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I Can Help You With The By Kole Van Maarion


lberta winters can wreak havoc on your hair, during the winter months, many people will develop dry, dull, limp and brittle hair. To prevent a case of hair care blahs, here’s what you can do: WASH your hair every three days only; in cold weather, both the hair and scalp dry out more easily.

Toll-Free: 1-800-830-9423

“Beauty is not something you can count on, usually when people say you are beautiful it is when there is harmony between the inside and outside”

Dry hair naturally; when ever possible, for as long as possible and finish with styling tools.

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(403) 526-3283

Outside But The Inside Is Up To You!

Use the correct type of products; for example, use color specific shampoo if you have color treated hair to minimize dryness and maximize the vibrant color longer. The type of products you use on your hair will make a big difference in the overall health of your hair. Ask your hair stylist which type of product is best for your hair type.

(Above: Kole Van Maarion)

#100 chinook Place, downtown medicine hat

Deep condition your hair at least once a week; to restore and maintain your hairs moisture. Deep conditioning treatments require a little bit of time, they usually have to be left on the hair for at least 30 minutes. Allowing yourself

-Emmanuelle Beart

a little bit of time once a week to pamper your hair, will keep your hair healthy and doesn’t seem like such a hard thing to do! Use brushes that are made of natural materials; which are gentler on the Hair fibers, brush every day because this way you will help to evenly distribute the natural oils throughout your hair, making sure the ends of the hair will also be naturally protected.

Scalp massages; can definitely help to maintain the health of your hair, by massaging the scalp you improve blood circulation at the scalp level, making sure the oxygen levels and the nutrients necessary for a healthy hair are increased. Get your hair trimmed regularly; to ensure that you remove split ends. The cold weather and the strong winds (need I say Chinooks) can stress your hair which will cause split ends. Use products that have naturally derived ingredients; i.e. those in which more of the molecule comes from plants and nonpetroleum mineral, or other natural source, like water. Kole Van Maarion Glamour Guru/ Owner Red Velvet Hair & Body Boutique


Disclaimer: No responsibility can be taken by Spotlight Magazine for any errors or omissions contained herein. Furthermore, responsibility for any losses, damages or distress resulting from adherence to any information made available through this magazine is not the responsibility of Spotlight Magazine. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Spotlight Magazine. Comments are welcome.

insurance & Financial services ltd.


Get Outside To Stick With Your Goals This Year


o, once again you’ve probably fallen into the January funk of believing that going to the gym is the solution to your bad mood and will kick start your fitness and health goals this year. Isn’t the idea behind the resolution-setting month of January to break old habits and to live a healthier, fuller life? Instead of falling back into the crowded January gym scene, why not head outdoors for a more fulfilling experience? Besides, being active outside surrounded by nature is more beneficial for overall health than most indoor activities.

Medicine Hat’s moderate winter climate combined with its abundant coulees, winterized recreation paths, ubiquitous green spaces, and numerous outdoor stairs is the place to be when it comes to outdoor fitness. Some fun ways to beat the winter blues and get a workout at the same time include going on a bike ride with the family, hitting a path or trail

for a run or walk with your dog, challenging yourself and a friend to a race up the stairs in Kin Coulee, or heading to Hidden Valley for a day of downhill snow related activities. And, if you really want to do something new this year give cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or geocaching in and around the city a try. All of these activities will get your heart rate up, work your muscles, and reconnect you with the great outdoors.

We here at the Interpretive Program can help. Make it a goal to head down to Police Point Park this year to reap the benefits of recreating in the great outdoors. Stop in at the Nature Centre to check out our displays, ask nature questions, or rent a pair of cross-country skis or snowshoes. The Nature Centre at Police Point Park is managed by the Grassland Naturalists and open year-round, Tuesday through Sunday, 9 until 5.

Sure its winter, and the leaf-less trees aren’t exactly a motivating factor to head outside, but the benefits of spending time outdoors are guaranteed to outweigh the majority of your excuses to stay indoors. From the fresh air and vitamin D boosting energy levels to reducing stress to nature bringing balance to your life, making the effort to be active outside on a regular basis is a triple threat toward improving overall health, fitness, and happiness.

Kit Hilsden Park Interpreter Medicine Hat Interpretive Program

Contact Us! Call: (403) 529 - 6225 or visit our website: P. 3

Community Events T

he Mind Body Connection and Two Different Theories Explored, presented by Autisum in the Family, Wednesday, January 23rd at 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 8 p.m., Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce Boardroom. RSVP Diane MacNaughton. $10 per person


ingle in the Hat is proud to announce Romance In The Valley. Don’t be alone for Valentines Day, come out and meet great quality singles such as yourself in a fun filled evening of fast paced romance. Seats are limited to 15 Men and 15 Women between the ages of 40 to 55, so book early to reserve your seat! February 14, 2013 at 7:30. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Paradise Valley Golf Course. Dress Code for the Evening Business Casual. Cost: $50.00 includes registration, 2 drink tickets, appetizers and a chance to meet fabulous new people like yourself. For more information, visit us at Single In The Hat on Facebook.


an Tyson is a musician, rancher, storyteller and Canadian icon and at 78 years old – this man is not slowing down, he’s Southern Alberta’s most unique

and rugged country star. Ian Tyson is closing in on nearly six decades of performing. Almost six decades of making recordings of the songs he now writes in the 100-year-old stone building a mile down the gravel road from his ranch house. Six decades of singing stories that tell the real truth about horses and men, love sustained and relationships broken, heroes and heroines and the land and the weather and the Prairie sky. His one of a kind performance that will leave fans breathless and give them a show they will never forget. Sakamoto Entertainment and CHAT 94.5 presents Songs and Stories by the Legendary Ian Tyson at Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre on Friday, March 1, 2013. Tickets available online at 403-502-8777 or in person at the Box Office or Medicine Hat Mall Customer Service Desk.




A Musical Fable of Broadway based on a Story & Characters of Damon Runyon. Music and Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Book By Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows. Through special arrangement with Music Theatre International (MTI).

FEBRUaRy 6 TO 15 Shows at 7:00

FEBRUaRy 10 Show at 2:00

NO SHOW FEBRUaRy 11 Tickets sold on the CHHS home page


th Annual Antique & Collectibles Show and Sale presented by the Piapot Lions Club, Maple Creek Armouries, Maple Creek, SK. February 2 and 3 - Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 pm and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 pm. Admission $4.00 Lions Food Booth. For more information phone 306-558-4802.

and at the CHHS Bookeeper’s office during school hours $20 + S/C





w w w . m e d i c i n e h a t d i r e c t o r y. c o m T he I nformational I nternet S ite

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for the

C ity


M edicine H at

“” W

hy Does Divorce Take So Darn Long?

By Scott Stenbeck

I could write a book about this question. First off, if all issues are agreed to, it doesn’t take long at all, or cost that much. When people have decided what they want to do, they can come to me and say “Scott, make it legal”. It takes a couple months from start to finish to file all the documents and draft the settlement agreement. Be sure each side has proper disclosure ,and independent legal advice on their rights. They then know what they are agreeing to and can conclude matters. But everyone knows the horror story of someone that has been going through a divorce for more than a year. Why does that happen? Well, a couple of reasons, some to do with how our system works, some to do with the litigants themselves.

I see a lot of divorces taking too long because forms of mediation are applied when mediation should be abandoned. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in types of mediation where appropriate, and I often participate myself in meetings with an opposing lawyer, with both of our clients where we try to work matters out. However, my rule is that there has to be substantial progress to keep going, that there has to be respectful treatment of each party by the other, and it can’t be used as a stall tactic. I take on cases where someone has been in the mediation process for a year or two, spent ten or twenty thousand dollars, and it has not moved ahead. Myself, I will give one meeting as a throw-away for the parties to get things off their chests, but if by the end of the second meeting there isn’t some

significant progress, we’re going to Court. In fact, usually I already have the Court proceedings filed, so if the discussions don’t work out, I am not going from a standing start.

Another reason has to do simply BUSINESS with logistics and scarce resources. There are only a few lawyers in Medicine Hat that take on divorces with conflict, or where they are likely to go to Court. Family law chambers only sits once a week for routine or “docket” type matters. Family law special chambers for lengthier matters can take weeks or months to secure a date. Things that have to occur outside the courtroom, such as questioning, which occurs with a court reporter, can be delayed because there are not that many court reporters, and they book up quickly. Trial dates have to be booked a long time in advance. I am often amazed that our Court Clerks in Medicine Hat, who are extremely helpful and go above and beyond, are able to do so much with the dates and Court times they are given. The other big reason I see has to do with the litigants themselves. Very often a person says “I just want this over with,” but the person’s conduct and expectations do not match that statement. We all want to be heard, we all want to be vindicated, and on every issue large and small, where we feel we are in the right. It is difficult to decide on which things to litigate, even if we think we are right, or just let go of in order to get a case or hearing settled faster. The cases that last the longest are where there is insistence on adjudicating every issue. I certainly prefer matters to move ahead quickly. I find the passage of time, combined with the uncertainty of the final result being up in the air, tends to rub people’s nerves raw. This increases conflict as well as frustration with the system as a whole. However as the lawyer, I am only one factor in the length of time a divorce takes. There are also the limitations of the system I have to work in, and the types of issues that are being dealt with in each individual case. Considering their number and complexity, and of course what everyone involved is willing to live with for the sake of “bringing matters to conclusion”.

Scott Stenbeck

Local divorce litigation lawyer

(Left: CD case album cover assignment , Right: Social studies art book project)

Art Educates By Wendy Struck

I am a believer in art education. This includes theatre, dance, music, as well as visual art. The creative process teaches decision making skills. This develops critical thinking. Critical thinking is beneficial to children and adults in numerous areas of life. “Critical” as used in the expression “critical thinking” implies skillful judgment and can occur whenever one judges, decides, or solves a problem. It is an important component of most professions. In my experience, whether teaching adults, teens or kids, a great approach is to partner art education with another subject. In the school system this can be in the form of teaching components of drama through a visual art approach, blending art and music appreciation, or teaming up visual art and industrial arts to create ambitious and dynamics projects. Collaborating with other subjects can provide content to a piece of art. This way, in addition to learning technical skills, we learn how to use art as communication. There are approaches that I would avoid in the teaching of art. Using strict predetermined recipes can limit creativity. Recipes and outlines can be useful but only if they leave room for choices, so that students are able to instill their own personal expression. Using already made projects as examples can stifle imagination as does encouraging neatness over spontaneity. And avoiding borrowed and already created images can ensure the student is truly learning new skills. Over the years, I have developed my own approach to art education. The first step is the introduction; of new vocabulary, some historical context, and time for experimentation with new materials. Second is creation and exploration in the form of exercises and assignments. The final stage is a review and discussion of the project because it is important for students to put into words how they were able to communicate in a visual way. This may be a more formal approach that could be relaxed for the home or community centre environments. Medicine Hat has a number of art education options. In addition to our elementary and high schools, and the local college, art classes are offered at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, The Hive Artists’ Hub, Inspire Gallery, and Medalta Potteries. Workshops and weekly classes are available in drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery and much more. Winter classes begin in January at most venues. Begin 2013 with a creative flair. Register in an art class! Wendy Struck has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Regina. For 15 years she has been teaching visual art to all ages. P. 5


(Author Laura Crowe)



oday I am interviewing author Laura Crowe.

Tell us, L a u r a , when did you start writing? S i n c e childhood. At the age of ten, I wrote my first book about a girl who had to move from her family farm to the city; she was sure her life was over but discovered new people and adventures! What is the title of your book and what’s it about? Take Flight: True Stories of How Dreams Shape Our Lives. It’s a collection of true short stories contributed by authors from Alberta— including a story and an essay by me—that I edited and compiled. The stories are about realizing dreams, facing down fear, and overcoming obstacles such as illness, less-than-ideal childhoods, language barriers, and academic struggles. What made you write this book? As an author myself, I dreamed of getting published. I achieved that dream partly because of the support and encouragement of people who believed in me; I wanted to give that same encouragement and opportunity to others. Who is the typical reader? Anyone who finds inspiration in hearing true stories about courage and who is comforted by a sense of shared experience. How are you marketing your book? Word of mouth, my website, librarP. 6


By Kathleen D. Mailer

ies and bookstores, and speaking/ workshops. How can we get a copy? My website; Didsbury Pharmasave (Didsbury); White Raven Emporium (Didsbury); Country Garden Crystals (Crossfield); Didsbury, Carstairs and Olds libraries. You can also email me at: The print book retails for $19.99; the eBook will be available soon!

CATHERINE FRASER Daughter of Dr. Roy Wilson Seeking Public School Board Seat in By-Election

ELECTION DATE: FEBRUARY 7 “My father served the public school students and electors of this community for 32 years with commitment, dedication and diligence”. It is my intention to finish my dad’s term and continue his legacy.

What’s next for you? I’m working on my new novel, still untitled as yet! I’m in the process of looking for an agent who specializes in literary fiction so I can pursue my other life-long dream, having my novels traditionally published. I’m also continuing my work as an editor and writing mentor, which includes one-on-one editing as well as writing workshops.

Throughout my childhood my father instilled in me, a strong belief that children come first. They are our future and it is our obligation as parents, teachers and mentors to ensure that we support and guide our young people through the challenging path of life. What they learn today, will make them who they are tomorrow!

Thanks for being with us today, Laura.

In the back of my mind, I knew, one day when my father retired, I would like to be part of the public school board. Unfortunately, due to his passing…that day came sooner than expected.

Kathleen D. Mailer is the CEO of Aurora Publishing, the Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of Today’s Businesswoman magazine, Canada’s leading authority on self-publishing, an author, philanthropist, and business coach. Visit her websites at www. and and www. TodaysBusinesswomanMagazine. com

As an adult and parent of three, I have carried those core values into my family life and have always been active in my children’s education by the way of interacting with their teachers, volunteering on councils and spirit day programs. In addition, my father and I would spend countless hours discussing the matters of the day, which continually made me want to participate more.

Here’s where I stand: • I will strive to bring strong leadership. • I will be approachable to the constituents. • Any funding cuts if required should be made as far away from the classroom as possible. • Medicine Hat Public School District has had labour peace for 125 years. Now that the Tripartite talks between the ATA, ASBA and the Government have failed and negotiations are once again in the hands of the individual school boards; as a trustee I would work for labour peace in this district to continue. • I will make decisions that impact positively on our children’s education. • I have a genuine concern for how our children are doing in their school experiences. • I want to help make our public school system one of the very best in the province. • Sound decision making, committing my time and energy to carrying out the duties and responsibilities of this important office will assist me in carrying on my father’s tireless commitment and legacy to the children of this District. Although I am not a formal teacher or work in the education system, I am a devoted parent with children in the public school district and I am confident I can bring a fresh and valuable view to the table and be a productive trustee. If elected, I look forward to working with the present members of the board.



The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. The sure-thing boat never gets far from shore.

-Dale Carnegie

“If you’re always in a hurry, always trying to get ahead of the other guy, or someone else’s performance is what motivates you, then that person is in control of you.”

-Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

“Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.”

-Josh Billings

The Importance of Financial Planning Can you answer these important questions? y What will my retirement look like? How will I to pay for the retirement I want? y Will I be in a position to fund my children’s post-secondary education? y If I become disabled, will I have enough income to manage until I’m well again? y When I pass away, will my family be financially secure? y Is my investment strategy consistent with my financial goals? y Will I be responsible for the care of an aging parent or spouse, or a mentally or physically challenged child?

The Financial Planning Process 1. Clarify your goals 2. Identify hurdles & explore your options

Current financial position: Your financial position is a combination of your net worth (assets, less liabilities) and your annual cash flow (income, less expenses and savings). Investment planning: A successful investment strategy begins with analysing and then matching your asset mix to your goals. Retirement planning: Measure all your sources of retirement income against your retirement goals to ensure you can maintain your desired lifestyle throughout retirement. Estate planning: Inventory the available assets and obligations (such as income taxes, probate costs and debts) of your Estate. Determine where and how any surplus will be shared out. (Watch for more on Estate Planning in a future Column)

Implementation and Review of Your Plan When reviewing & implementing your financial plan, your Investment Advisor can help you determine if you need to consult other professionals, such as a tax advisor, an insurance specialist or an estate lawyer, to implement your plan. Your Investment Advisor can also review your portfolio to ensure that it is consistent with your personal and financial objectives. Once implemented, your plan should be reviewed regularly or whenever there is a significant change in your circumstances, such as a change in marital status, a birth or death in the family, an inheritance or a new job.

3. Evaluate the recommendations presented in your plan 4. Decide on the solutions & strategies that best meet your needs and goals

For more information, visit:

5. Implement your plan

Associate Investment Advisor, BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

6. Review your plan regularly

Dan Hein, BRE

Medicine Hat, AB Phone: 403-528-6771 Email:

® “BMO (M-bar Roundel symbol)” and “Making Money Make Sense” are registered trade-marks of Bank of Montreal, used under licence. ® “Nesbitt Burns” is a registered trade-mark of BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc. Opinions are those of the author and may not reflect those of BMO Nesbitt Burns. The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled from sources believed reliable but no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to their accuracy or completeness.

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Community Realty


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(Left: John DeLorean & Spotlight editor Scott Cowan with Lee Marshall)

On the Red Carpet iw t h GAINSBORO SPOTLIGHT By Joan Bateman As a young adult I grew up watching the original “Back to the Future,” film trilogy. The DeLorean DMC-12 was immortalized as a time machine. Later, we introduced our kids to the movies on family night, watching all three installments many times over the years. I have great admiration for the star of the series, Michael J. Fox. His incredible resilience in his battle with Parkinson’s disease makes him a shining role model for all ages. Nothing beats the DeLorean motor vehicle in terms of style and it’s “space age look.” From the distinctive gull wing doors, to the stainless steel body, rear-mounted engine, and fiberglass underbody; even by today’s standard it remains a remarkable mechanical achievement. The first ever prototype appeared in March 1976 and production began in Dunmurry, a suburb of south west Belfast, Northern Ireland. Production halted in late 1982. Today about 6500 units are believed to exist. John Delorean was decades ahead of his time in the design of his dream. After raising $175 million for development from celebrities the

likes of Johnny Carson and Sammy Davis Jr., the company launched in Ireland; after a one hundred million pound grant was awarded towards it despite the one in ten chance of success. The company went bankrupt in late 1982 following the arrest of John DeLorean in October of that year on drug trafficking charges. He was later found not guilty, but it was too late for the DMC-12 to remain in production. As an interesting side bar, my husband once had dinner with Mr. DeLorean. After having heard his side of the story; Scott emphatically believes in his innocence. Medicine Hat is privileged to have a piece of this remarkable history in the showroom of our local Nissan dealership. Owner Lee Marshall was as thrilled with the story (fictional and actual) as I have always been, and in his words; “I just had to buy one.” This car is now a testament to an incredible past. If you are a fan and have never actually seen a DeLorean close up and personal, Lee invites you to stop by, take a picture, and enjoy coming… “Back to the Future at Nissan.” Gainsboro Studio 403 526-3054

(Above: Joan Bateman & Lee Marshall)

P. 11



By Scott Cowan

I watched in fascination this November as Americans re-elected the first affirmative action president in history. Wondering why they’d chose an unqualified person, whose never held a real job; over an incredibly successful businessman. We know virtually nothing about Obama, absent are college transcripts, papers, no resume, short months as a senator, yet they trumpet, “He was a community organizer.” Did anyone have the courage to define the term? His claim to fame was that of stirring up resentment protests against business owners, essentially operating as a black union activist in short; “a union thug.” Democrats defend these qualities as presidential material. Sadly, this illustrates the culture in which we now live. Obama raised America’s debt to sixteen trillion dollars, more than any administration in history; with twenty trillion projected by his term’s end.

Why is profit a dirty word? Big business also means big employment. Liberals belittle Wall Street bankers, while remaining strangely silent about “big education, big health care.” Oh wait, politicians are in charge of those failures. Why not tax the multi-billion dollar abortion industry and their “for profit,” health care clinics? Where is the leftist outrage? Liberal elites such as Warren Buffett have the nerve to say, “I am willing to pay more.” Meanwhile the IRS claims he owes billions in taxation. He pays lawyers millions to legally avoid paying those same (Above: Prime Minister Harper and Spotlight editor discuss taxes. He enjoys the privilege as one Canadian issues.) of the top ruling elitist, to report his entire income as capital gains, not ordinary inWithout Big Oil, Alberta would have thousands come. Then brags his secretary pays more in less working people and our Provincial debt taxes than he does. would be, well…astronomical like Ontario and Quebec. If we had the billions of dollars we’ve His main plank being, Vice Presidential hypocrite sent them over the years we could have…well “the rich 1% should Al Gore, sits on the board the free child care like Quebec because we pay a little more,” or of Google, who has legally paid that bill. “the rich 1% should sent approximately ten bilpay their fair share,” lion dollars to off shore acWhen will MP’s tell Canada Taxaholic and These statements defy counts in Bermuda; through Revenue Agency, enough is enough, cease reason. Ireland, for advantageous and desist? Why aren’t we offering tax amnestax reporting reasons. ties to bring back billions from off shore jurisThe Liberal / NDP These totally legal “loopdictions? Why not make Canada the undisputthinkers in our country holes,” as they are now ed best place in the world to start businesses echo these same sedicharacterized are hailed period. ments. It’s simply class as obscene by liberals. Exwarfare, pure socialiscept when they want to use Mr. Harper, do you want Canada’s biggest tic dogma; disguising them personally, they’re majority government after the next election? hard core communisthen okay, because every Campaign on, “If you owe taxes, we’ll accept tic belief. The concept liberal is a conservative 25% on the dollar with no penalties or interof a progressive tax with their own money. For est.” A Conservative government will no lon“1.5 trillion in new taxes on the rich.” - Obama structure, (make more years Hollywood has been ger allow tax collectors to extract money from pay more) was lifted exempt from excise taxes. private citizen’s bank accounts, tow their cars, strait from the “Communist Manifesto.” These are applied to goods and activities that or force people to mortgage their homes over are passed on to the consumer. Other examtax arrears? Just once, I’d appreciate if these self pro- ples are booze, cigarettes, gasoline, airfares, claimed experts would explain how much is things we all consume. Back in the 1950’s rich In this New Year, this magical escalating fair share? I want a Hollywood beautiful people felt they should not may we rememdefinitive figure that ends the predictable inevi- be taxed like the middle class, being they’re so ber, no family has table discussion of what and how much the so much better than all the people buying tickets ever borrowed or called rich should pay. How much? to their shows. They lobbied the liberal politispent their way cians of the day and received an exemption. out of debt, nor Keep in mind, average people already are Let’s roll that back and tax that rich 1% crowd; can Presidents or taxed over 50%, and all the while legal deduc- it won’t affect any of us in the middle class. Prime Ministers… tions have become, “loopholes.” Should Bill nobody. Gates by force of law, be made to pay expo- Success, profit, big business, individual initianentially more than us for the privilege of driv- tive, should once again be applauded, instead Comments send to ing down the same road? Meanwhile he gen- of criticized. Take a hard look at the deduction scott-cowan@live. side of your next cheque then ask yourself, is it erates thousands of employed taxpayers. com better in my pocket, or Ottawa’s. P. 13



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Nehemiah Construction Ministries By Dave McElhinney Founder Nehemiah Constructions


atching thousands of lives transform before your very eyes takes some getting used to, but it’s a reality David Nelson, Gary Lemire and I are pleased to be a part of. As cofounders of Nehemiah Construction Ministries, we have had countless opportunities to witness incredible change in the lives of those who need it most. We provide the gift of water. We own our drilling equipment in country. Our area of expertise and skill is in locating precious liquid resources.

Turkana woman caring for her own garden. basic live skills while working alongside our African friends, produces results almost immediately. Families and friends learn to play major roles in their community. Watching young men and women rise up as local leaders has been truly amazing! A friend once told me that a good leader is one that is always working themselves out of a job. This advice resonates deeply with NCM. As the Turkana people (shown in the surrounding images,) gain confidence and understanding with their newly developed skills; they begin shaping their own new destiny.

We have learned much through our work in the desert. For one, we have discovered that (Above: Relief food being handed out) In 2013 and beyond we simply handing out money will not make a lasting impact. It never can all make a difference in the lives of those has and does not work. In fact, handouts of- around us, be it in Medicine Hat, or in far away ten have a negative affect by teaching those in Africa. Some of those differences may be great or small. The most modest donation for those need how to be dependent on the NGO’s. in 3rd world countries, any contribution, is a Nehemiah Construction has taken a much step toward total transformation. Your gift of a more comprehensive and “hands on” ap- water well means life, a new economy, and a proach. We’ve proven training locals on the way out of the hopelessness of a dry, arid, desground is much more effective. By imparting peration of body and soul.

If you would like to make a donation before the end of this year, or in 2013, please make checks payable to Nehemiah Construction Ministries, 347 East Ave, Dunmore, AB, T1B 0J4 Charity #810841676

Clean water for another village.

Two young boys sharing filthy water

P. 15

LIKE A GOOD NEIGHBOUR, STATE FARM IS THERE Providing Insurance and Financial Services

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Predictions New Year of Tech By Josh Hudson Sales Manager, Memory Lane Computers

The industry of computer technology is one of constant change. New technologies and trends are developed, brought to market to be tested by the masses, and either become adopted as a standard (for a while, anyway) or quickly replaced by something else. As 2012 draws to a close, it’s interesting to think about what happened last year, and speculate as to what will happen during 2013! In my mind, there was a single over-riding trend in computer technology; the emergence of truly mobile platforms as a viable replacement for traditional personal computers. Apple is keen on calling this the “Post PC” era. The smartphone is the new personal computing device of choice, as over 491 million smartphones were sold worldwide in 2012. That number is supposed to reach roughly 1 billion annually by 2015, easily dwarfing PC sales. Users are more often choosing tablets like the iPad over notebooks and desktops. And why not? Tablets are cheaper, more reliable, and simpler to use. If your needs don’t really require the robust creative tools of a full-blown PC, then the axiom “keep it simple, stupid”, prevails. As I look forward, I see a few things happening that should continue to gain momentum through 2013, they are all driven largely by the new dominance of mobile computing. First, I think 2013 will be the last year in which it’s common to have a DVD drive in a new computer. Already, Apple is fazing these drives out in a hurry. None of their new designs have one; even the iMac. They were first to scrap the floppy, and the PC industry followed. The same will happen with optical discs. This will help support the next big trend of “cloud everything”. Within the foreseeable future virtually all media will be streamed or viewed on demand without physical media. The news and music industries have been feeling the effects of this for sometime. Now, with companies like Apple and Amazon selling you music and then streaming your collection over the internet to any of your devices, there are more reasons than ever to ditch the discs and go digital. The movie rental industry has already changed from brick and mortar to online rental. Radio stations can be streamed globally. TV will be the next industry to change radically. Services like Netflix and Hulu are already popular, and there are rampant rumours that Apple is negotiating with TV networks to offer TV on rental or subscription through iTunes. Basically, the days of actually purchasing TV, Movies, Music, or News, and actually holding a piece of physical media in your hand are at an end. Keep your credit cards handy, as 2013 will be ondemand, subscription based, and super convenient…but it won’t be free! P. 16

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Drew Barnes, MLA The fall sitting of the Legislature recently concluded, and for the first time in 41 years, the PC government faced an official opposition that held their feet to the fire – and kept them up many a late night debating and proposing amendments to legislation. As your representative in the Legislature, I wanted to provide you with a brief summary of my position on some of the legislation that received a lot of attention this fall. Bill 2, the Responsible Energy Development Act, will create a single window regulator for oil and gas projects by merging the various government entities that oil and gas companies must apply to for project approvals. I support making our regulatory system more efficient, but had some serious concerns about how the legislation will be applied. For instance, it actually takes away some avenues of appeal that are currently available to landowners, like removing the ability of a landowner to appeal a decision to an independent body. Wildrose put forward 12 amendments to address issues like this, but all were opposed by the government. Bill 2 is a flawed piece of legislation, and I did not support it.

BENEFITS OF HIRING AN INTERIOR DESIGNER By Leslie Cochrane, Loft 3 Design Company How many times have you looked at pictures in a decorating magazine and wondered how to make your home look like that? How often have you been frustrated by the seeming simplicity of decorating only to realize that you just can’t match things up right? Most people would like their home to be an extension of their personality. This is why you should hire an interior designer when it comes time to create the world inside your home. People have the impression that interior designers are only relevant to those who are wealthy and have an unlimited budget, but this is far from the truth. Like a contractor, interior designers are professionals in the art of creating the look that you are seeking. Designers are trained to combine paint, window coverings, accessories and furniture to create the unique vision that you have for the inside of your home. Best of all they can work within any budget to achieve this. Whether you are building a new home, tackling a major renovation, or just redecorating, an Interior Designer can make all of those overwhelming choices easy and fun! A great Designer will listen to all of your wants and needs and take them into consideration when making choices for your space. If you’ve been dreaming of a high gloss white kitchen and you have toddlers and two dogs in the house, they know that you will soon dread your decision because of all the cleaning that you will be doing to keep the space looking beautiful. Instead a Designer can help you prioritize what you really love about that look and choose finishes that still give you that feeling but also suit your lifestyle. Interior Designers are a valuable resource to that can help you save costly mistakes. All too often Designers hear stories about people who have fallen in love with a paint colour and rush out and have their entire home painted in it, only to discover they hate it on their walls. A Designer will not only look at the colour, but they will take into consideration the other finishes in the home, the amount of natural light, as well as the feeling you want your home to convey. Painting is the easiest and least expensive way to change the entire look of a space…but not if you have to do it twice! Next time you are taking on a project, you should not cut out the professional consultation you need to ensure that your investment results in exactly what you dreamed of originally. What could be more important than that?

Bill 3, the newest version of the Education Act, is much improved over earlier versions. It removed the controversial language in section 16 that would have made all education subject to the Charter and AB Human rights act; includes strong anti-bullying measures; and confirms Alberta’s commitment to a publicly funded education system that provides choice. Wildrose would have liked Bill 3 to end mandatory school fees and give teachers the freedom to assign zeros to students for work not completed, but these proposals were not accepted by the government. Overall, Bill 3 is a still good piece of legislation and I supported it. Bill 4, the Whistleblower Protection Act, is intended to give people in public organizations whistleblower protection, but will unfortunately do more to protect the government from whistleblowers, than whistleblowers from the government. For instance, it will only apply to the future, so people with knowledge about this government’s past are not protected. And a whistleblower can only report within government – not to any outside source like their MLA or the media. This prescriptive reporting structure will do nothing to protect the whistleblower, or promote the public interest. The 21 amendments Wildrose put forward to provide real protection for whistleblowers were voted down by the government. Bill 4 is a weak piece of legislation that I did not support. Bill 7, the Election Accountability Amendment Act, does not actually contain many measures to improve accountability. It does nothing to prove illegal donations have been repaid; allows the Chief Electoral Officer to decide whether or not to release details of investigations rather than making it mandatory that he do so; and doesn’t address the “Katz Loophole” which allows millionaires to unduly influence elections by making a single massive donation on behalf of a group of people without being required to prove that other people contributed. For these reasons, I did not support Bill 7. Bill 8, the Electric Utilities Amendment Act, removes some of the powers the government gave itself when it passed Bill 50 several years ago. Bill 50 gave Cabinet the power to deem transmission projects as Critical Transmission Infrastructure without going through a public needs assessment. After Bill 50 passed, the government approved 4 transmission lines that will cost Alberta taxpayers billions of dollars, without providing any evidence the lines are actually needed. Bill 8 removes the power of cabinet to approve lines, and ensures that all future projects will be based on an independent process. But Bill 8 does not go far enough because it does not require an independent review of the projects already approved by cabinet. This is a classic “shut the door after the horses have escaped the barn situation.” Bill 8 will prevent problems in the future, but does not address the current situation. I appreciated the many phone calls, emails, and letters I received giving me your input on legislation, and other local and provincial issues. Please never hesitate to contact me with your questions and comments.


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43. Desperado hunters 44. Pal of Ollie 45. Book boo-boos 47. Friend of Androcles 48. Campaign pro 51. Bell-shaped fruit 52. Required intake of milk and cheese? 55. Places to bed down 56. Freedom from difficulty 57. Felix’s roomie 58. Fountain order 59. Easily duped sorts 60. Laminated rock Down 1. Bars of a cage? 2. Not a pretty fruit? 3. Slide over, as words 4. Distress signal 5. ‘’That’s gorgeous!’’ 6. ‘’--- Grows in Brooklyn’’ 7. Word with grapes or cream 8. Checks eligibility, slangily 9. Stick on 10. ‘’--- Rain’’

11. Delay the Whitewater investigator 12. Kind of palm 13. Not we 18. Group of quail 23. Tiny parasite 24. Recreational drive 25. Alumni 26. Earwise 27. Pirate’s practical joke? 28. Beg

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tive 44. ‘’The X-___’’ 45. Cast-of-thousands film 46. Gambling mecca 47. Thpeak like thith 48. Typewriter type 49. Thermometer type 50. What Orpheus plucked 53. Battery type 54. Bat wood

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