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I became a teacher because it has always been a passion of mine to work with children. I am a fifth generation teacher. I have seen first hand how stressful and rewarding being a teacher can be and I am very excited about teaching these students in the best way I know how.

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I was originally from a small school called Midway. Midway was a small rural K-6 school. I had one of the largest graduation classes of 11 students. I think that is where my love for My institutions of choice. teaching began because I saw how committed My favorite sport is fencing the teachers were. They all truly loved their My favorite sports is fencing. I was job. My belief is that you should have a job part of the Carstairs Corsairs Fenc- that you love if you are not happy in your job ing club for 7 years. It was a good then I don't think you should be doing it. This learning experience. It was a fun is why I think teaching is all I could ever do. I and active way to be a part of the love the children and the decision to become community. a teacher is one that I made when I was very young. I decided to go to Red Deer College to begin my teaching degree. I have always been a small town girl and I do not enjoy the big city. This was a way that I could go to a college without having to become smothered by the I love to sing I will often find my- hustle and bustle of the city. This impacted my self humming a tune or even sing- decision of what to do in my degree. Having started my experience with a smaller college it ing aloud without knowing that I became a key aspect that I looked for another am doing it. Music has always been a big part in my life and it is institution where I could continue to feel at home. I finally decided on Lethbridge UniverGrad 2011 one of my favorite pass times.

Miss.Ortmans Kickstart to Kindergarten  
Miss.Ortmans Kickstart to Kindergarten  

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