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Respect - Empower - Include Win


2012 Synergy Re-fresh

Empowerment Year

Shift From The Word RECESSION

To Empower The Word JOY

“Let us work toward a time when everything gives us joy” MAYA


Identify and isolate coreLIMITING beliefs that are no longer serving us and take their power away

Shift From Problems To Solutions • Problem Focused • Recession Mindset • The Past Disappointment • Material Loss

• Solutions Focused • JOY Mindset • The Future Opportunity • Wisdom Gained

We Are Making $20,000. A Month $1000.00 a day on creative products we controle

We Are Focused Living Our JOY

We Are Leading With Creativity

Lead Goals With Why • We are making $20,000. a month being creative and inspiring others to do the same • We are using our creativity to allow others to access their JOY • We believe in our creativity • Due to the uniqueness of our work we have no competition • Clients need our creativity to feel JOY • JOY is in everything we do

Vision GAP • We are making $240,000. in 2012 using all of our creativity at JOY Pop-up Events? • Our Vision Gap is empowered using the internet. • Our vision Gap is a 600% increase over 2011?

Strategy • • • • • •

We are integrate the internet into everything we do Make the web the hub of our operation - data base Integrate everything in our organization to the Internet - Infuse Social Media Be Grassroots - what is the customer interested in let people tell their story Create connection Big Small - every connection customer counts Integrate the TEAM - Employees - Vendors Support Staff - Management - Marketing Sales - Customers

Tactics 12 Differencing Tactics To Create Buz - Understand Stat 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Centralized Database [most important investment] every touch point coming to one place - what is your email address - Everywhere you go who are you - how can I connect with you - what do you want? Tool to identify where you are in the buying / selling relationship process. CRM [customer relationship management] integrated into entire organization. Every customer or person who you are in contact with to be put in database [centralized cloud]. Social Network [leverage] create touch point on a daily bases - [hundreds out-there] most important linked in, flicke, facebook, YouTube, - enroll customers to spread the word about you. You Tube = relevant content No transaction is to small Targeted email to generate profit with the proper message example 1billion email messages / 7000 messages A self managed social network can be successful if it fills a void. How can you use Social Media to plan / create events. How can customers sell for you? Mobil Apps - anytime / anywhere - donate / share / role-out twitter - micro blogging daily connection point - When transactions are expected don’t give the consumer any reason not to buy.

2012 Joy Of Business Re-fresh  

Unlock your JOY in your business

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