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Cord Blood Bank Cost Comparison Saving Umbilical Cord Blood & Cord Tissue & Placenta Tissue Stem Cells Americord is proud to be a leader in cord blood banking with first class, friendly customer service as well as some of the most affordable pricing plans on the market. We are happy to present the cord blood banking comparison below in order to help you make an informed decision on which cord blood bank is the best. Join our satisfied customers who have made the forward-thinking choice to expand their family's future options for medical treatment. Americord makes it easy to pay in installments, and we ensure the highest quality experience and an ongoing dedication to serving you whenever you need us.

Total Cord Blood Cost Includes 20 years storage


Total Cord Blood and Tissue Cost Includes 20 years storage


















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FDA / AABB Accredited Lab*

FDA Approved C-Section Bag*

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The Americord difference We are offering cord blood banking for $1,999. This price includes the cord blood collection kit, processing, 20 years of storage, transport back to our laboratory via an expedited medial courier, and no surprise charges. This is about half the price of most of our competitors. We are able to offer this because we don't spend 50 to 100 million dollars annually that the other cord blood banks do on marketing, such as paying for a nationwide pharmaceutical-type sales force, compensating doctors and hospitals to promote products, and advertising in magazines and TV. We pass those savings along to our clients without sacrificing quality. Our lab is FDA registered and accredited with the AABB. We are accredited and licensed throughout the U.S., including states with the most stringent standards such as California, New York and New Jersey. We follow all of the best practices for cord blood banking. Our Medical Director, Dr. Robert Dracker is one of the founders of the cord blood industry. He wrote the guidelines for cord blood banking for New York State and also sits on the FDA pediatrics advisory panel.

Don't take our word for it. Hear what our customers think... When I began researching cord blood banks, I wanted to find the one with the highest standards – even if that meant I had to pay more. What a great surprise to find out that I could get the best service and the highest quality at half the price with Americord!

I had a million questions about cord blood banking. The staff at Americord answered them all and even explained complicated things about stem cells in plain language. They also walked me through the different options and payment plans and helped me find the one that was right for me.

We decided to save our baby’s stem cells because it seems like every day there are new treatments for diseases that used to be incurable. We chose Americord because it is constantly investing in innovations in stem cell preservation and it offers cord blood products that aren’t available from other companies.

Given the advances in genetic research and the potential for life saving or possibly advancing technology, I felt it would be an investment in our child's health to save his cord blood. After shopping around, Americord offers the most value and was extremely user friendly. This was extremely important to me, being a first time mother. I am recommending Americord to all of my friends.

Cord Blood, Cord Tissue & Placenta Tissue Banking Plans

*With Americord's 3-in-1 Kit you can change your selection at anytime without requesting a new kit. See footnotes on page 3. 866-503-6005

Still haven't decided? We understand that what ever decision you're about to make is a big one and encourage you to look into all your choices. We provide an info kit to give you the peace of mind that you are making the best decision. Don't hesitate and get your FREE info kit today! Visit

Cord Blood. Simplified. Americord is a family bank, whereas many cord blood banking companies are public banks. When you choose a family bank, your baby's stem cells are preserved exclusively for your use, should you ever need them. Americord offers uncompromising quality with conservative pricing because we believe that all families deserve the security and peace of mind that cord blood banking provides. Even though Americord's prices are lower, our quality standards meet or exceed those of our competitors, and we are proud to have an outstanding record of loyal and prompt customer service. As pioneers in the industry of cord blood banking, Americord has a record of fast, comprehensive, and reliable service. We know that planning for the delivery of a baby is hectic, so Americord takes care of all of the details related to cord blood banking for you. You'll always get our professional, courteous service – we are experts so you don't have to be. We strive to make every client feel completely supported at Americord by treating each one with personalized service and attention. Our mission is for Americord to be your first choice for all of your stem cell collection needs today and in the future. We invite you to review the above cord blood banking cost comparison chart carefully and see for yourself what sets Americord far above other cord blood banks.

(1) ViaCord CBR Cryo-Cell AlphaCord StemCyte and FamilyCord cord blood bank costs and information are based on publicly available information from the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Banking website as of 12/4/2012 and excludes cord blood discounts and coupons. Pricing is not provided for any laboratory without accreditation. (2) Cord blood banking costs for Americord are $1999 and includes 20 years of storage, (equivalent to $498 plus $75 per year for 20 years). 12 month cord blood payment plans are available for $199 per month. Cord tissue costs are $3998 or $398/month for 12 months. Price are subject to change. Your credit card will be charged $.01 upon enrollment and the balance will be due after your baby's cord blood is collected via cord banking medical courier and received by the laboratory. Still have more questions or want to enroll by phone? Call now: 866-503-6005 x1. (3) Cord tissue banking is offered by Americord. It is also offered via Viacord and CBR or Cord Blood Registry and Cryo-Cell and FamilyCord * AABB Accreditation applies to the physical facilities where cord blood is processed or stored; Thus, this list includes both in-house or contracted third party laboratory facilities where cord blood is stored. FDA Approved C-section Bag indicates that all stored cord blood units in the cord blood bank inventory were collected using a cord blood collection bag that was (i) FDA approved at the time of use for the use of C-sections without an adapter, and (ii) sterile on the exterior and interior of the cord blood bag. As of the date of this writing, several of these companies, including ViaCord and Cryo-Cell have begun using these bags. Cord blood banking, cord tissue banking, or placenta stem cell banking does not guarantee that the saved cells will be applicable for every situation. Ultimate use will be determined by a physician. Please note: Americord Registry's activities are limited to collection of umbilical cord tissue from autogeneic donors. Americord Registry's possession of a New York State license for such collection does not indicate approval or endorsement of possible future uses or future suitability of cells derived from umbilical cord tissue. Americord's cord blood cost / prices and cord tissue cost / prices are subject to change. Copyright 2008-2013 Americord Registry LLC Cord Blood Bank. All rights reserved. Americord Registry is headquartered in New York, NY.

Cord Blood Bank Cost Comparison  

Americord, the family cord blood bank, wants you to make an informed decision where to store your child’s cord blood. This easy to read comp...