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[Stamp] Army General Staff, Operations Section Received - 27/9/1943 No. 10354/43 Secret Daily report from Commander in Chief Southeast (Army Group F) for 26/9/1943. XXII Mountain Corps: Corfu is firmly in our hands except for the mopping up operation necessary in the northern sector. Mopping up operation proceeding on the Island of Ithaca (east of Cephalonia). Enemy ammunition depot destroyed south of Korca, 50 bandits shot. Commander in Chief Southeast (Army Group F), Ia No. 2789/43 Secret, dated 9/26/1943. *** [Stamp] Army General Staff, Operations Section Received - 28/9/1943 No. 10384/43 Secret Daily Report from Commander in Chief Southeast for 27/9/1943 XXII Mountain Corps: Cleaning up operations as well as transporting Italians away from Corfu is proceeding. The commandant of the island was shot. Commander in Chief Southeast (Army Group F), Ia No. 103/43 Secret, dated 27/9/1943. *** [Stamp] Secret Radio Message - Priority To Division Commander The Corps informs: "By order of higher authority, no prisoners are to be taken during operation" "Verrat" [treason]. 1st Mountain Division Ia No. 1231,/43 Secret [Illegible initial] ***

[Handwritten] 1747 Teletype Priority to Quartiermeister (1735) [Handwritten] Secret [Stamp] Secret 1. 99th Light Mountain Regiment.

2. For information: Division Commander, Igumenica [Goumenitsa] Extra copyIb, IVb. 3. For operation "Verrat" there will be brought up to Igumenica on 9/24/1943 evening - 1 Company of 2d Regiment Brandenburg (South Tyroleans in Italian uniform and with Italian arms). 1st Mountain Division/Ia No. 1232/4 Secret [Illegible initial] [Handwritten] Ordered - 24/9/1943 (1745) Baumeister IHV Quartiermeister XEIREI Ki


[Handwritten] War Diary Division Command Post, 18/9/1943 1st Mountain Division Ia No. 1195/43 Secret [Stamp] Secret Use care while telephoning - The enemy is listening Divisional Order For Operation "Verrat" (Map 1:100000) 1. In the pursuance of treason, the like of which history has ever seen, which the Italian Government has committed against Germany the Italian commander of Corfu decided to stop the occupation of the Island Corfu by German troops by force of arms. Since 13/9/1943 German planes flying over the island, and on 13/9/1943 the Combat Group Dodel, which had put to sea for the occupation of the island, have been fired upon. Thereby the garrison of the Island of Corfu, which consists mainly of the 18th Italian Infantry Regiment, has joined hands with cowardly treason, and even beyond that, has gone over to the side of our enemy in open combat. Details of the garrison see sketch. (Changes in the garrison are possible and probable). [Signed] von Stettner ***

German daily reports, Corfu 1943