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The Shark and the Toad By Emily One day in the deep, deep Amazon there was a shark who was saying “Oh!!!! I’m the fastest in the Amazon.” A toad was sleeping. He heard that and he said, “Let’s see if you are the fastest in the Amazon. I’m going to challenge you to a race.” Shark said “Oh!!! I don’t want to make you cry.” Toad said, “You mean that you are scared. Ok let’s see who wins.” So they decided to have a race. One fish said, “Ready steady, go!!!!!!!” Toad did not go so fast but the Shark went so fast that he did not see the Toad. But in one moment he stopped and he thought “Why don`t I go to visit some one of my family?” He went to China to visit the Fish family. When he went he did not care about the race because he knew he was going to win. The Shark was arrogant and boastful but the Toad was very sensible and intelligent .The Toad was working hard. The Shark was with the Fish who offered him some tea and cupcakes. He said “Yes!” Toad was about to win the race when Shark heard everyone clapping for the Toad. He saw he was about to win the race but the Toad won just in time and the Shark said, “No!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lost.” And Shark realized you have to work hard all the time especially in a race. “I’m sorry for telling you I wanted to make you cry.” “It’s okay; now that you learned the moral it’s okay.” They lived happily ever after. Moral: If you work hard and don’t stop, you can do anything

The Friendly Puppy and the Mean Tiger By Francisca One day a cute puppy got lost. While he was looking for his owners, he met a tiger. He was so scared he jumped up a tall tree and exclaimed, “Please don’t eat me…” “You don’t have to be scared of me, I can help you find your owners but will you first eat something with me?” asked Tiger. “Sure” said Puppy a little more calmly. When they were at Tiger’s big, fancy house, Tiger said, “Wait for me here while I go cook.” “Yes I will, but just remember I don’t like hot pepper because after eating it I have blue spots,” Puppy warned him. “That’s all right with me” murmured Tiger as he went into the kitchen. He wanted to trick Puppy so he put hot pepper on Puppy’s meat. After eating it Puppy said goodbye and on his way he found a cave and there he made his house. Next morning he had blue spots all over his body. Then he realized he had been tricked. So he invited Tiger to lunch and asked him if he did not like something and Tiger said it was sugar. So Puppy put sugar inside Tiger´s meat and gave it to him, so Tiger has blue spots. And he said sorry to Puppy because he realized you have to treat others the way you want to be treated and they become lifelong friends.

The Brave Parrot and the Bad Eagle By Isabella One summer day a lazy parrot was relaxing in a tree. Just when he was putting sunscreen on an eagle appeared on the same branch as Parrot. The creature grabbed him very quickly so fast you almost could not see it. The enormous Eagle put Parrot in an uncomfortable cage. Parrot begged and begged to set him free but Eagle would not, but then the colorful animal exclaimed, “If you set me free I may help you someday.” When the Eagle heard this he could not stop laughing for six hours. Just then after his long laugh he said, “Ok, because you made me laugh I’ll set you free.” The days passed until one day some hunters came to look for food. Eagle went to find delicious food for her and her babies. The terrified creature went to hide in her cave from the hunters and started to cry, “Help! There are hunters! Help!” the Parrot heard her and went as fast as he could to save the Eagle like he had promised. When he arrived Eagle told him the story Brave Parrot went to the hunters and ruined all their camp and bit all the hunters’ legs to scare them away. They tried to shoot at him but they could not because all of their guns had gone into the lake. So the hunters were never seen again. The Eagle learnt his lesson: it does not matter if you are small you can solve big problems.

The Intelligent Monkey and the Cruel Gorilla By Joaquin One day on the middle of a jungle a monkey was climbing in a banana tree and he fell on a gorilla. The next day Gorilla started to say, “I am bigger and stronger than you.” Monkey felt sad and disappointed. One day Monkey said, “If you are bigger and stronger than me I challenge you. The one who gets the most bananas in one hour wins. When they were doing the race Monkey reminded Gorilla the one who gets more bananas in one hour wins. Gorilla was taking bananas from only one tree but Monkey was taking bananas from five trees. When the hour finished Gorilla had ten bananas but the Monkey had thirty and a lion said, “Monkey won!” And Gorilla said, “You won, but if we do this again you will lose.” And from that day Gorilla did not bother him anymore. He learned that you have to work hard and not stop and you can do anything.

The Fast Tiger and the Fat Elephant By Joaquin One upon a time there was a nasty tiger and a fat elephant in a jungle. The jungle was huge and it had wild animals and tall trees. One day Tiger was drinking water and suddenly he saw fat Elephant. Fast Tiger tried to bite Elephant but he did not because Elephant said, “Please don’t bite me because one day I could save you.” Tiger started to laugh at him. He said, “You help me? Impossible!” Tiger let the Elephant go because he was sorry for him. Two days later Elephant heard a roar. He saw Tiger drowning in the water. He rescued the Tiger with his trunk. The Tiger did not know how to thank him. The Tiger learnt a good lesson that he should treat others the way he wants to be treated.

The Cheetah and the Snake By Lucia One day in a green and quiet jungle a nasty cheetah was running and she saw an intelligent snake alone. She challenged him to a race, Snake accepted. They went to the start line; there were all the animals watching the race in the jungle that had plants, trees, birds and ferocious animals. Crazy Cheetah was saying “I’m the fastest and the most incredible animal in the world. I’m going to win; you are going to lose, because you are the slowest animal.” “Ok we´ll see if you are going to win, show off Cheetah,” said the Snake. The race started. Cheetah started very fast and Snake was slow and steady. Boastful Cheetah saw that confident Snake was still starting she went to chat with her friends and to have tea on the tall hill where she lived. Persistent Snake was slow but he knew that the Cheetah would do something with someone and that he would win the race, and Cheetah would lose. When cruel Cheetah was talking with her friends, sensible Snake passed the sore loser Cheetah, and when the polite Snake was about to win Cheetah saw the persistent Snake and started to run fast and fast until his legs were tired. But confident Snake won the race. All the animals were there to see who lost and who won at the moment, and sore loser Cheetah said something to the Snake. “Oh Snake, I’m so sorry. I was wrong. I’m so sorry.” And the Cheetah learned a lesson, “Work hard and not stop you can do anything.”

The Creative Bunny and the Clumsy Owl By Maggie On a sunny day in the deep, dark woods, a confident bunny went for a delicious and tasty picnic. When persistent Bunny was walking she tripped and went flying like a bird into scary owl’s tree! Bunny was horrified but intelligent Owl warned her that she did not have to be so scared. “Ok,” exclaimed Bunny and from that day she was not horrified anymore. Then Bunny went home. One week later Bunny decided to make a gigantic sculpture but when she got to the ears of the sculpture she needed a drink because she was very tired. When she went home for a glass of water mischievous Owl came and broke every piece of Bunny’s sculpture because he thought that it was going to be very special and he was rude to people. When Bunny came back she felt sad and surprised. Bunny decided to trick him back and she offered Owl a sculpture of him. When Owl was not looking and Bunny broke all of Owl´s sculpture. After that Owl felt very sad and disappointed about what he had done to Bunny. “Forgive me please,” Owl begged Bunny. That day Owl learned to treat others the way you want to be treated

The Hamster and the Hippopotamus By Malena One day there was a hardworking hamster that came for a visit to see his very nice cousins in the scary jungle. In the jungle there were very, very arrogant creatures who thought that they are more intelligent than Hamster because they were bigger. At that moment Hamster fell and a Hippo, who was one of those arrogant animals, tried to help him. But he actually was doing a part of his cruel, magnificent and tricky plan. It was a complicated trick and he had waited for someone new in the jungle who did not know what type of Hippo he was. Hamster decided to make a house for him to live for a few days. The bigger animal said that the Hamster could not make a house, because he was very little, slow, and stupid. That day Hippo kept on saying that Hamster could not do it and that he could it extremely 100,000 times better and bigger. The intelligent, little creature kept saying that he could do it because he was very confident in himself and Hippo also did one because he was doing the house to compete with Hamster. The Hippo stopped making the house so Hamster finished first. Instead Hippo went off to bully all of the poor, little animals. The little creature finished first because Hippo kept saying several times that he could do it better and he wasting his time. So the Hypo felt defeated because a little creature beat him. When he saw Hamster finishing the house he felt doubly defeated. He wished he would have paid more attention to making the house. And Hamster always knew that. Hippo learned that you need to work hard and not stop and you can do anything.

The Boastful Cheetah and the Helpful Snail By Marcos A long, long time ago in a hot African jungle lived a boastful cheetah who always shouted, “I am the fastest of all the jungle.” One lovely, summer day Cheetah was running and a slow snail appeared. Nasty Cheetah said, “I am the fastest in the whole world, you could never beat me.” Snail responded, “Let´s have a race.” Cheetah shouted, “tomorrow at 10 o´clock in the lake.” The next day they did the race Cheetah started in like a flash but Snail started very slow. When Cheetah was in the middle of the race he smelled a big zebra barbecue and he stayed eating it until 3pm. But Snail keep working and working. When Cheetah realized Snail was about to win the race he ran very quickly but he lost. And he learned that if you work hard and do not stop, you can do anything.


The Little Mouse and the Agile Leopard By Margarita In a dark and frightening jungle there lived a cute mouse and a ferocious leopard. One day the Mouse was playing hide and seek and he went into a cave. It was a ferocious Leopard´s cave! Leopard grabbed Mouse. He was about to eat him but Mouse cried, “Don´t eat me I´m going to return this favor to you.” “You are making me laugh. I´m going to let you go,” roared Leopard. The next day ferocious Leopard was caught in a trap. The humans were about to kill him but first they went to fetch their truck. Mouse was passing by and he saw Leopard. Mouse did not forget the promise so he bit the string with his sharp teeth and Leopard was free. Then Leopard did not laugh at others anymore. Cute Mouse and wild Leopard lived happily ever after. Moral: It does not matter if you are big or small, you can solve big problems.

The Intelligent Bunny and the Ferocious Tiger By Maria Once upon a time in a quiet jungle there lived a cute bunny and a ferocious tiger. One morning the bunny went to the forest to visit a friend and met the tiger. Tiger bragged to cute Bunny, “I’m faster than you and than a cheetah (a cheetah began to cry) and I can race you but I’m going to win I don`t want you cry because I’m going to win.” “I´m not going to cry if you win, I win you will give me your stored food and if you win I´m going to collect food for you one month” “Ok,” said Tiger. The next day the race began. They were all anxious. After a long time stupid tiger saw a pie and he ate all of it. When he finished he fell asleep. And Bunny passed very quickly so he could win. And all were shouting, “Bunny! Bunny! Bunny!” Tiger whispered, “I`m sorry.” “Ok,” whispered Bunny. And they became best friends. And Bunny got the prize of the race.


The Cute Dog and the Ferocious Cat By Toia One day in the city a dog and a cat were walking and they bumped heads and they said, “Why did you bump me?” Since you bumped we will do rock paper scissors and the one who lost was Cat, and Dog won. Fluffy Dog said, “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” And that is how they met. Dog was in being mischevious because ferocious Cat was going to a party and was very elegant. So then Dog pulled him into the plants to make him angry. And some hunters put a net in the plants and caught Cat in it. Then at 5: oo o´clock Dog came back and saw Cat in the net and Dog said, “What happened?” And the elegant Cat said, “Some hunters caught me.” “I will help you,” Dog said. “Okay,” said Cat. And Dog helped Cat and cute Dog broke the net. And then they became best friends. One day another hunter caught Dog and Cat saw him. “Will help you me?” the Cat said. “Why did you come if you knew they were hunters?” “I didn`t know,” said Cat. “Now we have to run!” said Dog, and they ran and ran. It doesn’t mater if you are big or small you can solve big problems.

The Chatty Bunny and the Clever Snail By Valentina In a meadow far away with lots of flowers and animals there lived a bunny and a snail. One day they were walking and suddenly they bumped heads. “Ouch” cried the bunny. “Oh I didn’t mean to do it” said the nice snail. “It doesn’t matter; maybe we can be friends and have a friendly race. I probably will win because I am the fastest animal in the whole world,” murmured the show off bunny. “You never know,” exclaimed clever Snail while she walked home. “Ok, tomorrow on the tallest hill we will run a race,” shouted Bunny. While the sun was coming out, all of the animals were already on the hill about to start the race. “Ready, steady …GO!!!!!!!!” screamed the pig and they both started running. After a long while chatty Bunny stopped to chat because he knew that Snail would never win. One hour had passed and boastful Bunny was still chatting. Then Snail passed very quietly so bunny did not notice. When two hours had passed the bunny realized that Snail was winning he hopped as fast as he could but it was too late, Snail had already crossed the finish line. “Snail you were right. I was a show off with you and I now know only if you work hard and don’t stop you can win” admitted Bunny. “Right but we can still be friends” said Snail.

The Puppy and the Cat By Vicky One day at a house in a magic world that had a cat and two people. One day they saw a magic veterinarian they saw a magical puppy so they bought it. One morning the Cat said to magical Puppy, “do you want some food?” Magical Puppy said, “Yes.” And Cat started to trick her. He gave her rotten meat and rotten chips. The Puppy felt like she was going to throw up because she felt so sick. Puppy thought, I am going to teach a lesson and am going to do the same to Cat. He put rotten meat and rotten popcorn in Cat´s dish. Cat ate the rotten popcorn and rotten meat and felt so sick she threw up. Then Cat said to Puppy, “I´m sorry, so, so sorry. Then Puppy responded, “Ok.” “Let´s be friends?” said Cat. Puppy said, “Ok, let´s be friends.” Treat others the way you want to be treated.

The Ox and the Foal By Edward Paul One day a tall and good looking Ox was showing off. Everyone at the blue oasis was drinking water except for a small, sweet, brown Foal. The Ox had been nasty to the Foal and he pushed the Foal into the water. This meant that the Foal was very upset and cross with the Ox. While the Foal was growing up the Ox got less friends and that was because the Ox was not nice to the Foal. The animals also got mad at the ox because he had not been nice to the others either. However in 5 or 6 years Foal was a big stallion with far more friends then the old Ox and Ox felt very sorry for himself. And they respected Foal because he was not a bully. And the Ox regretted being mean to Foal. The moral is to treat others the way you want to be treated. The end

Our Own Fables by 3c  

fables written by children

Our Own Fables by 3c  

fables written by children