team building, improved psychological and spiritual well-being, physical well-being. Application forms are available from Cois Tine, Popes Quay, Cork or by emailing coistine@ The course fee is €140, for more information contact Cois Tine on 021 4557760.

NEWSHOUND with Cork’s 96fm Chief News Reporter PJ

Making sense Have you got your head around ‘Black Thursday’? Do you understand why we and our children, and God knows, our Grandchildren, are being put into hock for Christ knows how long, I expect as you listened to Brian Lenihan, working furiously to sound like he knew what he was talking about, you were somewhere between confused and bewildered. Me too. I searched the radio dial and pored over every paper I could get, but not one article could I find, by anyone, that explained, in simple, plain English, how we came to be where we are. It’s like a foreign language! So, I rang my old friend, Finbarr Kiely, 96FM’s ‘Economist in Residence’. God pity the poor man, I must have kept him on the phone for ages, but in fairness

to him he answered all my dumb questions. As best he could, he broke it down for me into plain English, so I could try to get my head around it. So, if you’re ready, children, we’ll begin. Basically, and in very plain words, we are in the mess we are in because the banks completely lost the run of themselves. Finbarr gave me an interesting set of figures. I wrote them down with all the zeros, and felt nauseous at the sight of them. On 31 May this year, the total amount of money out on loan in this country, was €582Bn. That’s Five Hundred and Eighty Two Thousand Million Euro. With all the zeros, it reads €582,000,000,000. On a round figure, there are four million of us. This means, roughly, that for every single man, woman and child among us, there are loans to the value of €145,000 or so. Between me, the wife and kids,


that’s over half a million. Those loans were given out willy nilly during the boom years. The banks, to put it bluntly, went from being relatively responsible financial houses, to reckless and virtually unregulated loansharks. To see that figure written down and realise that as of this May, it’s the amount of credit loaned out for this tiny little nation, is quite simply, frightening. What’s even more frightening, however, is the fact that a hell of a lot of that money is gone for a burton. Kaput. Dead Money. Not Coming Back. Ever. Developers have gone bust. Property is almost worthless. Investments made with borrowed money have gone down the toilet. There’s now no money to lend to small, hardworking businesspeople, so they are going to the wall. The lenders have no idea how much they are likely to get back. If they get half of it,

they’ll be lucky. Some of the shortfall has to be, quite simply, written off. Some of it is gone into NAMA – who’s job, simply put, is to get as much of a return out of it as can be got. Some of it was taken out in the form of bonds. Bonds are basically, and without over complicating it, international ‘on paper’ loans that must be repaid with interest over an agreed period of time. Bonds are traded internationally between Governments and Banks, hence the term ‘Bond Market.’ However, there’s a tendency to get caught up in very befuddling ‘bondspeak’, so we’ll park that one right there.

There’s been a lot of talk in the past week about positivity, and yes, I agree that wallowing in the mess we are in, won’t make it go away. Bill Cul(with thanks to Finlen, for example, turns up barr Kiely, Economist, for almost every second day, his input this week) in every paper, on every programme, telling us to


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‘Move on. Get up and DO something.’ Sorry to say this to his many adoring fans, but am I the only one who finds him to be a thoroughly annoying, self-promoting oul’ windbag? Positivity is all very fine. This will turn around, and as a people, like Bill Clinton said, we will get our ‘Mojo’ back, but right now, we are on our knees. Our grand little Country is shagged, our Government is drowning in a cutthroat financial World in which it’s totally out of its depth, and not one of the gangsters who brought us here has even been asked to account for himself. I, for one, will start feeling more positive, when our jails are occupied, not by unemployed people who can’t afford to pay a fine, but by the shower of Shylocks who caused it all.

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7 October 2010


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7 October 2010

Water charges will spell end of Goverment Unit 9 Ballincollig Commercial Pk T: 021 4875 668 / 087 2466 436 E: Dear Brian, I had an Interior Designer recently to do a colour scheme for my house and she suggested that because I have high ceilings (12Ft) that I should hang Lincrusta wallpaper as a freeze, we have always done our own papering and would like to with this paper too, but she mentioned that It was difficult to hang, how would we go about this.

you are cutting, cut from the front because if you cut from the back you will damage the design on the paper and after that it’s a bad job. You paste on the glue as normal and when applying it to the wall take your time as it tends to set quickly. When you complete it you need to use Johnston’s ultra-primer before you actually paint on it because the paint will not adhere to the paper in its raw state.

Margaret, Rochestown.

Hi Brian,

Hi Margaret,

AS THE exchequer returns for government revenues and spending were published this week fears are growing as to the make up of December’s budget. Returns were broadly on target for the first nine months of the year but lower forecasts for growth next year may mean savings of up to €4bn needed by the Government. The Central Bank revised down its 2011 growth forecasts for output (GDP) from 2.8 per cent to 2.4 per cent and said a “larger adjustment” in the budget was now needed. The figures showed tax revenues of €22.2bn for the first nine months were almost exactly on target, although that was 6.5 per

cent less revenue than in the same period last year. Income tax was €337m below target, but this was almost made up by corporation tax on company profits coming in 12 per cent better than expected at €2.2bn. Socialist Party councillor Mick Barry has warned Fianna Fail TDs that the introduction of domestic water charges would provoke a mass campaign of non-payment and result in pro-water charges TDs losing their seats. His warning came in the wake of comments over the weekend by Minister for Community, Equality and Gaeltacht Affairs, Pat Carey that the technology could be in place to allow for water metering nationwide within 18 months. Cllr Barry said water

charges are “almost certain” to be part of the four year budget plan due to be revealed at the budget. Cllr Barry said that water charges are a hugely regressive tax, which hits low and middle income families far harder than the wealthiest households. “In England water charges account for 3.7 per cent of the household income of the poorest 10 per cent of households and only 0.4 per cent of the household income of the richest 10 per cent. “In England water charges hit low and middle income families almost ten times harder than they hit wealthy households. They represent a hugely regressive tax. The re-introduction of domestic water charges will spark a water war that the Government

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Hi Brian, I want to wallpaper my hallway at home, the walls were previously painted in eggshell, what preparation should I do prior to papering. Kieran, Blarney St. Hi Kieran, Because you had eggshell on the walls, you need to sand down the walls with a medium sand paper, wash down the walls with Johnston’s white spirits to remove all the dust from the sanding allow to dry and apply one coat of Johnston’s undercoat. Leave the undercoat to dry fully and you can then start hanging wallpaper. Contact Don Noonan 085/1213423 or call into Johnstones Dec Centres listed below For any further questions or for free quotations please contact Brian Mc Loughlin 087/2466436, Mc Loughlin & Son Decorators

Brian McLoughlin

WAREHOUSE MAKEOVER: Warehouse launched its sleek new look store on Patrick Street this week, which features the fashion forward lines for Autumn/Winter 2010. Pictured at the opening this week, and modelling some of the collection, was Laura Keohane, runner-up to the Model Agent Ireland, David Green, winner of Style Wars, Holly Shortall, runner-up of Style Wars, Ian Galvin, Chairman of Aurora fashions Ireland and Mairead O’Farrell, Miss Cork 2010. Photo: Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland.


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will not win. Community defiance will defeat any such tax and the Government should rest assured that the beginning of wa-

ter charges will equal the end of a lot of political careers,” concluded Cllr Barry.

North Cork networking THE NORTH Cork Enterprise Board will hold a speed networking event to help businesses in the community achieve their potential. Speed networking involves delegates having short three-minute conversations with other individuals telling them who they are, what their business does, how their business is unique and different and what they are looking for from the evening. After three minutes, a bell sounds

to indicate that people have to move on to another person. This continues until everyone has spoken with ten to 15 other people. Michael Hanley, Manager North Cork Enterprise Board, will speak on the Financial Instruments for the Enterprise Boards. The event will take place in Mallow GAA Complex on Wednesday 13 October. Admission is free and proceedings will begin at 6.30pm.

RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet celebrates 25 years

Emanon, Ballintemple.

w llo y fo rve ee su Fr up

Lincrusta, formerly Lincrusta Walton is a fantastic addition to any home especially if you have high ceilings, you can get all types of these papers which also include Wall coverings, Dado Panels, Friezes, Borders . It has been used frequently in stately homes and was also used on the Titanic and The White House. I will put some photos of it up on Mc Loughlin & Son Decorators Facebook account for those who would like to see it, However I would suggest that this would not be something you could handle yourself, Lincrusta is a specialist wallpaper and you would be better off getting a professional paperhanger to do it for you. That said should you decide that you would want to try it yourself, you need to make sure that the paint on the wall is sound and can take the weight of the paper, if not, you need to clean off any loose and flaking paint and stabilise with Johnston’s stabilizing solution. Once this is done make sure you have the right adhesive, this paper comes with a special glue and the Staff atJohnston’s will take of this for you. Some of these papers need to be soaked in warm water for a few minutes to make them more pliable so read the instructions that come with the product to see does this apply to you. You will need a second person to help you with the paper because of the weight and you will need to set up an aluminium tower so you will have a safe, sturdy base to work from. Do not use a normal papering scissors for this job, you need to use a utility knife and when

Why do I need to use an aluminium primer on Teak wood when on other woods I don’t ?

Eoin Weldon

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THE FAMED RTÉ Vanbrugh String Quartet celebrates 25 years with a series of concerts in featuring the complete Beethoven String Quartet this October and November. The 2010/11 concerts series begins today Thursday 7 October and tomorrow Friday 8 October at 8pm in the Aula Maxima, UCC. The Quartet’s CD of Beethoven’s The Complete String Quartets received some glittering reviews since its successful launch in 2007. Christopher Marwood cellist with the RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet said: “To perform all the Beethoven quartets is a huge physical, technical, musical and emotional challenge, but one which brings with it considerable rewards for both mu-

sicians and audience. “No other composer has left such an all-encompassing body of music for the string quartet medium; original and impeccably crafted from the first note to the last, the quartets trace an extraordinary path of musical and spiritual development over the last 27 years of Beethoven’s life. The cycle concentrates that powerful process into a matter of days and in so doing always casts fascinating new light on this great music.” Along with 7 and 8 October, there will also be concerts at UCC on Thursday 21, Friday 22 October, Thursday 4 and Friday 5 November For further details of the RTE Vanbrugh Quartet Cycle of Beethoven String Quartets, log on to www.

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7 October 2010





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Regulation needed for ‘unprofessional’ letting agents Peter Tobin

THRESHOLD, the national housing charity, has issued a warning to landlords and tenants about rogue letting agents whose actions can leave them at considerable financial loss. Threshold has experienced an upsurge in the number of calls from tenants and landlords involving unprofessional lettings agents during this busy period for renting property. This includes cases where tenants’ deposit monies have gone missing, rent has not been paid over to a landlord, tenants have been unlawfully evicted, and agents have disappeared with both landlords’ and tenants’ monies. Aideen Hayden, Chairperson of Threshold, said: “The numbers of cases which Threshold is receiving involving unethical practices by letting agents is worrying and is in part driven by the current recession. Many people holding themselves out as agents are not licensed at all. More recently we have seen cases where

7 October 2010

agents have gone out of business or simply disappeared with both landlord and tenants monies. It is unacceptable that it is so easy to set up in business as a letting agent, with little protection for landlords and tenants. Enforcement of standards or any legislation dealing with best practice in this area is almost non-existent. “This is simply unacceptable given the money at stake. An agents fee is typically 10 per cent for finding a tenant and 15 per cent for managing a property, and on average this can amount to somewhere between €600 to €2,000 a year, a lot of money in the middle of a recession. Some agents also hold tenants deposits and receive rent putting them in a position of holding a lot of money without any standards to ensure that it is handled ethically”.

Tougher measures Aideen Hayden said: “We are concerned that there are not tougher measures against unregistered agents given that the Property Service Regula-

tor has estimated that over 150 such agents are doing business across the State. Pursuing unregistered agents or indeed licensed agents who act unethically through the courts for penalties is a slow and expensive process and more often than not the damage has been done. “There is a strong case for the immediate introduction of statutory regulation to govern the conduct and service quality of letting agencies. We therefore call on the Government to expedite the passage of the Property Services Regulation Bill 2009 through the Dáil. This legislation will change the whole nature of the business, and is long overdue.” Threshold warns landlords and tenants to be cautious when dealing with anyone purporting to be a letting agent, particularly when handing over money. They should only deal with a licensed agent and ideally an agent that is a member of a professional body such as the Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers (IPAV) or the Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute (IAVI).

HSE strives to plug ED vacancies at CUH Christine Allen

Legal responsibilities Landlords need to be aware that they are legally responsible for the actions of their agents. For example, if an agent does not pay over a tenant’s rent to a landlord, the landlord is at a loss. Similarly if an agent does not return a tenants deposit without cause, the landlord is responsible even if the agent holds the deposit. Too often this only comes to light when the agent cannot be found and the tenant is at a loss of a deposit. Threshold is aware that during these recessionary times there are growing numbers of home owners who cannot sell and are forced to rent their property in order to pay mortgages. Aideen Hayden added: “With the increasing demand for the services of letting agents in the private rented accommodation sector, stricter, more transparent and more comprehensive legislation which provides for quick and appropriate sanctions is long overdue.”

THE HSE South has claimed it is trying to plug vacancies in the Emergency Department (ED) at Cork University Hospital (CUH), following the announcement by the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM) that it has an 18 per cent vacancy rate. Last week’s report stated that staffing shortages at CUH had reached 18 per cent, while a 30 per cent staff vacancy remained at the ED of the Mercy University Hospital (MUH). The two Cork hospitals featured in the report of 31 hospitals, with 13 named as having “significant staffing shortages”. In its survey results, which were published last week, the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine (IAEM) aired it concerns

of shift shortages and warned that the situation could get worse with the next changeover of junior medical staff in January 2011. “The current shortages mean that either certain shifts are left uncovered or departments are reliant on locum doctors. Such shortterm locums are unlikely to be able to provide the same standard of care as doctors in substantive posts who have been provided with appropriate induction, ongoing training integration into the ED team in the particular department in which they work,” the report read. A HSE South spokesperson told the Cork Independent this week that the HSE was seeking to fill the vacancies, which they claimed was lower than 18 per cent. “Presently, the % (percentage) vacancy in the



Emergency Department (ED) at CUH is 17 per cent inclusive of an educational registrar post. If this is excluded from the calculations, the NCHD staffing shortage on the ED is 11 per cent,” the spokesperson said. “CUH makes every effort to identify critical ED shifts in conjunction with senior clinicians and seeks through HSE approved agencies to secure locum doctors to cover these duties.” He said the HSE was actively aiming to fill the vacant posts. “Every effort continues to fill the remaining vacant posts through advertising and via agencies who have greater access to suitable overseas candidates through their own databases,” the spokesperson said.



7 October 2010


CORKMEET 2010 CORKMEET 2010 kicked off this week with participants descending on the Radisson Blu Hotel, Little Island for three days of business networking and more. Running from 6 to 8 October, CORKMEET 2010 is a three-day international business networking forum that has been arranged to heighten networking opportunities for attendees in a variety of formats. It is expected that up to 500 Irish and international delegates will participate during the event, which is scheduled to finish on Friday. During the event, interested participants will also be able to seek advice from international partners on opportunities for Irish companies in their country, or on particular business issues of interest,


Marking the beginning of activities at CORKMEET 2010 were (left to right) Aidan Walsh, Newstalk, Sean O’Sullivan, CEO South Cork Enterprise Board, Larry Healy, Newstalk and Noel O’Driscoll, Cork County Council. Photo: Miki Barlok

Pictured at a welcome reception which marked the opening of this year’s event were (left to right) J.J. O’Connell, Plato Cork, Ken O’Mahony, EMC, Hugh Bruton and Sylvie Collongues from Brittany Ferries and Colm Leen from Carbery Group. Photo: Miki Barlok


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Also present at the welcome reception were (left to right) Sean O’Sullivan, CEO South Cork Enterprise Board and Noel O’Driscoll, Cork County Council. Photo: Miki Barlok


Sean O’Sullivan, CEO South Cork Enterprise Board, Aidan Forde from the Irish Examiner and Noel O’Driscoll, Cork County Council attending the welcome event for the annual networking event. Photo: Miki Barlok

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8 Cork pubs in Irish researchers snug finals win €30m EU

EIGHT Cork pubs have been shortlisted this week for the title of Ireland’s Best Snug, which is being run in association with Powers Gold Label Irish Whiskey. A total of 110 pubs were shortlisted throughout the country, however, the Greyhound Bar in Kinsale, the Paragon in Skibbereen; the Brewery Gate in Clonakilty; Cronins Bar in Crosshaven and Geary’s in Charleville were shortlisted from Cork. In Cork City, An Spalpin Fanach on South Main Street, The Long Valley on Winthrop Street and the Wine Vaults on Lan-

caster Quay were also chosen. The search for the best snug, which were small, partitioned rooms created for ladies who wanted to drink in pubs without being frowned upon. To choose your favourite Cork pub, log on and vote on throughout October and be in with a chance to win a Canadian adventure holiday. Powers Whiskey will announce the overall winner of Ireland’s Best Snug on Thursday 18 November.



7 October 2010


You Tube experiment Cork writer could make the cut

research funding Ciaran Twomey

IRISH researchers have, since 2007, been awarded €30 million in EU funding under the seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7). This funding supports 95 projects being carried out by colleges and companies throughout Ireland, alongside European partners, to protect and improve our environment. At a conference yesterday, Irish and international experts addressed over 100 leading researchers, to help maximize success in accessing EU research funds. This National Information Day, organised each year by the EPA, promotes the publication of FP7 Environment calls, facilitates networking and increased co-operation between research teams. Director of the EPA’s

Thursday 14th October 2010

Office of Climate, Licensing and Resource Use, Laura Burke, speaking at the event yesterday said “Today’s event is part of the support the EPA provides to Irish researchers to help them leverage funding from the EU to undertake research needed to tackle urgent environmental issues. In the current economic climate, we must maximise the value from environmental research that has been funded nationally, by the EPA and others. Research plays a critical role in supporting environmental management.” Dr Imelda Lambkin of Enterprise Ireland, also the National Director of Ireland’s National Support Network for FP7, provided an update on Ireland’s success under the FP7 programme. Other presenters included Prof David Taylor of Trinity College Dublin, who is leading a research

project examining human health and environmental change in east Africa; Dr Anthony Grehan of NUI Galway, who is involved in a number of research projects looking at marine environment, including the effects of climate change upon it. Dr Enrique Playán, YouTube footage by Cork writer, Nicola Depuis, could of the Spanish National make the final cut in a You Tube experiment. Research Council, spoke of major future opportuA CORK writer could “The most compelnities in the area of water end up in the final cut of a ling footage is currently quality and quantity, and You Tube project called a being edited into a feature Dr Juan Wilson from the ‘Life in a Day’, after her documentary film by OsEuropean Commission footage was short-listed car-winning director Kevin spoke about the research for the international experi- Macdonald (The Last King needs of developing ment. of Scotland) and is being earth observation techTurners Cross native, produced by Ridley Scott nologies. Nicola Depuis, teamed up (Thelma & Louise, Blade The EPA is the co-or- with Evelyn Quinlan from Runner),” explained Nicodinating body in Ireland Athy in Kildare on 24 July la. for the FP7-Programme to make their footage. She added that the final Theme 6: Environment The project is an histor- cut would premier at the including climate change. ical, cinematic experiment 2011 Sundance Film FestiThe FP7 programme is attempting to document val before opening at cinthe EU’s main instrument one day, as seen through the emas around the world. for funding research in eyes of people around the If their footage is choEurope, and will run un- world, according to Nicola, sen Evelyn will be credited til 2013. who was told this week that as a co-director and they her footage has reached the will both attend the pretop 100 hours, from 5,000 miere in Utah in the United hours. States. “The footage, captured Nicola has just comby Evelyn, shows ‘a regular pleted an MA in Women’s day in our lives’, if there is Studies at UCC, while Evesuch a thing! It basically lyn is currently directing shows us laughing and talk- Wet Paint, a new play by ing about love, loss, fears Shane Casey, which will and sadness. We never premiere at the Granary thought we’d be selected, Theatre from Friday 29 to we just really wanted to Sunday 31 October. take part,” said Nicola.

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7 October 2010


Social Media for Business

Venue: The Kate O’Brien Suite, Fermoy Thursday 11th November 2010

Social Media for Business Social media is a new form of communications, used by businesses to connect with people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and use those connections to do business. Many businesses are turning to social media as it is cheap and can be very effective if used right. This full day workshop will introduce you to social media and then walk you through the setting up of your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles and then show you how to use the built-in tools to get direct business or spread your message far and wide. Trainer: Damien Mulley will be your trainer. He has extensive experience in social media training, works for SMEs, Government organisations and corporate customers and is frequently in the media commenting on technology and communications. Times: 9.30am-4.30pm

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Speed Networking 2010 The North Cork Enterprise Board North will hold a Business Information and Speed Networking Evening for local Business Owners, on: Importance of networking Speed networking involves delegates having short 3 minute conversations with other individuals telling them who they are, what their business does, how their business is unique / different and what they are looking for from the evening.

Times: Wednesday 13th October 2010 In Mallow GAA Complex At 6.30pm - 9.30pm Adm: FREE

A One Day Sales Master-Class VENUE: A1 Tuition, The Square, Millstreet DATE: Wednesday 20 October 2010

This programme is designed to incorporate the important hands on elements of the sales process and the development of selling skills into a one-day programme. The programme focuses on the three essential elements of a successful sales strategy;

Attitude Skills Knowledge

Venue: The Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown Date: Wednesday 10th November 2010


Do you have a Business Idea? Do you have the skills to develop your idea into a viable Business? IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE IN THE DIRECTION YOU SHOULD TAKE, WE ARE HOSTING A ONE DAY BUSINESS PROGRAMME on 10th November 2010. Times: 9.30am to 4.30PM


The programme focuses on SME business, new start-ups, established businesses with a need to develop an effective sales function within their business. It is a hands-on workshop that will ensure that the essential elements of the sales process are understood and practised. Times: 9.30am -5.00pm


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7 October 2010

Give a Guide Dog a Bone A new taste

Eoin Weldon

THE ‘GIVE a Guide Dog a Bone’ fundraising night takes place this Saturday 9 October, from 12 to 4pm in what is sure to be a day of celebration, fun and fundraising. Tom Barry’s pub in Barrack Street will stage the fundraiser in aid of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind (IGDB), the night will also see one of the puppies make her departure for ‘big girl’ school after spending the first year of her life with foster parents. IGDB is a national charity dedicated to helping persons who are blind or vision impaired and families of children with autism to achieve improved mobility and independence. IGDB receives over 85 per cent of its income through voluntary donations and fundraising through a network of volunteers across the country, with their national headquarters located on the Model Farm Road. Puppy-walking volunteers foster puppies at around six weeks of age, making a valuable contribution to the first stage of puppy training. During the first year, volunteer puppy walkers dedicate their time

to working on obedience training and socialising the puppies. At approximately 12-15 months, puppies are taken back into the National Training Centre for Early Training. At two years old, most guide and assistance dogs in training take on their role as some of the most responsible and important dogs in the country. These dogs lead highly challenging, rewarding and responsible working lives until the age of 8 – 12 years, when they are re-homed to a caring family to enjoy their life well-deserved retirement. Opal is one of these remarkable animals, a Labrador x Golden Retriever puppy born into the life of an Irish Guide dog. The Puppy Walking volunteers that have spent the last eleven months with Opal in their home and in their lives are now preparing for her to leave them. As a farewell, they have been working with Kerry McMahon, IGDB fundraising professional, to organize a fundraising and awareness-raising event to mark Opal’s departure. The day is set to include a raffle and auction with a trove of outstanding prizes (including antiques

hits Cork An exciting new kind of snack, imported by a local small business, has hit the shelves of many stores around Cork and Kerry. Beef Jerky Ireland, based in Carrigaline, started operating just six months ago. Its snacks and produce have proved so popular that they are now on sale in more than 70 outlets all over Cork and Kerry. Mario Haug from Beef Jerky told the Cork Independent that he and his colleagues wanted to introduce a new kind of taste to the market and that it had to be something that would immediately attract the public eye: “We wanted to see if small companies with ordinary people could achieve something, and

A REAL NEWSPAPER ... and artwork), all sponsored by local businesses, a kid’s corner with games and prize. Free tea and coffee is kindly being supplied by

Tom Barry’s, providing a perfect accompaniment to the cakes, buns and tarts being offered at the cake sale. If you would like to

become a Puppy Walker with IGDB go to www. or Lo-call call 1850 506300.

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even compete against big selling names like Tayto and Walkers.” According to the company, Beef Jerky is a healthy snack made from high quality, low fat beef, which is marinated with different spices to create “different and delicious flavours”. Beef Jerky Ireland is expecting to widen its distribution area, and to start introducing their snacks in pubs, as the perfect snack to accompany a beer. If you have a store and want to start selling beef jerky, or have an opportunity to help this product in the national market, you can contact Beef Jerky Ireland by email at sales@

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7 October 2010



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7 October 2010

Eating-out gets a make- Dairy Council Awards announced over in Mahon Point Eoin Weldon

MAHON Point Shopping Centre has just announced two major catering developments, which will be in operation in the coming months. The refurbishment of the central foodcourt, which is a shared seating area for KFC, Abrakebabra, The Bagel Bar, Eddie Rockets and McDonalds and is the only one of its kind in Cork will commence in October. This upgrade of the existing facilities will see the foodcourt zoned into different areas: a combination of booths, family seating, high tables, benches, sofas and lounge seating to suit various eating occasions. Integrated into this specially commissioned plan is a green and walnut colour scheme with customised wallpaper, feature lighting and plants to bring warmth and atmosphere to the eating area. In addition, there will be a dedicated Party


Zone for kids at the rear. The upgrade will considerably improve the customer eating environment of the foodcourt while enhancing Mahon Point’s reputation for continuous innovation. This news coincides with work starting on Nando’s first restaurant in the Republic outside of Dublin at Mahon Point. The South African-Portuguese chain will provide 40 new jobs in a large ground floor unit. This casual dining restaurant will have dedicated seating for 120 people and will serve its famous flame grilled peri-peri chicken as well as burgers, pitas, wraps and vegetarian options. Founded in 1987, Nando’s operates in 26 countries and on five continents and already has restaurants open in Dublin and Belfast. Justin Young, Centre Manager said: “These exciting changes to the food offering are a welcome

boost for the shopping centre and will add considerably to consumers shopping experience at Mahon Point” Letting agent, Lydia Kelleher of Savills said Nando’s have pursued Mahon Point Shopping Centre as a priority location in Cork for quite some time and they are sure to fit in very nicely with both daytime shoppers and night time cinema goers. “We are all looking forward to Nando’s upcoming opening and feel that it is a great vote of confidence for the centre that this will be Nando’s second store in the Republic of Ireland. There is a second restaurant unit available to let between Nando’s and Debenhams,” she said. For further details contact Lydia Kelleher or Peter O’Meara at Savills on 021 4271371.

THE NATIONAL Dairy Council Quality Milk Awards for 2010 have been announced. The national award programme identifies and rewards the country’s top quality dairy farmers. Prizes were presented by renowned broadcaster Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh at a national awards ceremony at the Citywest Hotel in Dublin this week. The Awards help to build awareness about the dairy farmers who are behind local dairy brands and it creates an opportunity to showcase to consumers the top quality of dairy farming in Ireland. Four of the national

prize winners announced at the NDC Awards ceremony were from Cork. The overall runners up and all year round supply top category award went to Robert and Shirley Shannon, Droumgarriffe, Ballinascarthy who supply milk to Lisavaird Co-op. Runner up in the all year round category was Noel O’Donovan, Ballymacwilliam, Clonakilty who supplies milk to Barryroe Co-op. National finalists include Denis and Bridget O’Brien from Farranamoy in Kinsale and Eoin and Mary O’Riordan from Islandbrack in Boherbue. Professor Patrick Wall who represented the judging panel said the awards ceremony is an exciting

time for Irish dairy farmers, he pointed to the 2020 Report for Agriculture, which forecasts a growth of 50 per cent in dairy output. “With this kind of potential rapid expansion, it is absolutely vital that dairy farmers keep a focus on the importance of high quality standards,” said Professor Wall. “The winners in the NDC Quality Milk Awards are proof that you can achieve top quality milk production standards in a way that is compatible with commercial viability. These farmers are role models for all of us, showing that you can achieve excellent quality standards by doing relatively simple things well and being very consistent about it,” he said.

Helen Brophy, Chief Executive of the NDC said they are involved in a lot of work behind the scenes with its dairy members in areas ranging from keeping up to speed with legislation at EU level, to monitoring new medical or scientific research breakthroughs related to dairy. Ms Brophy said that the NDC is constantly working to support the consumption of dairy products in the Republic of Ireland as part of a balanced diet. NDC Chairman, Dominic Cronin, thanked all of the dairy co-ops who took time to select and submit nominations for this year’s awards and offered heartfelt congratulations to all of the finalists and winners.





● Commercial Vehicle Testing ● Light Commercial Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kgs) ● Vans, Jeeps, Pick-Ups,

Micheal O’ Muircheartaigh, guest Speaker makes a presentation to National Finalists in the National Dairy Council Quality Milk Award 2010, National Finalist Commemorated to Bridget & Denis O’ Brien, Farranamoy, Kinsale, Co. Cork ( Bandon Co-Op) with Helen Brophy, Chief Executive National Dairy Council. Photo: Fennells




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Eoin Weldon

● Major Mechanical Repairs ● All makes of vehicles serviced ● Brakes ● Batteries ● Windscreens


Two Cork Macra members in AIB Best New Member Comp

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SEANDÚN Macra members Gearoid O’Leary from Kinsale Macra and Colin Ross from Carrigaline Macra have made it to the final of the AIB Best New Member competition. The pair will join ten other new Macra members in the competition designed to award a member who is deemed by their club to have made a significant contribution to the development of the club during their first year of membership. Members are judged on a number of different criteria, with the top 12 members being short listed for interview by an adjudicating panel at the Macra na

Feirme National Conference in Arklow over the October Bank holiday weekend. Macra na Feirme, National President, Michael Gowing, said: “The standard of new members making it to the final is extremely high this year, the competition is one of the highlights of the Macra year as the finals culminate at the Rally and Macra members from across the country can see what members are doing and they can learn from them. “We are very lucky to have the support of AIB for this competition because rewarding our clubs and members for their hard work is very important and without AIB this competition would not be the success it is,” he concluded.

7 October 2010

Family carers to meet in Cork

Christine Allen

IMPROVING the life of carers in Cork will be the focus of the next meeting of the Cork Family Carers Forum when it takes place on Thursday 14 October at the Ambassador Hotel, Military Hill. The meeting will discuss the need for a multi-agency approach in improving the quality of life of family and carers and those in their care. The forum will also focus on

building the capacity of family carers and their support groups, while also aiming at informing and impacting upon policy development. The group are also to discuss the issue of raising awareness of the issues and needs of family carers and the enhancement and development of services for family carers. John O’Mahony, Development Officer for Age Action in Cork will address the meeting. His primary role is to develop a thriving care and repair service

in Cork and throughout Munster and he is also working to develop all of Age Action’s services in the region. According to the Cork Family Carers Forum, the aim is also to establish a strong Cork base for Age Action and to provide older people in Cork and throughout Munster with all of the valuable services that Age Action offers. The meeting starts at 8pm and is open to anyone involved in family caring is welcome to attend. For more information visit

City smashing recycling records

OVER four million glass bottles and jars were deposited at bring sites in Cork city according to a survey of its ‘bring centres’ conducted by Rehab Glassco. The survey, carried out for Repak’s Recycling Week, which takes place from 4 -10 October, reveals that, during the first eight months of this year, 1,263 tonnes of glass were deposited in Cork city’s bring sites, equivalent to 34 items of glass for every man, woman

and child in the city. The bring site at Dunnes Stores in Ballyvolane was named as Cork city’s best-performing site with 141 tonnes of glass deposited, representing nearly half a million (451,000) bottles and jars. Commenting on Repak Recycling Week, Zeki Mustafa, Managing Director of Rehab Glassco, said: “Over the past 10 years, glass recycling in Ireland has trebled from 40,000 tonnes of glass recycled in 1999, to in

excess of 120,000 tonnes last year. That’s the equivalent of almost 400 million bottles and jars and gives Ireland a 74 per cent glass recycling rate for 2009, up from 35 per cent in 1999. This improvement has pushed Ireland up the European glass recycling league table from 14th out of 17 European countries in 1999 to 9th out of 28 in 2009.”

Head Shave world record attempt in aid of Cystic Fibrosis

Pictured at the launch of the Shave-4-life record attempt in aid of Cystic Fibrosis assocaition, were Ken Moore, Evergreen Bar; Paul O’Neil, Bazzers barber shop; Paul Higgins, national chairman Cystic Fibrosis; David Murphy, Anna Trindles, Cathy Carlton, Marie Shellard all Cystic Fibrosis, with Clare Shellard, Julie O’Neill and John Patrick LifeFM. The world record attempt takes place on October 22nd at the Evergreen bar. Photo: Eddie O’Hare

THE EVERGREEN Bar in Turners Cross is the venue, the Cystic Fibrosis Facilities at Cork University Hospital is the charity and a Guinness World record attempt is the method. The fundraiser will take place on the Friday of the Bank Holiday Weekend 22 October at 9pm when barber Paul O`Neill of Bazzers Barbers, Washington Street will attempt to break the world record for the most head shaves in one hour. The current record stands at 60 and the group are hoping to break this record in order to put Cork into the Guinness Book of Records while also raising funds for The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland.

Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland Chairman Paul Higgins said: “We have approached a few local football clubs to volunteer for this head shave and the response has been great. We are asking each volunteer to collect 40 names on their sponsorship cards, with €5 per name. We will also have a draw among the volunteers and one lucky person will win two tickets to a Manchester United Home game as well as accommodation for two. The night promises to be great fun and finger food will be provided as well as a bar extension for spectators and the volunteers.” In what is sure to be a great start to the Bank Holiday weekend, Mr Higgins said the money

raised would be going to a very worthy cause. “All of the money raised will be spent improving Cystic Fibrosis Facilities at Cork University Hospital. The Cystic Fibrosis Association are currently engaged in creating a specific day care centre and isolated rooms for adults with Cystic Fibrosis in conjunction with the HSE. Progress has been significant in this area; we expect to open the Day Unit this year. However, we do need to continue our fundraising efforts to make this a reality.” Anyone interested in volunteering for the head shave can contact Paul Higgins on 086- 386 3949 for more details and a sponsorship card.



7 October 2010

The Human Condition WITH JOHN MCCARTHY

STATISTICS “46.5 per cent of 588 involuntary ECT treatments in 2008 were to people 65 years of age and older.” “The ratio of women to men is 2/1.” WHY? You are 73 times more likely to receive ECT in Galway than in Cork. WHY? You are 60 times more likely to receive ECT in Waterford than in Cork. WHY? 36 per cent of total (4884) treatments were given in two private hospitals in Dublin All these statistics are from the 2008 report of the Mental Health Commission. You are safer from ECT in the public service!

We have ECT enthusiasts in Ireland, and you are allocated your psychiatrist in the public service in Ireland by where you live. Patients surely have a right to know if their psychiatrist is an ECT enthusiast before they accept treatment from them. I was in Tullamore on Thursday 30 September by kind invitation of Mayor Molly Buckley speaking at a Fine Gael organised conference chaired by Kieran Mulrooney RTE with George Hook. It was about suicide. We both spoke of our personal experiences in the area. Identical stories in the main. Stressed out over money, business, but both with underlying problems that never allowed us to be at peace with our-

selves, a gift discovered late in life. John Moloney, the Garda Superintendent spoke of road deaths and alcohol, and the suicide prevention officer Josephine Rigney spoke of charts and slides and schemes to help people in times of suicide. Questions were asked from the floor. ‘Why?’ was the biggest one. ‘How?’ next. The part played by drink. Then there were other speakers who said a few words from the floor; Dan Neville TD, President Irish Association of Suicidology! To me the most interesting man of the night, not because of what he said or even how he said it (he was a bit longwinded), it was what he did not say that intrigued me. He was the coroner. He outlined all the sad-

ness of his court in the case of suicide, and the terrible job our young guards have to do telling relatives, God I would hate that job. He spoke of the amounts of drink and illegal drugs found in the bloodstream of those who died. May I refer you back to the top lines on this article; those are figures we have had to fight for years to obtain from the Mental Health Commission re the use of ECT in this country, and have it broken down between voluntary and involuntary. 588 treatments forced on people in 2008, 50 per cent of them pensioners. The College of Psychiatry state this is a life saving treatment, only used in times of crisis ie when a patient is starving or in a coma. I would request that

we have made public the reasons 588 forced treatments of ECT were administered. But, back to the coroner. He never mentioned the level of legal prescribed drugs in the bloodstream of those who died by suicide. Why do we not have a chart from the suicide prevention office showing that? A lot of these prescribed legal drugs carry black box warnings now to state that we need to keep a suicide watch on our loved ones as these drugs may cause suicide ideation. Yet we have no figures to show what type and dosage of these legal drugs our loved ones were taking at time of death. This week Amnesty are going to make a big fanfare about men-

Pictured right: Receiving the Q Mark Award were South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital staff Fionnula St Ledger, Pauline Hannafin, Sheila O’Brien and Jane O’Leary with Irene Collins (Managing Director of the IQA) on the right hand side.


And why is there this undercurrent of unease and fear about our psychiatric services? Would it be that we have given those services the legal right to force a cure that is simply not working on people, and are they dying because they fear the consequence of accessing the service? Fear and force are hardly the road to love care and cure, we have yet to learn that in psychiatry. NSUE and Amnesty have yet to learn it.

I don’t have the anPlease tell them they swers, but I do have two must stop force in psyquestions. Why do we chiatric units. not have full information about the part played by doctors and prescribed

Christine Allen

Everybody knows that cats do not do baths, they usually groom themselves. This can lead to the hair being ingested and clumping together to form fur balls in the stomach. Cat grass helps cats to bring up those fur balls. In addition, you should assist the grooming efforts of your long-haired feline friend. But special massage or grooming gloves are not the thing to use. It is better to use a moist leather cloth which will only pick up the surface hair. This has the advantage that no more hair is pulled up from below, in contrast to brushes.

drugs in the suicide of our friends and loved ones?

South Infirmary awarded Q Mark

A lovely silky coat usually means that your pet is happy, well fed and healthy. Read our tips on how to care for your cats coat particularly in winter;

The older a long-haired cat gets, the more likely they are to have some matting. Sometimes more and more hair wraps around a matted spot causing it to get bigger and bigger. If it has come to that stage the cat will not allow you to brush this spot. Such a knot may grow to the size of a fist in just a few weeks causing skin diseases as air can no longer get to the underlying skin. This is now not just a cosmetic problem, you should cut out the knot using scissors. In older cats, fur can get quite thin on their belly and their flanks and the area may go bald altogether (bald belly). This is a cosmetic problem which usually worries the owners more than the cat. However, in contrast, fleas are not just unpleasant. If you notice any fleas while playing with, cuddling or grooming your cat or dog, you should take them to the vet Lice on cats or dogs are quite uncommon. Mites are very difficult to see with the naked eye.

tal health law, yet they refuse to stand behind the campaign to stop the use of forced ECT. This is a complete disgrace. This week the National Service Users Executive CEO will speak in Cork. NSUE refuse to back the call to stop the use of forced ECT. This, too, is a complete disgrace. We found a cure for TB and fewer people died. We found a cure for polio and fewer people were damaged by the virus. We found the cure for ‘mental illness’ and the number of people dying from suicide is going through the roof, greater than road deaths now.

PUPPY WALKERS WANTED Do you love dogs? Why not foster one of our puppies and help them to become a guide or assistance dog. We are urgently looking for volunteers to foster our puppies for the first year of their lives. Full training and support provided.

THE South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital has been awarded for the Q Mark Award for Hygiene and Food Safety. Under the Hospitals and Health category, the 294-bed hospital has 85 catering staff and has received the Q Mark for Hygiene and Food Safety annually since 2005. Last year, the hospital, which was built in 1761, won the Rehab Team of the Year Award. According to Pauline Hanafin, Catering and Household Manager with the South Infirmary Victoria Hospital, the success was driven by the staff. “This is an absolutely amazing result and is tangible evidence of commitment to our Hygiene and Food Safety Programme by our dedicated team. “We manage a world class food safety system and winning the Q Mark

Award is a real boost to staff morale! We will display this fantastic Q Mark Award with a great sense of pride and achievement. Everyone has supported each other throughout the year and to achieve such high public praise is magnificent. The award celebrates the drive, commitment and achievements of nominated companies and is the highlight of the calendar year for companies who strive for quality and excellence. Irene Collins, MD, EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association) said this week that the winning team were committed to high standards. “The catering team in South Infirmary Victoria Hospital are totally committed to high standards of Hygiene and Food Safety. They are the driving force behind continuous improvement and we are delighted with their success in this year’s awards.”


To apply, go to: or call us on lo-call:



1850 506 300



7 October 2010


t n e m n i t a n t e r m n e i ntrta

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7 October 2010

entertainment guide

HITTING THE TOWN After a hard day at work, there’s nothing like unwinding with a few friends. You could stay at home and flick through television channels, but there’s no beating going out and experiencing all that Cork city has to offer. Jason Kennedy finds some of the best spots for entertainment in Cork’s thriving nightlife scene

There are many interesting and varied venues scattered throughout Cork City. There is a huge range of entertainment opportunities out there, ranging from off-the-beaten-track pubs to huge theatrical venues. There is a place for every taste possible. It’s just a case of going out and finding the best pub, club or venue for you.

Live music

One Cork venue that has been at the heart of the town for longer than most of us would like to remem-

ber is the Savoy. Currently a venue for some of the biggest artists going, the Savoy came into the world as a cinema, but in recent years was converted to a top class musical venue, with a number of bars and friendly staff. The three-roomed venue is located right in the heart of Patrick Street. The main room, which is known as ‘The Gods’ and the main foyer can cater for up to 1,000 people. In recent times, the Savoy has hosted some of the best in international talent. Most recently Scottish crooner, Paulo Nutini played a set in the venue.

Irish talent that has played in there include The Coronas and, er, Jedward. The Savoy also offers a variety of themed nights every month. The first Friday of every month, it hosts ‘Electric Dreams’, where the 80s come back to the fore. They play 80s music and give out 80s sweets. Be sure to dress accordingly for the occasion. Another popular venue for live music is Cyprus Avenue, located on Oliver Plunkett Street. Cyrpus Avenue, upstairs in the Old Oak, was voted best Live Music Venue in Munster in 2008 and the Hot Press Live

Music Award in 2009, and they still continue the tradition of great music. The venue offers a range of some of the best indie music going. Later this month, Cathy Davey, Swans and Easy Star All-Star will be playing the venue, which attracts a varied and diverse crowd. It is the perfect venue for a musical night out. One of the most popular venues in town is Crane Lane Theatre, which often offers a variety of live music for late night revellers. Crane Lane, which is located on Phoenix Street.

WE WOULD R A LOVE TO HEU FROM YO /corkindependent /corkindo

021 4288 566

7 October 2010



7 October 2010

entertainment guide

It was developed in the remains of an old Gentleman’s club. Walking into Crane Lane, it is clear little has changed. The décor comes direct from the 20s, 30s and 40s, with little influence from later decades. They have one of the few beer gardens in Cork city centre. The venue also includes three bars, The Stage Door, The Crystal Room and the Theatre itself, so whatever your age or taste, Crane Lane Theatre will have the spot for you. This Sunday, Crane Lane Theatre will host a special rockabilly event, featuring Cork band, Rumbleshack. The venue will see men grease their hair and pop on leather jackets, while the ladies will don colourful dresses and curl their locks. The night will also include hula-hoop demonstrations and hip-shakin’ twist contest. This is a taster of what is available in Crane Lane Theatre.

Sports pubs

There is no beating a pub atmosphere when it comes to the big game. You could stay at home

and watch it alone, but with some brilliant sports pubs in town, why compromise on atmosphere? The Thomond Bar on Marlboro Street is the ultimate sporting venue. Although there is a strong emphasis on rugby, The Thomond Bar caters for all popular sports. During the summer months, Thomond Bar was very popular for World Cup, but it screens all major matches, no matter what time of the year it is. The management and staff have a real passion for sport, which is plain to be seen when you spend an evening there. The Thomond is so much more than just a sports bar though. It offers beautiful food throughout the day, from its famous Thomond Toastie to authentic Irish lamb stew. There is also a full dessert menu that is both delicious and inexpensive. This year has seen the launch of Billy Fudd’s pub, which is also located on Marlboro Street. It broadcasts every big match in the pub, while also providing a friendly and accommodating atmosphere.

Furthering Cork city’s sporting tradition is the Brannigans Bar, which is located on Pine Street. This charming pub regularly shows sporting events, with regulars often pouring in to support both local and English teams. There are plenty more sports pubs scattered throughout the city, all with emphasis on different sports. A walk around the city or a quick search on the Internet should see you find the Cork sports bar that suits you.

Theatre and arts Cork is a rich, theatrical city, with both mainstream venues that show big theatrical shows, as well as those who focus on the artistic merits of locals. Without doubt, one of the biggest drama venues in the city is Cork Opera House. Located on Emmet Place, the Opera House was closed over the summer, but it is now back in full swing. This season, there will be a variety of talent on show in the Opera House, from musicals, to comedy and ballet. Fame, the musical is currently running in the Op-

era House and will run until this weekend. If musicals are not your thing, there is also one of the world’s best Queen tribute acts, Killer Queen. The band will be playing the Opera house on Saturday, 16 October. There are shows for the whole family at the Opera House, which has been a huge part of the city since it was built. It survived most of the burning of Cork City, only to be burned down in 1955 due to a combination of old wiring and wooden materials. It was rebuilt and opened in 1963 and remains an iconic spot. Cork’s other big drama spot is the Everyman Palace Theatre, located on MacCurtain Street. This 650-seat venue has beautiful Victorian architecture and plenty of character. As well as presenting dramas that would be of interest to the masses, the Everyman Palace Theatre support local talent by giving budding young thespians and writers the chance to showcase their talents. They also deal with well-renowned theatre producers, such as Druid Theatre.

LV BAR at Windsor Inn

Great line up of gigs for the

Guinness Cork Jazz Festival




Live music sessions regularly.

FOLK, TRAD, ROCK, Home of the



FREE HOT FOOD Call: 021 4552615


7 October 2010



7 October 2010

entertainment guide Upcoming Everyman Palace productions include The Divine Comedy, who will be playing on Sunday 10 October at 8pm. Druid Theatre will bring their production of ‘The Silver Tassie’ to the venue from Tuesday 12 September to Saturday 16 October. Joan Didion’s drama, ‘The Year of Magical Thinking’ will run from Wednesday 27 October to Saturday 6 November. There is a lot on offer in the Everyman Palace Theatre over the coming months. Cork Arts Theatre also provides a dose of drama for theatre lovers across Cork. Located on Carroll’s Quay, the theatre had humble beginnings, but has since grown from strength to strength. The success of the Arts Theatre is down to the great work done by its dedicated members and the leadership of its directors. It was reopened in November 2006 and began pioneering many initiatives, including outreach programmes, writing competitions, schools competitions and community drama festivals to make theatre more accessible to the whole community.

There is an exciting range of productions coming up from the Arts Theatre this season. On Monday 11 October, Bruiser Theatre Company will present their comedy ‘Low Pay? Don’t Pay!’ while from Wednesday 13 October to Friday 18 October, Wild Ensemble Theatre will present ‘A Clockwork Orange’.

LGBT Cork City has a thriving gay scene, with a variety of pubs and clubs. With so many options, you won’t have to go to the same place every night you want to go out. One of Cork’s major gay venues is Chambers of Washington Street. Chambers is an open and welcoming bar that often features live entertainment. There is plenty coming up in Chambers in the next few weeks. This Friday, the bar will be hosting a School Disco Theme night. The night will be made up of a number of entertainers, as well as generous drink promotions. Revellers are asked to find their old school uniform, as there will be surprises and prizes on the night. They will also

be taking part in the jazz weekend. One of the most popular student nights in Cork is Freakscene, which takes place every Wednesday in Gorby’s, Oliver Plunkett Street. Freakscene boasts itself as the longest running alternative club night in Cork. One of the oldest gay bars in Ireland is located in Cork. Loafers, located on Douglas Street, is a charming pub with friendly staff and environment. There is a large heated smoking hut to the rear of the pub and is open seven days a week. There are plenty of option for nightlife and entertainment geared towards the LGBT community. For more information visit There are plenty of places across the city to suit the everyone’s entertainment needs It’s no wonder Cork is such a social hub, with so much going on when the sun goes down. For the latest news on what is going on in and around Cork, read Setlist, Cork’s ultimate entertainment guide, every week in the Cork Independent.


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WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS TO ALL FOUR SHOWS IN CORK OPERA HOUSE OVER THE OCTOBER BANK HOLIDAY THURSDAY 21 OCTOBER, 8PM: THE STORY OF MOTOWN The classic Motown hits will be re-created by a female trio and a male quartet, backed up by the amazing eight-piece Motown Big Band. Witness the hits and the moves of The Supremes, The Temptations, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, The Four Tops, The Marvelettes, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Smokey Robinson & The Miracles.

FRIDAY 22 OCTOBER, 8PM: RUMOURS OF FLEETWOOD MAC This stunning re-creation brings back the classic hits of the legendary band, with their meticulously crafted instrumentals and tight harmonies. No wonder it bears Mick Fleetwood’s golden seal of approval. /corkindependent

SATURDAY 23 OCTOBER, 8PM: EN VOGUE Their sultry, virtuoso vocals have kept these ‘funky divas’ at the top of the game for twenty years. The California quartet has won more MTV Video Music Awards than any other female group in history for hits such as Hold On, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, and Runaway Love.

SUNDAY 24 OCTOBER, 8PM: RICH HALL Star of the recent critically acclaimed BBC4 documentary, How the West Was Lost, Edinburgh Fringe favourite and Perrier Award winner, Rich Hall has been charming sell-out audiences with his grouchy, deadpan style. A master of absurdist irony, the London-based comic particularly likes to lay into his fellow Americans and life across the Pond. /corkindo

To win, answer this question:

WHAT FILM STARRING BEYONCÉ IS BASED ON THE MOTOWN STORY? A - THE PINK PANTHER B - CHARLIE’S ANGELS C - DREAMGIRLS Text keyword COMP5 followed by your answer (A, B, OR C) and your name and address to 53500. Text cost E0.60. Terms and conditions apply.*

021 4288 566

*Terms & Conditions Apply: Texts cost 60c + standard rate SMS for all texts received. Service Provider Púca 01 4995939, PO Box 10975, Dublin 4. Neither the promoters, nor the Cork Independent nor Púca are responsible for network delay or non-receipt of messages. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt. Open to all residents of ROI age 18 years of age and over. Closing date Tuesday 12th October at 12 noon.

7 October 2010



All Bottles




” 1 0 5 I I A “HAW MARDLE

All Pints



Tel: 021-4552072 17/18 Pine Street, Cork.

The Grafton Located on Oliver Plunkett Street opposite the entrance to the English Market.

The perfect location for your Christmas Party with our Private Function Room which caters for up to 100 people. Various food options available to suit all preferences.

Book Now on 021 - 4279310 Late Night Bar from Thursdays - Sundays with Live Bands Friday and Sunday Nights followed by DJ. All Sports events shown live on HD TV’s

Contact us on 021 - 4279310

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SPECIAL OFFER any person who correctly guess the first scorer in a match gets a free pint of Budweiser!!!


7 October 2010



Traditional Pub

The Cornerhouse, Coburg Street Located on Coburg St. (just across the bridge from St Patrick’s Street) the Corner House is one of the finest Traditional pubs to visit in Cork. Regular, free music on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and occasional gigs on other nights (always free) that range from bluegrass to traditional, provide the entertainment. No sing-songs though as the idea at these sessions is to let the master-musicians play. Lunches comprise of homemade soup, fresh homemade soda bread and a range of fresh toasted sandwiches are probably the best in Cork - there is always one vegan, gluten free soup on offer, to cater for those with special dietary needs. Open from 12noon Mon.-Fri. and from 4pm Sat.-Sun.



The Thomond Bar, Marlboro Street For the sports fanatic who enjoys the pub atmosphere, Thomond Bar is your one stop shop for all things sport related. With live coverage of all rugby and soccer fixtures, as well as GAA, golf, and many other notable sporting events, the Thomond Bar is the sport’s lover’s perfect choice of watering hole. Run by management and staff who love sports as much as their patrons, The Thomond is the ideal social spot for sports fans to converge, have a few pints and talk sports with like minded fans. With a great range of food available all day, such as the Thomond toastie and authentic Irish lamb stew, there’s a great range of food to soak up the beer! The Thomond also offers a full desert menu, both delicious and inexpensive. The Thomond is also a great spot for family days out on a Sunday to watch the big game with family or friends in a relaxed, friendly and enthusiastic pub environment.


Local Brew

The Franciscan Well, North Mall For the beer connoisseur, there is no better stop than The Franciscan Well. Founded in 1998 on the North Mall, The Franciscan Well is a rarity, in that it is one of Ireland’s few Microbrewerys, offering 4 unique Cork homebrewed beers: Blarney Blonde, Shandon Stout, Hefewiesen and Rebel Red. The blonde beer is the lager and has a lovely malt flavour. The red is based after a traditional Irish red beer and is probably the beer The Franciscan Well is best known for. The well, which dates back to 1219, is said to contain water with mystical healing properties, and no better use to take advantage of healing water than to make beer with it right? All of the Franciscan’s homebrews are brewed naturally, and contain no chemical additives or preservatives, ensuring a top quality brew at affordable prices. Located conveniently right in the heart of Cork City on the North Mall, the Franciscan makes for an experience like none other, to sample fine homebrewed beers from Cork’s finest. With three 300-gallon tanks of beer behind the bar to keep the party alive, there’s never a shortage of Cork’s finest homebrew. As a big tourist attraction in Cork, there’s also a fine range of international beers to choose from at The Franciscan Well, truly a beer connoisseurs dream.



Cyprus Avenue, Oliver Plunkett Street One of Cork’s most prolific live music venues, Cyprus Avenue is an extension to the Old Oak pub, located upstairs from it. The venue won a Hot Press award last year for the best live music venue in Ireland and also best live venue in Munster in 2008. With all the charm of a small, quaint local pub, the venue lights up when live music rolls in and makes for a fantastic atmosphere of ceoil and craic. Always drawing a fantastically mixed crowd on young, old, music lovers and pub lovers, Cyprus Avenue makes for the perfect combination of live music venue and quaint pub setting to ensure an enjoyable experience. Most recently, Cyprus Avenue played host to Imelda May for this year’s Arthur’s Day celebration, and positive reports came from all around about the suitability of the venue for such an infusion of pub and music culture. Well worth a look for a quiet pint, a night out or a music gig, Cyprus Avenue is a hotspot in Cork City.


Late Bar

Crane Lane, Phoenix Street Crane Lane is the premier late night bar in Cork City. Boasting a unique, vintage décor ranging from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, it offers a touch of class to the discerning pub aficionado. Located in the remains of an old Gentleman’s Club in the heart of the City, Crane Lane also has the only beer Garden in Cork City. There are also three bars to choose from, The Stage Door, The Crystal Room and the main Theatre. Boasting live music 5 nights a week, ranging from blues, rock and jazz, the Crane Lane models itself of being inspired by the music of Tom Waits, bringing a touch of jazzy class to the premises. Always a hot spot for a great crowd, The Crane Lane sees great numbers every night when they open their doors and is a very popular nightlife spot for Cork City locals every night of the week. This weekend sees a packed line-up at The Crane Lane, with DJ Keith Synott performing Friday night, DJ Fadd Jr, The Bonnevilles performing Saturday night, and Boutique Burlesque and DJ Cillian performing Sunday night. There is always a good, friendly crowd, and a classy atmosphere to guarantee a great night out. A visit to Crane Lane is not soon to be forgotten (that is, if it can be remembered!), as it is one of the classiest and most unique establishments in Cork City. With something to satisfy everyone’s taste, and a constant stream of live music, Crane Lane is a must hit spot.

letters to the editor

SLITHERING & SLIDING Dear Editor, Slithering and sliding are traits of character that our politicians are gifted with and becomes a priceless asset, should one of them become a Taoiseach. It camouflages their lack of ability ad hoodwinks the general public to become modern day Mr Micawbers, hoping for better times to come. However, even Mr Micawber’s optimism would be severely stretched in present day Ireland. The cost of our bureaucratic governing system


7 October 2010

and its expensive faculties will prolong the agony of our people. Why is the HSE still in the doldrums? Why is our education system still turning out pupils unable to cope with the demands of a basic venture in the age of technology? Yesterday, an EU Spokesman said that there were four million vacancies for employment across the EU. Language difficulty was an impediment in preventing would-be applicants from cross-border employment. Being a gifted Gaelic speaker does

not assist you to get overseas employment, no matter how skilled you are. The HSE was held below the waterline during Mr Michael Martin’s tenure of office Secretary of State for Health. When the country needed him to act promptly and properly in his present portfolio, he was in an underground burrow into Gaza and he is being suggested as a replacement for the incumbent Taoiseach. Good leadership is impossible if the example is being set by the incumbent.


It’s not up to scratch. All over the world, there are laws that allow employers to forbid the consumption of alcohol by their employees during work hours and to dismiss offenders. Prior to going into its annual hibernations, the Dail had a couple of weeks of hectic activity. The Greens scored heavily in getting some otherwise unpalatable bills in to law. How many TDs were under the influence of drink. How serious was the logic that should have been applied during

the debate and the vote? What was the leader doing in allowing this to happen? Would the manager of a private company allow intoxicated employees to continue working? Both personal and company safety and reputation would be at risk. The slithering and sliding in taking responsibility allows this to happen time and time again. The future looks blurred, but let’s be happy and hum ‘what can we do with a drunken…’ hoping that someone can come up with an answer. Yours sincerely, Richard Prendergast, Rathcormac, Co. Cork

WE WELCOME YOUR LETTERS Letters can be sent to The Editor, Cork Independent, Northpoint House, Northpoint Business Park, New Mallow Road, Cork. Alternatively, email: or send us a message via Letters must contain a name, address and telephone number for verification. Letters are printed at the editor’s discretion and may require some editing. The Cork Independent wishes to advise that it does not accept responsibility for the content of letters. The opinions expressed on this page are those of the authors and in no way reflect those of the Cork Independent.


Marcus Reynolds A General Election would at least give us the illusion that some form of Democracy still exists in this banana republic.

David Hartery Nope, lack of actual political differences and concrete policy between and from any of the parties means that there is no will or ability to change.

Conor Slattery I wouldn’t have thought so. It’s the Anglo decision that made a mess of things and nobody will have the liathróidí to reverse that decision. -

Killarney holds savings for Cork

ORGANISING a family break at this time of year can be challenging. It’s hard to find a way to please all members of the family. At lease with Holiday Inn, the whole family can agree on something. What’s more, Holiday Inn Killarney will keep everyone satisfied with their mid-term break. The Holiday Inn Killarney has established a reputation as one of the leading locations for a break away. This October Midterm, The Holiday Inn Killarney has a great package for families who want to be able to take in all that Killarney has to offer while ensuring that the needs of their children are catered for. On arrival at the hotel children will be given a special activity pack filled with crosswords and puzzles, which are guaranteed to put a smile on their face. During the week the kids can enjoy The Animal Roadshow. This is a unique experience with an educational twist. There is a brilliant selection of animals that includes lizards, snakes, owls, hedgehogs and more. Their supervised playroom is open nightly, while the parents can relax and unwind in Saddlers Pub.

This year for the first time, take a trip on ‘The Killarney Ghost Tour’ where visitor will hear tales of heroes, traitors, ghosts and villains. Older members of the family may enjoy the pool table or simply sit back and enjoy the pool and full leisure facilities. Saddlers Tradition Irish Pub serves an extensive bar menu with the Holiday Inn’s popular burger menu that kids and adults all enjoy.

Food is served daily until 9.30pm. Holiday Inn also provide live entertainment on Tuesdays Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with local bands. If you’re worried that you may miss the next big sporting event, then don’t fret. The wide screen television shows all the major sporting events. The Holiday Inn Killarney’s Midterm Breaks takes place from 25, October to 31, October. Their package

includes two nights bed and breakfast and one dinner for up to two adults and two kids. Prices range from €249. If you stay midweek you will receive the third night free. For more information visit or call 064 6633000.

Muskerry Satellite Systems Free To Air Systems From `199 BBC, ITV, CH4, UTV, NEWS, KIDS, MUSIC

ONCE OFF PAYMENT, NO MONTHLY BILLS Call into our Bandon store at MUSKERRY SATELLITE SYSTEMS 12 Market St, Bandon, Co Cork or call

023 8843724

All Cork locations CHEQUE IT OUT: Anthony Dennehy Secretary, Denis Falvey Chairman of Promotions Committee, Terry Buckley Chairman Under-Age Club & Patrick Horgan, Glen Rovers & Cork with the Sponsorship Cheque of €2,500 from Blackpool Credit Union Limited for 2010 which was handed over to player representatives of the under-age club. Blackpool Credit Union Limited are Proud to sponsor The Glen Under-Age Hurling Club For 2010.

081 8715175

includes Dish & Installation



7 October 2010

WE HAVE LOST SENSE OF CorkProfile Kay O’Mahony Psychotherapist DUTY – ISPCA By Eoin Weldon

Horse left to die in Mitchelstown

An old brood mare in Mitchlestown that was rescued by the ISPCA this week.

Peter Tobin

Kay O’Mahony is a psychotherapist by trade, and lives in Togher. She was the recipient of the Cork Person of the Month award for September, in recognition of her 16 years working with the homeless of Cork at Edel House. In addition to working with the homeless, Kay also provides low cost counselling and support services at Togher Parish House.

Kay got involved with Edel House in 1994 through an ad in the Ballyphehane newsletter calling for volunteers. She says that she had spare time on her hands, and always had the intention of getting involved with charity and volunteer work. Seeing the ad for Edel House spurned her to follow this path, and 16 years later, “the rest is history” she says.

Kay praises the efforts of those involved at Edel House, commenting on the fantastic support and comfort that is given to people who are taken in there. In addition to her years of work with Edel House, Kay

also offers counselling at Togher Parish House. Her counselling services help people dealing with losses, be they of a loved one or otherwise.

of learning. Within a short time her grand daughter was learning to talk – until then she had been unable to speak. Today she takes great delight in her grand daughter and is very proud of Kay likes to conduct coun- her achievements. selling sessions in small groups, encouraging everyone to particiAs a recipient of the Cork pate and help one another. She Person of the Month award, says smaller groups are more Kay is now in the running for productive for her work, be- the Cork Person of the Year cause “everyone can be heard”, award. Sister Jane Murphy of unlike in a larger group where Edel House praised Kay, saying everyone may not get a chance “All associated with Edel House to be heard. believe that Kay is deserving of this award for her service over Kay completed a four-year the years. We believe Kay does diploma course in Psychother- not know the extent of the volunapy/Counseling and a further tary work she does, or realise the year in Cork Institute of Tech- impact she has made on peoples’ nology. She also acquired a lives. Many of those who use Diploma in Support Services in the services of Edel House have UCC, all while looking after her changed for the better because grand daughter, who has Down of Kay’s ability to give them her Syndrome. time, her compassion.” Kay attended school with her grand daughter and became a member of the School Committee. She also learned the Hannon technique in order to understand the child’s Down syndrome pace

Name Occupation Location Favourite thing about Cork Least favourite thing about Cork

Kay says her favourite thing about Cork is the generosity of the people, whom she describes as “wonderful people” with “good hearts”.

Kay O’Mahony Psychotherapist Togher The generosity of the wonderful people of Cork. The poverty and homelessness problems.

THE IRISH Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA) responded to a call from a concerned member of the public made to the Garda in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork. Upon investigation the ISPCA discovered a brood mare on the verge of starvation, located off a bog bank 200 yards long and six feet wide, overgrown with old bushes off the Mitchelstown by-pass. According to the ISPCA it was clear that the animal, after producing numerous foals, was dumped and left to die. It took the ISPCA some time to get her out of this area because she was so weak. She was taken to the comfort of one of the ISPCA Centres to receive emergency veterinary treatment. A spokesperson for the organization commended the individual who reported the animal and questioned peo-

ple’s attitude towards animals. Barbara Bent said: “Have we lost all sense of duty to our horses when such a kind old mare is left to suffer through such appalling neglect and to be abandoned to a slow, painful and agonizing death? The ISPCA would like to commend the member of the public who made that important phone call to the Gardai and to the Garda for contacting the ISPCA National Animal Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515.” The ISPCA is also promoting the welfare of all animals during this current World Animal Week. World Animal Week is an annual event celebrated around the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi (4 October), the patron saint of animals. The event helps to raise awareness for the difference we can all make to improve animal welfare and to make the world a better and safer place for all animals that play

such an important part in our lives. There is no limit to what you can do but the important thing is to get involved. You can help the ISPCA in so many ways like organise a fundraising event, make a donation, rehome a rescued animal, become a volunteer, or purchase ISPCA merchandise available on-line at The ISPCA needs your support this year more than ever to continue helping animals. To celebrate this event, Pedigree and Whiskas along with RTE and other welfare organisations are inviting you to vote for Ireland’s Best Loved Dog and Cat in preparation for World Animal Week. The ISPCA wants to find the healthiest, happiest and most loved pets in Ireland. For more information see www.worldanimalweek. ie

Climb aboard the Tall Ships UCC student David Murray, 3rd Year BIS, is calling on all young people to take part in The Tall Ships Races 2011, presented by Szczecin and organised by Sail Training International, which will take place in early July next year. Dozens of Irish youths aged 16-25 will sail from Waterford to Greenock, Scotland in early July in the first race. David, originally from Waterford, is something of a veteran of the Tall Ships, having sailed in June 2009 from Waterford to Dublin and Kinsale as bosun’s mate on the ships. He also sailed around

the north coast of Scotland last year on the Lord Nelson with his older brother Paul. David has spent time on board several tall ships as a trainee and voluntary crew member has given the experience a huge ‘thumbs up’ and encouraged others to sign up for next year. Speaking about his experiences David said: “It’s been a very busy but great couple of summers with the Tall Ships and I’m really looking forward to next year – especially with Waterford again hosting the fleet and crews from around the world.”

David also highly recommends getting involved with sailing, saying “I strongly recommend sail training to anyone who gets the opportunity and the fact that the races start from Waterford next summer makes it even easier to get involved. Sail training is for everyone and I’ve met a great mix of people on the different ships I’ve been on. It’s been a brilliant experience.” For more information on getting involved with The Tall Ships Races, see www.

7 October 2010





Cork Business Women advised to get online or be left behind Eoin Weldon


Bernadette Tobin from Blackrock, Maeve Murray from Ballintemple and Jean Murphy from Ballincollig at the celebrity chefs fundraiser evening at Table in Brown Thomas, Cork to raise funds for the forthcoming Marymount Hospice Ball.

Anne Barry from Rochestown, Joan Scannell from Grange and Catherine McCarthy from Rochestown at the celebrity chefs fundraiser evening.

OVER 60 businesswomen were present at the Maryborough House Hotel last week to hear speaker warn them to use social media tools or risk their businesses being left behind. While Facebook may still be viewed as a tool for younger people, the fastest growing group of Facebook users in Ireland is women over 55 so the demographic is continually changing, attendees were told. This and many other insights into the social networking world were delivered by social media expert Noel Davidson. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are the most relevant media, he said. “In 2007 the average number of tweets per day was 5,000 whereas now it is around 55 million, so you

cannot ignore Twitter,” he commented. “LinkedIn is a vital tool for business people to have a presence on as it is equivalent to a live CV he added. Deirdre Waldron of Fuzion Communications talked about using social media for PR, and emphasised that PR is essentially about your company’s reputation and how you communicate this. The growth in online tools for PR has been phenomenal according to Deirdre, and she estimates that 50 per cent of PR activity for businesses is now online. Successful Cork entrepreneur Ciara Crossan told the audience of her experience and success in using social networking tools for business. While her business weddingdates. ie targets the wedding industry, she describes it as a technology business that happens to use technology for wedding planning.

She has been using Twitter since the early days when there were only a small number of users in Ireland and described how it helped her make valuable contacts get her messages out. She is a regular blogger and encouraged all businesses to establish an active blog to drive traffic to their websites. This event was part of a series of Network of Enterprising Women (NEW) events run annually by Cork City and South Cork Enterprise Boards, to get Cork Business Women networking and making effective business contacts. NEW members are encouraged to promote their businesses at these networking events. To join NEW, contact Cork City Enterprise Board at 021-4961828 or email

Eurharia Abbott and Sylvia O’Connell from Rochestown with Caroline Walsh from Marybouragh at the celebrity chefs fundraiser evening.

Celebrity chefs Maura O’Brien Chairperson Marymount Hospice Ball committee and Marion Bradley from Heineken Ireland getting the food ready at the celebrity chefs fundraiser evening.

If you would like any photograph we have published please contact the Cork Independent on 021 4288566 or email

Hazel Buckley and Debbie O’Leary of Amity Boutique at the NEW networking event of Enterprising Women run by The South Cork Enterprise Board at Maryborough House Hotel, Douglas. NEW is a dynamic and vibrant network of Enterprising Women run by the South Cork Enterprise Board. Photo: Gerard McCarthy


UCC set for bonus points trial period

UNIVERSITY College Cork (UCC) is set to engage in a two-year trial of the introduction of bonus points for Higher level maths at Leaving Certificate. Earlier this year, at the request of the Minister for Education, the UCC Academic Council considered the issue of bonus points for Higher Level Mathematics. The University took an evidence-based, principled decision, not to support the introduction of bonus points for the subject. This decision was based on education grounds and on issues of likely discrimination against students in the many schools not offering honours maths teaching. UCC’s reservations concerning this issue are well known and have been well aired. However, in order to avoid the widespread confusion among students that would arise from a diverse sectoral approach, UCC will work with the other universities to agree on a bonus points scheme for implementation in 2012/13, for a trial period of two years. During this period, the University will support an accompanying academic evaluation of the implications of its decision. Issues to be critically analysed will include gen-

der-based discrimination and access to higher education for those from socially disadvantaged areas where the opportunity to study Higher Level Mathematics does not exist. The results from this study will inform a review of the bonus points process and future decision making. UCC has a long established record of supporting the teaching of mathematics. For the past two decades, the University has run a successful Saturday outreach programme, ‘Mathematics Enrichment Classes’, targeted at the best mathematics students in the Cork region. The programme includes a specially designed module for some 80 Cork secondary school pupils. The University also runs courses in applied mathematics for schools in the region that are unable to provide for students interested in taking the subject at Leaving Certificate level, as well as an MA in Curriculum Studies Mathematics, aimed at upskilling both secondary school teachers and academic staff in UCC. UCC academic staff have a long history of involvement in the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ As-

Our City Our Town

7 October 2010


In the Footsteps of St Finbarre (Part 231) At the Sword of Light

sociation which has played a leading role in the establishment of the Applied Mathematics Teachers’ The quest in the last couple of weeks to write about the heritage of War of Association. In turn, the AMTA has been proactive Independence memorials, such as the Ballycanon one and that of the Patrick Murphy in the development of the Civil War memorial, has led to a series of individuals and groups contacting me secondary school curriculum in mathematics as well wishing to elaborate on and debate the historical record. as the implementation of Many have drawn on the new Project Maths curcollective memories that riculum. have been passed down and have also presented It is imperative, UCC primary and secondary believes, that in the meansources on the topics I have time, the necessary and explored in the column. well articulated measures Recently, I met up with to ensure an improvement Des O’Grady, an avid loin the standard of Higher cal historian, with the Cork Mathematics in the Junior based Phoenix Historical and Leaving Certificate Society. He and the sociexaminations, are put in ety record the people and place by the Government. narratives attached to meTogether with many commorials remembering the mentators on education, Irish War of Independence UCC takes the view that and the Civil War. We met without such action on the under the shadow of the part of Government, the iconically carved An Claiddesired enhancement of heamh Solais sculpture mathematical attainment within the Republican Plot will not be achieved. The at St Finbarre’s Cemetery. University also believes This cemetery contains one Grave of Patrick Murphy, Republican Plot, St. Finbarre’s Cemetery, Cork. that the negative cultural of the largest burial plots of Photo: Kieran McCarthy. environment surrounding Irish Republicans who died Science and Technology in the course of the strugsubjects at present, needs gle for Irish freedom, most at Dennehy’s Cross, Cork arrest, disarm and interro- the work of Padraig Pearse, to be addressed on a naof them during the 1920s City and burned them out. gate the Free State agent. a signatory of the Irish tional basis and in collabobut there are some from They were also involved in The gathering of Free State Proclamation of Independration with other western the late twentieth century attacks and the burning out agents encountered opened ence but also an enthusiascountries. of Royal Irish Constabulary fire on the latter persons. In tic member of the Gaelic as well. Des outlined his work police barracks at Bannow the event, Patrick was shot League, He was also editor and thoughts on Patrick Bridge near the Angler’s in the stomach. He died of of the League’s newspaper Murphy, who is also buried Rest and at Victoria Cross his wounds on 11 Septem- An Claidheamh Solais (The ber, two days later in the Sword of Light). However, within the plot and whose respectively. During the Civil War, Mercy Hospital. this narrative seems to also grave is marked by a stone Patrick Murphy’s be transcended when one cross. Patrick was from Patrick took the republican Model Farm Road at Min- side. The passed-down col- grave lies perhaps in one of looks at this depiction of isters Cross and the ruin of lective memory of his life the most sacred of plots in an ancient sword. Here is the two storey house, where highlights that Patrick was Cork’s cemeteries, the Re- a memorial that also seems he was born and bred, can active in a Flying Column publican Plot but perhaps to carry much symbolstill be seen there. Accord- operating in the Inniscarra/ also one of the most con- ism of the early historical ing to the 1911 census, Blarney area and was in- tested of Cork’s historical journey of the Irish state, his father was Thomas (a volved in several opera- spaces. Indeed it is difficult a society within a country farmer) and his mother was tions, including the blow- to write about this great who fought physically and Kate. Patrick was the sec- ing up of Bannow Bridge space without encounter- emotionally with Britain ond youngest in the family, at Leemount four days ing different arguments and and itself. In essence, here being 18 at the time of the before his death. He was debates on what traits and is a powerful sculpture census. His sisters were also involved in the raid deeds of those who fought linked to national idenAnne Marie, Queenie and on the Muskerry Tram on 8 for Irish freedom should tity, national memory and Helena whilst he had one September, with the Flying be remembered. However political agendas, all very Column, who were looking standing in the middle of important parts of Ireland’s brothe,r Thomas. Volunteer Patrick for Free State soldiers, who the plot, I was impressed cultural heritage. My thanks to Des Murphy was a member were working undercover by the carved An Claidof H Company, First Bat- in the area. After the col- heamh Solais or the Sword O’Grady for his patience, talion, First Cork Brigade, umn searched all the pas- of Light, which is also de- courtesy and contribution To be continued... Irish Republican Army. sengers and the mail bags, picted on Patrick Murphy’s The company was formed they discovered that a Free memorial and many others, circa 1917 and comprised State agent, hired to kill connecting a large series of members of volunteers Sean Mitchell, who was Of- memorials together. The living in Glasheen, Bish- ficer in Command, would work in one sense recalls opstown, Western Road pass through the Leemount and westwards to Carri- area at about 11.30am, the grohane townland. During following morning. At the the War of Independence, time the Free State agent the H-Company had fail- was planning to infiltrate ures and successes. In one the column posing as an instance at Ballynacarriga IRA man wishing to get in or Inchigaggin Bridge, in contact with the column to an attempt to secure gel- offer his services. (Counignite, an explosive, using tering the Cork Examiner in quarries in the areas, view of the narrative) The DENTAL DUTIES: Regina Kim and Apaah Kwabena participants of the The Dragon of they were outgunned by Officer in Command, Sean Shandon project working on the dragon, Cork Community Art Link, Shandon St., Cork British troops and forced Mitchell and Volunteer City, yesterday. Cork Community Art Link’s The Dragon of Shandon is an annual street to retreat. In more success- O’Sullivan, Patrick Murcelebration of the age-old tradition of Samhain marking the end of summer and start of ful attempts, they captured phy went to Lee Mount winter that takes place at the end of October. Photo: Clare Keogh/Provision two British troop lorries Cross on 9 September to

7 October 2010

Volunteers wanted for Operation Xmas Child

AS THE first whispers of the dreaded festive season are ushered, Operation Christmas Child is seeking more volunteers in Cork as it gears up for another busy autumn collecting gifts for vulnerable children. This is the twelfth successive year of Operation Christmas Child in Ireland, but it is a particularly special year as it marks the 20th anniversary of the very first ‘shoebox campaign’ which took gifts to Romania for children who had suffered terribly under the Ceausescu regime. Operation Christmas Child Project Manager, Martin Shotbolt, said: “Many people still recall the awful TV footage of the children in the Romanian orphanages which prompted the first shoebox donations. Twenty years on, sadly, too many children are living in very challenging situations in lots of countries, and the kindness of those who donate a gift-filled shoebox is every bit as important now as it was in 1990.

“It may be hard to imagine what a difference a shoebox containing a few simple toys and gifts makes to a child, but if you think that, for many, this is the first time they will receive a present at Christmas, it helps people understand.” He added that many are abandoned by their parents or have been removed from abusive situations by the authorities, are ill, living in poverty or in squalid conditions with their families. “It can be heartbreaking to see how some children are forced to exist. The shoeboxes bring happiness to them, not only in the shape of the presents, but as proof that someone is thinking of them and cares about them.” Operation Christmas Child is looking for more volunteers to join their existing teams to help generate shoeboxes for the children, to act as drivers to collect shoeboxes from around the county and to help staff DropOff Points where shoeboxes can be delivered. “Operation Christmas Child

is an initiative of Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian relief and development organisation, and because Christmas is a special time to help a child, we want to send as many shoeboxes as we can to help mark the 20th anniversary. I am sure many people in Cork will support our campaign in 2010. They hope to generate 15,000 shoeboxes specifically to take to children in Haiti who have suffered from the earthquake that struck there on 12 January and continue to face very harsh living conditions. This is in addition to their established annual collection. Anyone interested can contact Raymond McCaw or Martin Shotbolt on 085-7 299824 to get details of how they can become involved in this important charity campaign. Anyone wanting further information on Operation Christmas Child can visit the Samaritan’s Purse website - www.

Winter slimmers putting plans in place

FOR MANY people, weight loss is a daunting challenge. You may feel like all you ever do is contemplate a weight loss regime, without ever acting on it. But now is the ideal time of year to plan your weight loss regime, a time better than any other. The weather is still (somewhat) good, the leftover Summer weather can be a good encouragement to get out and exercise. Walking in the evenings is still just about possible, as the daylight still holds until about 8pm, and salads are still (just about) holding their appeal. But without a very precise, clear cut plan for your weight loss goals, you will remain the same weight, perhaps in spite of your best efforts. There is no quick, easy fix when it comes to weight loss. Nor is there a magic trick that cuts out the hard work required to reach your goal. One key is the need to control your calorie count. You need to control the amount of calories you’re taking in, and burn more than you normally do through

exercise. This time of year provides you with the perfect oppurtunity to plan your weight loss regime and goals, such as your target weight and your daily regiment. The end of year deadline allows you to safely aim for a realistic and reachable goal of a one and a half stone wight loss in a period of just ten weeks. And with Christmas looming large, and the resulting ‘holiday weight’ it can bring, now is the perfect time to shed a few pounds in advance of the Holiday Season. Indeed, there are few times of the year that can motivate us to lose weight on such a tight deadline. With 14 years of experience from consulting with clients wishing to lose weight, Anna Burns (MsC Nutrition) says she can attest to the importance of planning in a weight loss regime. It is important to have smart goals to acheive weight loss, and more importantly, one must set specific goals. Set a target weight and stick vehemntly to it with your daily regiment.

When the Christmas party rolls around, would you prefer to be one stone lighter? |Or two stone lighter? These are very realistic, achievable goals. It is well accepted that a two pound weight loss per week is a safe and relaistically achievable target for any of us. This is what Anna Burns garauntees for her clients, no more, no less. Is this a realistic goal for you at this time? Are you going on a cruise for a fortnight in the next month? If so, perhpas you should tkae this into consideration! And finally, is your goal time appropriate? While many can hope to achieve twice the recommended ideal rate of weight loss, few can depnd on it consistently. A steady weight loss rate of two pounds per week leads to consistent habits with food, allows to control our habits and guarantees success. So start planning today, and don’t put it off any longer. For more information, call 086 8052800.

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7 October 2010

Caring for the Elderly Coming up to the festive season, it’s great to have family to celebrate with, but not everyone is so lucky. Many elderly people have no one to look out for them. Be sure to check that elderly relatives and neighbours are safe and happy this year. Jason Kennedy finds out how It’s fast approaching the time of the year where roads get slippery with ice, the days get shorter and the nights get colder. When you leave work and arrive home, you may just want to put your feet up and relax. While you can relax comfortably, there are hundreds of elderly people across the country who spend much of their time alone. This can affect both their physical heath and their mental health. There are a number of ways that you can ensure that elderly relatives and neighbours are kept safe, healthy and happy.

Resthaven Nursing Home

yourself, you could organise for special groups to visit the area. There are a number of groups in Cork that specialise in ensuring that older people who would rather stay home are able to. Meals on wheels have a Cork branch in the city centre, which provides a valuable service for those who need it. Meals on Wheels offer hot meals to those who are unable to purchase or prepare their own meals. For those who don’t live in the city centre, there are a number of branches throughout the county. Many secondary schools also offer transition year services where pupils call into older people’s homes to become more active in their communities. It allows the older people to have more social contact, while breaking stereotypes about older people for the pupils. Many schools also offer free computer classes for the elderly. This are sometimes taught by transition year students as part of their programme. This allows older people the opportunity to understand the basics of computers, from playing solitaire to writing word documents and sending emails. This could be very useful for those with family and friends that moved abroad.

Meelin, Co. Cork

Safety and Security


glass and faulty electrics. Some of these problems can affect the occupant’s health. If you notice any problems with the house, make sure and let the occupant know and see if you can find a way to get it fixed for them. Some older people may be unable to go out and do their shopping as well. While you may like to go out and do it for them, there is an easier option for those living in populated areas. Many large supermarket chains offer online shopping. This allows you to do all your grocery shopping from the comfort of your own home. This service could come in very useful to older people who are unable to go out and do their own shopping. Remember, these visits could be some of the only interaction your elderly friend could regularly get. It can be very lonely, so be sure to be full of chat and listen to what they have to say.

When checking up on an elderly person, don’t make it seem that your visit is an act of charity. Be personable and have a casual chat with the person. It may sound like common sense, but it is very easy to tell when a visitor doesn’t really want to be there. Have Charitable organisaa cup of tea and engage tions with them. While you’re there, If you’re not sure you could see if there are whether you can provide any problems with their the time to look after house. These can include your elderly friend by draughts, leaks, broken

This season, it is more than just the cold and loneliness that may be affecting older people living alone. Some thieves specifically tar-

get older people because many have no one else living with them and they would not have the

HEALTHCARE 21 Where Care is simply the best

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strength to stop them. This is when good neighbours come in handy. If you notice strangers going into an older person’s house, be sure to check and see if everything is alright. If you are very worried about the situation, you could talk to them about setting up a security system or alarm. This will make you and them much more secure and happy. However, there are many more threats inside the home. There are many ways an older per-

son living alone could be injured. The good news is that there are many modern fittings that can help prevent any injuries that could happen. In the bathroom, it is possible to buy a shower seat, so older people don’t have to stand in the shower. This ensures that there is little or no risk of falling. There are similar grasps for the bath, so older folk can easily lift themselves in and out of the bath. These are inexpensive and can be purchased in most DIY

stores. For more information on ways to keep seniors safe at home, visit www. They offer help and solutions for independently living seniors while also giving younger people the chance to become caregivers.

7 October 2010


The search is on for Cork’s silver surfer This year’s 3 Silver Surfer competition, in association with Age Action, was launched this week. 3 and Age Action are calling on the people of Cork to nominate either themselves or older people they know who have embraced information technology for pleasure or as a way to enhance their quality of life They are looking for people over the age of 50 who love the internet, texting on their phone, tweeting, blogging and all other forms of technology. Last year’s winner, Marguerite Faulkner, who recently turned 96, launched the event along with Fair City actors Tom Jordan, who plays Charlie Kelly and Jim Bartley, who plays Bella Doyle. Ms Faulkner earned the title of ‘Silver Surfer 2009’ for her wide use of technology including using skype to talk to her seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren, surfing the internet, texting, using her Nintendo DS for brain training games and completing a digital photography course. There will be five categories in the Silver Surfer Awards. Prizes will be given out for 3 Silver Surfer Award 2010 with Age Action, IT Volunteer of the Year, Best Use of Internet, Most Dedicated IT Learner and Silver Networker. Closing date for applications is Friday 29 October and winners will be notified if they have been shortlisted by

Tuesday 2 November. Nomination forms are available from Age Action by contacting Ciara Sherlock on 01-4756989 or emailing Alternatively fill in a form online at Nomination entry forms can also be found in the 3 store, located at 109 Patrick Street. The 3 Silver Surfer Awards 2010 will be announced at an awards ceremony on Tuesday 16 November in the Gresham Hotel. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend the ceremony. Eamon Ryan, Minister for Communications Energy and Natural Resources will present overall winners with their awards. 3 National Broadband Scheme Director, Damien Gallagher said he was thrilled to be part of the Silver Surfer Awards. “We are delighted to partner with Age Action for the 3 Silver Surfer Awards with Age Action as a way to recognise those who are an example to us all, no matter what age, when it comes to the best use of IT and the internet.” Organiser of the 3

Silver Surfer Awards with Age Action, Ciara Sherlock, said the awards was a great way to get older people to appreciate technology. “We are very excited about the second year of the Silver Surfer Awards. Last year’s winner Marguerite was a fantastic ambassador for older people, showing that it is possible at any age to embrace technology and use it for the betterment of life. Older people are increasingly using the internet and technology to stay in touch with relatives around the world, as Marguerite does, skyping her grand children and indeed great grand children in Singapore and Britain. “Age Action is committed to encouraging, promoting and engaging older people on a practical level with new technology to create a more inclusive and equal society in Ireland where all older people have the skills to access the internet.” To nominate yourself or someone you know for the 3 Silver Surfers Award, visit

Caring hands for our elderly HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE

Cork’s trusted source of home care provides a wide range of home care services Call us for a free consultation

021 500 2190

· Personal care · Meal preparation · Local transportation · Housekeeping & laundry · Dementia & Alzheimer’s care · Post hospital care · Respite care Each Home Instead Senior Care Franchise is independently owned & operated

There’s good news for the 160,000 carers in Ireland in the form of Caring Hands, a new support programme for carers of people with arthritis, which is the single biggest cause of disability in Ireland. Caring Hands, developed by Arthritis Ireland in association with Home Instead Senior Care, was set up to help carers learn about arthritis, understand more about its symptoms and realise how they can support someone with arthritis to live a full and independent life. Carers can learn more about arthritis be attending a free half day workshop. This includes what the ‘pain cycle’ is and how to break it, the importance of exercise, and the benefits of relaxation methods. They will also receive some practical tips on improving communications

between the carer and the person being cared for, as well as information on treatments for arthritis, and how to identify medical priorities. They will learn about self-management and how to provide help and assistance while enabling the person with arthritis maintain as much mobility, independence and control over their life as possible. Head of Education and Support Services with Arthritis Ireland, Grainne O’Leary, says that many people see their carer’s role as just part of what they do as a family member, but that the work that they do is vital. “We provide practical information and support to a large number of carers of people with arthritis through the National Arthritis Helpline. “Consequently, we

identified a need for some additional hands on supports tailored to the specific and particular needs of those caring for people with arthritis. “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Home Instead Senior Care to address these needs and to support the work of our national helpline in the provision of support to carers of people with arthritis.” To request a copy of an informative booklet, to register for the Caring Hands Workshop or to speak to someone about caring for a person with arthritis contact Arthritis Ireland’s National Arthritis Helpline on LoCall 1890-252846 or visit

in association with


A national campaign to encourage women to be more breast aware has been launched this week as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Christine Allen explores the rise in survival rates and speaks to a Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor from Cork Arc A TOTAL of 397 female,


older, total of €500 pays for the

SINGLE IN THE CITY people were diagnosed having a family history training of one support Page 53



with breast cancer in Cork in 2008 but this week, it was announced that the rate of survival for women in Ireland has jumped by 10.6 per cent. According to the most recent data from the National Cancer Registry of Ireland (NCRI), over 80 per cent of all women diagnosed with breast cancer in Ireland survive for five years or longer. That positive step forward is as a result of early diagnosis, advances in treatment and multidisciplinary care. But early diagnosis can only happen if a woman is breast aware. It is vital that every woman is breast aware, which means knowing what is normal for you so that if any unusual change occurs, you will recognise it. It is also important for all women to remain breast aware throughout their lives. Breasts will go through many normal changes during your lifetime. These are due to changes in hormones that occur during your menstrual cycle, pregnancy, breastfeeding and the menopause.

of breast cancer or ovarian cancer or having previously been diagnosed with breast cancer. If you notice any change in your breasts see your GP as soon as possible and remember that most breast changes are not cancer and are harmless. Breast screening involves taking a mammogram (an X-ray) of the breast, which can help to find small changes in the breast before there are other signs of cancer. This is very important, as the earlier a problem is discovered and treated the better the outcome. It is also vital to remain breast aware between mammograms. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is backed by VHI and funds Action Breast Cancer (ABC), the service which provides vital support to those brave women battling breast cancer through research, advocacy, diagnosis and family support. But just where does your money go, you ask? Just €20 helps fund the ABC online forum where women chat and gain support from other women in their position Risk factors or in different stages of their experience. The most important While €50 funds the risk factors for breast cost of five calls to the cancer include being ABC freephone line, a


Support Fiona Moriarty is a Breast Cancer Nurse Counsellor at Cork Arc Cancer Support House. She says the diagnosis and treatment is an emotional journey for patients and families. “The first thing people think about it ‘is this person going to die’ and nobody feels like they can ask that. We support patients and family by allowing them to talk about what is happening.” She says that those they support range from women in their 30s to 50s. She says that even when patients finish treatment, they feel vulnerable. “We encourage people to acknowledge their fears of the cancer returning. That’s a real fear. But we have a programme called Moving On In Wellness that helps. Expectations can hinder the progress though, as everyone progresses at their own pace. “With support, patients can hear from others in the same situation speaking about issues they are facing and over time, confidence builds and they can lead a normal life again.” To contact Arc, phone

021-4276688 or visit www.corkcancersupport. ie. If you or a family member is coping with any aspect of breast cancer, contact the National Cancer Helpline on freefone 1800-200700 (Monday to Thursday, 9am to 7pm and Friday 9am to 5pm).

WHAT CHANGES SHOULD I BE AWARE OF? • A change in size or shape – one breast may become larger than the other • Changes in the nipple – in direction or shape, pulled in or flattened, or unusual discharge • Changes on or around the nipple – rash, flaky or crusted skin

• Changes in the skin – dimpling, puckering or redness • Swelling in your armpit or around your collarbone • A lump, any size, or thickening in your breast • Constant pain in one part of your breast or armpit

If you have any comments on Health & Beauty, or if you would like a topic covered email:


Foot Solutions 73 Grand Parade Cork t: 021 427 2711

7 October 2010 Pink Page


BOBBI Brown is calling on all girls to get pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the Pink Ribbon Shimmer Brick (RRP €42). The limited edition compact with exclusive case was created to boost awareness, while for the month of October, Bobbi


WAREHOUSE has launched its support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with its pink t-shirt in support of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. The cute tee supports the UK’s leading breast cancer charity and is just €33 (with 10 per cent going to the charity), while helping increase the awareness and importance of breast checks. Designed exclusively by the inhouse design team, this delicately sketched bird print T-shirt is a stylish way to support the worthwhile cause. In the charity’s signature pale pink and with an asymmetric hem detail, it’s perfect for looking effortlessly cool while highlighting the Warehouse and Breakthrough collaboration. The item is available to buy at the Brown will donate the new Warehouse store on Patrick Street, entire purchase price of Cork. the Pink Ribbon Collection (less VAT) to the Cancer Clinical Research Trust at St Vincent’s in Dublin. Bobbi Brown is available at Brown Thomas in Cork.


PINK AUCTION AN AUCTION will take place in the city on Sunday 10 October at the Imperial Hotel on South Mall to raise funds for Action Breast Cancer. Irish artists from across the Republic and beyond created dozens of hand crafted textile items for the live auction, which will be conducted by Michael Burns Auctioneers. Irish textile artists, including Karen Flannery, Máire Keogh, and

Angelika Rauch, have donated their time and talents to create highquality, unique items that will be up for bid. Creative textile art to be auctioned include crochet, knitting, lace, quilting, weaving, felting, batik and textile jewellery. The auction room, which has free admission, opens from 10am to 1pm, while the Pink Auction will run from 3.15pm.

A tongue in cheek look at single life in Cork

Coming out THE GREATEST fashion accessory this month is none other than a pink ribbon, which will be worn throughout Cork on Pink Ribbon Day on Friday 8 October. Action Breast Cancer, a programme of the Irish Cancer Society, is asking the people of County Cork to come together and support the pink appeal by buying a ribbon, badge or key ring. All funds raised on Pink Ribbon Day go towards the vital development of services at Action Breast Cancer providing free help and support for anyone concerned about breast health or going through a breast cancer journey. Pink Ribbon Day also launches our

month long Pink Ribbon Appeal – so if you want to Go Pink for Action Breast Cancer go to or CallSave 1850-606060 to find out how. According to Jill Clark, Head of Fundraising at the Irish Cancer Society, just €50 can cover the cost of five calls to the National Cancer Freefone Helpline 1800200700, which offers crucial one-to-one support and information to anyone affected by cancer. Items on sale for Pink Ribbon Day 2010 include pink ribbons (€2), badges (€2), and pink ribbon trolley key rings (€4).


MILLION-DOLLAR BABY LOOKING like a million bucks does not have to cost you that much – it’s all in the eyes. Create some impact by accessorising feline flicks and smudged kohl rimmed eyes with L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Extra Black (RRP 14.99) with Carbon Black technology. The Carbon Black technology uses extreme black pigments; dry micro powder particles that bind to the lashes to create a deeper intense black finish. The product features the millioniser


brush with its precise combination of long and short superfine bristles to seek out and capture lashes coating evenly from root to tip. The built-in excess wiper system within Volume Million Lashes is designed to adjust to every bristle removing excess mascara by wiping the brush free of clumps. Meanwhile, the noclump, volumising formula contains an anti-sticking agent to prevent lashes sticking together for a defined, precise lash look.

SOME women might be intent on burning their bras – but women can make a better sacrifice this month for Action Breast Cancer by just binning their old brassieres. For the month of October the Irish Cancer Society is joining with Curves fitness clubs and asking women to donate old bras to raise funds.

Whether a member of Curves or not, you can rummage in your drawers and drop your unwanted bras at Curves. For every one kilo of bras collected (One kilo = 17 bras approx.), €1.10 will be donated to Action Breast Cancer, which will go to help fund vital breast cancer research and continue the great work car-

ried out by the charity. Check out www. for a list of locations or free phone 1800932 800. For more information on breast awareness and/ or breast cancer, call the Action Breast Cancer free phone Helpline on 180030 90 40 (open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).

I consider myself a very good judge of when people are happy and when they are not. Around three months ago, I noticed a good friend of mine was acting strangely. At a nightclub, I decided to tackle the issue and ask what was going on. He went all quiet and started shaking. I obviously thought the worst; that he was dying or sick or someone close to him was. Gradually, he opened up and told me what was upsetting him; he was gay and doesn’t know how to tell anyone. Having very good gaydar, I had known this since I met him, but I played it coy. At this stage, I knew that he was upset. He had a religious rearing, his parents were on the more conservative side, and he’s an only child. He told me he aims to have everybody important in his life told in the space of three months. To some people, this may seem like a long time, but I have friends that are more than happy to live their life without letting family know about their sexuality, I was the first to know about this particular friend. He said he wanted to tell someone who he knew wouldn’t tell anyone else. He’s currently in fourth year in college, but has never been with another man because of the immense fear that he would be caught. “I don’t want people to find out that way and I don’t want people finding out

through other people gossiping.” Sadly, this was the case for some of my other friends – I do have a lot of gay friends - who came out. The gossipmongers got their scoop for the day and didn’t care that it really upset a number of people. Friends have fallen out with other friends for spreading stories about people’s sexuality from college to their hometown. While college can be an easier place to come out and be yourself, hometowns can be a much more judgemental place. I’ve spoken to a friend who had an awful coming out experience in his hometown. Some of his ‘friends’ started ignoring him on the street and not answering text. He heard people mocking him in local pubs and local kids called him some less than pleasant names of the street. “Small towns breed small minds”, he says. The poor guy has had a very hard time dealing with it all. Three months later and my other friend has had a very pleasant coming out experience. His family took it well and he hasn’t lost any friends in the process. He hasn’t changed at all. He still dresses the same, speaks the same, makes the same awful jokes and goes to the same pubs. He even has his own fella. “If I knew it was going to go this well, I would have done it when I was in first year.”


7 October 2010


EATING FOR CANCER PREVENTION Many of the world’s cancer associations and organisations list diet and food as one of their top key fighters in terms of cancer. There has been large amount of research published on just how beneficial certain foods can be in terms of cancer prevention and survival. Not only are certain ingredients actually linked to cancer prevention, but generally those who look after their diets tend to lose weight, another major cancer fighter. One of the interesting things about cancer prevention and food is that it is not just the ingredients that are important to health, but also the way these foods are prepared. Char grilling, cooking at high temperatures and processing foods, for example, smoking can increase the number of carcinogens or cancer exacerbating substances. And then there are the key ingredients to remember. Probably the super heroes of cancer prevention are fresh fruits and vegetables, containing high levels of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients (i.e. even more powerful anti-oxidants), which act as defenders of cells and organs against attack. Green leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale, broccoli and cabbage, which grow so well here in Ireland, are especially linked with hormonal cancers and with helping the body to detox potentially dangerous substances. The organic debate does also come

into play with cancer prevention where it has been shown that organic fruits and vegetables are higher in phytonutrients than non-organic. For this reason, I tend to recommend more organic produce for cancer prevention and recovery than I would other groups. Another issue is that of fats. Try to avoid poor quality fats such as hydrogenated fats and trans fats and also ensure fats are not cooked at the high temperatures such as char grilling and frying. Fat consumed should be of good quality, for example, Omega 3 fats from fish and good quality nuts (not peanut) and seeds (especially flax/ linseed). In addition, there has been quite a bit of research done into the link between pollutants and chemicals and cancer and so I would try to get as chemical free as possible. Try to buy cleaning agents with as little chemicals in them as possible (the environmental ones are a good start). Filter your water. Avoid plastics as much as possible as contain a substance called BPA, which has oestrogenic like properties - the ones I’m most concerned with are plastic bottles (try to buy hard plastic water bottles) and containers (never microwave with plastic).

For a more tailored approach to a cancer prevention and recovery through nutrition, contact Lucy at or

Leather and sheepskin and bridles with faux fur. If these are a few of your favourite things, Topshop is sure to be a style wonderland this season. This season, Topshop Unique is all about the animals and the autumn collection features everything from sheepskin boots to blazers with bridles. Fox hunting meets boudoir in the quirky mix of textures such as leather

and faux fur collars, net skirts with suspender clips, pencil skirts and yes, PJs. Bedtime meets fox hunting. I love it. If you don’t like it, I’ll eat my fox hat.




1: Topshop Unique fox hat 2: Sheepskin rucksack -Topshop Unique, €458 3: Leather an d faux fur collar - Topshop Unique - €114


4&8: Brown leather and canvas pocket boots Topshop Unique - €229 5: Blue faux fur shoe boot- Topshop Unique - €213 6: Brown leather and sheepskin shoe boots Topshop Unique - €213


7: Brown faux fur shoe boots - Topshop Unique - €229



Shower power Slimming for men IF like me, it takes a good hot shower to wake you up, then you’ll love the new range of Ziaja Shower Gels. If you are going to leave your warm and cosy bed, make sure it’s worth it. Ziaja has selected the best natural active ingredients and all products are dermatologically tested, allergy tested and ph balanced making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Choose from the Ziaja orange butter shower gel, coconut creamy shower soap, Marine algae shower gel, Natural olive shower gel, Goat’s milk shower soap and cocoa butter shower gel. The fruity therapy shower gels include Fruity Peach and Pear, Fruity Blueberry and Currant and Fruity Cranberry and Wild Strawberry. For the month of October, shower gels are €1.99 (normal RRP €2.50) and are available at pharmacies across Cork.

SO much talk and energy is placed on slimming aids for women, but what about the boys? Xipisan Plus for men is the revolutionary slimming aid to help men shift those hard to budge extra pounds without causing the body any undue stress. In order to burn fat, one must exercise for at least 15-20 minutes before the body starts to oxidise the fat. Xipisan Plus (€29.95)

saves you the 20 minutes by preventing the fat from storing in the body from the onset. It may be used for weight aid or maintenance depending on the individual’s needs and wishes. When the body has excess energy as a result of a meal high in carbohydrates the body converts the excess energy into fat by storing it in the fat cells. Xipisan Plus works by reducing the amount of car-

bohydrate that turns into energy in the first place so there is less excess energy and less storage of fat. As a result Xipisan Plus encourages the body to use the fat that is already in the body as an alternative source of energy this is known as fat oxidation. For more information visit www.xipisan. com.

Call the fuzz LOSE the fuzz and make sure you don’t have to bother with razors and waxing again with laser hair removal. As one of the biggest beauty burdens on women (and men), ridding ourselves of hair can be a waste of time, but a chore that must be done nonetheless. Thank God for Therapie’s arrival in Cork recently, as it now offers laser hair removal for men and women. Laser hair removal is rapid, yet a gentle way of removing unwanted hair, and is medically proven to give you permanent hair reduction. Using the most advanced technology in the market, the Therapie Clinic treats unwanted hair on the face, neck, bikini line, underarms, nipples, tummy line, arms and legs. While men can be relieved of unwanted hair on the face, neck, ears,

back and chest. So, how does it work? Lasers designed for permanent hair reduction emit wavelengths of light designed to be absorbed by the pigment in the hair (melanin). If the surrounding skin is relatively light compared to the colour of the hair, then the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, effectively destroying it without affecting the skin or follicle. Hair removal lasers target the dark pigment in the hair. That’s why laser hair removal works best on light skin (so laser passes right through) and dark coarse hair (has most pigment). A minimum six treatments are generally recommended depending on the area to be treated. For a free consultation, call Therapie on 1890-650750.

7 October 2010

PARIS FASHION WEEK Last week, all of my dreams became reality for a short time as I attended Paris Fashion Week. I arrived at my hotel to be greeted with a promising stack of show invites and started to plan my precious time in Paris (1). Racking up the miles on the Metro, I managed to squeeze six shows into one day. Exhausting! Not to mention all the shoe changes! My favourite show of the day had to be Barbara Bui, which was held at the beautiful Alexander III Bridge. Her collection comprised of sporty, utility pieces, including jumpsuits, leather and shorts, in khaki, black and gold lame, with a dash of sequins (2). Fashionistas flocked to the shows in force, working everything from Parisienne Chic to the weird and

wonderful (3)! I photographed as much as I could, and even managed to get snapped myself for Vogue Paris, Marie Claire and many others (4)! Luckily I found enough time for a quick stop at Laduree and visit to the Eiffel Tower (5, 6). At Issey Miyake, I squeezed through the crowd of people asking for tickets, pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming! I had a quick chat with Hilary Alexander (7), renowned fashion director of the Daily Telegraph, and took my seat for the breathtaking show (8 ,9). Without a minute to spare, it was back on the Metro to the Tuilerie Gardens where the Dior show was being held. I snapped Grace Coddignton, creative director of US

Hilary Alexander

Sarah Waldron

with Cathy Lawson

Vogue, as she rushed into the show (10). And then there was Kate... Surrounded by her security and an eager gaggle of paparazzi, Kate Moss was ushered through the crowds in a leather pencil skirt and fur coat (11). After three hours of standing in skyscraper heels, giving interviews for Japanese Vogue and tv and photographing the stunning models leaving the show (12), it was time for a much needed glass of champagne! Paris, See you next Fashion Week!



Kate Moss outside


Check out Cathy Lawson’s blog at edges with soft styles as designers are delving into their dark side this season. Team lace with leather and sheer with velvet and to rehey, if you like black, just ally put the glam into goth, accessorise with killer jewwear it! We love the accessories els. Black textured neckfrom Pulse that mix hard laces, such as this chunky


GET gothic this autumn and welcome the return of black to your wardrobe. It’s effortless and

ast week I was privileged enough to be asked to contribute a blog post for an international charity, which I’ll admit is somewhere outside of my remit. If my comfort zone was Planet Earth, this piece that I was writing was newly-discovered, Earth-like Planet G; 20 light years apart, but not so different when you think about it.


The post concerned girls and women in developing countries and the plights that they face in all aspects of life, from education to pay equality to personal safety and security for the future. My first thought was that of how lucky I was to be living in a country where I could sue the pants (or skirt - when it comes to litigation I’m all for equality) off anyone who discriminated against me because of gender. The second was a slow, dawning realisation of the type only seen in bad soap operas, when the protagonist finally emerges from the dim veil of improbable amnesia. I write every week about the only industry in which men get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Like most businesses, the fashion industry is male-dominated, from CEOs to designers, but it is decidedly female oriented. In every fashion week, only one day is devoted to the stronger, less fair of the sexes. Yep, I’m referring to the dudes.

Me outside D

Barbara Bui Show


necklace (€12) or layered rings (€8 each) to add drama to the look. We also love this metallic necklace (€8) and quilted bag (€50). For more black beauties, check out www.pulseaccessories. ie.

I’d be committing a generalisation of a broader stroke than Michael Phelps could ever achieve if I said that fashion was just not made for guys. So, I’ll tentatively declare that fashion only appeals to a certain type of man (and I can pretty much guarantee that, if you’re thinking of Mark from Ugly Betty, then you’re way off the, uh, mark). Your typical ‘fashion guy’ is more Dapper Dan than Screaming Stereotype. He is driven by the kind of compulsive thirst for knowledge that drives other men to dismantle the engine of a car or categorise thirty years of League Cup stats by year and commit them to memory. He needs to know how the proportions of

a shirt work, he knows what colours go together, he appreciates great craftsmanship and draws inspiration from fashion movements past and present. He isn’t a particular size or shape. He could be any race, have any sexual preference. Any man who is concerned with how they look has a vested interest in fashion, whether you’re label junkie on a first-name status with the staff of BT’s or a careful shopper like my father, who is meticulous about his impeccably proportioned, made-tomeasure suits. Yet men don’t have the breadth of choice that women do. Go sit in a busy part of town on a Saturday night and count the amount of men with identikit short-sleeved, checked shirts tucked into unflattering high-rise faded jeans. Then weep for humanity. The boyfriend however, thinks I’ve got it all wrong. He thinks that all these beshirted studs actually are concerned with fashion. They just have no style. “Style is like a signature”, he preached to me in between bouts of Grand Theft Auto. “Fashion is just what’s available in shops”. Apparently, these guys are making the best of what’s available and doing a terrible job. “Fashion is for the herd”, he says. “Style is for the black sheep, who hangs outside of the group.” “And what about stylish men who are into fashion?” I enquire. “Does that make them grey sheep?” “No”, he concludes, chewing a potential pearl of wisdom. “A sheep that is both fashionable and stylish is just a sheep that’s caught on the fence”. Lenny Kravitz. Fashionable? Yes. Stylish? Hell no. The Cork Independent is not responsible for the content of external blogs


Foot Solutions 73 Grand Parade Cork t: 021 427 2711


7 October 2010

Modern Homes & Building Exhibitions returns to City Hall

Modern Homes & Building Exhibitions returns to Cork this weekend, 8, 9 and 10 October. The show will have plenty of inspiration, ideas and advice for those building new homes, adding extensions or improving existing homes. The opening times are Friday 4pm to 9pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am- 6pm. You will find a multitude of professionals from the building, construction and related sectors, all under one roof at the show. When planning a new home or looking to make practical changes to your existing home, information is power and insight is a necessity. The Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition offers you the opportunity to discover a wealth of expert advice and guidance, giving a strong foothold to any building endeavour The City Hall is a perfect location for the show. For those applying for planning

permission, DIY weekendwarriors, and everyone with an eye to excellence in house building, home improving and lifestyle enhancement will want to be there. The show will have professionals from the building, construction and related sectors plus everything to do with the house and home on display. With 22 years organising the Modern Homes Exhibitions, Tom Murphy says the show offers those looking to make practical changes to their home or looking for information on the latest products and services can look forward to the show.

New options The Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to research new options and see the latest trends, from timber frame homes, kitchens, insulation, and the newest techno gadgets and there are always a few surprises. If

CRONIN HOMES Timber Frame and Block House Builders Cronin homes are leaders in new energy efficient homes and have 20 years experience in the construction of timber-frame, block homes, extensions and renovations. • “A” Rated Homes • Air Tight Homes as Standard • Solar Panels as Standard • Planning applications taken care of • BER (Building Energy Rated) certificate provided as standard We provide a one-stop-shop for all your home needs. We are a fully insured construction company and a Home Bond member with an office based in Dripsey.

Agharinagh, Dripsey, Co. Cork For a FREE consultation & quote contact Phone: 021 7334907 | Mobile: 087 2863053 Email:

you are interested in expanding your knowledge about eco houses, renewable energy technology or your very own carbon footprint, allow this exhibition to guide you down the right path. The show also presents hot annual bargains for visitors, including special discounts on offer by most exhibitors every day. Keep your eyes open for the unmissable, exclusive deals on offer from Friday to Sunday. It will offer the chance to thoroughly explore the items and services with trade professionals who have vital first hand knowledge to share. Highly trained and experienced representatives from a large number of firms are waiting to guide you through a galaxy of choices towards that dream home, interior or lifestyle. Whatever you need, there is sure to be someone there to help you with your project. So be prepared and bring along your house plans.

have on show a portfolio of products which will facilitate in the prevention of threat of flooding at the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition.

Architects Architectural professionals with up-to-date information on planning and architecture in Ireland will be available to give advice and information for any building endeavour at the Cork show. They know all the current trends and requirements for building or extending your home.

Gardening with Peter Dowdall

Peter Dowdall of Dunsland Garden Centre has recently launched a book for gardening enthusiasts “Gardening with Peter Dowdall – Importance of the Natural World” and will be on sale at the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition. Peter will be on hand to answer questions, give practical adFlood Solutions vice and tips on how to mainProtect your home, busitain your garden throughout ness or land from the devthe weekend. astation of future flooding with Global Flood Solutions. Craft Section They have successfully inCrafts in Cork have a troduced the Big Bag System as the fastest flood de- huge wealth of artistic talfence barrier being deployed ent spread throughout the around the world. They will county. They are innovative

Is your Wooden Floor looking tired, scratched?” At last! A way to make your wood floors look like new again without any dust, smell or mess... Our unique floor sanding & finishing systems produce NO DUST and NO SMELL. So you will have no mess or inconvenience when we work!

Don’t replace it – Re-sand it! Call now for a free, no obligations, written quote

Our Unique 5 Point Guarantee: 1. Be courteous & professional always 2. We turn up when we say we will 3. Finish on time (we are very reliable) 4. Not leave any mess (dust free system!) 5. Return free to correct any imperfections

LoCall NOW on 1890 252383 now for a free, no obligation, quote and ask for Brian O’Mahony


Declan Fitzgerald, Top Oil Cork, sponsor of the Door Prize of 1000 litres of Home Heating Oil to be won at the show, Cllr. Michael O’Connell, Lord Mayor of Cork, Nicholas Murphy, All Ireland Senior Football medalist 2010 and Tom Murphy, Modern Homes & Building Exhibitions at the launch of the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition recently.

and use traditional techniques sourcing materials to create unique and beautiful jewellery, crafts and products. There will be a craft section at the Cork show including Gina Hart-Artist, James Brew-Yewcraft, William Wolohan-Cathay Pearls, Phil Murphy-Honurus Fairtrade Crafts, Jan Iojack-woodcrafts, Honor O’Brien-antiques jewellery, Geard Buckley - Mothernature Recipes, Maria Dulka, wooden door plaques & crystals, Wayne Henry, handmade North Amercian Flutes, Fleur Daly Crafts. For anyone looking for that perfect birthday or Christmas present there will be lots of choice at the show

Door Prize Everyone who visits the show will be in with a chance to win a fabulous prize of 1000ltr Home Heating Oil kindly sponsored by Top Oil Cork, East Gate, Little Island, Co. Cork and will also be exhibiting at the show. The draw takes place on Sunday evening. If you are not in you can’t win Visitors can treat themselves and their family to a

fascinating few hours exploring a treasury of products and services from the valued exhibitors, which this year range from Cronin Homes – one off built homes, Dunboy Greener Homes – cavity wall and attic insulation, Magner Homes – home builder, air tight sealing, appliances and accessories, AGA Shop – AGA cookers, Hegarty Lighting – lighting, Cork Tile and Wood Flooring Outlet – tiles, Craft Architects – architecture, The Kitchen Centre – kitchens, Cavan Roofing & Flooring – garden sheds, green houses, flooring, Design Warehouse – staircases, Dwelling Building & Energy Performance – chartered consulting engineer, Eco Warm Insulation – insulation external & internal rockwool, Top Oil – home heating oil, Ultimate Floor Sanding – floor sanding, PMC Flooring – flooring, Green Build Centre – timber frame homes and renewable energy, JR Roche Concrete Design – concrete slabs, QiFA Financial – life, pensions, Quealy Oak – home and garden oak furniture, Stopcock Cosy – prevent stopcock freezing in

AXCO Heat Recovery Ventilation System



FITTING SERVICE AVAILABLE Unit 5, South Link Industrial Park, Frankfield, Cork (opposite Musgrave Cash & Carry. 2 min from Kinsale Rd.)

Telephone: 021 4929399

JFL P OWER Vac Vacuum Systems Ltd Goureemore, Bantry, Co.Cork Mobile: 087 2364691 Phone: 027 50912 Email:

winger, Southeast Fascia and Sofia – upvc fascia, soffit, JFL Power Vacuum – central vacuum system, heat recovery ventilation, JH Insulation – attic insulation, West Building Products – windows, doors, porches, sunrooms, Flu Pot Plugs – chimney blocker, Gardeningtime. ie – conservatory furniture & tables, eko-log, Global Flood Solutions – flood prevention products, Grant AV – audio visual, Kilgobbin Castle Holdings T/A Insulux – insulation, Tim Foley Planning Architectural, architect, Ailill Enterprises Ltd – marble & natural stone tiles, Acorn Life – life assurance, Eoin Collins Attic Steps – attic ladders, Cyclovac Ireland Ltd – built in vacuum system, O’Connor Architectural Design & Planning – architect, McHugh Insulation – insulation, Texoil – home heating oil, Randles Hotel & Spa – hotels, Ex-Catalogue Jewellery – jewellery, plus much more, Greenfeet Lawncare Ltd – professional lawncare, Pro-Aqua – hoovers, Peter Dowdall – gardening book, The MattressShop – bedding, exercise bikes, McWilliam Park Hotel – hotel packages, Cork Chiropractor – chiropractor, Kingdom Signs – signs, Lennox Hearing Aid Specialist – hearing aid products, Oleh – paintings, Muskerry Satellite Systems – sky digital, Ellen’s Catering, Studio 22 - portraits, Kearns Stone – Granite worktops, Sweet Dreams – wall murals, Lynch Garden Design – garden design, – kitchen design, Paul Fenton Services – heat recovery ventilation Make your way to the Cork Modern Homes & Building Exhibition at City Hall, Friday 8 Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 October. There’s never been a better time to explore your home and building options. For further information on the Exhibition, call 058 48633, email info@modernhomes. ie or log on to


Cork Property Thursday, 7 October 2010

Outstanding location in Ballinhassig AT A GLANCE Address Ballyhoolen, Ballinhassig, Cork Type

Five bedroom house


Oil-fired central heating


Bowe Property, 021 4879007



IDEALLY located just 10km from Cork City this exquisite fivebedroom property is in a beautiful countryside setting. Ballyhooleen in Ballinhassig is a most deceptive property measuring over 3,000 square feet with accommodation laid out over two floors. Along with the five bedrooms, there is an enormous reception room, impressive full fitted kitchen/dining room complimented by a full fitted utility area together with two family bathrooms. The room proportions are very generous and the décor throughout is extremely stylish and subtle with

quality features such as porcelain ceramic tiling, hardwood wooden floors, premium integrated appliances, oil fired central heating, en-suite master bedroom, feature solid fuel stove and high levels of insulation. The property is located juts five miles from city suburb Bishopstown but at the same time is in a rural setting with outstanding views, neighbouring houses and plenty or room to explore. ww The property is in a perfect state of presentation and for those seeking a countryside home with generous and stylish living accommoda-

tion will find this most impressive. The entrance porch has a double-doored entrance, radiator and porcelain tiled floor. The entrance hall features a staircase of over-head accommodation, but it also gives access to the lounge, the kitchen, family bathroom and bedrooms. The kitchen/ dining room features a wood burning stove with marble over-mantle, it is also fully-fitted with hand crafted cupboards and presses and a double oven. It also contains a double fridge freezer, velux windows and is plumbed for a dishwasher.

The family bathroom is fully fitted with a WC, wash-handed basin and bath. There is a separate over-sized electric shower ad glazed shower doors, it also has a double sink in feature marble vanity and fitted mirror. The en-suite bedroom has two windows to the side, two velux windows, TV and

telephone point and an interconnecting door to the bathroom. The house also comes fully alarmed with bio tank, private well and a B1 energy rating. The guide price is €495,000, viewing is highly recommended contact Bowe property for more information at 021-4879007.

UNITS TO LET Westside Centre, Model Farm Road, Cork


From per week 750 sq ft – 2000 sq ft. Ideal for Light Industry, Retail, Offices.

Tel: 086 2571759

58 Cork Property

Cork Independent â&#x20AC;˘ Thursday 7 October 2010

Beautifully crafted Three & Four Bed Homes with exceptional style & high quality finish just 10 minutes from Midleton.

Prices from `175,000 inclusive of `20k allowance for Full Fit Out

OPEN THIS WEEKEND 3 BED SHOWHOUSE Open Sunday October 10th from 2pm to 5pm

Sole Selling Agents: OAKRIDGE PROPERTY CONSULTANTS Corabbey Court, Midleton, Co. Cork Tel: 021 4635200Email: Web:

Developer: WM Savage Construction Ltd, Midleton, Co. Cork

7 October 2010







Compiled by: PETER TOBIN -

Bankruptcy cost

Progress partners

Opportunity knocks

Is our bankruptcy legislation costing jobs?

Cork companies come together for future development

Franchise opportunities are available for motivated Cork people

See page 60

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See page 62

THE STATE OF THE NATION? Micheál Martin TD Minister for Foreign Affairs THE Governor of the Central Bank made the point that if the guarantee didn’t happen on day one the result would have been “catastrophic”. You would have been in an Icelandic situation with untold consequences for employment and the wider economy. All across Europe, the basic principle has been to prevent banks from failing, to honour the sovereign debt (including the senior bond holders). If you hit the bondholders on one side, these are the same people who you will go back to looking for loans.

Appalling The banks behaved in an appalling manner, the people who ran these banks were well respected people. If you look back on who were chairman of the boards who had a former attorney general, for example. The problem is that it is accepted that the regulatory system has to be independent of politics, because the view was that politics would corrupt and

even undermine the regulator. Once it all goes wrong, the first instinct is to blame the politicians, but do people want politicians running the financial regulator? The independence of the regulator is absolute. We had to protect Anglo, to protect the other banks. Anglo would not have gone down on it’s own, AIB and BOI would have been in deep trouble. You have to look after depositors, the legal advice is that the senior bondholders are in the same position as depositors, you can’t treat one favourably over the other. What people are missing is the €18bn gap in the public finances per year at the moment, Anglo and Nationwide will add €1.5bn to this, the cash impact of this in the first two years will be relatively low, we still have the €18bn to get down. We would still be looking at tough budgets, even if we didn’t have the banking crisis because we spent too much and our tax base is too low.

Nama The Germans said to that we are the example to all member states in how we dealt with the crisis. The budgetary measures we took worked, all the money we put into the banks isn’t all lost. The Anglo and Irish Nationwide money is, but we have already got €1bn back from the banks in terms of the levy on the guarantee. The estimates are that Nama will still make a profit of at least a billion. The Government had to step in [to protect the banks], you could pretend that all these assets were going to perform but that would have been coding people. The one thing we did with Nama was we put everything up front. The were

hiding the full magnitude of what was going on, meanwhile they were screwing ordinary customers trying to claw back the deficits. Nama has been very severe on the banks and they have taken a far greater hit than people imagined. I met Bill Clinton over a year ago and he personally thought Nama was a great idea, it was something similar to what had been done previously in the United States.

At this stage it is still essential to guarantee the banks but certainly not Anglo Irish. It should be wound down over the next two years. It is not of systemic importance to the country, it doesn’t even lend money. No cost-benefit analysis has been carried out by the Government to show what the cost of paying the bondholders would be. We need to establish what creditors are owed and how much it would cost to pay them over a particular time-period because the €34bn it’s costing at the moment is simply going to deflate the economy.

Budget needs People have been expecting €3bn of savings in the budget, now we know it could be higher than that but no definitive decision has been taken. The main problem for the budget is the deficit. Our recovery must be export led, if we target what we are spending to support the export economy, that is the best way forward. We also need to review the capital programme and move from the large scale projects, which are not as labour intensive to building schools, which are labour intensive. The taxation system is a lot more progressive than people think, 40 per cent of people don’t pay income tax at all, which is too high. The fact we had to reduce wages wasn’t a commentary on them, it was a commentary on the budgetary position we were in. The way forward for this Government is three-fold; we have to continue to get the public finances in order; the banking system needs to be clearer and those working in these institutions need to be attuned to working in enterprise not property; we need to look at enterprise, foreign direct investment and growing Irishowned companies to export and create jobs.

In times of a storm some people hide behind walls, others will build windmills

No transparency We don’t have the accounts so we don’t know [if it’s cheaper to wind Anglo down or paying to keep it going]. Brian Lenihan can make all the glib comments he wants, as there is no transparency as to what creditors are owed. Brian Lenihan and the Chairman on Anglo Irish, Alan Dukes, are the only people saying that. Anglo should not have been guaranteed. The blanket approach was wrong. It didn’t give any conditional guarantees. The government essentially forced itself into a position whereby it couldn’t go back on a sovereign debt guarantee because the markets would have responded badly to the Government breaking its promise. The issues with Anglo have only really begun unravelling in the last two years. Before the bank guarantee, Brian Lenihan was told that the banks were solvent and he acted in a hurry and under pressure and the failure of the financial regulation system compounded the bad decision and this lead to

him making decisions without the full information.

Nama? Anglo has the potential to cause huge problems for the next ten or 15 years. Look at the discounts on the debts being bought by NAMA. Going forward, there is upwards of €40bn committed to Anglo Irish and that is going to come out of the annual budgets in the shape of higher taxes, spending cuts, which in turn makes the economy less competitive and that represents a significant problem in terms of growth. Nama is doing what it should be doing. Brian Lenihan is saying that it might make €1bn but that is based on discounts [on the loans being bought]; they have been a lot higher than expected. Nama could break even but you’re really only transferring the costs. For every 1 per cent of a discount on the loans being transferred, the recapitalisation bill for the banks goes up €750m. To be honest, I’m not a fan of Nama but I haven’t seen anything else [that could work]. I don’t see any evidence that any of the other proposals could be the solution. Budget blues The knock-on effect of all this is that the government is going to make cutbacks in excess of €3bn. In the public service too, we’re going to face enormous problems. People are saying that there is very little fat left to trim there. I’ve been studying this for the past two years and the Government’s budgetary strategy is not actually reducing the deficit. Last year we paid €4.5bn to Anglo, this

Dr Tom O’Connor, Lecturer in Economics & Public Policy, CIT

year we’re not paying Anglo, so if you take away that and compare the figures, the deficit rises by €4bn, almost €5bn. €3bn went to increased social welfare payments because more people were unemployed and €2bn was accounted for by the decrease in tax receipts.

No headway

No headway is being made. The Government needs to stimulate the economy with stimulus packages. People say we will need money for these packages but there’s already money there in the form of the National Pension Reserve Fund. Even last year, we paid money into it and now there’s around €22bn there. This time next year it won’t be much different. We will be paying more money next year to Anglo and interest rates on government bonds will probably have risen and, ultimately, the taxpayer will be under more stress.

tOne of Ireland’s Leading Professional Financial Services Firms tA Team of 60 Dedicated Professionals and Specialists tClients across SME, Corporate and Institutional markets tManaging Assets of over €250 Million for Clients

%9(-8`8%<`%(:-736=`;)%08, Quintas, Heron House, Blackpool Park, Blackpool, Cork

Tel: +353 21 4641400 Fax: +353 21 4220055


7 October 2010

Cork law firm expands its services I want my G TV Damien Mulley

This week Google announced Google TV, an initiative, which may see Google interconnected with everyone’s TV. Soon you are going to see Sony TVs amongst others with the ability to Google for programme listings, stored videos, YouTube clips and websites all through a single interface, the big box in the sitting room. As a business big or small, Google TV needs attention paid to it. The recent mobile revolution with iPhones and Google Android phones has seen devices that make calls and send texts turn into mobile Internet computers. We are seeing applications from all types of companies being created so those with phones can seamlessly work with a business via their phone. From buying books on Amazon, to doing your accounts, booking flights or checking your bank balance, you can do all this while sitting on the top deck of a bus or during a boring meeting. The mobile space is huge and will grow significantly bigger. Now Google has taken the Android operating system that’s on their phones and made it work in new TVs or via set top boxes that will interface with any TV. Google TV also comes with the ability to install applications so you will have your TV but it can also display what people are saying in Twitter or Facebook about the programme you’re watching or it also looks like you’ll be able to use Skype via the devices. Suddenly the big red Interactive button looks old hat. What’ll George Hook say to that? As a business why would this concern you? A whole new de-

mographic could access your content via their TV, be it your website, videos, multimedia or an application you have built. You might not have to do anything to get the attention of Google TV users but there’s lots you can do to get more attention. People who may never have gone to a computer might type something into their TV after they see something on the news or a programme. There will also be a myriad of applications that will probably run around or over the TV shows. The same imagination that built iPhone applications that told you what tune was playing on the radio or displayed blogs like newspapers can now come up with interactive TV apps. Takeaways should be providing takeaway apps that place orders via a TV for example. Google of course will run something in terms of advertising and while they’re giants of online advertising, the money spent on TV advertising makes them look like minnows. As a business you will be able to run ads using Google, potentially connecting with people that like certain TV programmes or are watching live events where you can send them time limited offers. Google TV opens to developers in the new year so it’s not something you need to react to immediately but as more information comes out about it and it starts appearing on more and more TVs it’ll be worth looking into in a serious fashion as either an advertiser or an application developer.

A LEADING Cork corporate law firm has expanded its services following the addition of a newly qualified solicitor. McGuire Desmond has announced that it has expanded its Registered Tax Consultancy services following the qualification of Solicitor, Maria O’Brien as an Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute (AITI). An expert in Commercial and Corporate Law, Maria joined McGuire Desmond in 2005 following a BCL in University College Cork. The awarding of Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute brings to five the number of Registered Tax Consultants within McGuire Desmond. Ciaran Desmond, Managing Partner, McGuire Desmond said: “Today’s announcement is a significant milestone for McGuire Desmond. The Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute is recognised as the pre-eminent qualification for taxation professionals in Ireland. Only holders of the AITI qualification can use the designated title ‘Registered Tax Consultant’.” Ciaran Desmond said: “We are extremely fortunate at McGuire Desmond that we have an expanding capability in this area as the

AITI is the only taxation qualification in Ireland officially recognised under EU Directive 2005/36, enabling McGuire Desmond Registered Tax Consultants practice not only in Ireland but also in all other EU Member States.” The Irish Taxation Institute is the leading organisation on tax education and practice in Ireland, and is the only professional body in Ireland exclusively focused on tax. The Institute’s professional development programme ensures that members practice to the highest professional standards and that their tax expertise is underpinned by a comprehensive knowledge of the most up to date Irish and EU tax law and practice. Established in 2000, McGuire Desmond employs over 25 staff serving a nationwide client base with offices in Cork and Dublin. One of Munster’s most progressive Law firms, McGuire Desmond success to date is founded on its international service model offering Corporate Law expertise combined with an established Taxation Department.


Sean Hickey Appointment:

Operations Manager, Call Management, Cork Sean Hickey has been appointed to Call Management, a contact centre based in Cork, as Operations Manager. Sean studied Business Studies at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT). Following an early career as a law clerk in Fermoy he joined Fairway Investments, a mail order

catalogue company, servicing the North American Market. Soon he was promoted to Call Centre Manager and was instrumental in setting up their call centre in Cork. While there he oversaw all HR policies including hiring, initial training, coaching and Agent reviews. Prior to his new role he worked in Abtran as a Team Leader. His strengths lie in his customer focus, which will be paramount to his new role. Duties will also include overseeing and improving procedures, attaining ISO 9000 standard and quality control at the centre.

Get Back in the Game!

Outdated bankruptcy laws are costing jobs says Cork TD OUTDATED and near useless bankruptcy laws are costing jobs in the economy while holding back entrepreneurship, according to the Fine Gael Innovation and Research Spokesperson, Deirdre Clune TD. Speaking during Fine Gael’s Private Members’ Motion on jobs in the Dáil last week, Deputy Clune said: “Today’s revelations about the huge cost of the banking bail out and its knock on effect on public spending will only reinforce the absolute need to grow the economy as a means out getting out of this mess. “Yet current laws on bankruptcy are actually holding back economic growth and job creation. We need a bankruptcy system that punishes recklessness but which doesn’t discourage entrepreneurial risk-taking. “Fine Gael is committed to overhauling Irish bankruptcy laws to intro-

FULL BODIED: Lucas Korepta, Gary O’Donovan and Joe Murphy from O’Donovan’s Off Licences at the Business After Hours Event in association with O’Donovan’s Off Licences in the Clarion Hotel,help Maximising members Membership Events for Chamber members to ensure value for membership. Photo: Gerard McCarthy

duce new voluntary systems, underpinned in law, to resolve outstanding debt commitments. We need a system which only resorts to the expensive and near inaccessible bankruptcy process as a last resort. “International best practice has shown that this can work very well in managing debt while still holding people accountable for their debts. The Government’s recent announcement on bankruptcy reform missed the point entirely. Reducing the bankruptcy period to only six years does not address the huge failings of the bankruptcy process itself. It is also deeply disappointing that the Government has not indicated any future legislation in the recently published legislative programme to address these problems.”

Lean Programme Accredited Online & Distance Learning Education

Unemployed? Seeking an International qualification? Want to stand out from the competition? Looking for flexible learning options? * Special pricing available For enquiries please contact: * All materials provided

Claire O’Brien T: 021 4855863 E:

7 October 2010


ONE OF Munster’s leading accountancy and financial services firms held a unique investment seminar at their headquarters at Blackpool Park, Cork recently to give information on a new Italian investment project. The seminar, entitled ‘The Italian Project’ was presented by MD of Quintas Energy, Declan O’Halloran and Noel Creedon, Quintas Energy’s Investment Director. The innovative investment product was developed by both Declan and Noel. Quintas Energy is based in Seville in Spain with offices in London, Rome and Dublin. The ethos of the company is that of managing power

and optimising clean energy options. Quintas Energy has positioned itself to give its clients and partners access to the best options in generating, managing, investing in, and financing energy saving projects. Declan O’Halloran flew in from Seville in order to outline the investment product to selected guests. He said: “Investors will be investing in an Irish company governed by Irish law. This investment product is based on our Spanish model, a model that has achieved significant growth for its clients. The model has been developed to suit Italian structures, law,

Marketing Institute focus on social media

‘SOCIAL Media Business Plans’ is the theme of The Marketing Institute, South Region’s second event in its Marketing@Night series. Guest speakers for the event are Damien Mulley, Ireland’s Online Social Media Expert and John Lamphiere, Sales Manager from Facebook, Ireland. By attending this event you will have the opportunity to hear the guest speakers provide an overview of how to integrate social media into existing programs and help determine a social media strategy that supports business and marketing goals. The event takes place on 21 October at 6pm in the Clarion Hotel, and is the perfect event for B2B marketers who are looking to improve their social media success as well as marketers who are keen to learn the use of this new media to innovatively communicate. The speakers will advise on how to take a step

back and plan a solid strategy and set of programs for integrating social media into your marketing plan and achieve better ROI. Through instruction, examples, and exercises you’ll learn how to set social media goals, develop a social media strategy, implement appropriate social media tactics and measure your social media successes. This event, which is in association with Cork Chamber, is open to all and the entry fee is €15 for members, €25 for non-members and €10 for students. Refreshments and finger food will be served after the presentation, giving you further opportunity to network and engage with fellow marketing professionals and our guest speakers. Please book online on and early booking is advisable as there are a limited number places and booking is on a first come first served basis.



tariffs and so on based on our experiences in Spain. We have a comprehensive management structure in place that is unsurpassed by any other management company. Our multi disciplinary team understands all aspects of this business. We have investigated all risks and put in place procedures and policies to deal with any expected and in some cases even unexpected outcomes” He continued: “The European Union’s 20:20:20 vision of producing 20 per cent of its total energy from renewables, while reducing con-

sumption by 20 per cent before the year 2020 is something that must be attained by governments. We have seen the growth in this sector and now we want to replicate our knowledge of the sector while making money for those who invest in this product” The Italian Project has an expected target return of approximately 10.6 per cent per annum. Quintas are the only financial services company outside of Dublin involved in the development of such investment products. In this case they are providing a


bridge for Irish Investors entering the Italian Market. Quintas are highly regarded in the financial industry and have an excellent track record with their clients, who have made significant returns on their investments. Efficient and transparent structures with clear accounts and reporting mechanisms have been created within the organisation in order to optimise returns while giving a complete overview of the investment.

in association with

web design & development | It’s refreshing to see a website making the most of all the internet has to offer. Chief among the great things about the internet is connectivity and the ability to interact. This website makes use of these things as well as providing the traditional information about its services and offerings. It makes use of video in order to personalise it’s message as well as having a bar on the right hand side of the page allowing visitors to giveback on social networking site such as Twitter and facebook. The website offers a progressive view of a company with its finger on the pulse and, overall, is a useful tool and engaging site.


• Appearance: 4/5 • User-friendliness: 4/5 • Usefulness: 5/5 • Rating: 13/15

streats ahead... information evening want to run your own cafe business and be part of Ireland’s fastest growing cafe franchise?

w ww .th


then join us at our information evening to learn more about the opportunities across Munster on 13th October @ the Clarion Hotel, Cork, 6.30pm - 8-30pm

the streat - Franchise of the Year 2010

Speakers from the Bank of Ireland and Irish Franchise Association will also be present. for more information or to register your attendance contact Michael O’Toole on 086 7809591 or


Money Matters A series of weekly articles by Quintas Experts

Written By Abina Kenneally, Tax Partner

TAX BASED INVESTMENTS BES AND FILM TAX RELIEF As the Government continues to clamp down on tax shelters, the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) and Film Relief are a few of the viable options left for tax payers looking for some tax relief. Any individual wishing to reduce their 2010 tax liability could do so by making a BES or Film investment before 31 December 2010. In general, Tax Based Investments are perceived as only benefitting the wealthy. However, these investments are attractive to all top rate tax payers (41%) and should be considered.

BES BES is an investment in a qualifying company on which the taxpayer obtains tax relief at 41% in the year of investment. Often a company would promise a return of approximately 20 per cent over the five year period. For example, say you invest €50,000 in a BES company you receive tax relief of €20,500 (€50,000 @ 41% = €20,500) giving a net cost of €29,500. At the end of this period if the company meets its obligations it would return €60,000 to you thereby ensuring that your investment has grown by 20 per cent. However, the return is closer to 100 per cent when you factor in the tax relief that you would have originally received. BES is a risk based investment and should suit your own personal risk profile. For investors who are willing to take on the risk in the current environment, the quality of companies looking to raise funds through the BES has improved substantially, with profitable companies looking at BES due to lack of finance available through banks. Rather than investing in one particular company, individuals may prefer to invest through a designated BES fund. The benefits of designated funds over private placements include: • As the fund will invest in a portfolio of companies, the risk is spread across a range of companies in diverse sectors; • An experienced and professional management team will select and manage the investments; • The fund is highly regulated by the Financial Regulator; and • Funds may provide for transparency by way of bi-annual reporting to investors. Following on from the success of the 2008 and 2009 Quintas Wealth Management BES Funds, the 2010 Horizon BES Fund (managed by Quintas Wealth Management Limited) will commence fundraising shortly.

FILM RELIEF Film relief is also an investment in a qualifying company where 41 per cent tax relief is available. The return is normally circa 8 per cent of the amount invested [e.g. €50,000 @ 8% = €4,000]. The investment is for 12 months and 100% finance is available. Film relief is seen as a low risk investment and therefore the potential return is less than a BES investment. It is extremely attractive for PAYE workers, as it is a short term investment, with 100 per cent finance normally available. Where an individual is paying tax at the top rate of tax consideration should be given to reducing their tax liability through BES and/or Film relief. AUDIT | TAX | ADVISORY | WEALTH


Franchise opportunity for motivated Cork people

WITH 36 outlets successfully established throughout Ireland, the fastest growing Irish cafe franchise, The Streat, is now expanding to Munster and are looking for motivated, likeminded, passionate people to join them and be a part of their successful franchise network. On Wednesday 13 October, from 6.30pm there will be an information evening at the Clarion Hotel with The Streat’s Munster representative Michael O’Toole. Also present will be Bank of Ireland, Business Development Manager Michael Shanahan and David Killeen who is Managing Partner of Killeen & Associates and Chairman of The Irish Franchise Association. The Streat is owned by The Henderson Group, who hold the licence for Spar in the North and are also the market leading food service business in Northern Ireland. The rapid growth of The Streat is due to consistently providing great

food and unique blended Streat coffee in contemporary surroundings and offering genuine partner type support to their franchisees and the highest level of award winning training. The Streat has twice won the National Training Awards and are currently the Irish Franchise Associations Franchise of the Year 2010. Michael O’Toole is developing the franchise network in Munster and is no stranger to franchising having successfully co-owned a number of Specsavers franchises in the UK. Michael said: “I am delighted to be bringing this unique opportunity to Munster. The superb product offering from The Streat, combined with their genuine partnership support and training, is crucial for the success of the franchise. “Although we are in this tough economic climate this has not prevented new Streat cafes from successfully opening in Ireland – in fact, the opposite is the case with eight new cafes

opening in the last 12 months, providing employment in excess of 80 staff. There are many people looking to open their own business and the successful Streat formula is now proving much more viable with more manageable rent levels, continued bank support, realistic lease terms and also the possibility of a significant initial rent free period. It is possible to make money again!” For those interested in the opportunity The Streat will help find and negotiate excellent locations, manage the initial set up, provide franchisee and team training as well as on-going management support. Their ‘more than a café’ model gives each of our franchisees an outside catering and delivery opportunity thus maximizing the cafes full potential and therefore profit. For further details, visit or email

PFH partners with Quest for future development PFH TECHNOLOGY Group, Ireland’s leading privately-owned Technology and Service provider, has announced it is to partner with Quest Software, which will see it become a service delivery provider of Quest’s Windows Management solutions. As it continues to expand its Professional Service capabilities through products that add value, Paul Hourican, MD of PFH said: “The addition of the Quest Software product range to PFH’s portfolio allows us to offer more market-leading products and services to our customers, especially in the areas of management, compliance and auditing.” A two-time winner of Microsoft’s Global ISV Partner of the Year and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions Partner of the Year 2009, Quest Software helps companies’ IT departments reduce cost, complexity and risk within their Microsoft Windows-based infrastructure. PFH’s initial professional service offerings will lie in the delivery of Quest ActiveRoles

7 October 2010


BRANDY AHERN SAVIECARD 1. Name of your business? SavieCard Ltd

consumer is clued in and love a good deal.

2. Location? SavieCard started in East Cork and has plans to go National.

6. Why did you get into this area? It is in my blood! Growing up my family have always been very active in our community so I have been helping to raise funds for one organisation or another for as long as I can remember. One recurring message of all the successful businessowners I researched prior to starting my own business was to “do something you love”. I believe I have found that with SavieCard.

3.Client base? Our client base is schools, sports clubs, charities or any community focused organisation looking to raise funds. Business owners provide an exclusive offer to SavieCard Holders for instance 10% off all products or services or children eat free Monday - Wednesday. Cardholders help raise funds in their own community and present their SavieCard in participating businesses and save money 4.What does your business offer? Our business offers a great way to raise funds throughout Irish communities, it helps schools, clubs, charities raise funds, SavieCard helps you save money all whilst supporting local/national Irish businesses. 5. Your Unique Selling Point? We offer an effective way to raise funds while helping cardholders save money Everyone looks for ways to save money, the cost of living is high and we are all working harder for less this is a way to to save money with a double benefit of raising funds in your own community. The Irish

7. How do you balance running a business and your life? My husband and children have been very supportive since day one. They were so proud of SavieCard when we recently were nominated in 3 categories for the Irish Web Awards, Best Small Business Website in Ireland, Most Useful Website in Ireland and Most Beautiful Website in Ireland. They are my best critics and my most supportive fans, this means so much to me both as a businesswomen and a mother. I couldn’t do it without them and of course whatever the children are doing, but it soccer, tennis or guitar, I’m there. 8. What do you do to unwind? We live in the most beautiful area of East Cork with beaches, forestry, and so many amenities at our doorstep there is always

Become a Certified Transport Manager “An Internationally Recognised Qualification” Pictured at the announcement were (LtoR) Jason Boyle, Professional Services Manager, PFH Technology Group; Paul Hourican, MD, PFH; Allan Costigan, Partner Account Manager, Quest Software and Brian Reid, Country Manager Ireland & Scotland, Quest Software Photo: Fergal Keniry PFH Group Marketing

Server which manages, automatically provisions, reprovisions and deprovisions users quickly, efficiently and securely in Active Directory. Commenting on the partnership announcement, Brian Reid, Ireland and UK Country Manager with Quest said: “Quest is delighted to announce this partnership with PFH. We believe that together with PFH we will

be able to help organisations of all sizes in Ireland to simplify and reduce the cost of IT management, through joint innovative solutions. Quest Software are keen to further support and invest in the Irish marketplace and developing our relationship with organisations such as PFH is a cornerstone in this plan.”

By Peter Tobin

Transport Management CPC Weekend Courses start: Saturday 16th October Hibernian Hotel, Mallow Saturday 30th October Kilmurry Lodge, Limerick City Contact: 087-6363003; 066-7185556; • BOOK NOW – LAST FEW PLACES AVAILABLE

Driver CPC also available • 30 Venues Nationwide Course Director: Tony Hynes MBS, B.Comm., FCIPD, FCILT, FIITD

something to do. I have been fortunate to meet some great friends since our arrival to Ireland and we get together and chat about everything, good friends are so important in life. I also read a lot, it used to be books but now it is twitter & facebook. 9. What do you think is special about doing business in Cork? I’m amazed at the networks that exist in Cork for small businesses. Since the beginning I have found support and advise from groups of like minded people - they’ve succeeded in setting up their own business and they’re not afraid to share their experiences - this is invaluable to me. Ireland is full of so many entrepreneurs and it is these types of people that will get us out of our current situation, they are also

the small businessowners throughout our towns and cities that deserve our support during these difficult times. Support Local Business - It Matters! 10. Where do you see yourself in five years? One never knows what tomorrow will bring but if I where to have a wish on what I would like to happen over the next 5 years Saviecard will still be going strong, supporting a multi fold increase of participating businesses nationally. I would like to see all schools/ sports clubs or anyone focusing on fundraising looking at Saviecard as their number one annual fund generator. I would be so proud to raise a substantial amount of funds for schools, clubs, charities nationwide within 5 years.

New reality tv programme set to save lives is currently airing a new unique TV programme, ‘Driving For Living’, on City Channel to find Ireland’s Most Professional Driver. Concept originator Tony Hynes of explains that this is the first time a reality TV programme of this kind has ever been undertaken. Hundreds of applicants were reduced to just three and each driver must undertake four tasks related to driving a heavy goods vehicle. These tasks include driving skills, health and Safety, eco-driving and vehicle checks and each driver was awarded marks for each task by judges in the industry. The overall win-

ner will receive a €2,000 cash prize, a Transport Management CPC Course and a specially designed trophy. Tony is Managing Director of CPC.IE whose prime motivation is to save lives and promote SAFED – Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving. This programme is very timely, particularly with the introduction of the new EU Directive requiring all professional Truck and Bus drivers to attend a one day training course per year (Driver CPC). Those who do not have access to City Channel can e-mail and he will send links for viewing the four episodes.

7 October 2010



Year End

Approaching! At Bridgewater Management, we appreciate the amount of work and effort involved in running a business. Take the hassle out E L I of your year end F & Y PA E accounts and allow N I L us to prepare and D E A D 31ST ďŹ le your tax returns OCT. so that you can do what you do best.

With our help, you wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t run out of time. '8%/,1 $/(;$1'5$+286( 7+(6:((367$.(6 %$//6%5,'*('8%/,1,5(/$1' 7 /,0(5,&. (17(535,6(&(175(02</,6+3$5./,0(5,&.,5(/$1' 7

Bridgewater Management is a leading Management Consultancy Firm operating out of our ofďŹ ces in Dublin and Limerick. Our team of consultants have considerable experience in providing new and emerging Irish businesses with superior business and consulting services.

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s included  Year End Accounts  VAT Reconciliation  Filing of Tax Return  FREE Guide to Keeping Accounts  FREE Consultation with an expert to discuss your business


5 9 â&#x201A;Ź6 T A V S PLU




3 Bridge Street, Cork - Tel: 021 4505370 Suppliers of New, Second Hand & Bargain Books

21 Lavitts Quay, Cork - Tel: 021 4279535

& Scribes

Suppliers of Arts & Crafts / New & Bargain Books Knitting Group Thursday 7pm to 9pm











SUD-O-KU Place a number from 1-9 in each empty cell so that each row, each column and each 3x3 block contains all the numbers from 1-9.





3 5


8 2 5





4 7


1 2



6 3


1 4

26 27



2 8

8 cept (4). 2. Leave maid to be very old-fashioned (9). 3. Brought to finish (5). 4. Desert or leave permanently (7). 5. Moved king and rook (7). 7. Yet to be paid or supplied (5). 8. That which is revealed (10). 11. Exchanges of commodities for money (5). 14. Relating to government by the people (10). 17. I rent free to get in the way of (9). 19. Correctly conjecture or perceive (5). 20. Rescue from loss at sea (7). 21. Existing or occurring now (7). 23. Rigid structure surrounding something (5). 25. Large road vehicle (5). 26. In good or satisfactory way (4).

Across 1. Abstinence from drink from pert menace (10). 6. Violent criminal in North America (4). 9. Thing that fails to work properly (3). 10. killers of leaders (9). 12. Joined with something else (5). 13. Required by the law (5). 15. Surround or enclose (7). 16. Order or allow to leave (7). 18. Performs service or favour for (7). 21. Artist or decorator (7). 22. Search through hurriedly (5). 24. Record in book or computer (5). 27. Sat antler to express in another language (9). 28. Exploit unfairly (3). 29. Group of people (4). 30. Event that heralds end of something (5,5). Down 1. Phrase to express con-







7 8



8 9


2 9 6 7 4 2 8 9 2 9 1 4 3 6 1 2 1 7 1 6 9 1 9 6 4 8 2 5 5 1 3 2 6 8

5 8 3

9 1 8

7 1 4 5 2

15 16




20 21 22

Across 1. Posts (8). 7. Rugs (4). 8. Narrate (8). 9. Antenna (6). 11. Irritable (7). 12. Bias (5). 14. Life-giving (5). 15. Vibrations (7). 17. Parent (6). 20. Fraught (8). 21. Memo (4). 22. Graveyard (8).



Brain Teaser

13 14

6 4 2


2 9

3 5

7 9




6 2

9 10




Down 1. Second-hand (4). 2. Competition (4). 3. Peek (7). 4. Surprise (5). 5. Helmsman (9). 6. Quarantines (8). 10. Penniless (9). 11. Footpath (8). 13. Undertaking (7). 16. Serious (5). 18. Menu (4). 19. Repudiate (4).


A group of us have formed a bridge club. When organising the next torunament, we planned for each possible pair of members to play each other possible pair of members for one game. This involved a large number of games and would have taken ages. In the event, my partner and I had to withdraw, so the number of groupings was significantly reduced. In fact, the number of games actually played was only one third of the number originally required. Question: How many games were actually played? Solutions on next week Solutions page ??

Mar 21 - Apr 20

You’ll have plenty of good ideas, some with moneymaking potential. Even so, it is what you do with them that counts, and what you must not do is shout them from the rooftops when there are so many unprincipled people just waiting to make them their own. Apr 21 - May 21

Something very exciting is likely to happen this week. You may not get your fifteen minutes of fame but you will get the chance to try something different, something that will make others realise that there is more to you than meets the eye.


9 4


by Carol

May 22 - June 21

Your thoughts appear to have been all over the place just recently, especially when it comes to business matters, but now you’ll be able to get on with the job in hand; and with someone influential monitoring your progress, the time has come to move up and on.

9 29



9 6


Y our W eekly Your Weekly



14 15

7 October 2010

June 22 - July 22

Changing signs will enable you to re-oil the wheels of a group project which seems to have been losing ground, but authorative restrictions may have to be ignored. An overseas influence will add to the momentum, although possibly not in the way you anticipate.


July 23 - Aug 23

Although you are usually pretty good at spotting hitches and glitches before they occur, you seem to have overlooked something which is threatening to impede a business arrangement; but don’t be overinfluenced by an authority figure: their agenda is not yours.


Aug 24 - Sep 22

A recent difference of opinion can be resolved. But even if a certain person forgives, they are unlikely to forget – like the elephant, and some fancy footwork may be necessary if you intend to carry on as if nothing has happened.


Sep 23 - Oct 23

An unexpected turn of events will put you in a strong position financially or at work this week. It’s worth remembering that if a job is worth doing, it’s worth tapping the the brains and/or brawn of someone who can help you do it.


Oct 24 - Nov 22

This is a wonderful time for expressing yourself, be it creatively, convivially or in a one-to-one relationship. But remember that not everyone is as honest as you, and their are some ruthless people out there just waiting to capitalise on other’s intellect and ideas.


Nov 23 - Dec 21

Sometimes it is better to be blunt than risk being misunderstood, and this will be especially true when it comes to domestic and work issues this week. It’s all very well trying to keep everyone happy, but there comes a time when you have to tell it like it is.


Dec 22 - Jan 20

Relationships and romance are highlighted this week. But it won’t happen without some input on your part, so don’t sit back and wait for others to make the first move. This is also a splendid time for creative projects – so think big and lay solid foundations.


Jan 21 - Feb 18

Make a wish and you can also make it come true is the message this week. Plans and decisions made over the following few days will lay the foundations for the next twelve months. Certain people may pooh-hooh your ideas – but what do they know?


Feb 19 - March 20

With so much that is positive in your chart just now, you have nothing to worry about, and should concentrate on winning the hearts and minds of those who can help you in the future. The first move will be to identify who they are.

7 October 2010



motoring Peugeot plugs in for iOn electric future The car world has gone electric or so it seems as this week loads of new models are unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. In the days before the show, Michael Moroney got an opportunity to drive Peugeot’s new iOn model which is based on the Mitsubishi iMiEV and here is his report. W h o is going to drive electric cars in the future? For diehard petrol and diesel heads the answer seems to be …not me! Despite this, car companies are investing millions in the development; electric car motion is being taken seriously so we may prepare ourselves for getting used to it. I’ve attended a number of electric car presentations over the past year or so and they emphasize that they are all eagerly trying to protect our environment. Despite the apparent hype, something inside me feels that the rush to build electric cars is not yet at a hectic pace. Diesel cars have become cleaner and petrol engines have tidied up their act. Now add the new option of diesel hybrid and the improvements in economy along with lower CO2 emissions are very significant. There is a debate between European and Japanese electric cars, which are the best? Now the French car group of Peugeot and Citroen, under PSA has linked up with Mitsubishi for their first true 100% electric car option. On first impressions the new Peugeot iOn is almost identical in design and styling terms to the

Mitsubishi iMiEV. While in Europe the Peugeot Citroen team has a high profile, here in Ireland, it’s the Mitsubishi team with the iMiEV that has been making the most noise. I had the opportunity to go to France to drive the new Peugeot iOn for a leisurely afternoon in a mix of suburban driving to the east of Paris. The aim of the Peugeot selected test route was to drive the car is a semi-urban setting where there was a mix of small town, industrial estates and motorway driving all in a close area. Outward first impressions of the iOn are that it’s very small. I expected to experience the closer quarters of a rugby front row forward with my slightly taller co-driver but there was enough room not to create disharmony. I admit that the car surprised me in terms of the inside space feeling. I could see it being a very useful small city and town van. The seat position is high and the road visibility good. Driving was easy and effortless. Because it’s an electric drive there is no engine noise. You learn to pace your performance on other criteria rather than the feedback that you normally get from engine noise. It’s a feeling that I got comfortable with very quickly as we manoeuvred the car around the smaller

streets. The electric motor that powers the iOn is rated at 47kW, which is significantly lower than the Nissan Leaf of Renault Fleunce, both models which I have written about recently. This reflects on the acceleration, which at 15.9 seconds from a 0 to 100km/hr run is also slower than the others. It has a top speed of 130km/hr which we did not attempt even on the French motorway; let’s say we doubted the capacity of our electric reserves and lacked the courage to give it a real lash! We still drive in a battery conscious and behaved way and at this pace the iOn drives well.


The range for electric cars remains a concern. Peugeot claims that with a 150km range. They claim that the new iOn has a 30% better range than the Mitsubishi iMiEV, but they would let into their secret to this. If road and weather conditions are poor and you need full wipers, a blast of windscreen demist, full lights and the luxury of a radio as well, then the range will drop considerably, just like with a petrol car; it’s only easier to top up with petrol. There is no getting away from the fact that the way that you drive will impact on the range. Peugeot claims that it takes 6 hours to fully

● Stockists of all leading brands ● Computerised 4 wheel alignment ● Wheel balancing Special offers for Taxis and ● Puncture repairs Commercial ● Breakdown service Fleets

change the iOn with a standard household supply. The fast chargers that ESB is placing in towns around the country will give an 80% charge in just 30 minutes, enough time to have a cup of coffee. So while Peugeot is pitching the car at the consumer market, its real energy will be devoted to getting state bodies to invest in the iOn. Peugeot reckons that by 2020, just 10 years away, only 4 to 5% of all new car sales will be 100% electric cars. And they believe that state agencies will be the big users, rather than private motorist, which Peugeot is targeting for economy with its diesel hybrid engines.

The new 100% electric Peugeot iOn is a lively town car with a range of 160km, provided you don’t boom the radio and overwork the air-conditioning. The car prices have not yet being agreed and this car will need a Government grant to come anywhere near to competitive pricing.

The iOn has all the creature and safety comforts. The safety pack is just like that of a standard car with six airbags, two Isofix adapters, seat belt warning systems as well as ABS and ESP as standard. I don’t expect to see the iOn in the first rush of electric cars on the Irish market. That route will be lead by the Mitsubishi iMiEV. I think that the Leaf and Fleunce will be more mainstream car-like and

that will be a hurdle for many electric car drivers to get over. The early indications are that the prices for the Mitsubishi iMiEV are relatively high. Given this the iOn will be close by on the price league, still expensive for a small car. Both are dependent on a Government grant, which with the lingering range concern is hardly the right ingredient for a market rush.

Free Alignment check Free Tyre Safety Check Tyres from %40 Mini Servicing from %60 WE ARE ONLY A STONES THROW FROM SHOPS SO LET US LOOK AFTER YOUR CAR WHILE YOU SHOP!

☎ Call James on 021 439 7961 or 085 2178844 • COMMONS RD, NEXT TO BLACKPOOL RETAIL PARK, 2 minutes walk from Dunnes Stores



7 October 2010

1 in 20 drivers ‘on the mobile’ Bridgestone launches As many as 1 in every 20 drivers are using their handheld mobile phone while driving, according to a new study carried out by the Road Safety Authority (RSA). The study found a marked variation by area in the number of drivers using a hand-held mobile phone while driving with both Cork City and Maynooth, Co. Kildare and its surrounds showing greater levels of mobile phone use than other areas surveyed. Over 1 in 10 drivers (12%) in Cork were observed using a handheld mobile phone while driving, representing the highest level of mobile phone use among all drivers, and twice the national average. Following publication of the report, Noel Brett, Chief Executive of the RSA, appealed to drivers to be aware of the risks associated with using a mobile phone while driving: “The results of this study are extremely worrying, particularly when we know that you are 4 times more likely to crash if you use a hand

held mobile phone while driving. We also know that the results understate the true extent of the problem as the study did not capture those texting while driving or those using a handsfree kit. In fact, research tells us that using a handsfree mobile phone is no safer than using a handheld mobile phone while driving. “While you might think you can drive safely while using your mobile phone, this is simply not the case. By continuing to use your mobile phone while driving, you are risking your life, the lives of your passengers and the lives of others. And no phone call is worth that risk. Our advice is simple switch off before you drive off,” said Mr Brett. Other significant observations included: Over 1 in 10 drivers (12%) observed in Cork were using a hand-held mobile phone while driving, representing the highest level of noncompliance among all drivers in all locations surveyed, and twice the national average; 9% of drivers observed in Maynooth and its

eco-friendly tyre

Bridgestone has launched a new ecofriendly tyre, the Ecopia EP150 with the aim of combining wet safety with reduced rolling resistance, higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. Bridgestone claims to have has accomplished this breakthrough through the development of a Nano

surrounds were observed driving while holding a mobile phone; In two separate sites in Maynooth and Cork, almost 1 in 5 (16%) drivers were observed using their hand-held mobile phone while driving; The rate of mobile phone use recorded in Limerick was 7%; Both Galway and Dublin recorded a 4% hand held mobile phone use; The lowest levels of using a mobile phone while driving were

ABBEY TYRES AND CAR SALES 2008 2008 2008 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2005 2004

observed among drivers in Drogheda and Dundalk at 3% and Athlone with just 2% non-compliance observed. Mobile phone use while driving became a penalty point offence in September 2006. Since then, a total of 93,525 offences have been recorded up to 31st August 2010. It is now the second highest penalty point offence in Ireland after speeding. This represents an increase of almost 16,000 in just 12 months since 31st August 2009.

stone products in the same dimensions, Ecopia EP150 has a 15% improved rolling resistance which makes it on average around 3% more fuel efficient and achieves a reduction in CO2 output of around 3%. The Ecopia EP150 wil be targeting the compacts and mid-sized passenger cars with 14” to 16” rim sizes in 55 to 65 series.

China’s BYD suffers car sales drop as growth slows The Chinese car and battery maker BYD, which is reported to be looking at a European base, has reported that its August vehicle sales fell 5.9% from July on keen competition

amid slowing growth in the world’s largest auto market. BYD’s sales were down 19% from the same month last year, the company said. The automaker underperformed rivals as overall car sales in China rose 59%

in August on year. It appears that Chinese new car buyers want non-Chinese brands and this is having an impact on some of the local manufacturers in a market that is growing rapidly.

Mountmahon, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick TEL: 068 31569 MOB: 087 2897892 OPEN: MON - SAT 9am - 6pm CONTACT: NED O’FLAHERTY

Nissan Tida 1.6 4dr saloon, silver, alloys, spots, A/C 43Mls ................................................................................H8750 Nissan Micra 5dr hatch, Black metallic 28Mls .................................................................................................... H7900 Ford Focus Style Saloon 1.8 Tdci, Silver Metallic, Alloys, Spots, CD/Radio ( New Model) 35Mls.......................H13000 Mitsubishi Colt 1.1ltr 3dr hatchback, Silver Metallic, Alloys,Spots, E/W, CD 16Mls ............................................H6,250 Renault Scenic 1.5 CDI Dynamique 5dr light blue metallic, Alloys,Fogs, Cruise Control 19Mls ........................H10,000 Ford Focus Estate 1.8 Tdci Style,Black Metallic, 30Mls .......................................................................................H8,500 Ford Fiesta Steel, Silver Metallic, 5 Dr Alloys, Sun Roof, A/C, Spots, E/W 12Mls ...............................................H8,000 Mazda 3 1.6L Comfort, Dark Grey, New Alloys, 65Mls ......................................................................................... H9,500 Toyota Avensis 1.6 4dr Saloon Black Metallic 56Mls ...........................................................................................H9,500 Toyota Yaris 1L, Terra, %dr Greay Metallic, CD, E/W, Taxed 03/11 12Mls ...........................................................H8,000 Ford Focus 1.6L Tdci Style, 5 dr HatchBac, Alloys, Spots, E/W, CD, Silver Metallic, 100Mls .............................H9,000 Ford Focus 1.4 5dr hatch, Ocean Blue Metallic, Alloys, Spots, C/D 64Mls ......................................................... H9,000 Hyundai Elantra 1.6 5dr Hatch, Sunroof, Spoiler, Leather Seats, A/C. Blue Metallic 88Mls .............................H5,500 Ford Focus Style 1.4L Hatc, Alloys, Spots, Dark Green Metallic, 41Mls With Style Pack!! ................................ H9,000 Ford Focus Style 1.4L Hatch, Silver Metallic, Alloys,Spots, 45Mls ..................................................................... H9,000 Ford Focus Style 1.4 LX, Light Blue Metallic, CD, All Elecs 43Mls ...................................................................... H9,000 Nissan Primera 1.6L 4dr Saloon, TSpec, Alloys,Spots, Leather, Heated Seats Light Green Metallic 66[S1] Mls ..... H6,750 Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci 5dr Hatch, Blue Metallic, Spots, CD, E/W, A/C 100 Mls .......................................................H8,000 Toyota Avensis 1.6 Ltr 5 door Hatch, Green Metallic, 80 Mls ..............................................................................H8,500 Toyota Avensis 2.0 Ltr D4D Hatchback, Blue Metallic, Alloys,CD, A/C, E/W 110 Mls ......................................... H8,500 Ford Focus 1.6 Tdci 5 dr Hatch, Silver. 16” Alloys, A/C, CD, All Elec 97Mls ........................................................ H8,000 Ford Focus Flexi Fuel 1.8Ltr 5dr Hatch, Silver, Spots, CD, EW, 109 Mls .............................................................H6,000 Ford Mondeo 2Ltr Diesel, Silver, Alloys, Spots, A/C, Cruise Control, Reversing Sensors, 96Mls ..................... H7,500 Nissan Almera 1.5 4dr Saloon, SXE, Black Metallic, 16” Alloys, Spots, CD Player A/C 53 Mls ..........................H6,500 VW Beetle 1.4 Ltr 2dr Bright Red in Colour 28 Mls ............................................................................................. H10,000 Mazda 3 1.4 Comfort 5dr Hatch, Red Metallic, CD, EW, A/C 100 Mls ...................................................................H5750 Ford Focus 1.4 4dr Saloon, New Model, Blue Metallic, Spots, CD,EW 35 Mls ....................................................H7,000 Nissan Almera 1.5 SVE 4dr Saloon, Silver, Alloys, Spots, Half Leather Seats, CD, EW 45 Mls .........................H5,250 Ford Focus Diesel 1.8L Tdci Sports, 5dr, Hatch Back, 17” Alloys, Spots, CD, EW red 70 Mls ............................H7,000 Focus 1.4lx, 4dr Saloon, Blue Metallic, 80hp, NEW MODEL 70 Mls ....................................................................H6,500 Ford Focus C Max, 1.6Ltr, Grey Metallic, CD, EW, EM 118 Mls .............................................................................H5,750 Ford Focus Zetec 1.4 5dr Hatch, Black Metallic, Alloys, Spots, CD, Taxed 02/11 70 Mls ....................................H6,750 Opel Astra SXI 1.4 5 dr hatch, Baby Blue in Colour, Lots of Extras, 70 Mls .........................................................H6,500 Ford Focus 1.4 LX Connection, 5dr Hatch, Baby Blue, Alloys, Spots CD,Cruise Control Taxed 09/10 85 Mls ...H6,750 Ford Focus 1.4 LX 5 door hatch, Black Metallic CD Player, All Electric Tax 11/10 111 Mls ..................................H6,250 Mazda 6 Saloon 1.8Ltr touring, Cruise Control All Electrics, Alloys, Spots, AC, Silver Metallic 68[S2] Mls .....H6,000 Mazda 2 1.25 Ltr Comfort, 5dr Hatch Back, Red EW 65 Mls ................................................................................ H4,500 Ford Focus 4dr Saloon 1.4 Steel Blue Metallic, Alloys, Spots, 6 CD Changer, A/C 78 Mls .................................H6,000 Peugeot 407 ST Comfort 1.8 Ltr Petrol 5dr Saloon, Silver, Alloys, Spots, Climate Control 65 Mls ...................H5,500 Nissan Almera 1.5 4dr Saloon, Gold Metallic 65 Mls ...........................................................................................H4,500

Sale on Alloy Wheel, Over 1000 Wheels in Stock. Please ask in Store.

Pro-Tech compound. This claims to lower the rolling resistance coefficient by reducing energy loss in the top compound during rotation. When combined with a new tread design featuring a connected block and thin rib, Bridgestone claims that this enhances contact pressure and wet braking performance. Versus current Bridge-

2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2004 2003 2003 2003 2003 2004 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2002 2001 2001 2001 2001 2000 2001 2001 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 1996

renault megane Sport 1.4 Ltr, Saloon, Silver Metallic, Alloys, Spots CD, 113 Mls ..............................................H4,000 VW Passat 1.9 Tdi (red i) Gre Metallic, Alloys, CD, All Electric 149 Mls ............................................................... H5,750 Chevrolet Tacuma Est Jeep 1.6Ltr SE, Blue Metallic, All Electric, A/C 60 Mls ...................................................H3,500 Opel Astra 1.4 5dr Hatch, Silver Metallic, Spots, Alloys, CD 56 Mls .................................................................... H5,000 Ford Focus 1.8 Ltr Tdci Style 5dr Hatch, Navy Blue metallic, CD,EW, A/C 70 Mls .............................................H5,750 Opel Meriva 1.6 Enjoy, Alloys, CD, Black Metallic 129 Mls ...................................................................................H3,500 Ford Focus 5dr Hatch, Silver in Colour, All Electric, CD, Spots 126 Mls .............................................................H4,500 Toyota Yaris 1Ltr 5dr Hatch, Blue Metallic 71 Mls ................................................................................................H4,750 Suzki Grand Vitara 1.6 Petrol,4x4, 3dr EST, Wine metallic 50 Mls .....................................................................H5,750 Nissan Almera 1.5 Saloon, Wine Metallic 140 Mls ...............................................................................................H3,000 Toyota 1.4 Ltr VVTI 4dr Saloon, Silver Metallic, Alloys, Spots, CD Tax 02/11 120 Mls .........................................H4,500 Opel Meriva Life, 1.6 Ltr 5dr Silver metallic CD,EW, 93 Mls ................................................................................H3,750 Ford Focus 1.6Ltr 3dr Hatch Automatic 100 Mls ..................................................................................................H4,500 Ford Fiesta Ghia, 1.25 Zetec, Light Green Metallic, 106 Mls Choice of 2 .............................................................H2,500 Renault Megane 1.4 5dr Hatch (luxe model) Alloys, Spots, A/C, Black Metallic 83 Mls ....................................H2,500 Peugeot 1.1 Ltr. Blue Metallic 5dr Hatch, Spots, CD, 159 Mls .............................................................................. H2,350 Opel Astra 5dr Hatch Green Metallic 73 Mls ........................................................................................................H3,250 VW Golf 1.9 Tdi 5 dr Hatch Navy Blue in Colour 165 Mls .......................................................................................H4,500 Hyundai Accent 1.5 5dr hatch red in Colour 65Mls ..............................................................................................H2,500 Ford Focus 1.6 5dr Hatch Silver Metallic, CD All Electric Tax 02/11 49 Mls ........................................................H4,000 renault Laguna Super sport 5dr Hatch Silver Metallic, Alloys, Spots, A/C EW, EM 106 Mls .............................H2,500 Mazda 6 1.8 Ltr 4dr Saloon Red In Colour, Alloys, Spots, Elecs, A/C and CD 11/10 Tax 88 Mls ..........................H3,250 Fiat Punto 1.2 Ltr 5dr Hatch, Blue Metallic, CD, 83 Mls ....................................................................................... H1,850 Ford Ka 1.3 Ltr 3dr Hatch, Wine in Colour, CD 54 Mls .......................................................................................... H1,850 Toyota Picnic 2Ltr Petrol, Silver metallic 140 Mls (7 Seater) ............................................................................... H2,500 Peugeot 406 HDI 4dr Saloon, Silver Metallic, 117 Mls .......................................................................................... H2,750 Peugeot 206 1.1 Ltr 5dr Hatch, Silver, Alloys, Spoiler, CD 103 Mls .......................................................................H1,950 Ford Focus 2lt Ghia, Saloon, Wine Metallic, Alloys, Spots (leather Seats) 105 Mls ............................................ H2,500 Nissan Almera Silver 1.5 Ltr Saloon 60,000 Miles on Engine, New Clutch Etc.. ................................................ H2,500 Fprd Focus Ghia, 1.6 Ltr Saloon, Blue Metallic, Timing Belt just done, lots of extras, High Milage. ................. H2,000 Peugeot 206 1.1 Ltr 5dr Hatch back, Black Metallic, Alloys, Spots 80 Mls ..........................................................H2,500 Ford Ka 1.3 Ltr Greeen Metallic 3dr hatch 80 Mls ................................................................................................H1,650 VW Bora 1.4 Ltr 4dr Saloon, Wine Metallic ........................................................................................................... H2,500 Nissan Micra 1ltr 3 dr White in Colour 90 Mls ...................................................................................................... H1,500 Opel Corsa 1Ltr 3 dr Hatch, Silver Metallic, CD Player 72 Mls ............................................................................. H1,250 Mitsubishi Charisma 1.6 5dr Saloon Silver Metallic, Sunroof 122 Mls ................................................................H2,500 C180 Mercedes 1.8 Petrol Auto Blue Metallic 133 Mls .......................................................................................... H1,250

All Car NCT’d and Finance Arranged at Low Rates, All cars over H2,000 Carry Warranty


7 October 2010


The Juke's infectious energy is out in the city and it's highly contagious. It's shaking up the norm and breaking the city out of its shell. It's reshaping the streets that it knows so well. It stands out in the crowd. Do you want to find out more…



Be the first to test drive the Juke call 021 454 2344 to book NOW!

MOTORWORLD Cork’s ONLY Nissan Dealer




Mazda premieres at Paris 2010 M a z d a presented the new facelift version of the current Mazda2 at this year’s Paris Motor Show. The recently-launched secondgeneration Mazda5 and the current Mazda3 were also on display in Paris, both with updated commonrail diesel versions delivering reductions in fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and Euro 5 compliance. The new Mazda family face is introduced

along with new exterior colours and wheel designs for a sportier Mazda2 look. Mazda claims that the quality look and feel is improved by new materials, seat fabrics and colours on the inside. The company has improved the suspension for improved ride comfort. Rounding out the facelift package is an updated engine line-up with Euro 5 compliance for all engines, including an updated diesel that needs just 4.2 litres of fuel

7 October 2010

per 100 km, and produces just 110 g/km of CO2 (combined). And Mazda will have a new automatic transmission for the entry Mazda2 model shortly. Mazda unveiled the new Mazda5 with an improved 1.6-litre turbodiesel that delivers higher torque driving coupled to low daily operating costs. The new engine comes with a six-speed manual transmission and Mazda claims needs about 15% less fuel per 100 km, and produces 13% less CO2

than the 2.0-litre diesel engine it replaces. Paris also provided a highlight for an updated Euro 5 version of Mazda3’s 1.6-litre diesel now with new six speed manual transmission. This engine gives the car 12% more torque. Requiring just 4.4 litres of fuel per 100 km, and produces 117 g/km of CO2, this Mazda3 diesel version is a new economical option to the range.

Come where the quality is Year 2010 2010 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2008 2008 2008

Model Derivate Engine Size Focus style 1.6tdci Fiesta style 1.25 Mondeo lx 1.8tdci Focus zetec 1.6tdci Focus econetic 1.6tdci Fiesta style 1.4tdci Fiesta style 1.4tdci Fiesta zetec 1.25 1.25 Fiesta style Focus style 1.8tdci Focus style 1.8tdci S-max zetec 2.0tdci

No. of Mileage Colour Doors

5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 5dr 7 Seater

10km 13km 36km 34k 30k 15k 19k 26k 16km 28k 35k 40k

Price silver 18750 black 14750 silver 19500 blue 17500 blue 16950 avalon 13950 blue 13950 morello 14250 silver 12950 black 15500 silver 15000 silver 24950

Road Tax

€104 €104 €302 €104 €104 €104 €104 €156 €156 €156 €156 €447

Selling and Servicing cars for three Generations

Mazda unveiled a new Mazda2 at the Paris Motor Show with the option of an economical 1.6 litre turbo-diesel engine.


Tiger. An all-rounder. The perfect all-rounder. The Tiger is equally at home in the urban jungle as it is prowling on the open road. Hit the highway and revel in the muscular 1050cc triple, which combines with powerful brakes and a high-specification sporty chassis to make carving through the twisties a real pleasure. From €12095 OTR. Call us to pre-book a test ride!


Go your own way



7 October 2010

Commercial vehicle week at CAB Motors Y o u r opportunity to get the best deal on a new van or commercial vehicle is here. Vans and commercial vehicles are essential to the functioning of hundreds of businesses both in Cork and around Ireland, and Ford has long been Ireland’s number one supplier of these vehicles. Just think of the iconic Ford Transit which has consistently been Ireland’s top seller right up to and during the years of the Celtic Tiger. The Transit nameplate turns 45 years old this year and to celebrate this key milestone, CAB Motor Company, is holding a Commercial Vehicle week next week from Monday 11 to Saturday 16 October. “Our Commercial Vehicle Week is targeted particularly at those van operators who were maybe forced to put off renewing or upgrading their vehicles as a result of the difficult trading environment over the last couple of years,” explains Conor Cavanagh, Dealer Principal at CAB Motor Company. “We want to get the message out loud and clear to those van operators: we want your trade in! Come in


RSA host Drug Driving lecture The Road S a f e t y Authority (RSA) is staging its 2010 Road Safety Lecture with the theme ‘Drug Driving’ in Dublin Castle on Monday, 11 October. The lecture is being held as part of ‘Irish Road Safety Week’ which will take place from the 9th to 16th October. The ‘Drug Driving’ lecture will run from 10.30am to 12:45pm in the Erin Room in Dublin Castle. The RSA Lecture is being held to raise awareness and understanding of the role drugs play in deaths and injuries on Irish roads.

and talk to us next week about trading up to a new Ford commercial vehicle, and with deals like €1,500 off Transit, you will be surprised at the value that is on offer.” In addition to the award winning Transit, the full range of Ford commercial vehicles is up for grabs: Fiesta Van; Focus Van; Transit Connect; and the rugged Ranger pick-up. The

Transit Connect and Fiesta Van have both won Irish Van of the Year awards for 2010. The Ford fleet of commercial vehicles is perhaps the safest fleet on the market. The company was the first to offer Electronic Stability Control (ESP) on its vans and now all of the key models come with this life-saving feature as standard, including the

Transit. “We are delighted to be able to celebrate the 45th birthday of our Transit, the nameplate has an illustrious history right across Europe. Since its introduction in 1965, there have been an incredible six million models sold with more than 120,000 models sold in Ireland – those figures are streets ahead of any other make of van,” said Conor.

The most recent version of this iconic vehicle is the new Transit ECOnetic which is one of the “greenest” vans on the road. With a target fuel economy of just 7.2 l/100 km (39.2 mpg) and CO2 emissions that are best in class. “So drop in and see us next week and check out our award-winning range of commercial vehicles,” concluded Cavanagh.


The keynote speaker for the lecture is Dr. Doug Beirness, Traffic Injury Research Foundation, Ottawa, who will deliver a lecture on his work on the OECD/ITF report on Drugs and Driving. Dr Beirness’ lecture will be followed by responses from other agencies working in the area of drugs and driving. The lecture and responses will be followed by a 30 minute Questions and Answers session. You need to contact RSA to confirm a place at the lecture.

SAAB to get BMW engines Saab owner Spyker and BMW have agreed to an engine supply deal which will see Saab cars fitted with BMW built engines from 2012. The four cylinder engine,

which will feature StartStop and other measures designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption, will be assembled at the BMW Group’s UK engine plant.



7 October 2010


Clarke Brothers

Clarke Brothers


BANDON 7 S 1.4 8V 5DR

2010 Peugeot 20

g, Passenger mls, Drivers Air Ba Metallic red. 3,107 electric, Remote nt fro s ow nd Wi Air Bag, ABS, pact e airbags, Side Im Central Locking, Sid biliser, Multi mo Im , /CD dio Ra , Protection System wheel function steering

Was €14,750 Now


Clarke Brothers

tz 5DR STD 2008 Hyundai Ge CLASSIC 05DR

le Steering ,501 mls Adjustab Metallic Silver 10 ger Air Bag, Rear sen Pas g, Ba Air s Wheel, Driver g, ABS, /CD, Central lockin Head Rests, Radio mirrors ic ctr Ele ic, ctr ele Windows front

€7,995 Was €8,750 Now

Clarke Brothers

ptiva 2.0 vdti 2007 Chevrolet Ca 7 Seats AWD

Steering 3 Mls, Adjustable Metallic Black, 26,30 , Head Rests, oys All g, nin itio Wheel, Air-Cond , Roof rails king, Parking sensor Remote Central Loc

Was €22,950 Now


Clarke Brothers

7 ST 2006 Peugeot 40 8 1. COMFORT

le Steering ,000 Mls, Adjustab Metallic Bronze, 63 te Central mo Re , oys ning, All ts, Wheel, Air-Conditio Locking wheel nu gs, ba air e Sid g, Lockin Foglights

€8,950 Was €9,950 Now

8 1.6 SE HDI 2009 Peugeot 30 €104!! 90bhp. Road Tax

ering Wheel, 0 M Adjustable Ste Metallic Blue 12,20 gs, Metallic ba Air le ltip Mu g, Air-Conditionin tem Multi pact Protection Sys paintwork, Side Im support, ar mb ,Lu eel wh function steering

Was €18,450 Now


Clarke Brothers

guna II 1.6 2003 Renault La ering 0 M Adjustable Ste gs, Metallic Black 80,00 Bag, Multiple Airba Air s ver Dri , oys All Wheel, ad Rests, Remote He ar Re g, Ba Air r Passenge c Mirrors dio/CD, Alarm, Ele Central Locking, Ra and Windows

€3,950 Was €4,650 Now

Clarke Brothers

2001 Suzuki Gran

d Vitara 2.0 D

Steering ,000 M Adjustable Metallic Green 96 le Airbags, Metallic ltip Mu , yer Pla CD Wheel, Alloys, tem. Fully pact Protection Sys paintwork, Side Im serviced.

€5,750 Was €6,350 Now

Clarke Brothers

imera 1.6 2004 Nissane Pr le 42,000 M Adjustab

Accenta Metallic Blu oys, Drivers -Conditioning, All ar Steering Wheel, Air senger Air Bag, Re Pas gs, ba Air le Air Bag, Multip king, Climate Loc al ntr Ce te mo Head Rests, Re d heated, , Mirrors electric an Control, Radio/CD Foglights.

€6,750 Was €7,250 Now

7 D Sign, 2008 Peugeot 30 r 5d v 1.4 16

ng Wheel, M Adjustable Steeri ad Rests, Metallic Silver, 20,505 He r Rea gs, ba ltiple Air biliser, Alloys, CD Player, Mu mo Im , ags king, Side airb Remote Central Loc ng wheel, Alloys eri ste n ctio fun lti ABS, Mu

Was €11,450 Now


Clarke Brothers

Clarke Brothers

Passat 1.6 2007 Volkswagen 5 bhp 11 Comfort-line

Seats, 6 Mls, Swivel Front Metallic Blue 23,73 , Air-Conditioning, eel Wh ng eri Ste Adjustable tem, Alarm pact Protection Sys CD Player, Side Im Tinted glass, r, ise bil mo Im , remote controlled ay Towbar, Wooden inl

€12,750 Was €13,250 Now

Clarke Brothers

1.4 D4D 2007 Toyota Auris Terra Diesel


bags, 1 Mls, Multiple Air Metallic Blue, 33,18 ctric, Wheel trims, ele r rea + nt fro s Window Tinted glass

Was €13,250 Now


Clarke Brothers

2006 Ford Fiesta 1.25 Zetec

Steering 5 Mls, Adjustable Metallic Red 57,41 Multi function S, AB g, kin loc te Wheel, Alloys, Remo nroof l service history, Su steering wheel, Ful

€6,795 Was €7,595 Now

Clarke Brothers

cetti 2006 Chevrolet La 1.4 SX Saloon

Steering 1 Mls, Adjustable Metallic Silver, 45,98 Rear g, Multiple Airbags, Ba Air s ver Dri , Wheel biliser, ABS mo Im , sts Re ad He

€6,495 Was €7,295 Now

Clarke Brothers

1.6 STEEL II 2005 Ford Focus 2 R 4D le Airbags,

Mls, Bag, Multip Metallic Blue, 6,338 mote Rear Head Rests, Re g, Ba Air r ge r Passen , Alarm, Immobilise /CD dio Ra g, kin Central Loc

€ Was €7,250 Now



bira 1.4 SX 2004 Chevrolet Nu

table e 23,000 M Adjus gs, Saloon, Metallic Blu Bag, Multiple Airba Air s ver Dri , eel Steering Wh Rests, Remote ad He ar Re g, Ba Passenger Air r, ABS, dio/CD, Immobilise Central Locking, Ra ic, ctr ele r rea + nt fro Windows

€4,950 Was €5,450 Now

Clarke Bros. Bandon Clonakilty Road, Bandon, Co. Cork • Tel: 023 8841923 •

7 October 2010


OPEN Mon - Fri: 9am - 5.45pm Saturday: 10am - 5pm



07 BMW 318i SE

09 Mondeo Zetec 4dr 1.6i



BMW 318i SE Leather, Bluetooth, cruise

Ford Mondeo Zetec 4dr 1.6i cruise

control, climate control, 16” Alloys, Parking Sensors, 59,800mls

control climate control, 16” alloys, front fog lights, heated front windscreen

09 Ford focus 5dr 1.6i Style

09 Ford Focus C-Max Zetec 1.6i

09 Ford Focus 5dr 1.6i Style

09 Ford Focus 3dr 1.4i Style

09 Ford Focus 5dr Style 1.8 FFV






Ford Focus 5dr Style 1.6i Remote Central locking, Elec Windows/mirrors, Heated front windscreen, Ipod connection, 19,664mls

Ford Focus C-Max Active 1.6i 16” Alloys, Fog lights, Air Con, Elec Windows/ mirrors, Ipod connection, 18,579mls

Ford Focus 5dr Style 1.6i Remote Central Locking, Elec Windows/mirrors, Heated front windscreen, Ipod connection, 24,949mls

Ford Focus 3dr Style 1.4i Remote Central Locking, Elec Windows,mirrors, heated front windscreen, Ipod connection, 23,861mls

Ford Focus 5dr Style Remote Central locking, Elec Windows/mirrors, heated front windscreen, Ipod connection, 19,387 mls

09 Ford Focus 5dr 1.6i Style

10 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Style

10 Ford Focus 1.6TDCi Style

10 Ford Fiesta 5dr 1.25 Style

10 Ford Fiesta 5dr 1.4TDCi Style






Ford Focus 5dr 1.6i Style Remote Central locking, Elec Windows/mirrors, Heated front windscreen, Ipod connection, 19,664mls

Ford Focus Style Special 5dr 1.6TDCi Air Con, Bluetooth, 16” Alloys,

Ford Focus Style Special 5dr 1.6TDCi Air Con, Bluetooth, 16” Alloys,

Ford Fiesta Style 5dr 1.25i alloys,

fog lamps, heated front windscreen, 104 Road tax, 6,903mls

fog lamps, heated front windscreen, 104 Road tax, 4,703mls

Ford Fiesta Style 1.4TDCi 5dr alloys, fog lights, ABS brakes, Ipod connection, 104 Road tax, 12,174mls

07 Mazda Rx8 Sport 231BHP

08 Audi A3 Sportback 1.6i



fog lights, ABS Brakes, Ipod connection, 156 Road tax, 8,222mls

To view our full range of used cars visit ✓ Our cars come fully serviced ✓ After Sales Warranty ✓ Finance available in 1hr.

Mazda RX-8 Sport 231BHP 18” Alloys, fog lights, sunroof, climate control, leather interior, traction control 70,465mls

Audi A3 Sportback 1.6i Attraction 5dr 102PS 162 alloys, fog lights, climate control, traction control, 4xElec Windows, 25,025mls


✓ Amazing Trade-in allowances

Feel the difference at O’Connells of Mallow

O’Connells of Mallow Ltd Townview, Mallow, Co. Cork Contact Marc or Andrew Tel: 022 42002


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Cork’s Ultimate Entertainment Guide

Cork INDEPENDENT Compiled By: Brian Hayes Curtin Email:

MAVERICK, MULTIMILLIONAIRE, POET Felix Dennis is many things: entrepreneur, philanthropist, magazine publisher, former hippie and drug addict and current poet. It is the last of these many things that brings him to Cork. He tells the Cork Independent about bringing poetry into the 21st century, the problem with TS Eliot and how a bad film based on part of his life can be good thing.

He is an extremely rich man and currently owns 31 print or online magazines, although he sold most of his US titles a few years ago. He is a selfmade entrepreneur and estimates put his fortune at around €600m. Befitting a former hippie, he is a generous philanthropist and has a particular interest in planting trees- he plants over 100,000 every year. He was co-editor at the underground counter culture magazine Oz in 1971 when he was a co-defendant in the longest conspiracy/obscenity trial in British history. He made a single with John Lennon to raise money for their legal defence. They received prison sentences. Once out of prison, he amassed a fortune with his own publishing company. And then, in 1999 following a life-threatening illness, he took up writing poetry. Needless to say, he is now one of the best selling British poets and his tours sell out. Despite his money, his poetry has been praised by Stephen Fry and Tom Wolfe. He is now in the middle of a 21-gig, four-itcountry, one month tour. Dennis’ enthusiasm is obvious and he describes with relish the technological innovations used to make the performance more engaging. “We have a number of large plasma screens with films showing, sound effects and pretty spectacular light effects when the venue is suitable,” he says. “It is not eight people in the back of a library.” Poetry, having been one of the dominant art forms alongside song since humans have communicated, has been utterly sidelined. In the last 70 years, it has been marginalised to such an extent

that many peoples last experience of poetry was in school. Why is this? “The reasons most modern poets would give is the usual stuff like TV, the internet and computer games.” That’s not the whole truth though, according to the wordsmith. “But I think following the publication of TS Eliot’s ‘The Wasteland’ in 1922, 99.9 per cent of poetry was in free form verse, which is fine if you are a genius like Eliot but it has lead to an awful lot of rubbish!” he exclaims. “Audiences have voted with their wallets in the last 60 years. I noticed when I introduced modern poetry in traditional modes. People love strictly metrical poetry and the traditional forms. “Modern poets wonder why they’ve only sold 40 copies and 8 people show up for a performance. People like sonnets, ballads and lyrics. I get abuse from modern poets about dragging poetry back to Stonehenge! “I’m not a stupid man but I can’t understand a lot of modern verse,” he says. “People have to relate to poetry once more.” “I’m looking forward to playing Cork. I got a great reception in Dublin the last time. As an Englishman abroad, you don’t go to Ireland thinking ‘I’m like Michael Jackson here’!” he laughs uproariously. A film based on the launch of Oz magazine and the obscenity trial that the staff endured called ‘Hippie Hippie Shake’ has been filmed but has not been released yet. The poet says “the film is supposed to be terrible. The only good thing is that Sienna Miller takes her clothes off!” He laughs at the thought. “I met the actor who played me. He is a very nice Irishman,

Chris O’Dowd from the IT Crowd. It was great to see him as he is a tall and handsome and I’m short and bumpy!” “Apparently the film is supposed to be awful and Universal Pictures will never release it. Maybe it will be so bad that it will be a cult classic!” he chuckles as he enjoys the thought. And with that he is off, flying his helicopter to his next poetry gig. Will Dennis succeed with his unique poetry evangelism? Only a foolish man would bet against a man with his track record. Felix Dennis’ ‘Did I mention the free wine?’ tour will take place at the Firkin Crane on Saturday 9 October at 7.30pm with free fine French wine and canapés. Check for details.




This Saturday marks the return of the Bastardo Electrico club night, which has been missing from the Cork scene for a number of years. Since the night began in 2001, back in Sir Henrys, it has also morphed into a record label in 2008 under Jamie Behan. One of the label’s alumni is the one to relaunch the night. Legendary Detroit Techno head DJ Bone returns to Cork after three previous visits for Schmutzig. DJ Bone is one of Detroit’s most coveted under-

ground vinyl technicians. His record label Subject Detroit is futuristic and other worldly while still displaying the true essence of Detroit’s techno soul. Indeed Jamie Behan has released an EP on Subject Detroit, along with the likes of DJ Bone himself and the legendary Juan Atkins. Behan himself has become one of Ireland’s most important techno DJs. The return of the Bastardo Electrico night makes a huge upsurge in techno nights in Cork with

club nights like Electric Underground, Ctrl Alt Delete, Click Cork, Submerge and other nights featuring techno heavily or in part. Legends Derrick May and Dave Clarke are also due to play in the Savoy Theatre next month. Good times to be a technohead! Bastardo Electrico presents DJ Bone (Subject Detroit - USA) and Jamie Behan (Bastardo Electrico Recordings) on Saturday 9 October at The Pavilion at 11pm. Tickets are €15.

7 October 2010



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STILL DIVINE, STILL A COMEDIAN Hard to believe it’s 20 years since The Divine Comedy released their first album ‘Fanfare for the Comic Muse’. In the years that followed, Neil Hannon’s witty and erudite upbeat pop songs and orchestral romantic masterpieces have seen his career rise, then fall only to triumphantly rise once more. Building steady critical support with the first few Divine Comedy releases, he achieved unlikely pop star status with songs in the mid 90’s like ‘Something For the Weekend’ and

‘The National Express’. Thereafter followed a fallow period where success eluded Hannon as he split from the rest of the Divine Comedy. His comeback to public notice came via the unlikely conduit of recording a concept album about cricket. The collaboration with Thomas Walsh/ Pugwash was called The Duckworth Lewis Method and they achieved surprising success with the release of their album in 2009. This resulted in the delay of his latest album ‘Bang Goes the Knighthood’ which was released

last May. Now Hannon is playing the album in the Everyman Palace Theatre. Playing solo for the first time ever, it should be a great way to enjoy Hannon’s witty asides and an intimacy that only a solo show can bring. The Divide Comedy play the Everyman Palace Theatre on Sunday 10 October at 8pm. Tickets are €25.

Thursday 7 October What: Karma Parking Where: Crane Lane Theatre When: 11.30pm What: Dead Cool Where: The Pavilion When: 10.30pm What: Perfidia Where: The Bodega When: 9pm What: Wallis Bird Where: Cyprus Avenue When9pm Friday, 8 October What: Amoric Where: The Grafton When: 9pm What: Ian Whitty and The Exchange Where: Pine Lodge When: 9pm What: The Palace Late Night Club Where: Everyman Palace When: 11.30pm What: Fridays At Club Classic Where: Club Classic When: 11pm Saturday, 9 October What: O Emperor & Bona Fide Federation Where: The Pavilion When: 8pm What: Electric Blue Where: Fox and Hounds When: 10pm What: Did I Mention The Free Wine? Where: The Firkin Crane When: 7.30pm What: The Bonevilles Where: Crane Lane Theatre When: 9pm Sunday, 10 October


What: Arkadia Where: The Grafton When: 9pm What: The Tritone Trio Where: The Pavilion When: 5.30pm

DRUID CELEBRATE WITH ‘THE SILVER TASSIE’ For the brilliant and ambitious Druid Theatre Company, it has been a marquee year. It had a huge hit with Enda Walsh’s ‘Penelope’, which won awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and sold out nationwide. Now they bring ‘The Silver Tassie’ to Cork to celebrate their 35 years of existence. ‘The Silver Tassie’ is Seán O’Casey’s classic play about youth and war. This sweeping play follows the lives of two young footballing heroes from the ten-

ements of Dublin through the battlefields of France, and their return home. The play has not been seen in Ireland for a number of years, mainly because it requires a very large amount of actors and musicians. A cast of 19 includes four actor musicians, and it features a new score by composer Elliot Davis and movement directed by David Bolger. Indeed, ‘The Silver Tassie’ is the biggest production to tour Ireland this year

to do list FILM OF THE WEEK: ‘Back To The Future (Re-release) @ all good cinemas ‘Back To The Future’ is one of the most loved and best known films of the last 30 years. Think of Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown heading back to the 1950s in the iconic DeLorean that served as their time machine. Capturing the Eisenhower era in look, feel and morals, it loses nothing in being reshown. Instead, it keeps the same sense of freshness and adventure that made it such a big hit in 1985.

Monday, 11 October What: Ó Bhéal Where: The Hayloft When: 9pm What: Sonia Shiel Solo Exhibition Where: Triskel When: 12pm

and it is a testament to the scope of Druid’s ambition and their ability to realize those ambitions that it will tour Ireland and Britain. ‘The Silver Tassie’ will play the Everyman Place Theatre from Tuesday 12 October to Saturday 16 October at 8pm. Tickets are €15 on opening night, €25 or €20 concession and €7 for students Tuesday and Wednesday. Check www. for details.

What: Trad Session Where: The Classic When: 10pm Tuesday, 12 October What: Canterbury Where: The Old Oak When: 10.30pm What: Dj Zephyr Where: Bru When: 8.30pm What: The Original Singer Songwriter Open Mic Where: Fred Zeppelins When: 9pm What: Andy Dunne Where: Clancy’s When: 9pm



‘The Silver Tassie’ @ the Everyman Palace Theatre at 8pm from Tuesday 12 October. ‘The Silver Tassie’ is almost a forgotten work by one of Ireland’s most important playwrights. Sean O’Casey’s better know works like ‘Juno and the Paycock’ and ‘The Plough and the Stars’ are shown almost every year in Ireland. ‘The Silver Tassie’ was rejected by WB Yeats for the Abbey Theatre. It has seemed to suffer from similar rejection since. With 19 performers and thematic study of imperialist wars and those that suffer from them, it is highly resonant today.

Felix Dennis’ ‘Did I mention the free wine?’ @ the Firkin Crane on Saturday 9 October at 7.30pm. Picking one gig was especially difficult this week, given the quality and diversity of gigs on offer from the Americana of O Emperor, the experimental grooves of rhizome[s] and the superior pop tunes of Neil Hannon and Cathy Davey. However multimillionaire poet Felix Dennis’ updated modern performances of his acclaimed poetry is so different that it could be best of all. This charismatic performer also promises free fine French wine and canapés. See what’s new with a very old art form.

Wednesday, 13 October What: Cathy Davey Where: Savoy When: 9pm What: Freakscene Where: Gorbys When: 11pm What: The Quad Showcase: Cowbell Where: The Quad When: 10pm What: Anita Williams & Rouge Where: The Bodega When: 9.30pm



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Finding the roots of experimental Irish music

The Triskel is set to put on another sonically innovative gig this week with the arrival of rhizome[s]. rhizome[s] is a tour of like-minded alternative innovators. It brings together Dublin post new-wave twopiece Thread Pulls, Danish collective Thulebasen and the much acclaimed Patrick Kelleher. A rhizome is an underground stem that produces roots and shoots that develop into new plants. Similarly, each set will feature collaborations between artists that should result in a

7 October 2010

fascinating experience. The awesome Krautrockish Thread Pulls have followed fellow Dubliners Twinkranes in releasing a stonking debut album. ‘New Thoughts’ features the band’s trademark experimental bass and drum driven sound. The duo varies things with shouted repetitious treated vocals, mournful trumpet and electronics to create a varied and textured sound. Patrick Kelleher differs from brooding, tense electronica to jaunty acoustica to 8-bit dance-floor ditties

to evocative pop but always with a twist of something ethereal or idiosyncratic. Thulebasen arrive on an electric carpet of flying guitar and beat and a slightly scratched and gloriously warped production. rhizome[s] featuring Thread Pulls, Patrick Kelleher and Thulebasen takes place at the ESB Substation Caroline Street on Saturday 9 October at 8pm. Tickets are a bargain €8 and tickets can be bought at Plugd Records.

Last week Waterford band O Emperor released their first album ‘Hither Thither’. If it’s anything like their recent live performances, it must be a cracker. Despite the their youth, the quintet have played together for years. That they have released the album on a major label is an unusual thing these days. There are so


few bands signed by major labels these days that their signing is a mark of quality. Their sound is unashamedly influenced by the likes of Neil Young, the Beach Boys and Wilco. Along with beautiful West Coast harmonies, they also tap into more modern Americana; a melodic melding of country, folk, rock and

rhythm’n’blues that can veer from the mournful to the sublimely ecstatic. In a live setting they really capture the soaring harmonies and exquisite melodies of songs such as their great first single ‘Po’ and album taster ‘Don’t Mind Me’. Hopefully their album contains similarly beautiful songs. The Cork-based band

are on the cusp of great things and play a great live show. Check out their new album ‘Hither Thither’ which should be in Plugd soon. O Emperor plus Bona Fide Operation play the Pavilion on Saturday 9 October at 8pm. Tickets are €12.


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Katie Power, Deirdre Enright and Fiona Lemasney from Cork pictured at the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” weekend in aid of Action Breast Cancer in Celtic Ross Hotel last Saturday. Photo: Miki Barlok

Best Pink Linda Fitzpatrick from Kilkenny, Best Accessory Phil Rackham from London, Best Shoes Frances Kidney from Cobh, Best Fashion Statement Mary Fitzpatrick from Liscarroll, Best Handbag Mary McAleese from Monkstown and Best Dressed Lady Orla Newman from Midleton pictured at the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” weekend in aid of Action Breast Cancer in Celtic Ross Hotel last Saturday. Photo: Miki Barlok

Sarah O’ Shaughnessy with Amy and Caoimhe Cripps all from Douglas strike a pose on their way into Fame the musical at the Cork Opera House. Photo: Billy macGill

Carolyn Mullane, Caroline O’Mahony and Nicole Barriscale from Passage West pictured at the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” weekend in aid of Action Breast Cancer in Celtic Ross Hotel last Saturday. Photo: Miki Barlok

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7 October 2010


SPORTS SCENE Glen in first final for 19 years

Compiled by EOIN WELDON



AS the news SuperLeague season got underway last weekend, both Cork teams began with victories in a perfect start for the Leeside teams. Bord Gáis Neptune got their SuperLeague campaign underway with a comfortable home victory over Belfast Star on Saturday night in Neptune stadium. The victory was made

all the easier with Star having to play without their American import because of work permit issues but Neptune took full advantage to cruise to a 105-59 win. Neptune were playing their first game under the new banner of Bord Gáis, they took control early on and never looked back with new signing Robinson Louisme leading scorer with 29 points. There

were also good contributions from Ger Noonan, who scored 15 points and Mick McGinn who chipped in with 14 points allowed coach Price to get the full use of his squad with young players Jason Wilkinson and Aidan King making their senior debuts in what proved to be a very easy victory. Coach Price said he was very pleased with the whole squad and get-

ting the first game under their belts was the main thing for all the players, especially with a double header next weekend. Captain Michael McGinn also stressed the importance of getting the first win of the season and how they have a foundation to build on over the next couple of weeks. Bord Gáis Neptune’s next game is Friday night against Moycullen

from Galway at Neptune Stadium, with tip-off at 8pm. Fellow Cork team, UCC Demons also opened their account with a 93-84 victory against the Ulster Elks at the Mardyke on Sunday. Paul Kelleher began his reign as head coach of UCC Demons with a victory but the former Irish underage coach will be looking for an

UCC Demons Head Coach Paul Kelleher with new signing Marcus Van. National Basketball Arena, Tallaght, Dublin. Photo: Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE

improved display in their next outing. Demons’ commitment to youth this season was rewarded with an excellent display from Ciaran O’Sullivan, who chipped in with 22 points for the hosts, while Kevin Foley top scored for the Elks with 24 points. “We were brilliant at times and we are awful at times,” said Kelleher.

“Ciaran worked hard pre-season and today was culmination of that work. Getting that first win was the goal but we need to push on now and do a lot better than we did today,” added Kelleher. Next up for UCC Demons is UCD Marian away next Sunday night.

SPORTING FIXTURES Friday 8 October NIVEA FOR MEN’S SUPERLEAGUE tip-off 8pm Bord Gáis Neptune vs Moycullen – Neptune Stadium

Saturday 9 October AIRTRICITY LEAGUE FIRST DIVISION, kick-off 3pm Cork City FORAS Co-Op vs Monaghan United – Turners Cross RUGBY AIL DIVISION 1A, kick-off 2.30pm Dolphin vs Blackrock College – Musgrave Park Old Belvedere vs Cork Constitution – Anglesea Road DIVISION 1B, kick-off 3.15pm Lansdowne vs UCC – Aviva Stadium DIVISION 2 Clonakilty vs Corinthians – The Vale Thomond vs Midleton – Liam Fitzgerald Park DIVISION 3 Highfield vs Ards – Woodleight Park Navan RFC vs Sunday’s Well – Baireask Park NIVEA FOR MEN’S SUPERLEAGUE, tip-off 7pm UCD Marian vs UCC Demons – UCD Sports Centre SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP QUARTER-FINAL, throw-in 3.30pm Douglas vs Carbery Rangers - Bandon

Sunday 10 October NIVEA FOR MEN’S SUPERLEAGUE Ulster Elks vs Bord Gáis Neptune – University of Ulster HPC CORK COUNTY SENIOR HURLING FINAL, throw-in 4pm Sarsfields vs Glen Rovers – Pairc Ui Chaoimh CORK COUNTY PREMIER INTERMEDIATE HURLING FINAL, throw-in 2pm Ballymartle vs Tracton - Pairc Ui Chaoimh CORK COUNTY SENIOR FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI-FINAL, throw-in 7pm Nemo Rangers vs Clonakilty – Pairc Ui Rinn


7 October 2010


THE LAST time Glen Rovers qualified for the County Senior Hurling Final Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union collapsed, Boris Yelstin began his term as president of Russia, and the ‘Birmingham Six’ were released. On a number of occasions this year, it looked as though the drought would continue for the famed Blackpool side. In the opening round of the Championship they were hammered by 14 points against arch rivals Na Piarsaigh. In the losers’ round against Bride Rovers, the Glen were expelled after a mass brawl but were reinstated following a heavy fine. Since then they have drawn with another great rival, St Finbarr’s, before defeating them in a replay. They then beat a youthful Midleton in the quarter-final before having five points to spare over Douglas in last weekend’s semi-final. They have not been champions since 1989 and according to defensive stalwart Graham Callinan, it has been too long. “It’s absolutely huge to be back in the final, we haven’t won it in so long. There is a great buzz around the club, hopefully now we can do it but it’ll be a very tough hour,” he said. “When people hear the name Glen Rovers, they expect them to be winning

counties, we haven’t done it since 1989. You are expected to do big things in a club like this and now is our chance to make our own history. I don’t think it’s an added pressure playing with the Glen, you’re aware of it obviously. I think it’s a good thing to have that tradition but like I said we want to make our own history.” Their route to the final has been far from ideal but Callinan believes that coming through some challenging times has helped to gel the team. “What we have been through has brought the team on. The first game against Na Piarsaigh, we just didn’t show up. It was very hard to get back after that but we knew we had made a lot of mistakes, even in the build-up. We probably expected too much out of ourselves, we played them two years ago and we beat them. I don’t know did we take them for granted or what, they came out firing on all cylinders. We sat down, spoke about it and thankfully training was good after it and we played a bit more for each other. “Our attitude going into that game wasn’t good enough, we were probably taking things a bit too easy. A few home truths were told, we stopped playing as individuals and we have got

better and better as the year went on.” If that wasn’t enough, a mass brawl during their next game with Bride Rovers saw both teams expelled, a huge shock according to Callinan. “People didn’t realise how serious it was at the time, we were told at training that we were thrown out of the Championship, then there was a lot of talk about us being back in, so we just tried to carry on as normal. I suppose we were lucky to get back in afterwards, it shouldn’t have happened and we apologised for it and took our punishment.” Having conceded four goals against St Finbarr’s in the drawn game, the defence tightened up to restrict them to 1-11 in the replay. “They were two very good games but also too very close games that really could have gone either way. Thankfully we got the draw the first day and we were a lot better the second day. I don’t know is it a good thing but it probably took us that long to cope with the ‘Barrs, the second day we believed we could beat them and pushed on.” Douglas were the next team to be put to the sword, a five point victory was achieved without the Glen hitting the heights but semi-finals are there to be won. Call-

inan knows a repeat performance won’t suffice against the team that defeated them in the 2008 semi-final, Sarsfields. “We should have closed out the game against Douglas earlier, we left them back in and made it hard for ourselves in the last 15 minutes. We gave away a silly goal and missed some silly changes and we know Sars will punish us, if we make them mistakes again. “We will be thinking about the last game against them, we were going well in that game coming up to half-time and then Michael Cussen came on and gave us problems. We have had some high scoring games against them, but finals can tend to take a course of their own. They have excellent hurlers throughout their team and we will be punished if we make mistakes but it’s up to us to keep the ball out of their hands.” Sarsfields will play in their third final in-a-row, having won in 2008 and losing out to Newtownshandrum last year. The Glen will look to capture their 26th title on Sunday and with a teak tough defender like Callanan Cork and Glen Rovers’ Graham Callinan hopes spear heading their chalPhoto: Matt Browne / SPORTSFILE lenge, you can be sure no stone will be left unturned.




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7 October 2010


GAME ON Cork’s little All-Ireland Final Senior Hurling Final Pairc Ui Chaoimh Sunday @ 4pm Sarsfields v Glen Rovers A repeat of the 1989 Final in which Glen won but have not revisited since, while for Sars it’s their third successive decider as they bid to regain a title they won two years ago. Glen’s march to the final has been well documented and should they triumph it will make for a remarkable story. A concern as they face into their first final since 1991 is the fact that it’s a third game in-a-row. Or will the momentum built up over the last number of weeks propel them to their 26th title? Both sides suffered first round losses and their recovery is testimony to the character of both teams. They last met in the semi-final of 2008 when Sars overturned a half-time deficit to record an excellent win, helped by a solid performance from Michael Cussen at full-forward, will they deploy the big man in a similar role again? Patrick Horgan has been outstanding for the Glen, even if by his own high standards his form has dipped ever so slightly in the last two games, but this guy is hugely talented and expect a big performance from Hoggie on Sunday, the bigger the occasion the better the man.

For Sars, Kieran ‘Fraggie’ Murphy was excellent in their semi-final win over neighbours Erin’s Own and his leadership qualities are central to his side’s chances of winning. Cian McCarthy, Conor and Eoin O’Sullivan, Ray Ryan, Alan Kennedy and Tadhg Og Murphy have all produced top notch displays throughout the campaign and they are key players in their quest for a second title in three years. Glen’s defence has been a key component of recent wins especially the form of Paul O’Brien, Graham Callinan, Brian Moylan and Stephen McDonnell. In attack David Cunningham has played a captain’s part, while David Goggin, Richard Whitty and Dean Brosnan have delivered vital scores when needed most, Brosnan in particular has chipped in with a number of crucial goals. Finals are hard to predict, many factors come into the equation, form, injuries and even the conditions could play a role. It’s Sars third final in-arow, so they have the favourites tag, but the Glen will relish this challenge and provided they can cope with the pressures that County Final day can bring, they are capable of ending the long wait to bring the famed Sean Og Murphy Cup to Blackpool, it will be close, but Glen to win. Premier Intermediate Hurling Final Pairc Ui Chaoimh Sun-

with Finbarr McCarthy

day @ 2pm Tracton v Ballymartle What an opener and a game that is the talk of the South East division and beyond, with Tracton itching to avenge a heavy first round defeat to their neighbours. It’s a second successive final for Ballymartle and on paper they look the better balanced, but as with all games especially local derbies, that will count for very little. The pressure to deliver is all on Ballymartle and that will suit Tracton who have improved immeasurably since that game in June, and do not rule out a Tracton win. Senior Football semi-final Pairc Ui Rinn Sunday @ 7.30pm Nemo Rangers v Clonakilty The first of the semi-finals as Clon endeavour to reach yet another decider against the side whose crown they took last season, but Nemo look menacing and the champions will need to be at their best on this occasion. Nemo had easy and comfortable wins to reach this stage and maybe the lack of a serious test might come against them, by contrast Clon had to dig deep to see off Duhallow last time out and will not relinquish their title easy. These sides always produce good entertaining games, expect this one to be no different, but a revitalised

Nemo get the nod to advance Senior Football quarter-final Bandon Sunday @ 3.30 pm Douglas v Carbery Rangers A real tester for Douglas, it’s a third Championship game in 13 days and two of these in hurling. The switch to football is with limited preparation, they did try and have the game put back a week but were unsuccessful. Carbery Rangers are the reigning league and Tadhg Crowley Cup holders but have been inactive for a number of weeks now and on that basis Douglas will be match sharpened. If Douglas can put the disappointment of last Sunday’s hurling loss to the Glen behind them, then they have the capabilities to make it to the last four and set up a clash with St Finbarr’s. Football ties; Saturday will see the replays of both Premier Intermediate quarterfinals, Bantry and Mallow return to Macroom while Donoughmore hosts the Grenagh v Clyda Rovers clash, we will take a punt on wins for Bantry and Clyda. 4pm starts in both games. White’s Cross and Mitchelstown meet in the first of the Junior semifinals at Watergrashill at 3.30pm, the latter were far from impressive in seeing off a weakened Tracton side and that might just be enough to see the ‘Cross advance to the final.


Billy Holland, Cork Constitution, wins a lineout from Des Dillon, Blackrock. All-Ireland League Division 1, Blackrock v Cork Constitution, Stradbrook Road, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Photo: Brendan Moran / SPORTSFILE

CHAMPIONS Cork Constitution claimed a bonus point win over Blackrock as the new AIB All-Ireland League season got underway last weekend. Out-half Daragh Lyons got Con’s first try as he jinked his way through the Blackrock defence before crashed over the try-line, with good work from prop Martin Gately in the build-up. Richie Lane missed the conversion and a subsequent penalty kick, and the momentum swung back to Blackrock as centre Brendan Macken passed for lock Alex Dunlop to go over unchallenged for their opening try. A successful conversion edged Blackrock ahead at 13-11, but Cork Con took control before the interval. Team captain Frank Cogan snatched an injury-time try in the right corner, with Lane adding the extras for an 18-13 turnaround. Blackrock full-back Niall Morris grabbed a try and Keogh landed two more place kicks to edge the Dublin side in front. The hosts were hoping to give new coach


Andy Wood a winning league debut at Stradbrook, but Cork Con had the better of the closing 10 minutes with wily winger Cronan Healy playing a key role. They scored 13 unanswered points during that spell, thus securing the all-important bonus point. Elsewhere in Division 1A, a late drop goal and penalty from Barry Keeshan gave Dolphin a huge 16-9 victory over Shannon at Musgrave Park last Saturday. This was a real arm wrestle of a match, with the wet conditions playing their part in making it a forwards-dominated game. Munster back rower James Coughlan marked his 100th league game for Dolphin with a 24th minute try, which team captain Barry Keeshan converted to add to an earlier penalty. Young out-half Gareth Quinn McDonogh struck a penalty to reduce the arrears for Shannon to 10-3. Dolphin had a large chunk of the territory and possession but could not add to their tally and Shannon would have gone in the happier at half-time, with a wind

advantage to come. The visiting pack enjoyed a period of dominance in the third quarter, and Quinn McDonogh stuck over two further penalties to whittle Dolphin’s lead down to a single point. However, Dolphin’s pack fought out the hard yards when it mattered most, and Keeshan did the rest to kick Dolphin to a fine win. He landed a drop goal in the 76th minute and stretched the lead to seven points in injury-time. It was certainly a confidence-boosting result for Dolphin as they had six league debutants in their starting line-up, and Keeshan really showed his mettle after missing some earlier kicks. In Division 1B, UCC were 33-29 winners over Dungannon, in Division 2 Midleton lost 16-26 at home to Ballymena while Clonakilty were also defeated 25-3 away to Old Crescent. In Division 3, Highfield lost 21-7 away to Nenagh Ormond and Sunday’s Well were 3823 winners over Greystones.

with Eddie Goggin Hello Punters! A subject that I have mentioned a few times in the past was one of the topics that came up on the Channel Four Morning Line programme in recent times: the withdrawal of horses. So maybe it would be worth our while to again have a look at this, sometimes thorny, subject, mainly as to how it affects punters and bookmakers alike, especially with reference to the redoubtable Rule Four, which, I must admit, I have often heard punters grumbling about. Of course, there are a lot more aspects to the withdrawal of horses than immediately meets the eye, some of which do indeed border on the dubious side of common sense. To illustrate, how many times have you seen, in a field of eight for instance, with an odds-on chance dominating the market, when, for seemingly trivial reasons, one of the horses is withdrawn on the way down to the start, which, naturally enough, reduces the field to seven runners, and immediately knocks the first three places in the betting, reducing all each way bets to the first two places. Likewise, in a 16-runner handicap, which usually pays out on the first four home, but when reduced by a withdrawal to 15 runners, pays out only on the first three. All of this shows that patently, when there is money to be made, the motive is certainly there for unscrupulous people to take advantage of this withdrawal rule, and it is a fact that punters in general have always been suspicious of it when it occurs. To be truthful about it, these sort of shenanigans have happened much too often to be just mere coincidence, and it has often been said to me that maybe the ‘powers that be’ should have a closer look as to what is going on, although proving skullduggery would be very hard indeed. Then you have the problem of horses being left at the start and taking no part in the race. This immediately knocks the unfortunate punter for six, for, although his horse did not take part, it will be listed as a runner, and the stake is lost. As the unwritten rule is that every punter should get a run for his money, this situation goes against the grain in every sporting contest.

I have always felt that something should be done about this to compensate the punter for a bet that literally goes down the tubes, with no contest. The bookmaker is always protected by what is known as a Rule 4, which means that a certain amount is deducted from any winning bet, with that amount based on the price of the horse at withdrawal time, that is, the shorter that price, the bigger the amount deducted. That, in itself, is all fair enough, but the long-suffering punter has no way out, only losing his way and his dosh! That Channel Four programme had a right confab about all of this, and while they did agree with most of what I have outlined, at present, on these two islands, there are no definitive rules covering the problems at the moment. They did highlight that in France they do have a rule that the behaviour of a horse at the start be taken into consideration, if the horse is wary about going into the stalls, or, in a jumping race, if a horse is reluctant to line up. All of this will be taken at face value, and should a horse fail to take off, they could deem that horse be rated as a nonrunner. They did say that any horse that remains in the stalls after they open, and does not race, will be deemed a runner. One horse who came under this recently was that good racehorse, Sariska, who, in two recent Group One races, failed to exit the starting stalls, and was deemed a runner. Regrettably, since this seemed to be a kink in the horses nature, she was wisely retired from racing, although the stable connections were reluctant to go down this road with such a brilliant animal. Well, that outlines the problem in a nutshell, and although many bookmakers in recent times have returned stake money in these sort of situations, they did give the money back on their own say-so, for there still is no rule in these islands that anybody has worked out that would be fair to all sides. The Saturday Trio for this week is:- Elzaam (320 York) danger Invincible Ridge, Earth Dream (3-25 Chep.) danger Cullahill, and Masked Marvel (4-15 Asc) danger Toolain. Best of luck, and Good Hunting!


7 October 2010

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OPTION 1 - €5 FOR UP TO 12 WORDS Place your classified ad online at before 5pm every Monday on week of publication.


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OPTION 2 - €5 FOR UP TO 12 WORDS Complete the coupon below and bring or post it to: Classified Ads, Cork Independent, North Point Business Pk, New Mallow Rd, Cork before 5pm every Monday on week of publication.

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ALTERNATIVELY YOU CAN TEXT IN YOUR AD: Text 57502, followed by keyword Cork followed by your ad. Cost €8 for up to 160 characters. PLEASE NOTE: Text cost is €8 (Network charges may vary) Text messages must be received before 5pm every Monday on week of publication.

Bring or post the completed form to: Classified Ads, Cork Independent, North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road, Cork

PAYMENT METHOD: Cash ❑ Laser ❑ Cr. Card ❑ Cheque ❑ Postal order ❑ Amount:.....................

Terms & conditions: This is a promotional offer available from now to the end of December 2010. Deadline for classified lineage ads is 5.00pm Every Monday. This offer is for non-trade private advertisers only. For €5 (which includes VAT) you get 12 words. The cost is 30 cent per word thereafter. All classified ads must be paid for in advance. This offer applies to classified linage ads only. The Cork Independent reserves the right to reject any ad which it deems to be unsuitable for publication.

7 October 2010




HOME Activity; Join the Connoisseurs Art Therapy for EVERYONE, Contact P.J @ 0868558859 All Materials Supplied ARTICLES FOR SALE

FULL/HALF Loads of Turf, Firewood and Peat for cattle bedding, Gardening etc. Special rates. Contact 087-1413238 ARCHITECTS

ARCHITECT (RIAI REGISTERED) Affordable Rates For: House Design/ Extensions, Planning Permission, Interior/ Kitchen Design, Construction Supervision, Surveys/ CAD Drawings, 3D Graphic Presentations, Experienced in Commercial & Domestic Architecture Qualifications: MRIAI BArchSc (Hons) BArch (Hons), Email:


A1 BER CERTS. Residential (Ä130) and Commercial. simon.scanlon@ 0863431166 / 0214502179 BER Certs. Residential (Ä130) and Commercial. WWW.BER-CERTS.NET simon.scanlon@gmail. com 086 3431166 / 021 4502179 PROCARE roofing services. New roofs/tile/slate/ felt/loft conversions etc. general roof repairs 24 hour emergency call out, fully insured. for professional advice and a free quotation Call 0216010701 or John 0851379419 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY CLEANING

COUNTRYWIDE CLEANING Carpet & upi n f o @ c r a f t a r c h i t e c t s . holstery Cleaning, Hall ie Call: Dan Costelloe Stairs & Landing Ä25, Av(086)1944146 erage Room Ä20, Rugs Ä10 when cleaned with carpets, BLINDS Suites From Ä70, SPECIAL OFFER 6 TO 8 CARPETS CLEANED FOR Ä100 Tel: ULTIMATE BLINDS 086 232 7038 Anytime BLARNEY 25% off Roller Blinds, 20% off CARS FOR SALE Vertical, 15% off Romans OPEL Corsa, 2008, 1.2, New Selection off Roller Silver, 5-Door, Alloys, E/W and Vertical Collection ETC. Excellent Condition. Now in, Our best so Offers 086 0791575 far, Amazing selection

of colours fabrics and accessories With child safety in mind. Come in the shop and see, we will do the rest. MADE TO MEASURE CURTAINS, 15% off all fabrics, Valances, Tie Backs, Matching cushions. Fabulous selection of Materials Large Samples to see fabric, All fabrics can be made up in Roman Blinds as Well. Come into the shop, choose your material, we will do the rest, we can fix up your poles for you, and we have poles for sale cannot make it to the shop, we can come to you. FREE MEASURING AND FITTING ULTIMATE BLINDS BLARNEY 1a Millstream Row Blarney FREE PHONE 1890 908 353



PC/Laptop Sales & Repairs. Call Tony 0212427539 or e-mail info@ HOME Computer Training, in the comfort of your own home, Tel. 087 1489 455 DOUGLAS Computer Classes Beginners Email,Internet & advanced Microsoft office. Special family rate. Call Brian 0862224411 COUNSELLING

COUNSELLING by team of experienced, fully accredited therapists, South Terrace Medical Centre 021 4813285 / 0868200256


HEALING 10 week course (1 evening a week) Introduction to Angelic Healing, Oils, Chant, Meditation, Reflexology, Chakra System and Card Reading. Advanced and Practitioner Training also available, Contact Mary Doherty 087 2970858 CARD reading workshop: One day Sept 25th, Oct 3rd & Nov 7th. Also Angelic Healing training, one or two days, (Integrated Energy Therapy), Levels One and Two: Oct 9th/10th, Oct 30th/31st & Nov 20th/21st. Ph. Mary Doherty

Junior & Leaving Cert, Contact 0863412074 Bmus Hdip FURNITURE

LEFT handed corner sofa, Cream. Matching extra large 2s eater sofa pg 468 on Argos book. “Megan Suite” bought 12mts ago. Perfect condition, sell Ä800 for both! Tel. 0876856335 after 6pm GARDENING

PAINTER & Decorator available, inside & out, very tidy worker, at a reasonable WANTED: PEOPLE TO rate, Tel. Pat 085-1962783 SERIOUSLY STUDY THE BIBLE WITH. Tel. 085MB TILING - For all 1541951, ntchristians@ your tiling needs. www. Free quote phone Mark 087 2656156 NOTICES

als H.D. Sky/FTA Commercial systems B+B’s Waiting rooms etc. Call Damien @ SpectrumAV 0214979149/0851195270

TV, Plasma, DVD Installations & Repairs. Contact Noel - 087 6559154

IMPULSE Fashion AccesTAROT READING sories. Scarves/Hats/FasciSITUATIONS VACANT nators/Brooches/Jewellery TAROT Reader & Healer, etc. Phone: 022-21948 WANTED: PEOPLE TO Honest and accurate, Tel. SERIOUSLY STUDY 0864024206 PETS THE BIBLE. Phone 0851541951 ntchristians@ COCKER Spaniel Pups. www.ntchrisSolutions and Answers Blue/Roan and Tri Col- No. 700 our. Top pedigree. Ä 350. ATTENTION SCHOOL 3 5 1 2 8 6 9 4 7 Phone: 087-4163813 MOMS! Earn while kids 4 8 2 5 9 7 6 3 1 6 9 7 4 3 1 2 5 8 learn! Home business. PROPERTY WANTED 7 2 6 3 5 8 1 9 4 Flexible hours. Full train5 1 8 9 7 4 3 6 2 ing/support. Tina: 085 125 9 4 3 1 6 2 8 7 5 1 7 9 8 4 3 5 2 6 1717 8 6 5 7 2 9 4 1 3 WANT to Sell your Bul2 3 4 6 1 5 7 8 9 garian, Spanish or Turkey DELIVERY Driver for No. 701 property, Call 01/4847033 fresh food deliveries in 5 1 2 9 3 6 7 8 4 Cork City and County re9 6 7 4 2 8 3 1 5 4 8 3 1 5 7 9 2 6 quired. Previous experi2 9 1 5 7 4 8 6 3 ence of delivering to major SERVICES AVAILABLE 3 7 8 6 9 1 4 5 2 6 5 4 2 8 3 1 7 9 retailers essential. Sales 1 3 6 8 4 5 2 9 7 TREE Surgery/ Landscap- experience & interpersonal 7 2 5 3 1 9 6 4 8 ing, C2 Fully insured / skills vital. Top rates apply 8 4 9 7 6 2 5 3 1 fully qualified, Courteous for right candidate. Please No. 702 Service, Reasonable rates, reply to PO Box 108, c/o 1 4 3 8 5 6 7 2 9 0876348690 Cork Independent News6 2 8 4 7 9 1 3 5 5 7 9 1 2 3 6 4 8 D & G Registered roofing paper, North Point House, 4 5 1 2 6 8 3 9 7 Contractor, Slate / Tiles, Northpoint Business Park, 2 8 7 9 3 5 4 1 6 Torch on felt , Chimney New Mallow Road, Cork 9 3 6 7 1 4 5 8 2 Stacks Free Quotation 3 6 4 5 9 2 8 7 1 7 9 5 3 8 1 2 6 4 with No Obligation, 086 8 1 2 6 4 7 9 5 3 1606306

A BARGAIN Gardener, Hedges, Lawns, trees cut. Rotovating, weeding, spraying, grass & hedges removed, ride on mower. All kinds of cleaning inside & out, Power washing, 087 2970858 chimney cleaning, small HUMAN Biology/Anato- painting jobs done 021 my and Physiology Course. 4501031 3 weekends. Good for all GRADE A Top Soil & students, CPD and those Manure available ñ free who have an interest in how delivery. Contact 087their body works! Informa- 2746998/087-7780863 tion Laurence Hattersley LANDSCAPINg/Garden087 763 9802 ing. Complete landscaping and gardening services. DRIVING SCHOOLS Competitive prices. 20 years CAR, Motorcycle and experience and members of Truck Driving Test DVDs Associated Landscapers of Now Available at Eason’s, Ireland 087-2746998/087Porter’s and Other Book- 7780863 shops Nationwide COMPLETE Landscaping & Gardening ServEDUCATION ices. Competitive Prices. 20 years’ experience and members of Associated THIRD LEVEL MATHS Landscapers of Ireland. WINDOW, Gutter CLEANgrinds. Experienced Contact 087-2746998 or ING, each from Ä20 for 3 lecturer. Individual and bed house, Get your quote 087-7780863. group tuition. Contact by text 0857820575 0876384756 PROFESSIONAL POWHEALTH & BEAUTY Headstart Indirect ER WASHING 3200psi/ Dyslexia Learning DIGESTIVE PROB- 210bar For free quotation - tuition for reading and LEMS? JOINT PROB- Call 0857820575 spelling problems. Call LEMS? SKIN PROB- A GASMAN, Registered 0217431909 LEMS? Talk to me! Tina: heating and plumbing con085 125 1717 tractor, Gas and oil burnWANTED 30 People Seri- ers, Service repair and WAS your child good at ous About Losing Weight to replacement, Heating upMATHS in primary but Try New Weightloss Sam- grades, Government grants suddenly weak in secondple Packs Txt Sample2 to available, RGII / OFTEC / ary? This is probably due SEI REGISTERED, Sean 0872140139 to difficulties with ALGEPROFESSIONAL Make- Reynolds 086 9674373 BRA. I am an experienced Up artist available in Kil- / 0238852557 seanjreyprofessional maths tutor larney for weddings, hen who specializes in helping parties, birthdays and make RUBBISH Loaded & pre-junior cert students up lessons. Call Caitriona Dumped. To Get Free master algebra and other Quote, CALL 086-1509911 core topics. I get top results on 086 3748720 - Permit No.: CKWMC481and can provide you with KITCHENS 07 excellent references. Will SPECIAL OFFER! Comcome to your house to give FITTING services, FLAT plete free to air system tuition, at a time that suits. PACK assembly,HANDYMAN supplied & installed Ä150! Call Paul at 085-1030198 Digital quality picture with services, Aidan: 087 655 6999 no more bills! Call Steve VOICE LESSONS / MUfor more info 085 840 2652 SIC GRINDS, All levels,


SOLICITOR with 20 years’ experience. Conveyancing, buying or selling Ä975 +VAT. Debt Collection 15% of amount collected. Probate Ä1,750 +VAT. Contact Aileen 0851404169 or email TELEVISION SERVICES

FREE SATeire,new service from BBC,watch over 100 TV channels for free, one off fee supplied and fitted. No monthly bills. Also digital RTE,TV3 aerials. Service calls, Sky dishes relocation, we can fit your system. Fully registered company. Ring Val on 0851455629. FREE SAT TV. Over 170 channels. One payment no more bills only Ä150 free install. Call 0877654544 / 0894296393 ONE Payment Satellite systems Digital RTE Aeri-

Brain Teaser 210 Crosswords Simplex Across: 1 Temperance; 6 Hood; 9 Dud; 10 Assassins; 12 Added; 13 Legal; 15 Environ; 16 Dismiss; 18 Obliges; 21 Painter; 22 Rifle; 24 Enter; 27 Translate; 28 Use; 29 Crew; 30 Death knell. Down: 1 Term; 2 Mediaeval; 3 Ended; 4 Abandon; 5 Castled; 7 Owing; 8 Disclosure; 11 Sales; 14 Democratic; 17 Interfere; 19 Guess; 20 Salvage; 21 Present; 23 Frame; 25 Truck; 26 Well. Quick Across: 1 Uprights; 7 Mats; 8 Describe; 9 Aerial; 11 Peevish; 12 Slant; 14 Vital; 15 Tremors; 17 Mother; 20 Agitated; 21 Note; 22 Cemetary. Down: 1 Used; 2 Race; 3 Glimpse; 4 Treat; 5 Navigator; 6 Isolates; 10 Destitute; 11 Pavement; 13 Promise; 16 Grave; 18 Fare; 19 Deny.


Introductions, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Romance, friendship. Everybody met locally. 021-4315180 / 087-2902320


INDEPENDENT 7 October 2010

Cork Independent - issue 40  

Cork Independent - issue 40

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