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Corey Clevenger Graduate Portfolio

The Prism - Chicago Library Railway Market - Barcelona 484 Gran Via - Barcelona Mixed Use Blacksburg Live/Work House

Pulaski County Public Library

The Prism - Chicago Library Near Lincoln Park in Chicago I designed a small library near a historical neighborhood. I split the program to separate the quieter spaces from the louder spaces. The public and popular books secions are on the lower level with a childrens area on the second level. The archives, meeting rooms and study rooms then are on the upper levels which cantilevers out. This sepearates them physically and gives the user views out over the city and not the public space.


 


 ”’” 




  


 ”’” 

The Railway Market - Barcelona This project addressed the problem of a train station built in a low income neighborhood that divided it in two. I addressed the issue by constructing a space frame market on top of the train station box. I put ramps at the main intersections of the community and the box in order to bring the two together. It became more than a market but a gathering space in the middle of the neighborhood. Stalls could be rented with lockers and storage for users along with hangouts for community members to use. The constructed portion would be almost half a mile long with three connections to the neighborhood.

484 Gran Via - Barcelona Mixed Use The Barcelona city block was originally intended to be open to the public in order to have quiet courtyards away from the loud and busy city streets. My mixed use building was designed to reconnect the courtyard with the public street and allow access into the interior of the block. My challenge was to give access over a two story space blocking access to the street so I created a wide opening for the public to traverse through my building in public space and into the spacious courtyard inside.

Pulaski County Public Library The Pulaski County Library was a reuse project looking at the existing structure of a Kmart. We had to retain the existing structure of the building while turning the shell of a big box store into a community center and library. I divided the program based on community center uses versus strictly library uses and that gave me an interior street of facing programs for the public. Then I cut skylights out and created interior patios for the occupants to use for sunlight.

Blacksburg Live/Work House This site just off Main Street in Blacksburg, Virginia near the campus of Virginia Tech. Blacksburg is developing a live, work, sell neighborhood to encourage artists and artisans to become part of the growing community. My design was a photography gallery and studio for a local artist to display pieces for sale and schedule studio appointments for photo shoots with clients. Facing the sun provides warm light into work spaces and invites people into the gallery.

Portfolio 2016  
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