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Corbin Chu AFR 315 - Blackness 2.0 December 5, 2012 Final Project

i had grown tired of the world that had left me utterly underwhelmed and disappointed...

tumblr, playstation, not even Facebook could keep me satisfied.

Even my friends were stupid jerks‌

so, when morpheus offered me an escape from the nonsense, i couldn't resist. I had to try this new video game.

naturally, i was a bit skeptical. but then the portal finally finished loading...


Just my luck. another game with crappy graphics.


morpheus never told me that i'd be turned into an invalid. And why were people calling me jake?!

one of the first characters I met, "dr. grace," urged me to join her roleplaying group.

i'd never expected that I would have to buy a new skin and accessories.

who referred this idiot to the game?

it wasn't my fault that I had barely started trying the free trial version of this game.

dr. grace brought me to the portal directory.

then she logged me into the roleplaying portal

waiting in the online queue was always a pain. finally, I was in.

looks like i got working legs this time around.

now this is what I'm talking about!

this realm was much prettier than that horrid military base.

i couldn't stop exploring this new world...

i even asked another player, neytiri, to be my girlfriend. isn't she beautiful? we were going to see her clan that night.

i tried to greet them with my avatar, but the clan was less than enthused...

they told me I was "acting out of character."

then i bought some accessories from the online shop. only then did they warm up to me…somewhat.

neytiri taught me the tactics one had to use in this realm. she talked endlessly about this connection to nature.

i have to admit that I started enjoying this hippie shit.

neytiri told me that avatars in this realm can take on pets.

so, I thought - why not a flying chicken?

so, if I die does that qualify for the 48-hour refund policy for the game?

sure, it wasn't as easy as I'd thought...

but, i finally got the hang of flying.

even my girlfriend was impressed.

from there we flew back to another part of the jungle.

i was having so much fun in this realm that almost forgot that I was a part of morpheus' team they too habituated this realm. but these two clans were rivals.

my girlfriend's clan was more than happy to fight them for territorial rights of this realm.

some might say they were a little too excited.

but i was ready to lead my girlfriend's clan to victory. I finally felt like one of them...

but then the server logged me off. my free trial term had expired.

why did the free trial have to end? now I have to buy premium...

AFR 315 Final  
AFR 315 Final  

Blackness 2.0 Final Project