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We understand viral marketing strategies and how best to implement proven tactics in order to maximize your online brand awareness.

Video Content Production YouTube Seeding Video Optimization Search Engine Optimization

Web-Design Targeted Online Ads Online Press Releases Social Media Marketing

We have the resources and experience to produce high quality video content in-house, such as this Lady Gaga performance. Our team of industry professionals can carry your video from the early stages of just an idea in development, through to post production and on to web-optimization, making a unique “one-stop shop� for creating and marketing your online video content.

Creating compelling and quality video content is crucial to any viral marketing campaign, since videos show up in nearly half of all online search results and have a higher click-through rate than other forms of advertising, but unless your video is optimized it might never be found by your potential costumers. Also, YouTube seeding can make your chances of going viral exponentially higher, since you are otherwise competing with the other 48 hours worth of content that’s uploaded to YouTube every minute. We can guarantee targeted views to any video content, and can therefor get your video on the “YouTube Honors” page, which itself can generate hundreds of thousands of organic views.

Social Media Marketing We can create blogs, promotions, articles and conversations to post online to social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and online directories to maintain a positive brand image while developing a conversation with your consumer base. Developing and maintaining relevance on social sites also helps link building and is an important supplement to SEO campaigns.

SEO & Web Design Our unique partnerships with leading SEO experts gives advantage over other online marketing companies.


We research your core demographics and write to relevant companies, blogs and websites on your behalf in order to link sites to yours to drive more traffic and cross-branding, along with improving your website’s internal linking to ensure it shows up in online search results. Here’s a recent article written by one of our colleagues about the importance of properly utilizing all of these various strategies when considering a SEO proposal:

We research your core demographics and use targeted advertisements (purchase-based, contextual, demographic, behavioral, and geographic) to drive more traffic back to your website.

We can gain further exposure by utilizing professionally written online press releases, which can help your brand gain major attention from journalists and bloggers, who can then further share your voice and brand image.

Summary Expand and improve your company’s online brand identity and reputation, and engage consumers in an interactive conversation.

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