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Ardú Vocal Ensemble

Thursday 19th April, 11am Curtis Auditorium, CIT Cork School of Music. Admission: FREE of charge The Festival, in collaboration with CIT Cork School of Music, is delighted to welcome one of our guest ensemble, the acclaimed vocal ensemble Ardú Vocal Ensemble to host an interactive workshop based around a cappella singing and performance. The masterclass session will include warm ups, practical workshop with two selected cork-based ensembles, vocal improvisation, and an interactive, open session incorporating performance style, repertoire selection, arrangements, and the voice as a percussive instrument. This ensemble will also offer insight into their individual career paths and the development of the ensemble over the years and will involve all attendees in the practical aspects of the session.



Dr. Trish Rooney

Thursday 19th April, 5pm Stack Theatre, CIT Cork School of Music. Admission: FREE of charge CoreSinging™, a relatively new holistic performance pedagogy that incorporates five essential elements: energy, awareness, imagination, practice and performance, was developed by Dr. Meribeth Dayme in 2010. CoreSinging™ advocates a universal approach to studying and teaching singing that goes right to the heart of the person, the song and the audience. Energy, Awareness and Imagination are the cornerstones of this approach that includes concepts from Eastern and Western traditions, quantum mechanics and years devoted to the art of singing. CoreSinging™ aims to combine all aspects of the human energy spectrum - the physical, metaphysical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic, and spiritual - as well as emphasising fun, play and use of the imagination. The art of singing can be transformed dramatically by combining new awareness with old traditions and practices. This workshop will be given by Advanced CoreSinging Teacher Dr. Trish Rooney who is voice lecturer on the BA in Popular Music at The Cork School of Music, Director of The Academy of Popular Music & Voice of Ireland Vocal Coach. Suitable for vocal coaches and singers of all levels and styles.


Cork International Choral Festival - 2018 Programme  
Cork International Choral Festival - 2018 Programme