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A new boutique fitness stud M Heartbreaker is an elite aerial arts the art of aerial fitness. Our team of studio featuring Pole Dance, Silks, Acro Yoga, Hoop Classes, Workshops, and Stagettes in our brand new location on North Railway. The newly renovated building features skylights for beautiful natural lighting which will make you feeling like you are dancing in air. A large overhead garage door will be opened for classes on hot summer days allowing the natural warmth and flow of our beautiful Medicine Hat climate while you are spinning and climbing to new heights with your fitness. We have all new poles and aerial equipment along with a few other sexy surprises! Watch for our grand opening on all Heartbreaker social media platforms! True to Heartbreaker style, it is classy, elegant, and is a space for both men and women to learn and enjoy 4


talented instructors are excited to teach you their craft while taking your workouts to the new heights! We offer Heartbreaker has b classes for all levels. and aerial classes sinc You can book our beautiful space for team building events, stagettes, meetings, or anything you like! Sexy book club perhaps? The sky is the limit!

2005. The aerial side o grown so much into a a of dedicated instructo that they all deserve th luxurious space. I won dream of min

Please come join us to have

Yours in health a

The entire building is brand new and features Couture Hair in the front of the building, which is the perfect compliment to bridal parties and stagettes! An in house professional photographer is available for you stagettes, parties, and for boudoir and aerial arts sessions!


dio is opening in Medicine Hat!

been offering pole ce our inception in of the business has amazing community ors and members, heir own brand new n’t lie - this is also a ne as well!

s, we would love you!

and wellness,




Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness is your premier boutique fitness studio located in a convenient central location in Medicine Hat, Alberta. We specialize in group fitness classes that are known for its' excellent instructors, and challenging style. Our classes are tough in nature, yet suitable for everyone as we help you grow in your fitness journey with modifications and ensuring you have mastered the basics! We believe in fitness for all! We are always expanding our services, adding in new exciting fitness classes, and always staying on top of the latest trends for your ultimate fitness and retail experience. We also offer the best in fitness & nutrition while maintaining a high standard of quality products and integrity.

Pole Dance Classes The pole dance class will help you get comfortable, moving and grooving around the pole. You will learn the basics of pole dancing, through beginner spins, strengthening and conditioning exercises, and floor work movement that will help you develop a strong pole foundation. No experience necessary! We have beginner to advanced classes available, with small class sizes for personalized instruction.

Boot Camp Our famous boot camp classes are the back bone of our business and part of the reason why The Bikini

For more info, rates or bookings, contact Marla Howard at Heartbreaker


Contest offers proven results time after time. We use a mix of equipment and movements to offer you amazing classes every day! You will never get the same class twice. We follow a full body schedule throughout the week to make sure we hit every single muscle, from full body and cardio to arms, abs and legs.

Bikini Contest Program This 8 week program is designed to get you lean, while building muscle and endurance. Whether you are training for a Foam Fest, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Mud Hero race, marathon/running events, or you just want to rock sexy outfits - Bikini is the definitive program for all levels. Not only do we deliver the best group fitness classes in town, we also teach you how to eat like an athlete. There are no starvation diets nor shake programs here that claim to help you lose weight fast. We give you the knowledge which gives you the power to eat clean and have the body of your dreams~ for life!

Zumba Ditch the workout, and join the party! Zumba is a Latin inspired dance workout. You will shimmy and sweat without even knowing you are working out! The songs are high energy mix of Salsa, Cumbia, Merenge and even current radio dance hits!

Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness

#102 - 640 Kingsway Ave SE, Medicine Hat

New Location Coming Soon

Nutrition & Personal Training Our nutrition specialist will help you take your eating plan to the next level. Whether you are Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, or have any special requests or needs, you can have a meal plan tailored to fit. or All dietary preferences welcome! All meal plans revolve around lean proteins and clean food choices for muscle building while leaning out. Marla's signature clean gourmet tried and tested recipes are included!

We also offer: • Group Bookings for for Stagettes, Birthdays, and Parties. We offer pole, silk, hoop private classes or on special request- chair or lapdance workshops! • Organic Tan • Sunna Smile Teeth Whitening • School Fitness • Kids Birthday Parties, including Glow in the Dark, Hawaiian Limbo with Glitter, Obstacle Courses, Mini Chef Parties, Rock & Roll Karaoke, Face Painting and More.

How Healthy isYour Heart

New Face New Voice from

Community Futures Entre-Corp. get to speak with brilliant people who are committed to advancing technology and innovation and provide one-to-one coaching and guidance, support peer-topeer or B2B networks, connect people with experts who can help take their ideas from concept to actualization, and I get to plan and organize a variety of training and events based on the GAPs found during the process. Talk about a DREAM JOB!


y name is Sandra Milne and I’m the new Regional Innovation Network (RIN) Coordinator for Southeastern Alberta. I was hired about a month ago to replace Elizabeth Blair who after a long 17-month wait, was finally reunited with her family in Frisco, TX. Congratulations Elizabeth everyone at CFEC wishes you an abundance of success and happiness. What is a RIN Coordinator you ask? Well, a RIN Coordinator is someone who works with technology and knowledge-based Entrepreneurial and Venture Development to discover and address GAPs in the systems within which they are trying to achieve success. So basically, I 10


You may be asking yourself, what qualifications does a person require to become the RIN Coordinator? My background is fairly diverse. I grew up in small-town British Columbia where I graduated from Prince Rupert Senior Secondary School in the mid-‘80s. Fun fact, Prince Rupert receives, on average, 239 days of rain/year making it one of the rainiest cities in Canada; quite a contrast to Medicine Hat’s ‘sunniest city’ distinction. I attended College and graduated with a diploma in Construction Engineering Technology, quickly decided this wasn’t the career for me and joined the Canadian Military. Early in my military career, it was revealed that I had a high aptitude for learning language and my Commanding Officer posted me to the Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) in Ottawa to learn to read, write and speak Russian.

During my 10-year career as a soldier, I spent most of my time in Ottawa (Leitrim, CFLS, NDHQ and CSE). If you were to ask me about my most memorable experience during those 10-years, my answer would be the 18 months I spent at the North Pole (Alert, NWT located ~400km south of the North Pole). After retiring from the military, I moved to Calgary and worked in Investor Relations, in a law firm as a Paralegal and then as a Stayat-Home Mom. In 2005 I moved to Dawson Creek, BC and began working for an oilfield service company; I enjoyed running the business so much that in 2008 I purchased the company. In 2009 I graduated University with an MBA and in 2010 I was listed 24 on Profit Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Female Entrepreneurs in Canada’ and my company was included in the ‘Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada’ with a 5 year gross revenue increase of 250%. The accolades kept coming and in 2011 I was named a ‘Rising Star in the Oil and Gas Industry’ and I was nominated for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

completely life altering collision happened, I met the love of my life! In 2018 my children were all living independently, my earn-out from the sale of my business was complete and my love was offered an excellent position with the City of Medicine Hat. As Neale Donald Walsch wrote, “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”; so we moved to Medicine Hat. It’s been a winding road with many jubilations and challenges along the way and I’m so excited to be here and in the role of RIN Coordinator. If you have an innovative or technology driven idea or business, come on down to Community Futures on 4th Street and have a coffee with me. I look forward to listening, encouraging and connecting you with the resources that will move you, your idea and/or your business forward!

For more information about our programs and how we can connect you with helpful resources for your business, please call Community Futures at 403-528-2824.

I spent the next 8 or so years expanding and running the business, raising my children and gaining experience and insight into the joys and trials of being an entrepreneur. In 2016 I sold the business and in early 2017 a

Sandra Milne is the Regional Innovation Network Coordinator for APEX Alberta. APEX Alberta has programs to help support the growth of innovative and technology-oriented businesses in Southeast Alberta. APEX Alberta is a collaborative initiative between three core service providers: Community Futures Entre-Corp, Medicine Hat College and Alberta Innovates. Copy Works CONNECTION


REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPIST I am excited to announce that I have moved to a new location. I have a cozy and charming office at Times Square: #4 – 3151 Dunmore Road S.E. I am in a professional building with a chiropractor, family physician, dentist, etc. My office is downstairs with BG’s salon. I am a Registered Massage Therapist with over 8 years of experience. I can bill to most insurance companies, including armed forces and police services. I utilize a wide variety of skills to ensure the best outcome for your visit.

THE TYPES OF MASSAGES AVAILABLE INCLUDE: Relaxation Used to relax muscles, increase flexibility and reduce pain. Therapeutic Uses several techniques to release chronic muscle tension, eliminate trigger points (areas causing radiating pain) and decrease tissue congestion.



Inter-oral Relieves jaw pain from clenching/ grinding teeth or whiplash injuries. Visceral (abdominal) Releases tension stored in the organs and supporting ligaments to allow them to move naturally. Good for pain, postural problems and digestive issues. Cranial Sacral Releases restrictions and compressions in the skull, spinal column, sacrum and their underlying structures. Can relieve depression, headaches and chronic pain. Structural Re-integration Releases restricted fascial lines to fix postural issues which can be causing pain or dysfunction.

MY SPECIALITIES INCLUDE: Myofascial Cupping Uses suction to release fascial restrictions to increase muscle function and to help detox areas causing pain.

Lymphatic Drainage • Helps remove excess fluids and toxins- good for swelling and clears out excess foreign bodies (like chemicals from chemotherapy). • Balances hormonescan reduce acne, mood swings, menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms. • Helps build healthy tissues – allows for faster healing after surgery, reduces scarring, reduces cellulite and can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. • Promotes relaxation- it uses a gentle, light touch that calms the nerves. Useful for chronic pain and anxiety/ depression. • It stimulates the immune system- fabulous for colds, C.O.P.D. issues and prevention of illnesses in pregnant women.

Chronic Fatigue/ Fibromyalgia Starts with a short assessment using brain and advanced lymph drainage techniques. It incorporates light abdominal, to release restrictions and allow the organs to move freely. The Brain techniques relax the meninges and membranes in the brain to release fascial pulls to decreases pain and fatigue. This massage was invented by a medical doctor and proven to decrease pain and symptoms anywhere up to 75% in 1 to 3 treatments. It can also aid other neuro-inflammatory issues such as MS and mononeucleosis. The abdominal portion helps Crohns, Colitis and IBS issues and the brain techniques can reduce whiplash, concussion and anxiety/depression.

My prices are comparable with other massage businesses around Medicine Hat. For an appointment please text or call (403) 581-3226. Copy Works CONNECTION


Circle green is a family owned and operated lawn care business serving Medicine Hat and Redcliff. As the owner I enjoy working in different back yards and getting to know my customers. We offer help year round as the seasons change from one to the other. My team is always ready to help you reach the goal you have for your yard because there is always a solution to making a yard feel more like home. Circle Green has the right equipment for getting a job done efficiently and safely around your yard. We run relatively new trucks and trailers that are clean, and all yard equipment is kept up to date according to our safety standards. When working in anyone’s yard we try to give as little disturbance as possible and still make a difference each time. Circle Green operates legally. And we always have a valid business license on file.

In the spring time, Circle Green has the answer to a full yard tune up by offering power raking, lawn aeration, full yard cleanups and also sprinkler start-ups. We make sure that all sprinklers are set right and that maintenance is kept up to avoid dry spots during the summer. We want your yards looking good and should a customer ever have any questions we are simply a phone call away. During the summer we offer weekly mowing and trimming as well as sprinkler installations and sod installations. Circle Green has a mowing schedule to make mowing consistent and regular, and also so the customer can expect us at the same time each week. All sprinkler installations come with a full year warranty and we assure warranty assistance within 24 hours. Fall time piles leaves into your

yard and as weather here gets colder sprinkler lines start freezing. Circle Green can take a load off your mind. We have the right equipment for taking your leaves away and also winterizing your sprinklers so you will have no problems in spring. We also offer tree pruning and tree removal. If you have branches rubbing your house or hanging over your roof, don’t risk it. We can help by giving safe advice and taking action. In the winter Circle Green takes on snow removal. Snow is so unpredictable. No matter when it snows we are always there to make sure you are able to get on

and off your drive way safely. If you are going on a trip and need us to take care of your snow till you’re back give us a call. We are willing to help. As the owner I stand behind my company and my customers. My jobs are not complete until the customers are satisfied.

Want your yard looking great all year? Give Circle Green a call.






Enjoying Canada in 2020





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