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Norwegian and Scandinavian Studies An Interdisciplinary Program – also see Business, Offutt School of – also see Education – also see Global Studies – also see World Languages and Cultures

Programs offered

• Major in Scandinavian Studies (36 credits) • Minor in Scandinavian Studies (20 credits) • Minor in Norwegian (20 credits) • Major in Scandinavian Studies with Norwegian Education (36 credits plus 36 credits in education) • World Languages add-on endorsement for Elementary Education majors (see education) (24 credits) The mission of the Norwegian and Scandinavian studies program is to promote a firm foundation of Norwegian language and culture, and the Nordic region at large. Students gain insight and responsibly engage in how Scandinavian countries make a difference in the political, economical, environmental and cultural arenas in the world. The Norwegian and Scandinavian studies program provides learning experiences that prepare students to achieve the following outcomes: • Communicate competently in Norwegian, in both the spoken and written language, within a cultural context. • Demonstrate knowledge in at least two of the following areas: literature, history, culture, and society of the Nordic region. • Demonstrate an understanding of the factors that unite and divide the nations and peoples of the Nordic region. • Engage in thoughtful and informed dialogue about how the nations and peoples of the Nordic region influence the affairs of the world within the broader global context. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows students to choose the right track for them: a major or minor in Scandinavian studies, a minor in Norwegian, a major in global studies with a concentration in Scandinavian studies, a major combined with Scandinavian studies, or a major in elementary education with an add-on Norwegian language and culture endorsement license. The strength of the Norwegian and Scandinavian studies program is the ability to work with students individually in finding the best combination suited for their vocational interests in Norway and Scandinavia, be it language, science, politics, economics, social studies, nursing or art. No matter what program the students choose, they will fulfill a portion of their core requirements at Concordia College toward their liberal arts degree that prepares them to “become responsibly engaged in the world.” Students have many opportunities to speak a Scandinavian language and expand their cultural knowledge of the Nordic countries outside of the classroom. In the summer, qualified students have the opportunity to use their Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or Finnish as staff at the Concordia Language Villages, located on Turtle River Lake near Bemidji, Minn. Additionally, each year, international students come to Concordia from the Scandinavian countries. Many of them interact with Americans in community language learning, formally and informally. Visiting Scandinavian scholars, speakers, authors and teachers come to the Concordia campus regularly to lecture, teach or serve as resource persons for students and faculty. On several occasions, Norwegian royalty and members of the Norwegian parliament and government have visited Concordia.

Study abroad options: • Exploration Seminars (please consult the class schedule for each semester) • SCAN 300 – May Seminar • International Summer School at the University of Oslo, Norway • A semester or year at the University of Tromsø, Norway • A semester or year at Hedmark University College, Norway • A semester or a year at Telemark University College, Norway

Liberal Arts Core Distribution World Languages Requirement Norwegian and other Scandinavian languages are considered less commonly taught languages because of small numbers of their speakers compared to other world languages. Currently, we are offering all levels of Norwegian, from the beginner courses to the advanced conversation and composition course. It is our goal to honor the Scandinavian heritage of the college and local community and to ensure the longevity of Norwegian because together with the language one gains understanding of the people, cultures and lifestyles. The Norwegian program prepares students for the universal and specialized language application in their careers, ranging from business, education, nursing to translation, museums, libraries and international organizations. Students may satisfy their world language requirement by taking the placement exam for Norwegian, or successful completion of NORW 112 – Beginning Norwegian II or a higher-numbered course. All students who have studied Norwegian or another Scandinavian language before coming to Concordia are expected to take a placement test to determine which course level is the most appropriate for each individual’s ability. If the student has not previously studied a Scandinavian language, the student is not required to take the placement test and qualifies to enroll in NORW 111 – Beginning Norwegian I.

BREW – Concordia’s Core Curriculum The Norwegian and Scandinavian studies program is designed to implement the credo of the college known as BREW (becoming responsibly engaged in the world) by inviting students to learn and compare how Scandinavian countries make a difference in the political, economical, environmental and cultural arenas in the world. Our courses provide both specific knowledge about the region and a broad-spectrum knowledge about academic research in humanities and arts and insight into U.S. and global interconnectedness. Students may complete the Arts (R) and Humanities (H) requirements, as well as the U.S. Cultural Diversity (U) and the International and Global (G) perspectives requirements, through the Scandinavian studies program course offerings. Scandinavian Studies 201 (H, G), 215 (R), 337 (H, G), 317 (H, U) and 367 (G) all fulfill Core Curriculum requirements for students. Indeed, students who complete their core requirements in the program WILL have a minor in Scandinavian Studies (see below for requirement details).

Major in Scandinavian Studies The requirements for a major in Scandinavian studies are 36 credits selected from several academic departments. Language courses may be waived if students can demonstrate the equivalent proficiency level; similarly, demonstrating proficiency in Danish or Swedish will allow students to waive the comparable language courses. • 20 credits of the following language courses: – NORW 111 – Beginning Norwegian I, 4 credits – NORW 112 – Beginning Norwegian II, 4 credits – NORW 211 – Intermediate Norwegian I, 4 credits – NORW 212 – Intermediate Norwegian II, 4 credits – NORW 311 – Norwegian Conversation and Composition, 4 credits • 16 credits chosen from the following courses: – SCAN 201 – Scandinavia in the Global Age, 4 credits – SCAN 215 – Scandinavian Fiction and Art, 4 credits

Academic Catalog 2013-14  
Academic Catalog 2013-14  

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