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User Manual

Click Install and Open

User Manual

Click the Arrow

User Manual

Please Read and Accept terms and conditions then click next

User Manual

Enter your Msacco mobile number and Submit

Click Done

Virtual Registration If you are Not Registered after Submitting , Click okay

Enter your national ID

Virtual Registration

Select Sacco of your Choice and Click Okay

Virtual Registration Completed

Getting Started If you are member of a Sacco, enter you mobile number

Select your Sacco, okay.

Getting Started Wait for Automatic Verification

Verified Successful , enter your Pin

Theme Setting

Loan Calculator

Menu Open Drawer Menu

Choosing default Account Click the arrow to select default transacting account

Account Balance

Account info

Transact Transact Menu

Airtime and Others Airtime



Nairobi County Nairobi County

Loan Application


Loan Menu Select Loan Type

Deposit to Account Deposit to Account

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