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Abercrombie and Fitch In 2002, clothing manufacturer Abercrombie and Fitch

Each shirt recalled a stereotype, such as the Charlie

released a series of graphic tees that were meant to add

Chan figure who spoke broken English and dispensed

levity its fashion line (

wisdom in a fortune-cookie-style of speaking (

The T-shirts featured Asian caricatures with conical hats, “Asian” typography and advertised services such as “Wong Brothers Laundry Service: Two Wongs Can Make it

The shirts also portrayed imagery using “coolie” hats worn by Asian laborers who were forced into services such as driving ricksaws, or tending to laundry, which was a job

White”; “Rich Shaw’s Hoagies and Grinders: Good Meat,

white Americans gladly passed along to Asian immigrants

Quick Feet”; “Wok-N-Bowl: Let the Good Times Roll”; and

(Encyclopedia Britannica Online).

“Pizza Dojo: You Love Long Time.” The $25 shirts were quickly criticized for their racist

The term “coolie” means “an unskilled laborer usually in or from the Far East hired for low or subsistence wages.” The coolie trade began in the 1840s as a response to the

(BBC News).

decline of slavery, with most laborers being shipped to the

New York’s Chinatown. Photo by Joe Benjamin/Flickr

depictions and were pulled from the company’s 311 stores


Think Before You Type by Nancy Palm  

Think Before You Type by Nancy Palm. 2012 Thesis