Guide to Foreign Investors Council 2015 / 2016

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Address for all investors' dilemmas VUK DRAŠKOVIĆ Partner at Bojović & Partners

Bojović & Partners offers legal services to investors in all industrial sectors, in all areas of their business and at all levels of complexity


ojović & Partners assists foreign companies in all phases of their activities in Serbia – from simple procedures for establishing legal entities to highly sophisticated takeover and acquisition process, says Vuk Drašković, a partner at Bojović & Partners.

de to foreign investors that are already doing business in Serbia? – Bojović & Partners provides continuous legal support to a large number of foreign investors that are already doing business in Serbia. Our relationship is typically of a long-term nature. Clients who decide to engage us when entering the Serbian market tend to continue to cooperating with us. The legal services that we offer these investors are linked to their current operations. This relates to all areas of the law which a specific investor faces in their daily work, such as corporate and business law (status issues, drafting contracts, etc.), labour rights (engaging employees and other

– Inconsistency and vagueness are inherent shortcomings of Serbia's legal framework. Certain shortcomings exist in almost all relevant areas. Illustrative examples include regulations relating to project planning and construction, then the field of labour rights. In truth, in these precise areas some amendments were recently adopted that go in the direction of better organising and improving the legal framework. On the other hand, it should also be noted that the practical implementation of legislation is probably more of a problem in relation to the shortcomings of these regulations.

In which legal areas do you most often advise investors who are arriving in Serbia for the first time and, from the perspective of your practice, what are the most common concerns of investors? ► Which industries does your team – Foreign investors who want to launspecialise in and what can you offer ch operations in Serbia are primarily clients in these areas? Bojović & Partners provides interested in getting acquainted with I am proud to note that our team continuous legal support to a large –offers the legal framework applicable to their legal services to investors in all future operations. As such, the initial number of foreign investors that are industries, in all areas of their operaissues relate to the legal form of orgations and at all levels of complexity. already doing business in Serbia nising operations for future investors, Thus, on the one hand, we assist in the then the possibilities offered by the leprocess of establishing companies, gal framework and the obligations it imposes. persons), issues related to the protection of while on the other hand we provide legal When it comes to concerns, in practice there competition and legal disputes. Our services support regarding sophisticated takeovers is almost no investor who does not have some include the interpretation of relevant regulaand acquisitions, representing clients in concerns regarding the launch of its operations and consulting in this regard, drafting simple cases, participating in multi-millitions in Serbia, considering the specificities appropriate acts, representation before the on arbitration processes, compiling simple of our legal system and the method of implecompetent authorities and negotiation. lease contracts for business premises and menting regulations. It can be concluded that providing legal support in some of the larthe more the legal framework of the countries gest real estate development projects in ► Foreign investors very often complain from which potential investors come differs Serbia. Thus, we offer comprehensive legal about inconsistencies and the vagueness from the Serbian legal framework, the more support, which is also tailored to meet the of our legal framework. How often do you concerns there are and the greater complexity. needs of each specific client, to paraphrase encounter this problem in practice, and in ► Which services do you most often proviwhich areas? our motto. ■ ►