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Winter 2013

It is the mission of Corban University to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. The Hebrew word for corban (qorban) represents the highest gift given to God. “In view of God's mercy…offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—which is your spiritual worship” Romans 12:1 (NIV). Our students are trained to become leaders who are set apart for a life of spiritual sacrifice and service, able to advance as salt and light in a darkened world.

Corban Staff Publisher Sheldon C. Nord ’82 Editor J. Steven Hunt ’69 Writer Sheldon Traver Designer Ronald Cox Contributing Writers Deleen Wills Photographers Jessica Marple Sheldon Traver Contributing Photographers Deleen Wills CORBAN magazine is published by the Office of Marketing & Communications at Corban University and is sent to alumni, parents, supporters and friends of the University. Our missional themes are transformative learning, holistic development and Christian stewardship.

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The Value of a Corban Education

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Sports Center exterior upgraded The C.E. Jeffers Sports Center took on a new look as a complete renovation of the exterior was done this fall. The former cedar shake siding was replaced with Hardie Siding Products, weak structural areas were replaced and new signage was added. In addition, fir trees on about 400 feet of the west edge of the parking lot were trimmed high to allow views of the valley from the center. The original design was created by former Corban Board member and architect Neal Kolbo, and constructed by alumnus Clarence Jeffers in 1978.


from the president

As friends and colleagues gathered on Oct. 5 for inauguration weekend, I was greatly moved by the importance of the moment and the task that lies ahead. Leadership is never easy, but it’s incredibly challenging today. We face growing doubt in America regarding quality and affordability of education; we have had more than five years of major anxiety in the areas of banking and health care; recently, our federal government shut down for 16 days and we have significant concerns regarding the very future and sustainability of our country; and we have skepticism about and dwindling trust in our institutions and Today, we are realizing the the people who vision of the men and women lead them.

who have come before us, and we are bearing the fruit of their labors.

I am pleased to report that Corban University is on solid financial footing. We have broadened our constituency, and we now have more than 11,000 alumni “making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” We are also more involved in the Salem community than at any other time in our history. Today, Corban is doing significant Kingdom work in Indonesia, Australia and Africa. We have graduate programs being delivered around the world, a local counseling clinic, and more than 21,000 annual student service-hours given in the Northwest. In the past few years, we’ve had student mission trips to Columbia, Italy, Peru, Honduras, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Japan, Ukraine, Mexico, Haiti, Cameroon, Indonesia and China. To everything a season, and I would best describe Corban’s current season as spring. We are taking advantage of new possibilities and unprecedented opportunities. We have great aspirations, and we are eager to roll out new strategic plans and announce big, bold initiatives. This is President Tom Younger’s legacy. This is President John Balyo’s vision. This is what President David Miller expected to happen. This is what President Reno Hoff has given his life’s work to achieve. Today, we are realizing the vision of the men and women who have come before us, and we are bearing the fruit of their labors. We are in a position to think big and bold because of the way God has used our past leaders. Corban cannot be complacent because of the positive momentum we have at present. While we celebrate our past, we must focus on the prize before us. Change is inevitable and


must be embraced. I advocate that we must look forward—for new business models, new delivery systems and drastically new revenue and expense structures. It is easy to state these truths, but it is another matter to address them. The situation we face today is not unlike what the Israelites faced when preparing to enter the Promised Land. They had seen God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt and had tasted God’s provision for them as they moved through the desert. And as they stood ready to face the future, most of them wilted and grew faint of heart, because they saw the cities in Canaan were fortified and the inhabitants were big and strong. However, some saw the future through the eyes of faith—not a blind faith, but one rooted in God’s word that He would be faithful to His promises. Today, we stand looking into a future where the potential and possibilities of this institution can be realized, yet there are giants before us. Let us not be those who shy away from the challenge and who see difficulty rather than opportunity, risk rather than adventure, uncertainty rather than God’s promises. When challenges are viewed from God’s perspective, they shrink in size and scope. As Corban’s tenth president, I declare that we will be bold and courageous because of the faithfulness and strength of the God we serve. It is not the impulse of heroism, or the lust for adventure, or the courage of self-reliance, or the need to earn God’s favor. It is simple trust in Jesus Christ. I am committed to the Corban University mission, “to educate Christians to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.” I have been and will continue to be “all in” as president of this fine institution. I am dedicated to giving this job—which includes our trustees, faculty, alumni, current students and regional community—my ALL. Together, we will experience God’s direction for Corban as we pursue Him at every turn, small and large. Soli Deo gloria. Sheldon C. Nord


corban in print

transformational leadership

esigned to gain an in-depth the principal in successfully Learner (ELL) educational outcomes based on interviews with five were employed by Hillsboro School nt from school years 2007-2010.

an ethnoGraphiC stUdY of prinCipals’ inflUenCe on instrUCtional effeCtiVeness of teaChinG enGlish lanGUaGe learners in seleCt elementarY sChools

study. First, how do the principals ol culture expectations and best mentary schools with high ELL level of general knowledge about o the principals possess whose ademically as measured by OAKS high ELL populations? Third, d as an effective approaches to populations?

ersen, Ed.D. (George Fox), serves as an Assistant f Education at Corban University. She has worked in or more than 26 years. Petersen previously served as trator within the Hillsboro School District in Hillsboro, here she earned a Crystal Apple Award. At that school concurrently served as a school principal, oversaw nts, and worked as a liaison for homeless students.

transformational leadership | petersen

concern for administrators given the between ELLs and their peers at the me gains in the primary grade levels.


“Transformational Leadership”

“Bleeding Heart”

Christie Petersen, Ed.D.

Amber Stokes

According to research by Corban assistant professor of education Christie Petersen, Ed.D., elementary school principals play a bigger role in the success of Englishlanguage learners in high-poverty schools than previously realized.

In July, Amber Stokes, ’12, published her first novel, titled “Bleeding Heart.” Set in 1886, the work is a historical romance novel about a young woman trying to seek vengeance on those who had wronged her in the past and escape an unwanted suitor. However, she learns that revenge isn’t everything she expected and that her heart isn’t the only one that has been broken. It’s a story about the road to healing and the meaning of true love.

Her new book, “Transformational Leadership,” is based on research she conducted with elementary school principals between 2007 and 2010. Her study focused on three main questions surrounding cultural expectations, best instructional practices, school leadership characteristics and effective approaches to serving ELL students. “This topic continues to be a concern for administrators given the persistent achievement gap between ELLs and their peers at the secondary level despite some gains in the primary grade levels,” Petersen said. “I think this will be a resource that can guide school administrators as they work through these challenges.”

Stokes currently lives in Northern California and works as a freelance author and editor. She also writes for her blog, “Seasons of Humility,” and is co-writer of “The Borrowed Book” blog. “Bleeding Heart” can be purchased through or CreateSpace.

“Transformational Leadership” is available through and Barnes & Noble.


faculty news Sarah Comstock publishes research on maternal obesity The peer-reviewed journal “Molecular Metabolism” has featured the work of Corban professor Sarah Comstock, Ph.D., on the cover of its print magazine.

“Change Your Brain” workshop brings more than 400 to Corban When people learn to “love their brain,” their entire lives will change. On Sept. 18, nationally recognized brain researcher Daniel Amen, M.D., spoke to nearly 400 educators, students and parents about this topic. His message was the kickoff for a series of workshops titled “Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Before 25,” being taught at Corban University by Director of Undergraduate Education Jesse Payne, Ed.D. Part of the presentation included brain SPECT scans showing side-byside examples of healthy and unhealthy brains, which elicited gasps from the crowd. The scans included brains damaged through trauma, obesity, oxygen deprivation, NFL football and more. Corban alumna Kaitlin Pearson, ’13, attended not as an educator, but for her own personal knowledge. “I’m thinking about a career in counseling or as a life coach, and this is information I can pass along to my clients,” she said. “His presentation reinforced what I have been learning about diet and exercise and the balance you need to have in your life.”

Professor and alumna co-author article for sports journal In October, the Recreational Sports Journal published research by assistant professor of human performance Shannon Simmons, Ph.D., and Kelsey Childers, ’13.

Shannon Simmons

Kelsey Childers


The article focused on the positive influence of athletics and intramural participation on self-esteem and physical self-concept. It was based on research Childers conducted as part of her senior research project. “This research not only shows the value and importance of athletics programs, but also that intramural participation improves global self-esteem,” Simmons said. “Our goal is to encourage our school and others to see the value of intramurals aside from just the benefits of physical activity. All students could benefit from participation in activity, and more so in a social, group environment.”

Comstock is an assistant professor of biology and her study, a culmination of 10 years of research, was initially published online last fall. Her research focused on the effects of maternal obesity on pancreatic development in primates. She worked with Japanese macaques in labs at Oregon Health & Science University to study alpha and beta cell ratios within the pancreas, something few other researchers have done. The journal is read by biomedical scientists and physicians involved in metabolic research and its findings. “If a physician working with pregnant women can back up her recommendations with research, it makes a difference,” Comstock said. “Women are more likely to make significant lifestyle changes for their baby than they might for themselves.” Comstock’s research is being continued by other researchers at OHSU. Her goal is to encourage others conducting similar research and to find additional ways to combat maternal obesity.

Leroy Goertzen leads panel discussion at apologetics conference On Oct. 18, Leroy Goertzen, D.Min., Corban’s Doctor of Ministry program director, lead a panel discussion at the Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World conference in Tacoma, Wash. The conference was created as an outreach for Christian laymen and offered answers to daunting questions many in ministry may have heard from their congregations. These included questions such as why does God allow evil, is there evidence of the resurrection, and are the Scriptures reliable? “The panel I led was designed to help church leaders think about and see through possible models to help congregations engage the culture,” Goertzen said.

Professor’s poetry published in online journal The autumn 2013 issue of the Elohi Gadugi Journal features three poems by Corban professor of English Colette Tennant, Ph.D. The literary journal is published seasonally. This issue focused on the topic of autumn rain. Tennant’s poems “Blue Heron, Late November,” “Scene” and “September Vocabulary” were part of the collection, which featured nearly 20 writers. This is the second time Tennant has been published in this literary journal. To read her poems or to learn more about the Elohi Gadugi Journal, visit

Corey Gilbert joins psychology department faculty In July, Corey Gilbert, Ph.D., joined the psychology department as an associate professor of psychology. Gilbert grew up in Chile as a child of missionary parents. He received his undergraduate degree from Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas and attended seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, where he received master’s degrees in marriage and family counseling and in Christian education. He attended Capella University for his doctoral degree in family counseling. Gilbert also worked as a licensed professional counselor in private practice for 13 years, during which time he realized the need for counselors specializing in sexual trauma and dysfunction. He attended the Institute for Sexual Wholeness in Atlanta and is a professional associate of the American Board of Christian Sex Therapists. He has been married to his wife, Kelly, for 10 years and has three Learning and children, ages 3,Faith, 5 and 7.

the Media oF hope

10 Corban faculty members present at an International Conference Media of Hope Conference November 5-7, 2013

Ten Corban faculty members presented papers at the first Faith, Learning Lippo Village Karawaci (Jakarta) Indonesia and the Media of Hope Conference, held in Karawaci, Indonesia, on Nov. 5, 6 and 7. The conference featured a unique blend of workshops and open conversations in which Christian media and academic professionals shared research, pedagogical insights, innovations in academic administration and unique professional media applications.

Faith, Learning and

The conference included David Aikman, who spent 23 years with Time the oFand hope magazine as a reporter andMedia who is a scholar man of deep Christian an International conviction. The conference also featuredConference 17-year Wheaton College President Duane Litfin and November the national principal 5-7, 2013 of Laidlaw College, Lippo Village Karawaci (Jakarta) Rodney Phillip Thompson. Indonesia

Leaders of excellence stand for something. The man of integrity walks securely (Prov. 10:9) and character is developed as we allow the scriptures to inform us. Never in this century has there been a greater need for a biblical answer to the crises facing leaders today. Post Conference Trip: BALI is a 3 days 2 nights touring of Bali after the conference. The total cost is approximately $850 USD including meals, lodging and flight to Bali.

Leaders of excellence stand for something. The man of integrity walks securely (Prov. 10:9) and character is developed as we allow the scriptures to inform us. Never in this century has there been a greater need for a biblical answer to the crises facing leaders today.

Corban professor interviewed on Katie Couric’s show It’s not every day that a Corban University professor gets to speak to millions of Americans. For her Sept. 30 show, Katie Couric interviewed Corban assistant professor of business Kelli Gassman and her husband, Dan, about their experience with open frozen embryo adoption. The Gassmans’ first son, Trevor, was conceived using this method. The Gassmans were interviewed by Couric for the “Katie” show before a live audience at the ABC TV1 Studio in New York City. Due to age and other factors, they were infertile. While considering their options, they learned about adopting “snowflake babies” from a process in which one couple adopts another’s frozen embryo, which is then implanted in the adoptive mother using in vitro fertilization. The Gassman children now include 9-month-old Trevor and a second child due in March. Their hope is that others will be encouraged by their story and consider open frozen embryo adoption. They believe their interview will encourage Americans, including many Christian couples, to consider “snowflake babies” as a viable adoption option.


news Briefs Corban University Partners with Mars Hill Church Starting in the fall of 2014, Corban University and Mars Hill Church will offer a 24-credit Bible certificate at the Mars Hill Bellevue, Wash. location. Classes are slated to begin in the fall of 2014. The curriculum will include Bible and Theology Foundation, Ministry Skills Foundation, Introduction to Bible, Introduction to Theology, Christian Worldview and Apologetics, Biblical Spiritual Formation, Gospels, Bible Study Methods. “We are anticipating a great, ongoing relationship with Mars Hill Church, pending approval of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities,” said Corban Provost Matt Lucas. “This certificate is not included under Corban University’s accreditation until NWCCU approves the program.” Mars Hill Church began in 1996 as a Bible study in the Wallingford, Wash. home of Mark and Grace Driscoll just north of Seattle. Today, the congregation is distributed across 15 locations in five different states, reaching millions around the world through a robust outwardfacing ministry that includes podcasts, music, events, and websites like Mars Hill has been named one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America, as well as one of the most innovative. Driscoll’s sermons are viewed millions of times per year online and regularly rank number 1 on iTunes podcast charts. “I am enthusiastic and optimistic about Corban University’s partnership with Mars Hill Church,” said Dr. Sheldon C. Nord, president of Corban University. “It is consistent with our strong desire to be ‘Christian thought leaders’—a leading voice on cultural, philosophical and academic issues, with a commitment to raise up future leaders who will champion the cause of Christ in their respective disciplines.”

Corban expands advancement team

Curt Jones

Corban University welcomed a new vice president for advancement on Sept. 30. Curt Jones has a proven history of leading teams and raising funds. He is an entrepreneurial start-up specialist with significant consulting experience. Among his many credits, he served as owner/president/CEO for The BEST Companies Inc., executive vice president at Delta Financial Associates Inc., and senior vice president for Continental Equities Corp.

Jones’ ministry and work experience during the past four years involved a project-driven entrepreneurial lifestyle of ministry endeavors, business ventures and consulting gigs. Jones is also a certified coach and trainer specializing in marketing/ entrepreneurship. He considers himself to be a lifetime student of leadership and organizational development. He is married with three grown children and three grandchildren. Jones can be reached at “After months of avid searching, I am enthusiastic and optimistic about the person God has provided for such a time as this,” said Corban President Dr. Sheldon C. Nord.


The advancement office also hired two other new employees as part of its team. Associate Director of Development Karen Lewis, ’96, previously worked in the Office of Admissions from 1993 to 1997. She has also served as an executive assistant for the president of Willamette Valley Hospice and as a volunteer grant writer for several Salem-area non-profit organizations. Most Karen Lewis recently, she served as the development director for United Methodist Retirement Center, where she worked on fundraising, donor outreach and more. Advancement Coordinator Alyssa Teterud, ’11, previously worked as an employment coordinator for Garten Services Inc., a Salem non-profit dedicated to giving job opportunities to adults with disabilities. At Garten, she worked with the human resources department to fill staff positions, facilitate training and work on employee Alyssa Teterud relations. She also oversaw the agency’s volunteer and internship programs.

Soccer teams go off field to help others Corban’s soccer players are more than athletes. They are citizens involved in their communities and in making a difference for others. On Aug. 9, the men’s soccer team worked with the Portland Timbers, the Major League Soccer team based in Portland, Ore., to help the Oregon Food Bank. At the agency, they took bulk food that had been donated in large packages and distributed it into smaller packages that would go to families in need. “I want our guys to be able to think outside of themselves,” said men’s soccer head coach Aaron Lewis. “There are so many people out there who are in worse situations than we are, and I want to instill these guys with a desire to serve in any way they can.” On Sept. 12, the women’s soccer team facilitated a soccer clinic at a girls juvenile facility in Albany, Ore. The team members taught the girls some basic skills and held scrimmage matches with teams composed of Warriors team members and girls from the juvenile facility. “The team did a good job getting the young ladies involved,” said women’s soccer head coach Marty Ziesemer. “At the end of the time, a couple of our players were able to share their testimony and share the Gospel. A number of the young ladies asked to pray with some of our team. I was very proud of the character of our ladies and the way they represented each other, Corban and Christ.”

Corban provides leadership for Salem Free Clinics Our Master of Arts in Counseling program has developed an invaluable strategic partnership with Salem Free Clinics (SFC). The numbers for the past two months speak for themselves: 741 medical

patients, 408 counseling patients and 14 dental patients, for a total of 1,163 patients. In addition, 242 requested prayer, 40 trusted Jesus Christ and six recommitted themselves. The growth in the number of clinics, volunteers and distribution of Bibles and other literature has increased dramatically. The strategic goal is to serve 10,000 people a year by 2015. At the current growth rate, however, it looks like SFC will exceed that goal next year.

Students, community members attend art and science forum During her freshman year, communications major Kelsey Leavitt kept a dangerous secret from everyone around her. On Oct. 15, the junior candidly shared her personal testimony about suffering from an eating disorder that nobody knew about. “I would go into the dining hall and fill my plate,” she said. “But I would challenge myself to leave hungry because I wanted to fit an image that was manufactured by advertisers and the media.” Approximately 125 people attended “The Skeleton in the Closet, The Intersection of Art and Science Explore: Body Image, Eating Disorders, Obesity and Pregnancy” event, which included a forum and an opening reception for the Psalm Visual Arts Gallery exhibit by the same name. The forum featured award-winning photographer Fritz Liedtke, who discussed how his struggle to understand his own eating disorder led to the photo exhibit, displayed at Corban between Oct. 15 and Nov. 21. Additionally, Corban associate professor of science Sarah Comstock, Ph.D., shared her groundbreaking research on unhealthy maternal eating patterns and their effects not only on children, but also on grandchildren.

Alumna wins top honor in credit union executive competition On Nov. 6, Corban University alumna Amanda Brenneman, ‘12, learned she won the top prize in the Next Top Credit Union Executive competition. She works as a business development officer for MaPS Credit Union based in Salem, Ore. The prize includes $20,000 in executive leadership training and more. She was selected from hundreds of applicants internationally to 15, and finally, five who submitted videos, garnered votes from online supporters and gave personal presentations to credit union executives in an effort to win the grand prize. As she moves through the corridors of MaPS Credit Union’s Salem, Ore., headquarters, the confident 28-year-old Adult Degree Programs alumna talks casually about her recent trips to Washington, D.C., and Florida as a lobbyist on behalf of credit unions in the United States. She works as a business development officer, and in February, she was selected as one of 19 credit union employees under age 35 in the United States and the United Kingdom to represent the industry. “The trip was definitely career changing,” Brenneman said. “I had the

opportunity to address Senator Jeff Merkley in front of the Oregon constituents. I was able to meet Representative Kurt Schrader and sit on his couch with a group to talk to him about our desire to defend credit unions’ tax status, among many other issues.” In May, she spoke about the Buy Local program to a national audience of credit union CEOs, presidents and other executives in Florida. When she started in Corban’s Adult Degree Programs, Brenneman wasn’t planning to work in the financial industry. She initially wanted to serve as a trauma counselor for survivors of human trafficking, but admitted an internship with Called to Rescue changed her mind. “While I was there, I realized God did not equip me with the skills to counsel victims of trauma,” she said. “I realized I was drawn to the business and inner workings of running a non-profit.” This internship gave her the opportunity to write grant proposals and speak to the public about the agency’s mission. During Corban’s 2012 commencement ceremony, she was recognized for her efforts and named the ADP Distinguished Graduate. Brenneman’s passion for the cause didn’t end with her internship and graduation. She currently works with Called to Rescue as a grant writer, with duties that include writing applications for funding that could potentially be used as part of a $48 million matching grant to help human trafficking victims. She also serves as a board member for POLE Gems in Salem, which ministers to men and women working in the adult entertainment industry.

Longtime Corban trustee passes away On Oct. 11, Corban University lost a friend and servant when Anna Lorete Bauman Herrman passed away at the age of 82. Herrman served for 18 years on Corban’s Board of Trustees and was one of the first two women who were invited onto the board. She and her husband, Keith Herrman encouraged young people to seek out a Bible-based higher education by establishing scholarships and grants for students. She was born Jan. 16, 1931, in Grand Junction, Colo., and worked as a teacher on the Oregon Coast until 1958. In 1957, she married Keith Herrman. They lived most of their lives in the Connell, Wash., area. Throughout her life, she was a strong advocate for education, arts and music. She was involved in church and community activities and leadership roles. Herrman also loved to travel and had a strong desire to see God’s creation throughout the world. A memorial service was held Oct. 26 in Connell. The family requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the following two memorial funds. Building Fund First Baptist Church of Connell P.O. Box 68 Connell, WA 99326

Herrman Family Grant Corban University Advancement Office 5000 Deer Park Drive SE Salem, OR 97317


Darrel White 503-589-8186




In recent months, the lament about the high cost of education has served to disillusion some families and devalue the importance of careful planning when considering a future career. Besides economics, it is important to be aware of another factor relative to Corban’s mission. We are preparing students who pursue careers that have great impact but sometimes do not provide a significant salary. For the last decade, and especially since the recession, the conversation about the value of education has only been defined in economic terms. This makes sense, because as tuition increases, student loans are more of a problem. Congress and the president are rallying the middle class populists to draw attention to this issue. Our students borrow $23,000 on average, compared to the $29,000 national average of other private institutions. In general, institutions of higher education have hunkered down and have not had a response other than to justify their costs. The result is that the metaphor that education is a commodity becomes reality. At Corban, we believe that education is more than a commodity—its value is not defined by its economic value (a paycheck). A good education opens up new ideas and opportunities, challenges


our common sense thinking, develops differing perspectives, reveals who we are and who we can be, and changes the world. Further, as Christians, education provides the means to further the Gospel, shape lives and develop a biblical worldview. In recent months, Corban has created programs that add clarity to the communication regarding our purpose and strategies. They are intended to move us into the higher education conversation instead of away from it. We believe that our education is valuable as a commodity, but we intend to show that it is so much more. We have crafted these programs as: The Corban Story Corban Unleashed The Corban Promise

In our fast-changing world, the clear understanding of who we are is more important than ever. In the Christian higher education community, descriptors have become outdated, misunderstood and confusing to many student applicants, their families and supporters. In an effort to address this, we want to confirm the value of our mission and its return on investment in a way that provides clarity. We describe it as follows: Corban is a Gospel-driven community of scholars and leaders who seek to bring a biblical perspective to all areas of study and practice. We offer deep scriptural rooting to students while training them for any of a wide variety of professions—from education to business and from counseling to political science. Why? Because as a comprehensive university, we believe the best way to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ is to send biblically and

theologically grounded graduates into a wide variety of fields. In fact, we think Corban plays a unique role in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:1920). We’re a training ground for disciples. We believe every academic and professional field can be transformed by the Gospel, by disciples who love the Lord with all their heart, soul, strength and mind (Matthew 22:37), and who love their neighbors as themselves (Matthew 22:39). Our recent partnership with Mars Hill Church in the Seattle area demonstrates our commitment to engage other schools and organizations to extend our reach into places it has not been before. Beyond our main campus, a 24-credit Bible certificate program is going to be offered at Mars Hill, beginning in the fall of 2014. The curriculum will include Bible and Theology Foundation, Ministry Skills Foundation, Introduction to Bible,

Introduction to Theology, Christian Worldview and Apologetics, Biblical Spiritual Formation, Gospels and Bible Study Methods. We believe in sending out ambassadors with the Gospel into many fields. For the past 75 years, these graduates have modeled integrated, authentic lives and served their communities in tangible ways. Corban is committed to serving the broader community. We deliberately live out God’s call to “love our neighbors” by weaving service opportunities into our academic and student life programming. This means the broader community sees our students, faculty and staff actively meeting needs and joining important community conversations. It also means our graduates develop a theology and philosophy of community engagement that they take with them to whatever field and community they choose.


In a recent address, President Sheldon C. Nord announced that he is asking friends and supporters to prayerfully consider what role you can play to partner with us, to come alongside us, being mindful of the following: we have huge challenges; we serve a big God; we embrace a spirit of boldness, and an unapologetic commitment and service to Christ; and we are committed to preparing Warriors for Christ. His request is threefold: That you partner with us in a bold adventure that is called Corban Unleashed. That you engage with Corban, as iron sharpens iron, to discover where God might be leading us in each of the areas detailed below. To this end, in the coming weeks and months, he would like to meet personally with many of Corban’s friends and supporters—in coffee shops, homes, on campus or wherever—to hear what this might mean to you and how we can grow together. That you pray, to consider how you can join us in this battle of ideas, helping Corban to grow and be a mighty force to the glory of Christ. There are tremendous opportunities ahead of us, and it's going to take a mighty effort, but together we can step forward in fresh, ambitious and bold ways. Corban Unleashed is the tagline for the University’s four strategic goals and sets the course for being the following: A Christian thought leader— As a Christian institution, we desire to be a leading voice on cultural, philosophical and academic issues and to raise up future leaders who can do the same. Our desire is that we lead under the mighty hand of God, through thinking soaked in prayer, carried by the Holy Spirit, tethered to the Bible, and done in the service of love. Establish Corban University as a leader in Christian thought. Address relevant cultural issues in an engaging, Gospel-centered manner. Develop a Dream Center/Initiative that allows students to discover God-sized possibilities that change their communities and impact the world.

An environment of faith, integrity and quality— Corban is committed to a campus and an online learning environment that is Christcentered, rigorous and of the highest quality. We desire Corban’s influence to be realized through online and innovative educational programs. Offer innovative programs, services and spaces that foster spiritual and intellectual transformation and a vibrant community. Increase Corban’s commitment to meaningful mentorship and professional preparation. Build state-of-the-art facilities that provide students with invigorating learning environments and opportunities.

Known for innovative technology—Our world is changing faster than ever as technology continues to alter the educational landscape. Corban desires to stay ahead of these innovations by committing to the newest educational technology that fosters student learning, by improving service and productivity through up-todate software and systems, and by reaching more students around the world. Improve student learning through enhanced educational technology. Implement software and web applications that improve customer service and employee productivity. Expand the University’s reach through online and innovative educational programs.


Committed to global engagement—Our world is also shrinking. Corban plans to continue its commitment to global education by expanding its presence around the world so our graduates are prepared to navigate diverse cultures. Provide learning opportunities and educational programs that expand the University’s international presence. Diversify the Corban community to reflect the Kingdom of God and prepare students to impact a global and pluralistic society. Network with other globally minded institutions to further the Gospel.

The Corban Promise

We recognize that many students and parents have concerns about the cost of student loans required to finance higher education. In an initiative to address this, we have introduced a program called The Corban Promise, which empowers graduates to secure a well-paying job after graduation or ensures their ability to repay their loans while following their dreams. Beginning in the fall of 2014, all incoming students at Corban University will automatically be enrolled in The Corban Promise, a loan repayment assistance program. The Corban Promise works as a safety net that helps ease the burden of student loans. Why is Corban University offering The Corban Promise? We believe that our education is worth the investment. We believe that our education opens doors. We believe that our education transforms lives. We believe that our education prepares students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. And

most importantly, we believe in our students and will empower them with The Corban Promise. Corban is the first college in the Pacific Northwest to

tackle the rising concerns surrounding the national educational debt load by providing a safety net for our students’ educational investment. Programs like The Corban Promise have been used over the past 25 years by Yale Law School and other Ivy League institutions. The Corban Promise is provided at no cost to students and families as our commitment to students’ success. The Corban Promise covers all federal student loans, private alternative student loans and parent PLUS loans. Students must graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Corban University. Graduates must be employed for a minimum of 30 hours per week, work in the U.S. (or, if a student chooses to work outside of the U.S., he or she has three years before he or she loses eligibility), and not be self-employed or working for family. Given the mission of Corban, we believe this is the right thing to do.

Corban. Now more than ever. The world needs well-educated Christians who can articulate their faith in the work and community settings to which God directs them. The world needs Christians who are eager to communicate the Gospel and have the confidence in their education that encourages them to serve as leaders. At Corban, we believe our strategic plan and our new initiative demonstrate our commitment to providing a sustainable and relevant Christian education so that our world today and our world tomorrow will become better places to the glory of God. 15

A look back at The inauguration of

Sheldon C. Nord, Ph.D.

Inauguration week was filled with activities that involved students. Dr. Nord participated in the lively Are You Smarter than a College Student? game show night.

The Board of Trustees and administrators held a prayer commissioning the morning of inauguration.

Long-time Corban supporters Delores and Gerry Werre were in attendance.

The Psalm Visual Arts Gallery unveiled a portrait painted by Annie Salness and other documents congratulating the new president.

Prayers of dedication were offered for the new president.

The clock tower plaza was filled with tents and tables for the reception. Faculty and administrators led the processional from Schimmel Hall to the Psalm Center between lines of cheering students.


A full bagpipe and drum team led the processional.

Provost Dr. Matt Lucas presided over the inauguration ceremony.

Board of Trustees Chair Dr. Michael Patterson presented Dr. Nord with the presidential medallion.

Board Chair Dr. Michael Patterson with the president and first lady at the ceremony.

Dr. Nord presents his vision for Corban in his ceremony address.

The inauguration day crowd filled the Psalm Performing Arts Center.

A special jersey presented to the president by Dr. Jim Hills.

Former President Herbert Farrar led a dedicatory prayer via video. Seven weeks later, Herb passed away at age 104 (related story p. 30).

There were many dignitaries present from the higher education community.

Dr. Jonathan Parapak came from Indonesia and was a part of the platform personnel with Vice Provost Dr. Larry Roper from Oregon State University and community leader Gerry Frank.


The president and first lady led the recessional after the ceremony.

The Corban Chamber Orchestra provided music at the reception.

Debbie Katip, Jamie Nord and Marti Rawlins (mother of Jamie Nord) enjoy the nice weather at the Oregon Garden venue for the inauguration dinner.

Guests formed a line to greet the Nords at the reception.

Foods representing three geographical areas of the president’s life were available. Lefse and krumkaka celebrated his early years in Minnesota.

The evening dinner was held at The Oregon Garden in the J. Frank Schmidt Jr. Pavilion.

Jamie, Hannah and Sheldon Nord.

The table setting dĂŠcor at the dinner. The Corban Jazz Band provided music for the dinner.

Assistant Professor of Ministries Anne Jeffers opened the evening gathering in prayer.


Board member and alumnus Paul Null served as emcee at the dinner.

Long-time Corban employee Steve Hunt spoke about the legacy of presidents at Corban.

When the evening drew to a close, guests at the dinner were given commemorative gifts.

Corban to offer new Political Science degree When it comes to political engagement, assistant professor of political science Tony Caito believes the Founding Fathers had well-thought-out and philosophically informed ideas.

Washington, D.C. In a purposeful effort to guide students’ development of a Christian political philosophy that’s connected to their vocational goals and maturity, they will have the opportunity to intern with a variety of agencies, some of which share their worldview and some of which do not.

“They based the construction of the constitutional government on the premise that citizens and lawmakers would be self-seeking,” “Students will be intentionally matched with internship opportunities he said. “The result is an intricate system of checks and balances that usually provides the best possible environment for competing that will challenge their own biases,” Caito said. “We will have a 360-degree educational process where students will learn the interests to be worked out in a civil and fair manner.” foundations of integrating their faith and politics in the classroom, go out and actually do it, and then be equipped to debrief and learn In fall 2014, Corban will offer a new degree in political science that from their experiences, failures and successes with faculty.” will focus on leadership and political engagement, helping students not only better understand the political process, but also teaching The centerpiece of this degree is the them how to navigate within it. Caito’s goal is for graduates to $15,000 McLaran Scholarship, which become leaders who can skillfully integrate faith and politics, whether Corban University has established in they are working in government or the private sector. memory of Mike McLaran, a champion of Christian political engagement in Oregon. The four concentrations within the major focus on American Ten prospective freshmen each year in the government, political entrepreneurship, law and global political science major will be awarded governance. Faculty will work with students to strategically match this annually renewable scholarship to ensure they are able them with appropriate internship opportunities (totaling 450 to continue their political engagement while at Corban and hours) with lawmakers and political advocacy organizations, thereafter as professionals. primarily in Salem, Ore., but also in Olympia, Wash., and

“The internships prepare students for their careers by giving an experiential background in how the political process works whether that is in Salem, Washington D.C., or another capital. You interact with the public on many different levels and that is a rewarding experience, even for students who might not go into politics as a career.” Samuel Pearson (‘13)

Intern for U.S. Representative Greg Walden

“Our Christian faith is relevant in today’s culture and this program is offered from a Christian worldview. If you don’t know what you believe and why when engaging in the political process, you are unable to give reason for and stand firm on your convictions.” Leisha Anderson (‘14)

Intern for Oregon Representative John Davis and Senator Tim Knopp


Honor roll of



to the many supporters whose generous gifts help implement Corban’s vision to be an outstanding Christian university. By supporting Corban, you enable a new generation of students to experience the many benefits of an education distinctively rooted in Jesus Christ. The following honor roll lists the faithful alumni, parents, friends and staff who supported us during the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013. The University and its students are most grateful! If you have given and you are not listed, please accept our apology and contact us: 503-375-7003.

President's Ambassadors* - Gifts of $5000 or more Curtis and Loraine Anderson Anonymous Bain Family Revocable Trust Betty Balyo Joseph and Teresa Blubaugh Steve and Shelly Boekenoogen

Thomas and Linda Cook Dutton Family Trust of 1993 Genesis Metals, Riverside, CA Kenneth '96 and Elliette Harrison Melvin and Kay '67 Hendrickson Anna Herrman

Robin Herrman Daniel '96 and Chris Hill Robin '79 and Cynthia '79 Jahnke Arie and Joan Jongeneel Juan Young Trust, West Lihn, OR Mountain West Investment Corp, Salem, OR

Pat Nicholson '97 Sheldon '82 and Jamie '91 Nord Roger Paul James and Shelly Roden Mary '62 and Curt Smith Erhardt and Joy Steinborn

TNT Management Resources Inc, Salem, OR Gerald and Dolores Werre Dan '75 and Sally Wilder Dick and Gayle Withnell

Howard and Ivy Games Charles and Sandra Jack Doris Jacobson Dick '01 and Pauline Keeney Les Schwab Warehouse Center, Inc, Bend, OR James '73 and Carol Nielsen Mike '74 and Kathy '74 Patterson

Doug and Jan Pfeiler Puyallup Community Baptist, Puyallup, WA Gary '79 and Mary Reichard Salem First Baptist Church, Salem, OR Jo '81 and Jack Sherman

State Farm Companies Foundation, Princeton, NJ Tabernacle Baptist Church, Shoreline, WA Temple Baptist Church, Fircrest, WA Darrel '11 and Charlene White Davina Younger

Henry and Janet '72 Christoph Jerry '63 and Jo '63 Cudney Glenn Duckworth '11 Tammy Fabian '92 Faith Baptist Church of Lincoln City, OR Joyce '78 and Larry Ferreira Terry '76 and Susan Finkbeiner First Baptist Church of Bellevue, WA First Baptist Church of Ferndale, WA First Baptist Church of Richland, WA First Baptist Church of Tumwater, WA First Baptist Community Church of Monte Sereno, CA Tina Fleisher '07

Foothills Church of Stayton, OR Frisko Freeze Inc, Tacoma, WA William and TerriFrohnmayer Michael and Patti Garrido Grace Baptist Church of Redding, CA Claudia '76 and Jim Green Clark and Georgia '97 Greer William and Betty Hansen Yvonne Haverland Nancy '93 and LeRoy Hedberg Rich and Colleen Hendrickson Hittner & Associates, Inc, Keizer, OR Reno '73 and Linda Hoff David and Holly Howerton Vivian Hubbard-Sills '57 Daniel and Deborah Irving James Reed & Associates, Salem, OR Jeff McKay's Baseball Northwest Inc, Springfield, OR Joan Jeffers '51 Annette Jones Ken '64 and Karin '66 Jones Daryl '96 and Tera '96 Knox Doug and Lisa '86 Kusler Ruthie '67 and Paul La Freniere Corky '75 and Debbie '75 Lambert Blanche Lattin LCG Pence, Salem, OR Mark '99 and Ruth Leamy Griff and Margaret Lindell Jordan '10 and Leah '10 Lindsey Mary Louie '57 Matt '94 and Tammy '94 Lucas Rod and Molly Malone Marion County Farm Bureau, Salem, OR Nancy Martyn '68 Mike and Diane McLaran

Jonathan Meyers '00

President's Associates* - Gifts of $2500-4999 Tim '80 and Judy '80 Aagard Adams, Hill & Hess, Salem, OR Victor and Carolyn Bartruff Pat Beach '94 Bryce '82 and Julie '81 Bernard David and Deborah Douglas Eastgate Fellowship Church, Bellevue, WA

Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign, Princeton, NJ Randy '80 and Cathy '80 Farwell First Baptist Church, Polson, MT First Baptist Church Missions, Colfax, WA First Baptist Church, University Place, WA Ed and Blossom Fischer

University Builders* - Gifts of $1,000-$2,499 AKT Group LLP, Salem, OR Alaska Sausage and Seafood, Anchorage, AK Gil and Angie '75 Alden Keith and Merilyn Aldy Almota Elevator Co, Colfax, WA Brian and Rosalyn Anderson Timothy and Barbara Anderson David and Shelia '83 Bale Doug '87 and Larissa '85 Beals Darrell '66 and Ruthanne '66 Beddoe Norm and Nancy Berney Bethany Baptist Church of Salem, OR Bethany Bible Church, Kenmore, WA

*Part of the President’s Circle


Alan and Sandi Bittel Boeing Charitable Trust, Chicago, IL Scott '12 and Kelsey '11 Boekenoogen Ordena Bond James '69 and Linda Borland Eddie and Francine Bostwick Gary '75 and Lori '77 Bradley Ken and Debbie Braun Kevin '95 and Yulia '12 Brubaker Ray and Evelyn Brumbaugh Capital Coin Co, Salem, OR Tom Carlson '69 Gene Christian

Richard '67 and Dianne '67 Meyers Daren '81 and Michelle '91 Milionis Todd and Jill Milionis Victor and Judy Monlux Conni Neustel Kunke '83 North Albany Community Church, Albany, OR North Mason Bible Church, Belfair, WA Jani and Bob Oldright Fred and Dorla Overlin Tyson '92 and Andrea '95 Pruett R L Reimers Company, Albany, OR Robert R & Ann L Aalund Trust, Milwaukie, OR Rock Bluff Inc, Wilson Creek, WA Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Salem, OR Gerald and Carolyn Roth Brian Schmidt '91 Daniel and Karla Shuholm Sleater Kinney Rd Bapt Church, Olympia, WA Marie Smith Roger and Carolyn Smith Sports Wave, Inc, Beaverton, OR Carl '67 and Sherrie '67 Sprague Scott and Jeanine Stice John '11 and Sharon Tanner Gene '75 and Pat '72 Taylor Stuart and Colette Tennant Nolene Vena Linda Watt Jack '78 and Pamela Werre Wesley and Donna Wheeler Dick and Jo Ann Whipps Withnell Motor Company, Salem, OR

University Partners - Gifts of $500-$999 Mary Aguilera Bob '69 and Glenda '68 Alley Arbuckle Costic Architects, Inc, Salem, OR Allan Askew AT&T United Way, Princeton, NJ Aumsville Bethel Baptist Church, OR James Baker Lee and Sarah Bales Gary and Mariann '67 Barker Wayne and Dawn Bernard Bidwell Enterprises, Inc, Salem, OR Dean '78 and Denise '75 Bonura Boyer Seed, McMinnville, OR BPM Physical Therapy Center, Inc, Salem, OR Bill and Gladys Caddy Capitol Chevrolet Cadillac Subaru, Salem, OR James Carlson Citizens Bank, Corvallis, OR Community Baptist Church, Hillsboro, OR Carolyn Condit Alan and Susie Costic James and Virginia Cross

Dennis David Raymond and Sue Dawley John and Danielle Dearborn Ryan '99 and Emily '99 Dempster Charles '59 and Hazel '58 Dubbs James and Sang-Eun Dyer Dyna Enterprises LLC, Bakersfield, CA East Oly Community Church, Olympia, WA Jeff and Debbie Estabrook John and Natalee Evans Doug and Beverly Farris First Baptist Church, Othello, WA Clara Fisher Freres Foundation, Lyons, OR Daniel and Kathy Garland Todd and Brenda Gescher Grace Baptist Church of Salem, OR Geoffrey and Cheryl '93 Guilfoy Donald and Sharon Haas Happy Valley Baptist Church, Happy Valley, OR Hardy Living Trust Survivor's Trust, Morro Bay, CA Harold '74 and Joany '74 Haws

Dave and Leanne Hays Jo Anne Hellberg Alan and Debbie '03 Herman Richard '74 and Barbara Holder Jonathan and Karen Hoppert Curtis '69 and Denise Horton Huggins Insurance Services, Inc, Salem, OR Robert and Marlene Hull Derek and Lindsay '01 Imig Mark '72 and Catherine '71 Jacobson Clarence '58 and Dorothy '58 James Jimmy and Marlene '76 Jarrett Penny Jensen Jet Industries, Salem, OR Thomas Johnston Larry and Carol Justis Leslie Largent Matthew '05 and Natalie Larson Donald and Joanne Leavitt Stephen and Ellen McBee Dale '82 and Marlene '82 McClain Donn '14 and Susan Mogford Morning Star Community Church, Salem, OR

Ned Baker Real Estate, Salem, OR Clarence '60 and Janice '60 Nelson Rich '71 and Peggy '66 Noland Duane '80 and Loretta '80 Patterson Premier Plastering Design Inc, Brownsville, OR PT Northwest, LLC, Salem, OR Eric and Kristi Rasmusson Mark and Kathleen Richter George and Joanne Rickard Wayne and Holly Riehle Riverside Baptist Church, Albany, OR Andy '72 and Elda '72 Robinson Herbert and Marguerite Rockey Saalfeld Griggs PC, Salem, OR Tyler '99 and Kimberly '99 Satterthwaite Tim Schabel Brian and Lori Schilling John and SuEllen Scott Select Impressions, Salem, OR Harold '59 and Grace '62 Sevener Clarence and Robin Skelton Kathy '72 and Brian Spurgeon Ryan Stark Paul '73 and Betty '71 Steen

Brian '97 and Chauntelle Steines John and Brenda Stewart Bryan and Jill Swistak Miranda Thomas '86 Gregory and Tiffany '92 Trull Jeff Tryka Pat Unrau Art and Bev Van Weerdhuizen '81 Terry and Connie Van Weerdhuizen Brian '91 and Annette '92 Vaughan David and Lynn Virtue Kevin '81 and Carol Warkentine Whitney Baptist Church, Boise, ID Willamette Valley Fruit Company, LLC, Salem, OR Terry '74 and Debra Williams Gary '86 and Patti '87 Williamson Deleen and Mark Wills Benjamin '99 and Dee '99 Wilson Margaret Wipf Jimmy '07 and Annette Young Nelson '82 and Ellen '82 Zarfas

Cathy George Virginia Gomer Grace Baptist Church, Bellingham, WA Gary and Joanne Hamlin Evelyn Haynes '59 Dwayne and Janet Headley Darlene Heil Thomas and Sandra Hiatt Kathleen Hoch Hughey Revocable Trust, Edgewood, WA Gary and Joanne Humphrey Steve '69 and Kathy '69 Hunt Arnold and Linda Ikel J/K Cattle Ranch, Inc, Scio, OR Darrell James Adrian '52 and Anne '53 Jeffers Brett Johnson '13 David Johnson Luellen Johnson Curtis '77 and Bonnie Jones David and Carla Keene Melanie Klassen '92 Carol '11 and Ross Kruse Lyndell '57 and Barbara '55 Kuns

AJ and HM Lagomarsino Law Office Of Gerald Warren, Salem, OR Dave and Melinda Legg Randy and Valerie Martindale George Massey '61 John '76 and Jodie McCaslin Donna McKeever '96 Marshall and Lucile Miller James and Raquel Green Charlotte Mueller Joel '00 and Jodi '00 Murphy Dawson and Sarah Nofziger Orting Community Baptist Church, Orting, WA Karen '02 and Steve Parker Michael '99 and Jessica Patron Timothy and Danette '81 Peeke Holly Petersen Portland General Electric, Portland, OR Matthew '00 and Dawn Price Progressive Interiors, Salem, OR Oliver Raab Denny and Susan '97 Rasmussen Ray and Jeanne Reid Shari '05 and Mark Ridings

River Press Publishing, Inc Equipment Mart, Rogue River, OR Brenda Roth '90 Salem Executives Association, Salem, OR Nolan and Nickie Shira James and Susan Shumka Matthew '92 and Julie Taylor Cassee '00 and Will Terry Pam Teschner Marty '83 and Linda '81 Trammell Tri City Baptist Church, Myrtle Creek, OR Luis and Trudy Valenzuela Gerrit and Donna Van Weerdhuizen Don Veliquette '63 Kimberly Villwock '02 Vina Community Church, Vina, CA Wally '81 and Janie '99 Vohland Floyd and Jeanette Votaw Ron and Barb Westerback Melvin White Ken and Karen '96 Wilcke Dawn Winokur '82 Dennis and Connie Young Koyce Miller '63

University Sustainers - Gifts of $250-$499 Abbey Carpet Care, Salem, OR Mike and Suzanne '89 Allegre Jo Ann Angelo Larry and Jacqueline Armstrong Tim '89 and Marcy '91 Baker Steve '98 and Rosey '99 Ball Larry and Lorraine Bauman John and Rhonda Bell Jean Blew Blum Real Estate LLC, Salem, OR Glenn Bond William and Jessica Brink C & M Hilt Dairy, Gooding, ID Dalinda Cagle California Heights Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA Caring Touch Massage LLC, Salem, OR Tom '90 and Paula Carr Russell and Susanne Case Cochell Family Dentistry, PC, Salem, OR Daniel Coleman Olivia and Sherm Cornell Mark '81 and Colleen '82 Cowan Matthew Cozby '04 Steven and Anna Craytor

Keith and Joanne Cronrath Dalke Construction Co Inc, Salem, OR Sharon Davis Jeff '85 and Terri '86 Davis Raymond Dawley DbM INC, Beaverton, OR Luke '11 and Alethea '12 Doremus Michael '00 and Terrie Doss Kenneth '95 and Tracy '99 Driver Bill and Luba '97 Dubenko Lou Eddy David and Heidi Ehrhardt Michael and Kathryn Ellis Faith Baptist Church of Strathmore, CA Roger '77 and Becky '77 Farwell Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kansas City MO David Ferguson '72 First Baptist Church, Caldwell, ID First Fundamental Church of Walteria, Torrance, CA First Presbyterian Church, Greeley, CO Esther Fox Garrett, Hemann, Robertson, Paulus, Jennings & Comstock, PC, Salem, OR


University Founders - Gifts of $120-$249 A-1 Straight Line Striping Comp, Salem, OR Brenda and Don Abelein Accuity LLC Certified Public Accountants, Albany, OR Jane Allen Daniel '72 and Charlene '71 Anderson Herbert and Betty Lu Anderson Kenny and Gerry Anderson NiCole Anderson Kent and Sheila Bader Michael '83and Melody Balsbaugh Jeff Banducci Bank of the Cascades, Salem, OR Carolyn Bartruff Mike and Debbie Bates Melvin '60 and Marjorie '61 Beals Jim and Christine '68 Beames William Bearse Ricky and Tatum Beckett Amanda Beitel Kathy '81 and Charles Benitez Thomas Bergeron Jason Beyrouty Scott Bigham Louis '78 and Jan Black Gladys Blum Steve and Cheri Bobrowski Gerry Bonser Michael Boyd Thomas and Nicole Brittingham William and Bonnie Brough Jamie '03 and Charlotte '03 Brulotte Dick '66 and Mavis '66 Buck George and Yvonne Burgess Linda Cagle Calvary Baptist Church of Reno, NV Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship, Temecula, CA Kevin Carpenter Eric and Barbara Carter Clair and Della Casterline CD Redding Construction, Inc, Salem, OR Certified Automotive Repair, Salem, OR Joseph Chamberlain Ernie '61 and Pat '61 Clark Jerry Clubb Roger and Carol Clubb

Bruce and Aletha Cochran David and Mary Cole Donald Coley Rick and Susan Cox Mac Crow Daniel and Charlene Crumley Ken Dalke Kevin and Karen De Smidt Bruce Debysingh Bettie '84 and Paul Delury A J and Ginger Demaris Gary and Rebeccah Derickson Keith '66 and Marjorie DeSart Barry and Dana Desbiens DHI Consulting Engineers, Anchorage, AK Richard Diebel Lorinda Donahue David and Kristy Donaldson Sherry Duhamel '01 Brenda Dunford Walter and Janet Edmonds Brian '84 and Sandy '87 Elliott Exercise Equipment Northwest, Clackamas, OR Nancy Fiol '66 Ken and Karen Friesen Margaret Gallucci-Konjevod Arthur and Betty '59 Gee Allen and Kay Gidley Vernon and Judy Gilmore Tom and Deena Golden Thomas and Amber Goodman Carol Green Jim Green Donald and Glenda Grimm Paul Gross Joel Guido '10 Craig '82 and Debbie '81 Hardinger Sherman and Audrey Harman Chad Harms '05 James Harms Cassandra Heffley Chris and Marta Herring Debbie Hess '79 Keith '00 and Terry Hiatt Pamula Hiatt-Gabriel Lela Higgins

Bob Hilles Tim '68 and Jo Anne '71 Hills Everett Hinkley Kevin and Kelly Holboke Richard and Virginia Holboke Gerald '81 and Karen '63 Hritz Holly Ivy-Wyllie Jason '05 and Codi Jarrett Therese Jepson Kenneth Jobson '57 John Ratzlaff, State Farm Insurance, Salem, OR Gaylord '53 and Mildred Johnson Jackie '98 and Eileen Johnson Kimberly Johnson Steve and Cindy Johnson Faye Keiper Krista Keiper Lynn Kennedy Earl and Ellen Kersey Jiwon Kim Brad '69 and Bonnie '69 Kolbo Jeff and Susan '72 Kowes Trent '01 and Hollie '05 Kropf James and Becky Kulla Norman and Karen Kunkel Ben '01 and Karryn Laro Ronald and Pearl Lee Lee's Gourmet Garden Chinese Cuisine, Oak Ridge, OR Les Schwab Tire Center, Salem, OR Trevor Lewis Charles '86 and Cindy Lind Charles '94 and Mary '00 Lucas Jeffrey Ludvigson David and Kristin Mackey Judith Mammano Nabeel and Jean Mansour Edward Mattfeld May Trucking Company, Salem, OR Douglas McConnell Phil and Kathi McCorkle Martha McGinnis '84 Jonathan McGuire '10 Randy Melton Bruce and Linda Merritt Barbara Meyer-Norton Kevin and Brenda Mickelby

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program, Princeton, NJ Gordon Monus Richard and Dianne Moore Jane Mossberg Mitch '86 and Tamera '88 Mueller Kenneth and Margo Munk Mike Murphy Marc and Tammie Naffziger Steve Nelson Stephen and Peggy Nielsen Myron and Violet '67 Nietfeldt George Nordling Paul '73 and Renee '70 Null Nyssa Baptist Fellowship, Nyssa, OR Garry and Mary '06 Olson Evelyn Pacheco-McDonnell David '73 and Peggy '73 Pardini Laura Parillo Christie and Paul Petersen Geoffrey '96 and Deanna '97 Pfeil David '68 and Sharon '68 Phillips Jon and Marlene Pickens Adam and Alicia Pinkston Ben '10 and Andrea '09 Potloff Powell Valuation Inc, Salem, OR Project Hope Now, Salem, OR John and Dee Ratzlaff Robert and Norma Rednour James and Sandra Reed Don Reighley '70 Brian '96 and Maryann '97 Remsburg Jean Replinger River Run Ranch LLC, Redmond, OR Roberson Chrysler Jeep, Salem, OR Dean and Sue Roberts Larry and Myrna Roth Christopher and Robin Rowland Janelle Rowland '00 William Ryals Reid '98 and Carmen '00 Saunders John and Barbara Sevdy Melinda Sherrieb Dennis and Deanna Smith Fred and Virginia Smith Lloyd and Pat Smith Noel '94 and Linda Snively

Kay Spingath '68 Bryan '05 and Laci '05 Steed Paul and Laura Stepan Andrew Stevens Ashley Stevens '13 Jerry and Deborah Stevens James and Annie Streckfuss Phil and Janet '94 Strom Julie Stubblefield Leon Stutzman Superior Floor And Power Sweep Inc, Salem, OR Marie Swistak Tim '87 and Lori '85 Taff Trisha '97 and Chris Talley Raymond and Betty Lee Taylor Mark and Rhonda Tevis The Walter & Frances Throop Living Trust, Grants Pass, OR Timothy Thompson Vera Tilley Darel and Carla Tracy Valley Bible Church, Veradale, WA Jordan Walker '09 Donald '71 and Claudia '71 Walling Jerry and Quanda Walton Watkins Enterprises, Inc, Newport, OR Robert and Darlyn Watt Tim and Beth '91 Weld Joy Welsh-Fanning Cameron West West Hills Baptist Church of Portland, OR John and Cathy Wiese David '62 and Barbara '64 Wilcox Linda Wilder Wilder Toyota, Inc, Port Angeles, WA Cecil '56 and Lola '54 Williams Loren '77 and Joyce Williams Kelley Wilson Michael and Michele Wilson Penny Wilson Lisa Wipf Robert and Rita Wright Nick Wymore Martin '91 and Cindy '91 Ziesemer

Jeff '03 and Patricia Bennett Gary and Nancy Benson Patrick and Janet '74 Benson Jennifer Berg Jim and Jane Berg Dick and Nancy Berger Christopher '91 and Tami '89 Bernard Paul Bernard Rhonda Bernard '91 Todd and Gena '96 Berning Berry & Associates, Inc, Chelan, WA Craig Bersagel Dorothy Bertz Bristol Biasca '10 Bibimbap House, Salem, OR Jonathan and Kendall Bird Danny and Sonja Bisgaard Dane '84 and Mary Jo Bishari Robert Black '93 Johanna Blackwell '09 Richard and Frieda Bladorn Eric and Desirae '99 Blake Dixie Blanchard Blanchet Catholic School, Salem, OR Blanco Girl LLC, Tillamook, OR Gerard and Marilyn Blankenheim Elaine Blom Christopher '09 and Marianne Bloom Debra Bohm Maria Bohm Raymond and Julie Bolanos Bill Bonham Ranae Bost Glen and Honi Ann Boudreaux

Harvey and Margaret Bouland Kelli Boulette Jacob Bowdoin '13 Annette Boyce Tim and Heather '95 Boyd Ian Boyd James '64 and Kathryn '64 Boyd Elmer and Mildred Bragg Robert and Barbra Brammeier Jason Brandt Beth Brault Barbara Breitkreutz Amanda Brenneman '12 Ron and Angela '89 Brewer Dow and Beverly '69 Brewer Douglas '80 and Glenda Briese Enid Briggs Gary and Beverlee '79 Bronson Joshua '00 and Christena '00 Brooks Rolland Brower Danny Brown Douglas '77 and Teresa Brown Leo Brown '56 Andrew '08 and Lyndsey '07 Brown Michael Brown Robert and Anne Brownlee Patti Bruggeman Richard Brumbaugh '69 Ronald and Donna Brusven Tim Bryan Duane and Ruth Buchtel Larry and Bonnie '96 Buckner Kirk and Cindy Bugg Barb Buhler

Michael and Christy Burch Jay and Teresa Burcham Jeff '87 and Tracy '87 Burritt John G Burt Brett '95 and Shannon Butcher Karen and Mark Byrnes Steve and Nancy Calhoun Jacqueline Campbell John and Lori Campbell Betty Carlisle Kristen Carlson Phillip and Becky Carlson Patricia and Danny Carlton Bill and Nancie Carmichael Clair Carner Sean and Jani Carney Michael and Roni Carrick Donald '62 and Janice '61 Carson Angel Carter '94 Nathan Carter '99 Joyce and Bob Carver Cascade Collections, Inc, Salem, OR Nick and Marian Castillo Osvaldo and Imelda Cavazos Danny Ceiplis '07 Alvin '10 and Ashley '13 Chak Rosalie Chandler Terry and Katrina Chaney Glen '78 and Christine '79 Chapman Bill and Betty Charnholm Julie Chase James Childers LaVonne Childers Joan Chipman

University Associates - Gifts up to $119 Donald Abar About Faces Skin and Body Care LLC, Eugene, OR Debra Adams T J Adams Adonai Dental Labortory, Biggs, CA Affinity4, Norfolk, VA Albany Area Chamber of Commerce, Albany, OR Doris Albrandt Sue Albright Carol Alexander Lee and Marguerite '00 Alexander Matthew and Patricia Allard Beverly Allen Kenneth and Jill Allen Alfonso and Pilar Alvarez Anne Anderson Blair '03 and Amber Anderson Brent '98 and Anne Anderson Charles Anderson David and Nancy Anderson Kenneth and Eleanor Anderson Douglas and Lianne Anderson William Anderson Jay '78 and Betsy '77 Arnold Katheryn Arnold '06 Theodore and Shirley Asher Charles Ashley '66 Charles Austin Donald '08 and Cynthia Austin Bryan and Carin Austring Constance Austring Richard Austring


Robert '91 and Rockelle '90 Baddeley Cathy Baedor Ken '66 and Bobbi '67 Bailey Josh Bailey Boyce and Mary Bailey Donald and Carol Baker Randle and Jennifer '95 Bakker Ronald and Alfreda Bales Katie Ballini '07 Vernon and Marilyn Balsbaugh Thena Bamber James and Roberta Barg Loren and Tammy Barger Everett and Mildred Barker Virginia Barker Lawrence and Nancy Barnes Martin and Rhonna Bassett Gary and Diana Bassham Millard and Joyce Bates Steven and Karen Bates Norma Baughman Dale Baumbach Jay and Patricia Baumgardner Michael and Loretta '86 Bayley Jack Beach Thomas and Terria Beach Jeannie Beard Joe and Teri Beattie Stephanie Beckett Richard Beebe Lois Behrends Sylvia Behrends Edward and Christie Beitel William and Darlene Bellshaw

Tom Christopher Brad and Stacie Ciraulo KayLynn Clark Sharon Clark Jeffrey and Heidi Classen Howard and Sharon '96 Classen Daniel Clem Pat and Connie '94 Clements Craig Cline Bruce and Sandra Clouser Roger and Janelle Coakley Carol Coate Jon and Roxanne Coate David and Sherry Colachico Mark '99 and Lisa '99 Colburn Betty Cole Damon and Catherine Cole Margaret Coleman Samuel Coleman '13 Sonya Coleman Craig Coleston David Collett '09 Kurt '07 and Judith Collins Donald and Linda Collins Nanci Conniff Lawrence Conti Patrick Conti Becky Cook Carrie Cook '06 Joshua and Jaclyn Cook Steven Cowgill Dean '81 and Teresa '82 Cox Janice Cox Mark and Carole Cox Betty Craig Meril '77 and Katherine '76 Craig William and Joann Crews Dorothy Croft Keith Croft Douglas and Mary '04 Crosby Benjamin Cross Clayton Crymes Helen Dailey Robert '79 and Jeanette Danielian Benjamin Daniels Marielanne Daniels '08 Patrick and Ruth Daniels Donald and Christie Darby John and Mona Dark Kevin Daugherty '97 Ramon and Susan David Susan Davis Tim '84 and Lori Davis Vance and Mattie Day James and Laura '85 De Soer Tyler Dean '10 Savitri Debysingh Lawrence '60 and Shirley Deckard Beverly J Decker Dennis and Kay Degennaro Byron and Marion DeHart Tara Deiter '11 Leon DeLaGrange Eric Delgado Dennis Dempsey Scott and Heather Dewar Michele Dieker Mark Diller '10 David Dillingham Jared Ditterline '08 David '09 and Shirley Dixon David and Jewell '75 Dixon Gilbert and Patricia Doebler Jennifer Dokken Jeff and Marjorie Donnard Janice and Kenneth Dorman Randy and Sandy Dorn Casey '99 and Alyson '01 Dorr William and Donna Douglass Frank and Cathy Downs Ronald and Ruby Dubois Ronald and Shirley Dubois John Duhe Debbie Dunham '74 Jeffrey '05 and Mindi Dunn Garrett Dunnebeck Thomas and Denise Durkee Constance Duty Davis '75 and Mary '74 Dyer Dora Dyer John and Arda Earle Ronald and Annette Easdale Kenneth and Luanne Eatwell

Michael Eberhardt Paul Edgar Rebecca Edwards '68 Terry Edwards Arnold and Donna Eggers Jeffrey and Mardy Ehrhardt Sharon Eisenberg Margit Eisenhut Scott and Shelby '06 Ekstrom Lance and Patricia Elam Idoralee Eldred Brian and Rebecca Elfers James and Karen Elkins James '71 and Mary Ellick John and Audrey Ellis Dean '87 and Connie '90 Ellis Cameron and Jennifer Ellis Lonny and Louise Ellis Steve Elmore Leslie Emerson Michael '80 and Shelly '83 Emery Chad '06 and Kathleen '07 Emmert Jeff and Lynne '92 England Chris and Kathy Erickson John and Lois Erickson Elizabeth Ernst Sarah Ernst '05 Lyn Erovick Carol Esch Anthony and Joann Espana Mark Etzel Keith and Kay Euhus Paul and Marilee Euhus Evangelical Bible Church, Dallas, OR James and Virginia Evans Lillian Evey Faith Baptist Church, Salem, OR Robert Fallon Mr and Mrs Dale Fancher Karen Fancher Farmland Fruit, Wapato, WA Eldon and Naomi Farner Lyndon and Bonnie Fast Ryan and Carrie '97 Ferguson Don and Millie Ferguson Stephen '75 and Joan Feriante Brent '04 and Holly '05 Finkbeiner Brian and Diana Finkbeiner Nancy Finster '92 First Baptist Church of Roswell, Parma, ID Gordon and Priscilla Fischbacher Michael '04 and Lacy '06 Fischer Debbie Fisher David and Marian Fisher Jack and Jan Flournoy Richard and Sharon Fobert Virgil and Esther Forrest Michael and Pamela Forrester Renee and Kenneth Fortner Darrell Fortune '90 Shirley Foster Don and Michelle Fountain Ryan '09 and Danielle '08 Fowler James and Candace Fowler Gary and Patricia Fraser Jack and Norma Frazier Loren and Gerry Frazier Gwenn Frederick William and Marion Frey Harold and Alice Friend Shirley Fritcher Rick and Gail Fuhrman Kenji Fukunaga '12 R&R Funderburg Ben '12 and Jenna '13 Funkhouser Geary and Teresa Furukawa Patrick and Sara '00 Gallandt Ronald Galpin Johnny Galver Philip and June Galvin Bruce Gan Chuy and Deanna '63 Garcia Shauna Garcia '10 Marvin and Jeri Mestanza Kurt '90 and Karna '88 Garman Kathryn Garner Wendell '73 and Peggy Garner Daniel and Jennifer '84 Garrett Alice Garson Kelli and Dan Gassman Alysha M Gates '11 Joseph and Barbara Gaziano Anthonia Gerbracht

Steve and Karen Gerlitz Cheryl Gesik Mark and Cynthia '84 Gibson Erik Gillam '04 Joel '91 and Laura Gillespie Craig and Donna Gillhaus Michelle Giuliani Brad '05 and Giselle Glade David Glass Joyce Gleason Dennis and Marilyn Gleed Jeff Glodt Jack '81 and Melanie Glubrecht Johanna Gober Larry Godfredsen '90 Goesch Insurance Corp, Keizer, OR Tamra Goettsch John and Betty Goffrier Eric and Darci Gombar Marlin and Barbara Good

Patricia Hammond Robbie and Sandi Hampton Robert Hanna Jay Hansen Elaine Hardin '82 Gloria Harms Hardeep Harrian '03 Larry and Nancy Harrington Larry and Dorothy Harris Terry and Gail Harris Annette Harrison Michael Hart Gregg and Rene '89 Hart Laurie Haubrick '00 Richard Haugen Elwood and Roalie Hausauer Bryan Haws '05 Joel '01 and Kristal Hayek Dwayne and Hazel Hays Jon Hazen

Esther Holden '74 Patricia Holden Jerrene Holling Dennis Holmes Kathy Holsonback Clifford and Judy Honza Julie Hook Janice Hopkins Scott and Joy '07 Hopkins Fred Hoppis Joanne Horita Frieda Hornok Lonny and Helen '85 Horton Jason '96 and Pam '97 Horton Phillip '67 and Caroline Howard Michael '78 and Claudia '72 Howden Terry Howell '03 John and Virginia Huber Julie Huckestein Ronald Hudson

Michael and Elizabeth Goodwin Nancy Goree '74 Lucille Gorseth Doug '84 and Sandee '72 Gorsuch Susan Goughnour Susan Gover GracePoint Church, Bremerton, WA Marc and Cynda Graff Janice Graham Malcolm Graham Dennis and Heidi Graves Marvin and Sara Graves Weston and Jeanne Gray Susan Greco Kathryn Green '06 Vicki Greene Jeffery and Cynthia Gregory Betty Grider Kathleen Grider Gerald and Lou Ellyn Griffin Gerald and Kimatha Griffin Geraldine Griffith James Griggs Darcie Gripp Melissa Gude Vince and Katrina Guerrero David and Norma Guile Doug and Elisabeth '95 Guisinger Donald and Judith Gulle Troy '89 and Colleen '91 Gulstrom William and Julie Gutwig Len and Estelle Guyt Kathleen Haddon Richard '49 and Verna '52 Hadeen Ken and Sally Haevernick Chester and Carol Hagel Vern and Lynnette Hagenbeck David and Lorena Hall Petra Hallman W Hall-Witt Beverly Hames Cliff and Karen Hamilton

Timothy and Sarah Heaton Teressa Hebert Alan Hedberg Shane and Leah Heideman Brian and Rhonda Heil John and Marylane Heine Al Heitschmidt Dallas '78 and Cindy '80 Helsley Heltzel, Williams, Yandell, Roth, Smith, Petersen & Lush, PC, Salem, OR David and Laurie Hendersen Henderson & Associates, PLLC, Hamilton, MT Raquel Henriquez Betty Henry Don and Wanda Henry Jared Hernandez '07 Roger and Karen Herndon Joseph and Evelyn Herrera Patricia Herriges Michael Hersh Brenda and Jonathan Hess Shirley Hethorn Arlene Hiatt Howard Hibbs David '83 and Barbara '83 Hickerson Mike and Ruth Ann Hickey Donlyn '80 and Julie '79 Hiebenthal Hilbers, Inc, Yuba City, CA Carmen Hill Leslie and Audrey Hill Ron and Sharon Hill Frederick Hines Garry '98 and Martha Hiskey Ron and Mikki Hittner Hilton and Karen Ho Theresa Hockett John and Karen Hoekman Ronald and Karin Hofer Janet Hoffman Timothy and Lori Hoffman Hoffman Home Improvements or Inspections, Lodi, CA

Chris Huff Ed and Melissa '00 Humber Donna Hurst Kevin and Stephanie Husk Oscar '67 and Elaine Huskey Virginia Huskins Daniel '82 and Linda Hutchinson Jack and Alicia Huth Integrity Inspection Services, Whittier, CA Ryan Irby '10 Sergey and Natalya '09 Ishenin J&K Distributing, Tillamook, OR Henry and Anita Jackson DeeAnna Jackson Gloria Jackson Ellen Jacobs '88 Mike and C Jacobs Jeffrey '84 and Julie James Lyndon and Sharon '65 Jarka Carl and Joyce Jarmin Christina Jarvie '99 David and Kathy Javier Lauri Jendre John and Gretchen Jenkins George and Gayle Jessie Dudley Johansen Beverley Johnson Craig Johnson '12 Daniel and Donna Johnson Elaine Johnson Gerald Johnson James Johnson Michael Johnson Gaylord '53 and Mildred Johnson Steve and Janell '94 Johnston Jon Small Welding, Bend, OR Carol Jones '08 Dave and Sandy Jones Dean and Connie Jones Neal and Marcia Jones Richard and Mary Jones Roland and Emma Jones


Cheryl Jongeneel '68 Steven and Pamela Jordan Sam and Brooke '12 Joseph Journeys Peak Travel, Eugene, OR Francis Kaiser Andy Kappel '07 Ellis and Linda Kappler Robert Karch '80 Adam '08 and Kathryn '03 Karnes Dean and Sharleen '82 Kato Shannon Kearns Kurt Kechter Jeanie Keen Andy and Shannon Keesecker Elizabeth Kehoe Carolyn Keith Jerry '78 and Ruth Keller Gordon Kelly Bob and Holly '83 Kenner Ellen and Earl Kersey Kent and Terri Kersey Gannon Kessler Jack Kessler '76 Jerry and Brandy Kessler Matthew and Molly Kiernan David '73 and Karen Kifer Arlene Kimm Gerald and Cathi King Larry Kirton Daniel and Rhonda Kizer Todd '93 and Wendy '94 Kleppin Timothy and Amy Kling Michael Klontz Jim and Suzanne '87 Klopfenstein Clinton '69 and Judith '69 Kneeland Charlene Knight Denise Koehrer Edward and Sharon Koenig Gary and Lila Koger Jonathan and Marcie Kohls Mark and Dee Ann Konrad John and Joann Kopfer Robert and Kimberly '07 Kopplien G T and Maria Kopra Jeanne Krantz '62 Sharon Krause William Kraxberger Michael and Darlene Kroll Lynn and Marilyn Kropf Brian and Karen Kuepper Carlton and Pauline Kulle Craig and Stephanie Kuntz Trudy Kutz Byron Lachapelle David '92 and Jessica Lacy Ladies Missionary Group, Cottonwood, CA Dawn LaDuke '05 Chris and Debra Lampe Joyce Landon Donna Laney Betty Larson Gilmore Larson Ray and Keeta Lauderdale Tim and Tracy '03 Laurance David and Diana Lawler Carol Lawry Pauline Lawry Kerry and Wendy Lawson Layman's Hair Co, Albany, OR Don and Carolyn Leach Julie Leader Marv '57 and Danalee Leadham Stephen '05 and Amanda Leckvold Theresa Lehman Rinda Lesage Harriet LeVee Rick and Karen '96 Lewis Warren Lewis James Libby Megan Lierman '06 David and Doreen Lind Craig and Robin Lindquist Elaine Lindsey John and Elaine Lipton Les and Ronnie Little Greg and Trenda Locke Amy Loewen '94 Barry and Mary '75 Loewen Rick and Gail Lorenz Loyd '62 and Doris Lowe Clark Lowery Greg and Lori '95 Loyd John and Teresa '07 Lukens


David '77 and Susan Lunsford Ralph and Donna Lutterloh John Lutton Amy Lynch '02 Kathryn Lynch '65 Christopher '09 and Patricia Lynn Curtis and Elyn Lyon Rolf and Pamela '96 Lyssand Roy '93 and Daphne '73 Lytle Mac and Vi MacDonald Eleanor MacDonald Janet MacDonald Michael and Beverly Mack Chris MacKenzie '11 Gianni Maddalozzo David and Darlene Mai William and Mary Mainwaring Michael and Elizabeth Maitland Barbara Malcom Verna and Norman Malone Karon Maloney Linda Mammano Mancini's Bookkeeping, Healdsburg, CA Michael and Sandy Manning Kevin Mannix Mike Mansker Rachel and Steven Mansour Lyle and Betty Markwood Craig and Jody Maron Patrick and Kelly Marre Bardwell and June Marshall Scott '07 and Jessica '07 Marshall Daniel '95 and Toni '94 Martin G and Opal Martin Julian and Heather '01 Martin Justin and Jennifer Martin June Martin Kelly Martin '06 Richard Martinez '73 Aaron and April Marvin Justin and Danielle Mason Marvella Massie Robert and Diane Mathisen Steve and Christine Matsuura Glenn and Cheri Matsuwaka Chris May Evelyn May Richard and Melissa May Steven and Kristin Mayberry Harold Maycumber Michael and Barbara McAllister Jim '81 and Elizabeth '82 McCain Brent McCall Scot '78 and Virginia McCallon Steven McCauley '01 Mark '83 and Wendy McCoin Wayne and Mary '96 McCroskey Kerry and Meleah McCulley Jean McDonald McDonald Electric, Conrad, MT Robert and Cynthia McDowall Amber McGill Del and Denise McGill Mandi McGill David '83 and Tamara '82 McGinnis Illena McGowen Jacob and Alison McGregor Brett and Mary McIntyre Jeff and Jodi McKay Loree McKay Bruce '72 and Margery '74 McLain James and Dolores McMahen Trena McMahon '08 Sandy McNamara Rosemary McNeely Betty McOmber William '80 and Sarah McVaugh Clifford and Edna Meade Helen Meininger Mary Meininger Chris Meliah Pho Mellis Donald Mellison Michael '92 and Melissa '91 Mellison Michael and Debra Meloy Ginger Melton Mendenhall Electric, Windsor, CA Douglas '79 and Theresa '79 Merryman Andre and Kathleen Meyer Verla Meyer Jane Meyr Richard and Barbara Michaelis Gary and Nancy Micheau

Becki Michel John Miclean Ronald Middleton Steve Mieir Jeff and Anne Miller Roger and Carlyn Miller Daniel and Susanne Miller Deborah Miller John and Laurie Miller Joan Mimiaga Russell and Janet Minnameier Gloria Miranda '56 Randall and Joann Mitchell Lynden and Donna Mittleider MLR Packaging Inc, Fullerton, CA Angela Moberg '04 Walter and Elaine Moede Judith Montgomery James '62 and Shirlie '61 Moore Bruce Moos Alan and Cathy Morgan AnaMarie Morgan Justin and Bridgett Morgan Kevin Moritz Morning Star Farms, Inc, Colfax, WA James and Louise Morris Mark and Sherilyn '89 Morris Steve and Patricia Morse Gary and Ruthanne Moser Cathy Mosher Gary and Judy Mueller Edward '87 and Sue Munson Marietta Muntz

John Nissen Doug Nofziger Michael Noland '95 Nopps Inc, Salem, OR Mark and Connie Norby Hal and Laurie Nord Marshall and Robin Noriega Brian and Marigale '94 Norman Stephen and Teuta Norman Norma's Pottery, Salem, OR Northern Rockies Orthopaedics Pllp, Missoula, MT Northwest Human Services, Salem, OR Ivan Novikoff NOW Builders, Albany, OR Richard and Joyce Nuckles Jeremiah '04 and Stephanie Nugent K and W Nussbaum Herbert '76 and Angela '74 Ober Anthony and Roxanne Oddo Claudean and Edward Odell Kevin and Lynn O'Halloran Kelly Nyls and Michele '08 O'Leary James '84 and Bonnie '85 Oliphant Charlene Olsen Jack Olsen Christine Olson '10 Robin and Kelly Olson Marlys Omdahl Ben and Tara Orchard Gerald Orr Joel and Sherrie Osborn Rachel Ost '09 Brian and Cintra Otten

Palmer '82 and Jeannette '83 Muntz James and Jane Murch James and Linda Murphy Berle and Linda Murray Carol Murray Judy Mustoe Patricia Nakama Michael and Victoria '99 Narkon Billie Nash '65 Linda Nash Linda Nelson Randall and Marlene '79 Nelson Thaine and Betty Nelson Peter and Charlene Nevard David and Cherry Newman Vern and Margaret Newton William Newton '82 Richard and Ruth '57 Nickloff Nancy Nicosia Timothy and Kerry Nikle David and Kathie Nippert

Michael '06 and Kimberlee '07 Otto Gerald and Virginia Overzet Bob '71 and Judy '67 Owen Peter '85 and Joyce Padilla Rodger '88 and Valorie '92 Page Tallitha Parham '97 Margaret Parkin Wilda Parks Lois Parrish '55 Jeff '96 and Sharon '96 Paschall David Patapoff Paul Paton Chester and Chris Patterson Allan and Lori '91 Patterson Niel and Salley Patterson Timothy and Linda Peacock Paul and Rachel Pearson Christopher and Kristine Peitz Lori Pellham Erma Penner Carol Perrine

Philip '03 and Brenda '94 Perry Todd and Lisa Perry Frank Peters Paul and Christie Petersen Richard and Heidi '88 Peterson Ross Peterson Shawn and Christal Petrie Thomas and Kimberly Philips Phoenix Inn Suites, Salem, OR Ryan '10 and Megan Pickett Elyse Pierce Theresia Pill Richard and Debra Pine Charles and Melanie '98 Pinkerton Michael and Janet Piper Nelson Pitotti Peter Pittock Leah Platt Martin and Arlene Poling Sharon Pooley Donna Porter James '09 and Maria Porter Terrence and Phyllis Posey Julie Possee '10 Robert and Mary '95 Potter Maxine Pratt Everett '63 and Linda '66 Prewett Scot and Lisa Priaulx Natasha Priddle Elmer and Hazel Propp Rosanne Pruitt '76 Kevin and Heidi Purnell John and Patricia Purpura Elvin and Ruth Quiring Dianne Raber Connie and Dennis Rae Paul and Grace '59 Rafert Anna Raffetto '71 Michael and Karen Raichart George Ramos Hermogenes and Elvira Ramos Daniel '98 and Rachel-Anne '09 Rapoza Robert and Carol Rasmussen Mark Rathburn '96 Samuel and Donna Ratliff Jolene Rausch Nathan and Jayme Rector Adam Reed Brian '93 and Becky '93 Reed Mark '74 and Bunnie '74 Reed Steven '99 and Sarah '99 Reed Linda Reeves Angela Regalado Dan '83 and Janet '83 Reierson Sheila Reifschneider Kris Reinhart Pam Reinhart Gregory and Barbara Resch Sharon Richards Janet Richie Elmo Richter Tod Ricker Mitchell '11 and Jessica '10 Riddle Richard and Terri Lynn Riemenschneider Craig Rinne '08 Cheryl Roberts Douglas '84 and Marta Roberts John Roberts Maria Robertson '11 Thomas '82 and Susan Robertson Gary and Brenda Robinson Dennis and Carol Rogers David Rogers Trevor and Adria Rollman Raul Romero Elizabeth Rose '79 Lanny '79 and Linda Rose Mel and Roberta '62 Rosowski Margaret Rosser Gerold and Carolyn Rosti Steven '88 and Sue Roth Larry '80 and Diana Rowland Eric and Julia '06 Royer John Rucker Tom '74 and Becky Ruhlman Chuck and Thelma '56 Runyon Jay and Renee Russell Scott '01 and Cami Russell Dwight Rutherford Tom and Donna '00 Safley Donald and Gail Sage Salem Women's Military League, Salem, OR Gene and Linda Saling

Winifred Salisbury Lad and Annie Salness Mike Sandusky '69 David and Renee Sanford Doris Sanford Sammy and Jane Santonocito Gaynelle Savage Mark '88 and Elizabeth '90 Schaffer Alan '97 and Kathryn Scharn Patrick Schatz '93 Robert and Judith '63 Schaub Lori Schelske Harriet Schirmer Edward and Dolores Schlect Jr Jim and Ann Schmidt David and Gay Schnebly David and Erin Scholten Zachary Schramek '98 Conrad and Louella Schultz Mickey Schultz Jeffrey and Linda Schulz Boyd and Jeanette Scroggins Tim '74 and Lois Sebens Grant Seidler '10 John Seifert Eileen Seleen Richard and Virginia Semler Anita Seregow Glenn '82 and Belinda '78 Sergeant Scott and Kimberly '94 Shaw Eldon and Laura Shaw Rob and Jeannine Shepherd J and Toni Sherman Lindsey Shimel '05 Ken and Regina Shipp Curt and Chaille '00 Shipps Kelsey Shroyer '09 Betty Shuholm Robert Shumka Muriel Simmons Ralph and Inez Simpson Robert and Dana Simpson Nora Singleton '74 Donald and Helen Sippel Kathryn Skelton L and Sally Skelton Paul '93 and Patricia '93 Skinner Bruce '74 and Susan Sloan Peter and Melissa Slocum Ellen Small Alice Smith Bud and Angela Smith Brett Smith '11 Don Smith John and Diane Smith Mark '78 and Janice Smith Phil Smith '55 Randy Smith Ronald and Myrna Smith Steve Smith Steven and Susan Smith Tim and Tracy Smith Virginia Smith William and Karen Snapko Benjamin '09 and Melissa '08 Snell Scott and Natalie Snodgrass Vicki Snodgrass Douglas and Karol Snook Jannis Snook Priscilla Snow Joseph and Mary Soler Charles Southern James Southworth Colleen Spadoni Larry Spangler '77 Don Sparks David '82 and Lorraine '82 Sperling Jeannie '75 and Mark Spradling Tracy Sprague Kyle and Sherrie '07 Sprenger Paul Sprunger St John Lutheran Church, Salem, OR Karen Staats Rich Stager Jerome Stanchfield Robert and Janet Starke David '70 and Kathy '70 Starr Jim Starr '79 Robert and Patricia Stearns Deborah Steele Sandra Stein '07 Dianne Stevens Douglas and Nancy Stevens

Ralph and Arlene Stevens Douglas and Diane Stewart Robert and Tana Stinger Susan Stinson Derek '08 and Sara '08 Stokes Heidi Stowman '01 James and Evelyn Strickler Paul Stromme Eugene Strong Donald Stultz Philip Stultz James '96 and Diane '97 Sturdivant Derek and Julie Stutzman Lowell and Patricia Stutzman Mark '77 and Nancy Suko Patrick and Margaret Sullivan Allan and Beth Summers Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church, Salem, OR Shari Sutphin Sveum Brothers Inc, Sunburst, MT William Swaim Jennifer Swanson Terry Swartwout '05 Derick and Lucinda Tabish LeRoy and Dolores Tabler Nester and Moira Tan Paul and Charlene Tarbell Janet Taylor Ruth Taylor Heather Tercek Alyssa Teterud '11 Cara Teterud '08 The General Ledger Inc, Lodi, CA The Groves Church, Portland, OR The Standard, Princeton, NJ Tyler and Amy '06 Thennes Cora Thiessen Radojka Thomas Heidi Tiersma Carol Tisch Nancy Tollenaar '74 Gregory Tooafoo Sandra Torgrimson-Fox Eloise Tow Dean and Marie Tracy Trailers To Go Inc, Ridgefield, WA Charles and Joyce Trammell Lester Trammell Arden and Delores Trautman Travel Salem, OR John and Karen Troja Evelyn Trujillo Jeremy and Jamie Trump James and Amy Tsugawa Viola Tucker Louella Tune Rowena '61 and Miles Turner Gene and Laurie Tyssen Jason Upchurch Sedonia Urbigkeit Staci Vail Amy Elisabeth Valentine '13 Richard and Cheryl Valette Gary and Shelley Van Antwerp Harvey and Rita Rasmussen Laurie Van Ordstrand Ken and Dolores '08 Vance Harv and Marlene Vande Burgt Kenneth and Natalie '80 Vandenberghe David and Julie VanderPloeg Katherine Venegas '11 Helen Verge Helen Vibbert John '78 and Susan '77 Wack

Walker & Associates, Orange, CA Michael Wallace Walter Spille Living Trust, Edmonds, WA Anthony Walther WA and D Wamsley Diane Warren Blayne Watkins Michael and Ann Watt Nellie Watterud R Wayne and Connie Weaver Frank and Joann Webber Larry and Julie Weber Brian and Carole Wechsler Richard Wells Gary '64 and Paula '66 Wenell Jimmie Werther '69 Steve and Celia West Dwight '58 and Grace '61 West John '90 and Julie '90 West Timothy and Kara West Jules and Jannette Wetzel Norma Wetzel Charles and Ellen Weyant Leslie Wheeler Richard and Kim Wheeler Ernie and Iola White Kevin '97 and Angelique '98 White Kay Whitney Virginia Widman Norma Wieland '78 Wilco, Mt Angel, OR Donald '65 and Dolores '65 Wilcox Gordon '63 and Phyllis '63 Wilcox Michael and Barbara '01 Wilkins Claudia Wilkins Larry and Sandra Wilkins Willamette Valley Bank, Salem, OR Michael and Marian Williams Jim and Sheila '80 Williams Chantel Williamson '97 James Willmann Cory and Sara Wilson Mark '72 and Joyce Wilson Michael A Wise John '77 and Nancy Withem Marsha Witt Steve and Donna Witthuhn Barry and Esther Wofford Palmer and Beverly Wold John and Ann Wolfe Grace Wood '69 Neal Wood Woodie Wood Gregory and Lou Catcott Roberta Worley Duane and Theresea Wright Marcus Wulf Bill '62 and Cathy '62 Wuth Alan Wymore Thomas and Carol Yates Dean and Tami Yeager Wendrick and Therese Yee Bryce and Susan Yonemura Vashti Young '12 Harold and Bonnie Youngberg Larry and Elaine Younger Youth Alive Inc Lassen Pines, Viola, CA Damon Zavala Donny and Sara Zavala David and Dana Ziesemer Joyce Zimmer James Zimmerman Ron and Debbie Zucati Jake '11 and Teesha '11 Zufelt Cynthia Zuidema

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Alumni by Class 1949 Richard Hadeen 1951 Joan Jeffers 1952 Verna Hadeen Adrian Jeffers 1953 Anne Jeffers Gaylord Johnson 1954 Lola Williams 1955 Barbara Kuns Lois Parrish Phil Smith 1956 Leo Brown Thelma Runyon Cecil Williams 1957 Vivian Hubbard-Sills Lyndell Kuns Marvin Leadham Mary Louie Ruth Nickloff 1958 Hazel Dubbs Clarence James Dorothy James Dwight West 1959 Charles Dubbs Betty Gee Evelyn Haynes Grace Rafert Harold Sevener 1960 Melvin Beals Clarence Nelson Janice Nelson 1961 Marjorie Beals Janice Carson Ernie Clark Pat Clark Janet Hughey George Massey Shirlie Moore Rowena Turner Grace West 1962 Donald Carson Jeanne Krantz Loyd Lowe James Moore Roberta Rosowski Grace Sevener Mary Smith David Wilcox Cathy Wuth Bill Wuth 1963 James Boyd Jerry Cudney Jo Cudney Deanna Garcia Karen Hritz David Miller Koyce Miller Everett Prewett Judith Schaub Don Veliquette Gordon Wilcox Phyllis Wilcox 1964 Kathryn Boyd Karin Jones Gary Wenell Barbara Wilcox


1965 Sharon Jarka Kathryn Lynch Billie Nash Dolores Wilcox Donald Wilcox 1966 Charles Ashley Ken Bailey Ruthanne Beddoe Mavis Buck Dick Buck Keith DeSart Marjorie DeSart Nancy Fiol Ken Jones Peggy Noland Linda Prewett Paula Wenell 1967 Bobbi Bailey Mariann Barker Kay Hendrickson Phillip Howard Oscar Huskey Ruthie La Freniere Dianne Meyers Richard Meyers Violet Nietfeldt Judy Owen Carl Sprague Sherrie Sprague 1968 Glenda Alley Gary Barker Rebecca Edwards Tim Hills Cheryl Jongeneel Nancy Martyn David Phillips Sharon Phillips Kay Spingath 1969 Bob Alley James Borland Beverly Brewer Richard Brumbaugh Thomas Carlson Curtis Horton Kathy Hunt Steve Hunt Clinton Kneeland Judith Kneeland Bonnie Kolbo Brad Kolbo Jimmie Werther Grace Wood 1970 Donna Carlson Renee Null Don Reighley David Starr Kathy Starr 1971 Charlene Anderson Jo Anne Hills Catherine Jacobson Rich Noland Bob Owen Anna Raffetto Betty Steen Claudia Walling Donald Walling 1972 Daniel Anderson Janet Christoph David Ferguson Sandee Gorsuch Mark Jacobson Susan Kowes Bruce McLain Andy Robinson Elda Robinson Kathy Spurgeon Pat Taylor Mark Wilson

1973 Wendell Garner Reno Hoff Daphne Lytle Richard Martinez James Nielsen Paul Null David Pardini Peggy Pardini Paul Steen 1974 Debbie Dunham Mary Dyer Nancy Goree Harold Haws Joany Haws Esther Holden Richard Holder Margery McLain Angela Ober Kathy Patterson Mike Patterson Bunnie Reed Mark Reed Tom Ruhlman Tim Sebens Nora Singleton Nancy Tollenaar Terry Williams 1975 Angie Alden Denise Bonura Gary Bradley Jewell Dixon Davis Dyer Stephen Feriante Bonnie Jones Corky Lambert Debbie Lambert Mary Loewen Jeannie Spradling Gene Taylor Dan Wilder 1976 Joyce Azevedo Christine Beames Katherine Craig Terry Finkbeiner Claudia Green Marlene Jarrett Jack Kessler John McCaslin Herbert Ober Rosanne Pruitt 1977 Betsy Arnold Lori Bradley Douglas Brown Meril Craig Becky Farwell Roger Farwell Curtis Jones David Lunsford Mark Suko Susan Wack Loren Williams John Withem 1978 Jay Arnold Louis Black Dean Bonura Glen Chapman Joyce Ferreira Jean Gott Dallas Helsley Michael Howden Jerry Keller Susan Lunsford Scot McCallon Belinda Sergeant Mark Smith John Wack Jack Werre Norma Wieland Nancy Withem

1979 Beverlee Bronson Christine Chapman Robert Danielian Debbie Hess Julie Hiebenthal Cynthia Jahnke Robin Jahnke Marlene Nelson Gary Reichard Elizabeth Rose Lanny Rose 1980 Judy Aagard Tim Aagard Douglas Briese Michael Emery Cathy Farwell Randy Farwell Cindy Helsley Donlyn Hiebenthal Robert Karch William McVaugh Duane Patterson Loretta Patterson Larry Rowland Natalie Vandenberghe Sheila Williams 1981 Kathy Benitez Julie Bernard Mark Cowan Dean Cox Jack Glubrecht Georgia Greer Debbie Hardinger Gerald Hritz Daren Milionis Danette Peeke Jo Sherman Linda Trammell Art Van Weerdhuizen Bev Van Weerdhuizen Wally Vohland 1982 Bryce Bernard Colleen Cowan Teresa Cox Elaine Hardin Craig Hardinger Claudia Howden Sharleen Kato Dale McClain Marlene McClain Tamara McGinnis Palmer Muntz William Newton Sheldon Nord Glenn Sergeant David Sperling Lorraine Sperling Dawn Winokur Ellen Zarfas Nelson Zarfas 1983 Shelia Bale Michael Balsbaugh Shelly Emery Barbara Hickerson David Hickerson Holly Kenner David McGinnis Jeannette Muntz Conni Neustel Kunke Dan Reierson Janet Reierson Marty Trammell 1984 Dane Bishari Tim Davis Bettie Delury Brian Elliott Jennifer Garrett Cynthia Gibson Jeffrey James Martha McGinnis

1985 Larissa Beals Jeff Davis Laura De Soer Doug Gorsuch Helen Horton Peter Padilla Lori Taff Kevin Warkentine 1986 Shawn Abbey Terri Davis Lisa Kusler Charles Lind Mitch Mueller Miranda Thomas Gary Williamson 1987 Doug Beals Jeff Burritt Tracy Burritt Sandy Elliott Suzanne Klopfenstein Edward Munson Tim Taff Patti Williamson 1988 Sharon Abbey Karna Garman Ellen Jacobs Tamera Mueller Rodger Page Heidi Peterson Steven Roth Mark Schaffer 1989 Suzanne Allegre Tim Baker Loretta Bayley Tami Bernard Angela Brewer Rene' Hart Robert Klassen Sherilyn Morris 1990 Rockelle Baddeley Tom Carr Kurt Garman Brenda Roth Elizabeth Schaffer John West Julie West 1991 Robert Baddeley Marcy Baker Christopher Bernard Eric Christen Joel Gillespie Melissa Mellison Michelle Milionis Jamie Nord Lori Patterson Brian Schmidt Brian Vaughan Beth Weld Cindy Ziesemer Martin Ziesemer 1992 Lynne England Tammy Fabian Melanie Klassen David Lacy Michael Mellison Valorie Page Tyson Pruett Matthew Taylor Tiffany Trull Annette Vaughan 1993 Cheryl Guilfoy Nancy Hedberg Daniel Hill Todd Kleppin Roy Lytle Becky Reed Brian Reed

Patrick Schatz Patricia Skinner Paul Skinner 1994 Pat Beach Angel Carter Connie Clements Janell Johnston Wendy Kleppin Amy Loewen Charles Lucas Matt Lucas Tammy Lucas Marigale Norman Kimberly Shaw Noel Snively Janet Strom 1995 Heather Boyd Kevin Brubaker Brett Butcher Kenneth Driver Elisabeth Guisinger Lori Loyd Michael Noland Mary Potter Andrea Pruett 1996 Gena Berning Bonnie Buckner Kenneth Harrison Daryl Knox Tera Knox Karen Lewis Pamela Lyssand Mary McCroskey Donna McKeever Jeff Paschall Sharon Paschall Geoffrey Pfeil Brian Remsburg James Sturdivant Karen Wilcke 1997 Luba Dubenko Carrie Ferguson Pat Nicholson Tallitha Parham Deanna Pfeil Susan Rasmussen Maryann Remsburg Alan Scharn Brian Steines Diane Sturdivant Trisha Talley Kevin White 1998 Brent Anderson Steve Ball Garry Hiskey Jackie Johnson Melanie Pinkerton Daniel Rapoza Reid Saunders Angelique White 1999 Rosey Ball Desirae Blake Nathan Carter Lisa Colburn Mark Colburn Emily Dempster Ryan Dempster Casey Dorr Tracy Driver Christina Jarvie Mark Leamy Victoria Narkon Michael Patron Sarah Reed Steven Reed Kimberly Satterthwaite Tyler Satterthwaite Janie Vohland Benjamin Wilson Dee Wilson

2000 Marguerite Alexander Christena Brooks Joshua Brooks Michael Doss Sara Gallandt Keith Hiatt Melissa Humber Jonathan Meyers Jodi Murphy Joel Murphy Matthew Price Janelle Rowland Donna Safley Carmen Saunders Chaille Shipps Cassee Terry 2001 Alyson Dorr Joel Hayek Lindsay Imig Dick Keeney Ben Laro Heather Martin Steven McCauley Scott Russell Heidi Stowman Barbara Wilkins 2002 Amy Lynch Karen Parker Kimberly Villwock 2003 Blair Anderson Jeff Bennett Charlotte Brulotte Jamie Brulotte Hardeep Harrian Debbie Herman Terry Howell Kathryn Karnes Tracy Laurance Brian Perkins 2004 Matthew Cozby Mary Crosby Brent Finkbeiner Michael Fischer Angela Moberg 2005 Jeffrey Dunn Sarah Ernst Holly Finkbeiner Brad Glade Chad Harms Jason Jarrett Hollie Kropf Dawn LaDuke Matthew Larson Stephen Leckvold Shari Ridings Lindsey Shimel Bryan Steed Laci Steed Terry Swartwout 2006 Katheryn Arnold Shelby Ekstrom Chad Emmert Lacy Fischer Kathryn Green Megan Lierman Kelly Martin Mary Olson Michael Otto Julia Royer Amy Thennes 2007 Lyndsey Brown Danny Ceiplis Judith Collins Kathleen Emmert Tina Fleisher Jared Hernandez Joy Hopkins Andy Kappel Kimberly Kopplien

Teresa Lukens Kimberlee Otto Sherrie Sprenger Sandra Stein Jimmy Young 2008 Donald Austin Andrew Brown Danielle Fowler Carol Jones Adam Karnes Trena McMahon Michele O'Leary Craig Rinne Melissa Snell Katelyn Snyder Derek Stokes Sara Stokes Cara Teterud Dolores Vance 2009 Johanna Blackwell Christopher Bloom David Collett Ryan Fowler Natalya Ishenin Christopher Lynn Rachel Ost Andrea Potloff Rachel-Anne Rapoza Kelsey Shroyer Benjamin Snell Jordan Walker 2010 Mark Diller Joel Guido Ryan Irby Jordan Lindsey Leah Lindsey Jonathan McGuire Christine Olson Julie Possee Ben Potloff Zachary Schramek Grant Seidler 2011 Kelsey Boekenoogen Alvin Chak Tara Deiter Luke Doremus Glenn Duckworth Carol Kruse Chris MacKenzie Maria Robertson Brett Smith John Tanner Alyssa Teterud Katherine Venegas Darrel White 2012 Scott Boekenoogen Amanda Brenneman Yulia Brubaker Jonathan Dinsmore Alethea Doremus Kenji Fukunaga Craig Johnson Brooke Joseph Vashti Young 2013 Jacob Bowdoin Samuel Coleman Jenna Funkhouser Brett Johnson Amy Valentine

Churches Aumsville Bethel Baptist Church, Aumsville, OR Bethany Baptist Church of Salem, OR Bethany Bible Church, Kenmore, WA California Heights Baptist Church, Long Beach, CA Calvary Baptist Church of Reno, NV Community Baptist Church of Hillsboro, OR Eastgate Fellowship Church of Bellevue, WA Evangelical Bible Church, Dallas, OR Faith Baptist Church of Lincoln City, OR Faith Baptist Church of Strathmore, CA Faith Baptist Church, Salem, OR First Baptist Church of Bellevue, WA

First Baptist Church of Ferndale, WA First Baptist Church of Richland, WA First Baptist Church of Roswell, Parma, ID First Baptist Church of Tumwater, WA First Baptist Church of University Place, WA First Baptist Church, Caldwell, ID First Baptist Church, Othello, WA First Baptist Church, Polson, MT First Baptist Community Church of Monte Sereno, CA First Fundamental Church of Walteria, Torrance, CA Foothills Church of Stayton, OR Grace Baptist Church of Redding, CA

Grace Baptist Church of Salem, OR Grace Baptist Church, Bellingham, WA GracePoint Church, Bremerton, WA Happy Valley Baptist Church, Happy Valley, OR Ladies Missionary Group, Cottonwood, CA Morning Star Community Church, Salem, OR North Albany Community Church, Albany, OR North Mason Bible Church, Belfair, WA Nyssa Baptist Fellowship, Nyssa, OR Orting Community Baptist Church, Orting, WA Puyallup Community Baptist, Puyallup, WA Riverside Baptist Church, Albany, OR

Rolling Hills Baptist Church, Salem, OR Salem First Baptist Church, Salem, OR Sleater Kinney Rd Bapt Church, Olympia, WA Sunnyslope Christian Reformed Church, Salem, OR Tabernacle Baptist Church of Shoreline, WA Temple Baptist Church of Fircrest, WA The Groves Church, Portland, OR Tri City Baptist Church of Myrtle Creek, OR Valley Bible Church, Veradale, WA Vina Community Church, Vina, CA West Hills Baptist Church of Portland, OR Whitney Baptist Church, Boise, ID

Corban Legacy Society - Individuals who designated Corban in their estate Tim '80 and Judy '80 Aagard Thomas '65 and Linda Bajema David and Shelia '83 Bale Michael '83 and Melody Balsbaugh Pat Beach '94 Ordena Bond Glenn Bond James '63 and Kathryn '64 Boyd Daniel '76 and Marilyn '76 Brammer Ray and Evelyn Brumbaugh

Tom Carlson '69 James Carlson Jerry & Jo Cudney Brenda Dunford Chris and Kathy Erickson Ed and Blossom Fischer Blossom Fischer Raymond and Beebee Fisher Howard and Ivy Games Evelyn Haynes '59

Melvin and Kay '67 Hendrickson Anna Herrman Jim and Bonnie Hills Reno '73 and Linda Hoff Curtis '69 and Denise Horton Ralph Isensee Dick '01 and Pauline Keeney Donna McKeever '96 Michael and Julie '98 Millage Donn '14 and Susan Mogford

Ronald Moser Pearl Musgrove Pat Nicholson '97 Ron and Kathryn '80 Nielsen Ellen O'Kane Mike '74 and Kathy '74 Patterson Harold and Berniece Rollins Jim and Lynn Slaydon Linda Sparling Erhardt and Joy Steinborn

Dick and Jo Ann Whipps Jean Whitford Dan '75 and Sally Wilder Gary '86 and Patti '87 Williamson Deleen and Mark Wills Margaret Wipf

Corporations & Foundations Abbey Carpet Care, Salem, OR Adams, Hill & Hess, Salem, OR AKT Group LLP, Salem, OR Arbuckle Costic Architects, Inc, Salem, OR AT&T United Way, Princeton, NJ Bank of the Cascades, Salem, OR Bidwell Enterprises, Inc, Salem, OR Blum Real Estate LLC, Salem, OR Boeing Charitable Trust, Chicago, IL BPM Physical Therapy Center, Inc, Salem, OR Capital Coin Co, Salem, OR Capitol Chevrolet Cadillac Subaru, Salem, OR Caring Touch Massage LLC, Salem, OR Cochell Family Dentistry, PC, Salem, OR

ConAgra Foods, Omaha, NE Dalke Construction Co Inc, Salem, OR Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign, Princeton, NJ Frisko Freeze Inc, Tacoma, WA Garrett, Hemann, Robertson, Paulus, Jennings & Comstock, PC, Salem, OR Genesis Metals, Riverside, CA Hittner & Associates, Inc, Keizer, OR James Reed & Associates, Salem, OR Jeff McKay's Baseball Northwest Inc, Springfield, OR John Ratzlaff, State Farm Insurance, Salem, OR Juan Young Trust, West Linn, OR Law Office Of Gerald Warren, Salem, OR

LCG Pence, Salem, OR Les Schwab Tire Center, Salem, OR Les Schwab Warehouse Center, Inc, Bend, OR May Trucking Company, Salem, OR Mendenhall Electric, Windsor, CA Ned Baker Real Estate, Salem, OR Progressive Interiors, Salem, OR PT Northwest, LLC, Salem, OR R L Reimers Company, Albany, OR R&R Funderburg, Central Point, OR Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund, St Petersberg, FL Roberson Chrysler Jeep, Salem, OR Rock Bluff Inc, Wilson Creek, WA

Salem Women's Military League, Salem, OR Select Impressions, Salem, OR Sports Wave, Inc, Beaverton, OR State Farm Companies Foundation, Princeton, NJ The Standard, Princeton, NJ TNT Management Resources Inc, Salem, OR Walker & Associates, Orange, CA Walter Spille Living Trust, Edmonds, WA Wilco, Mt Angel, OR Wilder Toyota, Inc, Port Angeles, WA Willamette Valley Bank, Salem, OR Willamette Valley Fruit Company, LLC, Salem, OR Withnell Motor Company, Salem, OR

Current Corban Employees Mary Aguilera NiCole Anderson Daniel Anderson '72 Timothy Anderson Tim Baker '89 David Bale Carolyn Bartruff John Bell Kathy Benitez '81 Bryce Bernard '82 Norm Berney Alan Bittel Christena Brooks '00 Kevin Brubaker '01 Brett Butcher '95 Sandy Clouser

Mark Colburn '99 Patrick Daniels Terri Davis '86 Gary Derickson Cathy Downs James Dyer Sang-Eun Dyer Brian Elliott '84 Sarah Ernst '05 Ken Friesen Daniel Garland Kelli Gassman Annette Harrison Nancy Hedberg '93 Jared Hernandez '07 Julie Hiebenthal '79

Donlyn Hiebenthal '80 Janice Hopkins Claudia Howden '82 Steve Hunt '69 Ellen Jacobs '88 Mark Jacobson '72 Adrian Jeffers '52 Anne Jeffers '53 Kent Kersey Ellen Kersey Carol Kruse '11 Byron Lachapelle Donald Leavitt Karen Lewis '96 Griff Lindell Jordan Lindsey '10

Charles Lucas '94 Matt Lucas '94 Nancy Martyn '68 Robert Mathisen Tamara McGinnis '82 Jeff McKay Daren Milionis '81 James Morris Pat Nicholson '97 Sheldon Nord '82 Mike Patterson '74 Christie Petersen Daniel Rapoza '98 Sue Roth Brenda Roth '90 David Sanford

Reid Saunders '98 Alan Scharn '97 Lori Schelske Lori Schilling Brian Schmidt '91 John Scott Anita Seregow Daniel Shuholm Tracy Smith Melissa Snell '08 Don Sparks Kay Spingath '68 Ryan Stark Heidi Stowman '12 Colette Tennant Pam Teschner

Alyssa Teterud '11 Cara Teterud '08 Marty Trammell '83 Gregory Trull Wally Vohland '81 Janie Vohland '99 Floyd Votaw Anthony Walther Paula Wenell '66 Darrel White '11 Deleen Wills Ellen Zarfas '82 Donny Zavala Martin Ziesemer '91

In Kind John and Rhonda Bell Myra Brand Caring Touch Massage LLC, Salem, OR Cold Stone Creamery, Salem, OR Comfort Suites Salem, Salem, OR Curves, Salem, OR Don Marjama Nursery Company, Inc, Sandy, OR

Epic Fitness, Salem, OR Terry '76 and Susan Finkbeiner Nanette Forster Green Thumb Flower Box Florists, Inc, Salem, OR Guenter's Gardens, Salem, OR Reno Hoff '73 Linda Hoff

Mark and Sue Hunt Earl and Ellen Kersey Muriel Kurtz Liberty Street Hair, Salem, OR LifeSource Natural Foods, Salem, OR MAPS Credit Union, Salem, OR Mill Creek Inn, Salem, OR

NW Kid's Club, Salem, OR Phoenix Inn Suites, Salem, OR Rainbow West Christian Book Store, Salem, OR Residence Inn By Marriott, Salem, OR Select Impressions, Salem, OR Shutterbug, Salem, OR Sport Clips Haircuts, Salem, OR

The Book Bin, Salem, OR Floyd and Jeanette Votaw Wholesale Baking, Inc, Salem, OR Deleen and Mark Wills Robert and Rita Wright


Alumni & Friends do Autumn in New England October 10-16 Alumni and friends flew to Boston and after touring the historical area drove through colorful New Hampshire to Vermont for several days of sightseeing then back through New Hampshire to the southern part coastal Maine. Travelers (now called “Leaf Peepers”): Dick and Nancy Berger, Moses Lake, Washington; Pat Bracken, Maricopa, California; Sheila Davison, Sacramento, California; Chris and Kathy Erickson, Albany, Oregon; Nancy Libbee Fiol ’66, Sacramento, California; Phyllis Martinez Fox ‘71, Antioch, California; Cindy Lucas Goudge ‘83 and Mark Goudge,


Lakeview, Oregon; Ken Jones ’66 and Karin Schoenfeld Jones ‘66, Moses Lake, Washington; Karen Martin, Salem, Oregon; Pat Nicholson ADP ‘97, Aurora, Oregon; Doug and Jan Pfeiler, Salem, Oregon; Carolyn Roth, Salem, Oregon; Kay Newland Spingath ’68, Salem, Oregon; Rowena Stottmeister Turner ’61, Kelseyville, California; Natalie Vandenberghe ‘80, Junction City, Oregon. Alumni Director, Director of Alumni, Deleen Wills, accompanied the group. Jackie and Hugh Wilson ’51 of Sanford, Maine, share an evening and treat Director of Alumni, Deleen Wills, to dinner.

Several continued on to New York City and were joined by two others. The six where treated to variety of action-packed touring and Broadway musicals. Pat Bracken, Joy Messerli Hopkins ‘07, Clovis, New Mexico; Carol Kruse ADP ’11, Salem, Pat Nicholson ADP ‘97, Rowena Turner ‘61 and Deleen Wills. Both tours were through Collette Vacations. New York City Alumni dinner on October 18: Mitch Emmert ‘10, David Anderson ‘11, David Collett ‘09, Rachel Brown ’09. Eric and Virginia Wohler, Tacoma Seminary alumnus.



Corban’s third president passes away on Thanksgiving

Former President Reno Hoff honored with school naming On Nov. 15, Corban University’s ninth president passed away at his home in Lincoln City, Ore. Dr. Reno Hoff spent 43 years at the university, beginning in 1969 when the school was moved from El Cerrito, Calif. to Salem, Ore. In May 2013, the Corban University School of Business was renamed the Hoff School of Business in recognition of his contributions. “Dr. Hoff was committed to students learning reflect Christ no matter their career, said Griff Lindell, Dean of the Hoff School of Business. “He clearly understood that business is a mission field. We are honored to be known as the Hoff School of Business because we are focused on equipping our students to live out ‘Christ in them the hope of glory’ in life, especially at work.” Hoff was passionate about viewing life and career as ministry and understood the concept of business as mission. His vision included “faculty with business experience challenging students with real life business situations and preparing them for actual job requirements after graduation.” His own education continued throughout his career with a Bachelor of Science degree in theology and finance from Western Baptist Bible College (WBBC) in 1973, a master of science in academic leadership from the Oregon College of Education in 1978 and an honorary degree bestowed by Western Baptist College in 2000. “I viewed my work here as a ministry and not a job,” Hoff said earlier this year. Hoff’s contribution to the university covered a wide range of work. He was originally hired as business manager and dreamed of developing the business influence beyond his title. One of the highlights for him was the establishment of the Business Management program. “It was the first step toward a comprehensive college, culminating in the addition of the MBA program in 2008,” he said. “I see that as my favorite highlight of my career.” He assumed the position of vice president for administration until becoming executive vice president/provost under President David Miller, and served in that capacity until assuming the presidency in Oct. 1999. His achievements included certification as 30

a certified financial planner, a licensed tax consultant, enrolled agent–IRS, certified tax advisor and registered investment advisor. Looking back, Hoff saw the value of doing his best and letting God take care of the future. His work philosophy was “to give leadership to carry out the vision of my predecessors, and to be an implementer in order to see how God will bless.” He summarized his career with this observation: “working with people who have the same vision and a common bond in Christ, with a goal to make a difference in the world, is what has made it a rewarding experience.” As a continuation of Hoff’s legacy at Corban, the university established the Hoff School of Business Scholarship Fund to help business students reach their academic goals. “The Hoff Scholarship will be a tremendous benefit to our students and provides a great opportunity for alumni of the business programs to support the next generation of students in the Hoff School of Business,” Lindell said.

For more information about this scholarship contact Lindell at or call him at 503-375-7191. Donations may also be made to the Hoff School of Business Scholarship Fund and mailed to: Hoff School of Business Scholarship Fund 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE Salem, OR 97317

Rev. Herbert Farrar Jr. passed from this life into the presence of the Lord on Nov. 28 at the age of 104. Herb married Mabel Phipps of Selma, Calif. in 1934 and they served the Lord together for 71 years. Their early years were spent in Christian radio ministry, revivals and evangelistic campaigns. During the next 50 years Herb pastored Baptist churches in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Colorado, Nevada, California and Oregon. In 1946 Herb Farrar was instrumental in co-founding Western Baptist Bible College serving as president for two years. He taught public speaking and music, and served on the Board of Trustees for 22 years. Corban University now proudly carries forward that legacy of Christian training and professional education. A men’s residence hall bears his name. During later years Herb Farrar and Mae served as campground hosts with the California State Parks System. Spokane, Wash. became their home in 1994. They worshipped at Trinity Baptist Church. When Mae’s passed away in 2005, Herb made his home at Lilac Plaza Retirement Center. His last home was Willow Grove Assisted Living in Spokane. Herb Farrar and Mae’s three daughters are: Yvonne Howe of Yukon, Canada, Lorraine Owens of Spokane, Wash. and Janice Farrar of Boulder, Colo. There are five grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren and two greatgreat-grandchildren. Any gift, in lieu of flowers, may be directed to Corban University, C/O Office of Advancement, 5000 Deer Park Dr. SE Salem, OR 97317

alumni action

Central California Alumni Dinner in Fresno on July 20 Front row: Dave Pardini, ’73, Hong Kong; Peggy Glownaik Pardini, ’73, Hong Kong; Barbara Lee Segress, ’65, Fresno; Charlotte Steele Winnett, ’55, Fresno; Dorothy Ruhlman Moore, ‘60, Clovis. Middle row: Diane Danielian, ’84, Fresno; Alice Flora, ’92, Modesto; Melba Boroff Greer, ’71, Fresno. Back row: Del Foote, ’71, Fresno; Barbara Foss Foote, ’71, Fresno; Melissa Flick, ’97, Sonora; Carol Warkentine, Visalia; Kevin Warkentine, ’85, Visalia.

Dave and Peggy Pardini, ’73, of Hong Kong, were back in the United States visiting their supporting churches and happened to be in Fresno. It was perfect timing for them to be able to attend an alumni event. Dave spoke in Sunday morning service while Peggy attended Sunday school. There was a potluck after church in their honor. Personal note from the alumni director: What a thrill to hear Dave and Del Foote, associate pastor, speak about their shared connection through Western Baptist Bible College. Both Dave and Pastor Del were kind to give Corban a great commercial.

Charlotte Winnett with Dorothy Ruhlman Moore

Next generation of Corban alumni Friday, Aug. 23, was a day of high energy and great memories as alumni brought their freshmen children to their alma mater.

Tiffany Naas Trull, ’92, and Greg Trull, with son Bradley, of Salem.

Sheila Nord Williams, ’80, and Jim Williams, of Boise, Idaho, with daughter Kalli.

Cindy Clark Evans, ’85, and Mark Evans, ’87, with son Cameron, of Universal City, Texas.

Connie Bottjen Ellis, ’90, and Dean Ellis, ’90, of Colfax, Wash., with son Bradyn.

Steve Roth, ’88, and Sue Roth, with son Toby, of Salem.

Cindy Classen Ziesemer, ’91, and Marty Ziesemer, ’91, with daughter Shannon, of Salem.

Elaine Peters, ADP ’11, of Longview, Wash., with daughter Rebekah.

Christie McCune Boens, ’92, and Jim, ’93, of Bend, Ore., with son Gavin.

Margie Glaser Straw, ’80, of Scio, Ore., with daughter Rebekah.


alumni action In August and September, alumni returned to campus to play Warrior teams. Volleyball Alumnae

Top row, left to right: Liz Hamre Dunn, ’99, Andrea Swanick Potloff, ’09, Chandra Baskoro Teague, ’13. Back row: Karisa Calderon Legg, ’13, Kim Pitney Turin, ’07, Angela Moberg, ’04, Elisa Barfknecht Hunter, ’98, Mandy McFadden Wigington, ’03.

Men’s Soccer Alumni

Women’s Soccer Alumnae

Top row, left to right: Miranda O’Connor, ’11, Amanda Mendenhall, ’12, Melissa Malone, ’12, Karyn Allen Guido, ’09, Holly Baird Popenuk, ’09. Emily Tsugawa, ’13, Kari Swenson Timmerman, ’06, Sarah Whaley Johnson, ’08.

Baseball Alumni

Top row, left to right: Daniel Steffen, ’09, Aaron Kinnes, ’14, Devin Chaney, ’12, Tillerman Kroon, ’14, Kaleb Herring, ’09, Bruno Batista, ’14, Aaron Paulson, ’11, Jared Rust, ’13, Nolan Dempster, ’12, Christian Holst, ’98. Bottom row, left to right: Jimmy Young, ’07, Tyler Hagen, ADP ’13, Juan Castillo, ADP ’14, Taylor Satcher, ’16, Jeremiah Hansen, ’00, Aaron Lewis, ’99, Nash Yamauchi, ’16. Not pictured: Fernando Karczeski, ‘09

Top row: Jamie McGraw, ’08, Steven Blum, ’12, David Hull, ’13, Lance Foster, ’14, Jordan Emery, ’11. Bottom row: Daniel Flores, ’09, Josh Warner, ’10, Matt Schmidt, ’09, Derek Stokes, ’08, Kyle Myers, ’07. Not pictured: Zeke Clayton, ’07, Jason Braun, ’09, Craig Spicer, ’10, and Tyler Doornink, ’12.

Tacoma area alumni and friends welcome President Nord on Sept. 3


HOMECOMING AND REUNIONS The President’s Dessert, attended by alumni and guests, included music and student stories, President Nord’s remarks, and awards.

Alumni & Friends receive awards:

Ben Bryson, ’93, Distinguished Alumni Award

Dr. Marty Trammell, ’83, Outstanding Service Award

Dr. Paul Myers, ’04, Distinguished Young Alumni

Jim Moore, ’62, and Shirlie Bong Moore, ’61, Christian Ministry Award

Gerald and Carolyn Roth, Honorary Alumni Award

We are honored to serve you in whatever way we can. Please do not hesitate to contact the alumni office with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Serving the Lord and you, Deleen Wills Director of Alumni 503-589-8182



Decades of 50s & 60s Dinner

First row, left to right: Ruthie LaFreniere, Midge Thorp DeSart, Keith DeSart. Second row: Paul LaFreniere, Craig Lucas, Jane Glass Lucas, Glenda Taylor Alley, Bob Alley. Third row: Mary Smith, Shirlie Bong Moore, Kathy Murdock Hunt, Steve Hunt, Ruth Anne Nichols Copa. Fourth row: Cheryl Jongeneel Bender, Jim Moore, Koyce Morgan Miller, Sandi Nichols, JC Copa. Fifth row: Kay Newland Spingath, Alice Bronson, Karen Forman Hritz, Rich Nichols. Sixth row: Paula Wenell, Pat Clark. Seventh row: Gary Wenell, Ernie Clark, Jerry Cudney.

Classes of ’83 & ’93

First row, left to right: Steve Nielson, Ben Bryson, Nathan Warthan, Linda Trammell, Marty Trammell. Second row: Sheila Zervas Nielsen, Sharon Nielsen Bryson, Sara Brink Glaser. Third row: Sandi Diehl Emmert, Mark Evans, Cindy Clark Evans, Mark Glaser. Fourth row: Steve Emmert, Julie Marlowe Bernard, Shelly Lewis Emery, Mike Emery.Fifth row: Bryce Bernard, Jodi Hills Marks, Charlie Marks.


Class of ’73 & Friends Reunion

First row, left to right: Adrian Jeffers, Anne Jeffers, Helen Lunsford Tripp, Wendell Garner, Georgia Mills Rogers, David Rogers. Second row: Bill Bodenstab, Janice Durham Eldridge, Jean Harder Clucas, Clive Clucas. Third row: Becky Newman Bodenstab, Marc Eldridge, Lauren Yee Tsztoo, Renee Howell Null. Fourth row: Craig Blanchard, Peggy Hofmann Blanchard, Howard Tsztoo, Paul Null.

Class of ’03

Front, left to right: Char Rohlfs Brulotte, Jamie Brulotte, Kirsten Kuhnhenn Shelton, Adam Shelton. Back: Billie Bodenstab Knottingham, ‘02, Nathan Knottingham, Paul Myer, ‘04, Keli Myer.

upcoming events Faith & Family Night at the Blazers The Portland Trailblazers take on the Toronto Raptors at 7 p.m.; pre-game Christian concert from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.; specific artist to be announced.

Young Alums Event for the Classes of 2003 through 2013

Tickets in Sections 330 and 331 in the first seven rows, $24 per person. Only 50 tickets. Tickets in Rip City Rows O and P, $49 per person and include a $10 food voucher. Only 29 tickets. Plus, we will have the opportunity to shoot free throws and take pictures as a group immediately following the game.

February 15 Women’s basketball game, 5:30 p.m. Men’s basketball game, 7:30 p.m. Corban vs. College of Idaho; free admission. Reserved seating upstairs and refreshments during halftime of the men’s game.

Spring cultural events The Alumni Services Office has obtained Broadway Across America special-priced tickets for these performances:

Blue Man Group

March 8, 2 p.m., Keller Auditorium, Portland, OR Cost: $62.25 or $72.25 per ticket.

The Lion King

March 15, 2 p.m., Paramount Theatre, Seattle, WA Cost: $59.75 or $69.75 per ticket.

Sister Act

April 6, 6:30 p.m., Keller Auditorium, Portland, OR Cost: $47.25 per ticket.

All are limited to four tickets per purchase.

Corban Theatre presents

Anne of Green Gables The Alumni Services Office has special discounted tickets for Saturday, March 15, 10:30 a.m. Prices: Adults $10, seniors (62+) $8, students $8. Special pricing only through the Alumni Services Office for only this showing; please contact Alyssa Teterud at 503-316-3388 with your credit card information. Prices for all other showings are: Adults $12, seniors and students $10. Tickets may be purchased through the Corban Bookstore for all other performances.

Class of ’64 Golden Grads May 3 Saturday Brunch, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. El Cerrito Room, Schimmel Hall Commencement, 2 to 4 p.m. All Golden Alumni Dinner, 5 p.m. El Cerrito Room, Schimmel Hall

CONTACT INFORMATION: For information, reservations or to purchase event tickets, call Alyssa Teterud at 503-316-3388 with your credit card information or email her at For more information, you can also check our Alumni Facebook page under Events. Corban/Western Baptist Alumni 35

class notes

Clint Kneeland, ’69, and Judith Vogel Kneeland, ’69, of Prather, Calif., were married in 1967. After Clint served as minister of Christian education in three different churches, they began a ministry to Christian schools in 1973, and continued serving schools as teacher trainers and consultants until 2012. They have also operated a distance-learning school, Western Christian Academy, since 1983, and took it online in 2008. Clint and Judith now serve in an administrative capacity with WCA. Dutch Bylsma, ’71, and Sharon Pennington Bylsma, ’73, serve in the global ambassador program with Bible Study Fellowship by teaching leaders who work with young adults. They have been in Africa for 16 years; they served two years in Tanzania and the past 14 years in Nairobi, Kenya. Wanita Shannon Canifax, ’73, of Gig Harbor, Wash., is an office manager for CNC Software/Mastercam at their educational office. She enjoys making quilts for foster children. Curtis Pollard, ’73, and Louise Head Pollard, ’73, live in Portland, Ore. Curtis serves as associate worship pastor at Burnside Baptist Church in Gresham, Ore. They will celebrate 42 years of marriage in December. Phil Stucky, ’78, and Rachel Haburn Stucky, ’78, traveled 8,000 miles in 41 days around the United States as they visited supporters, family and friends. One highlight for them was celebrating with their son Luke Stucky, ’06, and his wife, Amanda, as they dedicated their youngest son to the Lord. Phil and Rachel are missionaries in south Brazil with Brazil Gospel Fellowship Mission. Sandi Diehl Emmert, ’79, and Steve Emmert ,’83, live in Sherwood, Ore. Sandi serves as an administrative


assistant at Archer Glen Elementary School and Steve is the principal at Laurel Ridge Middle School. They also facilitate mission trips for Forward Edge International and attend Solid Rock Church, where Steve serves as an elder and Sandi serves in children’s ministries. Sara Brink Glaser, ’83, and Mark Glaser,’85, reside in Scio, Ore. Sara works as a Creative Memories consultant and Mark works as a local corrections deputy. Justin Sherwood, ’93, works as a controller for Hillyer’s Mid-City Ford. Previously, he served at Corban for 12 years in the Hoff School of Business. He also was Corban’s men’s basketball coach, accumulating a record of 151-187, and coached the team to eight Cascade Collegiate Conference tournament appearances and one NAIA Division II national tournament in 2005. Justin and his wife, Jenni Hendrickson Sherwood, ’96, reside in Salem, Ore.

Jefferson High School and second season as its head volleyball coach. He and his wife, Colleen, live in Salem, Ore. Jamie Brulotte, ’03, and Charlotte Rohlfs Brulotte, ’03, and their two boys reside in Keizer, Ore. Jamie is a systems analyst at Salem Hospital and Charlotte teaches kindergarten part time in the Salem-Keizer Public Schools.They attend Salem First Baptist Church, where Jamie has served as the AWANA commander for the past five years and Charlotte serves in children’s ministries and as a deaconess. Kirsten Kuhnhenn Shelton, ’03, and her husband, Adam, reside in Battle Ground, Wash. Kirsten is now a homemaker after a seven-year career in social services. Adam works as a web development manager. They serve as youth leaders at Charter Oak Community Church. Sharon Yorty West, ’03, and Jack West,’04, reside in Crawfordville, Fla. Sharon is a stay-at-home mom to their furry family of one cat and three dogs. They are raising one of them, a Lab puppy, for

Shannon Ellsworth-Fishell Bailey, ’01, of Roseburg, Ore., was promoted to partner at Wicks Emmett CPAs LLP. She has been with the firm for 12 years, beginning as a staff accountant and then progressing from certified public accountant to tax manager and now partner. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants. Shannon also was the race director for the inaugural Umpqua River Run, a Heidi Gott, ’04, serves with ABWE in fundraiser for the Boys Colombia in children’s ministries and camps. & Girls Clubs of the She had a busy summer of group visits, camp, Umpqua Valley. vacation Bible school, English classes, youth Nick Plotts, ’02, is in his fourth year as a teacher at

groups, Kids’ Club and Sunday school. Heidi has been in Colombia since February 2009.

Leader Dogs for the Blind. She also enjoys making and selling Bible verse artwork. Jack works as a dispatch center manager for the National Forests of Florida. Previously, he worked for five years as a public safety dispatcher for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.

Kristina Cook Notestine, ’07, and her husband, Cyrus, live in Carlisle, Penn. They have been married for five years. Kristina is involved in Child Evangelism Fellowship. Cyrus manages a local restaurant. Bryndle Fleming Jarvis, ’09, is a kindergarten teacher at Richmond Elementary School. She and her husband, Stephen, live in Salem, Ore. They have one son, Gabe.

Alyssa Teterud, ’11, of Salem, Ore., works in the Office of Advancement at Corban as the advancement coordinator. Previously, she worked at Garten Services Inc. as an employment coordinator. In August, she was featured as “Today’s Young Professional” in the Statesman Journal.

Jordan Keck, ’12, was featured as “Today’s Young Professional” in the Statesman Journal in September. He is a home loan consultant with Willamette Valley Bank. He and his wife, Miranda Aaron Keck, ’12, reside in Salem, Ore. Miranda works at A.C. Gilbert’s Discovery Village.

Carrie Kann, ’11, of Bolivar, Mo., is a resident director at Southwest Baptist University.

Allison Knotts, ’13, works in accounting with Bonaventure Senior Living’s corp orate office in Salem, Ore.

Amber Stokes, ’12, of Blue Lake, Calif., has started a freelance editing business, Editing Through the Seasons. She is a freelance editor and publicist. This year, she self-published her debut inspirational historical romance novel, “Bleeding Heart.”

Send us your updates

Rachael Estabrook, ’13, of Bonanza, Ore., works for Tillamook Cheese as a brand ambassador. Heather Simpson, ’13, of Newberg, Ore., is a marketing specialist for the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership. Kate Tracy, ’13, of Eagle, Idaho, is a journalist with Christianity Today. She earned a one-year, $30,000 residency with the publication.

Grant Seidler, ADP ’10, MBA ’12, has worked for six years with The Walt Disney Company. Starting in entertainment, Grant pursued other roles where he could use his degrees from Corban in training, facilitating, as an assistant manager and now in teaching. Grant was transferred in June from Florida to Shanghai, China, in preparation for the Disneyland Shanghai Resort opening in late 2015. In this transition phase, Grant continues to train as a Disney trainer while teaching 10 English classes to a total of 150 Chinese students ages 2-12.


down the aisle 1












1 Trent Kropf, ’01, married Hollie McGill,

’05, on July 6, 2013, at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond, Ore. Trent is an electrician and enjoys rebuilding vehicles, shooting and carpentry. He designed and built the arbor that they were married under. Hollie worked in the Office of Advancement at Corban as the advancement projects coordinator. They enjoy camping, fishing and hiking together. The couple resides in Central Oregon. 2 Kristine Wood, ’02, married Brian Johnson on June 22, 2013, at the Keizer Heritage Center in Keizer, Ore. Their wedding party included Sarah Trahern Sheets, ’04, and Charity Berger Malcolm, ’04. The couple resides in Albany, Ore. Kristine works as an administrative assistant at Acumen Financial Services Group and Brian works as a clinical desktop technician for Salem Health. 3 Christy Bowman, ’05, married Kyle Holmes, ’05, on March 9, 2013, at Dunes Bible Camp in Ocean Park, Wash. Their wedding party included Benjamin Downing, ’05, Jennifer Van Buskirk, ’06, Kelly Tippett Garcia, ’06, Katie Holmes Uram, ’06, and Jacob Watterburg, ’06. Rachel Holmes Lee, ’02, helped coordinate the wedding. The couple resides in Ocean Park, Wash. Christy works for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program in Pacific County, Wash., as a family service worker. Kyle works at Hampton Affiliates, Inc., in Warrenton, Ore., as a kiln operator. They attend Peninsula Baptist Church, where Christy volunteers with AWANA. 4 Melissa Yoder, ’07, married Keith Petersen on February 1, 2013, at South Hills Church in Kennewick, Wash. Their wedding party included Ashlie Carey, ’06, and Dixie If you would like to receive Lee, ’07. The news from Corban/WB the couple resides quickest way possible, email in Richland, Wash. Melissa is completing her and we will send you news master’s degree

Don’t Miss a moment’s notice!


when it happens. We promise to use it wisely and not bombard you.

in education. The couple is planning future mission trips together. 5 Ben King, ’09, married Shannon Rensi, ’09, on August 2, 2013, at Trail Christian Fellowship in Eagle Point, Ore. Their wedding party included Siriana Guest Frost, ’09, Aubrey Hiatt Grove, ’07, Megan Franklin Simnitt, ’09, John Traut, ’09, and Andy Wing, ’09. The couple resides in Kingston, Wash. Ben is the youth and worship pastor at Kingston Christian Church and Shannon is obtaining her master’s degree in speech language pathology at the University of Washington. They enjoy hiking and being outdoors. In September, they spent two weeks in the Greek isles. Not Pictured Tyson Surls, ’09, married Mia Shrum on June 29, 2013. Groomsmen included John-Michael Thiesen, ’08, and Samuel Koch, ’10. The couple resides in Fair Oaks, Calif. Tyson works as a physics and algebra teacher at Capital Christian High School in Sacramento, Calif. 6 Emily Blaylock, ’10, married Eli Conlee, ’10, on August 4, 2012, at a small farm in Redmond, Ore. Groomsmen included Justin Officer, ’06, and Jared Hernandez, ’07. Eli previously worked for Pierce County in Tacoma, Wash. They were on the leadership team for Church on the Sound, a church plant in the University Place/Tacoma area. The couple relocated to Boise, Idaho, where Emily is attending Concordia University School of Law. They enjoy hiking, rock climbing and backpacking. 7 Sheree Moser, ’10, married Matthew Wilson on June 22, 2013 at Peters Creek Baptist Church in Peters Creek, Alaska. Ashley Moser, ’10, was in their wedding. The couple resides in Eagle River, Alaska. Sheree is an orthodontic assistant. Matthew is obtaining his bachelor’s degree in business management. They attend Peters Creek Baptist Church, where they help in AWANA. 8 Lucas Pitman, ’11, married Katherine Jamerson, ’13, on May 18, 2013, at Bethany Baptist Church in Salem, Ore. Their wedding party included Brian Mabry, ’11, Kenneth Mabry, ’11, Whitney Dahlberg Mabry, ’12, and Andrew Pitman, ’14. The couple resides in Salem, Ore. Lucas works at Albertina Kerr, which provides programs and services to children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges. Katherine is obtaining her master’s degree in


library science. They attend Bethany Baptist Church, where Lucas helps with the media and Katherine serves with the women’s ministry. 9 Megan Buczkowski, ’12, married James Coggins on June 1, 2013, in Portland, Ore. The couple resides in Portland and attends Solid Rock Church. Megan is obtaining her master’s degree in counseling and James is an analyst at Diamler. They enjoy playing tennis and hiking. 10 Bryce Phelan, ’12, married Jennifer Hague, ’12, on January 26, 2013, at South Albany Community Church in Albany, Ore. Their wedding party included Kevin Coriano, ’12, Courtney Welling, ’12, Karisa Calderon Legg, ’13, and Mesha Perkins, ’14. The couple resides in Albany, Ore. Bryce works at South Albany Community Church as the worship leader. Jennifer works at BPM Physical Therapy Center Inc. in South Salem. They lead the young adults group at church. They enjoy crafting, shooting, playing music, garage sales and hiking. 11 Samuel Pearson, ’12, married Kaitlin Shepherd, ’13, on July 13, 2013, at Valley Baptist Church in Perrydale, Ore. Their wedding included Margaret Shoemaker Goheen, ’11, Gina Bjorge, ’13, Jake Bowdoin, ’13, Benjamin Funkhouser, ’12, Jenna Kost Funkhouser, ’13, and Kimberly Liu, ’13. The couple was married by Dr. Marty Trammell, ’83, and Dr. Greg Trull. The couple resides in Salem, Ore. They attend Valley Baptist Church, where Kaitlin helps plan and run Sunday school for the 9- to 11-year-olds and is a housekeeper for several homes in the Salem area. Sam works at The Tutoring Center in downtown Salem and plans to attend graduate school. 12 Marcus Butler, ’13, married Melissa Jones, ’13, on July 13, 2013, at Blackhawk Estates in Salem, Ore. Their wedding party included Erik Cronrath, ’12, Tess Bennett, ’13, Jordan Graneto, ’13, Geoff Martin, ’13, Jonathan Nelson, ’13, Hannah Nord, ’13, and Brittany Sweet, ’14. The couple resides in Salem. They attend Church on the Hill’s Keizer, Ore., campus. Marcus works at Billups Worldwide in Lake Oswego, Ore. 13 Teleah Moss, ’13, married Caleb Ringhand, ’13, on August 22, 2013, at the Historic Deepwood Estate in downtown Salem, Ore. The couple resides in Keizer, Ore., and are pursuing careers relevant to their majors.

all in the family Don Rich, ’98, and his wife, Christina, of Tracy, Calif., announced the birth of Eliana Grace, born July 15, 2013. She was welcomed home by big sisters Emily, 5, and Elizabeth, 2. Don works at the Safeway corporate offices. The family attends church in Modesto, Calif., where Don teaches an adult Sunday school class and occasionally preaches in the pastor’s absence. Lisa Winters Engelman, ’00, and husband, Stephen, of Tigard, Ore., welcomed Samuel Jeremiah, born July 17, 2013. He weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. and was 21.5 inches long. He joins big brother Luke, 5, and big sisters Ellianna, 3, and Gracelyn, 1. Deborah Calame Evans, ’00, and Daniel Evans, MSE ’12, of Salem, Ore., announced the birth of Owen Daniel, born May 13, 2013. He weighed 8 lbs. 6 oz. and was 20.25 inches long. He joins big sisters Abigail and Emma. Luke Todd, ’06, and Shelby Raichl Todd, ’06, of Portland, Ore., welcomed Judah Ebenezer, born August 10, 2013. He weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20.5 inches long. They had been praying that God would give them a family and were surprised when they were told about an opportunity to adopt a baby from a young single mother. They found out on Mother’s Day that the mother had selected them to be her child’s parents. Luke is obtaining his master’s degree in biblical and theological studies at Western Seminary and also working there as an enrollment counselor and recruiter. Shelby is a stay-at-home mom. The family attends Grace Bible Church.

Class Notes Key ADP – Adult Degree Program CUSM – Corban University School of Ministry (includes former Northwest Baptist Seminary)

MABS – Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

MBA – Master of Business Administration MSE – Master of Science in Education MDiv – Master of Divinity

This issue of Class Notes consists of items submitted between June 16 and October 1. Deadline for Class Notes for Spring 2014 is February 1.

with the lord

Forest Steenfott, ’54, of San Jose, Calif., went to be with his Lord on August 28, 2013, at the age of 82. Forest came to know Christ as his Savior in 1947 and afterward dedicated his life to ministry. He attended Western Baptist Bible College, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and theology. Forest was ordained in 1957 and served as the pastor of Colonial Baptist Church in Sacramento, Calif. He was later employed at the Simplex Time Recorder Company for more than 20 years, serving as plant manager until the plant closed in 1980. After that, he worked for Valley Christian Schools for many years. Forest was preceded in death by his wife of 48 years, Grace. He is survived by his second wife of 11 years, Audrey, as well as his four children, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Susan Mehner Burns, ’72, of Burien, Wash., passed away July 9, 2013. Susan grew up in Seattle, Wash. She attend Western Baptist Bible College in El Cerrito, Calif., where she graduated with a degree in theology. After teaching second grade in Concord, Calif., Susan married Richard Burns in Everson, Wash., on August 8, 1975. They ran a bakery business together called the Mount Bakery in Deming, Wash., and Susan rode with Richard for several years when he drove a truck for Platt Electric. She also worked for Craft Supply Co. in Burien. Susan taught Sunday school at Bible Baptist Church in Burien and learned some Korean so she could communicate with her young students in their “heart language.” She loved to share the Gospel with Sunday school students. She is survived by her loving husband of 37 years, Richard, and her sister, Nancy Mehner Ruhlman, ’63. Byron Knutson, ’73, of Keizer, Ore., went home to be with the Lord on July 27, 2013, after a long illness with multiple system atrophy. Byron lived in Africa for two years when his parents were involved in a missionary project in Liberia, West Africa. Later, in college, he returned to the same area for six weeks with Bill Mullins, ’75, as an apprentice missionary. He graduated from Dispensational Theological Seminary in 1981. Byron held various occupations, including working in a plywood mill, waiting tables, performing janitorial services, stocking grocery shelves, and working in keyboard manufacturing and as a printer ink technician. Byron is survived by his wife of 40 years, Linetta Smith Knutson, ’76, three children and two grandchildren. Fred Helsley, ’78, of Quincy, Wash., went to be with the Lord on September 13, 2013. Lance Hawken, ’94, of Sweet Home, Ore., passed away on August 2, 2013. A celebration of life was held at Community Chapel on August 8.

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Corban Magazine - Winter 2013  

A magazine dedicated to alumni and friends of Corban University in Salem, Oregon

Corban Magazine - Winter 2013  

A magazine dedicated to alumni and friends of Corban University in Salem, Oregon