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Coral Grant Presidential Leader in Youngevity Coral Grant and Jen Kazmierczak as a team are new Presidential Marketing Directors for Youngevity and have long been a leader in the life coaching field. Her classes on life coaching have spread throughout the world and have helped countless people find their path as life coaches and help others in a wide range of professional fields. Grant is also the creator of the “Magic of Manifesting� DVD and her voice

Coral Grant Education and Training Leading to Career Coral Grant has used extensive education and training over her life to maintain an excellent career as a life coach and life coach teacher. Grant majored in Political Science and was active in student government. She was trained by the famous Bob Proctor on, as she says, “the power of the subconscious mind and how to change your thoughts to create wealth.� She is proud to cite Kevin Trudeau as one of her current mentors.

Coral Grant Professional Life Coach

Coral Grant is a leading member of the professional life coaching industry that is spreading internationally. According to Grant who is the Head Instructor at the BestLife Coaching Society, “Over 3000 Life Coaches Internationally are using my Professional Life Coaching Certification Program and Subconscious Clearing Technique to change people's lives every day.� Some of the coaches she has trained using her proprietary system can now be found working with politicians and members of royal families around the world.

Coral Grant Former Co-Host of Life Coach Radio Online

Coral Grant was a co-host and owner of Life Coach Radio Online, where she broadcasted many of the lessons she offers in her Professional Life Coaching Certification Program which she offers at the BestLife Coaching Society where she is the Head Instructor. She and author Bob Proctor “co-authored The Power of Mentorship… Secrets of the Masters.” Coral also founded the subconscious release technique, which has helped thousands of people focus and improve their lives around the world.

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Coral Grant-Presidential Leader in Youngevity  

Coral Grant is a life coach and the creator of the Professional Life Coaching Certification Program at the BestLife Coaching Society, which...