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year round, student DJs present live programming during the academic year at a variety of times throughout the day and evening. KORD’s informative and entertaining programs, including college rock radio and other musical and talkoriented formats, can be heard online via live streaming and in all the residence halls through the campus cable TV system.

worship services in congregations. Community teams volunteer at local detention centers, nursing homes and homeless shelters.


Even this list of activities cannot describe the lively interaction of individuals and groups working together to grow in faith and live out their calling in service.

The Concordia Theatre produces up to seven plays a year, four on the Frances Frazier Comstock Theatre Main Stage and three in the Lab Theatre. Main Stage shows range from annual musicals such as “Guys and Dolls” and “Fiddler on the Roof” to dramas by Ibsen and comedies by Shakespeare. Advanced students with a vocational interest in theatre have the opportunity to write or adapt, produce and direct plays as part of the Lab Theatre program. All students, regardless of academic major or amount of experience in the theatre, are invited to contribute and develop their talents as actors, singers and dancers; set, light and costume designers; and house, business and publicity managers.

LEARNING THROUGH COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Campus Ministry Concordia, as a college of the ELCA, takes seriously a life of worship, faith development and service. The mission of the college is given voice and experienced in the daily rhythm of life for faculty, administration, staff and students. Concordia’s ministry team provides leadership and guidance for worship and other religious practice on campus. It is also available to assist with personal, psychological, spiritual and vocational discernment. Worship: A variety of worship experiences are available to students, staff and faculty: • Chapel services are at 9:50 a.m. Monday through Thursday. It is a time set aside for the Concordia community to gather and worship together. Students, staff and faculty, Concordia’s choral and instrumental ensembles, Campus Ministry’s own worship bands, and many outside speakers all bring their gifts to enrich the worship. • Wednesday Evening Communion, a focal point of the week, provides a time for word and sacrament, celebration, meditation, music and fellowship. • Sunday Night at Concordia is a contemporary, student-led worship service at 9 p.m. every Sunday in the Centrum. • Tabernacle is an informal, student-led gathering that celebrates worship camp-style at 9 p.m. every Thursday. • Sunday morning worship services are held on special occasions. We encourage students to be involved in local congregations where they can attend worship, teach Sunday school, work with youth groups, sing in choirs and serve as organists. Religious activities: Students take the lead in organizing a wide spectrum of opportunities for fellowship and service in many organizations and activities. The Campus Ministry Commission, an arm of Student Government Association, brings together a cluster of these committees. Student leaders assist with worship, plan gatherings, and organize major fund drives or special theme weeks. Many students volunteer at local shelters for the homeless or other social ministry sites. The Campus Habitat for Humanity Chapter and Justice Journeys groups send almost 200 students out around the country and globe to learn about justice and serve in a variety of ways during spring break and at other times of the year. These groups also plan local activities. Our Outreach Teams, involving nearly 150 students, minister to the FargoMoorhead area and the larger region. Traveling teams lead youth lock-ins and

Other on-campus ministry groups provide an opportunity for fellowship and study. Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Campus Bible Studies and Social Justice are some of the groups involved in Campus Ministry Commission.

Forum on Faith and Life The Forum on Faith and Life, an expression of the college mission, has three primary goals: • facilitate thoughtful and informed reflection in community on issues of ultimacy regarding faith and life • create opportunities for genuine encounter and dialogue with the intrafaith and interfaith neighbor • foster a deeper, more compassionate understanding of one another across traditional boundaries Every academic year, the Forum on Faith and Life also selects two students to serve as Interfaith Scholars. The Interfaith Scholars receive a fellowship for their service and are responsible for helping the director of the Forum and the college’s Better Together Interfaith Alliance student group to design and implement interfaith programming both on campus and in the greater community. For more information, please contact Dr. Jacqueline Bussie, director of the Forum on Faith and Life, at or (218) 299-3482.

Sustainability The Sustainability Vision affirms that “Concordia College will embrace a concern for sustainability that is rooted in the responsibility to ensure the environmental, economic, and social health of the college and of our global community.” Concordia College is a member of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System (STARS), a comprehensive self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. There are numerous avenues for students to get involved with sustainability at Concordia, including coursework, events, service-learning, capstone opportunities, and through internships both on and off campus, including summer internships with Concordia’s organic garden. The EcoHouse is a living-learning home for students dedicated to innovation and exploration. Residents work collaboratively with campus, neighborhood, and community members to explore and showcase sustainable living. Eco-Representatives is a program of Residence Life that seeks to support student leaders, and to invite all students to engage with issues related to sustainability and practice it together in the residence halls. Cornucopia organic garden is located in green space east of the campus townhouses and provides a diverse selection of vegetables and herbs for Dining Services, farmers’ markets, and the community. It serves as a model for urban gardening projects, providing education for both Concordia students and the community — including local children and schools. For more information contact Kristin Brethova, sustainability coordinator, at or (218)299-3071, or visit

Vocation and Church Leadership The Office of Vocation and Church Leadership serves: • To publicly offer voice and witness to the college’s mission and identity. • To create and nurture an intentional climate for vocational reflection and discernment, within and beyond the college community. • To convene and attend to relationships the college has with ELCA churchwide leadership, ELCA Synod leadership, ELCA congregations, ELCA social ministry

Academic Catalog 2013-14  

2013-14 Concordia College Catalog | June 2013, Volume III

Academic Catalog 2013-14  

2013-14 Concordia College Catalog | June 2013, Volume III