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On the Red Carpet GAINSBORO SPOTLIGHT By Joan Bateman Spotlight editor Scott Cowan with movie director Lawrence Roeck.

Our covers have featured some of Canada’s great entertainers. In keeping with the theme, we want to introduce one of the industries sharpest up and coming movie directors, Lawrence Roeck. You never know who you are sitting next to in public. While relaxing in the Banff Hot Springs, I struck up a casual conversation with our guest this month. I was amazed when he answered my question of what was his business. “I am a movie producer,” he answered casually. So we engaged in our interview there in the 103 degree water. He fascinated me with stories of working at the famed “Pebble Beach Golf Club.” For years growing up he bussed tables and parked cars. Now he enjoys lunches there with Hollywood elite. It was a California childhood of surfing, and dreaming of one day being part of the movie industry. Finally, he met and interned with an American icon, Clint Eastwood. Almost ten years passed while he mastered his craft. As so many celebrities have told me in different ways, luck is that place where determination and preparation collide.

Spotlight: Please introduce yourself.

I’m that kid from the neighborhood that always wanted to be a movie director. Beyond that I’m a proud Canadian, born in Calgary, grew up in Carmel California. I didn’t realize my childhood would lead me to where I am today, coming hot off a big international movie release with “The Forger.” That production starred “Josh Hutcherson,” (The Hunger Games) and was the last screen appearance for the great “Lauren Bacall.” Then came the Eastwood Factor, starring my favorite director and influence; Clint Eastwood. When I decided to make my first movie 20 years ago, I chose Canada and snowboarding as my subject. Now it seems that, like most good things in life, everything comes full circle. I’m back directing Scott Eastwood, Clint’s youngest son, in a Spaghetti Western. I couldn’t be happier to be bringing the production to Alberta.

Spotlight: Why are you shooting in Calgary?

As a Canadian born citizen and US resident, I enjoy enormous tax advantages in filming in and starting a movie company in my own province of Alberta. I also believe Canada needs to start making commercially viable movies NOW, and grow our industry. It can’t just be US citizens coming up here and bringing academy award winning talent. It needs to be Canadians winning Academy Awards with Canadian talent. I’m here to bring the biggest guns I have out of the US and make Canadian movies by Canadians, starring Canadians that win worldwide. It is a passion of mine.

Spotlight: What film opportunities do you envision in Alberta?

I see the entire movie industry looking toward Canada as an amazPg. 4

ing country, with incredible people and resources, and financial incentives to make movies. It’s a wave that is coming, and I look forward to catching it.

Spotlight: You’re offering Spotlight Magazine a “scoop,” regarding your up-coming movie “Diablo!”

Diablo is the brainchild of having worked for Mr. Clint Eastwood for a number of years, and then having met his youngest son Scott. It is the first Western starring an Eastwood in the last 20 years since the Academy Award Winning “Unforgiven”. It is also created and being shot in the same style of those great Westerns. I saw connections between the two Eastwood’s that most didn’t recognize. Scott has all those qualities that made Clint Eastwood great. He has his charisma, integrity, and an incredible work ethic. To direct Scott Eastwood’s first Western in Alberta, a place I love to call home, and do it with such a close friend who I believe in, well this is the proverbial dream coming true. It’s a huge responsibility, but it is also a job I wouldn’t pass up for anything. The kid (Scott Eastwood) is going to knock this one out of the park. He’ll give movie patrons the thing they’ve been waiting for, the return of the classic Western.

(Left: Clint Eastwood, Right: Scott Eastwood)

Community Realty


Time to Retire? The amount you need!


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Courtney Amirault

Renn Davies

WIn this 1980 Firebird trans am Visit for details Pg. 6

To learn about how CJCY can GET RESULTS for YOUR BUSINESS contact Marketing Consultant Doug Smeaton TODAY at 403-488-4681.

Much of the Spring Session was spent debating the government’s back in debt budget that will saddle Albertans with $17 billion in debt by 2016. This means a return to interest payments for the first time in nearly a decade. This year alone, Albertans will pay $238 million in interest on debt - money that will be taken out of front line services like health care and education just to keep creditors off our backs. The government shortened the spring sitting of the Legislature by two months and rushed to pass legislation, in some cases even introducing bills without consulting any of the affected parties. For example when Bill 25, the Children First Act, was introduced, the Privacy Commissioner raised some serious concerns about the extent to which the legislation allows personal information to be shared without the consent of the individual (it will facilitate information sharing between police, educators, government departments and healthcare providers to share personal information about kids and their parents for the purposed of providing services). Bill 25 does contains some good measures, such reviewing all government programs and policies that affect children and establishing a Children’s Charter. Many constituents also raised concerns about unintended consequences that might arise from the sharing of children’s personal information, such as undermining the natural supremacy rights of parents. The Wildrose Caucus passed an amendment to require the Legislature’s approval of the Children’s Charter before it comes into effect, so that we can revisit this debate in the Fall. If you have comments on this legislation, please contact my office so I can share your input in the Legislature when it resumes in October. One of the private bills introduced in the Legislature this spring is Bill 207, the Human Tissue and Organ Donation Amendment Act. If passed, it will create a provincial online donor registry, and an Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Agency to manage the online registry as well as educate the public about donation and coordinate work with other donation organizations. A group of nursing students at Medicine Hat College has been researching and bringing attention to the need for an online donor registry in Alberta, and I was happy to be able to host them at the Legislature to meet with the MLA sponsoring this legislation and the Health Minister to provide input before the bill was introduced. I commend the MH College Nursing students for the great work they’ve done on this issue, and fully support Bill 207.

Another issue that received a lot of attention in the Legislature is the recent changes to generic drug pricing the government made. The changes were intended to lower drug prices for Albertans, but this has not been the result. In fact, more drugs actually went up in price than went down due to the government’s centrally mandated price. I heard loud and clear from pharmacists in our area that by forcing them to sell products at unreasonably low prices, the viability of local pharmacies is threatened is putting Albertans’ access to their medicine at risk. I opposed these changes and will keep working to ensure Albertans continue to receive the great care they do from their local pharmacists. As you can tell, it was a brief but busy spring in the Legislature. I am proud to be part of a caucus that stands up for Albertans and achieves results. I look forward to seeing many of you at events throughout Cypress-Medicine Hat during the summer months. As always, please do not hesitate to contact me with your comments, questions, and concerns.

TEAM Insurance & Financial Services


Simplified insurance and financial solutions for the energy industry. • General Liability • Disability Insurance • Health & Dental Plans Thomson-schindle-Green insurance & Financial services ltd.

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ummer is here, and MLAs are back in our constituencies after concluding the Spring Session of the Legislature. As a member of the Wildrose Official Opposition, I am proud of the successful spring session my colleagues and I spent holding the government to account on the issues our constituents raised with us, as well as positively affecting the government’s agenda in many areas.

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Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching with by Nathalie Pepin

Project Live Like You Mean It


’d like to invite you to follow me, on my personal journey of return to wellness from the inside out. For the next 90 days, expect serious discussion, a bit of out-there humour and most of all, it will be the real deal (complete with progress pics). You can join me and follow along on our Facebook page. Since some of you saw the pics of me last fall while following a pre-competition regime, you’ll know that that type of physical condition comes with a hefty price. Adrenal fatigue and nearly-killedmy-liver-and-kidneys-illness. My goal of stepping up on stage and placing instead became a 2 week stay in ICU. For those of you who were not a part of that trip, let’s just say it was scary and life changing. Remember, I was over-training, deeply Ketogenic (acidic), under-rested and over-supplemented. It was NOT a pretty site on the inside. I’ve paid a heavy price but it could have been worse. My body, mind and spirit have taken a huge turn for the better. I’d be full of doo-doo if I said it’s been good times. It’s been a heck of a lot of frustration, tears, anger, blame and regret. Once I got past of all that, bundled it up and let it go into the land of ‘’THE PAST’’, things got better, brighter and way fun-ner! It has taken 9 months to get to my current health status. That means that my electrolytes, acidity/alkalinity levels, pooping, menstrual cycle, sleep and moods have returned to normal. I have Pg. 8

followed a complete detox diet and training program at the guidance and prescription of a registered holistic nurse and a top, certified personal trainer. I cannot stress enough the importance of hiring certified, experience professionals in the fields of personal training and wellness. My goal is to regain health and wellness through balance in my nutrition, using whole, organic foods, juicing and choosing mostly vegan foods. Balance equally means consistent, reasonable exercise and rest program. It is hard work to earn that free-pass to Get Well Avenue. If you’d have told me a year ago that this was the way to go, I’d have laughed in your face, done another 20 reps, ran another 60 mins, chewed on a raw steak and pooped out a handful of deadly health statistics in the form of pills and powder. No excuses. No magic. Just a whole different attitude and way of perceiving and doing things. It’s a great time to start... LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT!!!

Nathalie J. Pépin

Certified CanFitPro Trainer FLCN - Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching with Nat Inc. Email: Skype: flcnat

iPhone: (403) 866-3874


Pulp-A-Licious Veggie Burgers If you haven’t discovered the amazing benefits from juicing fruits and veggies, then you could be missing out on some intense liquid love! Juicing has become popular not only because it’s just dang cool, but the notable, immediate and obvious health improvements are staggering. To make this recipe, you’ll need pulp from the juicing process. Discovering which produce mixture makes your fave flave of burgers is just part of the fun!

e p i c e R ou

eY k i L e Liv It Mean

5 Cups Juicing Pulp 4 Whole Eggs

2 Cups Cooked Brown Rice 3 - 4 Tbsp Ground Chia 2 Tbsp Hemp Seeds

Handful Chopped, Fresh Green Onions Squirt or so of Sriacha Hot Sauce Sea Salt, Coarse Black Pepper to Taste 1 Tbsp Rosemary

Directions: Mix the whole lot in large bowl. Mix well and form into desired size patties. In pan, melt coconut butter under medium heat. Place patties in pan once coconut butter is hot. Brown patties for about 10 mins per side until slightly crispy and golden. If making burgers, you can use gluten free bread. Try some Earth Balance spread, home made sauerkraut and mashed avocado for your toppings. Garnish with the usual fixings such as fresh lettuce, baby spinach, sliced rep pepper, onions, cukes and pickles.

Eat clean, train smart, rest... repeat!! Pg. 9

Why Do They Get Away With Everything? By Scott Stenbeck - Local Divorce Litigation Lawyer The above is a question that I probably get asked at least once a week by a client who is unfortunate enough to be in divorce or family litigation with an expartner that seems to just do whatever they want, makes up their own rules, and seems to have no difficulty taking liberties with the truth. Well, the answer to this question requires some explanation, and a background on the Court system. A case begins with the filing of what are called “pleadings”, which is a Statement of Claim for Divorce, or a Claim for some kind of relief under legislation other than the Divorce Act. Now, from the time those pleadings are filed until the time everything can come to trial can be over a year, depending on the situation. The time between filing pleadings and the trial is called “the interim” by lawyers, which is just lawyer-speak for “between the beginning and the end”. During that time, if there are things that are too urgent to wait for trial, either party can bring an application to Court for a temporary solution, which is good until trial. These are called “interim applications”, and they are not done in a full trial setting with the calling of witnesses, but in a forum called “Chambers”, which is in a Court room, but with a shorter process than trial. Still with me? If you aren’t I don’t blame you. Let me give an antiquated example. You and I are living in England in the 1700s. We have a dispute over who owns a goat. You file a Statement of Claim against me saying that you own the goat, and I must return it to you. The magistrate is busy, he can’t hear our dispute in a trial for a couple of months, because the trial will take a day or two. In the meantime, in “the interim”, who feeds the goat? Well, you and I go to the magistrate’s private office, to his “chambers”, and in five minutes or less, we each give our position on who should feed the goat. The magistrate listens to our “interim application” on goat feeding, and says “Well, Stenbeck, the goat is currently in your barn, it is easiest for you to feed it, I order you to feed the goat and keep track of the costs, and depending on what happens at trial, if it ends up you don’t get to keep the goat, you will be reimbursed. Thanks, see you at the trial in two months.” There is now an “interim order” that I feed the goat, until the trial, when there will be time to parade in all the witnesses and deal with the issues fully. Now, in a divorce or family law setting, the most common type of interim applications have to do with where children should live until trial, how much contact they should have with each parent until trial, what child support or spousal support should be paid until trial, and who can live in the matrimonial home until trial. To save time, the evidence in support of these interim applications is not given live, verbally, when the application is heard in Chambers. It is

written down, and the truth of the evidence sworn to, in an affidavit. Depending on the situation, a party swearing an affidavit may be questioned on it prior to the interim application, and the transcript of those questions read by the Judge hearing the application. Back to the original question, why does the other side seem to get away with everything? There are two answers, and they both have to do with the fact that our litigation system was designed before the high divorce rate we have now, and it copes poorly with what can be quickly changing circumstances in a family dispute. Firstly, in order to force another party to do or not do something after an action is commenced, but before trial, you need to make an interim application. An interim application only gives an interim order, which is only good until trial. In other words, it is a temporary band-aid solution. However, it costs money and time to do, and it does not move the case closer to trial, a final resolution. If there needs to be an order fixing where children live, fixing access, providing support prior to trial, or dealing with an extreme or dangerous situation by applying for restraining orders or access supervision, then those are situations where an interim application needs to be in place, and I make them all the time. However, because of the cost and delay, if there are situations that are just more of an annoyance or inconvenience, and my client can tolerate it until trial, I generally advise them to wait and deal with the issue at trial. So, to partly answer the question, it doesn’t mean that the other party gets away with whatever they are doing forever, just for right now, because the problem is not large enough to justify the cost and delay to deal with it in an interim application. The second answer is that the interim application process is a balance between getting problems dealt with quickly, versus having the ability to bring in adequate evidence. The interim application process just does not allow the time to bring in several witnesses and deal with evidence in the detail that can be done at trial. It is designed to give quick solutions, with a fuller look at the problem down the road. So, if someone is willing to bend the truth in an affidavit, it is tough to deal with in an interim application. Further, in Medicine Hat, Thursday morning chambers, for shorter matters, allows five to ten minutes to present an application, not enough time to get into a lot of detail. For longer chambers matters, they are heard in “special chambers”, which allows an hour. Again, not a lot of time compared to, say a five day trial. At a trial, I have transcripts of everything an opposing party has ever said on the record handy, every affidavit they have ever sworn, witnesses and documentary evidence to back up a point I want to make, or to contradict an opposing party on a point they are advancing. There is just not the process to do that on an interim application. So, again, the answer is that an unreasonable opposing party may get away with what they are doing for now, during the interim application process. But it usually comes back to haunt them at trial, when the result will be more permanent and more important.

1750 Gershaw Drive SW, Medicine Hat, AB Phone: 403-526-9500 Toll-Free: 1-800-403-1891

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Inquires: 1 - 866 - 783 - 6232

Estate Preservation – Betty & Ben Find Their Own Way

Insure your life. Assure your legacy.

Surprisingly few have an estate plan that intentionally optimizes assets, minimizes tax and properly carries out their wishes. Not surprisingly, many estates incur avoidable expenses, delays, frustration and taxation, while heirs are left with less than was intended. The planning effort is well worthwhile – and it’s much more interesting and satisfying than you might think. Begin with some big questions. Can we minimize tax and avoid unnecessary probate to better protect my assets? How will we ensure fair and timely distribution of our estate? Will the family be alright if one of us passes prematurely? Can we preserve more of our assets and retirement savings for our heirs? Can we protect and possibly increase wealth, while boosting after-tax income? When will we establish Power of Attorney – and who will need it on file? Are our intentions clear whether I or my spouse passes first? Could any of our assets attract US or foreign estate tax? Should we make provisions for how and when our heirs gain access to their inheritance? Are we expecting too much of our executor(s) to bear the responsibility and extended liability of administering our estate?

Crystal Metz Ins Agcy Ltd Crystal Metz, Agent 2-1335 Trans Canada Way SE Medicine Hat, AB T1B 1J1 Bus: 403-526-1345

But that’s just the start. I’ll show you how life insurance can also help you reach other financial goals, like retirement. GET TO A BETTER STATE™. CALL ME TODAY.

Does our Last Will & Testament clearly explain and fully implement these important answers? Ben & Betty’s income requirements are more than met through RRIF, pension and investment income. They are interested in preserving more for their heirs, if possible. They know that upon the first death, the deceased’s RRIF will rollover tax-free to the surviving spouse. At the second death, all remaining RRIF value will be fully taxed as income in their final tax return and is subject (in most cases) to the highest marginal tax rate. Ben & Betty reviewed a “Joint-Last-to-Die” insurance program and decided it was an affordable way to prepare for the inevitable tax hit to their RRIF and several other investments and assets. Being in stable health, they applied and qualified for the program, and put it into effect.

State Farm International Life Insurance Company, Aurora, Ontario 1203073CN.1

Early in their retirement Ben & Betty travelled extensively and have slowed down a bit to enjoy more time with their adult children & grandkids. Betty has supported a local charity for over 30 years and is happy that Ben has joined her effort since his retirement. They regularly volunteer together. They have included their children and grandchildren to share in their estate. Also, they want a fund established with their community foundation to make an annual grant in Betty’s memory. They hope to encourage more people to embrace the cause that means so much to them. Due to the long term nature of their estate and trust, they have arranged for a professional Executor and Trustee to carry out their wishes and take their legacy forward. Betty & Ben have taken great care to update their Wills, ensuring that their wishes are fulfilled. For more information, contact:

Dan Hein, BRE

Associate Investment Advisor BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Medicine Hat, AB Tel.: 403-528-6771

The comments included in this article are not intended to be a definitive analysis of tax applicability or trust and estate law. The comments contained herein are general in nature and professional advice regarding an individual’s particular tax position should be obtained in respect of any person’s specific circumstances. ® “BMO (M-bar roundel symbol)” is a registered trade-mark of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal. Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect those of BMO Nesbitt Burns. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.

Member-Canadian Investor Protection Fund

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July 2013 Article | By Dr. Jason Schnieder


From Within

This phenomenon goes by many names; acid reflux, heart burn, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), etc. It may feel like burning in the stomach to fire all the way up to the throat. To be clear, this is not a disease but a symptom of underlying health problems. Since there are medications to suppress stomach acid production, it has now earned its place as a disease. Unfortunately, these medications only add to the underlying health problem without correcting it.

inflammation, decreased immune function, joint issues, cardiovascular problems and mineral loss. These medications may give temporary relief but will eventually fail to work resulting in medication changes every time the stomach adapts. Eventually you will run out of options and severe damage will be done.

What underlying health problems could acid reflux indicate?

What is the responsibility of the stomach regarding your health?

• •

• • • • • •

Digests only protein with the use of hydrochloric acid and churning. Acidic environment kills foreign bacteria, parasites, viruses and other harmful microbes. Production of intrinsic factor necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12. Breakdown of calcium for absorption in the small intestine. One of two ways the body eliminates acid and supports healthy pH (acid-alkaline balance). Emotional Balance: worry, anxiety, digesting your world. Chinese medicine perspective: the Stomach and Spleen transform food in to absorbable energy for the body to use.

Pharmaceutical medications may help short-term but cause longterm problems: When the symptoms

• • •

What do you do about correcting acid reflux? You must re-balance the

body (i.e. the stomach) environment/ terrain. If the terrain is unhealthy, the body is unhealthy and the stomach will not heal. • •

are addressed, not the cause(s), greater problems arise. Lowering stomach acid production increases the risk of: •

• •

Pg. 12

Improper protein digestion resulting in slower metabolism, blood sugar regulation problems (diabetes) and fermentation of protein in lower digestive tract causing inflammation. Decreased absorption of vitamin B12 and calcium (osteoporosis). Increased acidity resulting in

Poor eating habits with possible food sensitivities/allergies. Lifestyle issues. Low stomach acid production with lower protective stomach mucus lining production (liver function). Emotional conflict: excessive worrying, anxiety, can’t “digest” what is on your place or the world around you. Pharmaceutical medication side effect. Acidic body environment (terrain). Digestive tract disorder.

• • •

Remove any causes (i.e. nutrition and lifestyle issues). Must remove any medications suppressing the stomach’s normal function. [Note: this is not an enjoyable process since you will experience rebound reflux, due to acid suppression by the drug]. Deal with any emotional issues and stresses. Re-balance the acid terrain of the stomach and kidneys. Support liver function to properly production stomach mucus production.

Pg. 13

Pg. 14

Pg. 15

Pg. 16

Stage Your Home to Live By Leslie Cochrane, Loft 3 Desiign Company


n the weeks prior to my house hitting the market, I spent numerous hours “staging my home” for the sale. I did the work it takes to make a home attractive to a potential buyer. By the end, my house looked better than it ever had… and then I sold it. I couldn’t help but be struck by the irony of the situation. I spent numerous hours getting my home into its best possible condition, only to leave it? The entire time I was staging my home for sale I wondered why we never put in the effort to stage our homes for living. You know, so that we could have actually enjoyed it more while we called it home. Consider setting aside a weekend to stage your house for living. The process will take some time, energy, and money. It will take some intentional effort. But in the end, your home just may look better than the day you bought it. Step-by-step process to stage your home for living. Remove 1/3 of your possessions. Those who stage a home for sale will tell you to remove roughly 33% of your personal possessions from the property. Less stuff means your rooms/closets have room to breathe and feel more spacious. This may be easier if you were actually moving (natural purging almost always takes place during transition)… but if you wouldn’t take it with you when you moved, why let it take up space in your life today? Declutter counter tops, cupboards, and drawers. Buyers always open cupboards, drawers, and closets. Unfortunately, storage spaces packed too tightly look small, unsightly, and counterproductive. Remove unneeded items from everyday storage spaces. This won’t be difficult. You have likely collected a number of items over the years that are no longer necessary. At this point, they are only taking up space in your storage areas. Discard them. As an added benefit, you just may realize that you have had open and spacious storage space all along.

Personalize your decorations. Professional home stagers will ask you to remove most of your personal decorations as it subtly communicates “I live here, not you,” to your potential buyer. However, when staging your home for living, leave the personal decorations. More than leave them capitalize on them! Rather than devaluing them, highlight them by removing some of the non-personal decorations in your home. As a result, the ones that make you unique will play a more pronounced role in your home. Consider curb appeal. Realtors will tell you that you can never spend too much attention on curb appeal. Your potential buyer will likely make their decision on your home within the first 30 seconds of entering. Therefore, first impressions are the most important. And the first impression they receive is when they pull into your driveway. If you have children, clean up their toys. If you have shrubs, prune them. Lay fresh mulch. Put some grass seed on the bare spots in your yard. Paint your foundation. Plant some flowers. After all, you pull into your driveway almost every day of your life. Don’t you want to pull into something you’d like to purchase all over again? Complete minor repairs. Take a notepad and create a to-do list of minor home repairs such as wall knicks, paint touch-ups, squeaky doors, running toilets, loose pieces, and burnt out light bulbs. Most of the minor repairs can be handled in less than 20 minutes for less than $15 and can be found with a simple Google search. Likely the hardest part of staging your home for living is finding the motivation to get started. I get it. Life gets busy. And without the potential for a future sale on the horizon, it can be difficult to get started. So you just may need to artificially create the momentum to get started in the process. That is, unless the simple fact that you live every day in this home is motivation enough.

We spe cialize in • Desti nation W eddings • Hone ym • Flights oons & Accom • All In modatio clusives ns • Cruis es Lynnette Schile 417 3rd St.SE Medicine Hat, AB (403) 581-8075 Pg. 17


ome concerns have been expressed regarding the funding and Government support of programs and initiatives as well as the recent activities of members of the Senators. Our Conservative Government’s priority continues to be the economy, to support the creation of jobs, long-term prosperity and low taxes for all Canadians.

As a result of our Economic Action Plan Budgets, Canada has helped create over 1,000,000 net new jobs since the downturn in 2008 and we have the best job creation record among G7 countries. Of these 1,000,000 net new jobs approximately 90% are full time, with approximately 75% in the private sector. In the first quarter of 2013 we have seen economic growth of 2.5%, the strongest growth in nearly two years. This will bode well for our Government’s goal of returning to a balanced budget by 2015-2016. Our investments are helping Canadian families and communities by reducing tariffs for families on items such as baby clothing and sports equipment, thereby reducing the retail gap that Canadian pay versus the United States. Our new Building Canada Plan, with over $53 billion to build and improve roads, bridges and other infrastructure, continues to help the growth of our economy. We are also investing in Canadian industries by providing tax relief for investments in new machinery and equipment through the extension of the temporary accelerated capital cost allowance. This is helping manufacturers and businesses to compete in the global economy. The Canadian Aerospace and Defence Industry is an important part of our economy so we have made funds available for made-in-Canada innovations. In addition we are providing $225 million for advanced research infrastructure. We are investing $335 million to Sustainable Development Technology Canada to support the development and demonstration of clean technologies. Our Conservative Government continues to strengthen our agricultural industries by partnering with provincial and territorial governments to endorse the Growing Forward 2 program which includes our $3 billion cost-sharing investment. As part of Growing Forward 2, Agri-innovation will see an investment of $698 million by our government to help producers take advantage of cutting-edge science and technology in Canada’s agriculture sector. In addition, we have provided an investment of $341 million for the Agri-marketing Program to improve food safety and traceability while promoting growth into new markets.

tough new rules for governing Senate travel and expenses proposed by our Conservative Senators as follows: 1. Remove the principal from the Senate Administrative Rules that states a Senator is presumed to act honorably with respect to expenses. 2. Clarify and make consistent terminology surrounding residency for the purposes of expense claims. 3. Require a Senator to provide a specific purpose for travel when claiming expenses. 4. Require Senators to maintain mileage logs for the purpose of claiming mileage. 5. Require taxi receipts be provided when claiming taxi expenses. 6. Restrict per diems in the National Capital Region (NCR) to days the Senate sits, days the Senator attends committee meetings and up 20 additional days while on approved business. 7. Amend the 64 point travel system to limit Senators to 12 trips not between the NCR and the Senator’s provincial residence. 8. Restrict a Senator’s designated traveler to a spouse or partner. 9. Require Administration to provide internal Economy with monthly reports on travel patterns. 10. Amend the categories of travel to Regular Senate Business Travel and Other Senate Business Travel. 11. Eliminate the ability to use a travel point for international travel except for the currently authorized maximum of four trips in total to New York City (for UN-related business only) and Washington, D.C. I continue to diligently and conscientiously serve you the people of the Medicine Hat Riding. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I welcome your calls, emails and conversations; I can be reached in Ottawa, or through my offices in Brooks, Taber or Medicine Hat.

Many of you may have read my comments and tweets regarding the issues of Senators or Members of Parliament or civil servants who have been accused of betraying Canadian taxpayers by cheating on their claims; I find this unacceptable. If those in government are not here to serve their constituents and our country they should not be sitting in the House of Commons, the Senate or civil service. While some Conservative Senators have been in the media recently, there are individuals in other political parties who have been accused of misusing public funds. It has just been reported that a Liberal Senator apparently owes Canadian taxpayers over $230,000 he claimed for his Ottawa residence. The Senate has now adopted our Government’s THE INFORMATIONAL INTERNET SITE FOR THE CITY OF MEDICINE HAT

Pg. 18




Weekly Specials Seafood Tue sd


ndays o M p u Wined Bottle ff Any $10.00 oouse Wine of H

A 5oz Lob ste fried Cala r Tail surrounded b y King C mari & Drawn Bu Fantail Shrimp serv rab Legs, tte ed Chefs Dail y Vegetabler, Cocktail Sauce, with s & your ch oice of sta rch $21.99*

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Not valid with any other promotion or discount & not valid on holidays. Reservations recommended call 403-502-8176



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Come along For

The Ride A Tradition Since 1887 A Legacy For The Future

There’s lots happening now; preparations are well underway for everything coming up in July and we’re looking for everyone in Medicine Hat to get in to the spirit as well. You can participate in Store Decorating, build a float and join the parade. Maybe you’ve got a special talent and you can enter your favorite recipe, drawing, photograph or bedding plant. We’re always looking for submissions in the Better Living and Visual Arts categories. For those horse lovers, we’ve got the All-Breed Horse Show and the Ranch Horse Competition to enter or just come out and watch. There are some very talented riders and horses out there and you’ll be amazed on what they can do! Want to enter yourself? All the entry forms, rules and regulations are online at our web site The Annual Parade will have some minor changes again this year due to City road upgrade; so stay tuned and watch for details. Better yet, enter the parade yourself – floats, bands, groups, decorated cars, kids, whatever – its fun! There’s a lot to do and see during the stampede as well and you won’t want to miss out on any of the action! You can get your tickets right now for the terrific night show line up of Gretchen Wilson on July 24th, Montgomery Gentry July 25th or Cheap Trick on Saturday the 27th; heck why not buy all three? For the small price of admission you can take in the Freestage shows on the grounds with 2 show bands, hypnotist, high dive, lumber jacks, petting zoo and the Spruce Meadow Prairie Dogs! We want to thank all our sponsors again this year. Without their support, we wouldn’t be able to offer special event days like the Cenovus Military Day, July 25th, Methanex Kiddies Day, July 26th and UFA for sponsoring the Country in the City display in the Kin II arena. I can almost smell and taste it all now! Elephant ears, lemonade, hot dogs, popcorn, hamburgers, french fries, Swirls ice cream, fudge, cotton candy, burritos, wraps, corn dogs, mini donuts, candy apples, is your mouth watering now? We’ll see you all there.

Be sure to take in the “Wild Ride”! Sponsored by CalFrac Well Service Pg. 20

Any questions or concerns about the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede, please don’t hesitate to call (403) 527-1234 or Toll Free 1-888-mhrodeo.

Tickets available at Medicine Hat Mall Guest Services or E* Tickets available at:

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY Present:

Medicine Hat’s first

Company Challenge!


ragging rights, cash prizes and loads of fun are on the line with Medicine Hat’s first-ever Company Challenge!

State Farm, Royal LePage, Source Concepts and 102.1 CJCY present the Company Challenge from July 12th to the 14th, 2013 at the Moose Diamonds. Enter your team for a fun weekend of slo-pitch, tug of war and bocce ball! “The Company Challenge will help solidify our business network in Medicine Hat,” says organizer and sponsor Crystal Metz. “We are all so busy with our professional and personal lives that even though we have good intentions of getting ‘out there’ by networking and getting to know people – far too often we don’t.” In addition to the friendly competition between local businesses, a live band will entertain the crowd on Saturday, July 13th. All food and beverage services provided by Local Public Eatery and Earl’s. More than $6000 in cash prizes will be handed out for winners and runners-up in each event, and the overall winner gets to claim the “Company Champion” trophy and display it at the office for a year! Registration is $400 for a team of 20 (including 60% employees and at least eight women per team) ; small companies can team up with another company to meet the requirements. Register on-line via the form at or drop by the State Farm office at #2-1335 Trans-Canada Way SE in Medicine Hat.


Email crystal at

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GET IN THE WAY By Scott Cowan One of the greatest injustices of my life time is unfolding across Canada’s television screens and newspapers. It is a serious matter all Canadians should be watching and considering the ramifications. I speak of the high tech lynching of Toronto Mayor Ford. I don’t live in Ontario and can’t vote for or against Mr. Ford. However, every one of us should be quivering in our boots as we watch the marriage of media and the unions and the ensuing evisceration of an innocent man. I will admit I don’t know if Ford is guilty of anything. Neither does the press, or the choir of union leaders and left wing politicians, leading the charge to not just get him out of office; but to prosecute. The fact is there are no facts whatsoever to prove guilt. Only endless innuendo, suspicion fueled by baseless accusation. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? But who cares? We have a journalist who claims to have seen a man who looks like the mayor, smoking what he thought was a pipe, containing what resembled drugs. Was it Mayor Ford? Was it drugs? Was the video tampered with or photo shopped? But it looked authentic and damming so that’s all a Liberal needs. Besides we have the sterling character of a drug dealer to substantiate everything. Also there’s the small matter of this drug dealing Liberal expert demanding $200,000.00 for the release of the video. Salivating Liberals raised the ransom, while simultaneously destroying the mayor’s reputation. Except after weeks of fund raising by frenzied media types, the video if it ever existed has disappeared. NO matter, the accusation is enough to crucify a conservative. This isn’t the Liberal / NDP’s first attempt. Remember a few months ago when the Mayor sent a $3,300.00 appeal for funding a youth football league. He used city letterhead. This was enough for a Liberal

appointed judge to remove him from office. A higher court wisely squashed that ridiculous decision. What about the picture of the Mayor with a known criminal? I am not referring to politicians and lawyers. I mean the young black man. Why are these racist Liberal’s assuming the black man is bad? Right he is standing beside the mayor. That is enough for them to throw him under the bus if it causes the Mayor some bad press. Well this young black male played on the under privileged football team the Mayor coached. I use the past tense because Ford was asked to step down from his position, due to the publicity and the questions of his tarnished reputation. The Liberal’s couldn’t stand seeing the conservative Mayor of Canada’s largest city seen taking time to coach poor kids…step on that for sure. So what is Ford’s real crime? It is lowering taxes and fixing holes in the streets of Toronto. He is guilty of winning as a conservative in Liberal Toronto. Liberals are amazed the voters were stupid enough to elect Ford, so they have to incorporate the politics of personal destruction. They will harass, lie, and suggest any offence every day he is in office. They are aided by CBC automatons that throw dust in the air daily to wear the voters down. They will go after his staff threatening them till they quit. Then use the defections against the Mayor. Now they are enlisting the Premier of Ontario to allow non-citizens the right to vote municipally. They call it inclusion. It makes socialists seem so caring and those extra votes are easy to manipulate fraudulently. Who cares if they are not Canadians?

across the country. Being a Canadian will become irrelevant. The frightening thought is if the Liberal / NDP masters get away with lynching Mayor Ford, who else is safe? If real evidence was brought forward I say the mayor should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. But that is not what is happening. Only unsubstantiated rumor has been offered. But no matter, a greater precedent has been established. Left wing media, not the rule of law is dominant. Liberals know none of what they’ve talked about would hold up in court. Including the infamous video. More television and newspaper has been dedicated to this travesty of justice than any scandal in our history. They have even said Ford should step down because of his weight. What would happen if someone suggested a fat ugly liberal woman should quit? Front page news for weeks! I only hope the beautiful, gaunt, openly lesbian Liberal Premier of Ontario decides to let non-citizens vote. We can organize bus loads from Alberta to go vote for Mayor Ford.

Comments send to

The immense problem I referred to above is, if it can happen in Toronto it will filter Pg. 23



Crossword puzzles provided by ( Used with permission.

Across 1- Aleutian island 5- Spots 8- Adjoin 12- Fashionable 13- More or less vertical 15- Expensive seating area 16- Bath powder 17- Caterpillar rival 18- Tent stick 19- Person who grows grapes 22- Family 23- Energy 24- Historical chapters 26- Revolve 29- Grommet 31- TKO caller 32- Spanish Mister 34- Actress Barkin 36- Poop 38- Put a new price on 40- Hit with an open hand 41- Big name in insurance 43- Doles (out) 45- Be off 46- Capricious humor 48- Westerns

Pg. 24

50- Coup d’___ 51- Piece of cloth, tabloid newspaper 52- Business abbr. 54- Crushed with sorrow 61- Redding’s genre 63- Memorable mission 64- Must’ve been something ___ 65- ___ Romeo 66- Render genderless 67- Cabbage salad 68- Lummoxes 69- Able to 70- Dissolve Down 1- When Hamlet dies 2- Baht spender 3- Brick oven 4- Take 5- Copycat 6- Notable exploit, legal document 7- Dress often worn by Hindu women 8- High mountain, as found in central Europe 9- Proprietor of a bookstore 10- Wrinkly fruit

11- Adolescent 13- Power plug transformer 14- “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” author 20- Some votes 21- Branch location 25- ___ well... 26- Continue a subscription 27- Impromptu 28- Foe

29- Muse of love poetry 30- Rips 31- Narrow inlet 33- Suffix with Capri 35- “Car Talk” airer 37- Put a lid ___! 39- Automobile transmission 42- Eastern nanny 44- Celestial body 47- Lieu 49- Conceit

52- Golfer Aoki 53- Vincent Lopez’s theme song 55- One of the Baldwins 56- Tabula ___ 57- Revenuers, for short 58- Cabbagelike plant 59- Footnote abbr. 60- Salamander 62- Part of UNLV; Answer: Pg. 26

Ph (403) 526-6944 Cell (403) 971-6330 Toll Free 1-800-695-6605 City Chrysler Dodge Jeep, 982 Redcliff Drive SW, Medicine Hat



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BARRING In this article, we discuss the hitting fault of “barring the arms,” typically referred to as simply “barring.” We’ll look at some of its effects, and then determine a remedy. Barring is when a hitter violently thrusts his hands toward the backstop just prior to bringing the bat forward to strike the baseball. This usually happens during the “loading phase” of the baseball swing and just prior to bringing the bat forward to strike the ball. This fault is called “barring” because the front arm of the hitter (left arm for right-handers) resembles an iron “bar” that is purely straight. The bat and hands go backward… away from the body… toward the backstop. This is not good because it causes the bat to be late getting to the hitting zone. When the bat is late to the hitting zone, a batter gets consistently jammed or fouls off many pitches that he should hit. Often, the only balls that this batter hits well are outside strikes. Sometimes, barring also causes the batter to look like he’s “pulling” the bat through the zone, rather than driving and snapping it through with powerful hands, forearms, and wrists. Pulling a bat will also make it late to the hitting zone, causing ineffective speed and power, and altering the correct timing of good contact. So barring does two things: 1) It makes the hitter’s hands late to the baseball. And 2) It causes the bat to be pulled through the zone, rather than whipped through. Both of these faults cause ineffectiveness in striking a baseball at the proper time with the maximum amount of force and speed. But the absolute worst thing about a hitter who bars is that he usually doesn’t know that he’s doing it, can’t feel himself doing it, or doesn’t believe that he’s doing it.


Answer to Crossword

The “top-hand-over” drill is a wonderful drill that fixes many faults with the baseball swing. It’s unorthodox, but it works extremely well. Scott Crampton, the head baseball coach at Lamar Community

Pg. 26

By Joel Manfredi and Greg Morrison

College in Colorado, describes the “top-hand-over” drill as an improvement on the one-handed swing drill where hitters grab a bat with just their left hand, choke up, and swing off of a tee or with soft toss. In that drill, the arm can get tired and actually begin creating bad habits from fatigue. The top-hand-over drill is essentially the same drill but with more stability. For a right-handed hitter, hold the bat out in front of you, upright (barrel to the sky), with only your left hand at the knob or slightly above the knob. Now take your right hand and hold it out in front of you, thumb pointed at the ground. Now grab the baseball bat above your left hand with your right so that your thumbs are touching each other. This is the top-hand-over drill. The top hand is the right hand. It is important to note that in this drill, the right hand is nothing really more than a guide for the bat. Now that you’ve got your top-hand on the bat, get into a hitting position. If your top-hand is in the correct position, your back elbow should be sticking up at least toward the backstop if not higher. From here, swing straight out toward the baseball AND RELEASE YOUR TOP HAND at the contact point. That is very important! You do not want to hang on to the bat in this drill… and it’s almost impossible to do so. As you get more comfortable with the “top-hand-over” drill, you won’t even have to grab the bat with your top hand to perform this drill correctly. Just putting the handle of the bat in the crook of your top hand will be sufficient for bat guidance. If you try and hang on to the bat with your top hand you’re liable to rip your arm out of its socket. Remember, you’re training your left hand to go straight to the baseball and you’re training your right hand to help it by pushing the bat forward and straight. Now… try barring with the “top-hand-over” drill and you will find it nearly impossible. This can be done off of a tee, with soft toss, and even live batting practice once the hitter has sufficiently corrected the problem. That’s enough coaching for today…Let’s play some BASEBALL!

Joel Manfredi & Greg Morrison are former professional baseball players with the LA Dodgers Organization. Both have coached with The Medicine Hat Mavericks Baseball Club of the WMBL. Coach Manfredi currently coaches in Stockton, California. Coach Morrison operates Morrison Health – Soft Tissue & Sport Therapy in Medicine Hat, AB.

The Skin Specialists

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Medicine Hat


Esthetic Services


Up to 14 days wear, mirror finish, zero dry time & no nail damage!

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Hummingbird Manicure & Pedicure 45min PRFX Facial & Mild Acid Peel

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Botox starting at: Dermal Filler 3 Environ Facials 3 Accent Facial Treatments 37 Units of Botox, Chemical Peel & 1 Syringe of Filler

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today with our Doctor for Mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is a medical body sculpting treatment that can help reduce volume to your chin, arms, tummy, hips, and many other body parts.


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Package 1 37 units of Botox 1 Syringe of filler 1 Hr Relax. Massage 1 Microdermabrasion

$856 Package 2

59 units of Botox 2 Syringes of Filler 1 Environ Facial 1 Hr Relax. Massage 1 Hummingbird Pedicure

$1622 Package 3

69 Units of Botox 3 Syringes of Filler 1 Accent Facial Tx 1 Environ Facial 1 Hummingbird Pedicure




S Dol plaars Av aila ble

6 Radio Frequency Body Treatments PRFX Cellulite Cream


www. hummingbirdmedispa .com Pg. 27

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Spotlight - July 2013  

Medicine Hat, AB, Canada

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