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Emily & Tim

Hello! We are Emily and Tim, and we are thrilled at the possibility of becoming parents!

We hope that by reading our stories and seeing our photos you will get a feel for who we are, who we would like to be as parents and how we plan to raise our future children. If we had to summarize ourselves in just a few words, we would say we are a happy couple with a stable, secure home life and an amazing extended family. We know that raising children will be an adventure that will be both challenging and rewarding, and we know that we are ready for the adventure to begin! Thank you for considering us as the potential couple to raise your child as our own. We know it’s a hard decision for you, and we promise to give this tiny miracle everything we’ve got to make his or her life one full of love — and fun!

Our Relationship & Marriage In Tim’s Words: Emily and I dated for five years before getting married three years ago. During that time, we were able to explore our many shared interests together and forge an unbelievably strong bond. We truly are the best of friends! We share an amazing love of adventure and enjoy experiencing anything “new.” On any given Saturday night, we can be found driving around the back roads of Indiana looking for an unknown roadside restaurant or snuggling on the couch together watching a movie and sharing a bowl of popcorn with our dog, Duncan. We enjoy playing Scrabble and dominoes together when we are by ourselves. (I usually win.) We also love to travel! Some of the places we have been together include Alaska, Hawaii and Ireland. Our next big trip will be to France. We plan to always keep traveling and exploring new destinations. As parents, we are excited to impart our strong sense of family and great zest for life onto your child. We promise to love your child unconditionally, laugh every day, and offer encouragement in all shapes and sizes.

(Top) At the Brickyard. (Left) Enjoying a morning cup of coffee in Alaska.

Meet Emily Tim introduces Emily Emily is a very kind and sweet person. She is a first grade teacher, and nobody gives more of herself to the kids than she does. She wants very badly to be a mother, and I have no doubt that she will be a great one. (When she does something, she gives it her all.) Her eyes light up at every mention of children. Emily has a laugh that is infectious, and people gravitate toward her in conversation. She doesn’t take life too seriously and is always able to look back at any situation, whether good or bad, and smile, bringing out the best in everyone and everything!

Emily in Hawaii (from top): Relaxing on a black sand beach. | Eating Hawaiian shave ice. | Sitting on hardened lava that flowed onto a road. | (Right) Whale-watching in Alaska.

Random things about Emily FAVORITE HOLIDAY Thanksgiving FAVORITE SMELL fresh-cut grass FAVORITE SONG “Bright Side of the Road” by Van Morrison FAVORITE BOOK “Catcher in the Rye” SECRET OBSESSIONS coupons and watching “House Hunters International” GUILTY PLEASURE HOT baths FAVORITE MOVIES “Gran Torino” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” FAVORITE FLOWER peony DREAM CAR Volvo station wagon (don’t laugh!) PERFECT ESCAPE brisk walk right before bed FONDEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY reading Bible stories to Grandma G.G.

About Emily, by Emily I am a sensitive, nurturing, compassionate, and fun-loving woman. In my spare time, I enjoy searching for treasures in antique shops and reading by the pool. Bringing together friends and family is one of my favorite things to do. We always have a great time together. While I thoroughly enjoy teaching and find it very rewarding, I always knew I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. As a teacher, I see the many positive ways a stay-at-home mom can affect her children and view these as priceless. Thankfully, Tim’s hard work and income will allow me to do just that! (This page, from top) Tailgating at a Colts game. | Relaxing at Galway Bay. | Snuggling with a puppy at a Husky rescue facility in Yukon Territory.

Emily’s love for children

is most clearly seen through her love for her students

CAREER: Emily As a first grade teacher, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a driving force in both the educational and emotional growth of my students over the years. From the butterflies that emerge in my stomach each year as I read my class list for the first time to the bond with each of my students that grows stronger with each birthday party, basketball game, and church play attended. While I will always hold these relationships dear to my heart, I am excited to embark on my next venture; fostering the growth of our family as a stay-at-home mom.

(This page, from left) First day of school. | Celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday. | (Right page) Listening to a “Pumpkin Day” story.

Tim as a father

“I enjoy finding ways to interject humor into situations. My favorite thing to do is to laugh!” -Tim

Meet Tim

In Emily’s words: Tim is going to be an amazing father. He is truly a kid at heart, and I can always count on him for a good laugh. His compassionate heart and wealth of knowledge will be wonderful qualities as he begins his journey into fatherhood. As a teacher, I am excited to see Tim share his passion for reading and love of learning with your child. As we venture into parenthood together, I am anxious to feel my love for Tim grow as we grow our family! In Tim’s words: I am ready to be a father. Emily will make a great mother, and we are at a point in our lives where we will be able to provide a stable, loving environment while enjoying the little things that a child will bring to our lives. Both sides of our family are very excited about us starting a family!

Random things about Tim I work as an air traffic controller. I love my job and really enjoy going to work every day. I also have my pilot’s license, but I don’t fly very frequently because I am aware of the danger. I have a close-knit, loving family and am the youngest of four children. My siblings and I are very close, and we have almost 100 first cousins! I thoroughly enjoy learning new things. I have two degrees and just finished taking a college-level French course for fun. I think I would be a permanent student if the budget allowed. I am from western New York, but moved away almost fifteen years ago. I get “home” a few times a year, and my family comes to Indiana pretty regularly. I am a Buffalo Bills fan, although that is a pretty tough gig lately. I love to golf and read, too, and I enjoy hanging out by the pool with our friends and family. I started running last year. I have now run four halfmarathons and enjoy the solitude of my own thoughts while I run. It’s a great time for self-reflection.

(Left page, clockwise from top left): Flying over the Grand Canyon. | On the dock in Charleston, S.C. | A stop on the road to Hana in Hawaii. | Hanging out with a Husky at a rescue facility in Yukon Territory. | The Great Banyan Tree on Maui. | (This page) Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii.

(Here) Being introduced to neighbors on our first night together. | (Below) Playing in the leaves.

Duncan Three years ago, we visited a puppy rescue and brought home a four-pound ball of fur with the most adorable brown eyes. Duncan has brought us so much joy and companionship in the last three years, and we most definitely consider him a member of our family. His love of all children has us made us overjoyed to introduce him to our growing family.

Our Extended Family We have a large extended family with whom we absolutely adore spending time. Emily has several aunts, uncles and cousins close by, and her parents and sister live just two hours away. Tim’s family lives in upstate New York, but between holidays, birthdays and spur-ofthe-moment road trips, we are able to stay connected and extremely close. Everyone is thrilled with the idea of adding to our family through the blessing of adoption!

(Top row, from left) Emily’s sister, Sarah, and her mom, Kathy, out for a day of shopping. | Tim’s dad, Jim, and his wife, Barb, with Tim on a cruise boat in Alaska. | (Second row, from left) Emily and her mom. | Sarah’s friend Sean, Sarah, and Tim at a restaurant on a family vacation to Hilton Head Island. | (Bottom row) Emily’s dad, Brian, and his wife, Doris, on a family vacation in Hilton Head. | Tim and his dad, Jim, sharing a laugh by the pool.

Family Traditions

During the fall, we enjoy following Big 10 football and tailgating when we can. Annual trips to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch are much anticipated, too!

kwise from top left) Tim, Emily and friend Mickey tailgating at an Illinois/Purdue



c lo

Blues Fest. | Tim, Emily, Emily’s sister Sarah and Sarah’s friend Sean relaxing i n H a

We kick off the summer months by hosting a Memorial Day barbeque for friends and family at our home. Tim mans the grill while everyone enjoys swimming, a corn hole tournament and filling up on Emily’s specialties: potato salad, baked beans and warm apple pie. We also enjoy outdoor concerts throughout the summer in our local park. Nothing beats an evening of relaxing after a long summer day while listening to music (and crickets) under the stars!

or Town, Hilton Head family vacation. | (Center photo) Soaking up the sun in the backyard. * * * (C


& Other Fun Times football game. | All smiles in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. | Bundled up for a Bills g


a m

ei n Buffalo. | Enjoying the Christmas tree lighting downtown, one of our many Christmas traditions.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of our favorite holidays. Last year we hosted our first Thanksgiving in our new home and both sides of our family were represented. There is nothing greater than a family overflowing with love and laughter to make a house a home. We are truly blessed! This past Christmas, we contributed to a family who had fallen on hard times. Both of the children have been in Emily’s class at school, and no other gift purchased brought more joy to us than those we gave to this family. We plan to make this a tradition that we continue as a family throughout the upcoming years.



ily’s Uncle Christian and Uncle Mark sucking thumbs with her cousin, Liam. | Chicago

Our Home & Community We recently purchased our dream home located in a quiet, well-established neighborhood with four bedrooms, a finished basement, and a swimming pool. We chose this house with the expectation that before too long we would begin filling it with children, and we wanted our house to be the “hang out” as kids got a little older. We definitely have plenty of room to grow and create memories as a family. Our tiny community offers a small town feel while being just 10 miles from our state’s capital city. We feel like we have got the best of both worlds…a close-knit Midwestern town fifteen minutes from a wide-range of cultural activities including theaters, ethnic restaurants, a world-class Children’s Museum and countless volunteer opportunities.

(Top) Home sweet home. | (Row of pictures, from left) Our back yard is perfect for a game of wiffle ball. | Snacking by the pool, our favorite place to wind down in the evening. | Walking Duncan at our local park. | Our local parks are beautiful and serene.

In Closing Please be assured that we will provide your child with a loving and nurturing home. We will always do our best to be good parents and to help your child grow in a supportive, loving family, a stable environment, and an inclusive community. Our home is a place of love and laughter, kindness and respect, and we will make sure that your child enjoys many enriching experiences that will allow them to become all that their heart desires! With much love and respect,

Tim and Emily

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