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Corey Sauer Number 1


In Memory of Dara Alison Caggiano (1977-2005) Thank you for the gift of Lucy.

“Friends” Created, Written and Illustrated by Corey Sauer


planned to have this comic fully completed for the Small Press Expo in late September of 2009. Time was working against me and I ended up having to completely cut out the inking stage, ultimately printing the book at the finished pencil art stage, so that I could have a book to sell at the show. Despite the lack of “finish” to the art, I think it still holds up pretty well. I may consider inking the original pages someday and perhaps reprinting the book in the traditional “finished” format but, I already feel as if this issue is complete and I’m mentally geared for the next issue. Issue two will deal with how Lucy faces adversity when she encounters a hornet’s nest in the yard and has to endure a lot of pain and suffering. The lighter side will connect her to the surprising kindness of strangers and her new friendship with Max slowly blossoms. -CDS

This is my dog Lucy. She is an eleven year old Pit BulL, Labrador, German Shepherd mix. I adopted her from the East Orange Animal Shelter in East ORange, New Jersey, back in 1999, when she was about one year old. One of lucy’s favorite things to do is to chase squirRels around my Backyard.

SIGH...I have waited patiently for many moments. Where is the TOY? It must be out here, somewhere...

THe only Problem is that she doesn’t realLy know what a squirRel is...

...She just seEs them as toys to play with.

A very special THANK YOU to O.F.T.A. You are the fine and generous folks who make it all worthwhile.

A Tale of Lucy #1, September 2009, is published by Which Way Studios, 2677 N. Innsbruck Drive, Suite A, New Brighton, Minnesota 55112. A Tale of Lucy is ŠMMIX Corey David Sauer. All Rights Reserved. All character names and likenesses, book design, and logos are ŠMMIX Corey David Sauer. Reproduction in any form, mechanical or electronic, without written permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Violators will be subject to legal action. Some of the stories, characters and events in this magazine are fictional. Any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, or actual events, is entirely coincidental. FIRST PRINTING

A Tale of Lucy #1 PREVIEW