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Boutique Flawless Store Front

The store Front was inspired by the theme of the store. The classy, elegant look. The store front has 2 windows and glass doors with tanstained concrete siding. The store windows have a back drop of Paris because it fits the fashionable style, where the three Mosiac Mirrored mannequins are located and dressed in Boutique Flawless’s newest pieces of clothing. On the other smaller display window, it has a backdrop of a woman who would fit the style of the target market. This window diplays a few of the newest accesories of the store on top of a pink fancy

Dressing Rooms

Checkout Area

line of vision Window

Window Entrance

Boutique Flawless Floor Plan

when the customer enters the boutique,the first thing she will see is a manequinn display set up on a polygon shaped display table showing the lastest styles offered in the Boutique. Surrounding the display set up is 6 smaller rectangle display tables with folded clothing pieces ready for the customer to view,feel and find her size. There are also rotating circular clothes racks in front of the boutique on the left and right side of the train.Behind the displayboutiq you will view the back of the store, which locates the checkout and dressing room area. The dressing room area has four changing rooms that have fancy curtains for the door located outside the dressing rooms is a small coffee table which will display last minute items such as accesories, so the customer can just try it on while trying on the clothes to see what item fits the best. There is also two classy chairs, that way if the customer is shopping with someone they can sit an wait, which gives the boutique a welcoming atmosphere and makes a pleasant shopping experience for everyone. By the checkout area there is a large display table to show more pieces of clothing that can not be hung on the built in clothes rack on the left and right walls of the boutique to display a clean, classy and professional look. The boutique is set up so the customer can work her way throughtout the store and finish in the back .

Boutique Flawless  

store front and store planstructure