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Republican heavy-hitters heat up over healthcare

On the Inside

Andrew Lichtenhan/photo

(From left to right) Senators Richard Burr, John McCain and Mitch McConnell discussed healthcare reform at Levine Children’s Hospital in uptown Charlotte Tuesday morning.

feel like Americans are receiving both sides of the story.” Sen. Burr stressed the importance of healthcare Sept. 1, 2009 Charlotte N.C.- The nation’s to the N.C. economy. “Healthcare is the largest third largest hospital system, Carolina Healthcare employer in N.C.,” said Burr “I think we can all Service, hosted “Health Care for agree that current healthcare is American Families: A discussion “This is not the best unsustainable.” with Senate leaders,” Tuesday The three senators proposed healthcare system… I with Sens. John McCain R-Ariz., a plan similar plan to McCain’s don’t feel like Ameri- healthcare strategy in his 2008 Richard Burr R-N.C. and Mitch McConnell R-Ky. The forum, cans are receiving both presidential campaign. The plan held at Levine Children’s sides of the story.” would keep insurance affordable Hospital focused heavily on the by cutting unnecessary healthcare necessity for a new proposal for -David Jacobs, costs. The cost cutting measures health care reform based on the include torte reform based on Surgeon medical malpractice lawsuits. current model; an idea standing in stark contrast with the current Doctors purchase insurance democratic proposal. against such lawsuits to protect themselves but “It is not in dispute that we have the premiums for these kinds of insurance are at an finest healthcare in the world bar none,” said all time high. McCain believes the reform could McConnell a statement negated by the World save $100 billion that could be used to make Health Organization (WHO), which ranks the health coverage more affordable. His plan would United States 37th in quality of healthcare. also allow insurance companies to operate their Charlotte surgeon David Jacobs concurred, business across state lines. “This is not the best healthcare system… I don’t The senators were dissatisfied with what Ryan Freeman News Editor

The Student Union movie theater remains in dissaray after more than a week after its grand opening Story on Page 2

Men’s soccer drops their season opener, 3-1 on the road at South Carolina Tuesday night. Story on page 7

I think the whole building should be finished by now and available for student use,”

Charlie Thompson, Student page 2

What’s that building called again? The Belk Gym has an extensive history at the University. A longstanding facility, housing excercise science classes. The Belk Gym is anything but forgotten.

Story on page 7

Fangbangers! What’s with all the bloodlust?: With 3.7 million viewers in its season premier HBO’s “True Blood” is the hottest show on T.V. So why is everyone biting so hard on the vampire craze? Story on page 3

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they see as excessive government spending and its impact on healthcare, as the national debt is approaching $12 trillion, McCain reeled off statistics on the costs of the recovery and Omnibus bills. “Most Americans don’t get it,” said McCain “We’re on an unsustainable debt.” McCain appeared unhappy with the performance of his former presidential opponent Barack Obama. “The President has not come up with a proposal himself,” said McCain “it would be helpful to negotiations if the administration, the president himself, had a proposal.” Marcy Kaptur D-OH sponsored the lengthy “healthCARE” bill that was proposed in February. The republican panel railed against democrats citing a lack of bipartisan commitment on the proposal moving through congress. “The bill that we were working on, that Sen. Burr referred to, was written with no Republican input… all that we were left with was a situation where we tried to amend it and any change we tried to make was turned down on a party line vote.” While the republican big dogs barked loudly, the impact of their tour of town hall meetings remains unclear.

49ers spin through Latin Night pertaining to the Salsa. Also importantly, “Everybody should be counting in your head, so you can keep the rhythm,” said Barnes. As a part of UNC Charlotte’s Week of After the lessons, music was introduced and Welcome, this past Sunday from 6-10 p.m. Hot people could pair up and dance various steps Latin Night was hosted by Charlotte DanceSport with one another. in the Lucas Room at Cone Center. “It was nice that people could dance with The event began with a Beginner Latin Lesson not even having a partner and learn some new in the Merengue and Salsa, with moves like the dance moves,” said Ashley Berk, freshman and Hammer Lock and the Cradle. Approximately Psychology major. With a supporting opinion 50 pairs of individuals participated. The lessons Geoffrey Adams, junior and Mechanical were instructed by Instructors Okan Pala and Engineering major, said, “Everyone was inviting Tiffany Barnes. and nice.” During the lessons pairs switched off Once the music started the practiced dance partners to mingle and move out of any comfort moves became more fluid for some individuals, zone. Barnes led the lesson vocally through a and the persons in UNC Charlottes Dance Club microphone while demonstrating with Pala the were recognizable among the beginners. Not movement. Tips given were “If you think it’s only were their well tuned moves signs of their too fast, make your steps smaller,” said Barnes, training but their shoes were a give-away. Alumni and Dance Instructor, Christopher Temple gave a rundown of ballroom shoe choice. Temple said that for Standard Ballroom a man’s shoes heel is an inch high while in Latin the heel is an inchin-a-half, “because the weight needs to be on the balls of your feet.” This half-inch is highly noticeable, but productive for Latin dancing. In Standard Ballroom the female shoes would be closed. As for Latin dance the heels are “strappy, taller and skinner,” said Temple. One would think the dancer would be shaky on such heels, but with the weight on the balls of your feet it counters the effects of gravity. The proper footwear adorned the feet of Latin Nights showcased dancers, Scott Vu and Lina Axanova. Their first dance was the Cha-Cha, and was Shannon Morgan/photo accompanied by Sean Kingston’s Alexa massau Assistant News Editor

“Fire Burning on the Dance Floor.” All three performances were ended with loud applause. “They are quite talented,” said Denise Porch from Raleigh N.C. and DanceSport member. His dance partner of one year and three months Mary Lou Herndon, senior and psychology major, said, “We’re just here for fun and friends who are performing.” For those thinking skill is required to learn how to Ballroom Dance, “You don’t need experience!” which is touted on UNC Charlotte 49er Social & Ballroom Dance Club’s webpage. Also, no partner is required during the classes either. For more information visit the clubs website at:

Shannon Morgan/photo

UNC Charlotte students spice up the dance floor during latin dance night

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Student Union movie Books: A blessing for children theater remains empty Alexa Massau Assistant News Editor

“I really think literacy is an amazing thing and every kid should have that opportunity,” said Christal McCleary, Communications Studies major. McCleary started the initiative of collecting books for children last year and is continuing the drive now, under the campaign Books~a~Blessing. Running from Aug. 31 through October she will be collecting new and used books for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, JBFC Foundation located in Africa and My Stuff Bags Foundation. There will be a collection bin in King 208. Also she will come get books if you contact her at booksablessing@ or 704-962-6904. She reached a total of 500 books last year, and her goal now is 1,000. She said ““I keep trying to go up. It’s a good thing

Rob McCormick Jr/photo

Amanda Cooper Staff Writer

The much anticipated Student Union celebrated its grand opening last week, however one of its main attractions, the movie theater, is still not up and running. An unexpected delay in delivery has postponed the theater debut. According to a Student Union representative, the 210-seat movie theater is practically complete, however the screen, which will be used to project the films, is currently on backorder. While Student Union officials are unsure about when the screen will be delivered Speakers that should be hidden behind the projector screen. and installed, it is estimated that it may be several weeks before the theater is open to the public. several viewing times in the afternoon and evening Although it unclear when the movie theater will hours. The theater will be showing movies that be complete, some UNC Charlotte students are have already been viewed in theaters, but have frustrated by the wait. “I think it’s great that were not yet been released to DVD. The theater will getting a facility that has cool things like a move also showcase some local and independent films. theater, but I think the whole building should be Official movie times and listings will be displayed finished by now and available for student use,” said in the Student Union. In most cases admission to Charlie Thompson, junior and Computer Science the Student Union movie theater will be free for major. current UNC Charlotte students with a valid school When the movie theater is officially open, films ID and visitors will be charged $2. will be shown Thursday through Sunday with

to set a goal and express that help me out. I’d love for it to be that way.” goal to people” Children’s and teen books are McCleary said why she started the book drive, “I heard about what she recommends donated, Make a Difference Day through she cannot accept monetary the NASCAR foundation which donations and she explains why, “As of now it’s not I’m a part of, I volunteer for, “It’s just something labeled as nonprofit, so I can’t and they sent out I’ve done out of except money an email about National Make a the goodness of my to buy and ship books.” She Difference Day heart.” the would love to have that encouraged people to -Christal McCleary, the opportunity the future to participate.” Her Books~A~Blessing in become nonlove for children profit. and giving them Overall she said about her the chance to have books also children’s book drive, “It’s just spurs her motivation. As for now she is the only something I’ve done out of the person that promotes and goodness of my heart.” She handles the collection of the wants to push people to do good, books. For the future she to start a “chain reaction,” as she optimistically said, “I hopefully referenced Make a Difference want to see it grow, to where I Day. “I want to stress that it’s can’t collect the books on my important to help others,” said own, obviously that’s my goal, McCleary. where I have to call on people to

Greeks hold an information session Community service at the forefront of message kimberly Palmer Staff Writer

What better way to inform students about Greek life than to actually meet them? “Meet the Greeks” is an annual program informing nonGreek students about the Greek organizations. This year the program included the National PanHellenic Council (NPHC) and the Diversified Greek Council (DGC). The NPHC consists of nine Greek letter organizations; unlike the previous programs held, this year, members of the DGC also participated. The DGC consists of Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity, Inc. and Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority, Inc. Set up around the room were 11 tables, each containing information and a representative from each organization. A panel of representatives sat in front of the crowd, ready to answer the questions. Each question was anonymous, written on a note card, read aloud by a speaker not on the panel.

Information was given about what the organizations are looking for in prospective members, what prospective members would gain from joining, and stereotypes the organizations face. Each organization stressed the importance of community service, “A lot of community service is put in everyday on campus. We are pretty much doing community service all the time,” said Eric Marsh of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. The organizations made it clear that if you aren’t committed to community service, joining a fraternity or sorority is not for you. The panel discussion was followed by an opportunity to win free tickets to the 2010 Step Show. All the audience members had to do was go around to each table have a small conversation with a member of the organization and have your card initialed. Once the task was completed, the student would be entered in the drawing. If you would like to learn more about UNCC Greek life, go to


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Sad but true dehumanization Rob Mccormick Jr. Features Editor

As mankind continues to make exponential advancements in technology that make global communication as simple as a click of the mouse, we are falling victim to serious social regression. I will be the first to say that the younger generation, that I am a part of, is slowly moving toward a world of dehumanization, due to the dependency on certain pieces of technology. The human social element is rapidly being removed from everyday life. This is blatantly evident when observing popular American culture, especially that of those of us who are under the age of 30. Take a stroll through campus with the watchful eyes of an observer. What is the predominant binding characteristic of students that you notice? You will probably notice that the majority of students are using their cell phones for various things, whether it be for calling, texting, or emailing. Often students can be seen on the phone while walking with a group of friends, choosing to talk to someone else rather than contributing to the conversation of the group. The campus of UNC Charlotte is an excellent place for observing these scenarios, but they are by no means exclusive to the area. In fact, almost every place I have ever visited is a mirror image of this growing phenomenon. The most basic tasks humans do are now becoming ever less social as we move into the age where we have the option to “tune out” those around us. Exercise was commonly an excellent social activity that could be shared by people, yet now rather than chatting on a leisurely jog with a good friend or talking between sets in the weight room, most people choose to listen to their mp3 player.

One of the saddest situations I witness on a regular basis is when I go out to eat and see a couple on a date, watching as one (if not both) of them spend half the time on the phone rather than enjoying a good meal and each other’s company. While cell phones may be the most obvious pieces of technology destroying social contact, many other devices are being implemented into our society that take the human element out of every day activities. If you have been to Harris Teeter in the past couple of years, most are now using the self-service checkout lanes in their stores. The idea behind the express checkout lanes is that if the customer has very few items he or she can get in and out very quickly. Sure, this is a promising idea, but it is a common sight to see people with full carts using these lanes and by doing so you save the “hassle” of having to interact with another human being. Email took the place of the more personal handwritten letter some years back, but now email is quickly becoming the preferred method of contact, even over a simple phone call to a friend or relative. Using the efficient methods of communication, such as email and texting, completely removes the aspect of hearing another human voice and is replaced by the reading of computer-generated text. Older generations who are much more accustomed to personalized means of communication have long sensed the breakdown of human interaction that technology brings with it. On the other hand, those who have grown up with a keyboard directly under their fingertips often do not realize what is taking place. Technology has many great tools to offer, but never take for granted the beauty of real-time human interaction and the time you

have with your friends and family. Pay attention to your actions, especially while using this technology, and make sure that you don’t regret hearing a family members voice instead of sending that text message.

Courtesy of MCT Campus

Vampires on the rise again Myth makes a comeback in modern culture Dana Nigro Viewpoint Editor

When was the last time you were flipping through the TV channels and you couldn’t find something vampire related?It’s not likley. Vampires have always captured the imagination of civilization, though not always in the same way as other creatures of myth have. The vampire image represents power, god-like beauty, and above all seduction, why else would they be selling so much airtime? Since the beginning of Hollywood, vampires have drifted in and out of the public eye. The father of all vampires, Dracula (as depicted by most movies) was able to lure his beautiful female victims simply by charm. As time has progressed the norm for what is publicly acceptable has adapted to fit the time. The modern era vampires aren’t old-world gentlemen in tuxedos anymore, they have now donned a rock star image and their sex appeal has shot through the roof. Recently the spike in public interest surrounding anything vampire-related is thanks in part to the book series “Twilight”, written by Stephanie Meyer. The series, which morphed into an overnight phenomenon, has now been turned into a movie empire. The book series centers around a vampire family when one of their own falls in love with a mortal, and the journey they take over the course of a couple of years. The young cast members of “Twilight” are feeling the effects of the vampire persuasion. Most of the cast members were unheard of before “Twilight,” the one thing they all had in common was that they were beautiful, a necessary characteristic of a vampire. Now that they have been cast in these roles, their professional careers have taken off. Since the release of “Twilight,” the vampire floodgates to mainstream entertainment have been opened. Another book series turned overnight success would be HBO’s “True Blood,” whose second season premiere had 3.7 million viewers, the largest amount since HBO’s most successful series

“The Sopranos” had its final episode. Their viewing rate continues to rise, beating itself out from previous weeks, reaching 5.8 million viewers a week ago, as recorded by HBO. The vampire frenzy doesn’t stop there. The CW recently announced that they will be airing a new show called “The Vampire Diaries.” The show centers on a pair of vampire brothers, one of which is more sensitive to humanity than the other, sound familiar? Also, there have been rumors circulating that more vampire movies are in the works, though nothing has been confirmed yet.It doesn’t look like vampires in pop culture are going anywhere anytime soon, let’s just be happy that people like Robert Pattinson and Anna Paquin continue to be hired to play these attractive characters.

Courtesy of MCT Campus

Moodle in or out Andrew Lichtenhan Staff Writer

Moodle is a newer technology, but has much more development and stability than Blackboard. Blackboard Vista purchased the rights to WebCT some time ago, but the switch was for a worse. Moodle is currently on the rise, with a growing user base of over 50,000 registered sites, 28,170,000 users, and over 2,600,000 courses. Moodle, or Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is open-source, much like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and VLC Media Player. This means that many professional coders and other professionals can have access to the source code, and make improvements to the program, that otherwise go unfixed and bug-ridden for long periods of time. Moodle has much fewer browser restrictions than its online comparative Blackboard Vista. Currently, Blackboard can only be fully supported in Internet Explorer and Firefox by UNC Charlotte. Plus, Java plug-ins, certificates, and other simple browser settings or tweaks can render Blackboard useless. Moodle does not require such a strict list of requirements. Yes, there will be an issue here and there, but it is hard to find someone who has not had an issue or two with an online test, homework assignment, or online session that has had interaction in Blackboard. Instructors have much more control over their content in Moodle. They can import blogs, wikis, and a greater deal of other importable content. Also, Moodle offers instructors the ability to add

feedback and corrections to student assignments online, something that required the extra effort of handouts, emails, or other method with Blackboard. Now, it’s a one-stop shop for both parties and much more convenient. A more technical feature, but very valuable to those who use them are RSS feeds. What could be nicer than to be instantly notified of new content for class? What makes Moodle useful to auditors, budget committees, and department heads is that Moodle is offered at no cost. Blackboard can cost an education environment over $250,000 for a single enterprise license alone. This means if the IT program switches to Moodle, the funds would not have to be wasted on a software package, and can be used elsewhere. Students can use Moodle better, faculty can employ Moodle easier, and the system administrator can maintain and support Moodle easier than Blackboard. The open-source foundation means staff, instructors, and even some students can add in their own customization content to the course layout. Layouts, design, content, and more can be at the users’ and at the administrators’ full control. Blackboard, you just found the last nail for your coffin. Moodle’s open-source power gives the users and staff the control over their courses that they need and deserve. When students do not have to click 5 pop-up windows just to get to the main menu, it will be a much better experience for all. Java, Yahoo toolbars, clicks, pop-up checks, certificates: all are relics of the past if a student uses Moodle.

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International Coffee Hour Thursday September 3td, come to the Faculty/Staff Dining Hall in Prospector for a chance to meet, connect, and converse with students and people from different inernational backgrounds. This is free and everyonen is encouraged to enjoy the refreshments and music that will be offered. For more information contact Denise Meidros by phone at (704) -687-3168 or email at

Listening Lounge Featuring Javier On Thursday September 3rd between 7 and 9:00 stop by Norm’s in the Student Union to listen to the music of Javier. According to his Mysace, he is a mix of soul and blues. For more information consolt the CAB’s website at

Movies Opening This Week These movies will open on Friday September 4th. Check your local theater for showtimes in your area. 1. Gamer 2. All About Steve 3. Extract 4. Carriers 5. No Impact Man: The Documentary

Friendship & Culture Exchange Monday September 7th, come to the College of Health and Human Services in room 202. This is a one-onone informal exhange between and other international students to share ideas, culture, and friendship. To attend you need to submit an application at http:// and contact Denise Meidros at

Union Unplugged ft. Jared Campbell On Wednesday September 9th the student lounge called Norm’s will be a lot more laid back with the acoustic sounds of Jared Campbell. According to his Myspace he has toured with Hootie and the Blowfish and Gaven DeGraw. For more information consult the CAB’s website or Jared Campell’s myspace at: jaredcampbell

Arkham Asylum may be best yet

The Dark Knight returns in new video game for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PCs. The game uses the very popular “Epic Games: Unreal Engine,” which has been made famous in such games as “Gears of War 1 and 2.” It plays like a third-person Sadly, as video games become more and action-adventure game, where the player more popular, so have “tie-in games.” These follows Batman from over his shoulders. The are games where a studio makes sure to put greatest part is how the a game out along with creators zoomed in on a movie or television Since its release on Authe detective aspect of show to try to make the Batman character. gust 25, the game has as much money as Throughout the game seen nothing but praise it could during its you need to use stealth, release. Some recent from fans and critics alike. various gadgets, and examples include It received a 9.3 out of 10 there is never just one the “Transformers: way to go. I have from IGN and a 9.5 out of single Revenge of the Fallen” gotten lost a few times and the “Harry Potter 10 from Game Informer. myself. and the Half-Blood “Arkham: Asylum” Prince” games. also provides excellent voice acting with However, one of the biggest films not to the talents that many Batman fans will put out a video game alongside it was last recognize as you play the game. Kevin summer’s blockbuster “The Dark Knight.” Conroy provides the voice of Batman (Bruce There was much speculation why the game Wayne), and he also voiced the character on never came to be, but the exact reason was never confirmed. Batman fans and gamers alike rejoice, because the caped crusader has returned to the video game world with the new game released by Rocksteady Studios called “Batman: Arkham Asylum.” This game is truly magnificent and I’m glad it is not just following the plot of a movie or anything like that, because its story stands on its own very well. Its plot centers on Batman capturing the Joker at the beginning of the game and taking him to Akrham Asylum (the Dark Knight’s usual drop-off for the criminally insane). However, this time, the Joker has a big trick up his sleeve, since he wanted to be captured so he can break free, and then show Batman that this inmate is truly running the asylum. Everywhere you turn there are traps and thugs that the Joker has planted for you to beat up and solve to get closer to the Clown Prince of Crime. Along the way you will also run into other villains such as Harley Quinn, the Riddler, Poison Ivy, and Bane to name a few. Jim Ghegan A & E Editor

seemingly every animated version since the 1990s. Mark Hamill voices the Joker. You may know him as Luke Skywalker, but he also won an Emmy for his voice work as the character of Batman during the animated series’ run. Overall, this game is probably one of the best I’ve played in a long time. It truly is the best Batman game that has ever been released, as it finds a way to encompass every character and villain from the Batman universe without making it seem like a lame crossover, and at the same time the plot is really interesting and engaging to even the hard-core fan. Since its release on August 25, the game has seen nothing but praise from fans and critics alike. It received a 9.3 out of 10 from IGN and a 9.5 out of 10 from Game Informer. I recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of adventure and mystery games or is just a Batman fan (like myself). Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

Image courtesy of Rocksteady Studios

Kirkley Rocks Norm’s Dana Nigro Viewpoint Editor

Last Saturday Brandon Kirkley and the Firecrackers lit up Norm’s with great energy and even better music. One of the best attributes about BKTF is that they are a Charlotte band. They were the first band to ever perform inside the new Student Union, and they didn’t miss a beat with their school pride. While performing, they had a 49er flag on stage along with Kirkley’s homecoming king crown and sash. Kirkley’s shirt and as well as his guitar all paid tribute to the Queen City.

The comfortable atmosphere was unfortunately disrupted from time to time thanks in part to the lack of sound management preparation. Though the quality of sound lacked, it did not subtract from BKTF’s performance or the level of fun people were having throughout the night. Being the first to perform in Norm’s is something the band isn’t taking lightly. Though it is an honor, it did pose some issues for the band. Norm’s lounge area isn’t big enough of a room to blast music, let alone music that the sound management didn’t prep well enough for. Families, students, and even children were all present and attentive to BKTF’s pop rock ‘n’ roll music. “It was awesome,” said junior Angela Severs. Students continued to drift in and out of Norm’s during BKTF’s set and many remained to play pool, but still enjoyed the live music. One of the biggest crowd-pleasers was a new song of theirs called “Madison.” All of their songs were upbeat and something everyone present could enjoy. Though they had all of their members at the show, they are currently looking for a new lead guitarist. Most of the energy centered on Kirkley, the bassist, and the drummer. Many in the audience, some of whom started to jump around like they were the ones on stage, mirrored the level of enthusiasm given off by the band. “We want to do this [professionally]… we feel at home on the stage,” said Kirkley. Currently BKTF is taking a short break from performing and are going to focus more on writing new music for a new album. For more information on the band as well as merchandise visit bktf. net.

Christopher Myers/photo

ninersports Charlotte falls in season opener at South Carolina Josh Carpenter Sports Editor

Gross volleyed a deflection into the back of the old onion bag in the 78th minute, the tenth of his lucrative career with the 49ers. Gross led the 49er attack with a game-high five shots on goal while Andres Cuero, Jason Hawes, and T.J. Beaulieu each added two shots a piece for Charlotte. Luke Exley and Justin Tucker each

The Charlotte 49ers Men’s Soccer team dropped their season opener on the road Tuesday night to longtime rival South Carolina, 3-1. The 49ers outshot the Gamecocks 13-6 and controlled play for much of the game but were not able to convert on their scoring chances. Adam Gross scored his first goal of the season for Charotte, the tenth of his career. “I was pleased with almost every facet of our play but the final result,” Charlotte coach Jeremy Gunn said. “We outplayed South Carolina tonight, they just converted on a couple more chances than we did. We looked sharp tonight and did a lot of good things in the game.” B l a k e Brettschneider tallied first for South Carolina File photo in the 30th minute Adam Gross got his first goal of the season Tuesday night in the Niners when he converted on loss to South Carolina. a Jeff Scannella pass inside the six yard box, giving the Gamecocks a 1-0 lead. The Gamecock lead went to 2-0 in added a shot for Charlotte who fell to 0-1 on the the 50th minute with a 49ers own goal. Stephen season. Morrissey rounded out the Gamecock scoring The 49ers look to get back on track when they when he connected on a Sam Arthur assist in the travel to Elon on Friday for the second leg of their 57th minute to push the lead to 3-0. season opening three-game road trip. Charlotte Charlotte outshot South Carolina 7-2 in the then heads to Clemson for an ACC matchup next second half but couldn’t recover and weren’t able Wednesday night. to get on the board until senior midfielder Adam

THE UNIVERSITY TIMES ❚ September 3, 2009 ❚ PAGE 5

SPORTS SCHEDULE Mens Soccer @ Elon Womens Soccer vs. Francis Marion Volleyball @ High Point Classic Womens Soccer vs. Villanova

Fri. Sept. 4, 7pm. Elon, NC Fri. Sept. 4, 7pm. Charlotte, NC Sat.-Sun. Sept 5-6, High Point, NC Sun. Sept. 6, 1pm. Charlotte, NC

Phoenix get the best of the Niners Erin Reeve Staff Writer

The 49ers volleyball squad suffered a disappointing three-set loss Tuesday night at Elon (25-21, 25-20, 25-20). The win allows the Phoenix to remain perfect thus far with a 5-0 record, as the Niners fall to 1-3. The Niners counterattacked Elon’s strong offensive game with blocks by Kaitlin Knight, Sheri Davis, and Kathleen Hicks. Still, their effort was not strong enough to find success in the match that night. Charlotte was able to take a 15-10 lead in the first set, but Elon tied it up at 20 and increased their lead by two before taking the win of the opening set. The 49ers took off early in the second set to make a 7-3 comeback. Regardless of this effort, they quickly The 49ers volleyball team drops to 1-3 on the season after losing to the Elon Phoenix Tuesday.File photo allowed the Phoenix to boast their way back in to the game after a 16-all tie, assists Tuesday, with senior Kaitlin Knight and but Elon held on to win the set by five. Abbie Rees recording 12 and 10 digs, respectively. Once again, the third set brought even rallies As a team, Charlotte had 10 blocks to Elon’s six. until the sixteenth point, in which Charlotte did The Niners will travel to High Point to not respond to crucial kills. Elon ran off with the participate in the High Point Classic this weekend set 25-20, and took the game 3-0. and will kick off their 2009 home season on Redshirt junior Kat Hicks led Charlotte with Friday, September 11 in the Comfort Suites 49er seven kills, four of which were in the final set, Volleyball Tournament in Halton Arena. and freshman Jenna Litoborski had six kills. Sophomore setter Sheri Davis dished out 28

Volleyball heads to High Point Classic Erin Reeve Staff Writer

The Charlotte volleyball team will have more of a motive this weekend at the High Point University Classic. Not only will they be playing schools from other divisions and conferences, but Charlotte will also be battling against a team who lost an effective part of their coaching staff to the 49ers team. Casey Harris, current Charlotte volunteer coach, previously assisted the High Point Panthers in a season that surpassed all expectations. Pushing the Panthers through a 26-7 school record season, and an eleven game winning streak, Harris was a vital part to their victorious equation, as a coach. Trading schools and divisions, Harris and the 49ers will the face the Panthers in an all but friendly battle. The two teams will battle it out on the court Saturday evening. Sophomore setter Sheri Davis, redshirt junior Kat Hicks, and senior Kaitlin Knight will add an offensive spark for the Niners. Defensively, sophomore libero Abbie Rees will stop any momentum from High Point. High Point will be a tough enough bump in the invitational for the 49ers.   Highpoint’s team synergy seems to be fluent, as they have consecutively won their past three games, and

were very successful in the North Carolina Central tournament. Players like Megan Smith (who was recently named Big South Conference player of the week, after having sixty nine kills in the North Carolina Central tournament) will be a force to reconcile with. But before this war can take place, Charlotte will first have to face Winston-Salem state at 2 p.m. earlier that day. Although Winston-Salem State has had a losing season thus far, this game could only hurt Charlotte’s play against High Point directly afterwards. Charlotte’s past has shown that they are not a typically great turn-around team. This was especially relevant in the Wake Forest Invitational this past weekend. After defeating Wake Forest in a very stressful match, the 49ers could not wake up the next morning strong enough to defeat Furman; they had a night then, and will only have a couple of hours this weekend.  With that being said, after Charlotte battles it out against Marshall. Marshall has won every game they shave played this season, and will be confident in defeating Charlotte as well. The hard but good battles this tournament brings will show us the competition that we have been craving, as we ready ourselves for the first Niner volleyball match in Halton Arena September 11.

Busy weekend ahead for women’s soccer at home Kristen Litchfield Editor-in-Chief

The three-time Atlantic 10 champions will be busy this weekend as they host two games at Transamerica Field beginning Friday, with Francis Marion coming to town for a 7 p.m. start. The Patriots come to the Queen City looking for their first win of the season. The team from South Carolina started the season on the wrong note as they are currently 0-4, they did however win their exhibition game, 1-0 to The Citadel. Charlotte, on the other hand, is currently 2-0 after shutting out William & Mary on the road and Appalachian State at home. The 49ers soccer team will also host Villanova Sunday afternoon. Villanova shut out Temple in their first game of the season, followed by a double overtime win against Virginia Tech and a double overtime tie with Nebraska in the Villanova Classic. Junior forward Whitney Weinraub will play an essential role to the 49ers squad this weekend. The

Pennsylvania native scored the lone goal against in the Charlotte-App State match up, and scored in the Niners season opener with William & Mary. After the busy weekend, the Niners will have a short break before heading up to Davidson to take on the Wildcats on Thursday, September 10. Charlotte will be back in action Sunday, September 13 at Transamerica Field when the team hosts ACC foe Georgia.

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intersection Belk Gym: Charlotte’s hidden jewel

Will Grier/photo

The entrance of Belk Gym, adjacent to the SAC and the Cone Center, is Charlotte’s hidden gem. The gym offers many opportunities for students looking for ways to spend free time.

Houck said that when the Rec Services started up back in the 1960s, it only provided intramural sports. The Belk Gym has been firmly planted behind Now students have access to club sports, the Cone Center since 1970. Nowadays it has intramural sports, fitness gyms, fitness classes, become UNCC’s hidden jewel mine. recreational courts, recreational fields, special Even with the aid of a campus map, it is events, and aquatic programs. All these activities somewhat hard to find this gym. It is marked No. take place inside the Belk Gym, as well as the 17 on the map, but there is no familiar green sign in SAC. front to let people know it is the Belk Gym. The Belk Gym has a total of 22 recreational So many students glance at the building and courts. There are two regulation sized racquetball are oblivious to the precious gems awaiting them courts and three handball/squash courts found on inside. They have never taken a glimpse at the the ground level. glistening amber kissed wooden floors of the Belk The main recreational courts are found in the recreational courts. multi-purpose room on the first level. The large They have not peeked inside the mini-gym amber colored wood floor is home to over 17 and seen the emerald green padded floor and the courts. There are multiple sets of colored lines that separate the wooden floor into several distinct courts which can be transformed into a configuration of four full-sized basketball courts, five volleyball courts, eight badminton courts or a combination of several of those types of courts. All of these courts may serve different purposes but they all have one thing in common: Will Grier/photo The pool is just one of the many hidden treasures Belk Gym offers to UNC They are not airconditioned. Charlotte students. According to Houck, when the colorfully adorned walls. Those students have gym was built in the 1970s, air-conditioning ducts not gotten the chance to peer at the 24-meter were not installed throughout the whole building. swimming pool filled with shimmering turquoise Dwight Degraffenreidt is a general utilities tinted waters. employee that is very familiar with the longWith all that it has to offer, it is not surprising standing UNC Charlotte gymnasium. that the Belk Gym was once the athletic hub of Degraffenreidt says, “It is air-conditioned UNC Charlotte. in differ parts of this old building [Belk Gym]. Terri Houck, Director of Recreational Services, Sometimes the blower blows cool air when it is has worked at the Belk Gym for the past 28 years. cold outside.” She has watched the university’s recreational In an attempt to keep temperatures regulated activity services go through a slow, but steady, in the multi-purpose room, Belk provides four metamorphosis over the years. high-powered industrial size fans. Kia O. Moore Staff Writer

If the huge fans aren’t enough to cool you off, hula hoops. Every piece of physical education equipment then head down to the ground level and allow your body to be engulfed by the turquoise waters of you can remember playing with in elementary UNC Charlotte’s 24-meter indoor swimming pool. school is in the mini-gym closet. You will find the huge bouncy balls you can Many members of the student body are clueless to the fact that UNC Charlotte has a pool, but all sit down on and hop around for a spell, there are students have to do is simply show their student enough Nerf balls, fuzzy balls, and plush dice to ID, head downstairs to the pool in order to hang make a pretend mini-gym snowball fight quite a out and splash around with friends during “free battle. There are plastic bats, pogo sticks, Frisbees swim.” Rest assured though, there are always two and the classic beaded jump rope. The closet has so many more toys and trinkets lifeguards that sit atop their tall post at each end that you would be digging around for a while to of the pool. In addition to free swim, the pool is used as a see it all. The only students who currently utilize the classroom for the UNC Charlotte aquatic program. Students can take aquatic themed classes for mini-gym are the wrestling club and jujitsu club, academic credit. Those classes include beginning however they are more interested in using the mat and intermediate swimming, scuba diving, for practice than playing with the P.E. equipment. Instead of hanging out in your friend’s room, advanced scuba diving, lifeguarding, and water why not bring the whole gang to the Belk mini-gym safety instruction. If you are not too fond of the idea of integrating and have a blast being five-years-old again. There are so many things to do in the Belk Gym. pool time into you academic pursuits, then Rec Even if you have the attention span of a five-yearServices may be your best bet. Intramural sports offers inner tube water polo old, you will find something to keep you engaged. as an option or If swim meets are more your speed, Once that activity gets old you can immediately then get connected with the swim club. Water find another one that is just as enthralling. The Belk Gym may be on the cusp of turning Exercise Training (WET) is great for those who are 40-years-old, but is still full of life. So change up not interested in competing in water sports. WET is a group fitness class that is provides a the typical college-kid routine of eat, sleep, school, cardio workout and muscle training. You do not party and add in the activity of play. Like the UNC have to know how to swim to participate. The class Charlotte Rec Service slogan says, “Play often!” is conducted in the shallow end and lifeguards will Just make sure you play at the Belk Gym. be present, just be willing to slip into the pool and work it out. You will have to do some work to find the precious gem that is deeply embedded inside the Belk Gym jewel mine. This jewel mine is located on the ground floor in room 025 and the Belk Gym regulars know it fondly as the mini-gym. When the door to the mini-gym is open it is hard to walk by without taking a minute to stop and look inside. The richly colored emerald green safety mat covers the minigym floor and canary yellow circles mark the boundary of the wrestling ring. Then eyes drift up to the colorful rings on the wall. One wall has sets of blue, orange, and yellow rings, while the other has red, purple Will Grier/photo and green rings. Only these are the Students play badmitton in one of the practice rings you swing around your hips… gyms.

“The matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work, when you go to church, when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth. “ -Morpheus, The Matrix

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(09/03/09) Your job’s interesting and there’s plenty of work, but it’s rather nebulous. You’re doing your best to produce goods or services that other people want. Imagination is also required.

Dec. 22-Jan. 19

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All kinds of communications flow well today, especially those associated with romance. Use gentle persuasion.

You can’t put the words back in your mouth, so think first and count to five. Then see what kind of reaction you get.

Nov. 22-Dec. 21

June 22-July 22

With effort, romance can blossom. But what you really want to do is go to the horse track. It’s your

You won’t be able to hide this information, even if you sweep it under the rug. Figure out the best way to use it.

Aug. 23-Sept. 22

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Your part-time business seems to be doing well. If you don’t have one yet, wait. There’s confusion to deal with first.

You may feel flush, but that’s a temporary condition. Don’t spend more than you can afford, even if you think you can.

Jan. 20-Feb. 18 Feb. 19-March 20

You could easily be drained by all the activity around you. Follow someone’s lead if possible.


Now’s your chance to really drive home the point. Marketing tactics work brilliantly. Use them.

March 21-April 19

Sept. 23-Oct. 22

Some of your work is becoming more fun as you understand it better. You’re able to relax a little more.

Deal with papers or communications that have been sitting on your desk. Test your theory on at least two people.

May 21-June 21

April 20-May 20

A shake-up at the top creates an opportunity. Figure out where this opportunity will be and go there.

You’re still lucky, so try to envision the perfect job. If you’re not already doing it, get your resume ready.

Solutions will be located on under the Features tab

Place the numbers 1 - 9 in a 9x9 grid. The same number can only be used once in the same row, column and box.

classified ads Help Help wanted wanted FREE Receive FREE beauty/skincare demonstrations in your apartment/dorm room with groups of 3 or more. Earn FREE Minerals powder foundation for hosting demo. Or ask about how to make money doing your own demos. Wed 2-6 pm. Fri/Sat all day. Call to schedule appointment. (704) 898-2300

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To Place a Classified Ad: $8 for first 20 words; 25¢ for each additional word; 20¢/word for bold or CAPS. Log on to and click on “classifieds” to place and pay for your classified ad. For additional information, call 704-687-3681.

CHILD CARE PROVIDER NEEDED A South Park area family with a 10 year old & a 16 year old. $12 per hour. Driving to lessons and help with household management needed. Occasional overnights & weekend nights. Set days are Tuesdays 2-5, Wed 2-5, & Thurs 2-4:00. Pay is above market & fringe benefits are excellent with this friendly family catherinefor-

tin14@yahoo (704) 737-4649

For Sale Mattress Sets Queen and Full, New in Plastic - Starting at $150, Frames available, Delivery option - 1 mile from campus (704) 597-2865

The University Times cautions our readers about sending money in response to advertising. When responding to ads in any publications to purchase information, items or services, you may wish to request written advance documentation of what the advertiser is selling. Though we take precautions to protect our readers from false or misleading advertising, The University Times is not responsible for the validity of advertisers’ claims.

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