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Company Fact Sheet ® Freely Living Real & True Urban Fashion You Thirst for and Flirt In White T-shirts are Fashion and Function in Harlem Shirts have been spotted on celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg and Kendra Wilkinson

a little History

About Urban FLRT

In June of 2007, Corey Wesley founded BlackOutEndeavors LLC to bring creative concepts to reality. Based in Harlem, New York the company’s mission is to take an abstract idea or concept and create, develop, and launch quality clothing brands that consumers will come to trust and enjoy. The name BlackOutEndeavors embodies who Corey is; he’s African-American (Black), he’s a gay entrepreneur, (out), and he’s endeavoring to succeed.

Urban FLRT is an ultra-hip apparel brand created by BlackOutEndeavors LLC. The brand is based on those things that motivate Corey Wesley, creative director, the most including pop culture, urban living, music, being social, and flirting.

Since BlackOutEndeavors has been in business, it has successfully developed and launched two clothing brands, Flirtatious-T and it’s current brand Urban FLRT.

UrbanLand Media UrbanLand Media is the company’s attempt to bring the urban experience to a broader audience via a e-zine/blog format. It is a premier space for gaining a positive, healthy, and uplifting perspective on living in an urban environment like New York City. Contributors from the East and West Coasts, Canada, and Europe cover topics on pop culture, fashion, sex and dating, entertainment, and urban living, the very things that would make someone a well rounded urbanite.

Urban FLRT is also a state of mind; an attitude that embodies drive, passion and success. Urban FLRTs have a creative mind, determination and drive to create their own path in life. Go-getter, Fashionista, Entrepreneur, Mogul and Jet-setter are some of the words we believe best describe an Urban FLRT. We are Freely Living Real and True.

Leadership Team Corey Wesley Washington, Creative Director John S. Myers, Operations Manager

Contact BlackOutEndeavors LLC / Urban FLRT P.O. Box 642 New York, NY 10037 (347) 201-1263 |

Urban FLRT - Fact Sheet  

Last updated: March 2013

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