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BIG pict ure The

By Kristin Trapp

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eddings are blissful, beautiful and heartwarming. Awww... so sweet! But for anyone who has actually planned one, well let’s just say they can be more stressful than having your first child, buying your first house and first car combined.

The pressure we put on ourselves to have the “perfect day” can turn even the most docile of brides into a full out diva. A prime example being, myself. I thought I had traversed the wedding planning world with decorum and grace, without a major meltdown in sight. Then the afternoon before the “big day” the stress came to full culmination in the form of my wedding cake. A spectacular confection created with us in mind, it was beautifully arranged with an Angry Birds theme. Not a traditional wedding choice but we’re non-conventional people. Anyway, we were transporting it ourselves due to our wedding being out of town, with the hope that it would arrive unscathed. I was holding it, what could happen, right? Of course the little disasters are never anticipated. My then fiancee (he luckily survived the meltdown I might add,) decided to put a box of pizza on the dashboard in case our starving wedding attendants tried to go for the cake. As he was wedging it through the window he knocked my beautiful bride pig off of her precarious spot on top of the cake. Had it been the groom pig, well “meh,” but not me (I mean my pig)! I’m having a meltdown just remembering it!

I must have turned as green as my bride piggy and sprouted horns because he quickly scooped her up and did his best to repair the damage, all while placating me. Luckily for him, my best friend was there and managed to calm me down before I killed the groom to be (great choice since I didn’t have life insurance on him yet,) and diffused the cake fiasco. I guess what I’m trying to say is, remember the big picture. As easy as it is to get caught up in our dreams of the perfect day, it all comes down to one thing, marrying the man of your dreams. The colour scheme, seating arrangements, flowers, pictures and everything else are just the icing on the cake. Beautiful, stressful icing (which should under no circumstances be knocked from the top of a cake). Just remember, there are plenty of moments that will make it a “perfect day”. When a husband to be sees his radiant bride for the first time, holding each others’ hands and gazing lovingly while repeating your vows, dancing your first dance as bride and groom, and of course, the first married kiss!! The big picture is all in the little moments (not the icing)!

We spe cialize in • Desti nation W eddings • Hone ym • Flights oons & Accom • All In modatio clusives ns • Cruis es Lynnette Schile 417 3rd St.SE Medicine Hat, AB (403) 581-8075 Pg. 5

102.1 CJCY is a Classic Hits format radio station with core music coming from 1967 through 1997 while still playing a few of the great songs from just earlier and later that we feel are “Classics�. This caters directly to our target 25+ audience! Visit us at

WIn this 1980 Firebird trans am Pg. 6

Visit for details

To learn about how CJCY can GET RESULTS for YOUR BUSINESS contact Marketing Consultant Jamie Graham TODAY at 403-488-4691.



Richard Hobbs Today I am interviewing author Richard Hobbs. When did you start writing? I started writing in October 2011 as a byproduct of a presentation I produced for Financial Planning week. I won an award from the Financial Planning Standards Council that carried the title of my new book.

What is the title of your book and what’s it about? The title of the book is When Money Hurts: 10 Prescriptions for Long-Term Financial Health. The book is a guide that helps people arrive at strong financial decisions by providing a step-by-step process intended to reduce common mistakes and strengthen financial thought throughout all life stages.

What made you write this book? I wrote this book because of the breadth of financial troubles that exist today throughout society, which were exposed by the global economic struggles that

came to the forefront in 2008. I found it disturbing how widespread the problems were and decided that people need a stronger foundation for making effective choices with their money.

Who is the typical reader? This book has universal appeal. It is a great read for anyone who wants to strengthen their know-how in making important life decisions with their money. It will be particularly important to people in the 30-55 age range who are trying to build wealth and remain financially sound—in good or bad economic times.

How are you marketing your book? I intend to make the book widely available. I will market it through traditional methods: bookstores and through eBooks. I also plan to distribute the book to institutions and organizations that promote financial health, especially holistic financial programs. I am also intrigued by the thought of marketing the book in airport bookstores. The book is a 7-8 hour read and makes for a perfect way to spend flight time on money-making thoughts. After a long flight, this book will have passengers eager to get home and start putting their new-found knowledge to work!!

How can we get a copy? You can get a copy by going to www. and placing an order. The book will be more widely available in May through bookstores.

What’s next for you? Since I am still a financial planning consultant, I will pursue the work with clients in creating financial plans with them. I will use the next year or so to do some speaking events around the topic of the book, work with the media to spread the message of the book and financial health initiatives. I will also use a year or two after the widespread release of the book to measure its following and see whether further writing is desired or needed. Thanks for taking the time to be with us today, Richard!

Kathleen D. Mailer is the CEO of Aurora Publishing, the Founder/Editor-inChief of Today’s Businesswoman magazine, Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, an author, philanthropist, and business coach. Visit her websites at www. and www. and www.

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Community Realty


Time to Retire? The amount you need!

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changes? for some

table from the living room in the entryway and a narrow entry table behind the sofa. Place an upholstered chair in the mudroom, where it will feel extra luxurious, and bring an outdoor café chair into the dining room for a flea market–chic vibe.


Bookshelves looking a bit boring? Try colour coding your bookshelves. Spend a rainy afternoon rearranging your books by the colour of their spines rather than the contents for a change.


By Leslie Cochrane, Loft 3 Design Company

Turn a crate on its side to hold books. An old wooden crate is perfect for keeping books neat and tidy. Crates look fabulously rustic on their own, but if you want to spice one up, try lining the back in a patterned gift wrap.

Got the itch to make some changes around the house? Before you head out shopping or hit the online stores, why not first see what can be done with what you have? Sometimes all it takes is a bit of inspiration to see your space with fresh eyes. Let these ideas spark your imagination and motivate you to see your own space anew.



Frame illustrations from a book or magazine. Art magazines and vintage books are great sources of frame worthy illustrations — just cut pages out neatly and pop them into any blank frame you have lying around. Look through your stacks with a fresh eye; you never know what you may find.

Style your open shelving. If you have glass-front cupboards or open shelving in the kitchen, consider it a styling opportunity not to be squandered. Take a look at your shelves as they are now, putting function aside for just a moment. Can you spy any clashing colours or patterns? Remove those first, then step back and look again. Do you see a theme emerging among what’s left? White and silver, for instance, or blue and white would work well. Search your other cupboards and storage areas for objects you use that fit the color scheme, and work them in.



Repurpose fabric remnants as art. If you do any sewing or crafting, I am willing to bet you have some cool fabric pieces in your stash, just waiting for the right home. Stretch a larger piece over a blank canvas or place a small swatch in a frame.

Paper a wall in old maps. Make your own wallpaper by decoupaging maps directly onto a freshly cleaned wall. Use maps of your area or nautical maps, or mix and match maps from places you have traveled to.



Use vases to display jewelry. Instead of hiding extra vases in a cupboard (which is probably overcrowded as it is), put them to work displaying your favorite necklaces and bracelets atop your dresser.


Swap out accent furniture from room to room. Small furniture (side tables, stools, slipper chairs) is easy to move, and a simple swap can completely change the feel of a room. Try a side

Remove a door and create a hideaway office. Even a tiny closet can be transformed into a workspace. Install some floating shelves and a memo board. Replacing the door with a curtain will help the nook feel more inviting and give you a bit more space — and you’ll still be able to close off the room.

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Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching with by Nathalie Pepin

Personal Health and Fitness Journey Interview Last month, I submitted an interview with Blair over at Absolute Signs. Talking with Blair is always an absolute pleasure due to his tangible sincerity and love of positive lifestyle changes. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, here are just some of the goals I hear clients talk about: Lose body fat, increase muscle, changes to lifestyle, quit smoking, increase knowledge, increase water intake, improve energy, improved daily function, pick up grandchild, decrease cardio recovery time, see one’s toes, fit into specific clothing item, sleep better, run a marathon, be more flexible etc... With knowledge, motivation and hope, anyone can achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Do any of these sound familiar? This month, I’m proud to share the story behind the success of my client Martha Hoffer. Her goals are to lose body fat, gain lean muscle and perform wide grip pull ups with her full body weight. I first met Martha at Snap Fitness Medicine Hat in the summer of 2012, where I train and coach clients. Martha is a VERY dedicated and consistent athlete and has proven this since she started training last year. When she set her mind clean eating, consistent training, a new way of lifting, I instantly saw and felt Martha’s determination. Martha has followed her meal plans carefully, which includes the 80/20 rule and takes her prescribed days of rest. She is always up for challenges. She pushes/pulls/grunts/swears through each extra rep I ask her of her. It’s already super-fun to watch and learn Martha’s growth and changes are, both on a physical and a spiritual level.

Interview with Martha Hoffer What are your stats? (Age, sex, relationship, kids, job...): 23, F, no kids, auto upholstery/restoration shop in MH.

What is your current, overall health status?: Super healthy, no issues whatsoever.

What do you love about your overall health today?: Finally fit, strong, physically, mentally and emotionally.

To get where you are at, you must have started somewhere... how long ago was that and what got you started on your health and fitness journey?: 1 year 3 months. My wonderful boyfriend got me dabbling in weights. I eventually got hooked on the high of feeling in control of my body.

What is the one thing you are most amazed at that you have learned Pg. 10

about yourself with regards to succeeding with your goals?: I’m strong, mentally. No matter what is going on around me, I never dread my gym time. I know where I wanna be and my thick head does and will get me through anything.

Speaking of which, what is your current goal and your next big step?: My current goal is to lean out over the summer, after that, put on more muscle and maybe, just maybe debate competing in a year or 2.

What is your weakness or biggest challenge in maintaining your personal health and fitness journey?: My biggest challenge was accepting the fact of how important clean eating really is. Following my diet was hard. But results are proof enough.

Who has been or is your biggest cheering section?: My boyfriend, who is constantly challenging me,encourages me and always cheering me on. Always pushing me and my youngest sister. Who always says she wants to look like me when she is older.

What is your all time fave food? C’mon.... be truthful here... how often do you choose it?: CHILI and real, home-cooked at the ranch on a dirty BBQ beef steak. And I rarely get to have either. Nobody really serves chili and I don’t get to make it home often enough.

Who is your health and fitness hero?: Fitness hero- Dana Lynn Bailey. She’s a tough broad and just beastly. Super motivating. Health hero- you cannot base someone else’s health on yourself. You have to be the health hero you want to be.

Martha has conquered the close and wide-grip pull-ups! And on March 21st, her beau and best friend Ted, asked for her hand in marriage. Now that’s awesomesaucy! Health and happiness to you both.

Nathalie J. Pépin

Certified CanFitPro Trainer FLCN - Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching with Nat Inc. Email: Skype: flcnat

Chia Petz

This recipe may contain allergens and may not be suitable for some people. 1 tsp organic, raw pumpkin seed butter 4 tsp nut butter of your choice 1 tsp ground chia seeds 3 dried figs, natural, finely chopped 3 tbsp each: cooked, organic lentils and cooked, organic quinoa Rice cakes •

Mash and combine all of the above.

Spread onto 2 to 3 rice cakes (or use kamut or spelt cakes).

Top with handful of fresh alfalfa or other sprouts of your choice

These are so cute. You and even your kids will find them irresistible! They resemble little critters with overgrown, green ‘fros!

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY Present:

Medicine Hat’s first

Company Challenge!


ragging rights, cash prizes and loads of fun are on the line with Medicine Hat’s first-ever Company Challenge!

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY present the Company Challenge from July 12th to the 14th, 2013 at the Moose Diamonds. Enter your team for a fun weekend of slo-pitch, tug of war and bocce ball! “The Company Challenge will help solidify our business network in Medicine Hat,” says organizer and sponsor Crystal Metz. “We are all so busy with our professional and personal lives that even though we have good intentions of getting ‘out there’ by networking and getting to know people – far too often we don’t.” In addition to the friendly competition between local businesses, a live band will entertain the crowd on Saturday, July 13th. All food and beverage services provided by Local Public Eatery and Earl’s. More than $6000 in cash prizes will be handed out for winners and runners-up in each event, and the overall winner gets to claim the “Company Champion” trophy and display it at the office for a year! Registration is $400 for a team of 20 (including 60% employees and at least eight women per team) ; small companies can team up with another company to meet the requirements. Register on-line via the form at or drop by the State Farm office at #2-1335 Trans-Canada Way SE in Medicine Hat.


Email crystal at

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Why is it so hard to find a lawyer? By Scott Stenbeck - Local Divorce Litigation Lawyer It can be a long haul working in one of the world’s most despised professions. Few exceptions are harder than having to turn people away, not because their problem is not legitimate, not because they are unreasonable, but because they don’t have the money to pay for my services. Believe it or not, most people who become lawyers do so because we honestly want to help people. That was certainly a big part of why I endured seven years of university, just as many years of thankless and low paying student-type jobs, and incurred a massive student loan. Unfortunately, when we graduate, full of ideals and knowledge, ready to change the world, no one tells us that there is a financial reality to practicing law. It is a business like any other. Those that go to big firms soon find out that they are expected to bill a certain number of hours and generate money for their employers unless they want to be shown the door. People that take my route, that of hanging out a shingle and starting their own practice, find out all too quickly an even harsher reality. That being, if you don’t bring in every month the thousands of dollars, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, that it costs to run a law office, it isn’t just a matter of losing your job. You lose everything. I came very close to that about a decade ago, after I had been in practice for a couple years, and found that even though I was working very hard, I was spending all that time trying to save the world, and not enough making sure the people I was saving were paying me for what I was doing. When I first started law, I used to take a great deal of legal aid work. When I started, I rented an office the size of a closet in a professional building that also supplied a receptionist for me and a dozen other small business owners. I think my overhead was less than a thousand dollars a month. I wrote my own letters, licked my own stamps, made my own photocopies. That worked well when I was in my mid-twenties and had 15 clients. I have always said that being a sole practitioner is a great way to see what kind of a lawyer you really are, because if you aren’t any good, you fail because there is no one else to hold you up. On the other hand, if you are good, people notice, and you are quickly busier than what you can manage on your own. Within about a year, that closet of an office changed to a suite with a front reception area and my own office, a receptionist, and a part time assistant. In about another year, it became an arrangement where I shared an office with another lawyer because I needed more space, and a full time assistant. As time went on the amount of money that I had to spend in a year just to keep my doors open and pay staff went from the low double digits, to the low triple digits, and continued to increase. During this period of growth, I was becoming well enough

known that I no longer needed to rely on legal aid to supply me with clients. People who were able to afford to hire me privately began to approach me on their own. After I had been in practice for about four or five years, I no longer needed to do any legal aid work to make a living, but I didn’t feel right about just turning it all down. I believe in access to justice, and I resolved to take about a half dozen legal aid cases at a time. The thinking was that so long as I just broke even on my legal aid work, that would be fine. I would be doing something positive in providing an opportunity for the less fortunate to access legal services. That went on for a short while, until I again noticed that it seemed I was working awfully hard and not clearing a lot over my overhead. That was when I sat down with my assistant at the time, and we noticed something. Legal aid was not a break even proposition for us. With a full size office, full time assistant, and contribution to a shared receptionist and other resources, given the amount of my business overhead, legal aid was actually costing me money to take. I was doing it at a loss. I decided that I had to finish up the cases I was doing, and took no more after that time. I don’t pretend to know what the solution is. It seems to me that people should have access to good legal representation, but how do we achieve that? There are some lawyers that get later on in their careers, after say thirty years of practice, where they have set themselves up fairly well, are no longer supporting kids at home, and do some pro bono work as a way to give back to the community. I hope to be in that position down the road, but I, and most other lawyers, are not. We are no different than any other tradesman, we have costs to stay in business, we have to take a wage home to our families, and we charge for our time. There is also no pension plan for most of us, and if we don’t want to work until we die, we have to put away as much as we can for retirement. I do get a few calls a week asking if I will take a legal aid certificate, and of course I have to reply that I don’t, and I am honest that it is because I can’t afford these cases. When I get asked to whom I can refer who will accept legal aid, it seems the list is always shrinking. So much so that there is a lawyer from Calgary that comes to Medicine Hat to off-set legal aid work here. There are not enough lawyers in town that are financially able to accommodate clients. Law is unlike a lot of other professional services we enjoy in this country. I don’t think lawyers are any better paid than doctors or dentists. Medical services and a lot of dental care is usually insured, so people don’t really experience the actual cost. They aren’t surprised or caught off-guard the way they are when legal expenses arise. I have seen some programs come and go trying to spread the cost over time or act as a type of insurance. Unfortunately, this may be one area of life where the only solution, if one wants to guarantee access to a lawyer of their choice, is to maintain a rainy day or emergency fund. Hopefully someone will think of a better idea.

1750 Gershaw Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB Phone: 403-526-9500 Toll-Free: 1-800-403-1891

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Inquires: 1 - 866 - 783 - 6232

Delivering excellence! 11-7th Street SE (Across from SE Hill Safeway)

403-526-1416 EvEryday Pizza/Wing dEal 1, 2 or 3 Toppings & 1 Dozen Wings (1 flavour) 10” Pizza - $16.47 12” Pizza - $21.62 14” Pizza - $26.77

Family Pack

1. Cheese 2. Pepperoni 3. Mushroom 4. Ham 5. Salami 6. Ham & Mushroom 7. Hawaiian - Ham & Pinappole 8. Pepperoni & Bacon 9. Pepperoni & Mushroom 10. Salami & Mushroom 11. Beef & Mushroom 12. Ham & Tomato 13. Beef & Onion 14. Pepperoni & Ham 15. Pepperoni & Italian Sausage 16. Pepperoni, Mushroom & Green Pepper 17. Pepperoni, Ham & Mushroom 18. Salami, Ham & Mushroom 19. Pepperoni, Salami & Ham 20. Beef, Onion & Shrimp 21. Pepperoni, Mushroom & Bacon Cheesburger Beef, Onion, Bacon, Tomato & Cheddar Vegetarian Mushroom, Green Pepper, Tomato, Pineapple, Onion & Black Olive Greek Ham, Onion, Tomato, Green Pepper, Black Olive & Feta Four Cheese Mozzarella, Feta, Parmesan & Cheddar Farros Tomato, Salami8, Pepperoni & Ham Scorcher Hot Sauce, Pepperoni, Banana pepper, Jalapeno, Cayenne & Mozza BBQ Chicken BBq Sauce, Chicken & Pineapple Chicken Teriyaki Teriyaki Sauce, Chicken & Pineapple Buffalo Chicken Caesar Dressing, Hot Sauce & Chicken Chicken Club Ranch Dressing, Ham, Chicken, Tomato & Bacon Chicken Quesaddilla Chicken, Green Peppers, Onions, Cumin, Chili Powder, Cheddar, Cayenne Pepper, Oil, Jalapeno & Tomato

Meat Eater Beef, Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Bacon & Sausage Super Pepperoni, Salami, Ham, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Tomato, Onion, Pineapple & Black Olive Mexican Salsa, Nachos, Beef, Onion, Black Olive, Tomato, Cheddar & Jalapenos Extra Toppings

10” 11.85

ONE PIzza 12” 14” 15.09 19.42












Salad $6.70 $8.50 Tossed Romaine Lettuce, Onions, Green Peppers, $9.01 Tomatos & Choice of Dressing Salad $9.22 $8.50 Greek Romaine Lettuce, Onions, Green Peppers, Tomatos, Black Olivesd, Feta, Oil & $9.01 Oregano. Includes Garlic Toast $8.50 Caesar Salad $9.22 Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Bacon Bits & with Chicken or Shrimp $9.01 Caesar Dressing. Includes Garlic Toast $11.28 Extra Toppings $1.57 with Chicken Baked Lasagna with Meatballs Baked Spaghetti with Meatballs alfredo

Choose from same flavors as wings. Includes Garlic Toast

3 - 12” Pizza - $38.80 3 - 14” Pizza - $44.24 TwO PIzza 12” 14” 24.82 30.23




























Pick-uP SPEcialS


10” 20.50

3 - 10” Pizza - $32.39

Toppings Pepperoni Salami Ham Beef Italian Sausage Chicken Bacon Green Pepper Onion Tomato Mushroom Black Olie {ineapple Nachos Jalapeno Peppers Banana Peppers Shrimp Crushed Chilis Cayenne Pepper


Order any 14” Single Pizza and receive a 10” 1 topping Pizza - FRee Regualr order over $25 and receive - 2l pop 10” 2 Topping Pizza - $5.99 • 14” 2 Topping Pizza - $12.99


3 Pizza SPEcial

2 Medium Pizzas, 1 Large Salad, 1 Pizza Bread (Cheese & Meat Sauce Extra ) & 2L Pop $40.19 Family Pack with Large Pizza - $45.27





Cheddar Feta Parmesan

sauCes Ranch Hot BBQ Teriyaki Honey Garlic Marinara alfredo Caesar Thai Chili

hellmann’s Dips 0.50 Ranch Jalapeno Cheddar Roasted Garlic


Monday - Thursday 10am - 11 pm Friday 10 am - 2 am Saturday 11 am - 2 am Sunday 11 am - 10 pm


Boneless Garlic Pork Small $6.13 Large $11.28

$4.12 $1.03 $1.49 $1.29 Cans 355 ML $2.01 Fuze 547 ML arizona 591 ML wings Hot, BBQ, Honey Garlic, Lemon NOS 473 ML Pepper, Teriyaki, Salt & Pepper, Plain, Thai Chili Monster 473 ML 1/2 Dozen $5.10 Dozen $8.19 Pizza Bread add Cheese add Meat Sauce Garlic Toast Cheese Toast

FingeR FooDs

Monster 550 ML Monster 710 ML

Minute Maid 450 ML Five alive 450 ML $1.00 Dasani water 591 ML $2.49 Powerade 710 ML $2.99 2L Coke Products $3.99 white/Chocolate Milk $3.99


$4.49 $4.99 $2.19 $2.19 $1.75 $2.39 $3.15 $2.00

Pg. 13

Drew Barnes Alberta MLA Cypress-Medicine Hat

Summer is around the corner, and the Spring session of the Legislature recently concluded. In addition to the regular debate over legislation, much of the spring session was focused on the government’s budget for 2013-2014. As your representative in the Legislature, I wanted to provide you with a brief summary of my position on the both the Budget and some of the legislation that was passed. The government introduced its sixth consecutive deficit budget, a budget that officially ended Alberta’s status as the only debt-free province in Canada. This year alone, the government will rack up $3.5 billion in debt and vaporize $2 billion in savings to run a total $5.5 billion deficit. By the next election in 2016, the PC debt will amount to $17 billion. I did not support Budget 2013 because it sets Alberta backwards. What our province needs is bold leadership with the moral fortitude to pay our bills, stay out of debt, and provide the high quality of services Albertans deserve.

Bill 12, the Fiscal Management Act, eliminates several strict

rules around debt that were put in place during the Klein years, and scraps some key budget reporting mechanisms in order to intentionally hide the true scale of the government’s fiscal mismanagement. By changing the way the budget is reported, the government has made it legal to borrow money and take on debt without ever giving Albertans a clear picture of where our province’s finances stand overall. The Wildrose Official Opposition put forward 12 amendments that would have strengthened budget accountability for Alberta taxpayers, grown the province’s savings and limited the government’s ability to spend beyond its means. The government defeated our amendments, and I was unable to support Bill 12.

Bill 18, the Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act, extends

the provisions of a low-cost, easily accessible, privately administered pension option to all Albertans. These Pooled Registered Pension Plans – or PRPP’s - will be available to any employee whether or not their employer is participating (including self-employed Albertans). Bill 18 is good for Albertans and I supported it.

Bill 21, the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, will allow for the implementation of the recently announced Joint

Canada-Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring. This system will measures changes to water, air quality and bio-diversity. The cost of the monitoring system will be funded by industry, not by taxpayers. I am in favour of the measures contained in Bill 21. I appreciated all the phone calls, emails, and letters I received with input on the budget and the legislation that was debated this Spring. Please never hesitate to contact me with your questions and concerns.

TEAM Insurance & Financial Services


Bill 14, the RCMP Health Coverage Amendment Act, will provide health coverage to RCMP officers living and working in Alberta. This legislation was needed because the federal government previously provided health insurance for RCMP officer, but recently made changes to declare that RCMP officers must be covered by provincial plans. I supported this legislation. Bill 15, the Emergency 911 Act, will allow the government to make

Bill 16, the Victims Statues Amendment Act, made changes to

two pieces of legislation with the aim to facilitate victims’ compensation and the seizure of property obtained by, or used in, illegal activities. Bill 16 will support victims of crime by giving them easier appeal options and better access to full documents, and I supported it. Pg. 14

Simplified insurance and financial solutions for the energy industry. • General Liability • Disability Insurance • Health & Dental Plans Thomson-schindle-Green insurance & Financial services ltd.

#100 chinook Place, downtown medicine hat

(403) 526-3283

Toll-Free: 1-800-830-9423


regulations to ensure that 911 call centres can receive a monthly fee from cell phones, as they currently do from landlines. This legislation was asked for by municipalities, as their 911 call centres have been receiving less funding for maintenance and technology upgrades due to the declining use of landlines. The fee for cell phone users will mirror the fee landline users currently pay – 44 cents a month, or just over $5 a year. Bill 15 also extends liability protection to 911 call centre and dispatch workers, enables the Minister to set standards for 911 call centres and dispatch, and introduces significant fines for misuse of the 911 number. I supported Bill 15.

Pg. 15

Pg. 16

Pg. 17

Things, They’re a-Changing Retirement Income programs provided by the Government of Canada Government retirement income programs are changing – we need to adjust our retirement plans accordingly. The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefit is determined by how much you contributed, and for how long. In recent years the federal Government added the Child-Rearing Provision to CPP. This can increase benefits for parents who stopped working or worked fewer hours for less pay, while raising children born after December 31, 1958. This provision covers the period until the child reached 7 years of age. Many qualifying Canadians have not yet received this increase and need to request this adjustment - Contact Service Canada for details. We have seen cases where this resulted in both a modest rise in monthly benefit, as well as a back-pay settlement. If this applies to someone you know, see to it that they apply. Old Age Security (OAS) provides a benefit set according to how long you lived in Canada after age 18. Because this program is not funded by our contributions, it is subject to“clawback” reductions for higher-income retirees. Benefits have traditionally begun at age 65, but recent changes will push this to as late as age 67, for Canadians currently under age 55. For those that have lived outside the country, you may have eligibility for Canada’s OAS & CPP, as well as entitlements from the country

you lived in – this could be well worth the investigative effort. Many of us can benefit greatly from the service of a qualified, experienced Advisor. It is worth the effort to build an outline of what all your income streams will do for you, throughout your retirement. This may show that you are on the right track and on schedule, or even ahead. It may also bring to light the need to re-double your efforts to plan, save and prepare for the years that ought to be “Golden”. For most of us, personal savings and investments form a central part of well-laid retirement income plans. Spend time to create and maintain a snapshot of your assets to be sure of how they can help fund your future. With proper planning, informed allocation and analysis, you can determine whether you should maximize Tax Free Savings Accounts, your RRSP, or non-registered investment accounts. The seasons of retirement have been called “Go-Go Years”, “Slow-Go Years” and finally “No-Go Years”. Most of us do more, travel more and therefore spend more in the early years. Then we settle into a slower routine, spending more time around home and with family. Later on we spend time thinking about our legacy and sometimes confront burdensome health and care-giving issues. All stages of retirement deserve proper attention, planning and regular review.

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One of the hundreds of costumed fans at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment

On stage at BMO Centre, Calgary.

On the Red Carpet GAINSBORO SPOTLIGHT by Joan Bateman


his month’s Gainsboro Spotlight is proud to introduce to our reader’s one of the hottest television and big screen personalities in show business today…Peter Dinklage. We travelled to Calgary’s Comic and Entertainment Expo last month. We were fortunate to have a few moments of face time with the “Game of Thrones,” super star. He was very tight lipped about the future of Tyrion Lannister, encouraging us to read George R.R. Martin’s book series for answers. A full 45 minutes of Q/A revolving around the actors and the elaborate sets, kept media and those in attendance spellbound. He talks like a common man, you and me style. But seeing him in character the following night on television, sealed my opinions.

Peter speaks with Spotlight editor Scott Cowan at Palliser Hotel, Calgary.

As with all actors, fans only see the resulting present stardom. Few look back to see the lean times and the years of work. Dinklage grew up in Morristown New Jersey. He studied drama at Bennington College and received the Libby Zion Award for dramatic excellence. He carried on to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. His breakout role was “The Station Agent,” which is dear to his heart, as it was a production collaborated on with a good friend. He received the coveted “Audience Award,” at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival for this role. He carried on starring in Elf, Find Me Guilty, Under Dog, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Death at a Funeral, to name a few. Peter is no stranger to Shakespeare, having played Richard III and starred in many other theatrical performances on New York stages. He has a starring role in X-Men Days of Future Past coming out July18/14.

After being cast in “Game of Thrones,” his remarkable performance as Lord Tyrion has made his likeness recognizable the world over. He plays a character who due to his smaller stature, must wield a quick rapier wit and be the superior strategist in the courts of the king; over warriors using swords. Although the entire cast is incredibly talented, Peter stands out as the one to watch. When meeting Dinklage you’re struck not with size of the man, but with the enormity of the size of the actor in the man! Peter has made the incredible leap to leading man material. It is 100% based on raw acting ability. He will never be a George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Tom Cruise, he’ll be much more. He joked about his acrimony with on screen nemesis Lena Headey. They are good friends in real life and have great admiration for each other. Peter was gracious and made his way to each table in the Palliser Hotel ballroom. He posed for pictures with every fan requesting a cherished memory. Including an image with our own Spotlight editor sporting a “Spotlight Magazine,” ball cap! In 2011 Peter received a prime time Emmy for outstanding supporting actor, and a Golden Globe in 2012. Peter is married with one daughter. He received much applause for talking about his daughter’s pet “rescue dog,” his family adopted. The Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is fast becoming world renowned. They’re now known as the premier event for fan participation and guest line-ups. Over 50,000 people were admitted to this year’s sold out weekend. Hundreds of costumed patrons filled the enormous trade show floor. They are a non-profit event.

Pg. 19

Insure your life. Assure your legacy.

LaVar Payne M P Medicine Hat Constituency In my last article I made reference to our Economic Action Plan Budget 2013. This Bill C – 60 is currently before the House of Commons and will proceed to the Finance Committee for review after second reading. Budget 2013 continues the efforts of our Government to create jobs, growth, long term prosperity and a low tax plan. Since coming into Government we have reduced or cut taxes over 150 times. As a result of these tax cuts the average family is now saving over $3,200 a year. Our Conservative Government has some very important Bills before the House of Commons related to First Nations peoples, such as Bill S – 2: Safe Drinking Water for First Nations reserves. This Bill will ensure that all First Nations reserves will have access to clean drinking water as well as provide for appropriate rules and regulations for sewage disposal. Another very important Bill C – 27: Matrimonial Property Rights for First Nations Women and Children, will give them the same rights as all other Canadian women, rights that are long overdue. Unfortunately both the NDP and Liberal parties have voted against both of these important pieces of Legislation. As you may have heard, our Government is reviewing the Temporary Foreign Workers Program (TFW). Unfortunately a number of companies have tried to take advantage of the TFW program by hiring temporary foreign workers rather than Canadians. The TFW program is meant to help organizations that cannot find Canadian workers to fill the jobs available. We have seen some companies hiring temporary foreign workers in high unemployment areas. However, even within those high unemployment areas, Canadian workers are not applying for those jobs. This is difficult to understand - Canadians should take advantage of the opportunity to contribute in their communities and workplaces and to provide for themselves and their families. Our Government is working with organizations and individuals regarding online bullying to bring increased awareness of the consequences of bullying to the public through the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. With the assistance of this organization we have launched a new website: This will offer support by providing valuable information to youth about learning and developing real life skills to build healthy relationships, establish boundaries and manage life’s stresses. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) announced it will undertake an initiative to modernize its food labelling approach. The CFIA, with input from consumers, industry and other stakeholders, will conduct a review of food labelling regulations, guidelines and policies, including claims such as use of the term “local”. The two committees I am a member of, Public Safety and Agriculture, are continuing the studies related to their responsibilities. These studies include the Economics of Policing by the Public Safety Committee and the Agriculture Committee is studying the Food Supply Chain. To research their interests and concerns, we have heard from numerous witnesses in both committees. I am especially pleased with the invitations that have been extended for me to attend functions, funding announcements and celebrations in our communities throughout the Riding. I am gratified that I can continue to work with you, the people of Southeast Alberta, to represent you in the House of Commons. Pg. 20

Crystal Metz Ins Agcy Ltd Crystal Metz, Agent 2-1335 Trans Canada Way SE Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1J1 Bus: 403-526-1345

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For more information or reservations please call 403-502-8176 Pg. 21

Wendy Struck is an art instructor teaching private classes in her studio, at the Hive Artists Hub and other venues around the city. Call or email for more information. struckwendy@hotmail. com. 403- 488-6386.

Simple still life. The apple.

An under painting for a portrait. Keep it light so there’s possibility for changes. Create a value chart to experiment with light washes of colour.

A looser, abstracted version of the apple.

Experiment practice


by Wendy Struck

I have always believed that most everyone can draw and paint. Not that it is so easy, but it’s teachable. Much of an artist’s skill set is achieved through hard work, not from a talent spell cast at birth. We practise like a musician or athlete, and we experiment like scientists. Drawing and painting demands concentration, observation and patience. Recently I’ve been teaching basic painting skills in various classes. We used fruit and portraits, both timeless subjects for a simple acrylic painting “experiment”. In 5 steps.

Place an apple on top.

Set a lamp nearby to exaggerate light and shadow.

3. Paint: •

Using thin light coats of paint with water, create under painting;

First, paint the contour shape of the apple.

Find and replicate the largest shapes first, then smaller ones, including shapes of light and shadow.

Create the shapes with varying values, light to mid-tone.

Remember to paint the background, surface, and shadows cast by the apple.

Slightly darken some shadows and lighten the highlights.

Add colour and contrast; •

Use a glaze made of gloss gel mixed with paint.

(This will extend the paint, deepen colours and add fluidity. Use a gel-paint ratio that creates a transparent layer of colour. Try 50/50. Experiment on another sheet.)

Paint colour glazes over the under painting.

Working dark to light in this exercise helps to create 3 dimensional form. Paint the lightest highlights last, to keep them clean and bright.

Build the image in layers.

1. Gather the following: •

Paint (red, yellow, blue, white, can make everything, even black)



Plastic container for water, the lid is your palette

Paper towel

2. Set up still life: •

Pg. 22

Stack hard cover books to create a riser (but remove the distracting dust jackets).

4. Remember: •

Address the negative space around the apple;

Give the background value and colour. Give the table surface value and colour.

Experiment with texture. Darken the darkest shadows.

All of this helps to create depth and form.

Colour Tip: It is common to reach for white to create lighter values. But for highlighted reds, pink isn’t right. Instead, add small amounts of yellow to create brighter, warmer versions of red. To create dark reds for shadows, add green instead of black which can make red dull. Green is red’s compliment, so adding it in small amounts will create a rich deep red.

5. Repeat and practice: For still life, use books, plants, treasured knickknacks, or sculpture. Try a portrait using the same under painting and glazing method. If you use a photograph, find a large clear image, 8 x 10 is good. To study values, photocopy it in black and white. Try other methods: bolder loose strokes, thick textured paint, exaggerated shapes. Practise! And keep experimenting.

Pg. 23


Father’s Day is dedicated to honouring the guy we call Dad. The guy who is our first hero, who can fix anything from a bent up bike to a broken heart, who can catch a fish without bait on his hook, who is there at every ball game and dance recital. Who finds a way to make your embarrassing adolescent moments into the best stories at the most opportune times. A day for Fathers to spend time and make memories with his children doing something he wants to do for a change. It is a day for the family to gather in the backyard or in the park for a barbeque or a game of ball, a bike ride along the river, a round of golf, or building a birdhouse. Take your dad outside to re-awaken his appreciation of the great outdoors. Ask him about when he was a boy - I bet the memories he remembers best are those spent outside exploring, fishing, making forts, playing in the park, going to the lake, camping, and taking time to just look at the clouds. Get him to show you his favourite outdoor spot, or go exploring for a new spot to make your own. Do not let him stick his butt to the couch all day- there is no need to watch other people making memories on TV when you can be out making your own! For first-time dads this Father’s Day is a milestone for you, put your new bundle of joy into a carrier or stroller and hit a trail in one of our many city parks. Babies enjoy being outside looking around at the trees, feeling the breeze, listening to the birds, and being wrapped up in the warm sunshine. Spend the time creating special memories, doing something you enjoy and have a relaxing day. Pictures of baby and dad mark the occasion and create lasting memories. No matter how you celebrate Father’s Day, remember to make it personal, a day he will treasure for his lifetime, give him a day worth remembering.

Pg. 24

Valerie Martins, Parks Interpreter for Medicine Hat Interpretive Program. Managed by the Grasslands Naturalist. Nature Centre GPS Coordinates N 50 02. 627 W 110 39. 002 The Nature Centre offers many learning activities for children, families and adults. Families can enjoy hiking, and children will have fun with hands-on activities. This summer families can enjoy the nature programs; one a week during the summer months, nature displays in the Centre and other community events. Admission to the Nature Centre is free, donations are always welcome. The Nature Center is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.


Check out the Police Point Park Nature Center on Sunday, June 16 for Father’s Day Activities. Further information about the Police Point Nature Center can be found on our website: or call the Nature Line: 403-529-6225.


Pg. 25

Pg. 26

Should Conservatives be Allowed to Make Political Donations? By Scott Cowan An issue in Calgary is generating provincial attention. Mayor Nenshi’s wetting his pants over a building contractor, who donated one million plus dollars to the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. So what’s the problem? Well Manning represents conservative tradition, and his organization’s views are simply not welcomed by the Mayor or his supporters. So in typical Liberal fashion they whine about legality, screaming laws have been broken. They demand inquiries and police investigations. Who needs truth when accusation is available? Personal attack and character assassination are Liberal play-book tactics. Keep in mind, if this businessman had donated the same funds to Nenshi’s campaign, and his leftist aldermanic candidates, he would be hero worshipped. From the first election to the last, private citizens and groups have lobbied politicians by donating to candidates they support. This is democracy in its purest form. Mayor Nenshi accepts donations from unions (large groups) who lobby him and like-minded alderman. Many of these groups prefer liberal, socialist, communist approaches. They believe business and profit is at the very least, suspect. They’ve no problem legislating, regulating, and taxing business out of business. As a nation and culture we no longer applaud success. The average person’s given up dreaming about wealth and high achievement, instead we look to government. Most can’t conceive, nor do they aspire to self employment. Where are people who yearn for more freedom, more liberty? Canada / USA are the only countries in history so founded. This is why we are exceptional. We’re not inherently better people, it is our principals, and these values are under assault. Small businesses are unfairly handicapped paying employee deductions, collecting GST, offering benefits, and paying numerous licensing fees. They invest capital funds, take all the risk, pay more tax, so where is their fairness? I was invited to guest speak at a university. I asked the student audience, “Who wants a good job when you graduate?” Every student raised their hands. I then asked, if no one here aspires to open a business; who will employ you?

Government assumes all businesses are making “obscene,” profits. Just try telling a CRA agent you can’t pay something, they swoop in and seize accounts or assets. If you operate a large business, you’re considered greedy, scooping more than your fair share, you’re deemed a polluter who takes advantage of workers. Therefore even more regulation is necessary. The anesthetized public votes against their employer’s interests who are then forced to lay them off, due to the very liberal legislation they voted to support. A serious problem in Calgary, and our own city, is building inspectors who exercise “discretion;” to the point of expensing a project into insolvency. Our own city inspectors constantly say things like I “prefer” you put fire rated drywall here, or a door, or whatever, and builders have little recourse. One home developer went over budget $30,000.00 for inspectors “preferences,” on a duplex. He said he would never build here again. In fairness, Medicine Hat inspectors incorporate high standards, and they re-inspect to be sure work is completed. I’d never suggest compromising safety, but common sense must prevail. The reports of over zealous inspector decisions are legion, claiming the use of code and preference as a weapon. This happens to builders in town, or regular people putting in hot tubs, furnaces, or building a deck on their home. Permits obtained in the county in minutes time, may take months in the city. So what’s wrong with a Calgary contractor raising money to support his chosen candidates? I’ll tell you, it’s because liberals despise conservatives who can come up with a million dollars period. They can’t conceive of ever having such wealth, so they don’t like anybody who does, unless you’re giving it to them. It’s a pure case of class envy. Free enterprise and capitalism’s superiority is shown, and socialists hate such funding used against their causes. Liberals say, no one “needs nor should have too much.” Who are they to decide? Wealthy Liberals pretend to care, publically demeaning big business, many times

direct competitors, while secretly garnering personal exemptions for their own like-style businesses. Liberals have established a core of resentment in voters that allows them to attack the foundations of our heritage. It’s now politically correct to hate and blame the rich. You know those guys who risked everything to create jobs. Free market capitalism is the model that works and isn’t the problem, the socialistic medaling in capitalism is what destroys. Stealing from the producers to give to nonproducers by constantly putting forward the “fair share argument,” has become patriotic. Successful business owners total less than 3% of voters, so after they’re bled dry, who will liberals tax next? No profits mean no taxes, no employment, and the people starve, except liberals, who’ll always administrate scraps to obedient voters and caviar to themselves. Why in conservative Alberta, are mostly liberal’s being elected municipally? They gain astonishing taxing ability; ignore profit incentives, and care nothing about cost effectiveness. Hence tax and waste in government’s unending. This to a liberal is natural; it’s pointless to debate errors in their thinking. Liberals crave crisis to justify escalating control. For decades they’ve incrementally, systematically, changed laws to undermine free markets. Check the travel and hotel expenses for liberal politicians, they look in mirrors and see entitled royalty. The only guarantee freedom offered was opportunity, not equality of outcome. Success was its own reward. Instead Liberals fain compassion by offering welfare, pensions, and programs designed to create dependency; instead of accountability and growth. Liberal manipulators need their permanent under class voting to maintain public assistance. If examples are needed of government caring for people visit Native American reservations. Socialists stumble recklessly from one failed policy to the next, blaming capitalisim. Freedom has a price and needs defenders. My only question, is a million enough to support the Calgary builders?




Crossword puzzles provided by ( Used with permission.


1- Unspoken 6- Unattractive 10- Dog star 14- Hersey’s bell town 15- Manitoba native 16- Poetic daybreak 17- Brand name for a copying machine 18- Singer Horne 19- Assist, often in a criminal act 20- Fanciful 23- Sawbones 27- Inflexible 28- Algerian seaport 29- Surpassing 34- Shaft shot from a bow 36- Conical native American tent 37- 1950 film noir classic 40- In spite of 43- Grads-to-be 44- River that flows through Paris 45- Circus employee 46- Extract meaning from 48- Nothing more than 49- Release 53- Actually existing 55- Incessant 60- Pout 61- Timber 62- Homerun king Hank 67- Shade trees 68- About, in memos 69- Fool 70- Record with a VCR 71- ___ chance! 72- Pizazz

Pg. 28


1- Levy 2- Summer drink 3- Roadster 4- Daughter of Cadmus 5- Poisonous 6- Arthur Ashe’s alma mater 7- Golfer Norman 8- Director Riefenstahl 9- Bring forth young 10- Valuable violin 11- Ferber novel 12- Rome’s Fontana di ___ 13- Chipped in 21- Crowd 22- Fervent 23- Haunted house sounds 24- Diamond flaw? 25- Pub pastime 26- ___ pronounce you... 30- Moral principle 31- Kind of question 32- Made a choice 33- PBS benefactor 35- Sagacity 37- Small change 38- Lulus 39- Concur 41- Type of shirt 42- Matron 47- German article 49- “Network” director 50- Name on a bomber 51- Outdo; 52- Farm birds 54- Marsh of mystery 56- Victor’s cry

57- Up ___ good 58- Civil wrong 59- Brainchild 63- Pother 64- Edge 65- Alley ___ 66- ___ degree

Answer: Pg. 30

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June Spotlight 2013  

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