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In an effort to deďŹ ne the appropriate colors, materials, shaping and function trends we explored the market and pulled images from popular retailers. This library includes images: thermal totes, laptop bags, handbags and totes, camping and outdoor sports, outdoor dining and indoor dining.


These days more people are utilizing pot lucks, cooking from scratch and taking their own lunches to work. The fashionable thermal tote is everywhere. Leather, neoprene, canvas, hemp and nylon are all common materials.


Life running seamless is something many aim for. Design should also be seamless. Rather than creating something that matches nothing and becomes the odd ball, how about a trend setter that is reective of our lifestyle.


Women are busier than ever. Bags are going in two directions. Multipurpose and simplicity are very important. The ability to carry everything but the kitchen sink or carry only the necessities are the two biggest trends. Function wins over form.


More Americans are camping and spending their time outdoors than we’ve seen in a long time. Trends centered on outdoor living and a fascination with exploration has turned brands like Marmot and North Face into household names.


More time at home during warmer months means more dining outdoors. Elaborate place settings and elegant serve ware have made their debut, giving some hints for more casual trends to follow.


For colder months or days with less than desirable weather festivities head indoors. The same design are and personality that is seen outdoors is traveling into the dining room and kitchen. This includes matching accessories and theme decor.

Trend directions (images from right to left by row) •Visible thermal material •Leather adornments •Dyed leather/vinyl with matching stitching •Neoprene with thick stitching and piping •Built-in handles •Cinched closures •Pinking sheared edges •Built-in pockets and decorative stitching •Quilting •Army drab canvas •Cork •Celebrating hardware •Brand/logo as a design element •Two tone color scheme •Translucent plastics


By looking at trends from various areas of the American lifestyle, we can pull colors, materials and detail trends that will allow us to create an attractive and sensible tote for our three quart bakeware.

Bakeware Trends  

A trend report on bakeware and the lifestyle points surrounding it.