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Gauls Football

Chadwick vs Webb October 22 1:00 pm

The Webb Schools

Empire Nissan Go Gauls!

Dear Webb Community, Thank you for coming to tonight’s game to root on your Gauls. This is an exciting time for Webb Athletics and I would like to use this space to not just thank you for attending tonight’s game, but to also articulate to the unique role athletics plays in the overall education of students at Webb. One of the most unique and valuable parts of a Webb education is the school’s requirement that all students participate in a minimum of one interscholastic sport per year. For those of you fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to compete on a high school athletic team, you are well aware that there are some things you learn on the athletic field that cannot be taught the same way in the classroom. Something about the adrenaline, the high stakes, your teammates relying on you, and the excitement of competition teaches lessons in leadership, communication, adversity and success in ways that cannot easily be replicated outside of the athletic arena. However, what maximizes these opportunities on the field? In a word, the coach. Good coaching teaches students skills to be more competitive, keeps the morale high, and makes playing enjoyable. But great coaching does all that and more. Great coaching takes every opportunity through adversity and failure, victory and defeat, to teach integrity, morals, strength, and character. The coaches we hire and keep are looking to instill those virtues in our athletes. It is in these moments that character, leadership and honor are developed. It is in these moments that our coaches fulfill the school’s mission by teaching athletes how to lead their peers onward in the face of a difficult challenge, by drawing our players to an understanding of the lessons to be learned, by being gracious in both victory and defeat, and by most importantly, getting our athletes to work harder and give more than they ever thought possible. Our coaches, clearly, are what make Webb athletics a superior experience. Those teachable moments are what our athletics program is about. Those moments are why athletics are important, and why providing a superior program is enshrined in the mission of the school. At the end of their high school careers, our athletes will have all experienced success and failure, exhilaration and heartbreak. These are experiences they will encounter again and again throughout their lives in many different contexts. But through the lessons learned on our fields, in our pool, and in our gymnasium, they will have learned to handle these experiences with character and honor, with composure and aplomb. In short, they will have developed the core values of their alma mater as a Webb graduate. GO GAULS! Sincerely,

The Webb Schools 1175 W. Baseline Rd. Claremont, CA 91711 909.626.3587 Fax 909.621.4582

Varsity Schedule Home Games in Bold

Date Opponent



Score Result


Summer Practice (Scrimmage)




Duarte High School (Scrimmage) Away


Lucerne Valley

Home (Claremont High School)

7:00pm 41-20 W


Laguna Beach

Away (Laguna Beach High School)

7:00pm 7-55



Western Christian

Away (Western Christian)

7:00pm 45-7



Army Navy

Home (Upland HS)

7:00pm 17-21 L


Douglass Charter

Home (Upland HS)




Away (Occidental College)


7:00pm 0-0

10/22 Chadwick

Home (The Webb Schools - Faculty Field) 1:00pm


Pasadena Poly

Away (South Pasadena HS)




Home (Upland HS)



Rio Hondo

Away (Rio Hondo)


Douglass Charter

Webb 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 19 20 21 22 25 28 33 44 47 50 51 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 99

TJ Fenton David Bride Jordon Veiga Tommy Tsao Christian Quick Gabe Gosney Kienan Dixon Kyle Brown Athipat Kuphirun Ziad El-Ghezzaoui Mike Paik Kyle Coble Andrew Kim Alec Ng Landen Taflinger Erik Chu Steve Agajanian John Bouz Bobby Gonzalez Alex Chang Anthony Jusuf Justin Yoo Jeffrey Zhang Sam Woodward Wyatt Christiansen Kevin Guardia Skyler Marquez William Ponty Mark Sowers Kainan Miranda


Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. So. So. So. So. Jr. So. So. Sr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 50 51 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 74

James Patterson Isiah Armstead Aquileon Butler Tasmin Adams (C) Dillon Dillingham Nickolas Lovest Quante Hayden Tyrone Hooks Quincy Okobi Charles Rachal James Simon Kaelyn Weaver Gabon Morris De’Azsha Starks Ryan Booker Gianni Glover (C) Shomari Cleveland Tyonne Cooper Anthony Richardson Thomas Arrington Justin Dickerson Lemery White Joseph Henderson Malcolm Johnson Brandon Williams (C) Raphael Coates Antonio White Tyren Crayton Evan Smith Malchus Cooper


Jr. Fr. Fr. So. Sr. Fr. Fr. Jr. Jr. So. Fr. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. So. So. Jr. So. Sr. Sr. Fr. Sr. So. So. Jr.

Varsity Coaches Ray Fenton Webb’s football team provides an opportunity for athletes, both experienced and new to the sport, to compete in an arena where hard work, dedication, and character are evidenced each day. Coach Fenton and his staff center their philosophy around the idea of “line six football.” This philosophy has inspired the students to greater heights both on and off the field. Many of our athletes are also active in campus and community groups. Ray Fenton comes to Webb with over 25 years of High School Football experience. Among his achievements, Coach Fenton was named both Orange County Coach of the Year and State Coach of the Year in 2007. That same year, he was able to lead his team to the CIF Southern Section Division Championship. He has played a role in the success of many outstanding young athletes who have gone on to prosper in college and ultimately, the NFL. His “Line Six” mantra of believing the team is a family stretches across three states and five different schools. Fenton’s coaching philosophy is not only evident on the field but in every aspect of players’ lives as he believes first and foremost in doing what is right and teaching the student athletes how to make the right decisions. Coach Fenton lives on campus with his wife and son. He also serves as the Assistant Athletic Director and Student Advisor.

Bob Dapper Running Backs

Steve Wishek Defensive Line

Laurie Kausrud Wide Receivers

Greg Russell Offensive Line

Joe Meza Coach

Arthur Mayville Defensive Backs

Varsity Team

Steve Agajanian FB/LB 5’9” 175 lb Sr.

Tommy Tsao Position Ht Wt Sr.

Jeffery Zhang LB 6’0” 170 lb Sr.

Justin Yoo DL 5’3” 160 lb Sr.

Sam Woodward OL/LB 5’11” 255 lb Sr.

Mark Sowers DL 5’8” 170 lb Sr.

Jordan Veiga TE/SS 5’9” 175 lb Jr.

Kyle Brown LB 5’11” 140 lb So.

Landen Taflinger RB/DB 5’11” 170 lb Jr.

Kainan Miranda LB 6’2” 150 lb Jr.

Skyler Marquez DL 5’10” 215 lb So.

Athipat Kuphirum RB 5’10” 140 lb Jr.

Bobby Gonzalez FB/LB 5’8” 170 lb Jr.

TJ Fenton QB 6’3” 170 lb Jr.

Ziad El-Ghezzaoui S 5’9” 170 lb So.

Kyle Coble WR/DB 5’9” 150 lb Sr.

Andrew Kim DB 6’0” 155 lb Jr.

Anthony Jusuf OL/DL 5’9” 170 lb So.

Kevin Guardia DL 5’10” 145 lb Jr.

Gabe Gosney TE/LB 5’11” 160 lb So.

Christian Quick WR/S 5’6” 130 lb 10

William Ponty OL 5’11” 230 lb Sr.

Michael Paik WR 5’9” 140 lb So.

Alec Ng WR 5’6” 125 lb Sr.

Erik Chu WR 5’9” 130 lb So.

Wyatt Christiansen OL/DL 5’10” 195 lb Sr.

John Bouz RB 5’11” 170 lb Sr.

Alex Chang WR/LB 6’3” 180 lb Sr.

David Bride FS 5’9” 130 Jr.

LET’S GO KYLE #9 Go Brownie! We are so proud of your hard work on and off the field. Keep it up and have a great season! “Play like a Champion” Mom, Dad, and Kory

LET’S GO JOHN #33 Keep it up John, we are so proud of you! Mom, Dad, Gabe, Nadine, and Anthony

LET’S GO ALEX #47 We love you! Mom and Dad

LET’S GO BOBBY #44 We all are proud of you, have fun out there on the field. NOW HIT SOMEBODY!!!



Have fun and good luck with your 2011 football season. Hit ‘em hard and play like a champion.



You’re hard work, focus, and persistence is paying off BIG. You can accomplish anything you set your mind too. We are so proud of you. Mom and Dad

GO GET ‘EM DAVID #3 Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down.

LET’S GO TJ #2 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!


J.V. Football

Merrick Adams


Ricky Gonzales


Kevin Lin


Cole Albert


Ian Henry


Andy Liu


Brian Christensen


Hector Herrada


Stirling McCulloch Fr.

Antonio Coelho


Chris Jung


Justin Parker


Adam Lawrence


Joseph Rode IV


Sean Yang


Daniel Crisostomo Fr. Kienan Dixon



Will Allen Head Coach

John Woods Assistant Coach

Eric Border Assistant Coach

J.V. Schedule Home Games in Bold

Date Opponent




Laguna Beach

Home (The Webb Schools - Faculty Field) 9:00am


Western Christian

Away (Western Christian)


Army Navy

Home (The Webb Schools - Faculty Field) 9:30am



Away (Occidental College)

11:00am 33-6 4:00pm

10/21 Chadwick

Home (The Webb Schools - Faculty Field) 3:30pm


Away (Pasadena Poly)

Pasadena Poly


11/4 Viewpoint

Home (The Webb Schools - Faculty Field) 3:30pm


Away (Rio Hondo)

Rio Hondo


Score Result



Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down.

Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down.



GO GABE #7 We are so proud of you!!! Love, Dad and Mom

LET’S GO CHRISTIAN #6 Dragi Sine, Mi smo ponosni na tebe! Ucini svoje najbolje! Volim te Mama, Tata, Juliana i Natalya


Webb Team Championships Leauge Champions Vivian Webb School Royal and White Track & Field 1988 2004 1989 2005 1990 2007 1991 2008 1993 2011

Cross Country 1985 1986 1987 1988 1991

Swimming 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992

Badminton 2011

Softball 1993

Webb School of California Navy and Athletic Gold Track 1987 1989 1990 1991 1992 2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Cross Country 1985 1986 1987 1991

Soccer 1989 1992 1994 2008

Badminton 2011

Tennis 1984 1986 2003 2007 2009

Baseball 1985

Wrestling 1993 1996 1997 1998 2009 Football 1965 1968 1992

Swimming 1983 1984 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 2003

State Championship Qualifiers Vivian Webb School Cross Country 1987 2003

Webb School of California Cross Country 2000 2003 2004 2006 2007

CIF Championship Games 1977 – Baseball 1-A Runner Up 1986 – Boys Cross Country 1-A Runner Up 1979 – Boys Tennis 1-A Runner Up 1986 – Boys Tennis 1-A Champion 1992 – Boys Soccer SS Champion 2003 – Boys Swimming Div 3 Runner Up 2009 – Boys Water Polo Division 6 Champion

HIT ‘EM HARD ANDREW #20 Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down. WEBB GAULS FOOTBALL, WHOOOO!!!!



There are no hurdles that you cannot overcome; there are no barriers that you cannot break. You are a force to be reckoned with and everyone you encounter will “know” that they have, indeed, felt your presence. Go forth and conquer! You are the true embodiment of the Webb creed...a young man of character! You are all that we would have hoped and a million times more.

GO GET ‘EM KYLE #19 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!

LET’S GO ALEC #21 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!

All our Love and Respect, Mom, Dad & Lauren (aka Sissy!)

GO GET ‘EM MIKE #12 Have fun and good luck with your 2011 football season. Hit ‘em hard and play like a champion. GO WEBB!!!!

LET’S GO ZIAD #11 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!

Webb Individual CIF Championships Webb School of California CIF-SS D III Runner Up 100 yard Butterfly Jack Wiese 2003, 2005, 2006

CIF State D V Runner up Cross Country Greg Burris 2004

CIF-SS Masters Champion Discuss Kyle Davis-Hammerquist 2003

CIF-SS D IV Runner Up Shot Put Kyle Davis-Hammerquist 2003

CIF-SS D III Champions 200 Yard Medley Relay Alex Long Eric Bourne Jack Wiese Justin Crites 2003

CIF-SS D III Champions 200 Yard Freestyle Relay Martin Smith Eric Bourne Jack Wiese Justin Crites 2003

CIF-SS D III Runner Up 100 Yard Breaststroke Eric Bourne 2003

CIF-SS D A Runner Up Cross Country Denis Cuff 1970

CIF-SS Champion 800 Meters Ferris Webster 1929

CIF-SS D IV Champion Discuss Kyle Davis-Hammerquist 2002 2003 2004

CIF-SS D III Runner Up 100 Yard Backstroke Jack Wiese 2003 2005 CIF-SS Runner Up Doubles Tennis John Dye and George Hooper 1939 CIF-SS D IV Champion High Jump Jamie Withie 2004 CIF-SS D V Champion Cross Country Greg Burris 2004

CIF-SS D IV Champion Triple Jump Oliver Wong 1995 CIF State Masters 5th place Discuss Kyle Davis-Hammerquist 2003

CIF-SS D IV Champion 800 Meters Andrew Lantz 2010

Vivian Webb School CIF-SS D IV Champion 100 Meter Hurdles Rita Forte 1999

CIF-SS D IV Runner up 300 Meter Hurdles Rita Forte 1999 CIF-SS D IV Runner up Rita Forte 1998

CIF-SS D IV Runner up 300 Meter Hurdles Rita Forte 1998



Have a Great Year at Webb! Good Luck in Football! Stay Safe and Healthy.

Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down.



Mom, Dad, Mei Mei, and Everett Chu

GO GET ‘EM STEVE #28 Steve we are very proud of you! You and your team mates are doing great this season! Way to go Gauls!

HIT ‘EM HARD ANTHONY #50 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!

Have Fun, Love Mom & Dad

GO GET ‘EM SAM #54 Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down. WEBB GAULS FOOTBALL, WHOOOO!!!!

LET’S GO JUSTIN #51 Good luck on your 2011 football season. Play hard and never give up. GO GAULS!!!!

Webb Athletic Awards 1926-2011

Athlete of the Year Award (VWS) 1983-84 Julie Grabowski 1984-85 Mary Christine Armstrong 1985-86 Carol Susan Doody 1986-87 Kristen Galich 1987-88 Alicia Ahn, Jennifer Louis 1989 Jenny Fan 1990 Pam Price 1991 Pamela Price 1991-92 Rebekah Cunnan 1992-93 Rebekah Cunnan 1993-94 Alexandra Dey 1994-95 Alexandra Dey 1995-96 Georgia Dey Asha Balakrishnan 1996-97 Georgia Dey, Rita Forte 1997-98 Sephanie Bill Susan Timmreck 1998-99 Rita Forte 1999-00 Kelly Ostrow, Kate Walsh 2000-01 Harason Horowitz 2001-02 Stephanie Ho 2002-03 Danielle Baron 2003-04 Stephanie Ho 2004-05 Katie Kent 2005-06 Yvette Lam 2006-07 Christina Herring 2007-08 Mollie Mackenzie 2008-09 Rosie Lewis 2009-10 Eileen Burdekin, Juli Nokleberg 2010-11 Amara Berry Athlete of the Year Award (WSC) 1990-91 Franklin Pineda 1991-92 Andy Carollo 1992-93 Carter Jones 1993-94 Nathan Goerhing 1994-95 Babatunde Ogundipe 1995-96 Chris Maffris 1996-97 Damian Nelson 1997-98 Charles Hadsell 1998-99 George Peake 1999-00 Kevin Maffris 2000-01 James Rhodes 2001-02 Kyle Davis Hammerquist 2002-03 Eric Bourne, Kyle Davis Hammerquist 2003-04 James Withey 2004-05 Greg Burris

2005-06 Jack Wiese 2006-07 Dino Vanegas 2007-08 Johnson Lightfoote 2008-09 Matt Huber 2009-10 Chris Sazo 2010-11 Steve Agajanian Coach of the Year 1988-89 Walt Linaweaver Tim Quinn 1989-90 Tim Quinn 1990-91 Dan Pride 1991-92 Mike Hammond 1992-93 Dan Pride 1993-94 Jim Dahler 1994-95 Margaret Scutro 1995-96 Scott Mattoon 1996-97 Brent Ferguson 1997-98 Phil Hogarth 1998-99 Andrew Cleminshaw 1999-00 Jonathan Kelber 2000-01 Andrew Cleminshaw 2001-02 Robert Doebler Jonathan Kelber 2002-03 Jamie Collie, Rick Duque 2003-04 Philip Hogarth Stephen Brotschul David Lloyd 2005-06 Jim Dahler 2006-07 Ann DeBoe Robert Mackenzie 2007-08 Donald Ball, Rick Duque 2008-09 Jack Coberly Tom MacKinlay 2009-10 Kevin Quick, Tom MacKinlay, Robbie von Pertz 2010-11 Kevin Quick John Lawrence Distinguished Sports Person Award (VWS) 1983-84 Julie Grabowski 1984-85 Anne Lai 1985-86 Kathryn Lucile Carr 1986-87 Melissa Barnes 1987-88 Bren Hammond 1989-90 Laura Benson 1990-91 Joey Ritchie 1991-92 Mary Presecan 1992-93 Alison High

1993-94 Michelle Schaffner 1994-95 Molly Wray 1995-96 Catherine Enders 1996-97 Autumn Rabe 1997-98 Mariana Miranda 1998-99 Sarah Shonnard 1999-00 Caroline Adler 2000-01 Dominique Nong Elissa Seto 2001-02 Arim Choi 2002-03 Arim Choi 2003-04 Kelsey Dickson, Lily Chen 2004-05 Mackenzie Banks 2005-06 Sarah Lewis, Jordi Baron 2006-07 Michelle Pastrano 2007-08 Brenna Kearns 2008-09 Charisma Mylavarapu 2009-10 Lindsey Crowe 2010-11 Emily Kan Hempel Cup for Sportsmanship 1962 Mike Tancredi 1963 Sam Nigh 1964 Chris Holmes 1965 Gordon Webb 1966 Mike Fishburn 1967 Bill Schoonmaker 1968 Alex Chilco II 1969 John Dey 1970 Leonard Kobrinsky 1971 Charles Callander 1972 Gregory Joslyn 1973 George Platz 1974 Peter McCrea, Kurt Zischke 1975 Paul Richards 1976 Mark Hinrichs 1977 Marcus Forcinelli 1978 David Sanger 1979 David Baer 1980 Walt Linaweaver 1981 Carl Curtis 1982 Brad Hinrichs 1983 Stuart Hutchison 1984 Phil Fowler 1985 Jesus Calderoni 1986 Roger Yiu 1987 Robert Monroe 1988 Nick Dauderman 1989 Pumipak Tantamjarik Tommy Oei



Have fun and good luck with your 2011 football season. Hit ‘em hard and play like a champion.

Have a great 2011 football season. Leave it all on the field and play hard every down.



HIT ‘EM HARD WYATT #55 Hit Someone!!!

GO GET ‘EM SKYLER #57 Have fun and good luck with your 2011 football season. Hit ‘em hard and play like a champion. GO WEBB!!!!

LET’S GO KIENAN #8 Have fun and good luck with your 2011 football season. Hit ‘em hard and play like a champion. GO WEBB!!!!

HIT ‘EM HARD WILLIAM #58 William, with your determination, dedication and team spirit you have proven yourself to be a tenacious({right) tackle and an asset to Webb’s Varsity Football Team. Remember what your Great Grandfather “Slip” always said “Win one for the Gipper,” and for the Gaul’s! Wishing you, and the Varsity team a successful 2012 season!!!!! Love, Mom, Georgie, Trevor and Lilly

1990 Mario Flores 1991 Sameer Dholakia 1992 Mario Flores 1993 William Allan 1994 William Allan 1995 Josh Roth, Chris Miranda 1996 Sal Kuba, Josh Zeidman 1997 Pat Zahn 1998 Daniel Shapiro 1999 Jason Brooks 2000 Andrew Dualan 2001 Michael Lee 2002 Luke Reynolds 2003 Robert Zondervan 2004 Michael Glavan 2005 Blake Adams 2006 Tim Tzeng 2007 Chris Appleby 2008 Robbie Zimbroff 2009 Chris Greening 2010 Nick Ting 2011 Shihan Wijeyeratne Howard M. Fish Award 1926 Walter Hempel 1927 Ronald Johnson 1928 Courtney Platt 1929 Ferris M. Webster 1930 Ferris M. Webster 1931 William Hart 1932 William B. Dupont 1933 Thomas A. Nolder 1934 H. Guy Hagerty Jr. 1935 Ralph P. Kinney 1936 Craig Cadwalader 1937 Cal T. Murphy Jr. 1938 Peter Van Cott 1939 Charles B. Hopper 1940 Emmet B. Herndon 1941 Larry Mertz 1942 Michael E. Grant 1943 Henry Bolcom 1944 Malcom McLaiin 1945 Robert Richards 1946 Keith Wilson Loring 1947 Philip Vedder 1948 Jack Boswell 1949 Jack Boswell 1950 James Gibson 1951 Antonio Novelo 1952 William Ray 1953 Samuel Neff 1954 Trowbridge Kirk 1955 Garrett Ryan

1956 David Firth 1957 Edward Evans 1958 Benjamin Hazelton 1959 William Oatway 1960 John Thomas 1961 John Erving 1962 Robert Greening 1963 Mark Evans 1964 Dick Grattan 1965 Larry Miller 1966 Ken McDonald 1967 Larry Giustina 1968 Blake Brown 1969 Gregory Stragnell 1970 Thomas Walradt 1971 Frank Wood 1972 Randall Watson 1973 Keith Jackson 1974 John Bare 1975 Wallace Pitts 1976 Paul Richards 1977 John Richards 1978 John Richards 1979 James Collas 1980 Drew Hubbell 1981 Adam Reynolds 1982 Scott Crollo 1983 Brad Hinrichs 1984 Eric Singelyn 1985 Roger Miro 1986 Jesus Calderoni, Eric Rubin 1987 Ken Han 1988 Bob Connolly 1989 Bob Connolly 1990 Roger Fan Sebastian Garcia-Vinyard 1991 Jeffrey Weber 1992 Brett Kennedy 1993 Eduardo Calderoni 1994 Duke Kwon 1995 Shan Nichols 1996 James Wu 1997 Alex Kaplan 1998 Jamie Larkin 1999 Kevin Park 2000 George Peake 2001 David Glavan 2002 Alex Matthews, Arjun Rao 2003 Caleb Reiff, Darek Baczynski 2004 Christopher Waddell 2005 Chris Erlinger 2006 Aaron Harris 2007 Omar Hajj 2008 Andrew Kunce

2009 Andrew Lantz 2010 Andrew Lantz 2011 Bailey Stockdale Most Outstanding All Around Athlete 1983-84 Julie Stubblebine 1984-85 Claudia Clarissa Marcus 1985-86 Anne Lai 1986-87 Kathryn Carr 1987-88 Kristin Galich 1988-89 Kristin Galich 1989-90 Danna Lowe 1990-91 Laura Benson 1991-92 Rebekah Cunnan 1992-93 Rebekah Cunnan 1993-94 Molly Wray 1994-95 Rebecca Klein 1995-96 Rebecca Klein 1996-97 Rebecca Klein 1997-98 Rita Forte 1998-99 Rita Forte 1999-00 Jenny Zimbroff 2000-01 Kate Walsh 2001-02 Kate Walsh 2002-03 Amanda Hedges 2003-04 Brittan Smith 2004-05 Brittan Smith 2005-06 Maggie Matthews 2006-07 Lexington Henn 2007-08 Lexington Henn 2008-09 Lexington Henn 2009-10 Barbara Smith 2010-11 Carly Olszewski Rick Whyte Managerial Award 1983 Gary Meyer 1984 John Henriksen 1985 Karen Ladd 1986 Ginny Meyer 1988 Heidi Theurer 1989 Heidi Theurer 1990 Christiana Rajasingham Jen Lewis 1991 Christiana Rajasingham 1992 Chia-Yi Liu 1993 Melissa Pittman 1994 Tom Price 1995 Arran Shea 1996 Monica Atiyeh 1997 Eileen Lee, Alex Rapoport 1998 Mary Flannery, Todd Wagner 1999 Stephanie Green 2000 Angela Shin, Jaraad Virani

2001 Angela Guzzetta Jaraad Virani 2002 Melissa Drachand Jaraad Virani 2003 Anumeha Narain, Richard Yao 2004 Brittney Wright Bryant Priromprintr 2005 N/A 2006 Brittney Wright, Ankit Behl Albert Ng 2007 Janee Duncan, Kevin Sack 2008 Natascha Grundmann RC Jennings 2009 Bianca Arreola, William Ponty 2010 Eileen Burdekin Devon Doherty Alexander Yip 2011 Eunice Kim, Qi Wu Rachel Zheng, Brian Donnelly Jason Wu

The Webb Schools The Gosney Family

Go Gauls! Line Six Football

Alumni Collegiate Athletes Everett Chu ’11 Football Pomona College Dana Edwards ’11 Volleyball Rice University Madison Fuelling ’11 Volleyball Haverford College Chris Jusuf ‘11 Football Hamilton College Johnny Hernandez ’11 Football Chapman University Harrison Holmes ’11 Volleyball Sarah Lawrence College Callie Renfrew ‘11 Swimming Wheaton College Adam Saltzer ’11 Volleyball University of Puget Sound Lindsey Weissman ’11 Track and Field Wheaton College Kane Willis ’11 Basketball

Amherst College Matt Abrams ’10 Water Polo UCLA Lindsey Crowe ‘10 Soccer Bryn Mawr College Andrew Lantz ’10 Cross Country and Track Davidson College Neel Kotrappa ’10 Tennis Claremont McKenna College Juli Nokleberg ’10 Fencing United States Air Force Academy Chris Sazo ’10 Water Polo Whittier College Jake Waas ’10 Football UC Davis Charlotte Wilson ‘10 Swimming Trinity College Jonathan Frisby ’09 Soccer

Lake Forest College Michael Gallagher ‘09 Rowing US Naval Academy Rosie Lewis ’09 Track and Field Davidson College Bryan Yokote ’09 Baseball Case Western Reserve University Kelsey Guardia ‘08 Volleyball Bucknell University Andrew Kunce ‘08 Track Tulane University Alicia Pratt ’08 Softball Menlo College Gabe Romero ’08 Golf Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Sasha Wijeyeratne Volleyball and Softball Swarthmore College Christian Woods ’08 Swimming Wheaton College

Christina Herring ’07 Basketball Lewis and Clark College Alicia Pratt ‘07 Softball Menlo College Zakiya Sharpe ‘07 Basketball UC Santa Cruz Aaron Harris ‘06 Football Carnegie Mellon University Jasmin Iskandar ‘06 Volleyball Vassar College Nick Vechik ‘06 Cross Country Haverford College Jack Wiese ’06 Swimming University of Pennsylvania Brittan Smith ’05 Track and Field Harvard University Kyle Davis-Hammerquist ‘04 Track and Field Stanford University Lily Chen ‘04 Field hockey Swimming Bryn Mawr College Leslie Greening ‘04 Soccer Davidson College Stephanie Ho ‘04 Track and Field Boston College Danielle Baron ‘03 Water Polo Wellesley College Caleb Morse ‘03 Football Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Lacrosse Claremont Colleges Robbie Zondervan ‘03 Rowing Colby College Elissa Seto ‘01 Rugby (captain) Bryn Mawr/Haverford Colleges Jason Brooks ‘99 Lacrosse and Track

Trinity University Rita Forte ’99 Track and Field Williams College Will Allan ‘94 Soccer (captain) Claremont McKenna College Alison Kennedy ‘93 Volleyball Track and Field UC Riverside Andy Carollo ‘92 Soccer Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Hali Preston ‘92 Football USC Chris Uy ‘92 Swimming University of Rochester Jon Ambrose ‘89 Water Polo Bucknell University Erik Hart ‘89 Football University of Arizona and

University of the Pacific Scott Kennelly ‘88 Water Polo Swimming UC Santa Cruz Harry Oei ‘84 Soccer Pomona-Pitzer Colleges Howard Lockie ‘79 Baseball University of Oregon and American University Serge Stein ‘78 Fencing (captain) Drake University James Bothamley ‘72 Soccer Occidental College Neil Campbell ‘68 Rowing Rollins College Golf UC Berkeley Dean Davidge ‘61 Lacrosse Claremont McKenna College

The Webb Schools State Farm Insurance Agent Mike Gaumer Go Gauls Football!

The Webb Schools Headmost Int’l Inc. Headware Specialist (909) 947-7566

Go Gauls - Boys Soccer Many thanks to our Community Partners. Your generous support has helped enhance our athletic facilities, purchase new eqipment and cover team travel expenses. You too can become a Community Partner! Four packages are avalible, each offering sponsors a unique opportunity to show their school pride and support Webb athletics. For more information, contact Steve Wishek, Athletics Director, at or 909.482.5257

The Webb Schools

The Webb Schools

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Soltis and Company Inc. (909) 228-3333

Go Gauls!

The Webb Schools

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Go Gauls!

The Webb Schools

Zhou Family

Go Gauls!

Go Gauls! - Just Enjoy It!

The Webb Schools

The Webb Schools

Bouz Family

Jusuf Family

Go Gauls! - Have a Great Season!

Go Gauls!

Photography provided by Scott Nichols and The Webb Schools.

The Webb Schools 1175 W. Baseline Rd. Claremont, CA 91711 909.626.3587 Fax 909.621.4582

Gauls Football Program Chadwick  
Gauls Football Program Chadwick  

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