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A National Voice Coram Voice’s ambassador programme for care experience young people aged 16-25, A National Voice, has gone from strength to strength. Young people across England have been working to raise awareness of the issues faced by children in and leaving care. Trained in public speaking, the 22 ambassadors have written blogs, taken part in vlogging workshops, attended the first care experienced conference in Liverpool and developed training for trainee social workers.

“Voices 2018 has bought so many opportunities my way, including becoming a National Voice Ambassador and blogger. I’ve read my Voices entry at the launch of the Club Peloton ride and even performed my piece for The Queen! It has improved my confidence in ways I never knew possible; I’m comfortable performing in a role but as myself I’ve always struggled. I’ve had the chance to meet other care experienced young people and a variety of professionals, and talk about my experiences in an honest and vulnerable way without judgement. I’ve published blog posts, including for The Guardian Online. Following this, I was asked to join a conference panel and be a keynote speaker!  efore entering Voices I was B ashamed of being care experienced but, as I’ve worked more with Coram Voice, it’s a label I’ve grown to love. Yes, I am a care leaver but I’m awesome, powerful and going to use my voice to empower the lives of other care experienced young people.” Louise, a Voices 2018 creative writing competition finalist who is now a National Voice Ambassador

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