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Student Government Association Communications Board February 14, 2010 BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTER BY Vice President of Communications Corey Boone

Fellow Yellow Jackets, This week, your SGA took the opportunity to showcase Georgia Tech to our state leaders. Nearly 50 Yellow Jackets met with Senators and Representatives from around the state to reaffirm the state’s commitment to higher education and Georgia Tech. Included in this delegation were members from SGA’s Executive Cabinet, Undergraduate House of Representatives, and Yellow Jackets from nearly every walk of life. To culminate the day, the Georgia State Senate passed a resolution acknowledging Georgia Tech and its students for contributions to the state, nation, and world. To view a copy of the resolution, please visit:

Below are some updates on how we are working for you. For more dynamic updates on what we are doing, feel free to join our Facebook Fanpage or follow us on Twitter


Campus Affairs Board

• Campus Services: At the UNC vs. GT game, this Tuesday, students will be able to use funds on their Buzzcard to purchase items from concessions. This is a "proof of concept" test to see if it is worth it for the AA to have Buzzcard scanners at Bobby Dodd for football in the fall. If you'd like to be able to use your Buzzcard to purchase drinks and food during football season this fall, make sure that you load up your Buzzcards at and buy plenty of food and drinks at the UNC game on Tuesday!

Communications Board

• T-Party: o Who: Your Student Government & Ramblin Reck Club o When: February 16, 2009

o Where: Alexander Moore Coliseum o What: The first 1000 students get a free T-shirt and a “T” to commemorate this game. Don’t miss this chance to cheer on our Mighty Yellow Jackets as they face the UNC Tar Hills!

• Information Technology Committee: Your information technology

committee is in the process of developing a focus group to assess how your SGA website is meeting your needs. Please contact Ryan Sloan ( if you would like to participate in this focus group.

Joint Finance Committee

The Joint Finance Committee recently changed its policy to better serve you. Please see below for highlights of the changes:

Requiring two organization reps to attend the JFC meeting before their bill is considered before the GSS or UHR.

Increasing hourly wages to match minimum wage;

Increasing $/mile funded per the IRS Standard Business Mileage Rate;

Requiring semi-annual reports (per the audit) from accountants;

Requiring annual "introduction meetings" in August with the new VP Finance with Tier 1 and 2 organizations.

For a full version of the new policy, please visit our website or contact VP Finance Matt Cauble (

Please know that we are always willing to hear from you. If you are wondering about an issue that wasn’t addressed today, feel free to contact Corey Boone at We look forward to a great year!

Warmest Regards, Corey T. Boone Vice President of Communications Student Government Association

Bi Weekly Feb 14