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The Devon Way What is it that makes Devon Outdoor Furniture stand out from the rest? We think the innovation and design speaks for itself. Behind that you’ll find the best raw materials, sourced from around the world, leading edge construction techniques that cut no corners, and the most important of all – a passion for outdoor living we bring to every piece of furniture made.

outdoor living

Our Mission To become the most well respected and recognised premium outdoor furniture brand in Australia and New Zealand.

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Chris Currie

Managing Director

Simon Greenaway Product Development

John Smith

Marketing & Sales Manager

Phil Deck

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outdoor living

Factory Partnerships Exclusive agreements with our manufacturing partners ensure we use only the most reputable


and well-equipped factories for the production of Devon Outdoor furniture. By maintaining a permanent presence at these facilities, Devon can control quality, products are tracked from order placement, to approved


sample, to final delivery.



Quality Assurance • Devon maintains in-house quality control for all factories and assures goods meet customer demands. • We implement requisite quality standards, monitor pilot production online, work with suppliers to improve production. • Troubleshoot any unforeseen production issues, test components and/ or products upon request, link back to merchandiser & customer to make correct valuations as production proceeds. • Final control procedures to ensure saleable product at delivery and file interim & final QC reports.

outdoor living

Design Our in-house design team are constantly developing new ideas for the Devon Outdoor Furniture range. We pride ourselves on our outstanding market research & development, with a focus on current design trends, innovations and technological advances.

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We source high quality componentry from all over the world For example, for our current outdoor ranges we source: • Rehau weave using German technology • Batyline mesh from Ferrari in France • Fabrics from France and the US • Abet compact laminate from Italy • Contoured, wire brushed & fine sanded plantation teaks • 304 stainless steel for all framing and componentry • Quick Dry Foam for cushion inserts

Doing business the right way Social accountability is an important part of our business. We have ethical practices in place throughout all our divisions especially Devon Outdoor Furniture.

Experienced in FSC, TFT and VLO Certification requirements

outdoor living

outdoor living

2014/2015 Devon Outdoor Collection The 2014/2015 collection includes classic Devon settings such as the Porter, Fatboy and Classic. All come in a range of sizes with the Classic available in both teak and kwila. Couper, Lynfield, Manning and Claris teak tables have been hugely popular and we’ve added some new contempory designs that use black powder coated steel which contrasts well with the honey colour of the solid teak.

outdoor living

Flexibility This years collection is all about flexibility. Mix and match tables, chairs and benches and choose your favorite fabric colour to create a setting that best suits you and your space.

outdoor living

Marketing Support Authorised Devon stockists are supported with a range of tools and support Copy needed

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Devon 2014 d1