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50 BUSINESS EDUCATION BIOL 497 Z – Research Seminar, 4 credits. E1. A directed-research course taught in the style of a graduate school seminar. Students propose, plan and conduct original research, read primary literature, evaluate data and prepare results for presentation. Research integrates multiple science disciplines and encourages development of independent and collaborative research skills. Additional techniques and related topics are discussed. Prerequisites: BIOL 221 – Ecology, BIOL 222 – Genetics and Molecular Biology, CHEM 128 – General Chemistry II and permission of instructor

Business Education An Interdisciplinary Teacher Education Program – also see Business, Offutt School of – also see Education

Programs offered

• Major in Business Education (40 credits plus 32 credits in education)


Darrell W. Stolle, committee chair Linda C. Keup This interdisciplinary major prepares students to be recommended by the Concordia College department of education for Minnesota licensure to teach business in grades 5-12. To be eligible to complete this major, the student must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program. (See education pages for program information and course descriptions.)

Major in Business Education The requirements for a major in business education are 40 credits plus 32 credits in education: • ACCT 255 – Principles of Financial Accounting, 4 credits • ACCT 256 – Principles of Managerial Accounting, 4 credits • BUS 201 – Principles of Global Economics, 4 credits • CSC 104 – Software Applications, 4 credits • BUSN 303 – Managerial Finance, 3 credits • ENG 316 – Business Writing, 4 credits • BUSN 339 – Principles of Management and Leadership, 3 credits • BUSN 351 – Principles of Marketing and Sales, 3 credits • BUS 262 – Introduction to Business Law, 4 credits • BUSN 315 – Management Information Systems, 3 credits • EDUC 299 – Keyboard Proficiency, 0 credits • EDUC 373 – Methods of Teaching In Business Education, 4 credits • Successful completion of the secondary/K-12 required coursework (see Education: Coursework in Secondary/K-12 Education)

Business, Offutt School of Programs offered

• Major in Accounting (64-94 credits) Concentrations: – General Accounting – Accounting and Finance – Public Accountancy • Major in Business (58-67 credits) Concentrations: – Economics – Finance – Healthcare Administration – Healthcare Financial Management (with certificate) – Healthcare Leadership (with certificate) – Long-Term Care Administration (with certificate) – Management Information Systems – Marketing – Organizational Leadership • Major in International Business, an interdisciplinary program (82 credits) • Major in Mathematical Finance, an interdisciplinary program (62 credits) • Minor in Business (18 to 20 credits) • Minor in Computer Science (24 credits)


A. Greg Cant, dean Bruce C. Anderson, associate dean and director of healthcare administration program Daniel V. Anderson, director, long-term care administration and healthcare financial management programs Susan Geib Abhijit Ghosh Lynn P. Gonzalez Hanna B. Hartman Maggie D. Jorgenson Albert Kagan, director, Business Research Center Ahmed M. Kamel Linda C. Keup Christopher J. Mason Faith W. Ngunjiri, director, Lorentzsen Center for Faith and Work Stephen Ronstrom, director, Center for Healthcare Leadership Scot A. Stradley, advisor, Omicron Delta Epsilon Odile J. Streed, director, international business program Daniel J. Thureen Ronald G. Twedt Andrea Van Winkle The cornerstone of the Offutt School of Business curriculum is the integration of four critical perspectives across the business curriculum: leadership development, ethical decision-making, entrepreneurial perspective and global perspective. While many business schools adopt a vocational or technical approach, the Offutt School experience is grounded in a rich liberal education tradition. Because of its emphasis on integration of multidisciplinary learning, a liberal arts education

Academic Catalog 2013-14  
Academic Catalog 2013-14  

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