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nirvana tribute Nervana @ The Waterfront STUDIO Norwich 24 March 2012

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nirvana in norwich Nirvana played at Norwich Arts Centre on 30th October 1989 before their huge success with Nevermind. The best time to have seen the band in their rawest form. Tickets were a grand total of £4. They toured with a fellow Seattle grunge band TAD. Their setlist consisting of tracks from their first studio album Bleach. School Scoff Love Buzz Floyd The Barber Dive Polly Big Cheese Spank Thru About A Girl Token Eastern Song Mr. Moustache Stain Been A Son Negative Creep Blew Sifting Even In His Youth The following year they played at Norwich Waterfront 24 October 1990 with L7 and Jacob’s Mouse - a three piece indie rock band from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.



Nervana (a tribute) have been described as the most authentic reproduction of the original 3-piece to ever to take to the stage. Receiving rave reviews all across Europe, from fans and critics alike, the trio have invaded the world with Grunge fever yet again. Sixteen years after the sad passing of rock legend & Icon Kurt Cobain, there still seemed to be a void in the music industry. Many tribute acts appeared & disappeared just as fast over the years, but something special was on the horizon... Steve And Dave were in ‘The Australian Nirvana’ for the better part of 5 years, touring seven European countries constantly before setting out on their own to find a new singer. It was a difficult decision but they wanted to push the tribute show to a new level and were determined to get it right or not do it at all. Having been in multi-national bands for most of their careers, they had the luxury of seeking the best front-man out there, no matter where he was. They also knew the guy would have to be young. “Nirvana is about youth and angst and we wanted to give the fans what they really want to see and hear when they come to see a Nirvana tribute.” Jon had been perfecting his technique and was searching for the right rhythm section in Ireland with little luck when Steve contacted him. “After seeing Jon’s solo covers of Nirvana songs on youtube, we stopped looking.” Oddly enough, the two had actually met a few years back at an ‘Australian Nirvana’ show in Waterford, so there was an immediate connection. “It was on!” ‘Nervana, a tribute’ (as it is officially titled) took their first steps into tribute band territory. After a matter of two short weeks, Jon flew to the U.S, to rehearse, record and tour in the US. It was obvious after the first rehearsal that it was going to be better than expected and when they hit the stage, it was if they had been playing together for years not days! Since performing their very 1st show in November 2009, the guys have gone on from strength to strength. 2010 saw them play greatly received shows all across Europe. Their hard work year culminating in a stellar performance at Liverpool’s Mathew Street Festival, where Nervana performed to a crowd over 50.000 strong! ( Nervana have been pulling in the crowds both in the US and Europe and the response has been wicked!! So far They’ve hit 4 countries and will be visiting many more soon! Touring is what the boys in Nervana live for, so expect to see them soon!

band profile

tour dates



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Quite promptly Nervana's Kurt, wandered out on stage to set up. He oddly resembled what the love child of Kurt Cobain and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback would have looked like. I looked around for my fellow diehard grunge fans but to no avail before Nervana kicked off with Radio Friendly Unit Shifter.





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I ended up at the front of the crowd being one of few that were singing along. Annoyingly, the eleventeens were at the front also presuma ly not knowing who the band were let alone that they were not act ally standing in front on Kurt Cobain. I did however become immersed in the music and the realisation of my dream to see this band. My incredible fiance helped take some amazing pictures and blagged me the stage times and one of their set lists before the encore. The stage finally erupted into Territorial Pissings and into endless where Jon in Kurt style threw his guitar over his head to let it crash to pieces on the stage. I smugly walked away with one of the machine heads and a drumstick.



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Favourite bands other than Nirvana?

Generally the whole grunge scene. TAD, Alice in Chains... Ya know. Foo Fighters is a must of course.

Where did you guys meet?

Well. Steve and Dave were part of an Australian Nirvana tribute band that I had been to see. They actually found me after seeing my videos on youtube of my Nirvana covers.

Have you been in any other bands?

Me. No. But the other guys have been in a few in years gone by.

What is your favourite song to play? I can tell you the song we least like to play. Smells like teen spirit. The importance of a tribute fan is to play to the real fans who like the more obscure songs. So anyone who came to see us play that song can get fucked. But thinking about it. Something in the way is always cool to play. Its bassy as fuck.

What do you think of the Kurt Cobain replica jaguar?

I would fucking love one. But we aren’t a big rich rock band.

Favourite Kurt lyrics?

“It’s ok to eat fish cos they don’t have any feelings” as a vegetarian, thats what I live by.


Did you get to see Nirvana?

The other 2 guys did. Lucky fuckers. I was always broke.

Do you believe the conspiracy that Courtney killed Kurt?

I guess nobody will know for sure. But I think courtney did love the guy.

Is Nervana your full time jobs?

Yeah. We gig pretty hard so we make enough money for us to keep going. We’re not in it for the money. We want to keep Nirvana alive.

What is your favourite place to gig? Anywhere wheres theres a bunch of people who love Nirvana as much as we do. Liverpool was a notable one.

Did you hear the support bands? What did you think of them?

They are all talented musicians... About as diplomatic as i can be there!

Overall, what did you think of the gig?

Well the crowd seemed like it was mainly there for the support. -chuckles. But there were a few people out there who were loving what we did so thats all that mattered.







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