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Garden Playmat

Sea World Playmat

Farm Carry Bag

Flowers, bugs and bees filled with rattles adorn the padded cotton playmat which, when the sides are tied up, forms a Rest Nest to keep baby safe. Washable. 70cm x 50cm x 24cm high.

The sides of this fantastic padded cotton playmat tie up to form a Rest Nest to stop baby from rolling off the mat. Most of the sea creatures have rattles and squeakers to catch baby’s attention. Washable. 70cm x 50cm x 24cm high.

The farmhand and his five animals that live in the bright farmhouse bag will give great scope for imaginative play. 15 x 8 x 16cm high.

CH07 - £60.00

CH40 - £28.00

Tip-Up Truck with 8 Animals These delightful fabric animals are guaranteed a soft landing when the truck tips up its load! Animals may vary. 30 x 11 x 12cm.

CH17 - £28.00

CH06 - £60.00 2

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Cat Pyjama Case This mother cat keeps her kittens safe inside her apron and looks after your nightwear at the same time! Available in blue or pink gingham. 45cm high.

CH46 - £25.00

Dolls’ House Bag

Tractor and Trailer

A charming family of four soft figures who can be easily transported in the bag, which doubles up as a fun dolls’ house! 16 x 8 x 17cm high.

A beautifully designed tractor complete with detachable trailer full of interesting animals to remove and use for independent play bound to keep babies occupied for hours! 33 x 16 x 18cm high.

CH10 - £28.00

CH31 - £28.00

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Unusual and Unique Our toys are unusual and unique. All made in soft cotton, they are beautifully made and the attention to detail is second to none.

Music Box

Cotton Shoe Bag

Basket with 8 Animals

All the instruments the budding musician will need, neatly packed inside the colourful drum. Each one makes a gentle sound to stimulate the young mind. 10cm high x 17cm diameter.

Brighten up the locker room or bedroom with one of these colourful bags with contrast drawstrings. Ideal for school, dancing class and other hobbies that involve a change of footwear. Available in deep pink, mauve, pale green, pale pink and blue. 25cm x 40cm.

A portable zoo! This colourful collection of easy to hold fabric animals comes beautifully displayed in a woven basket. Basket colours and animals may vary. Choose from a Pastel, or Primary coloured Basket and Animals. 15 x 15 x 26cm high.

CH25 - £30.00

CH34 - £30.00

SB - £6.00 4

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Fishing Basket

Dress-up Doll

Boys and girls love to play at fishing and this beautifully crafted fishing basket is the ideal thing for the job. A variety of sea creatures and a handy magnetic rod are contained in the basket with a handle - ideal for take-along play. 25cm high x 15cm diameter.

A dress for any occasion! This little miss carries a shirt and trousers and a sleeping suit in her backpack. Available in pink/mauve and red/ blue. 22cm high.

CH36/P - £17.00

CH13 - £28.00

Bag of 6 Blocks

Ring Rattle

Stack up the blocks and knock them down to hear the delightful jingle of the bells hidden inside. Soft, safe and easy to store in the tailor-made bag. 23 x 8 x 16cm.

A pretty butterfly embroidered on the soft cotton rattle makes the perfect present for a newborn baby. Available in pink or blue check. Ring 6cm diameter.

CH108 - £20.00

CH35 - £7.00

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Noughts and Crosses This is a novel slant on an old game – travelling Noughts and Crosses. Fabric counters attach with Velcro onto a board and are stored in a pocket when not in use. It all folds into a brightly-coloured bag for storage. Choose from flower and butterflies or crabs and fish. 40x24cm open (20x24cm closed).

CH37 - £15.00

Basket with Rabbit Family A magical gift for bunny lovers at any time of the year but especially perfect at Easter, this cleverly woven basket features two parents, two teenagers and two babies! Available in pink or blue gingham. 11 x 11 x 20cm high.

CH44 - £22.00


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Christmas Stocking

Christmas Sack

Medical Case

Activity Rings

Hang it up empty on Christmas Eve and see if it’s full in the morning! Can be used year after year for seasonal surprises. 40 x 24 x 60cm.

Unlike the plastic sacks often used today, this quality Sack can be used year after year. Hang on a door or at the bottom of a bed and wait and see what Santa puts in it! 80 x 50cm.

This is just the toy for playing ‘doctors and nurses’. The patient will surely improve when treated with all these instruments carried in the smart case. 12cm x 12cm x 20cm.

Fasten with a Velcro strip to a cot, chair, car seat or pushchair. The activity pieces feature an assortment of hidden noises for youngsters to discover.

CH100 - £15.00

CH05 - 35.00

CH62 Minibeasts, Animals or CH110 Transport £12.00 each

CH101 - £15.00

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What our customers say...! “Just wanted to say thank you so much for such brilliant service, the mobile is great and arrived so speedily. If only all online shopping was this easy with good quality merchandise the end of it.” – Jo “Great, thanks so much, really appreciate your help and we ordered the same toys for my little boy and we love them so much!” – Paula “Thank you so much for the fabulous bag which was admired by both parents and teachers when Max took it to school today. And thank you so much also for going to all the effort of trying to get it to me.” – Nicole


Humpty Dumpty Rattle Everyone’s favourite egghead happily sits floppy-limbed on a shelf or bedside but this Humpty doesn’t break into pieces if he falls! Available in Pastel or Primary colourways. 19cm high.

CH43 - £18.00

Doll In Carry Cot

Swimming Bag

Hush a bye baby...! This adorable soft doll is ideal for tiny hands to hug and hold. Available in pink or blue gingham. 21 x 12 x 1cm high.

Plastic-lined drawstring bag to carry the wet swimming togs. When the drawstrings are pulled up, the bag can be carried as a backpack. There is a zip pocket for holding bits and pieces. Available in red, royal blue and pink with contrasting colour drawstrings. 40 x 45 cm

CH114 - £18.00

CH54 - £14

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Shopping Bag and Play Food This lovely shopping bag has everything that would be found on a trip to the shops with mum. Eight pieces of groceries and fresh produce (crafted in cotton) and a coin purse are contained in the soft bag. 22cm x 8cm x 18cm high.

CH19 - £28.00

Ball with Bell This classic child’s first ball includes a hidden bell to encourage crawling and simple catching. 12cm diameter.

CH04 - £8.00

Set of Skittles in a Bag

Towelling Bibs

A great first set of skittles for young toddlers as there is no danger of anything getting broken or anybody hurt! The soft fabric skittles come in a mix of red and navy gingham, and have gently weighted “beany” bottoms to help them stand. Once play is over the skittles and the two supplied balls pack away tidily into the fabric bag.

Made in the softest terry towelling for maximum comfort, this set of 3 primary-coloured bibs have a Velcro fastening to make fitting them on to your baby as easy as possible. Designs may vary.

CH72 - £10.00 for 3

CH16 - £20.00

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The Big Bag Personalised! (Left) A versatile storage solution for the bedroom or playroom, this big square bag with contrasting panels is deep enough to hold countless toys, but not so large that your child can’t reach what they want! Available in your choice of a Pastel or Primary colour combination. 40cm x 40cm x 40cm.

Catch-All Bag (Above)

Dress-up Doll

Open flat for use as a play mat then when play is over you pull the cord together to form a bag to store all those easily lost bits and pieces. Ingeniously simple but amazingly effective! Choose from Royal Blue, Red and Pink with contrasting drawstring. 1m in diameter.

Travelling light! This little doll carries a red checked dress and a sleeping suit in her backpack. Available in pink/mauve and red/ blue. 22cm high.

CH36/R - £17.00

CH24 - £14.00

CH52 - £30.00 10

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Safari Train

Animal Taxi Cab

All aboard the colourful animal train with its teddy driver and 6 animal passengers. The engine with two carriages makes the perfect first train for any baby or toddler and will not mark the furniture! 15 x 15 x 40cm.

A perfect soft toy for take-along play. Six different animals tuck inside the cab which has a handle on the roof for easy transportation. 27 x 17 x 15cm

CH104 - £35.00

Basket of 3 Teddies

Tool Kit

This trio of teddies fit snugly into their fabric basket making them ideal travelling companions for any child. Available in pretty pastel pink and mauve, or bold primary red and blue combinations. 10cm diameter x 15cm high.

Just the kit for helping with those DIY jobs. Hammer, saw, spanner and a screwdriver are all the right size for small hands - as are the gloves! 10cm x 10cm x 20cm.

CH51 - £30.00

CH22 - £30.00

CH113 - £18.00

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Teddy & Rabbit Rattle

Rag Doll

Chickens in a Basket

Rabbit Pyjama Case

Little fingers can easily grasp the handle of the rattle made of soft cotton. Available in pink or blue check. 15cm high.

She is just so lovable! She is soft and pretty and will soon become a firm friend. 22cm high.

Three little chicks sit on a clutch of eggs (each with a rattle) in a ‘nest’ with a handle. Perfect for takealong play. 14cm x 14cm x 20cm high.

The mother rabbit not only looks after her babies tucked inside her apron but keeps your nightwear safe as well! Babies are removable. Available in blue or pink gingham. 45cm high.

Teddy - CH42 - £7.00 Rabbit - CH45 - £7.00


CH32 - £12.00

CH27 - £20.00

CH02 - £25.00

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Doll In Carry Cot Hush a bye baby...! This adorable soft doll is ideal for tiny hands to hug and hold. Available in pink or blue gingham. 21 x 12 x 15cm high.

CH114 - £18.00

Sheep Pyjama Case

Cotton Laundry Bag

Keep pyjamas tidy in this cuddly sheep which can make a cushion too. 35cm x 30cm.

Encourage the picking up of those dirty socks off the floor and put them in one of these brightly coloured bags with contrasting drawstrings. Available in deep pink, mauve, pale green, pale pink and blue. 75cm x 50cm.

CH20 - £25.00

LB - £8.00

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Your Guarantee We are sure you will be delighted with your purchase. However, if you are not completely satisfied you may return your goods within 14 days, in original packaging for a full refund or exchange. Please ensure you enclose a note of your name and address with any returned goods. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returned personalised items.

Sunflower Height Chart This generously proportioned padded height chart will bring a taste of summer into the bedroom all year round. Supplied with a pair of moveable butterflies to track the growth of up to two children in the family. Choose from pastel or primary colours.

CH99 - £35.00

Personalised Items Certain items throughout the catalogue can be embroidered with a person’s name. These products are marked with a badge. When ordering items for personalisation, please specify the name clearly on the order form. Please allow 14 days.

If you have any questions regarding our Personalisation Service please call and we will be happy to help.


Advent Calendar A hand-made teddy can be hung on the tree for twenty-four days before Christmas. Beautifully made in red and green felt, this Advent calendar can be used year after year. 50cm x 40cm.

WHAC - £30.00

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Rocket Pyjama Case Ready for take-off! Pyjamas can be stowed in the rocket with its attendant astronaut. 50cm x 30cm.

CH23 - £22.00

Calendar Wall Chart

Counting Wall Chart

This fabric wall calendar is second to none in quality and detail. Children will love to learn how to tell the time and work out which day and date it is. There is even a section for weather which will promote excellent discussions about the world around them. Available in red or blue. 54cm x 40cm.

Learning to count has never been so much fun and this luxury wall chart has to be seen to be believed for its attention to detail. Each number and shape is hand-made for a truly realistic look. Every playroom or children’s bedroom should have one. Available in red or blue. 64cm x 40cm.

WHCA - £30.00

WHCO - £35.00

Rocket Height Chart Reach for the starts and see just how quickly you are growing up with this delightful padded height chart. And the pair of moveable stars means you can track the growth of two siblings at any time. Generously sized at 138 x 25cm, this chart will take a child from standing alone through to early school years.

CH102 - £25.00

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Mobiles The colour and movement of mobiles will attract your baby’s attention and encourage sensory awareness. They not only aid visual development but look good as well. If a mobile is hung over a cot, it should be removed once the baby can reach it but we think it will look equally nice as a focal point in a corner or above a changing unit.




Chicken Farm


Baby’s eye view!

CH15 - £20.00

CH03 - £20.00

CH01 - £22.00

Pink, blue checks or primary colours.

CH115/B - £20.00


CH15 - £20.00

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CH81 - £20.00

CH21 - £20.00

CH30 - £20.00

Pink checks, pastel or primary colours.

CH66 - £20.00

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Hearts & Flowers

Farm Animals




CH47 - £20.00

CH41/D - £20.00

CH57 - £20.00

Pink or blue checks.

Pink or blue checks.

CH76 - £20.00

CH11 - £20.00

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