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Primary Teachers: A Training Course for English Language Teachers 56 hours Hands-on and practical method for English language teaching based on drama, poetry, intercultural awareness, computers and the Internet. To expose Primary teachers to creative ideas for using I.T. in conjuction with drama & poetry in the Early Language Classroom.

€750 • Icebreakers • Course Outline & Guidelines •Current Affairs •Cork Discovery

• Cork Discovery Report • Green English • What is “Staging”? • Project work

• Classroom Language • Language acquisition Activities • The Irish Education System

• Using internet as a Resource • Designing Classroom Material

• Staging Poetry • Irish Famine & Emigration + trip to Cobh

August 7th to August 18th 2017

• Irish Host Family €525 – 13 nights • Self catering apartment €340 – 14 nights

I.T enabled classrooms, WIFI Participants are expected to have basic computer knowledge before registering for the course and a minimum English language level of B1 (CEF).

July 3rd to July 14th 2017

• Staging Drama • Project Work

• Songs & Chants + Film in Primary Classroom • Project work

•Staging Storyline •Project Work

• Multiple intelligences

• Project Presentation

• Storytelling

• Course Evaluation

• Project Work

Primary course2017  
Primary course2017