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2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


Community Articles Temple Fitness

3 Different Ways to Utilize our Facility



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Daniel Schnee

20/20 Vision Care

Silver Sage


2 Myths About Yoga

Crestwood Pharmacy Ltd.


Greg’s Remedy’s Rx

Delivers Fast and Friendly Service


Gut Health


Shelley Cyre

Sharon Davies



Hale Hearing

Help For Hearing Loss At Hale Hearing


Pamper My Senses Wellness Day Spa


Mutha Earth

RAW/Organic Smoothie, Elixir, Espresso Bar “Sustainable Self-care & Superfoods”



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2018 Health and Fitness Directory


880 2nd Street S.E. Medicine Hat, Alberta templefitness@shaw.ca (403) 487-5060

3 Different Ways to Utilize our Facility Private & Semi-Private Training

- Work directly with a specialized trainer and get the results you’ve been missing.

S.M.A.R.T. Fit Group Classes

- Get private training quality sessions but with group class affordability.

24 Hour Open Memberships

- Complete access to our over 9000 square foot facility for a low bi-weekly rate.


Health and Fitness Directory 2018


Our S.M.A.R.T. Fit Training Philosophy: STRENGTH

By increasing our strength through practical and functional training we can exert more force against resistance to make daily challenges and tasks easier.


It is key to focus on our body’s ability (muscles & joints) to move freely and without pain. Mobility also allows us to perform at a higher level both in and out of the gym.


Athletes tend to be the peak of physical fitness and the most common individuals that the rest of us seek to emulate in physical ability, aesthetics, and body composition. We want to build as many similar qualities and characteristics found in that elite group.


Often the most underrated aspect of long term, sustainable success. We increase focus on rest intervals both between sets and workouts alike, nutrition, hydration, supplementation, and sleep to help maintain optimal performance.


Learning/mastering the basics, movement capacity and competency all help to reduce the risk of injuries and create a blueprint to long term success in the gym. 2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

S I LV E R SAGE Silver Sage Therapy Center offers a range of therapy options to assist you in keeping up with your changing health needs. Massage addresses neuro-muscular pain by balancing abnormally compressed or stressed tissues, returning them to a balanced state. Bev Howell, RMT, has opened her doors to independent therapists who practice a variety of modalities: Massagetherapeutic deep tissue, Applied Kinesiology, Laser Therapy, Lensenosteopathic corrections of the spine & pelvis, Reflexology, Yoga, and 6 Health and Fitness Directory Counselling.

Lorrie McKinley, RMT, practices Reflexology and Therapeutic Massage. Richard Hicks, RMT, practices Lensen, it is the evolution of Onsen; which is a Japanese term meaning “at peace” or “at rest.” Peace & rest implies a balance and harmony between all of the bodies systems in all its planes, which can only be achieved when it is not being pulled into unbalanced positions. Misalignment of bones can cause dysfunction. Lensen incorporates osteopathic assessment 2018 and correction of the

spine and pelvis, along with trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue work (Swedish massage), and MET (muscle energy techniques). All of these skills are used, to restore the whole body to its balanced state of peace & rest, allowing healing and pain relief. Krista Evans practices applied kinesiology. She addresses Symptoms (pain, discomfort, and impaired function) that manifest in the body as a result of stressors. In applied kinesiology, the focus is not on chasing www.digitalcopyworks.com symptoms.

Instead techniques administered optimize your body’s natural healing processes, reducing stressors and increasing the body’s ability to heal. Applied kinesiology is a holistic approach to the body and healing from physical to energetic well-being. Postural analysis, energy, cranial sutures, and spinal indicators are all assessed during each applied kinesiology treatment. Each component is tested via muscle testing. Muscle testing is used again to verify each correction. Kim Friesen M.ED, R.Psych is a registered Psychologist offering counseling to all who are in need of her help.

2018 Health and Fitness Directory



PHARMACY LTD. “ We take the time for your health” Phone: 403-527-4542 Fax: 403-527-4990 8

Health and Fitness Directory 2018

1827 Dunmore Road S.E. Medicine Hat, AB T1A 1Z8 cr_pharm@telusplanet.net crestwoodpharmacy.ca www.digitalcopyworks.com

Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

At Crestwood Pharmacy, we provide pharmaceutical services, as well as a large variety of home health care products. But just as important, we also provide the service to ensure that each product is suitable and meets each individuals needs. We take the time to ensure that our patients understand and that they are taking their medications safely and effectively. Drop by and see Tony or Carly. They will take the time for your health.

Our Products and Services: - Compression stockings - Wound care - Ostomy - Mastectomy - Incontinent products - Braces and supports - Injections - Medication care plans - Blister packaging - Authorized fitters - Delivery Services

2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Gut Health It seems these days that everyone is talking about “Gut Health”. A simple definition of a healthy gut is when there is a proper balance of good and bad bacteria. Unfortunately, our lifestyles today often encourage an overgrowth of bad bacteria; poor diets starve the good bacteria while feeding the bad and use of antibiotics not only kill the bad bugs but also the good bacteria that our gut so desperately needs. It doesn’t take long for the bad bacteria to take over and then a wide array of health problems can arise. Often we are treating a symptom


Health and Fitness Directory 2018

of an unhealthy gut instead of treating the root cause by healing the gut. For example: acid reflux can be a common symptom of an unbalanced gut. Instead of healing our gut, we treat the symptom with heartburn/acid reflux medications. There are many more examples of how we unknowingly ignore our gut’s cry for help by merely treating the symptoms. Isn’t it time to treat the main cause? You’ll never know how fantastic you could feel until you do!


Take this quiz to find out if your gut could be unhealthy and over run with bad bacteria... 1) Do you struggle with fatigue or low energy? YES NO 2) Do you suffer from gas, bloating, and/or acid reflux? YES NO 3) Do you experience moodiness, depression, or severe anxiety? YES NO 4) Have you taken antibiotics in the last couple years? YES NO 5) Do you have strong cravings for sweet or starchy foods? YES NO 6) Do you drink pop, sports drinks, alcohol, or coffee? YES NO 7) Do you eat junk food and/or fast food often? YES NO 8) Do you get sick several times a year? YES NO 9) Do you have food sensitivities or intolerances? YES NO 10) Do you suffer from frequent headaches? YES NO

If you answered “YES� to 4 or more of these questions, your gut could be unbalanced and unless you take action, your unbalanced gut may continue to worsen and your health may suffer. Take care of your gut, you deserve to be healthy! To learn of the simple, peaceful, and delicious way that I am helping my gut, please email me at: promoworks4u@gmail.com or visit this website: mysite.plexusworldwide.com/shelleylinette

2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

“When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing loss” -Mark Ross, Ph.D


hen you lose hearing, you lose it permanently, you cannot return to 20/20 hearing. Our goal is to work with you to help maximize the amount of hearing you have left. Hearing loss is one of the world’s most common health problems. Trying to hide or compensate for a hearing loss is much more obvious than wearing any pair of hearing aids. At Hale Hearing, we allow patients to try out hearing aids at no cost for 30 days, in order for them to truly realize how it can improve their lives. His advice for people trying out hearing aids for the first time: Wear them, wear them, wear them – all the time, every waking hour, then, go back and talk with your practitioner. Your satisfaction will vastly improve if you do those two things. Your hearing has to be relearned, not just purchased. When you first begin using hearing aids, your brain will be startled to receive these signals


Health and Fitness Directory 2017 2018

that, up until now, have been missing. It is a learning process, much different than putting on a pair of glasses and enjoying improved vision instantaneously. Remember, the job of your hearing aids is to help maximize your current hearing

The sooner we seek treatment for hearing problems, the more successful we’ll be at slowing the negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects that come with it. levels. It just takes time, patience, and practice. Stick with it! Once you reach the end of the learning curve and your brain has been successfully retrained to every day sounds, you will be able to better hear and understand things around you, and you will no longer miss out on so many of life’s special moments. I am here with www.digitalcopyworks.com

my clients every step of the way – helping them achieve the best hearing they can have. Allen has been improving people’s hearing in Medicine Hat since 1997. Hearing aids have made remarkable improvements in the last few years, and can now help with many types of hearing loss. So if you feel that it’s time give Allen a call at Hale Hearing and let us see how we can help. Please call 403-526-0633 today to book an appointment. Hale Hearing is located in the Co-op Mall on 13th Avenue SE. From the moment we wake up to the time we go to sleep, sound plays an important role in our lives. Whether it’s alerting us to danger, delivering needed information, or simply making us laugh, smile, or cry, sound informs, entertains, and connects us to the world.

Yes No

Do you have trouble hearing and underst anding conversation? Do you find yourself asking people to repeat the mselves? Do friends and fam ily complain that you play the TV too loudly? Does it seem as tho ugh people are mumbling? Do you have difficult y hearing while talking on the phone? If you answered “ye s” to one or more of these questions you may have a hearing loss. Call today for an ap pointment.

Our goal is to schedule you in for a hearing test within one week.

Our top-rated hearing aids of 2018 are here • The most discreet design • Best speech understanding • 100% money back guarantee


103, 3030 13th Ave. SE (Co-op Mall)


2018 Health and Fitness Directory


RAW/Organic Smoothie, Elixir, Espresso Bar “Sustainable Self-care & Superfoods”

We’ve all heard it, the timeless advice from the mouth of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” We’re just here to remind you + expand creatively around that, stating that our health doesn’t have to be so complex, so linear that it gets to be confusing. It starts with deciding to prioritize + invest in yourself. At the root of it, health is a choice to direct the quality of our own lives by considering, just like in anything else, that you get out what you put in. So, let’s add in the good stuff, let’s LIVE IT, not diet!

balance + radiant health feels like for you as an individual. There is no cookie cutter plan, or magical pill to living a healthy life. The health industry is overloaded with trends and fads, our aim is for you to gain more clarity so you can truly correct the root cause of your struggle. When you feel good, you look good, you do good! Its simple, healthy people make for a better world…. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead.

Commit to better health first for yourself, then for your family and inevitably it will ripple into the community, making a positive impact. Mutha Earth aka “ME” starts with you. How We appreciate that you’re we take care of ourselves is here, reading what we have a direct reflection of how we to share. It’s all in the exper- take care of one another and imenting, deciphering what our earth. 16 Health and Fitness Directory 2018

“The gut is very intimately connected with the immune system, the more diverse it is, the more immune you are.” The gut is a big focus for us + we take your gut health very seriously! The gut has been declared through scientific circles to literally be our second brain! Basically, the health of your gut shows your immune response. Studies show that improving gut health can halt certain allergies, lower the odds of contracting an autoimmune disease, protect against heart disease, cancer, reduce anxiety, depression, anger, making you feel more balanced. Our guts are host to trillions upon trillions of bacterial cells that form their own living environment called the gut microbiome (our bodies are actually made up of more bacteria than they are human cells). When your gut is healthy, you handle “LIFE” better. www.digitalcopyworks.com

So what exactly is a superfood? Maybe you’re already all up in them, gaining their amazing benefits, feeling fly, keeping your good vibes high and energy balanced. Maybe you think they don’t really exist & it’s just regular “healthy” food...OR maybe you’re just looking for a little more information. Superfoods are foods very high in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, fiber, phytochemicals & megadoses of naturally innate nutrients. These powerful energies are readily absorbed into the human body, where regeneration & repair take place. Truly Medicinal! The ideals of long life, slow aging, glowing skin, happiness, wisdom, physical vitality, adaptability, & sexual vigor can be a reality. By achieving these, one can be said to have attained true “radiant health”. RAW Creme De La Creme CocoLoco Coconut Oil: It’s RAW, meaning it holds significantly more nutrients than coconut oils that are not certified RAW. Fresh and not greasy like overly processed oil. It can be used both internally + externally, as well as for cooking. We recommend 1tbsp a day. It’s amazing for digestion, infections, weight

management, & mental health to name only a few! You can basically pour it over your entire life! RAW Cacao (kah-cow): Our heart opening chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac + holds 40x more antioxidants than blueberries. We offer it in powder and paste, as well as an array of in-store chocolate treats made with WHOLE RAW CACAO & many superfoods packed in each glorious mouthful. A truly decadent way to get your superfoods. RAW cacao works as a carrier to drive “medicines” deeper. This isn’t your regular chocolate/cocoa, which is highly processed with little to no nutritional benefits. This is the real deal, the raw form holding a vast spectrum of super medicinal nutrients. RAW Whipped Body Butter: What you put on your skin, you should be willing to eat! Sound crazy? It might until you realize that everything you put on topically is absorbed directly into your blood stream. NO FILTERS!! Now that’s a sobering thought. Our body butters are raw, packed with “Mutha” Nature’s goodness. Tonic Herbal Blends (Luna Love + Divine Masculine): Tonics are a category of herbs that are

aimed at maintaining good health. They help create an ideal balanced state of being through supporting healthy function of organs & optimizing hormonal health (say hello to more energy, great digestion, mental clarity + goodbye to PMS or menopause symptoms). They taste delicious & are made to be simple to add in, to upgrade your existing healthy habits, excellent for young and old. MUSHROOMS: Our favorite superfood of all. Many say that mushrooms are the original superfood. Imagine a food that literally helps conquer the greatest killer chronic stress! Stress sends the body into “panic mode”, body tension, insomnia, brain fog, and heart/thyroid/gut/adrenal problems. Mushrooms are adaptogenic, meaning they have a stress relieving effect, helping body and mind adapt... imagine everyone feeling this good! Here is a quick dive into our four core mushrooms... Cordyceps: commonly used to increase one’s energy levels. They are great for athletes or those alike as it relaxes bronchial passages, enhancing respiration, increasing blood-flow which

2018 Health and Fitness Directory


then benefits muscles pushed to their maximum and greatly add to their endurance, strengthen the primal kidney functions, sexual functions, brain power, structural integrity (bones, joints, and connective tissues). Modern Medicine has so far discovered that Cordyceps increase production of red cells, increases sperm production dramatically (quantity and quality), relieves fatigue and calms the nervous system “restores the deep energy depleted by excessive stress”. It is Adrenal Restorative, high in anti-oxidants, an immune stimulant: anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood cholesterol. Chaga: Chaga grows for the most part on Birch trees, feeding on their sap and concentrating incredible amounts of medicinal qualities in its body. Chaga is known to be “The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms”. Adaptogenic (Combats Stress), a blood purifier, the most potent anti-oxidant source ever discovered on the Face of the Planet, with a remarkable potential for scavenging free-radicals. Lion’s Mane - Nerve-tonic: Induces synthesis of Nerve growth factors, essential for the development and maintenance of sensory neurons. Shown to be useful in Alzheimer’s & Dementia, Parkinson’s and other chronic brain-related diseases. Reishi: perhaps the most famous of all medicinal mushrooms: Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) called the “Queen of Immortality” is one of the


most researched herbal substances on the planet. Beneficial in the treatment of cancer, disrupts viral disease, inhibits bacteria, provides liver protection and regeneration, reduces blood fat levels, lowers high blood pressure and hypertension, inhibits platelet aggregation, oxygenates the blood, increases absorption of oxygen, alleviates allergies, inhibits histamine release, is anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, adaptogenic effect, chronic fatigue syndrome, pain relieving, relieves insomnia and produces a calming effect. Check out some of our popular blends like Beauty, Restore, Immune and Fit - These blends are great because they have multiple species in them. The more medicinal mushrooms you ingest, the more diversity your body gains, thus the stronger you + your immune system get. We are the new owners of CocoLoco downtown. As a couple of health-driven gals, we decided to put our experience and passion together to connect our community with these powerful foods that are harvested in ways that honour the earth. We are in the midst of re-branding the storefront to make it our own entity. We will however still be offering CocoLoco products while expanding into even more products and services such as personalized nutrition plans. These personalized plans are a way to upgrade your self-care routine, where food + a healthy mindset are the foundations for true transformation.

Health and Fitness Directory 2018

“It’s important to keep it fresh and find what works for each of our own authentic needs at all periods of our ever-changing lives. I work diligently to offer my clients personalized plans that create self-care regimes that are truly sustainable. When we move from the dieting mentality, into making behavioral changes we start to understand our bodies, we can decode our cravings and start to truly say ‘I don’t want that *insert poor food or habit*, instead of I can’t have that/do that’. Too often I see women living with negative self image. My desire is to have them live in a more embodied way, where they are in touch with their desires and passions. They have inner peace and love themselves unconditionally, regardless of what their body may look like on the outside. To tap in to their bodies natural brilliance. Health is more than eating and exercising, it’s also about what we are thinking and saying. Working together, we primarily focus on intuitive eating for the brain-gut axis and the bodies hormones with the intention to feel balanced and vital in our own skin. I have found it is in experimenting, having our own experience that we start to connect to our deeper motivation and clear the root issue of www.digitalcopyworks.com

the bodies imbalances. What if the difference between experiencing heaven or hell is in your health? These programs are built to be an investment in yourself. As a Personal Health and Holistic Nutrition Coach, there is nothing more gratifying than witnessing an individual take charge of

their health, their life, because when we enter into that state of being, it is only inevitable that we begin to have clearer access to realizing our dreams, our potential. From that state, we are able to create what we desire. Health creates the most solid foundation to build upon.” - Kat Moon

Linda -

Co-owner, Health Enthusiast, Educator (right)

Kat Moon -

Founder/Owner, Registered Holistic Practitioner, Certified Health Coach, Nutrition Consultant (left)

Try out making this amazing tonic herbal drink for yourself daily to Activate your CHI baby: - 12 oz of ME Reishi Tea Steamed nut milk - 1 Tbsp of Cocoloco Coconut Oil- 1 tsp of ME Mushrooms - 1 tsp RAW Honey - pinch of Himalayan Salt - 1-2 tsp of #LunaLove or #DivineMasculine Herbal Tonic Blend - 1 tbsp ME Cacao Powder Simply mix by stirring or blending!

SUPERFOODS FOR SUPERHUMANS We have an array of mushrooms (reishi, chaga, lions mane, cordyceps + more). Also an array of superfood chocolates, smoothies, elixirs... • RAW Creme De La Creme CocoLoco Coconut Oil • RAW Cacao (kah-cow) • Tonic Herbal Blends • RAW Whipped Luxurious body butter

@muthaearth Linda: 403-878-3803 Kat: 403-393-3143 Store phone: 403-488-6777 memushrooms@outlook.com

Cocoloco & Mutha Earth Good nutrition is an investment in you! **USE COUPON CODE on our website www.muthaearth.ca:connectME to receive 15% online 2018off Health and purchase!** Fitness Directory 19

Medicine Hat


Health & Fitness

Myths About Yoga

Written by Dr. Daniel Schnee


ith all the renewed focus on exercises such as yoga and tai chi in the 21st century, here are the two most commonly asked questions I get about yoga: 20

Health and Fitness Directory 2018

Must I Think In An Eastern Way? With eastern and native spiritual traditions being in vogue these days, many feel that a person has to meditate or study Zen Buddhism in order to be a better person, as eastern www.digitalcopyworks.com

contain the same amount of truth and error as any other human endeavor. As yoga is an eastern tradition, it does not automatically guarantee you will benefit from trying to see the world from an eastern point of view, or necessitate travelling to India in order to reject western values wholesale. I saw this phenomenon occur in Japan with great frequency; westerners coming to the Zen temple I studied at to embrace the east, only to leave after a week when the reality of daily temple life did not add up to their fantasies about Zen monks and enlightenment. Basic yoga practice is good for most people, and there is no special need to think in any other way than your own.

values are automatically “better” than western values. This is not the case at all, and those who promote this idea do not serve the best interests of anyone interested in yoga. There is much to be learnt from the ancient philosophies of India, China, and so on, but as humans are essentially the same wherever you go, eastern traditions

This is also related another myth about yoga, that you have to be extremely flexible to do it properly or at an advanced spiritual level. As I always say, one is not automatically spiritual or indeed wise just because they can put their legs behind their back. If a person is only slightly flexible, then the best yoga for them is basic and easy to do, involving basic breath work, and various support blocks and a chair to guarantee physical safety.

Must I Change My Religion? Christians often ask me if they can take yoga without being proselytized. Make no mistake, yoga is based on an ancient spiritual system that can be a complex mix of philosophy, religious beliefs, nutrition, exercise, breathing and so on. But as it is a system, one can engage in the system at any series of points without having to take on the religious aspect. And one should never feel pressured to engage in the religious aspect of yoga by any yoga teacher. If you are, immediately quit that teacher, as they have an agenda. Only participate in actual yoga classes that are free of spirituality and religious doctrine unless you are attracted to the specifics of the teacher’s religious methods. But always remember they are not necessary to benefit from yoga. It is good though to incorporate yogic methods into your spiritual practice: therapeutic breathing, basic meditation, stretching, and so on that do not require any particular theology. Yogic breath techniques for example are a great way to either energize or relax one’s body, no matter what God one has faith in.

2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


2018 Health and Fitness Directory


OUR RENOS ARE DONE! And our original 3rd Street location is now finished too! It’s wonderful and bright with more room to serve you better. As people at our annual frame show November 4/17 found out, it’s so much nicer to have the extra room and not be squished. Thank you to all of you that made that show so successful again! With more room comes some new exciting frame lines. Color is huge now and we are catering to that. New lines from Spain, plus hand painted Ronit Furst, to mention a couple. Under the 20/20 umbrella we now have 3 entities operating. 20/20 Vision Care which has been around for over 21 years now, is still the original location at 431 3rd Street. It will be primarily for adult eye exams and eyeglass/sunglasses. We will look after anyone from 13 and up as well. Our contact lenses will be looked after here as well. 20/20 Urgent Eye Care is in the second location on 4th Street. This 24 Health and Fitness Directory 2018

is where we will do the extra medical exams and those with some eye emergencies. Looking after the health side of your eyes! 20/20 Kids is also on 4th Street. We have gone over the top to make kids feel comfortable and look forward to visiting us and have lots of fun while they are there. Extra selection for kids glasses too. But the interactive fun and learning available there is beyond belief. Let the kids be kids there without worry. Another extra spin off and reason for this is the extra parking we created. Now 5 spots behind 3rd Street and 7 spots below 4th Street off the alley. Plus, parking by the building off of 4th Street. Make sure to come visit us at both locations to see for yourself the wonderful changes! None of this could have been possible without the help of Dena Hyde & Advance Design, at 4th Street. Linda Robertson, plus Scott and crew at TBC on 3rd Street. A huge THANK YOU! www.digitalcopyworks.com

2018 Health and Fitness Directory 2017


Medicine Hat

Submitted by Greg Bueckert


Health and Fitness Directory 2018

Health & Fitness


ere at Greg’s Remedy’s, we’re embracing the future of pharmacy while also remembering the past where your pharmacist knows your name and will pause to have a conversation with you. The future of pharmacy involves looking at our patents as a whole, not a number or simply a name on a bottle. We will not only deal with your medications, but we also research your health conditions to help improve your overall health. We will discuss and clarify all your medwww.digitalcopyworks.com

ications, lab results and conditions. All at no charge to you. At Greg’s Remedy’s we work closely with many health professionals to help detect and resolve your medical needs. Whether it is the medical walk in clinic next door, the G.P.’s and Specialists in the building or even a Holistic Nutritionist, we will help you find the help you need. Our goal is to ensure that you are healthy in every way, while delivering fast and friendly service for your drugstore needs.

Here we do things the old way – and we are very proud of it! But also keep our eyes on your future.

Greg’s Remedy’s remembers the past when a person came to a drugstore for caring advice. We really do care and we make every effort to treat everyone as a person, not just a prescription. Come in, sit down with us or peruse our unique giftware and antiques. Let us provide you with recommendations that can improve your overall health and get you on the road to good health.

2018 Health and Fitness Directory




Weight Loss and Wellness Made Simple Today more than ever health and wellness are at the top of people’s minds. With 60% of Albertan’s overweight, people are looking for an effective way to not “ONLY LOSE WEIGHT”, but also “KEEP IT OFF!” Sometimes the hardest part of any WEIGHT LOSS program is making a “DECISION TO START”, but all it takes is 20 seconds of courage. Start by asking yourself “WHY” you would do this! These were my motivators. I wanted: - to not struggle with my weight anymore ( I have maintained my new weight for 10 months now) - to feel more comfortable in my clothes - to have more energy - take the pressure off my knees - look and feel great - have better mobility and flexibility


Health and Fitness Directory 2018

- overall just to be healthier and happier www.digitalcopyworks.com

The Healthpointe Weight Loss and Wellness program is based on medical science principles and how the body works to use the food we eat to burn fat instead of muscle and tissue. This program uses real food, bars, shakes and multivitamins, and the right kind of snacking, along with moderate exercise - like walking and moving. It doesn’t matter if your desire is to lose 10lbs or 100lbs or anything in between - we have a path for you! This program is so adaptable that you can easily do this with your family or with a friend. Our private Facebook Support Team and myself, are available to help you stay accountable to your weight loss and wellness goals. Over the past year those on the Facebook Support Team have collectively lost over 500lbs. So, remember good health is a journey. The Healthpoint Weight Loss and Wellness program has the tools and support you need to succeed. Join us to take your new journey to OPTIMAL HEALTH.

Sharon Davies 403-526-9030 dsdavies@telus.net 2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Pamper My Senses Wellness Day Spa Our goal is to provide an We pride ourselves in using quality, natural and organic products! Some environment of rejuvenation of these products are: • Skin Passions and reprieve that allows you to • Prevonia • Bodyography • Fake Bake experience respite from your • Essential Oils daily routines. Our Team of Professionals are committed to providing our guests with quality and exceptional care. We want your spa experience to be one that enhances your journey towards 34 Healthwellness! and Fitness Directory 2018 over-all


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

Our Spa Menu include:

• A Variety of Facials • Pedicures • Body treatments • Manicures • RMT, Certified, Hot Stone Massages • Eyelash Extensions • Waxing/Sugaring • Far-Infrared Sauna Additional Services we provide are:

• Gift Wrapped Gift Certificates • Gift Baskets • Gift Shop • Customized Spa Packages • Direct billing • Group Rates • Event Hosting • Bridal Parties

Call or email us to make an appointment, or if you have any questions.

403 527-1991


1870 B 6th Avenue SW, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 7X5 We look forward to pampering you! Check us out on Facebook!

A Place Where... RELAXATION is REDEFINED!35 2018 Health and Fitness Directory

Health Services

20/20 VISION CARE 331 - 3rd St. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2020 www.2020visioncare.com Eyeglasses, Eyeglass Prescriptions, Examinations, Treat & Manage Medical Eye Problems

ATTEST TO HEALTH 453 - 3rd St. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-0361 www.attesttohealth.ca

BREAST HEALTH CLINIC & REHABILITATION Debbie Stokke, RMT Cancer Coach Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-3455


CARING HANDS THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE Mobile Treatments Only 403-928-6994 Therapeutic Massage, Holistic Nutrition Consultant, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage

Oncology (cancer) Massage Therapy Specialization, Breast Health Education, Breast Cancer/Lymphoedema Exercise Therapy Program, Reference Available

Sho Tai Testing, Nature’s Sunshine Products, Herbs, Supplements, Personalized Product Testing, Aroma Therapy


Health and Fitness Directory 2018



Health Services

CRESTWOOD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 101-1899 Dunmore Rd S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-1340 www.medhatchiro.com Chiropractic, Nutrition, & Orthotics

HALE HEARING AID CENTRE 103, 3030 - 13 Ave S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-0633 www.halehearing.com Audio Exams, Hearing Aides, Maintenance, Repair, Cleaning

HANDS-ON THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE 68 Dehavilland Blvd S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-0888 RMT Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki Master, Accutonics

HEBERT WELLNESS GROUP Medicine Hat, AB 403-488-0815 www.hebertwellnessgroup.com Light Therapy, Rife Therapy, Colon Hydrotherapy, Bioplasm Therapy

organic - high quality - gluten free - chemical free Natural Beauty & Bath Products for the entire family. aromatherapy OILS & pendants teas / spices / meal mixes farmer john’s herbs

Greg’s remedy’s & nirvana 101

(403) 528 - 4152 www.made4menaturally.ca

2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Health Services JOURNEY TO HEALTH 657 - 2nd St. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-581-0414 www.journeytohealth.biz Blood Analysis, Iridology, Biological Terrain Assessment Theta Healing, Acutonic/ Sound Healing, Flower Essence Therapy

MEDICINE HAT REMEDIAL MASSAGE 86D - 8th St. N.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-0093 RMT Registered Massage Therapy, Sport Massage Therapist, Sports First Responder, Assessments, Athletic & Kinesio Tape, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

PAMPER MY SENSES WELLNESS DAY SPA 1870B - 6th Ave S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-1991 www.pampermysenses.com Facials, RMT Massage, Body Treatments, Waxing, Eye Lash Extensions, Manicures & Pedicures


REFLECTIONS MEDI SPA Dr. V. Saujani 4 - 3151 Dunmore Rd S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-6600 www.reflectionsmedispa.ca Botox, Platelet Rich Plasma, Acne Treatment, Vampire Facelift®, Laser Hair Removal, Photofacial, Microneedling, Oxygenetix

RENEWING TOUCH MASSAGE THERAPY 8 - 1224 Strachan Rd S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-581-9249

Direct Billing, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, TMJ Treatment


TABLE IT Medicine Hat, AB 403-594-4212 Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Body Talk (Certified Practitioner), Lymphatic Drainage, Raindrop Therapy (Essential Oil)

THERACARE PHYSIOTHERAPY 118 - 3030 13th Ave S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-488-7888 www.theracarephysio.com

Manual Therapy, Myofascial Release, Postural Assessments, Sports Rehab, Acupuncture, IMS (Dry Needling), Core Stability/Strength Training, Vestibular Rehab Therapy, Laser Therapy


Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-1011

Therapeutic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Visceral Manipulation, Doula, Reflexology, Laser Therapy

Health and Fitness Directory 2018



Pharmacies/Home Medical Services

AJ’S LOAN CUPBOARD #1 - 749 14th St. S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-5580 www.ajsloancupboard.ca Provide Medical Equipment Such As Hospital Beds, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Bath Chairs, Commodes, Specialty Equipment, Kiddie Sized Equipment Designed For Children

CRESTWOOD PHARMACY LTD. 1827 Dunmore Rd S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-4542 www.crestwoodpharmacy.ca Blood Pressure Testing, Diabetic Supplies, Wound Care, Prescription Service, Home Health Care Aids, Mobility Supplies, Retail Postal Outlet, Giftware

GREG’S REMEDY’S RX 200 - 700 6th St. S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-0577 Health Services, Nutrition, Prescription Service, Giftware

MEDI CHAIR 939 Kingsway Ave S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-2272 www.medichair.com Home Medical Equipment, Product Trials, Rentals To In Home Repairs, Installations, Delivery

ULTIMATE FREEDOM PLUS 618 16th St. S.W. Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-5039 Home Medical Equipment, Independence & Mobility Specialists, Daily Living Aids & Walkers, Power & Manual Wheelchairs, Bathroom Safety, Residential Accessibility, Free Deliveries 2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Nutrition & Holistic Services COCOLOCO/MUTHA EARTH 555 2nd St. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-488-6777

MADE 4ME NATURALLY Charmaine Peet Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-4152

Remedy Bar With Superfood Drinks & Products, Virgin Coconut Oil, Medicinal Mushrooms, RAW Cacao, Body Butters, & So Much More

Natural Beauty & Bath Products, Aromatherapy Oils & Pendants, Farmer John’s Herbs

HEALTHPOINTE Sharon Davies Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-9030 dsdavies@telus.net



POPEYE’S SUPPLEMENTS 105 - 1501 Dunmore Rd S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-2728 www.popeyescanada.com Sports Supplements

PLEXUS Shelley Cyre 403-952-8105 promoworks4u@gmail.com Weight Loss & Nutrition

Medically Proven Weight Loss Program


Health and Fitness Directory 2018



Sports & Fitness Services CURVES 3 - 1224 Strachan Rd S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-0616 www.curves.com 30 Minute Total Body Workout, Strength Training Machines, Certified Coaches

MEDICINE HAT COLLEGE SPORT & WELLNESS 299 College Drive SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-3834 Rattlers Athletics, Intramurals, Sport Camps, Birthday Parties, Fitness Classes, Fitness Services, Rattler Run, Athlete Development, Fitness Centre, Gymnasium

GRAVITY SPORTS 216 South Railway S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-1515 Bike, Ski, Sales & Services

TEMPLE FITNESS 88A - 2nd St. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-5060 www.templefitness.ca S.M.A.R.T. Fitness, Private Training, Fitness Classes, 24hr Memberships

2018 Health and Fitness Directory


Retail Services


COPY WORKS DESIGN AND GIFTS 116 - 3030 13th Ave S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0011 www.copyworksdesign.com

Graphic Design, Printing, Promotional Items, Engraving, Banners & Signs, Custom T-Shirts, Light Works – Brilliant Light Energy

NORWEX Charmaine Peet Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-4152 charmainepeet.norwex.biz Improving Quality Of Life By Radically Reducing Chemicals In Our Homes


Health and Fitness Directory 2018


2018 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2018


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Health & Fitness Directory 2018  

Our 3rd Annual Healthy & Fitness Directory, featuring businesses and articles from the Medicine Hat area.

Health & Fitness Directory 2018  

Our 3rd Annual Healthy & Fitness Directory, featuring businesses and articles from the Medicine Hat area.

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