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September 27, 2013

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Runs in the Family Corey Wells Sports Editor The Lyndon State College baseball program has a history that I am tied to more closely than I ever realized. My grandfather, John Wells, was a southpaw who pitched for the Lyndon Teachers College in 1959 and 1960. Growing up I never knew my grandfather very well. I remember him as a die-hard Yankees’ fan. He had his special chair in the living room right in front of the television. He would watch all his games on YES, the Yankees channel. Occasionally, I would watch a few innings with him, especially if the Red Sox were playing. We talked a little about the game of baseball. I knew that he had been a pitcher Courtesy of Lyndon State College Archives Pitcher John Wells from the 1959 Lyndon Teachers College baseball team.

in his youth and that he was drafted by the Milwaukee Braves, but I never asked him about it. I regret that now. Going on what

my grandmother told me about his past I

erage was an astonishing .58. Based on his

decided to look into his time at Lyndon.

numbers alone the man knew how to pitch.

Looking into the archives I found cop-

My grandfather past away before I

ies of the school paper, called the Lyn News.

could ask him about his pitching days at

The first thing I noticed about these copies

Lyndon and with the Boise Braves, a Mil-

of the Lyn News was that baseball was a big

waukee Braves minor league affiliate. I did,

deal. It was much more popular then than

however, learn that he had a curveball like

it is now. I also noticed that my grandfather

no other. I’ve been told that his curveball

ruled the sports section. Judging from the

would leave hitters baffled. Looking at his

archives he was the man.

numbers from the 1959 season at LTC

According to the Lyn News, John Wells arrived at LTC in 1959 after playing two seasons at Springfield College. He was listed

and the fact he was drafted out of small, Vermont school I can believe it. The thought that my grandfather

on the 1959 Lyndon roster as 20-year-old

played baseball for this very college gives

frosh from Woodstock, VT. In his first sea-

me the chills. Reading the very articles that

son he appeared in eight games, of which he

were written about him more than fifty

completed six of them, including one shut

years ago is something I never thought I

out. He had an even record of three wins

would do during my time at Lyndon State.

and three loses. My grandfather pitched

It makes me proud to say that I was given

in 62 innings allowing only four runs and

the chance to pitch for the same college as

striking out 82 batters. His earned run av-

my grandfather.

Honoring LSC Hall of Fame Athletes

Mike Raimondi Critic Staff From a sports perspective, the Lyndon State Athletic Hall of Fame is something every athlete on campus strives to be enshrined in. Below are all the members that have been inducted into the Lyndon State College Athletic Hall of Fame. It is time to take a step back, look into the past, and appreciate all the great student-athletes that have graduated from this terrific institution.

2006 John Kresser ’82 – Soccer, Baseball, Alpine Skiing

- Basketball, Baseball

& Field

1996 Peter D. Bell - Tennis

2006 Larry Pierce ’82 - Basketball

1996 Robert A. MacDonald - Baseball

1986 Russell G. Simpson - Soccer, Track & Field

2006 Gary Jenness ’73 Coach - Honorary Member

1996 Courtney L. VanKleeck - Basketball, Baseball

2005 Michael Whaley - Basketball

1996 Jennifer Sullivan Boldwin - Soccer, Baseball, Softball

1986 A. Richard Jarvis - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

2013 Don Colby ’55 – Basketball, Baseball

2004 Michael R. Brosseau - Baseball

2013 Chris Brown ‘05 – Basketball 2013 Rachel Maxwell ‘06 - Basketball

2003 Lisa Bedor Manter - Basketball, Cross Country

2012 Randy Feeley ’04 – Cross Country

2003 Charlie Whitaker - Basketball

2012 Scott McKim ’02 - Soccer

2003 John T. Olinski - Ski, Lacrosse

1994 Tammy A. Rainville - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

2012 Jamie Owen – Honorary Member – Coach, Professor, Administrator

2002 Kirsten Gallagher - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

1993 David W. Bell - Tennis

2011 Gordon Pierce ’73 & ’84 – Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

2002 Mark Hilton - Baseball

1993 Bettie Potter Jones - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

2001 Gene Pushee - Baseball

1993 Mark A. Maloney - Soccer, Baseball

2011 Ruth Tacloff Haskell ’87 – Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

2001 Gerald Clifford - Basketball

1992 Patricia Huntsman - Soccer, Lacrosse, Skiing, Cross Country Running

2011 James Nelson ’01 - Basketball 2010 Michael Bruhn ’99 – Cross Country 2010 Jackie Priestley-Smith ’76 – Soccer, Basketball, Softball

2005 Buddy Hayford - Soccer 2004 Joyce A. Siok - Basketball, Softball, Soccer 2004 Roxanne Carson Courser - Basketball

2000 Jennifer Warren Poljacik - Soccer, Basketball, Softball 2000 Anna Wilson-Brown - Soccer, Lacrosse

2010 Eric Berry ’91- Basketball

2000 Cathy Phillips - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

2009 Patricia Baumann Randall ’62 – Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading

2000 David Saddlemire - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

2009 Marcel Choquette ’86 – Soccer, Basketball

1999 Sheila A. Burleigh - Basketball, Softball

2009 Elizabeth Burnham ’97 – Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis

1999 Mona Daughtry Garone - Physical Education & Service to Athletics

2008 Kyle Amadon ’79 – Nordic Skiing, Soccer

1999 Gregory S. Tosi - Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Athletic Training

2008 Sean Fisher ’00 – Cross Country

1998 Mark O’Brien - Basketball

2008 Albert “Tom” Tucker ’62 - Basketball

1998 Peter Kellaway - Soccer, Baseball

2007 Dick Wagner Coach - Honorary Member

1998 Wallace H. Harris - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

2007 Ted Shipley ’86 – Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Baseball

1997 William P. Fitzgerald - Basketball, Baseball

2007 Raymond Bailey ’80 - Soccer

1997 Sheila R. Leahy-Loar - Soccer, Basketball, Softball · 1997 Roland V. Guyette

1986 James P. Roemer - Tennis

1995 Wayne E. Dean - Soccer, Baseball, Training

1986 Henry D. Huntington - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

1995 Mark Weigel - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball

1986 Darrell J. Maxwell - Basketball, Baseball

1995 Skip & Connie Pound - Athletic Director & Coach - Honorary Members

1986 Cynthia Grieve - Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

1994 David B. LaRose - Soccer, Baseball, Baseball

1992 Burns R. Page - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1991 Melvin R. Schmid - Coach - Honorary Member 1991 Alan E. Jaffe - Baseball 1991 Cathy E. Bisson - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

1985 Dudley Bell – Coach - Honorary Member 1985 Robert G. Heath - Soccer, Track 1985 Marjorie Greenwood Legge - Soccer, Basketball, Softball 1985 Gerard E. Parent - Baseball 1985 Gary Girard - Basketball 1985 Donald Picard - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1985 Rickey Sutton - Basketball 1985 Debra A. Lickley - Basketball, Softball 1984 Beth A. Wood - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

1990 Edwin O. Brehart - Soccer, Baseball

1984 Philip Noll - Coach - Honorary Member

1990 Gerry Cahill - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

1984 Juana Schoff - Soccer, Basketball, Softball

1989 James P. Kelly - Basketball, Baseball 1989 William A. Leggett - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1988 L. Leonard Drew - Coach - Honorary Member 1988 Barbara Brown Sargent - Soccer, Basketball, Softball 1988 Perley J. Wright - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1987 Patricia Jacobs Faulkner - Soccer, Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Basketball 1987 Gerald B. Tavares - Basketball, Track

1984 Preston Bruce - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1984 Roger Cartee - Soccer, Basketball, Baseball 1984 Joseph P. Anger - Basketball, Baseball 1984 Raymond Brooks - Basketball, Baseball, Track 1984 Eddy Woods - Cross Country, Basketball, Baseball 1984 Grant Isham - Basketball, Baseball