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From Wine and Beyond…… By Jeffrey Cohen I would like to start with a countdown to the pool season. The soft opening will be the weekend of May 18 and 19. We will have new, exciting drinks as well as your favorites from years past and everyone is working to make this an epic summer at the pool. Here is a sample of the wine and refreshers available poolside:

WINES BY THE GLASS CHAMPAGNE & ROSÉ Chateau de Berne Inspiration Rosé Lamarca Prosecco Chandon Brut 187m

WHITE WINES Montasolo Pinot Grigio Pounamu Sauvignon Blanc Canyon Road Chardonnay William Hill Chardonnay

RED WINES Left Coast ‘Calli’s Cuvee’ Pinot Noir Trinity Oaks Cabernet

REFRESHERS Blueberry Mojito Captain Morgan White rum, fresh blueberries, fresh mint, simple syrup, club soda Seersucker Lemon Refresher Seersucker Lemon gin, house-made lemonade, club soda Classic Moscow Mule Belvedere vodka, fresh lime juice, ginger beer Choice of Flavor: Cucumber Mule Poolside Margarita Choice of Flavor: classic, strawberry, prickly pear, mango Sauza Tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, simple syrup Watermelon Cooler Western Sons vodka, watermelon, fresh lime juice, fresh mint Classic Pina Colada Bacardi rum, fresh pineapple juice, Coco Lopez

Now that we have shed our coats and sweaters, and pulled out the shorts and sandals, it is time to ‘summerize’ our wines. Firstly, find your favorite Rosé! Rosés are exceptional at quenching your thirst and can be made from any red varietal. At the Club, we have rosés from Malbec, rosés from Sangiovese and, of course, the Provençal Grenache and Carignan. There literally are rosés from all over the world. The next porch pleaser, patio pounder or whatever you wish to call your poolside wine, is the Sauvignon Blanc. They range from a domestic citrusy style, to a grapefruitty and grassy New Zealand style to a minerally and creamy style from the Loire Valley. The latter mentioned are normally called Sancerres. The final, but certainly not least, wine that I would like to mention is a Vouvray in Loire, or Chenin Blanc in other parts of the world. They are a perfect pairing for a Spinach Salad that has fruit and some goat cheese. You can even enjoy Chenin with a simple bowl of fruit. As we approach the summer and peaches are right down the road, this is the wine to go to. Although fruity, they do come in dry or sweeter styles. Please make sure and check your alcohol level to insure you have a dry wine. Any labeling of alcohol above 12 percent will yield you the dryer style and of course the opposite for a sweeter style. As many are stuck on reds, just remember a little CHILL on those will help them go down easier all summer. As I close, I want to thank everybody that has attended our last events: Our second installment of the MOBB was very well received — the winner being the Redemption High Rye. For those that attended the Hill Family Estates Wine Dinner, we were awed by Ryan Hill who took us on a stroll of the Napa Valley. Ryan, being from a fifth generation farming family, had great insights on how times have changed through the years. We even had an impromptu Sabering of Champagne. We also welcomed Rob Mondavi Jr. out here to the Club for a seminar. The Mondavi family, after the many generations, have spread out to several different wineries around the world but mostly Napa and Sonoma. Nevertheless, the practices that were passed down from the legendary Robert Mondavi are still being practiced in their vineyards and their households. Rob Jr. gave a compelling seminar for about an hour and a half. During his speech, the attendees tasted through five of his wines. This was a true evening to remember. See you all at the Club…….

Poolside Daiquiri Choice of Flavor: classic, strawberry, prickly pear, mango. Light rum, fresh lime juice, simple syrup

54 | MAY/JUNE 2019

Jeffrey Cohen is the Wine Specialist for The Clubs of Cordillera Ranch. He can be reached at

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