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Dear Saatchi & Saatchi I must admit I have been following you on Facebook for a while. I’ve seen parts of your work and I even found things we have in common. One of my biggest goals in my “Things to do before I die” list is to be involved in a social responsibility campaign. Who knows? Maybe we will save Africa together one day. Now that I finally have the chance to introduce myself as well, I really do hope you feel the same. I am looking forward to your positive response Corina Grigore



Name: Corina Grigore Date of birth: 05.09.1992

From: Constanta, Romania Current city: Bucharest, Romania Past cities: Herning, Denmark; Shanghai, China Occupation: Student Hobby: Travelling

Personality: Positive, enthusiastic, curious, risk-taking, empathic Phone: 0722 66 94 34 E-mail:




WORK EXPERIENCE 2013 Apr – Jun: Intern PR Assistant at Rhea Costa Fashion, Bucharest Challenges: - Update customer data base - Compose blog articles - Social Media customer interaction - Contribute to Rhea Costa Resort 2014 fashion show for Avanpremiere12 - book fashion models, prepare event organization on site

WORK EXPERIENCE 2012 Sep – Dec: Intern Project Manager Assistant at HAVAS Sports & Entertainment Shanghai, China Challenges: - Work closely with the team regarding project development: Roland Garros Beijing 2013, TOP MARQUES, Fisker Karma - Supervise and implement event decoration on site (TOP MARQUES) - Generate innovative event concepts together with the Project Manager and the Graphic Design team (TOP MARQUES) - Assist client meetings – understand and interpret demands, present project ideas - Contact suppliers



EDUCATION 2013 Mar – May: The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, Cannes Lions Semester; Bucharest, Romania Challenges: - Participate in courses held by representative names of the Romanian Branding and Marketing field - Develop integrated campaign solutions for: Unicredit, Renania, The Alternative School for Creative Thinking, Cannes Lions

EDUCATION 2012 Aug – Sep: Exchange programme at Donghua University; Shanghai, China Challenges: - Study Chinese language & culture - Internship (HAVAS SE) - Market survey for House of Amber - Improvement suggestions for House of Amber’s Branding and Marketing strategy in China

EDUCATION 2011 Sep – 2013 Jun:VIA University College, TEKO Design + Business, AP Degree in Branding & Marketing Management Fashion & Furniture; Herning, Denmark Challenges: - Creative projects involving all university departments (branding & marketing, retail, design and pattern) - Collect, treat an asses relevant market data - Develop brand-related stories and presentations - Plan and implement a marketing plan in practice on the domestic and international markets



Other? Computer Skills: Microsoft Office 2013 – Advanced level - ECDL Certificate Adobe – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – Medium level

Languages: English – Advanced level – Cambridge Advanced Certificate Portuguese – Elementary – Ovidius University Summer Course Spanish – Elementary French – Elementary Chinese – Basic conversational Danish – Basic conversational



PORTFOLIO 2012/13 – YCN Awards Challenge: Create a campaign for the LEGO Brand that distinguishes LEGO from all competitors

Solution: The most significant competitive advantage of LEGO is the diverse range of fantasy characters. Every child has one either because he associates himself with the toy, either because he feels more secure and confident while having it. The characters, most of the time perceived as “heroes�, empower the user throughout his daily activities.

Solution: In this campaign we aim to illustrate the most common situation that can occur to a LEGO owner: feeling the hard, edgy plastic on your bare foot. This funny, charismatic campaign will remind the consumer of his childhood memories when “the tools of imagination� were spread all around the floor.

PORTFOLIO “House of Amber - Exercise of imagination” Challenge: Suggest a unique brand identity for the jewelry company House of Amber. Solution: “House of Amber – Exercise of imagination” – The uniqueness of each jewelry piece lays in the inspiration point of each design. The idea aims to represent an exercise of imagination between designers and customers.


Jeans Intelligence – WOMENPROOF JEANS Challenge: Suggest a unique campaign to promote Jack & Jones jeans line Solution: After the Jack & Jones jeans user is “cruelly abused” by girls in the brand’s “Become a Girl Toy” campaign, WOMENPROOF Jeans would be the “next episode”. This campaign suggests the fact that the user “is resigned” to the idea that women are hunting him, but at least he will wear the proper “ammunition”.

The Alternative School for Creative Thinking– What Kind of Sheep are You? Challenge: Build an integrated campaign for TASoCT around the idea of the “Black Sheep” Solution: “What Kind of Sheep are You?” aims to promote “the alternative thinking” among creative professionals and communication students. The idea behind the campaign underlines the fact that “the black sheep”(having an alternative thinking) will always have success, while “the white sheep” (the crowd thinking) will just yearn for it.


I sincerely hope you enjoyed “Corina Grigore Resume�. I am looking forward to your positive response.