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2016 Health and Fitness Directory



restores vibrant health and prevents disease...

*80% of all critical illnesses are believed to originate in the colon.

"Suffering from Constipation? We'll get you moving" At the Colon Hydrotherapy Clinic you can expect to enjoy a very relaxing, easy and private experience with our cutting edge technology (the first of its kind in Canada). It will change your view about Colon Hydrotherapy. See what past clients are saying: "It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have never felt better. The new technology and open system make the process completely private, odorless, and embarrassment free" - Jean M. 34, Medicine Hat "I never thought I would try Colon Hydrotherapy, as I do not have 'those' type of issues. However in becoming aware of the importance of the Colon in disease prevention, I tried it. I did not realize how bad I was feeling - I am a believer now. Colon Hydrotherapy is now a regular part of my health regime" - Blaine R. 42, Medicine Hat


#101 - 3195 13th Avenue SE • Medicine Hat, Alberta info@osteostrength.com/otherservices 2

For more information including FAQ's and videos, please visit our website at www.OsteoStrength.com under "Other Services" Health and Fitness Directory 2016 www.digitalcopyworks.com

2016 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2016


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Improving Lives with Whole Foods


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I Feel 10 Years Younger, ‘A NEW Solution to an OLD Problem


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Basic Mobility & Massage, Move Better, Do More


Garden of Breathin’

Why Yoga?


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2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness


he best medicine you have is on your plate! It’s not a gimmick. People often think “oh, better diet, sure - it couldn’t hurt” and then fall into old habits. The truth is that a poor diet does harm your health. By gaining control of your diet, you can take back control of your life, which often means less pills, less pain and fewer medical appointments, and more time enjoying your lifestyle- if not improving upon it. I practice Holistic Nutrition. My goal is to educate my clients so they know and understand how food and diet can negatively or positively impact their health and lead to real, measurable results. And no, this doesn’t mean eliminating treats or flavor. Usually clients work with me anywhere


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

Written by Nikki Stadnyk from 3 to 12 weeks, so there is no longterm commitment. I help people understand the role food plays in a variety of health disorders. With so much different nutritional - based information floating around the web, it can be very hard to decipher myth from truth, fad from fact, and what is right for your specific set of medical circumstances. I have had success with clients in reducing their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reducing their use of insulin, weight loss, manage chronic constipation and diarrhea, manage low thyroid symptoms, and reduce instances of gout. As part of my services, I figure out where you are currently at with your diet and I work with you to implement small, healthy changes www.digitalcopyworks.com

to your diet and lifestyle. I want a lifestyle that fits you so you don’t get overwhelmed and give up. Clients see me each week and together we cover topics such as healthy digestion, habits, goals, how to read a label, how to avoid cravings, the worst additives to avoid and more. I also work to discuss your barriers to your food choices and help you to see past the number on the scale. There is never any pressure or shame involved, only hope for a better you with well-planned steps to get you to exceed your goal and improve your health. I’ve never met a person who wasn’t willing to live longer. Food is the best resource to help us do this. Enjoying a long, quality life with less weight, less pills, and less medical challenges is something we all think about. Knowing that we can improve our lives, yet choosing not to, has always puzzled me and I am sure it puzzles you. All you have to do is be interested in the

Want to learn more?

out me to learn more ab If you’re curious , let’s connect. and my services You can visit: nist.com tualnutritio ir v y .m w w w free resources. for a wealth of yone wants a long life er Remember, ev e to offer than pain, or m t lo a s ha you, that visits. I can help plate! ’s or ur pills or doct what is on yo and it starts with

possibility of food changing your life from here on out and for the better- not for the worse. If you are having health or weight challenges right now, ask yourself “why not?” There is no harm in learning how to eat better, how to feel better, and how to look better. Why not try something new today and explore your Holistic Nutrition options. I promise it will be painless, beneficial, and it is affordable.

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

What were your preconceived notions about OSC? “The first I knew anything about OSC was when my Wholistic Therapist gave me a brochure from OSC and said, “You need to go here.” After reading that brochure, I hoped what I read would be the answer for me.”

Share with me a little bit about your experience with the OSC. “I felt like I was with friends from the time I stepped through the OSC door until I moved out of the province 19 months later! I always felt that the staff wanted me to succeed as much as I did! My first assessment Lynn was very informative both Medicine Hat about my condition and how the program worked. I was givWhat was your primary reason for en plenty of information with which to booking a free initial assessment? make a decision about whether it was “I had a bone density test 6 years something I wanted to do. I never felt earlier as a routine baseline and it re- pressured to sign up! Every visit was a vealed I had osteoporosis. I declined good experience and I always felt like the medication my Dr. suggested be- the staff was cheering me on!” cause I didn’t feel it was a cure, but a band-Aid with serious side effects. What are the three biggest benefits I had read that it is possible to stop of the OSC program? and even reverse osteoporosis, so I “The most important benefit was that was doing everything I could to that after one year, my next bone densiend. Over that time I was shrinking ty test revealed that not only had we in height and decided it was time to stopped the progression of bone loss, change course. OSC felt like my last but my bone density had increased! chance to avoid breaking bones and My strength, posture, and balance possible early painful death.” have all improved significantly and I feel 10 years younger!”


Health and Fitness Directory 2016


Did you expect that it would work as well as it did? “After seeing the results of the many test subjects, I believed that the program would work for me, if I gave it my all!” How has your life changed since attending the OSC? “I feel stronger and confident in my ability to live an active life.” What would you say to someone considering treatments at the OSC. “Don’t wait, RUN to them as fast as you can! You won’t regret it!” Is there anything else you would like to add? “Osteoporosis is a very serious condition and I believe the OSC program will help you in more ways than you can imagine!”

NOTE: The OSC was able to return 37% of the bone mineral density this client had lost since 2009. (As measured by independent 3rd party DEXA scans (Bone Mineral Density Tests) performed by the local diagnostic imaging lab).

continued next page...

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


What is the OsteoStrength Clinic? It is a private state of the art clinic that builds and strengthens bone using NEW patented technology (Osteogenic Loading) based on OLD Science (Wolff's Law of Bone Remodeling). Our process is a safe, proven, non-pharmaceutical alternative to osteoporosis treatment and prevention. Our clients receive personalized attention, immediate feedback and achieve tangible results, allowing them to feel younger, be healthier and improve their quality of life. How does it work? The OsteoStrength revitalization technology uses a technique called osteogenic loading (OL), which is proven to increase bone mass density, which in turn reverses the process of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis. This leading edge technology allows a person, regardless of age and physical condition, to safely perform a simple five (5) second movement of self-imposed maximum loading, which causes the body to initiate bone density growth. Why does OL work? This approach is based on years of research in how the body responds to stimulus. It allows a client to load all the major bones and muscle groups with extremely high levels of force. This level of stimulus is not easily obtained in traditional exercises but is critical in stimulating the nervous system to generate bone and muscle fibre.

Is it safe? Yes, the development of Osteogenic Loading technology is based on 17 years of research and development, 17 years of testing and training ( over 500,000 data sets with over 39,000 unique individuals) with no reported injuries. In addition a FREE initial assessment including comprehensive medical history are completed for each client prior to the first treatment. How will I feel after? After a treatment you will feel like you've completed physical work. You will feel warm (from increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles) and you will notice an improvement in your posture (from the decompression of the spine and joints from the impact loading). Within 24 hours you will feel muscular fatigue but not soreness. What are the side effects? Weight loss, reduced cellulite, better mood, and reduced pain. Efficacy - Powerful Results: BONE MASS DENSITY In Dec 2013, the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) published an Osteogenic Loading (OL) specific paper, which revealed that Osteogenic Loading outperformed current interventions by 361% in the spine and 679% in the hip in one year.

How can I book a FREE assessment? Call (403) 548-0000 or visit us online at OsteoStrength.


Health and Fitness Directory 2016


2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Submitted by Greg Bueckert


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

Health & Fitness


ere at Greg’s Remedy’s, we’re embracing the future of pharmacy while also remembering the past where your pharmacist knows your name and will pause to have a conversation with you. The future of pharmacy involves looking at our patents as a whole, not a number or simply a name on a bottle. We will not only deal with your medications, but we also research your health conditions to help improve your overall health. We will discuss and clarify all your medwww.digitalcopyworks.com

ications, lab results and conditions. All at no charge to you. At Greg’s Remedy’s we work closely with many health professionals to help detect and resolve your medical needs. Whether it is the medical walk in clinic next door, the G.P.’s and Specialists in the building or even a Holistic Nutritionist, we will help you find the help you need. Our goal is to ensure that you are healthy in every way, while delivering fast and friendly service for your drugstore needs.

Here we do things the old way – and we are very proud of it! But also keep our eyes on your future.

Greg’s Remedy’s remembers the past when a person came to a drugstore for caring advice. We really do care and we make every effort to treat everyone as a person, not just a prescription. Come in, sit down with us or peruse our unique giftware and antiques. Let us provide you with recommendations that can improve your overall health and get you on the road to good health.

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

In order to understand what Fascial Stretch Therapy™ is we need to understand – What is fascia? 14


Health & Fitness

ascia is the connective tissue that covers our muscles, bones, organs etc and is what holds us together from the inside. It reacts to all kinds of stress – physical, mental and emotional - by stiffening and tightening. Since fascia covers all our internal systems our whole body is affected. Aging of the body, mind & spirit accelerates as function decreases & qual-

Health and Fitness Directory 2016

ity of life deteriorates when the fascia is left unattended. No medication can improve the fascia and no supplement can optimize it. By stretching it we can realign the tissue and bring it back to its highest function. Your Fascial Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) session starts with a conversation about your needs and goals, www.digitalcopyworks.com

and then an assortment of functional movement tests and assessments are done. Extremely gentle movements are used if you are in pain or they may be more vigorous if you are training for an

athletic activity. In any case, the session is created around your needs so specific goals are addressed. Movements unique to FST™ will strengthen, lengthen and comprehensively balance your entire body. The brain and body are re-educated when neurological receptors are stimulated because the majority of them are located throughout fascial tissue, which is the primary target of FST™. Other receptors also located throughout the fascia have direct connections to deep parts of the brain that, among other things, are related to your sense of self and wellbeing (endorphin release). This is why people

feel so good after FST™. The session ends with a movement-based home program based on your assessment findings and response to the FST™ session. Since the movements are specifically designed for you, compliance with your home program is necessary if you are to successfully achieve all of your goals.

g The followin s it ef en b ™ T are major FS ly n o m m co l al to clients are within accomplished ions: ss 2-5 se ive pain • Rapid, effect relief f • Stress relie th and • Rapid streng ement pr mobility im ov nal ability • Major functio change • Sleep quality improvement y joint • Relief of man t en impingem syndromes xibility and • Improved fle es speed in athlet

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


seasoned, or if you like, older system. Yoga originated as a process for joining the body with a desire to relax and use the mind to refresh the body. The practice was developed in a culture that accepted the body as temporary. It was like a modern automobile that had to be serviced, used with care, and then traded for a different model in time.

Imagine a gentle, no-impact, low intensity, relaxing, yet energizing art with minimal movement that takes up very little space and produces almost no perspiration and you have answered, why yoga!


magine a gentle, no-impact, low intensity, relaxing, yet energizing art with minimal movement that takes up very little space and produces almost no perspiration and you have answered, why yoga! Yoga has been around for ages; I mean literally ages. Older than even your great, great grandmother, and it has the extra panache of being imported; yoga has it all. But let’s be a little more scientific… Yoga has the distinction of being part of a fitness boom, which emphasizes movement and impact to enhance, improve, subdue, and re-organize the body; all questionable practices from a more


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

The culture also recognized that the maintenance of the vehicle, in this case the physical body, could occupy virtually all of the time between sleep sessions if not careful. Earning a living, even in simpler times was a full-time obligation, especially with a family. In order to keep you aware of the ‘true’ purpose of existence, using the mind to contemplate more elevated ideas was a vigorously recommended practice. A little time each day to quiet the mind and think, or just find that ‘happy place’ where the trials of existence could be put aside for a moment or two. www.digitalcopyworks.com

Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

Try doing that sometime with the noises and distractions of the rest of the world trying to do their own maintenance and keeping the wolf from the door. Just watch people in a public place for a few minutes and see if at least half of them are not looking at a hand-held device of some kind. The demands of keeping body and soul together are pretty insistent. Enter Yoga. A simple, but very effective practice to give the mind something to distract it, or keep it busy, if you prefer while attaining that state of ‘happy place.’ All the while the hustle and bustle of life went on everywhere else. Have you ever been doing something and able to ‘tune-out’ other distractions? Yoga was developed to help you do just that. A little activity, done with little effort, and done as well as you can without any rigid regulations about keeping your pulse rate up, movements per minute or exertion bringing perspiration, etc. Yoga can be done in very little space while the mind is quieting to facilitate the contemplation of more esoteric and inspiring ideas.

about some of the deeper concepts. But don’t let all that ‘mind stuff’ get in the way of letting your body take you places in the meantime. Garden of Breathin’ is a Yoga and Dance studio dedicated to stimulating growth, balance and joy of all those who choose to enter. Plant your seeds where you wish to see them grow!

FARREN ASSALY Certified Chakra Yoga Teacher ‘Nia’ and Ecstatic Dance Facilitator Thai Massage Therapist Theta Healing Practitioner Owner at Garden of Breathin’

Enter the twenty-first century… We may not agree with the culture that originated the practice, but we can agree with the idea that finding a little ‘happy place’ a few times a week might be refreshing. A few simple ways to use the muscles and joints to keep the mind aware of being alive while it multi-tasks to think about the reason for being alive cannot be a bad idea. Think yoga; then think it again; try to think it once more and you are already understanding, ‘why yoga’ aren’t you? For more on how yoga actually does what it does, and a deeper appreciation of just how scientifically the practice works, visit www.gardenofbreathin.com and read 2016 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2016


2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness

LimeLitez Dance Academy is expanding into a new location to offer more diverse programs and convenient class times to the residents of Medicine Hat.


imeLitez Dance Academy offers dance lessons in a variety of disciplines to students aged 2 to 18. LimeLitez Dance Academy is based on a vision of inspiring, motivating and educating children, youth and young adults in the fine arts of dance in a positive, progressive, and disciplined environment. The primary goal is to assist all dancers to achieve their physical, emotional, and intellectual bests as they take part in a quality dance program. We strive to be recognized for the excellence of our dance education and we take pride in encouraging the development of creativity, self-confidence, self-respect, and discipline in our dancers. According to Studio Director Jerredi Hauck, the studio has grown quickly since opening in 2008. The fast growth of the studio is due in part to a dedication to providing convenient, organized and high quality instruction to its students. Every year the studio has added more members


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

to its teaching staff and to its student population who are now outgrowing the current facility. Students and parents will be ecstatic with the new studio which is to be designed primarily for dance. Prospective students and their families can check out the new studio at a Grand Opening to be held in September 2016.

Larger Studio Spaces and Upgraded Facility In September 2016 the school will start classes in larger building just blocks away from Medicine Hat’s Leisure Centre and new arena, The Canalta Center. Located just off the number 1 highway, the studio is easily accessible from all areas of Medicine Hat. The new facility will be over 10,000 sq. feet and will feature 6 dance studios, 4 washrooms, 2 change rooms, a large parent waiting room, and an updated dancewear store.


dios with floating “Timestep” dance floors. These floors are used by the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. They have hundreds of compression foam blocks under the surface that absorb the impact of dancing and help keep teachers and dancers more energized. They also aid in injury prevention. Each studio will contain full mirrors throughout the studio to help students observe their movements while learning. There will be two change room spaces with lockers for the dancers, a comfortable waiting area for parents and siblings, and numerous off street parking stalls. Two of the six studios will be designated specifically towards pre-school age classes in both music and dance.

Quality of Instruction and Learning Environment Studio Director Hauck says that many of the parents choose the studio because of its reputation for high calidue

io is e stud viding h t f o ro th grow ication to p quality t s a f igh “The t to a ded and h tudents.” r d a e p z i n i its s rgan auck ient, o truction to n e v rredi H n e J co ins r o ct Studio

Since one of the most important features of a dance studio is the type of dance flooring used, LimeLitez Dance Academy’s new facility will have 4 large and 2 smaller air conditioned dance stu-


ber, professional instruction as well as its organized office staff. Many have heard about the standard of excellence the studio encourages while fostering a fun environment where students love to dance. Parents are impressed with the commitment to education that forms the basis for the LimeLitez dance philosophy. Parents also appreciate the continued next page...

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


age appropriate costuming and teaching techniques. The studio’s dance program offers classes for all ages from beginner students to advanced levels. Styles ranging from jazz, musical theatre and tap classes to ballet, lyrical, and acro are all available. LimeLitez instructors are all certified to teach dance with credentials in the styles they teach. Along with a wealth of dance training and performance experience, teachers hold certification in world-recognized syllabi including the Royal Academy of Dance, Acrobatic Arts, ADAPT Jazz and Tap, Music Together and Leap n Learn. The studio offers classical ballet students the opportunity to pursue examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance which is a world recognized dance education organization. The Royal Academy of Dance works with its members to help in the promotion of healthy technical and artistic ballet training. Ballet exams are offered annually. Students at LimeLitez Dance Academy participate in jazz and tap classes utilizing the ADAPT (Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers) syllabus. ADAPT is a certified dance syllabus which trains students while focusing on creating and maintaining the highest standards of excellence possible in the dance teaching industry. Students can participate in yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Jazz and Tap. Acrobatic Arts is the Acro program utilized by teachers at LimeLitez Dance Academy. The Acrobatic Arts program is based on safe and effective progressions in five areas of AcroDance: flexibility, strength, balancing, limbering, and tumbling. It is a comprehensive program built on input from professionals and experts in dance, gymnastics, sports, yoga, Pilates, physiotherapy and more. Simple thoughtful


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

progressions take the beginner preschool level dancer from log rolls and somersaults to the advanced dancer tumbling effortlessly across the stage.

Expanded Class Choices LimeLitez has made a conscious effort each year to add new programs while improving upon existing ones. The school’s new Acro dance and Musical Theater classes are very popular. With the opening of their new facility, the studio will offer a greater variety of classes and opportune times to accommodate students in their “first choice” class times. The school will also add additional classes for students brand new to dance. LimeLitez Dance Academy provides three main types of dance instruction: a Recreational Program which offers less formal instruction designed for dancer’s fun and enjoyment, a Company Program which offers formal training for the serious dance student, and an exam-based Ballet Program which focuses on correct technique in a professional ballet class format. Each year, the studio’s Company Team classes participate in local and area competitions. The students enjoy the strong team spirit that develops and the friendships that grow. They enjoy striving for mastery and meeting the challenges that competitions offer. They learn to win and lose graciously, and gain valuable experience each time they step on stage to perform. Registration will open in May 2016 for classes beginning in September. LimeLitez accepts new registrations throughout the fall and early winter. For more information, contact the studio at 403-580-2204 or visit them online at www. limelitezdance.com for helpful information on getting started in dance classes.



Age 2. + Up 5 !

acro lyrical pre dance musical theatre

r iste reg line on

We share our love of dance by educating students through yearly classes, performances, competitions and exams.

LimeLitez Dance Academy Offers: • Small & Limited Class Sizes • Professional & Highly Qualified Adult Instructors • Structured Classes that Follow Recognized Syllabi Royal Academy of Dance Ballet ADAPT Jazz and Tap Acrobatic Arts Acro • Dancewear and Shoe Store • Competitive and Recreational Classes Visit Our Website for More Information: www.limelitezdance.com

Register Online or Call!

403-580-2204 | info@limelitezdance.com

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat


Health & Fitness

atural health care is becoming increasingly important to people in our society as they seek drugless and nonsurgical options to overcoming health problems. They want to go beyond just relieving symptoms to becoming healthier human beings who are able to enjoy life to its fullest. Natural, non-invasive chiropractic care is a very popular and effective option for those looking to both become healthy and maintain their health.


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

In 1990 Dr. Rick Powers and Dr. Wallace Jans joined together to form Powers & Jans Centre with the goal of providing people of Medicine Hat and area a more effective chiropractic experience. Initially, patients saw little difference from the practices the individual doctors had prior to amalgamation. Powers & Jans Centre has however been in evolution ever since. Today the practice consists of 5 chiropractors, 4 massage therapists, and 1 laser therapist. Along with efficient and caring support staff, they offer Medicine Hat's premier team for natural health care. With a combined 110 years of experience our www.digitalcopyworks.com

members. Procedures in the office blend modern technology with an old fashioned caring touch to provide comfortable care for the patient's nervous, muscular and skeletal systems. The convenience of having chiropractors, massage therapists and laser therapist working together to promote healing and health in the body, is of great benefit for people. An emphasis is also placed on helping people develop a healthy lifestyle with exercise, good diet, supplementation, stress management and proper sleep habits. Chiropractic has always looked at a person as a whole unit not just individual parts or problems. Everything affects everything else and good health is dependent upon proper function of the entire person – physical, mental and emotional. A healthy spine and nervous system are essential to experience vibrant health. As a health care consumer, you have many options as you seek to be the healthiest person you can be. The experienced team at Powers & Jans Centre is well equipped to come along side you to help your health goals become reality. Whether your goals are pain relief, to engage in your favourite activity again, Pictured from left to right: Wallace Jans, D.C., Crystal Taylor, D.C., to improve your work or Sheldon Cherniak, D.C., Rick Powers, D.C., April Ruzycki, D.C. athletic performance, to have vibrant health, chiropractors are recognized as Medicine Hat's Experts® on Chiropractic Care. As or even something as simple as getting a well, Health Renew Laser Therapy in our good nights sleep, Powers & Jans Centre clinic is the Experts® on Low Level Laser. can help you. If you want to know if chiropractic and the Powers & Jans Team can Clients of Powers & Jans Centre are at- assist you, call 403-529-9069 for a free tracted to the warm, inviting atmosphere consultation. where they are welcomed by helpful team 2016 Health and Fitness Directory



Health and Fitness Directory 2016


Family YMCA of Medicine Hat

Family & Youth Memberships Flexible Memberships No Contracts Full Service Facility Access to both YMCA’s

150 Ash Ave SE Medicine Hat AB 403-527-4426

644 Spruce Way SE Medicine Hat AB 403-528-1631

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Imagine gettin

whole growing seaso

From a simple seed, planted in the ground with a little water, nutrients from the soil, an our lives. Natural Factors farms are certified 100% organic. Our crops are fertilize No synthetic pesticides (or even permissible organic pesticides) are used – EVER!

Vegan Bioenhanced Vitamin D3


• Provides easily absorbed vitamin D3 from lichen

• Provides more omega-3 p

Sunflower Vitamin E

Bone Structure Multiv

• Excellent antioxidant protection from free radical damage

• Build and strengthen bone whole food formula with ac complexes for maximum a

Super Mushroom • Enhances immune function and restores vitality


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

| Stop by the stor

www.digitalcopyworks.com #107–1601 Dunmor

ng the benefit of a on in one tablet

nd a whole lot of energy from the sun, comes the wholesome nutrition that sustains ed with compost and nitrogen-rich sea plants, and are meticulously cared for by hand.

g Gold™ 500/1000 mg

phospholipids than krill oil

vitamin & Mineral

es with this calcium-rich ctive vitamin and mineral absorption

Women’s/Women’s 50+ Men’s/Men’s 50+ Multivitamin & Mineral • Four formulas specially designed to meet the needs of both younger and more mature men and women

Marine Algae-3 Vegan Omega-3 • A sustainable plant source of EPA and DHA

re and pick yours up today

2016 Health and Fitness Directory re Road, SE Medicine Hat, Alberta Phone: 403-529-1664



Health and Fitness Directory 2016


Medicine Hat

Health & Fitness


t Y’s Choice Wellness Centre we believe that you don’t have to just imagine what it’s like to feel great but you can experience feeling great once again! Come in and let us help you recover your ease of movement while enjoying any of our gentle services that promote detoxification and return to good health. Whether you’re suffering from acute or chronic pain or just looking for a relaxing treatment to promote good health we have a solution for you! We have a varied service menu with Bowen Technique Therapy as our prime modality. Bowen Technique is a safe and gentle technique that is effective for everyone from new born infants to the aged and infirm. It is beneficial for acute or chronic complaints throughout the body – muscular, skeletal, and respiratory/digestive. What makes Bowen unique versus massage and other hands-on techniques is that, for a good part of the session, the

practitioner is not even in the room. Typically, the practitioner will perform a few moves and then he/ she will leave the room for a minimum of two to three minutes, but sometimes up to 10 or 15 minutes. Why? This gives the body a chance to process the information that it was just given. A person may feel warmth, coolness, twitches, twinges or possibly a sudden pain or a subtle shift. That is a transitional correction during the body’s response to treatment. The body needs time to integrate these changes in order to heal, so the resting period is crucial. Integration continues after the client leaves the practitioner’s office. The body already has all the information it needs to do its job and correct itself. We are simply taking away blockages to facilitate communication between body and mind or making corrections in patterning. Once we make those corrections, the body is free to return to homeostasis, to continued next page...

2016 Health and Fitness Directory


balance, and an optimally healthy climate. No one fully understands how and why Bowen works. Generally, it creates a balance in the autonomic nervous system that increases relaxation and improves immune system function. The Bowen moves seem to encourage a sort of ‘conversation’ between the brain and the muscles. Just as Bowen encourages your body to do its own job of healing, Protandim enables the body to increases its enzymes which produce anti-oxidants. These antioxidants are able to destroy up to one million free radicals per second – every second of the day! Neutralizing freeradicals is the body’s way of preventing disease by creating homeostasis. Search ‘protandim’ on youtube.com to see what it can do for you! Pick it up at the clinic or have it delivered directly to your home by visiting: www.lifevantage.com/ yschoicewellnesscentre


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

Our newest product FIRMA Energywear - is Where Health Meets Fashion! FIRMA features a special fabric that has active biocrystals woven into it. These biocrystals receive infrared energy given off by the body and reflect it back as longer far-infrared waves, healing energy, which provide a multitude of benefits – Improved Circulation, Reduced Muscle Fatigue, Anti-Cellulite Effects As a proud merchant for the Worldwide Shoppers Club we invite you to become a member of this fast growing loyalty program. www.qr.gl/wsc/wscYvonneAffleck Learn how to generate rebates on money you’re already spending!


2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Medicine Hat


Health & Fitness

ext Step had been providing quality services for persons with disabilities since 1995. We provide a full line of services for adults and children, including a residential program, daily program and paid companionship options for both adults and children.

sic. A Music Therapist will assess an individual/s and develop a treatment plan in conjunction with a support plan or separate goals, which in turn will determine the program of clinical sessions. Most Music Therapists work within a client-centered framework in establishing which musical interventions will be used. This offers a tailor-made and unique service for the individual/s.

The Music Therapy Program At Next Step:

Next Step was incorporated in August, 1995 and provides services to individuals in Medicine Hat and Brooks and surrounding areas. We serve over 100 individuals with an age range from 0-96, requiring full or part-time services and employ over 150 staff who possess strong educational backgrounds and hands on experience in disability services. Music Therapy is our newest addition to our services and is carried out by our qualified Music Therapist.

What Is Music Therapy? Music Therapy is the interaction between a therapist and an individual/s through the use of mu-


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

Music Therapy can be used with individuals of various abilities, ages or backgrounds. This could include the following: Autism, Developmental Disabilities, FASD, Mental Health, Palliative Care, Physical Disabilities, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Speech or Hearing Impairment, Social Isolation, Anxiety and Depression. Next Step provides Music Therapy sessions which nurture the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of each individual, promoting their strengths and facilitating them to work through their fears and anxieties. Musical interventions for example instrumental playing, song-writing, therapeutic singing, improvisation and adapted piano or guitar lessons are offered. Within the sessions, the Music Therapist listens and responds appropriately to the unique needs of an individual. This allows an individual to feel empowered, because www.digitalcopyworks.com

they are being heard and met at their level. The therapeutic process within Music Therapy, can facilitate whole person development by providing reflective, coping and management tools to assist them in treating their learning, behavioral, emotional or social difficulties. The Music Therapy program has been successful in providing services within the wider community and it has been noted by the individuals currently taking part individual or group sessions that Music Therapy can facilitate and encourage: EXPERIENCING which is encouraged through establishing and promoting verbal and nonverbal communication skills. The skills an individual can develop within instrumental playing or improvisation are self-awareness and awareness of others, turn taking, focusing, listening and creativity. They are CONNECTING with others through music. This has a positive impact

on self-esteem and confidence, reduces anxiety and promotes social interaction or engagement with others. Within singing or song-writing they can develop a new form of self-expression and communication. The individuals feel the sessions provide a safe therapeutic space which facilitate RELATIONSHIPS to be built. Group sessions or adapted music lessons can encourage and enable active listening, encourage participation and develop social interactions with others. An individual can experience a relationship based on positive attachment experiences and enjoyment which will hopefully encourage them to socialize in a wider context and cultivate future relationships with others. For more information on Music Therapy, feel free to contact the Music Therapist at Next Step Ltd. on 403-527-4999 (ext.123). 2016 Health and Fitness Directory


Located on the edge of the city, with nature views and a welcoming atmosphere, Ambiance Spa & Wellness Centre is rapidly becoming the spa of choice for Medicine Hat and surrounding areas. Our goal to operate a well-established, community minded business with a focus on the well-being of our valued guests beginning with our amazing team of professionals.


e are committed to providing our guests an oasis to escape to; with respectful customer relationships, quality products, exceptional services and lifetime experiences. As a team, we are here to enhance our guests’ quality of life with respect to body, mind and spirit. This commitment allows us to build long lasting, trusting relationships with our community. Our relax room, which includes an outdoor oasis during the warmer months is the ideal place where guests can unwind before and after treatments. Our romantic couples massage room (two of 8 massage ta-


Health and Fitness Directory 2016

bles) is equipped with a chromatherapy tub and fireplace. We have an expansive hydrotherapy room with a steam sauna, an infrared sauna, a waterfall shower and a vibration machine; all to boost our guests’ well-being before and after treatments. Our pedicure/manicure www.digitalcopyworks.com

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room seats 6 guests comfortably in luxurious massaging esthetic chairs. In all, our facility is designed with our guests’ relaxation and rejuvenation in mind. Our registered massage therapists are incredibly knowledgeable and offer a full range of massage treatments from Swedish Relaxation massage and Deep Tissue Therapeutic, to Myofascial treatments. We are happy to offer direct billing for massage with most insurance companies. Our therapists customize the massage treatments to meet the needs of our guests. We also offer a wide range of esthetic treatments. Our certified estheticians offer the best in relaxation with our body treatments, facials, and diabetic friendly pedicures. We also offer full body waxing, brow and lash tinting and eyelash extensions. We believe that just like a massage, or your annual physical appointment, pedicures are an integral part of

your overall health. With that in mind, we offer safe pedicures to all of our guests. Using the latest technology for cuticle and callus removal, as well as having knowledge of the contraindications for health issues like diabetes and cancer, we work with our guests to improve their health by improving their feet. Whether you are looking for a single treatment, or to spend the whole day with us, we offer something for everybody. The Ambiance Spa team firmly believes that time is the most valuable gift. Our goal is to ensure that our guests experience a true get-away during their time with us. We also offer gift certificates and memberships. Our memberships include many perks such as massages, pedicures and discounts. Call us today to book your own Ambiance Spa experience! Keep up to date with offers and events on our Facebook page!

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Their exclusive Seed to Seal process includes five careful steps:


oung Living Essential Oils was founded 20+ years ago by Gary and Mary Young. They believe that you deserve products that are genuine, free of synthetic chemicals, and of unmatched purity. Young Living is proud to set the standard for essential oil purity and authenticity by carefully monitoring the production of our oils through their unique Seed to Seal速 process. From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, they apply the most rigorous quality controls possible to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.


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Seed - selecting seeds of the highest quality product is a vital first step in the Seed to Seal process, as potent essential oils come from plant species that have been chosen from a vigorous selection system.


Cultivate - the highest quality of aromatic plants are grown, stringent standards are set from soil preparation, balance of sun/water, responsible weed/pest control and harvesting on all their own farms, and their partner farms. Distill - with both ancient and modern techniques, their low-pressure steam distillation process ensure that each batch of oil remains uncompromised, and the maximum quality of oil is reached. Also, tree resin hydro-distillation for select oils and cold pressing is used for citrus essential oils. Test - Young Living never accepts diluted, cut, or altered oils. Oils are tested in their own internal labs, and 3rd party facilities to ensure the highest quality product, meet demanding specifications, and exceed international standards.

Seal - Every bottle is inspected, sealed, and encoded with detailed tracking information that allows Young Living to trace and track every bottle back to its source. Young Living focuses on the highest quality product without compromise for you and your family. I began using Young Living Essential Oils, hoping to decrease pain I was experiencing on regular basis, but was not expecting the results that I began receiving. Once my disbelief was gone, I decided as a lifestyle choice, I would research and use these oils to their full potential, and share my love for the product. These oils have changed my life, from minor aches, aiding in a healthy immune system, to promoting relaxation for a restful sleep, and increased energy for mental clarity.

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As a professional specializing in Podology (Foot Care) in Medicine Hat for over the past twenty plus years, Laurie Hamilton, BSc Pod, C.M.P., C. Pod (I) has continually worked toward providing her patients new care and products as needs arise. Her clients value her experience and have benefited from Laurie’s continual ef-

forts to increase her credentials and the products and services she is able to provide from her Clinic. As each individual need is identified Laurie looks for ways to help her clients. One of the changes she has identified in the past couple of years is a high incident in soft tissue injuries and a need for chronic pain management. She has become one of only a few clinics in Canada to offer “Shockwave Pain Management Therapy”.

Pain Management Laurie is able to help you with the following chronic pain problems using this therapy:

Specializing in: Therapeutic Foot Care, Pain Management & Custom Orthotics

403-526-2463 340 Maple Ave SE Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 7L5 laurie@lhfp.ca

www.lhfp.ca 42

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• Plantar Fasciitis • Heel Spur Syndrome • Achilles Tendonitis & Thickening • Tennis Elbow • Hallux Limitis (Stiff & Painful Big Toe) • Golfer’s Elbow • Trochanteric Bursitis • Chronic Hamstring Strain • Infra Patellar Tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee) • Calcific Tendonitis of the Rotator Cuff • Low Back Pain • Neck Pain • Muscle Pain www.digitalcopyworks.com

Do you have Nail Fungus? The technology Laurie uses is Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy (PACT) which effectively kills fungus. PACT treatment is a combination therapy using an LED light alongside gels and other proven aids.

Therapeutic Foot Care Although Laurie works with her clients in many disciplines she specializes in Therapeutic Foot Care treating many different types of conditions. Some of these are: • Medical Pedicures • Diabetes Footcare (Type I & II) • Nail Disorders • Skin Conditions (Athlete’s Foot) • Ingrown Toenails • Fungal Treatment (using PACT) • Warts, Corns, Bunions & Callouses • Morton’s Neuroma • Thick Toenails • Reflexology • Cold Laser Treatments • Pediceuticals for skin ailments • B/S Brace Nail Correction System • Footwear Assessment and Recommendation • Diabetic Education for Foot ailments

Custom Orthotics Also worthy of note is Laurie’s trained ability to do gait analysis, ridged and semi-ridged custom orthotics and foot adjustments. In 2015 new technology has been added. We are now offering the ability to Cast your foot using the leading 3 Dimensional Scanning Technology. Check out the website www.lhfp.ca for more in-depth information. All patients receive manufacturing and gait reports that can be submitted to their insurance company with a prescription for reimbursement. Other Products offered at the Maple Avenue Wellness Centre are: • Firma Energy Wear • Footlogix • Young Living Oils • Biofreeze • Gehwol • Wedderspoon Medicinal / Organic Honey Products

Laurie Hamilton

BSc Pod, C.M.P., C.Pod (I)

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ies Sharon Dav 2 403.928.733 lus.net te @ s ie dsdav

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Services AMBIANCE SPA & WELLNESS CENTRE 851 Industrial Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-487-5411 www.ambiancespa.ca RMT Massage, Myofascial Therapy, Pedicures, Manicures, Facials, Waxing, Body Treatment


221-851 Industrial Ave. SE

Medicine Hat, AB 403-594-2253

basicmobility@hotmail.com Massage Therapy, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Personal Training, Nutritional Counseling, Practical Kinesiology

BENSON ACUPUNCTURE & TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE Dr. Shelley Benson 423 - 7 Street SW Medicine Hat. AB 403-528-2299 Acupuncture, Herbal

CARBON ROSE #4-1224 Strachan Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-502-1240 www.carbonrosemassagetherapy.com Massage Therapy, Sport Massage, Prenatal Massage, Relaxation & Deep Tissue Massage

CHARISMA STUDIO ONE 773-2nd St. SE Maple Ave. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-8812

www.chrismastudioone.com Age reversing, Hair treatments, Healing Colour/Texture, Aesthetics


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GARDEN OF BREATHIN 391 Aberdeen Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-977-9642

Health www.gardenofbreathin.com Yoga, Massage, Ecstatic & Nia Dance, Life Coach, Energy Work Chakras


GREG’S REMEDYS RX 200 - 770 - 6 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-0577 Health Services, Nutrition

JOURNEY TO HEALTH 391A Aberdeen Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-581-0414 www.journeytohealth.biz Blood Analysis, Iridology, Biological Terrain Assessment, Theta Healing, Acutonics/ Sound Healing, Flower Essence Therapy

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KNOTS KNEADED MUSCLE THERAPY 1377 – 22nd Street S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-7560 www.knotskneadedmuscletherapy.weebly.com Therapeutic Massage, Relaxation Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, TCM Fire Cupping, Reiki, Essential Oils, Infant Massage

LAURIE HAMILTON 340 Maple Ave SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2463 www.lhfp.ca Therapeutic Foot Care, Pain Management, Custom Orthotics

NEXT STEP 767 - 6 Street SW Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-4999 ext. 123 www.nextstepltd.ca Residential Services, Music Therapy

NAT’S REMEDY’S RX PHARMACY 525 – 4th Street S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-587-2236 www.remedy’s.ca Prescription services, Over the Counter Medications, Medical & Travel Vaccines, Free Blister Packaging

PAMPER MY SENSES 21 Rossland Place Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-1991

www.pampermysenses.com Facials, Massages, Body Treatments, Pedicures

REMEDIAL MASSAGE THERAPY 546 - 2nd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-0093 RMT Registered Massage Therapy, Sport Massage Therapist, Sports First Responder, Assessments, Athletic & Kinesio Tape, Manual Lymphatic Drainage

REVIVE WELLNESS & MASSAGE #3-1311 Trans Canada Way SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-5435 www.revivethehat.com RMT Registered Massage Therapist


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SOMMER ELLIS THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE #2 - 419 - 3rd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-952-5655 www.sommerellistherapeuticmassage.com Deep Tissue Massage, Relaxation, Myofascial, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Certified in Kinesio Taping

SYNERGY WELLNESS CENTRE 104 - 533 -2nd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-527-7006 RMT Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Craniosacral


Y’S CHOICE WELLNESS CENTRE 415 - 3rd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-928-7825 Bowen Technique, Reflexology, The Bars-Access Consciousness, Quantum Wave Laser, Nutritional Supplements, Total Body Vibration, Ionic Foot Detox Bath, SOQI Spa

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS Crystal G. Medicine Hat 403-952-7408 Crystal-yl14@ hotmail.com www.youngliving. com Essential Oils

THERAPEUTIC OASIS Unit 6 - 5 Strachan Bay SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-548-2200 therapeuticoasis.ca John F Barnes Myofaocial Release, Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

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HEALTHPOINTE 2.0 Sharon Davies Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-9030 dsdavies@telus.net


Medically Proven Weight Loss Program

NIKKI’S NUTRITION Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-9589

www.myvirtualnutritionist.ca Weight Loss, Nutritional Counselling, Food Sensitivity Testing, Managing Health Conditions with Nutrition

NUTTERS BULK & NATURAL FOODS #107-1601 Dunmore Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-1664 nutters.com Complete line of supplements, Natural Foods, Organic produce, Gluten free products, Deli Meats & Cheese Dept.


#107-20 Northlands Way NE

ALBERTA ADHD AUDREN CHIROPRACTIC WELLNESS CENTRE #101-1290 Trans Canada Way SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-9292 www.albertaadhd.com

Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-5972 www.fountainchiro.ca

Chiropractic, RMT Massage

OSTEO STRENGTH 101-3195-13th Ave. SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-548-0000 www.osteostrength.com

Chiropractic, Brain Core Neurofeedback

OsteoStrength Revitalization, Colon Hydrotherapy

CRESTWOOD CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC 101-1899 Dunmore Rd SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-1340 www.medhatchiro.com

POWERS & JANS CENTRE 737- 6 St. SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-9069 www.powers-jans.com


Chiropractic, RMT Massage & Laser Therapy

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Sports & Fitness AMYFIT Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-1043 Home Based, Personal Trainer

ANYTIME FITNESS 9–2020 Strachan Rd. S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-5524 www.anytimefitness.com Cardio, Strength, Circuit Equipment and Free Weights, 24 HR, Private Showers & Towel Service, Tanning, Personal Training, Free T.V. & Wifi

“BE FIT FOR LIFE” Medicine Hat College 299 College Drive S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-03548 www.mhc.ab.ca/services/ healthandwellness/bffl Fitness Classes and Appraisals, Wellness Initiatives and Challenges, Moving and Choosing Collaborative, Rattler Run, Camps, Weight Room, Gymnasium, Athlete Development


CITY OF MEDICINE HAT PARKS & RECREATION 88 Kipling Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-529-8333 parks@medicinehat.ca City Wide Walking Trail

LIME LITEZ DANCE ACADEMY 1201 Kingsway Ave. SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-580-2204 www.limelitezdance.com Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical Acro, Musical Theatre

MEDICINE HAT WOMEN’S SOCCER LEAGUE 386-14 Street NE Medicine Hat, AB 403-528-4211

www.medicinehatsoccer.com Recreational league for beginners, intermediate or advanced players

OPEN SPACE PILATES 610 Kingsway Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-9857 www.openspacepilates.ca Mat Classes, Private Classes, Semi Private Classes, Group Equipment

S.A.C.A. KICKBOXING & MUAY THAI #5-419-3rd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-952-5582 www.sacakickboxing.com Kickboxing, Muay Thai Conditioning

YMCA OF MEDICINE HAT 150 Ash Avenue SE Medicine Hat, AB Downtown YMCA 403-527-4426 Southridge YMCA 403-528-1631 Memberships, Climbing Wall, Squash & Racquetball Courts, Walking Track , Full Service Facility


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ALLONA ACTIVE WEAR 417-3rd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB 587-289-0808 Active Wear, Yoga Props


#116, 3030-13 Avenue S.E. Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-0011

www.copyworksdesign.com Graphic Design, All Printing, Promotional items, Calendars, Business Cards, Engraving, Banners and Signs, Advertising

CYCLEPATH #1-2016 Strachan Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2274 www.cyclepathmedhat.ca Bikes, Scooters, Accessories

CARDIO – PROS FITNESS EQUIPMENT #1-2016 Strachan Road SE Medicine Hat, AB 403-526-2274 www.cardiopros.ca

VALHALLA PURE OUTFITTERS 621 - 2nd Street SE Medicine Hat, AB


403-487-5474 www.vpo.ca Specialty Outdoor Retail – Clothing, Foot Wear, Gear & Paddling

Exercise Bikes, Elliptical Machines, Treadmills

Ed Benning & Patrice Morrison


1001 Kingsway Ave S.E.

Medicine Hat, AB 403-866-5500 / 403-866-2022 www.edbenning. point2agent.com Realtor

GRAVITY SPORTS 216 S. Railway St. Medicine Hat, AB 403-504-1515 Bikes, Sales & Service

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Health and Fitness Directory 2016 Medicine Hat  

Health and Fitness Directory 2016 Medicine Hat  

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