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Greetings! On behalf of the Core Fitness Team and myself I would like to welcome you to the Core Report. Inside you will find lots of useful information about Core Fitness, its staff, its clients, our community involvement, as well as the education and services we provide. Come see what makes us the best and separates us from the rest. Welcome to our family!



Dustin Thibodeaux

The time of year we all seem to dread is spring. Why? It’s allergy season. Instead of being able to enjoy the warming temperatures and blooming flowers, many people are filling themselves with meds trying to over come runny noses and sinuous headaches. What most of us don’t realize is that the pollen and molds in the air that we blame for our troubles, may not be the culprit. These are just the straws that broke the camel’s back. Our immune system is in a constant battle trying to keep us alive and healthy. 75 to 85 percent of what we know as the immune system is actually the gut and the bacteria fauna within the gut. The reason is because most of the external toxins and parasites we come in contact with enter the body through our mouths and digestive systems. So my question is: “Is your food making you sick?” Here are just a few of the foods which may be taking their toll on our bodies. 1. Gluten: gluten is a chemical found in grains such as Wheat and Oats. Gluten is an enzyme that protects the grain from pest before the grain has sprouted. The majority of the world’s population has a gluten intolerance. Continued exposure to gluten can cause major inflammation and degeneration of the gut and gut fauna, killing the immune system and it ability to keep us healthy.

2. Pasteurized Dairy: Pasteurized Dairy or Cooked Dairy can be and is very allergenic to many people. The pasteurization process was intended to kill off the harmful bacteria in the milk (from unsanitary conditions at the milking farms). What it also does is break down and denature all the naturally good bacteria, enzymes, and vitamins. The body knows what to do with the whole parts of these bacteria, enzymes, and vitamins; but when it encounters the cooked particles it reacts with an allergic response.

3. Corn and Soy: The majority (90%to 98%) of the world’s Corn and Soy crop is GMO (genetically modified). They have been genetically engineered to produce more starch (sugar), take more sprayings with herbicides and pesticides, and have longer storage lives. Because of this Corn and Soy are extremely toxic to the body. Our digestive systems and Liver have fits trying to break them down and detox them once ingested. And again, this causes an allergic response, inflammation, and degeneration of the gut and gut fauna, practically killing our immune system.

So, if you are having allergy troubles, issues with weight, or just want to feel more healthy; my challenge to you would be to eliminate these four foods; Gluten, Corn, Soy, and Pasteurized Dairy, and see how much better you feel. Remember "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Confucius: 551 BC - 479 BC , May this be your first steps. Best of Health, Love and Luck




MEET THE TEAM Core Fitness is a 7,000 square foot corrective, functional exercise facility located in The Woodlands, Texas. It was created with one goal in mind – YOUR SUCCESS! We pride ourselves on providing the best service and trainers in the area. We offer various methods of training, massage therapy and yoga. Each member of our staff is trained through the CHEK Institute and Paul St. John’s Neurosomatic Educators. We eliminate all barriers through our unique assessments that take into account all aspects of health. As a result we are able to provide you with a comprehensive and easy to follow program that is specifically tailored to you. Where others have failed, we will succeed. We urge you to come see us. We are at your service. We are Core Fitness! Welcome to our family.





John Griffin


When one hears the word posture, a variety of ideas come to mind. Some of you might think of your elders telling you to sit up straight or to not slouch. Also, you might remember seeing black and white videos of people walking around with a book on their head. Or, if you have been to the doctor or a chiropractor, then you might have been told you have a postural deviation that is related to your pain or condition. What is posture? Most dictionaries have various definitions however; all say the same thing in different words: posture is the position of the limbs and how the body is carried as a whole. Paul Chek defines posture as the position from which all movement begins and ends. Posture is divided into two types: static and dynamic. Static posture occurs when the body isn’t moving, i.e.: standing, lying or sitting still. Dynamic posture occurs when all or parts of the body are moving. Our posture is affected by many internal and external stressors. Our body adapts our posture as a result of these stressors. Your posture is a direct reflection of the stressors your body encounters. Some of these stressors may appear in the form of repetitive movements, sitting in the same position day in and day out, injuries sustained earlier or recently in life, or even from what you eat. Eventually, these stressors can cause your body to move out of alignment and triggers dysfunction in other systems of your body. When this happens, our body either adapts or produces pain if it can’t. Unfortunately we don’t think to address these issues until we become suddenly injured. This injury is a direct result of our bodies moving out of alignment over time. Some of the things that poor posture affects, but are not limited to include: poor breathing, headaches, improper digestion, pain both dull and acute, lack of energy because the muscles in the body are having to work overtime to hold the body upright, weight gain due to the increase in stress your body is having to adapt to, low quality of sleep as a result of the pain or the increase in stress, nagging, recurring or debilitating injuries, etc. The bottom line is this: When we are properly aligned our bodies function in an efficient manner. You will be amazed at how well you will feel when your posture is in balance.



At Core Fitness , well trained fitness professionals conduct a full body postural assessment to determine a plan of action to address postural issues. Refer to this article and your assessment is free. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to heal. In Health, Happiness and Qi!




LISA BEARD in As seen09’s May 20e of Issu G LIVIN ne Magazi

It is hard to believe over a year has passed since our boys began working with the Fitness Professionals at Core Fitness. Under the careful guidance of Dustin Thibodeaux and Jeremiah Martin, both of our sons have improved dramatically in strength, agility and speed. They are now able to compete at a substantially higher level in whatever sport they choose. Our sons truly enjoy their time at Core Fitness. From the moment they walk in the door and are greeted with warm friendly smiles and words of encouragement, through the intense but satisfying workouts that have been specifically geared to meet their individual needs. Our sons may leave their workout sessions tired and sweaty, but they always have a smile on their faces and feel true sense of accomplishment! Kudos to all of the staff at Core Fitness for making such a positive difference in the lives of our boys! At ages 7 years and 9 years, they are much more confident and able in all sport-related activities, and as their parents, my husband and I can see where that newfound confidence has trickled into every aspect of their lives. What more could a parent ask for?!?


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