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Corgentum’s Top Five Tweets of the Week of July 9, 2012 These are Corgentum Consulting’s top five tweets for the week of July 9, 2012. 1) New Rules to Shine Light on Derivatives, Regulators Also Allow Exemptions: 2) PFG Collapses Amid #Fraud Allegations: 3) Hedge Funds: Ripping Off Millionaires and Pensions Alike 4) Elderly Paraplegic with Dementia and Multiple Sclerosis Victimized in FOREX #HedgeFund #Fraud 5)#SEC picks new mutual fund overseer Be sure to follow Corgentum Consulting on Twitter @Corgentum for the latest news on operational due diligence, hedge funds, private equity, fraud and the alternative investment industry. For More Information | Blog | Twitter Feed Tel. 201-360-2430

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Corgentum's Top 5 Tweets - Week of July 9 2012