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Travel /’trav l/ e

verb 1. to go from one place to another, by car, train, plane, or ship; take a trip; journey: to travel for pleasure.





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We’’re On Planning a trip can be a nail-biting experience. Most travel sites focus on sourcing hotels, flights, and rentals, but leaves no room for fun. Eureka is different because we help connect you with places that matter. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate through your next journey. Whether it’s exploring the set of your favorite film or the best hikes the world has to offer, Eureka helps to customize trips that are memorable.

A Mission Customer Service We want to make sure every pioneer is packed up for each trip. We are here for you 24/7 with local staff ready to respond.

Creativity Whatever you’re into, we can help you find it. From movie locations to the scariest places in the U.S.

Loyalty We understand, stuff happens. We provide credits, ensuring nothing is lost but just a delay.


Game Plan Idea Voyage Plan Journey Inspire Trip Travel Beyond See Jump Words To Live By Explore Weekend


Eureka links arms with Salesforce ensuring the best way to stay connected with many previous and potential pioneers.

2017 Eureka moved into their first building, creating more space for our growing staff of 12.


Eureka we found it!

2007 Eureka launches their mobile app available through Apple and Google Play.

Networking began relationship building and opened the door to Eureka’s website.



Eureka is now one of the top starter companies striving through a wave of explorers.




Target Audience “Watch yo’ mouth” We refer to our customers as Pioneers. Using this term creates a great experience with outstanding customer service for everyone.

Men & Women 25-35 Years of age Single to couples

If a Pioneer begins wandering down the wrong path, we have the best guides to help lead them back on track.

Students to working class

Language helps spread good vibes and excitement.

Character Traits:

Pioneers- Eurekas travelers. Guides- Our service team

Looking to travel for leasure

• Fun • Playful • Adventurous • Excited • Curious


Jessie is that 25-year-old girl you would catch hanging out at the local hot spots. She looks for new things everywhere. From new flavors of ice cream to a hidden island, Jessie is an explorer.

Road Tripper Road trips usually begin with “Candice” her 68’ Mustang. Fear of heights has kept her from flying, yet, she never lets that set her back from the next big adventure.

Free Flyer Roxy is a 33-year-old single parent of an 18 year old girl. She is about to graduate high school and attend college in the spring. Roxy spent a lot of her time working to take care and provide the best she could for her daughter. Now that she is all grown up, Roxy is ready to make up for lost time. Nothing sounds better than digging her toes into the warm sand with a coconut in her hand. Since she didn’t get to travel much, Roxy would like to take this time of relaxation to other countries. Flying is the only way for this girl.

Mike is a single, 30-yearold. He helps his partner run a business through consulting for mobility. Mikes favorite part about working from home is, he doesn’t have to. He’s always somewhere away from home at least 2-3 times a month. He is very laid back and never goes to the same place twice. He believes in living life now while he is young rather than waiting until retirement. Nothing holds Mike back from traveling the world.

World Traveler

Strength New and trendy

Marketing through most active advertising channels Provide expierence, opposed to just the basics Strong team in house who understands core values

Opportunities Prospect new partners Partnership with Millenial striving companies Grow our team Expand our locations Development to simplify ux design

Threats Glitches in app/website Compitetors Staff that doesn’t match core values Brand grows dull Communication gap with partners

Weaknesses Small glitches in app Push awareness Lack of innovation Geographic restrictions


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Don’t you hate when you see someone you know and call them by the wrong name? Yikes! It ’s important to make sure that doesn’t happen to us. By maintaining standard we choose to see the structure as a good thing. Eliminating confusion provides simplicity and reflects our values. The Term ”Eureka” means to celebrate in satisfaction through discovery. The logo is designed as an exclamation mark to symbolize excitement in your trip. Inside the exclamation point, you will find a navigation marker. This means you’re in the right place.

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Navigate Your Next Adventure




Television The great thing about Hulu commercials; viewer interaction. Sure, the viewers are stuck with us for 60 seconds no matter what. However, when given an option to choose how they want to view ads, advertising feels less endured and more engaged. They can watch a creative visual ad or they can play a game. Maybe they are creating an outfit for their trip or creating an ideal vacay spot. The viewer feels in charge and prepared for future journeys.

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Eureka Expierence beyond tastebuds. Ronin Ramen pop ups. #ExpierenceEureka


Website Eureka helps explorers by providing options for rentals, flights, hotels, and experiences. Users also have access to a planner, allowing them to customize their adventure and even secure the dates within the calendar. Not only will the website help organize the travel plans, but it will also allow our users to interact with other pioneers through the built-in blog. This helps create a sense of community, inspiring the world to get out and explore.

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Vacation Starts At Planning Let’s Go

App The app is the most popular source in booking a trip or an experience. It’s a scaled down version of our website. Pioneers are able to book flights, rentals, and hotels while storing confirmation numbers and tickets for easy retrieval. Eureka app is available for download on the Apple or Google Play store for free.






San Francisco

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Vintage Trailer Camping Happy Campers Antiques and vintage campers? Yes Please! Explore Vintage restored campers from collectors all over the West Coast. From the 40’s to the 70’s, pioneers will enjoy food and antique vendors with live music. Thinking outside the box when they plan their next trip helps create new experiences.

Pizza Pub Crawl Pizza Palooza One of the best parts about traveling...the food! We are teaming up with some of the best pizza places in Los Angeles and New York creating Pizza Palooza. These businesses are a wide range from top names to hole-in-thewall places. This opens a door for people from different cities to discover some local pizza joints and maybe share a slice or two with some new folk.

Venice Beach Graffiti Show Tall Cans in the Air Nothing like a warm day with a fresh breeze and the smell of spray cans. Explore the most loved and hated medium in the US today. Over 20 West Coast Graffiti Artists will be demonstrating their work. Artist sharing their struggle from sociality. Is Graffiti vandalism or art? Catch some art in the making, Live music, and food vendors. This event will inspire and create a sense or relaxation for Pioneers from all over.

Credits Corina Rodriguez Tarence Sang Stancy Li Junwei Zhou Copyright 2018 Corina Rodriguez All content for Eureka was conceived, designed, and produced by Corina Rodriguez. Writing and edited supplemented by Corina Rodriguez. Photography provided by Tarence Sang, Stancey Li, and Junwei Zhou. Design Consultation Roger Muller, ADV 370 Brand and Branding Academy of Art University None of the photographs and images were downloaded from any websites which would be used in accordance with the Creative Commons License and (Royalty?) License the book is a non-commercial work produced as a student project for educational purposes, and I such is considered a derivative work under the Fair Use Clause of the US Copyright Law. Manufactured in the USA.