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December 6, 2013

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Intramurals Draw High LSC Represented at Interest At LSC Men’s Cross Country National Championship Scheibenpflug, Powers Finish 119 and 234, Respectively

Corey Wells Sports Editor Kyle Powers and Tyler Scheiben-

off the start line,” Powers said, “and my legs never warmed back up.” Although the pair did not per-

pflug represented Lyndon State College

form as well as they had hoped being with

at the NCAA National Championship in

the country’s best runners was an experi-

Hanover, Ind. on Saturday, Nov. 23.

ence all in its own.

This was the second time that

“I really tried to take it all and

Powers, a senior, reached the cross-coun-

enjoy it because I worked so hard and

try National Championships in as many

wanted it so bad for the last three years,”

years. For Scheibenpflug, a junior, this was

Scheibenpflug said. “To be there with the

his first rodeo.

best runners in the country was just a

“It was a little overwhelming,” he said. “They treat you like rock stars with a

really good feeling.” Powers did not finish his season

fancy banquet and student-athlete passes.

as he expected, but to say it was a disap-

That may be why I didn’t race as well as

pointing year would simply not be true.

I would have liked. I just got caught up

He finished the year with four victories,

in the excitement and wasn’t in the right

including a course record at Castleton

mental state.”

State with a time of 26:31 and a personal

Scheibenpflug did not finish as well as he had hoped, finishing with a time of 26:02 and placing at 119 out of

best at the NCAA New England Regionals Meet with a time of 24:56. Scheibenpflug has one more

275 runners. Powers’ legs gave out on him

season left with LSC and hopes to make it

near the beginning of the race and was

back to Nationals.

unable to perform at his best. However,

“I’m lucky to have another season

he persevered and finished the race with a

left,” Scheibenpflug said. “I hope to go

time of 26:55, placing him at 234.

back next year focused and with a goal to

“I think the wind cooled my legs

do something big.”

Fall Athletes Honored

Photo by Sue Henry

Jimmy Lau for Off Constantly shoots a three-pointer against Team Jobin on Monday in game one of the “A” League Championship. Lau made 12 of 15 from beyond the arc as he led Off Constantly to a 87-71 victory. Basketball is one of the many sports offered by the intramural athletic program, which is run by Sue Henry.

Rob Crupi Critic Staff Writer

One of the most popular ex-

As in any competition, tempers and competitiveness can rise high, and some-

College is the intramural athletics pro-

times too high. To compensate for that,


there are some disciplinary actions that take place from time to time. According

former women’s basketball and tennis

to Desmond, “The pros to the disciplinary

coach. Henry, a longtime employee, has a

action being taken are that they are evalu-

passion for seeing the interest in the intramurals by students of the college. One of Henry’s favorite things about the intramurals as one of her employees/ assistant, Mike Desmond put it, is to see the diversity within the program. The diversity runs much farther than that of race, but includes social diversity as well. Participants of different backgrounds and different athletic abilities can choose from a variety of activities to take part in. When asked, Desmond said “The diversity is very good, there are different activities Senior Kayla Flynn of the Women’s Tennis team shows off her award. Lyndon State honored its fall athletes last night in ASAC 100. The fall banquet included dinner and an award ceremony for all participating fall athletes. Flynn received the Lyndon State Women’s Tennis team MVP award for her performance this season.

them best.

tra-curricular activities at Lyndon State

The program is run by Susan Henry,

Photo by Bryan Barber

choose from what activity or sport suits

for people to participate in such as Yoga, Wallyball, [etc.]” Desmond mentioned the most popular sports are basketball and indoor soccer, but any participant may

ated on a case to case basis.” There is no set punishment for certain infractions. Punishments are subject to many conditions. According to Desmond, a disadvantage of the department is the communication between staff. The intramural staff consists mainly of work-study or direct hire students to referee or serve as officials, as well as keeping time, score, and stats. However, schedules are not set, and are coordinated by text or email, a system that could use some improvement.

The intramural program has long

been a facet of student life. It is a great way for students to get out, and be able to enjoy themselves athletically, as well as get in physical activity.

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