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The Right Place For Accurate And Reliable Advice Members of the National Association cover more than two thirds of Serbia’s foreign trade in the field of transport and customs operations. Thanks to the association’s professional support and useful advice, its membership is constantly growing SLAVOLJUB JEVTIĆ President of the National Association of freight forwarders and agents Transport i Logistika


e spoke with Slavoljub Jevtić, President of the national association of shipping companies and agents Transport i Logistika, about the association’s activities, business development in this sector and the institutional environment in which the members operate.

• How many members does your association have today and what is the membership structure? - The National Association (NA) was established under the name of PU Transport i Logistika in 2003, with the primary

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purpose of associating to address the systemic issues of the profession. At the moment it has more than 70 members, over 50 of which are active. According to available data, NA members cover over 70% of Serbia’s foreign trade in the field of transportation and customs brokerage. The membership structure includes small companies with just a few employees, but also companies that have almost two thousand experts in transportation, warehousing, distribution and customs brokerage. We are especially satisfied with the continuous increase in NA membership.

• What services do you offer your members? - NA provides its members with essential system information, as well as daily operational information. NA hires external experts who have an advisory role in interpreting and applying certain regulations in the field of customs procedures, transport, application of tax regulations, foreign exchange operations, etc. Our website, which is very well visited, provides a lot of general information, while the closed part of the site, accessible only to members, stores legislation, decisions, regulations,

proclamations, and other documents of the responsible government and regulatory authorities that members can freely use in their work. NA is also a platform where members can discuss or point out an individual or systemic problem and get an immediate response. NA is in constant communication with several responsible ministries, and participates in a permanent working group with the Customs Administration to resolve operational and systemic issues • In your opinion, what are the key achievements of the association since its establishment until today? - I think that our greatest achievement is that NA is recognised as a professional, safe and reliable partner, which cares not only about the interests of the profession, but of the entire business environment. Certainly it gives us

great pleasure that many international partners contact us to provide them with updated information on the business environment, and on individual companies with whom they want to cooperate in Serbia.

Our association is recognised as a professional and reliable partner that cares about the interests of the profession. Many international partners contact us to provide them with updated information • In which national and international professional organizations does the association represent its members? - NA keeps regular contact especially with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, the PU Medjunarodni Transport, the first professional chamber Med-

junarodni Transport i Logistika and we will soon sign an agreement with the Serbian Logistics Association. NA also collaborates with similar organisations and associations in the region, and during our assembly, to be held on 23rd May 2017, I expect the beginning of cooperation with the European Logistics Association and its members. Of course, there are other associations and organisations with which we work closely but with which we are not closely associated professionally. • What are the basic characteristics of today’s market for domestic companies in the field of shipping, logistics and transport? - Market conditions dictated primarily by international manufacturing and trading companies are more and more complex by the day, and only a very well organised and equipped company pro-


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viding services in all aspects of logistics can respond properly. The requirements are very strict in terms of storage, transportation and IT capacities. If they want to do business with larger customers that guarantee continuous business, small companies have to either invest a lot in equipment and functional capacity or be more active in mutual association to respond to the increasingly demanding tenders.

• How has the growth of foreign investment and export influenced the development of your sector? - The growth of foreign investment has certainly affected the development of the logistics service sector, especially in the field of supply chains, where more stringent criteria are applied for importing raw materials and exporting finished products. • How did the entry of foreign companies bring new dynamics and standards to the domestic market? - The arrival of foreign companies on our market has also influenced the arrival of global logistics providers that have followed their clients to cover their logistics needs. This has undoubtedly led domestic freight forwarders to adapt to the demands imposed by the market. This

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primarily means improvement of activities related to storage and distribution of goods, where processes are automated by applying new IT solutions. • How much is the association active in the training and specialisation of professional staff? - The increased volume of business, especially in the last ten years, requires training of both existing and

In Serbia there is still no industry code for freight forwarders and this is one of the things that need to be urgently resolved by the relevant ministry new staff. NA has initiated several programmes, the most important of which is an agreement with the Faculty of Transport in Belgrade, where our members’ staff give lectures to students of master studies, specialised companies dealing with education, for example transport and handling of hazardous materials and the like. We are preparing an agreement with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad and we also plan to train customs agents and provide training programmes for certain types of transport.

• How do you assess the overall institutional environment for developing the sector? - With the disappearance of the large freight forwarders that operated on the Yugoslav market, there was a temporary vacuum that was first filled by new domestic freight forwarders and later by branches of global logistics providers. This continuing process shows that the economic environment is adapting to market demands, where improvements are needed in processes and the ability to meet increasingly complex demands. These adjustments do not apply only to logistics, but also to the ever-changing regulations that accompany these issues. Certainly the most important thing is the predictability of regulations and dynamics of their introduction. These are very important things that require some time for adjustment. • What are the association’s key goals today for improving the business environment for your members? - The key goal is to influence government authorities in terms of legislation that affects the business of freight forwarders in Serbia. Unfortunately, many of our efforts and expressed desire for cooperation have not always been met with understanding. Given that almost all our members actively cooperate with similar foreign logistics companies, we have very detailed information on their business environment. We are ready to share our experience with our responsible authorities so that we do not wander around and waste time, but catch up primarily with the business environment established in the EU. I would like to point out that in Serbia there is still no industry code for freight forwarders and it is one of the things that need to be urgently resolved by the relevant ministry. We also expect some of our initiatives to be dealt with, such as amending the regulations on foreign exchange transactions and similar things. ■


Certain, Undamaged And - On Time Permits are obtained twice as fast, while the work of the Interior Ministry, Traffic Police Authority and other institutions has visibly improved, which eases our work


ransporting oversized, large and heavy objects has always been a special challenge for transport. At company Holleman Transport Ltd. they are very familiar with bulk transport, both thanks to the company’s ten years of experience of doing business in Serbia and also thanks to the even greater experience of Holleman’s parent company - multinational transportation company Schwandner P. Logistik + Transport GmbH. Our interlocutor Dejan Tubić, the director of Holleman Transport, stresses that their work is constantly evolving thanks to the great work and dedication of all employees, but also thanks to the understanding of the relevant ministries and state institutions that create conditions for this job to be done securely and on time.

• Holleman, which is well known for the transport of oversized and heavy cargo, has been operating in Serbia for 10 years. What are the most important standards and procedures you apply in your operations, especially when it comes to transporting oversized cargo? - Company HOLLEMAN TRANSPORT began operating on the territory of the Republic of Serbia 10 years ago. In our development process we constantly improve and strive not to lag behind European and international companies in the transport domain. We are certified in the fields of quality, health and safety at work and environmental protec-

tion with the certificates ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2015 and OHSAS 18001: 2007. In addition to certificates that are recognised by international organisations, the particularity of the work we do ensures that we also have a lot of internal policies and procedures that help us to ensure we have professional and safe working processes. • It is important that oversized cargo arrives on time and undamaged. How do you achieve that; which measures is it necessary to take to ensure everything goes smoothly and that you can reach the necessary experts?

From the moment an offer is given related to a transport job, via the obtaining of a positive response to that offer, preparing for transport that includes securing the necessary permits along the agreed route, preparing drivers for transport, ensuring we have the equipment used for securing cargo and all other important elements that impact on that - the work process is fully completed - In order to ensure the safe transportation of goods that must arrive undamaged and on time, we need to work every day on improving all segments of work, both in terms of the resources with which we work and the employees who use

those resources. The completion of the work process starts from the moment an offer is given related to a transport job, via the obtaining of a positive response to that offer, preparing for transport that includes securing the necessary permits along the agreed route, preparing drivers for transport, ensuring we have the equipment used for securing cargo and all other important elements that impact on that. • Oversized cargo requires special conditions along the transport route. Are you assisted in this work by certain traffic and other competent authorities? - You‘re right, without the competent institutions it is impossible to conduct this type of transport operation. When we first started operating, there were difficulties in securing the necessary permits and approvals. Over time there have been changes in these institutions and these changes resulted in significant improvements, both in terms of the time needed to prepare and on the ground. It is often the case that short times required to organise transport are an essential factor in gaining a job. We used to have to wait up to ten days to obtain permits to move our convoy, but now the competent institutions issue these same permits within three to five days. Likewise, the operations of the Interior Ministry and Traffic Police have visibly improved, which helps to ensure our cargo is safely transported to the desired destination. ▪ TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS 2017

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INTERVIEW IVAN MILIĆEVIĆ, Nelt LSP Operations and Development Manager

We Can Meet The Client's Most Demanding Requests With a new set of logistics services, launched by activating the intermodal terminal, Nelt provides faster and safer transportation services and enable its clients to reduce their logistical costs


uring 25 years of experience in managing fast moving consumer goods, Nelt has developed flawless organisation of integrated logistics services: from national and international transport and mediation in custom clearance to storing goods at various temperature regimes, in both customs and noncustoms warehouses, various types of additional services to deliver to over 22,000 locations. • What is NELT’s capacity today? - Nelt is part of the Nelt Group, an organisational system that interconnects 4,000 employees in 11 companies, in seven countries - Serbia, BiH, Montenegro and Macedonia, in Europe; and Angola, Zambia and Mozambique, in Africa. Nelt Group's turnover in 2016 was 890 million euros. The group has at its disposal over 125,000 m2 of controlled, cooled and cold-storage warehousing and 350 delivery vehicles that are used to manage 10,000 deliveries a day. Nelt Group handles over 6,500 SKUs in its warehouses. • You recently opened a rail container terminal.

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- In NELT’s central distribution centre in Belgrade there are industrial rail tracks, which has recently allowed us to establish the first private intermodal terminal in Belgrade – a road/rail container terminal. The depot’s initial capacity is 400 TEU, with a possible extension to several thousand TEU. Intermodal transport is synonymous with efficient, effective and environmentally sustainable global transport of all kinds of goods. By activating the intermodal terminal we can guarantee our clients lower logistical costs, but

The regular weekly rail container transport for import and export between Rijeka and NELT Dobanovci is the first of the services we are placing on the market also a faster, more secure and higher quality transport service. • For whom are your services intended? - NELT’s rail terminal is open to everyone on the regional market in import, transit and export, from shipping companies and rail operators to logistics companies, freight forwarders, producers, brand owners and other distributers. NELT’s intermodal terminal has rail connections with all the region’s ports and

with other European ports and ground terminals. The motorways E-75 and E-70 cross just 6km from the terminal and Nikola Tesla Airport is only 10km away. In the logistics centre there is a customs office and warehouse, which enables a lot of support to all kinds of goods services. Maersk, the leading sea transport company, has added NELT to its official terminal list. Maersk has made it possible for its containers to be placed at NELT’s terminal for all kinds of operations in NELT’s logistical portfolio. • What services do you provide to the terminal’s users? - Nelt provides container maintenance, cleaning and repair services, as well as the necessary inspection services, while we also have a large parking area that can handle up to 100 trailer trucks. • How far can you go to meet a client’s special needs? - NELT can offer special transport services, warehousing, customs clearance and VAS services, but can also be an integrator of complex supply chains, an adviser in logistical processes or a supplier of in-house logistics where the client has its production. We offer a broad spectrum of services to demanding industries, such as pharmaceuticals, FMCG, hi-tech equipment and the packaging industry. ■


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Logistics Of Success Just as every successful start is based on good preparations and a realistic business plan, so Alta Logistika - through market analysis, budget availability, cash flow projections and lots of enthusiasm and energy – has reached more than 300 satisfied clients in just the 16 months that we have so far been present on the market


lti Logistika as a company is today dedicated to satisfying world standards, which implies swift responses, thoroughness and dedication of each transport consignment and customs procedure, as well as constant care for each client.

• Alti Logistika enjoys a good reputation on the transport and logistics market. How have you managed to position yourself in such a way within less than two years? - The stable organic portfolio of over 300 satisfied clients that we initiated in the first year of operations was a key point for us, in terms of ratings, to position ourselves well on the logistics market. Moreover, greatly contributing to this was the trust we built with our clients. With the quality of the service we provide, we strive to continuously justify that trust and continue with our further development and advancement. Our services and their quality are reflected in the values that we cherish, namely: reliability, efficiency and professionalism. I would like to mention that for a successful start-up project it is very important to think ahead. We started with a well-devised and precise business plan. A challenging and achievable budget was the subject of multiple analysis projects, while monitoring and controlling results and costs on a daily basis

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was essential, all with the aim of reminding ourselves at every moment where we are and where we need to be for the remainder of the fiscal year. In addition to experience, we also invested a lot of energy in all of the aforementioned, while we continue at a serious pace, all the way to the fulfilling of our mission and vision completely. • You are focused on the part of the market occupied by SMEs. What do you think is crucial for the success of business collaborations with this market segment, and what kind of future does it have in the field of logistics? - The company’s operations in the first 12 months were focused on small and mediumsized enterprises. This segment will always be important to us and will always have a significant place in our portfolio, because every client is equally important to us, regardless of their size. In parallel with the

noted market segments, we are developing, and will continue to develop, cooperation with big companies, factories, production facilities. We consider that the speed of responding, thoroughness and dedication to each transport consignment and customs procedure, as well as constant customer care, are crucial for the trust placed in us. The future of both segments is in the fact that we, as a socially responsible company, support the development of transport and logistics, and that Serbia utilises the good geostrategic position it has and that the economy continuously evolves. The next logical step is to develop infrastructure, then the efficiency of transport will be enhanced. Such conditions are given as a result of increasing the volume of goods that are transported, a consequence of which is the emergence of growing need for logistics services on the market. • Price, accuracy of delivery and security of transported goods are the most important parameters when it comes to selecting transport and logistics companies. Which of these criteria represents a comparative advantage of Alti Logistika? - The competitiveness and security that you can provide are certainly points with which you start competing in the highly competitive environment of the logistics

market. Accuracy is also part of the service that is expected to be respected. Alti Logistika strives to stand out in terms of the value added of the services that we provide. Our clients know that we are committed to satisfying their needs and demands, because for every industry we create specific made-to-measure solutions. The essence is that for our clients we maximally ease the organisation of logistics services, in order for us to contribute to saving their costs and time. • You certainly have good insight into current trends in the transport and logistics sector. How do you see and evaluate them, and which services does Alti Logistika excels in, compared to the rival companies in your sector? - Trends in logistics are under the influence of global trends like globalisation, the position of economic centres, geopolitical conditions, technological development, digitisation and new supply chain strategies. I see and evaluate all of these as opportunities that we should also understood as tasks that we have to prepare for in terms of capacities to prepare ourselves in line with supply and demand on our market. The main activities of Alti Logistika relate to the organising of complete logistics services (international transport, customs brokerage, short-term and long-term storage, distribution). The focus of our operations is on international and domestic road transport. Transport is a subsystem and the lifeblood of logistics, while we also organise a reliable and high quality service, accompanied by competitive prices and justified by the satisfying of delivery times that are expected. The percentage of increasingly satisfied clients that continue to increase the degree of trust shown in us is the starting point by which we highlight the success of our operations. In 2017 we plan to invest in infrastructure that will enable our storage capacity to respond to the demands of increasingly complex contractual logistics. In the current year we also plan to grow our operations by 200% compared to revenue generated during the previous year. From the logistics centre we will expand and develop our business, while the focus will continuously remain on the quality of transport services, which will have more than good support in infrastructure, organisationally and as

the most important personnel solutions in which we invest continuously. • You have a lot of experience doing business on the international market. To what extent is it possible to implement the principles of such operations on the domestic market? - It is largely possible to implement principles by maintaining an organised method of working and continuously improving it

The main activities of Alti Logistika relate to the organising of complete logistics services (international transport, customs brokerage, short-term and long-term storage, distribution), while the focus of operations is on international and domestic road transport by listening to the needs and requirements of clients, on the one hand, and the competition, on the other, which is good because it motivates us to be better. Developed markets at the intersections of international logistics are only developed because they are continuously improved and work is done on innovation, while of course the amounts invested in infrastructure and industry are also important, as is the technology that has developed rapidly in the

past 20 years. It is necessary to capitalise to the greatest possible extent on our geostrategic position and for the principles and methods of organising operations that have proven to be practical and productive to be recognised and implemented on our market, and which are already greatly current and present on the international market. • Everyone is aware of the significance that customs procedures have for the

logistics sector. According to your assessment, to what extent is Serbia harmonised with the EU when it comes to customs procedures? - When it comes to customs procedures, there are three procedures that are most represented: transit, import and export. In early 2016 the Republic of Serbia approached the introduction of the NCTS common transit procedure, which is already present in the 28 EU member states and four EFTA countries. It is known that the Serbian Customs Administration has a strategy for fully automating Customs, for all procedures. At present transit procedures are implemented and automated almost completely, while next to come is the plan for the automation for the export of goods, then later for goods imports. This is a process that will last. As things stand at present, this relates to a medium- to long-term time framework to complete automation. ■ TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS 2017

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Strong Expertise Combined With Highest Standards


his growth is also influenced by negotiations between Belgrade and the European Union regarding membership by 2020.

• GEFCO is a renowned global company with extensive experience in the transport and logistics sector. Considering that you’ve only been doing business in this region for a few years, how would you evaluate market movements in the region when it comes to the development of the transport and logistics sector? - For logistics providers, as well as transport services companies, there are an endless variety of opportunities. All companies understand that. That’s why we can find new names on the lists of logistics providers operating in Serbia on an almost daily basis. This way, on top of stunning growth possibilities, a logistics provider in Serbia also faces the challenge of improving/perfecting its offer, due to conditions dictated by tough competition. • You offer services on the basis of the “turnkey” principle, from initial pickup to final delivery, whilst adhering to the highest standards in this domain. How has GEFCO’s infrastructure been created, considering that you provide transport services in all forms – road, rail, ship and air? - Our hub in Serbia is situated at our central office in Belgrade. All transport solutions for our clients are built, implemented and monitored from there. On top of this, we work in close cooperation with

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The Serbian economy’s development is one of the most dynamic in the region. The Serbian market is being boosted every day, with new manufacturers locating their facilities in the country other GEFCO subsidiaries in the Balkans, Western and Eastern Europe, and the rest of the GEFCO network. In this way we involve our “sister companies” for flows consolidation, sourcing transporters or obtaining some specific knowhow. To give you an example, in order to prepare a Serbia-Germany rail link solution for a client, we worked for several weeks together with our colleagues from Germany, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary,

Whether road or rail transportation, air or ocean freight, packaging, customs or warehousing, we have the advantage of controlling the entire supply chain of any sector for any client with the project being implemented by our Rail & MM Coordinator, who is based in Germany. And we can give many similar examples. We see our strength in this ability to use our network and to combine global and local approaches.

• Which standards provide the basis for GEFCO’s operations? - GEFCO has strong expertise, allowing it to set up seamless intercontinental door-to-door flows. Whether it is road or rail transport, air or ocean freight, packaging, customs or warehousing, we have the advantage of controlling the entire supply chain of any sector for any client. Our standards are based on security and effective management of flows, with constant attention paid to quality and efficiency. • Which GEFCO services are particularly attractive for clients in Serbia and the region? - Integrated logistics solutions, involving road transportations, represent the biggest part in the range of services we provide to our customers. This situation is innate not only for Serbia, but also for other subsidiaries in the region. We have strong knowhow in rail transport. When compared to road transport, rail is safer, more flexible, more cost efficient (if the transportation model is properly built) and, most importantly, it is harmless for the environment – helping to reduce carbon emissions. This is why in Serbia and the Balkans we often offer our clients rail solutions as an alternative to road transport. We often design transportation solutions schemes to/from Russia and ex-CIS countries because this direction is one of the most interesting for Serbian exporters and importers, and because GEFCO has a strong foothold in this area. ▪


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Aim – The Whole Of Europe Express Trans is working on the development of a new information system and digital services that will provide clients with a completely new experience when it comes to the goods transport sector


y 2025, Express Trans plans to conquer all European markets. The company is already present on many of them, thus in recent years the company’s operations have been harmonised with EU directives and standards. That’s why the company’s deputy CEO is proud to point out here that professionalism is the word that defines its relations with clients.

• Express Trans has 22 years of experience in the goods transport sector. Which standards form the basis of your relations with clients? - Our company was established in 1993, with the clear vision of becoming a leader in the transport sector in Serbia and Europe. The main goal we set back then was to build an effective business system and in parallel raise the quality of the service we provide to our clients. There is no doubt that Express Trans today is synonymous with an experienced, reliable and profesionl partner, which can be relied upon when it comes to the most complex operational demands. Our efforts in recent years have been directed towards completely harmonising the company’s operations with the directives and standards of the European Union – which we have done. If I had to choose one word with which I would define our relationship with our clients that would certainly be professionalism.

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• Your operations adhere to European procedures in the transport sector. What are your priorities in this regard? - We monitor the demands of our clients, but also the environmental standards prescribed by national and European legislation. More than 85 per cent of our fleet satisfies the latest EURO 6 standard for engines. In accordance with the strategic plan for the development of our company, this year we will purchase 20 new EURO 6 vehicles and 20 new trailers. Our expert teams for operational activities and fleet organisation work exclusively with respect for the procedures regarding technical and

We respect the environmental standards prescribed by national and European legislation. More than 85 per cent of our fleet satisfies the latest EURO 6 standard for engines... this year we will purchase 20 new EURO 6 vehicles and 20 new trailers exploitation standards harmonised at the level of the EU. • With commercial space of over 13 thousand square metres and more than 70 modern trucks, you are today able to offer your customers the broadest possible logistics and transport services. What are the next steps in Express Trans’s development?

- Last year we opened a company in Slovenia and we currently have 20 new vehicles for auto transport. The primary activity in Slovenia is auto logistics, and in order to meet all the demands of our clients we have invested a total of over four million euros, and we won’t stop there. Our strategic aim for the period up to the year 2025 is to expand the company’s activities to all markets in Europe and support our biggest partner Milsped. This year we completed construction of our new headquarters in Novi Sad and invested in the latest technology and software solutions for monitoring and tracking vehicles. We are preparing to develop a new information system and digital services that will provide our clients with a completely new experience when it comes to goods transportation. Express Trans currently employs more than a hundred people and we have a constant need to engage new workers. Express Trans is the largest partner of the Milšped Group, and as such we strive to support our partner on all markets. By respecting the threedimensional concept of sustainable development that prioritises people, the economy and the environment, through the implementation of European standards in the field of environmental protection and our ethical operations, we strive to provide our clients with the best service on the EU market. ▪

we care about your cargo

We are a team of people dedicated to providing professional services in the international transport of goods

171 Boulevard Kralja Aleksandra office 29, Belgrade, Serbia; Tel: + 381 11 24 02 793; e-mail:; TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS 2017

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CORPORATE cargo-partner

Specific Solutions For Every Client The Integrated Log Space and S.P.O.T. system enable a full overview of the flow of goods throughout the entire supply chain process for each client individually


or the transport of goods, the speed at which goods reach the client who placed the order or the consumer is very important. In such situations, the most reliable choice is cargopartner, which is a medium-sized private international company that specialises in providing transport and logistics services and which is particularly prominent in the field of air and sea freight. Given that this is a family business, the business model is based on personal and global partnerships with and for clients. - The excellent quality of services in our offices worldwide, which are provided by top experts in logistics, as well as innovative systems and solutions, through the optimised flow of goods and information, are advantages for our clients. We strive to achieve economic and environmental sustainability – notes Marko Ilić. Clients are very precise when they entrust their goods to a transport company, but high quality warehousing and management of complex transportation services, via various transport routes, have ensured that cargo-partner has won the trust of its clients. - We have also developed WMS, or the integrated Log Space and S.P.O.T. system, which allows full monitoring of the flow of goods through the entire supply chain process. Our organisational structure, innovative IT software, staff expertise, high standards of service and exceptional

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efficiency are a consequence and a result of our corporate policy. • cargo-partner can always offer specific solutions tailored to each client individually – says Ilić. – And when it comes to Serbia, since 2014 we have had our warehouse under our ownership, covering an area of 8,000 square metres, with 20,000 pallet positions and 18 reloading ramps, including for oversized cargo. There is also a registered public customs warehouse on an area of 2,200 square metres, equipped with a racking system and block zone for storing oversized cargo.

In Serbia cargo-partner has had its own warehouse since 2014, covering an area of 8,000 square metres, with 20,000 pallet positions and 18 reloading ramps, including for oversized cargo, as well as a registered public customs warehouse on an area of 2,200 square metres, equipped with a racking system and block zone • cargo-partner is an Austrian company that has operated on the Serbian market for more than a decade and has significantly improved its SPOT platform, introduced in 2000, as well as introducing a number of new additional possibilities. The enhanced version of the online

SPOT platform for users of road transport started in October 2016 and is now available for air and sea transport. Innovations include: Dashboard, an additionally advance part for communication, advanced options for reporting and improved visualisation of status. The SPOT Dashboard provides users with all necessary information already at first glance. Simple visualisation enables easier tracking and locating of shipments, and users can define how and when they want to receive notifications about their shipments. The advanced SPOT Communicator defines which parties in the chain should receive accurate information. Thanks to this type of communication, administrative work has been drastically reduced. Advanced reporting options provide more detailed information about where goods are located, the amount of orders and the level of costs. This advanced system also provides a number of advantages that enable employees at cargo-partner to handle orders more efficiently, which also leads to an improvement in the quality of the actual process. Duties are clearly divided and each operator has insight into current shipments and client instructions. The SPOT platform currently has more than 20,000 registered users, while it is used to send an average of 600,000 transport orders per year. ▪

Reljina 4/3, 11000 Beograd Fax: +381 112 687 107 E-mail: BALKAN LOGISTIKA offers transport services at home and abroad. We are a renowned road transport company that focuses on integrated logistics services. Originally founded as a family company, Balkan logistika has for generations been gaining international experience, competing with integrated corporate multinationals. Through its distribution network, our company provides transport services worldwide EXPRESS, FULL LOAD and GROUPAGE: Our fleet includes several types of vehicle: artics/trailers, express vans, tandem trucks, automobiles. Trucks follow a programmed inspection cycle that guarantees safety and drivers operate according to all the regulations on transport of goods. Our advantage is express delivery service: we always meet even the most urgent requests with our vehicles that can deliver goods of all sizes (small/ medium) efficiently to all parts of Europe and outside the EU (Serbia and Turkey) providing: availability 24h/365 days a year, response to clients’ requests,

continuous shipment tracking, delivery time 24-72 hours from loading. Thanks to innovative worldwide logistics our team will meet all storage demands (inside/outside), cargo handling and support to all storage-related requirements. BALKAN LOGISTIKA also provides on board air courier service with professional staff delivering goods to all European and international destinations (including India and China). With our comprehensive fleet we meet all transport needs by ensuring precision, reliability and quality of service. BALKAN LOGISTIKA offers efficient solutions in terms of safety and competitive prices according to clients’ specific demands. Our certification for the ISO 9001:2015 standard is proof of our quality assurance system. Every organisation’s standard should take account of growing market competition: customer satisfaction, streamlining internal processes and reducing waste and inefficiency.


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We Strive For Organisational And Operational Excellence Over five years Centrosinergija has grown into a recognised distribution company that employs six hundred staff and supplies over 16,000 retailers in Serbia. Its dedicated work has received coveted recognition


entrosinergija received the prestigious Brand Leader Award 2017 in April this year.

• What standards and procedures are required to receive such a recognition? - We won the award for the integrated management of our comprehensive distribution and logistics services, for our outstanding business results, constant investment in development, our professional and competitive attitude towards business and for our organisational and operational excellence. The award is important to us because it is a formal recognition of all our efforts and hard work to improve our organisation and business over the past five years. Two years ago we signed a distribution agreement with British American Tobacco. Through our efforts, hard work and expertise we have proved that we are able to meet the high standards of one of the biggest tobacco companies in the world. This success has motivated us to continue improving our internal standards and procedures. • Centrosinergija provides logistics and transport services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, using a new distribution and logistics platform. What is it based on?

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- We started providing logistics services in 2012 with the distribution of consumer goods, newspapers and magazines for our retail network MOJ KIOSK. We receive, store, sort, transport and deliver goods, newspapers and magazines every day of the year. To be able to do this for MOJ KIOSK in 137 municipalities we had to build a national logistics and distribution network consisting of a distribution centre in Belgrade and nine regional crossdocking points. The specificity of our logistics platform is the synergy of the distribution of newspapers, magazines

and corporate social responsibility. What is the essence of your CSR? - The concept of corporate social responsibility nowadays ranges from a company’s humanitarian activities to responsible investment in general ‒ responsible to society and to future generations. The leaders of Moj Kiosk Group, the corporate system of which Centrosinergija is a part, used to lead Doncafe and Centroproizvod. Their business decisions are made with an awareness of great responsibility towards 3,500 staff and their families, local businesses and social communities, customers, suppliers and creditors.

We take pride in the fact that our professional journey on the Serbian market, which has lasted for over 20 years, has always been motivated by our wish to create new value for future generations

• One of the longstanding problems in newspaper publishing is the distribution of daily subscriptions. Do you expect suitable solutions in this area? - The digital transformation of society has solved this problem to an extent. The trend is to move subscriptions online, where there is no additional cost for the reader. The distribution of daily subscriptions to legal entities is still functioning but new trends are visible here too. New-generation managers are more likely to read the news on their favourite websites before they go to bed than in a newspaper waiting on the desk in the morning. ▪

and consumer goods, which enables us to fully exploit our transport fleet, introduce other types of product and expand our business activities to large and small customers and local chains across Serbia. • As a member of Moj Kiosk Group, Centrosinergija is dedicated to business ethics

The key to our success lies in unique relations with clients, rapid and successful logistics solutions and many years of experience

Whether we are tasked to export or import of goods, we offer our clients the best and most realistic solutions for transporting goods throughout Europe, all fully based on our many years experience in international goods transport. Goods transport to and from Spain and Portugal are our speciality and we are proud of it. As a result of many years of cooperation with our clients, we present our new service: a regular group transport

line from Spain to Serbia (and other Ex YU republics). We present two regular group transport lines: Group transport line No. 1: A truck completes loading in the Barcelona warehouse on Monday/Tuesday and arrives in Serbia on Friday/Saturday. Group transport line No. 2: A truck completes loading in the Barcelona warehouse on Thursday/Friday and arrives in Serbia on Monday/Tuesday.

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Swissport Wins Emirates SkyCargo Business In France Swissport Cargo Services France, a subsidiary of Swissport International, will handle cargo at three French airports, CDG, LYS and NCE for Emirates SkyCargo, the largest cargo airline worldwide in terms of international freight tonne-kilometres flown.


Better Travel For Apples and Pears Specially designed for the fruit and vegetables supply chain, a “truly unique” big box has been developed by the manufacturer Schoeller Allibert. Thanks to the one-of-a-kind base design of the Maximus®1212 featuring 4 pockets, apples and pears sustain significantly fewer dents and bruises than within traditional pallet containers, which allows growers to get more high quality fruits out of each container. The company says that this design plays the role of a shell by preventing the fruits from rolling around during transport. From orchards to road transport, the result is significant with much fewer damaged or bruised apples and pears than with flat base boxes, according to an independent competitive test conducted by the Flemish Centre for Horticultural Products in Belgium.

The agreement with Emirates SkyCargo is the result of a rigorous selection process and came into effect as of 1st April 2017. It covers the complete scope of cargo handling services, including full freighter and warehouse handling, and signals the beginning of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two organisations in France. Emirates SkyCargo is the freight division of Emirates airline and the world’s largest international air cargo carrier, connecting customers to over 150 destinations across 83 countries in six continents through its Dubai hub.


“One Belt – One Road”


Exporta Expands Rackable Plastic Range Exporta Global has expanded its rackable plastic pallet range with the launch of seven new products. The new heavy duty rackable pallets add to Exporta’s impressive product range. All of the new pallets are suitable for automated systems and four way rack/ forklift entry. The new pallets boast improved dynamic load capacities ranging from 1250kg to 2250kg, with racking load capacities ranging from 1000kg to 1800kg. Where appropriate, this new range of pallets can also utilise metal rods to reinforce the strength.

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The first container train travelling between China and the UK arrives at DB Cargo UK’s London Eurohub terminal in Barking. The train is operated by the InterRail Group, a multinational transport operator headquartered in Switzerland, on behalf of China Railway subsidiary CRIMT. Various freight railways handle traction along the 12,000-kilometre route, The UK is just the latest destination added to the China–Europe rail link. The train is initially being operated as a test train. London is one more international connection for the InterRail Group, along with Duisburg, Madrid, Afghanistan and Riga, on the “One Belt – One Road” corridor, an initiative of the Chinese government.


Shipping Solutions Into Its Software Applications

INTTRA, the world's ocean shipping electronic marketplace, and Sarda d.o.o., a Croatian-based software development company specialising in maritime transportation, announced an alliance under which Sarda has integrated INTTRA ocean shipping solutions, including Container Booking, Shipping Instructions, Container Tracking (Track & Trace) and INTTRA eVGM, into Sarda's software. Sarda will also serve as a reseller for INTTRA eVGM, a leading solution to facilitate SOLAS VGM compliance. "Accessing INTTRA's global network through our software will enable our customers to directly conduct ocean shipment management on the industry's leading electronic transaction platform," said Sarda's Rajko Badurina.


Picking Robot Named Best Product at LogiMAT 2017

With warehouse staff reaching their performance limits in processes that demand high performance and quality for long periods of time, one solution is the use of industrial robots. Achieving reliable robotic picking had been considered an insurmountable task, but KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy Robot has made it a reality – and the solution has just scooped the Best Product award at the LogiMAT 2017 exhibition in Stuttgart. Designed to handle a wide range of articles in applications where consistently high throughput is required, KNAPP’s Pick-it-Easy Robot is a goods-to-person picking system that is suitable for various business sectors and sales channels. Robotic and manual workstations can be easily combined to make best possible use of their individual assets. The robot cell offers particular advantages to companies with multi-shift operation that are striving to reduce errors and the associated costs.


Call For EU To Charge Up Its E-Vehicles Plans

Some of Europe’s key auto industry players, including Alstom, Siemens and Tesla, teamed up with T&E and other NGOs to urge EU policymakers and governments to help accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles across the continent.


Athens-Thessaloniki Motorway Completed

The most dangerous part of the road between Athens and Thessaloniki, the Tempi valley, is bypassed. It is replaced by a short road that meets the latest safety standards, completed the AthensThessaloniki motorway whose construction started 70 years ago. The three tunnels are at Tempi Valley and Maliakos-Klidi section of the Patras-Athens-Thessaloniki-Eyzoni motorway. The motorway connects far end of western Greece to the borders in the North. The tunnels not only reduce the distance between Athens-Thessaloniki to just 4 hours and 15 minutes at normal highway speed. Most of all, they provide driving safety in an area that gained tragic fame due to the many road accidents that cost the life of dozens of people in the seventy years of its existence.


Each electric vehicle saves more than a thousand litres annually of fuel, according to consultants Cambridge Econometrics, saving €1,000 in fuel cost and three tonnes of CO2 emissions. There are already half a million electric vehicles on Europe’s roads. If we accelerate the transition away from transport based on fossil fuels, the EU would save around €500 million a day, create high quality jobs, and could save hundreds of thousands of lives by cutting air pollution. The coalition of 24 organisations called for more charging stations and greater provisions for vehicle charging from buildings, among other measures. They also urged EU governments to submit their plans for supporting charging infrastructure, which they were required to do before the end of last year, though only 17 have so far done so.

European Open-Access Rail Alliance Formed

An alliance has been formed in Brussels which brings together open-access operators in the passenger and freight sectors with the aim of collectively addressing issues affecting non-incumbent rail companies. The Alliance of New Rail Operators (Allrail) has been founded by the European Rail Freight Association (Erfa), which represents 30 rail freight operators, and non-incumbent players in the passenger market, including Leo Express, MTR Express, Westbahn, NTV, Regiojet and Trainline. Allrail says key topics for the new organisation include the full opening of rail markets in all EU member states, non-discriminatory access and financing of rolling stock, competitive track access charges and an open-data approach.


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