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The impact of HostGator promo code on your hosting budget The HostGator promo code is an excellent discount offer and one that is going to save alot of money from your hosting budget. Let's say you are looking to start an eCommercewebsite. You have a web designer who has designed and developed the using PHP andMySQL. What you need now is a Linux hosting account that has a MySQL and PHPsupport. You will also need GD library, ftp account, and a MySQL administration toolsuch as phpmyadmin, a server management tool such as Cpanel or plesk and of course ashell access to your server to do SSH. If your web designer has already a given you somesuggestions as to which hosting provider to approach, you have literally no choice.Let's say you are free to look around and you are shopping for a reliable hostingcompany; what would your selection criteria be? Of course the first thing that you wouldneed is the availability of all the above requirements. Apart from that, you would alsoneed a good amount of bandwidth, domain and email support. Most of the good serverhosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth along with the ability to host multipledomains and maintain multiple email accounts under a single account. If your providerdoes not offer that, simply walk away. Scalability and future requirements may force youto buy additional domains and or create additional email accounts for new stuff joiningin. If your hosting provider does not allow that, the growth of your business will becurtailed.Price is a very important consideration. With leading hosting providers charging a lotof money, the HostGator promo code offer gives you a flat 25% discount for anyhosting plan that you choose and for any commitment. This is truly one that brings theaffordability of HostGator's hosting solution to small enterprises who would otherwisego for much cheaper and yet unreliable hosting accounts. Thanks to the affordability ofHostGator through the HostGator promo code, clients now prefer HostGator more thanany other hosting provider.What does the HostGator promo code mean for you? If you are looking for a Linuxhosting account which ensures that you can use a wide variety of open source scripts andapps, then HostGator has the perfect selection of hosting accounts for you. Apart fromsaving a lot of money using open source applications you will now be able to save anadditional 25% using the HostGator Coupon.Reliability is a major issue for most users and that is in effect one area that HostGatorhas really cut a niche for them. With more than a decade of successful business inthe hosting sector along with millions of successful hosted domains under their belt,reliability is never a question with them. Along with that, they have a customer focuseddedicated support team always trying to resolve any issues at the earliest. Over all thesecombinations make HostGator one of the best hosting providers that you can look into foryour needs.

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The impact of HostGator promo code on your hosting budget