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The cheetah and the snail One day there was a slow, clever and good snail that lived on the farm. One day he went to the small farmer‟s house and met a fast, foolish and arrogant cheetah.

Then arrogant cheetah laugh to

Snail “I‟m faster than you” “You are very slow”. Then slow Snail wanted to challenge the fast Cheetah because he thought that he could win by being clever and not by being fast. Then they started the race and tortoise felt nervous but Cheetah felt excited because he thought he was going to win. Foolish Cheetah rushed ahead.

Suddenly Cheetah stopped because he saw his favorite

food delicious pizza with ice-cream and started to eat it but clever Snail didn‟t stop. He kept running. Finally when Cheetah finished his food Cheetah remembered about the race and goes running till the end but Snail has already won and Cheetah cried and went home.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.

By Camila

The two girls and the rhinoceros One day two polite and kind girls were walking in the lonely desert. Then they saw a strong, huge and furious rhinoceros. The older one went running to a thin and little tree and the younger one fell into a hole, the huge rhino went to the one that was in the dark and deep hole. The she was terrified and scared, she felt like that because the rhinoceros was going to eat her. The rhino whispered to her: Fair weather friend‟s aren`t worth having. Then rhino didn‟t eat her because didn‟t reach to eat her, but then he went to the tree, in the tree and the rhino shook it, the girl didn‟t fall so the rhino went away. The older girl came down from the thick tree and said: I thought he whispered to you and she contested it is true and he spoke to me and this is what he whispered to me “Fair weather friends aren‟t worth having,” then she yelled, “I‟m not going to be your friend anymore.” And then she wrote a song about her because there were not friends any more.

Moral: Fair-weather friends aren’t worth having.

By Candelaria

The Dangerous Shark and the Orange Fish One day in the dark and big ocean there was a little fish and an enormous shark. That afternoon the fish was swimming to practice for the marathon, when he was practicing he bumped in to a dangerous shark and he got furious, and got the fish´s tail and he was about to eat him until Fish yelled “please let me go, I promise I will save you one day!” and Shark laughed “How could a little thing like you save me? I am the king of the ocean.” “I promise, please let me free” replied Fish. “Fine,” answered Shark and let tiny Fish go. The next day the orange fish heard crash and shark was caught in a cage by an old fisherman. Reliable and brave Fish went all threw ocean and finally he found the huge SCHOOL OF FISH because he needed to save shark. The group of fish made the fisherman afraid because he was afraid of the big fish that the school of fish had made. When Shark was free he thanked Fish and Fish squeaked “It‟s all right”

Moral: Size does not matter: little people can do big things.

By: Caro

The Giraffe and the Hippo One sunny day a fat slow and tiny hippo was new in the savannah. Suddenly it began to rain and he and one big and fat giraffe went to the same tree .The giraffe asked the foolish hippo, “Why are you so fat?” And the hippo responded, “because I‟m like this, any problem? „‟

“No,” replied the tall giraffe.

The small hippo felt

disappointed. He never heard that somebody would ask that why are you so fat. “Do you want to go to my house?” The giraffe said, “of course I want to.” “Of course if you say that you are sorry,” said the fat hippo.

“I am……sorry……… Eeeee… .eeeeeeeeeee … emmmmmm…..

mmmmmmmm… yes.” ”Does your house have stairs?” asked the hippo, “because I am so fat …….you know.” The giraffe smirked, “Yes, my house has stairs. “ The hippo went to the giraffe‟s house but he could not get in. Hippo responded “Then, can I invite you to my house?”

“Yes,” answered the calm giraffe. When she was

walking to the house with the hippo they could see the enormous forest and eat a delicious banana. The giraffe couldn‟t go in the lift because he was so tall. He felt disappointed. That was so funny! You have to see that. The hippo felt was laughing.

Moral: Don’t treat your friends the way you don’t want them to treat you. Delfina B-R

The Tortoise and the Tiger One day was a tortoise in this mountain she was clever, intelligent and small and the tiger fast, big, fat and over confident and they were drinking water. The tiger who showed off told, “I am the faster you can never ever beat me.” And the tortoise responded, “You don‟t know if you are the faster, let´s see” They began the race and the tiger that was faster and not as clever was first. And the tortoise that was clever and intelligent was very, very behind so the tiger who was not intelligent and he showed off and went to eat ice-cream. The tortoise kept running as fast as his big legs could and when the tiger came it was too late. He could not pass the tortoise and the tortoise won so the other animals were so impressed.

Moral: slow and study wins the race.

By Fini

The Cheetah and the Puma

One sunny day there was a black puma and a fast cheetah. One day the cheetah was fighting with the puma about who was faster than the other. And the puma said let´s do a race. The fast cheetah said, “I feel like I am going to win, he is a slow puma.” The Puma said at 9 o clock to have the race. The next day they had the race and the cheetah felt I am going to win so I am going to buy a new coat from the shopping center.

And off he went and when he

returned to the race he with his new coat the puma was already finishing the race so he went so fast but the puma won the race. Then the puma knew he was going to win, he was a silly cheetah. The cheetah knew he lost because he went to the shop to buy my new coat but it was not worth it.


The Fish and the Octopu One day a fish was swimming in the ocean. Then he saw a little worm from the water to eat, but an octopus saw it as well and they shared it. Two days later an enormous and ferocious shark appeared and wanted to eat him the shark was ferocious and enormous because he liked little fishes like that when he saw whispered them he said, “you taste good little fat fish� and Fish could not escape. Two minutes later Octopus appeared and squirted black ink, shark could not see anything, and let Fish go. The day later a boy saw a purple and helpful Octopus and started to threw huge stones and hurt him. Fish came and bit the little and noisy boy and he went where his mom was.

MORAL: Size does not matter: little people can do great things.

By Franchi

The Cheetah and the Tiger

One day a cheetah met a tiger and they decided to have a race. Cheetah was saying I´m the best I´m better than you but Tiger remembered something that his and it was like this: he´s faster but I am going to try, cheetah started winning but he got hungry and he decided to eat something and when he turn the head it was tiger celebrating with his friends and the cup because he had won.

Moral: Slow

and study wins the race. By Jero

The Kangaroo and Rhinoceros One day Kangaroo was walking in the desert. Then it was raining and he slipped on muddy ground. He bumped with a Rhinoceros and said, “Hello.” Kangaroo was very tall. The second day Kangaroo was in danger because a lion was hunting and he wanted to eat him. Rhinoceros crushed the lion and saved kangaroo.

Kangaroo was

terrified. Rhinoceros was enormous and clever. Rhinoceros was in danger because the lion bit him and Rhinoceros was bleeding. Kangaroo took a leaf and put it in his leg. “You see that I repaid you.”

Moral: one good turn deserves another. By Juan Blas

The Rhinoceros and the Snail One hot day at the savannah strong rhinoceros met a snail in a tree. Like big rhinoceros always tells to everyone, he smirked “you can never beat me in a race because I´m the best to tiny snail. If you think that is true I challenge you to a race tomorrow at 12:00pm sharp to show you I can win.” Although snail was a little bit scared, he accepted. “Ok,” replied rhinoceros very surprised. The next day at 12:00pm sharp there they were training for the race.

Ready steady go!!!!!!!! And there they went far far away.

Obviously the arrogant rhinoceros was kilometers away from that small and slow snail. So he started to eat a gigantic sandwich of eggs, ketchup, meat, bacon, ham, cheese, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, chicken fingers, French fries, shrimps and octopus. With all that time the calm snail passed rhinoceros because he never stopped. And when rhinoceros finished his gigantic sandwich he saw snail was 1 centimeter ago from the finish line. So he ran for his life, but when rhinoceros got there it was too late snail already pass the finish line, rhinoceros felt very embarrassed and frustrated.


The Little Shark and the Fish One day in an ocean there was a shark and a fish. The enormous shark was swimming happily and suddenly a boat surprised the shark and they wanted to hit the horrified shark. And then the fish jumped and surprised the surprised hunters and after that the relieved shark jumped back to the water and the shark said, “Thanks, and I will repay you one day.” The next day the helpful and good friend fish was swimming and a person was fishing and caught the fish. And the confused fish could not get free and he feels very gloomy. After that the shark scared the person and the child got his things and went running very fast to not hurt his body and then the fish escaped from the danger. Next day the fish said, “Thank you, you saved my life,” and the shark said, “It was nothing.”

Moral: One good turn deserves another. By Lucas

The Pig and the Horse One day in an enormous and dirty farm there were a pig and a horse. Pig was slow, little and intelligent. And horse was arrogant, sneaky and fast. One morning they were eating and they walk backward and they bumped into each otherâ€&#x;s by their bottoms. The horse was always sauntering like a model announcing that he was the fastest animal in the world. Pig was tired of horse telling that he was the fastest so he challenged horse to a race to show him that he could win. Horse reaction was, “Ok, it does not matter I am going to win.â€? The race started and horse was very far ahead so he went to the pool because he was very hot. While Horse was in the pool pig was trying to win the race. Finally Horse realized that he had a race so he put her clothes on and went to the race. Horse tried to pass the line, but it was too late Pig had already won. Horse went strolling to the farm feeling frustrated and disappointed and the good pig went to the pool with his friend feeling excited.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. By:Malu

The Monkey and the Gorilla One day in a green jungle there was Monkey that entered to a Monkey Restaurant with his friend.

They drank

banana coffee and then entered Gorilla. Gorilla sat and heard Monkey say he that he was the fast animal on the world and that the Gorilla was the slowest animal in the world.

Gorilla always showed off because he said, “I am

the fastest animal in the jungle.”

Gorilla said, “Do you

want to have a race?” Two days later it was the race and Gorilla started to run fast he was very close to winning the race and said, “I am going to win.” The fat Gorilla started eating bananas. The bananas were near the finishing lane hanging from a tree. He was eating the bananas for half an hour. Monkey saw Gorilla but he continued and passed Gorilla. Gorilla remembered about the race. He turned back and he saw Monkey was going to win.

It was too late and Monkey

already won. Gorilla felt very embarrassed because he lost the race. Moral: Slow and steady wins the race. By Manuel

The Fish and the Shark One sunny day in the Atlantic a Fish was summing in a net. There was a strong and sneaky shark. The Shark saw the fish and cut the net and he was freed and the fish said, “I will repay you one day.” The next week the fish saw the shark looking for something and the fish asked, “What‟s the matter?” The shark replied, “I am looking for my teeth, a piranha took them and put them in a cave.” The shark could not get inside because the hole was too small for him to enter. The next day the fish looked for the teeth, got the teeth and gave them back to the shark.

Moral: “One good turn deserves another”. By Marco

The Big Dog and the Little Cat Once there was a slow and black dog and a white and fast cat. One day the dog and the cat bumped into each other because the slow animal was walking and cat running and bumped him by an accident. One minute later dog challenged the fast one for a race from the farm to the woods because arrogant Cat was saying that he was the best at running. But Cat warned him, “You know I will win.” And dog responded. “No because you are always telling all the people you will win at races.” The next day the race started eight o´clock sharp. Other people were arguing who was going to win. The distracted one started running but the dog was strolling. When cat was far ahead he decided to go to the farm because it was the shortest place to go but the persistent dog past that place, and steady one was about to win!

When Cat saw Dog about win he

remembered the race, he ran as fast as he could but it was too late for disappointed Cat and confident Dog won. MORAL: Slow and steady wins the race. By Marcos

The Jurassic Mosquito and the Dinosaur

One sunny and hot day, at the Jurassic jungle, minute Mosquito woke up starving and there was no blood to eat. He did not eat for one week! The hungry mosquito found a dinosaur called Dino. Mosquito asked if he could drink some of red Dino`s blood in a hungry way and Dino responded: “Of course, you can eat a little bit, I have like 1000 liters.” Mosquito thanked him a lot. The next day was a lot of fog. Enormous Dino did not saw a trap of a terrible and big T-rex. He got trapped on the trap. But brown Mosquito saw him and went to help him. The clever mosquito bit another dinosaur so he could ride it and break the trap to free Dino. Helpful mosquito broke the trap by running through it with the other dinosaur. “Thank you so much” told exhausted Dino to the mosquito.

Moral: one good turn deserves another. By: Matías

The Lion and the Zebra Once there was a fast Cheetah chasing a small Zebra in an enormous, dangerous and cloudy jungle. The small Zebra started to run. Then she fell with a branch and hurt her hooves. Brave lion was looking for food in the jungle and saw Zebra and helped Zebra by making a bandage so she got better and thanked him. The next day in the morning clever lion got trapped in a trap and he could not get out and started to roar and roar and he felt lonely. Then Zebra was drinking water and heard a roar and went to help him and helped him by breaking the enormous and hard trap with his strong teeth so he replied “thank you very much�. Then daring Lion and quick Zebra become best friends.

And they lived together

forever and played all the time together.

MORAL: One good friend turn deserves another. By: MĂĄximo

The Little Pig and the Big Horse One hot day in a farm there lived a pig and a horse. The horse was brown, with spots. confident every day.

The pig was tame, pink and very

The next beautiful day Horse was eating

from his plate of food and little Pig came and ate horse´s food. Then a wild rat came and scared tame Pig. The pig was running for her life and yelled to Horse trembling “Can you help me? And one day I will save your life.” Big and foolish Horse asked, “How could a little pig like you save my life?” “Please,” she spoke. He thought doe 10 seconds … Okay I will save her tiny life. Horse saved her life by neighing the wild rat away. Minutes later strong Horse was trotting out from the barn. There was a hole and Horse´s foot gets stuck in it. Pig heard the neighing of Horse so Pig followed the noise and saw Horse stuck in a hole.

So the clever pig made the hole bigger and pulled up

Horse´s foot. Horse was surprised. Thank you, “told Horse. “You‟re welcome,” answered Pig. Moral: Being kind is more important than being strong and big. By Paula

The Puma and the Rhinoceros One afternoon the giant, friend Rhinoceros was trotting on an enormous hill and he saw a minute hive and the bees started to chase him.

After a while the brave, strong and cheerful Puma

heard a noise of someone shouting, “Help me please!� And the Puma came and saw the Rhinoceros and roared and the bees flew away. A few days later the Puma was walking and he saw a cave and he was very curious so he entered to the cave and it was a group of rats and attacked the Puma. Then the Rhinoceros was looking up the trees and he saw the Puma. The Rhinoceros went to help him, he blew so heard that the rats flew away.

Moral: One good turn deserves another. By Pepo

The Shark and the Seal In an enormous ocean with lots of sharks, fish and seals a shark was trapped in a net. So the seal came to help the shark and he saved his life. The shark and the seal were afraid of the scuba divers because they knew that a person put the net to hunt the shark. The next day, the seal saw the Shark that was his friend surrounded by other ferocious sharks. So then the seal saved the shark and frightened the other sharks away saying that the scuba divers were coming with their guns. The brave seal came to save his friend and with his tail the seal hit all the scuba divers and they felt disappointed because they could not catch the Shark. Now no one is friends with any scuba divers.

Moral: little people can do great things. By Santino

The Cheetah and the Lion One sunny afternoon, the over-confident cheetah was sleeping at the capital of Africa boasting how fast he could run, and then the blue lion came, he was furious and embarrassed because he said that he was slow like a snail. The cheetah saw him and laughed at him because he was too slow. He yelled, “You are a slowpoke.” Lion was depressed. Then Cheetah said “Why not have a race with me?” the slow animal thought and said “No problem!” The impressed cheetah was very surprised. “Can we have the race tomorrow at 10 am sharp?” ”Ok,” the outraged lion roared angrily. The next day the confident lion came to have the race, and the quick and rude cheetah came too. Then the monkey fired the gun and the race started, the cheetah went like a flash. The calm lion went at the same speed. Then while the showoff cheetah went to see a beautiful female cheetah and went to talk to her, Lion was walking the whole time. Then after some hours the tired lion was about to finish and the foolish cheetah stopped talking and went as fast as he could but the nervous lion took the last step and everybody was laughing at the embarrassed and silly cheetah. Then everybody lifted lion like a king, lion never felt so upbeat.


The cheetah and the puppy One lovely day in the mountain the good, lovely cheetah was running and the good and cute puppy too. The small puppy passed by the cheetah and said “What you are doing here?” The cute puppy fell off the mountain and the cheetah saw puppy shouting, “HELP, HELP!” He pulled up Puppy and Puppy was free. A lovely morning a cage from a hunter fell on Cheetah and Puppy went down the rocks and puppy took Cheetah and Cheetah was free

Moral: One good turn deserves another. By Valentina

The Hyena and the Rabbit A long time ago in a massive, jungle a rabbit called Peter was running. He was small and brown. One day Pete was running and he tripped over a hyena called Plopy. He was enormous and black. He made a big hole and the rabbit fell in. He caught Peter with his paws and replied,”I will eat you”. “No please,” answered the rabbit if you let me go I will save your life one day.” “Ha ha ha ha ha,” laughed Plopy, “How could a small calm rabbit save a ferocious hyena like me?” “Wait and you will see,” yelled the little rabbit. The next day Plopy was trotting because he was very tired because he ran all day. After that a horrible and massive hunter caught him in a bag. Later, Peter went to run and heard Plopy shouting, “Please help me!” Pete scurried in the sunny green jungle. He gnawed the bag as fast as he could because Plop was getting nervous because he could not breathe. Finally Peter broke the bag and Plopy told Pete that he was surprised he was reliable and they became very good friends.

MORAL: Size does not matter little people can do great things. By Vicente

The Horse and the Beaver One hot day, in a farm a small Beaver was looking for wood. So he went to the territory of the huge and brown Horse that was sleeping and by accident he woke up Horse. When the Horse woke up he scolded Beaver and said, “I will eat you.” So the Horse trapped the Beaver and he pleaded, “Let me go, let me go I will repay you one day,” Horse laughed and laughed and said, “No matter what you need to repay me.” The next day the Horse was going to his territory and he got caught in a net of wood so he cried, “Help!” The loyal Beaver went and saw the Horse he started to gnaw the net, until Horse was free. The reliable Beaver spoke, “I told you I would repay you one day.”

Moral: Size doesn’t not matter little people can do great things. By Vicky

The Jaguar and the Zebra One hot afternoon, in the mountains a confident Zebra was running and fell. He hurt his toe, the fast, bad friend Jaguar saw the Zebra and went to help him. The jaguar shouted the Zebra that nobody can beat the fastest animal, the jaguar. The Zebra whispered to the jaguar, “Let‟s run a race to show the jaguar that all the animals can beat you.” The Zebra crying may be I can beat you.” The Zebra yelled, “Go to the race 2:00 sharp!” Next hot day they ran the race, when the fast jaguar was in front the finish line, he stopped to drink Gatorade for one hour. The Zebra was running confidently and the jaguar was drinking Gatorade. The Zebra was a 1 cm of the finish line the jaguar saw the zebra and he ran as fast as he could but the good zebra had already won the race.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race By Viken

“The Dog and the Cat” One sunny day in the farm Dog felt that he was on the moon because he saw a beautiful female dog so, he wanted to impress her and he went in front of the tractor of corn where the female dog was. The tractor was about to start and the scared Dog stayed there so, recently a cat ran and flashed Dog and saved him. Dog said: “Thank you so much, you saved my life! I promise I will repay you!” Cat responded, “OK, it doesn‟t matter!” Dog couldn‟t impress the soft, brown eyed and black and white female dog because she was already gone. Next morning Dog heard someone crying, “Help! Help!” Dog felt worried and realized that was Cat who was shouting, he run as fast as his feet could take him. When he was near the pool he jumped, fell on the floor and hurt himself and he smirked, “Oh, my face! Ok if I want to save Cat I have to brave! The brave Dog jumped to the pool and firs he saw Cat and that poor cat asked, “Could you save my kitten first, please?” “Yes, but where is he?” Dog asked. “Here I am!” Dog said. The good friend found Cat´s kitten and took him of the pool, and after that he saved cat. Cat replied, “Thank you so much!, for saving me and my son.” “Now you‟d like to meet my friend Alice?” Cat whispered. “Of course, who is he?” “Oh, you mean her, I present to you Alice, the female dog,that you liked!” Cat told Dog. “Oh my god dog!” Dog replied. “Hey, my name is Alice, would you like to run out to the cows?” Alice asked. “Ok, Alice,” Dog answered. “Thank you so much,” Dog said to cat, “You are welcome buddy!”

Moral: one good turn, deserves another. By: Violeta

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