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Cordlife Offers Assured Cord Blood Replacement and Huge Compensation in Case of Failure Cordlife Quality Guarantee gives their client a complete peace of mind as they assure of a cord blood replacement at no cost or a compensation of up to US$30,000, in case the cord blood loses its viability at the point of transplant. Nonetheless, banking of umbilical cord with Cordlife is once in a life time chance to collect cord blood which should not be wasted. Regarding its mission and values, a representative for the organization says, “Cordlife India is the largest and most advanced cord blood facility in the country, with a storage capacity of up to 150,000 cord blood units. The state-of-the-art laboratory with full processing, testing and cryopreservation capabilities is equipped with continuous power back-up as well as the most-up-todate security and surveillance systems.� He also claims that the building is specially designed to withstand any natural calamity; thus, located in Kolkata and officially launched by Singapore Senior Minister and former Prime Minister Mr Goh Cho Tong, Cordlife India has become the only licensed organization for cord life banking. It is the first and the only company in India to introduce the novel and patented technology of isolating, differentiating and expanding the two cell lines from the umbilical cord. Cordlife with this technology assures its clients that their baby's stem cells have been processed with the most current state of the art techniques and these cells have the ability to be used for therapies in the future. For its diligence and commitment to work, Cordlife was awarded with the prestigious 'Technology Pioneer' status by the Geneva-based World Economic Forum. About Cordlife CordLife Limited is a leading healthcare company that provides a full suite of cord blood and tissue banking services to expectant parents for the collection, processing and cryopreservation of cord blood stem cells and umbilical cord tissue. The company is dedicated to offering the highest possibility of successful adult stem cell therapy to give hope and save lives. Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, CordLife Limited is well established as the largest network of private stem cell banks across Asia Pacific with state-of-the-art cord blood and tissue processing and cryopreservation facilities in India, Indonesia and the Philippines as well as a network that extends to Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

Cordlife Offers Assured Cord Blood Replacement and Huge Compensation in Case of Failure  

CordLife, the leading stem cell bank in India specializes in umbilical cord blood banking and stem cell banking in India, offer you during p...